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   Past News | July 2005

Past News
Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

July 2005

    Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Mystery of the Kaboom!
Posted by: Vini -- 9:44 PM EST

A few days ago a bug has hit the legend of GreatEvil which caused her to lose all her marks, even the born mark. She had to remain with the legend mark empty for quite a few days and was adviced to not do any type of activities that would give her legend marks until her real one was fixed.

GreatEvil's legend mark was indeed fixed in quite few days by KRU and as an appologize for it they gave her the Kaboom!

This new and mysterious item is now in the hands of HiddenRage, given by GreatEvil herself. HiddenRage was kind enough to show it but he nor GreatEvil know what's the item for. Possibly a powerful spell caster, possibly works just like Flame amber no one really knows as it's the first seem and it has not been used.

Thanks to Jisong for informing about this "Kaboom!"item and HiddenRage for showing us!

~Vini Normad'or~
~Yuri 75, Moon 9~

The stories of Gimu
Posted by: Vini -- 4:40 PM EST

Last friday, the Buya Ministry has brought to the Buyan Palace the legendary Great Warrior of Buya, Gimu to tell some of his memories of the early ages of Buya. Princess Lasahn came to present the warrior to the kingdoms and also have the pleasure to hear his stories.

The community starts to gather around the Throne to hear Gimu stories

Gimu shared the story of how him and the other soldiers came from Han and arrived Buya and how were their early days in the kingdom. He shared quite interesting memories but mentioned he doesn't want to be treated differently because of his knowledge, "I was recognized by my roles in minor battles that we encountered along the way, I do not wish to brag and treat myself to the luxuries of the royalty" said Gimu.

Gimu shares his tales and shows himself humble even after being called a Buyan Hero by the own Princess

The Princess asked him to stay in Buya and mentioned she wanted to see him more often. "Don't have me hunt you down again" said the Royal Princess.

Princess Lasahn asks Gimu to stay in Buya so he can share more of his knowledge about the early days of Buya

Perhaps it's not the last time the community will be seeing Gimu on events of the kingdoms.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Yuri 75, Moon 8~

New Head of Fox Hunts
Posted by: Vini -- 2:50 PM EST

This past wednesday there has been some quiet changes in the Fox Hunt Hosting staff. The former Head of the group, Ecnor has stepped down and for his replacement was made the choice to give it to Pandemonium Dochmur.

Congratulations Head Fox master Dochmur and good luck with your new duties.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Yuri 75, Moon 8~

    Thursday, July 28, 2005

The search for the Great Warrior of Buya
Posted by: Vini -- 5:48 PM EST

A few days ago, Princess Lasahn of Buya started searching the whereabouts of a Great Warrior who fought for Buya's independence as it was mentioned in one parchment found in Buya Library. The Princess found out actually that he's currently still enlisted in the Buya Army forces, yet he has have never been seen as of lately.

A search for the Great Warrior, Gimu, has been called to all citizens and neighbours but unfortunately someone has found him before to his own personal use.
Minister Guerrund found a letter on Throne room posted by someone called Uragiri claiming he was to be the Buya Hero not Gimu. In his letter he explained his side of the happening long time ago and claimed that he now has Gimu as a slave.

Gladly the hands of evil are never strong enough and Gimu has found a way to escape from Uragiri with the help of a few buyan citizens. Thankful for that, Gimu has agreed to share a bit of his knowledge of Buyan History.

Minister Guerrund has scheduled for the public meet him and hear his tales today: Thursday July 28th , 8:30pm EST at Buya Throne Room.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Yuri 75, Moon 8~

    Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Nexus Update July 27th
Posted by: Rachel -- 1:25 PM EST

The Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

Anniversary swords have been removed. We'll see them again next year!

Added a new feature to help players reclaim their house, if they lost it to a bug. Visit the Office Manager if your character was kicked from your house with rent still remaining.

Fixed a bug in the Move to Nagnang feature.
Fixed a bug that prevented Carnage hosts from being able to use the new Lighting feature.
Reduced the speed of red and blue creatures in the Warrior Shield trial by a little bit.
Added protection to stop characters from losing their house after paying rent.

Map Updates:
New map for Elendhirin clan
Map updates for Nagnang Tribunal
Map updates for Buya Tribunal
Map updates for Dharma clan
Map updates for Forsaken clan

Minor Fixes:
Minor fixes for Dharma clan
Minor fixes for Lost Kingdom
Minor fixes for Merchants

    Sunday, July 24, 2005

Treasure of the Anchorite
Posted by: Conro -- 8:30 PM EST

The Jaded Enchantress left behind a rare artifact, the Minor Bloodbane.
NeoKnight was kind enough to allow us access to this find.

    Saturday, July 23, 2005

Dark forces in Mythic Nexus
Posted by: Conro -- 12:38 PM EST

It seems the Vortex gained an upperhand against the Mythos, causing a full scale invasion of the toughest tribe leaders from ChiZao's tomb, the Vortex.

Many resting from adventures and hunts in Mythic Nexus, found themselves rudely awakened by the sheer force of such tough adversaries as Ghaleb and Zibong's Mask.

Miyuki was lucky enough to capture a few pictures of the battle, before falling himself to the brute force.

The leader of the Shadow tribe sneaks behind several unsuspecting people in Mythic.

Just as in the Vortex itself, dark forces cloaked the high noon sun, leaving heros in darkness.

Despite the darkness, many carried on, defending the once peaceful Mythos

The Gods, sensing the distress of hundreds, eventually whisked everyone away to Purgatory.

Those who were quick enough to escape Purgatory found themselves in Mythic Nexus, with no ability to leave it. Once normal portals to caves, and new lands were, for a short time, inactive.

A broadcast was later given that anyone who lost items should ticket Kru through the support system, being sure to tell them what character died, and what you lost.

Strange works in the mix, or trickery from a dark source?

A huge thank you to Miyuki for information and screenshots!

- Conro

    Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Unsigned Royal Pardon use
Posted by: Conro -- 8:42 PM EST

For those curious, Momentum was kind enough to show me how an Unsigned Royal Pardon actually works by taking the following screenshots.

After believing he was wrongfully jailed, he took justice into own hands by buying a pardon for a hefty sum, and absolving himself of his crimes.

The pardon requires one blot of Ink to sign your name, which is removed from your inventory after use.

Pardons may or may not still be on the market, for those curious. Expect to pay a very large sum to those willing to let go of such a priceless item.

- Conro

July 19th Reset
Posted by: Flamethrower -- 1:13 PM EST

The Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

Carnage hosts may now adjust lights on carnage maps.
Deposit and Withdraw functions added to Carnage merchants.
Added a Diviner spell to aid roleplaying.
Fixed some typographical errors in the new Druid roleplaying spell.
Tutors may now summon Mythic bosses for classes.
Mischevious subpath guides should no longer be able to send anyone on the Nagnang server back to their starting points.

Map Updates:
New map for Silla clan

Map updates for Oceana clan
Map updates for Dharma clan

Minor Fixes:
Minor fixes for Dharma clan
Minor fixes for Carnages
Minor fixes for Silla clan
Minor fixes for Sun Moon clan

    Sunday, July 17, 2005

New Judges Announced
Posted by: Cirran -- 11:44 PM EST

This Sunday evening, Head Judge tip announced the promotion of 3 new full judges to their ranks. Judge Vini, Judge Ravenstar and later Judge Minaku were all announced as finished with their training process and really to take on with the justice system as Judges now.

Congratulations to all of them and good luck on their new position.

Posted by: HealingLight -- 11:39 AM EST

Greetings Citizens,

Due to some issues out of my control I will not be able to bring you the news. Insted of reporting news to me it would be wise to report the news to any of the folowing: Vini, Conro, or Corath. I am not sure as of yet but I may not be able to return. In the mean time I will be able to be found on Nexus Forums if you ever need to contact me. Untill further notice, Good Bye.
(In responce to recient AIM spam:No I am not banned)
~Klaus, the man behind HealingLight

New Rogue Tutor of Buya
Posted by: Vini -- 2:00 AM EST

Just now, Archon Neul has announced a new Rogue Tutor of Buya. As Tutor Saboth sadly had to leave, for his replacement the Spy Guide Assassin Venca was chosen to give continuation to the job of rogue tutoring in the Buyan Empire.

Congratulations Tutor Venca and good luck on your new job.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Yuri 75, Moon 6~

    Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Platinum Jubilee Finale Ball and the Jubilee Games Winners!
Posted by: Vini -- 10:45 PM EST

It was a night of festive and joy in Koguryo. When can really the citizens see all their favorite Royals together in a Ball, certainly not everyday, as itís not everyday that a King makes 75th years in reign.

To those who were able to make it to King Yuriís Jeongwon, they had experienced a very unique event where all the Royals, armies, ministries, even Blight was there. There was the chance to finally meet King SuroKim of Kaya in person, have the gracious sight of Jeewon again, and of course the other member of the Tri-Kingdom alliance: Emperor Aino Senshi, Princess Lasahn Senshi, Prince Kija and King Yuriís second son, Prince Míhul.

SuroKim on his first public appearance shows he enjoyed as well the new jubilee items

A night of much honor and pride for Koguryo and the allies, the celebration was conducted by Minister Starrbrite and her ministry so every single royal could have their time to make a speech in honor of the his majesty kogurian King. Even, former General Blight spoke good stuff about King Yuri.

Dame Starrbrite conducts the whole event to the Royals, soldiers and the large crowd there watching

"Jubilee Greetings to all of the Kingdoms and Honored Guests!" started Minister Starrbrite, and followed by her speech we had in order the good memories of Emperor Senshi, "Dear friend, Yuri, do you remember that time we first sparred in your Kingdom's arena? Hah! That battle went on for hours!" his majesty mentioned and finished with "My ally and friend, King Yuri, continue to go about your ways in good health. You will always have my trust. You will always have the Empire of Buya's trust".

Emperor Aino Senshi declares his admiration and trust for King Yuri

Followed by him was the kind words of King SuroKim of Kaya and Dowager Empress Jeewon. "We are pleased to look to this great King, Yuri, as an example for how a great nation is formed and maintained." said King SuroKim. "This man is an example to us all, noble and peasant alike." Continue Jeewon.

After the supreme sovereignty spoke, it was given the word the most known royals to the community, the ones who live most on the daily bases of the citizens. Prince Míhul, Princess Lasahn, Prince Kija, in this order, all gave their kind words to express how much they admired the Yuri, King of Koguryo. The only strange part was when Blight, the only non-royal to make a speech, went and surprising everyone, had some good things to talk about Yuri in his own ways of expressing himself.

The last to speak was King Yuri himself. His majesty that made a long and beautiful speech to thank every single one present there expressed his gratitude to all who work in favor of Koguryo. ďMy Son, my Ministry, my
People and my Allies, you have all blossomed beyond my wildest expectations.Ē He said. After showing his appreciation to all who spoke and helped that event to happen, King Yuri made a special mention to a group of people who have been working a lot lately for all these celebrations of the Platinum Jubilee to happen: Minister Starrbrite and her Koguryo ministry members.

Everyone praise Dame Starrbrite and her staff for their hard work and into making this events work so greatfully

Once the round of speeches was ended, it was time to announce the winner of the 75th Jubilee Platinum games. There were 144 games & events, in around 2 weeks time and the participation of over 110 different winners, in total there was given out as prizes almost 7 million in cash and items. That all is without mentioning the many months that the Royal Ministry had working to plan this event, for that, a big round of applauses and thanks is not enough to repay all their hard work through the past months.

Hard work as well had these 3 winners which had the most points among all the others who participated in the Jubilee games, but for them, they were assured to gain some unique prizes.
1st place:Tsumoro - 75th Jubilee Olypiam
2nd place: Aisces - 2nd at Jubilee games
3rd place: xFirestormx - 3rd at Jubilee games

xFirestormx, Aisces and Tsumoro after receiving their prizes

Congratulations to all the winners of the Jubilee games, thanks to the presence of all Royals and all who helped in the event, specially Dame Starrbrite and her Koguryo Royal Ministry which once again brought great moments of joy to the community.

~Vini Normadíor~
~Yuri 75, Moon 5~

    Friday, July 15, 2005

Royal Ball of 75th Jubilee
Posted by: Vini -- 7:11 PM EST

Tomorrow,July 16th, at 9pm EST the Royal Ministry of Koguryo will be holding a Ball to celebrate the 75th Jubilee of King Yuri inside the King Yuri's Jeongwon with the presence of all your favorite royals of Koguryo, Buya, Nagnang and also Kaya.

Here's a copy of the original post by Minister Dame Starrbrite on community board:
  • Here Ye!! Here Ye!! King Yuri, The Royal Ministry of Koguryo and The Royal Koguryan Army invite you to our grand finale Jubilee ball! Come see Emperor Aino, Emperor SuroKim, Dowager Empress Jeewon, Prince M'hul, Prince Kija, Princess Lasahn and General Blight as they all pay tribute to the legendary King Yuri.

    Dinner, dancing and the presentation of the top 3 Jubilee Games Champions await all those who come to join in on this most auspicious occasion. Come to honor a man who has meant so much to the Kingdoms of the Winds - stay for all the festive fun! There won't be another Jubilee quite like this one (after all 75 only come around once!)

    We look forward to seeing all of you there!

    Signed on this Royal day Yuri 75,

    Royal Minister of Koguryo

    Minister Starrbrite also was kind enough to share with us the images of the two new rooms of the Palace:
    King Yuri's Jeongwon
    Victory Square

    Thanks to Starrbrite and hope many people will come tomorrow to the Ball!

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Yuri 75, Moon 5~

  •     Thursday, July 14, 2005

    Buyan Warrior Tutor Chosen
    Posted by: Corath -- 6:18 PM EST

    Today, Neul selected a new tutor for Buyan Warriors. Below is Neul's Post.

    Hello Everyone,

    A new Warrior Tutor has been selected in Buya. SoulHunter has accepted the job as the new Tutor. Please welcome him into this position and if anyone has any questions for him, nmail him!

    Thank you all for applying, I'm sorry that I could not choose everyone I can only choose one, please apply for the Tutor positions in the future!

    Archon of Tutors

    From all of us here at NexusAtlas, congratulations!

        Friday, July 8, 2005

    Whale in Vale?
    Posted by: Flamethrower -- 7:21 PM EST

    Today a strange thing happened in Vale. A Whale appeared out of nowhere and in her desperated moved ended up kiling a bunch of people who went there to see it. The citizens decided to attack the whale which has been trying to survive outside the water but it had no luck. After a while the whale end up being slayed by citizens.

    Here are images of the happening:

    It has been reported by some other people that there has been an attack of a whale in sire pit as well. Seems some trouble might be happening on the underwater world, or is it just the Gods playing with our minds?

    Time will tell. Until then beware: A Whale might fall over your head:


    *edited by Vini*

    Ancient Sonhi arts
    Posted by: Conro -- 7:15 PM EST

    As posted by Winder on the Community board...

    I would like to make known the Horde has introduced a new challenge to the community. This quest is no easy task. It is do-able by even the the youngest of players ((Level 25ish)) but will take considerable time and effort from most everyone taking part in the quest.

    I won't discuss exactly what the reward is, but will say it is well worth the effort.

    This quest is a community quest, it is meant not only for us to complete, but for everyone else as well. In order to maintain the integrity of our quest, I will ask that people ((and Websites)) refrain from posting walkthroughs of our quest and ruin the experience and challenge for others. I will also say that people ((and those running Websites)) that post walkthroughs will also find our quest much more difficult to complete, and I'm not just saying that either. I am aware that some will ignore my warning and post walkthroughs of the quest anyhow, and those people will deal with the consequences.

    However, to assist you with our quest, I will give you a couple of clues so you know where to start. Both Clues are about the person who begins the quest.

    1. If you have captured the winds, you have done a favor for this person before.

    2. If you have attained any mark (Il, Ee, Sam) you have seen or heard the word this person wishes to hear from you.

    I wish all who take upon themselves the endeavor of our quest good luck. I wish you success from your effort, your blood, sweat, and tears, and not those of someone else.

    One last warning, our quest is highly competitive, you will be fighting each other often and those with greater endurance and skill will likely finish this quest before others.

    With regards,
    The Horde

    The Merciless

    NexusAtlas will honor the Barbarian request, and keep a walkthrough of this off our pages.

    - Conro

    July 8th Reset
    Posted by: Flamethrower -- 3:09 PM EST

    Map Updates:
    Map updates for Forsaken clan
    Map updates for Geomancers - Tai Chi
    Map updates for Silla clan
    Map updates for Elendhirin clan
    Map updates for Kija and Lasahn - Lasahn Chamber

    Minor Fixes:
    Minor fixes for Dharma clan
    Minor fixes for Carnages
    Minor fixes for Fox Hunt Hosts
    Minor fixes for K'urimja clan
    Minor fixes for Shaman

        Thursday, July 7, 2005

    The King visits Kogurian clans: Sun Moon Sect
    Posted by: Vini -- 3:43 PM EST

    Last night, around 10 pm est, the Sun Moon Sect has had some very important guests visiting their hall. King Yuri and Prince Mhul were honorably invited to visit the hall and the rooms of the clan.
    King Yuri was really impressed with the changes in the hall of Sun Moon, his Majesty who saw the clan starting is really happy to see how big and prosperous Sun Moon has become.

    As unfortunately Primogeness Khaos wasnít around at the time, it was in charged to Primarch Vales to be the host of the night to those two very special guests. She handled it very well and gladly everything went fine. The KRA soldiers tagged along to escort the royals, along with some other adventures.

    Primarch Vales lead the Royal visitors around the hall. KRA troops stand in formation

    After visiting the reformed Craft room, they leave to the shop where Prince Mhul announced the end of the visit and got with King Yuri on his way back to palace

    It was great time for Sun Moon and hopefully this time of celebrations will continue wonderfully as the King and his royal son will be visiting the clans of Enigma and Oceana this upcoming Sunday, July 10th at 6pm and 7pm EST. On the following Friday, July 15th, itís previewed that his majesty will be visiting the Koguryo Royal Army new Barracks and also pay a visit to Bear clan, at 7pm and 8pm EST.

    For those who didnít have a chance to stay close to the King of Koguryo and meet his majesty personally this is a great opportunity. Thanks to Sun Moon sect for allowing visitors in as well as the Koguryo Ministry for organizing such events.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Yuri 75, Moon 2~

    New Rogue Tutor selected
    Posted by: Vini -- 2:50 PM EST

    Today it was announced by Neul the choice of the New Rogue Tutor of the kingdoms, the Spy Guide Saboth. He who was originally picked for Nagnang, in a conversation with Tutor xFirestormx, they decided to shift kingdoms, so Saboth will be the new Rogue Tutor of Buya and xFireStormx is moving on to Nagnang.

    Congratulations Saboth on your new appointment and have a great work with the Rogue tutoring of Buya and all over nexus.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Yuri 75, Moon 2~

        Saturday, July 2, 2005

    Celebrating 4th of July
    Posted by: Nagnag -- 5:45 PM EST

    To celebrate the 4th of July [Independance day] I've customized each member of NexusAtlas' avatar to fit the holiday! Have a happy safe trip and don't blow your hand off with any explosives [then you can't play nexus anymore!]

    (edit: Whoops!! I guess I forgot a few posters' avatars! I'm going to have to work on those tonight. I took all of the avatars off the contact list, my bad!)

    Jubilee Garb Dyes
    Posted by: Flamethrower -- 8:42 AM EST

    Well...I got a little bored and I decided to make a dye list for the newest buzz around the streets. The Jubilee Garbs. Here is a list of just the basic dyes. Later on I will add in the 99-Ee San + Dyes.

    (( IMAGES EDITTED by Nagnag, figured I'd clear up the images and give a taste of what's to come on NA and Creative Nexus <3 ))

    Thanks to MysticSeeker for the addition of the Keeper of Balance dye. And NeoCloud for the Kuguryo Defender dye.


    King Yuri's Rewards
    Posted by: Rachel -- 2:32 AM EST

    King Yuri has announced that he will reward all of the citizens who made him spare crowns. To recieve your reward, turn right upon entry to the Koguryo palace to find the Victory Gardens.

    From there, say "Reward". You will be given a choice of one out of three rewards; the Platinum jubilee circlet (helmet), the Platinum jubilee gauntlet (hand item), and the Platinum jubilee outfit. There are two outfits, the gown females and the garb for males.

    Thank you to MobyFish and Babidi for helping me take these pictures of the items and their stats. I would show you the gown on myself, but I really don't want to be seen like that! >.<

    As you may have heard, there were some initial problems with this feature, but they were fixed quick enough that there should be no further troubles. Thanks to Marama for the quick reply about this. ^.^

        Friday, July 1, 2005

    Platinum Jubilee Commences
    Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 10:00 PM EST

    Royalty, nobility, and citizens gather in King Yuri's Jeongwon to celebrate

    Dame Starrbrite, Prince-Regent M'hul, King Yuri, Princess Lasahn, and Prince Kija, joined by members of the three kingdoms' ministries and armies, assemble before an eager crowd.

    KUGNAE -- Citizens from every kingdom and territory flocked to the newly-opened wing of the royal palace in Kugnae, King Yuri's Jeongwon, to bear witness to the gathering of royalty and nobility. Dame Starrbrite, Royal Minister of Koguryo, deftly led this ceremony to open the Platinum Jubilee, commemorating the seventy-fifth year of King Yuri's reign, with grace and poise: "With a heart overflowing with love and festivity, I welcome you all to celebrate with us. These next few weeks we will celebrate what makes Koguryo the wonderful kingdom it is, her honorable, stalwart, loving ruler and her people under King Yuri's kind and firm rule. It is Koguryo's wish that all of you, those people who make up the heart of our world, come and celebrate with us as one happy family!"

    Prince-Regent M'hul address his father.

    Prince-Regent M'hul of Koguryo then stepped forward and addressed the crowd. The prince took the opportunity to thank his father for allowing him to rule in his stead, "a great honor that I shall be doing as long as King Yuri wishes." Prince M'hul noted the growth of the kingdom and the community through the reign of his father, referring to the clans and subpaths that are housed in his kingdom, as well as the royal army. He announced that as part of the festivities, a series of events would be held "for everyone, citizen and visitor alike," organized by the Royal Ministry of Koguryo, inviting everyone to participate and enjoy the celebration.

    Princess Lasahn, flanked by soldiers, radiates with joy before the citizens of the kingdoms.

    Princess Lasahn of Buya followed with a heartwarming and uplifting speech, articulating her appreciation and gratitude to King Yuri for the leadership of Koguryo. Turning to the crowd, the princess expressed her joy at the "intelligent minds" of the citizenry. She concluded her address with a heartfelt moment of silence in honour of those who have fought for peace between the kingdoms: "You, fallen soldiers of the kingdoms and wild, we thank you for granting us your freedom."

    Prince Kija offers his blessing to King Yuri.

    Next, Prince Kija of Nagnang proceeded to express his pleasure from being able to share in the celebration. "Koguryo, Buya, and Nagnang have not always been friends," the prince noted, "but it is a tribute to the statesmanship and farsightedness of King Yuri that the three nations have become friends and allies." With a flourish, he concluded with a blessing for King Yuri and a wish for his continued longevity.

    Dame Starrbrite becomes the object of her ministry's affection while the royals look on.

    Following the three sovereigns' presentations, Dame Starrbrite began to introduce the next speaker. However, she was interrupted by her Royal Ministry staff surrounding her and taking the opportunity to offer a tribute in recognition of her tireless efforts. After a the recitation of a poem, the "Shining Starr" of Koguryo was presented with a pair of luxury white bracelets, engraved, "Starr of Peace" and "Starr of Culture," respectively.

    After dabbing away tears of joy from her eyes and resuming her composure, Dame Starrbrite proudly introduced "the monarch we have gathered together to celebrate and acknowledge for all of his amazing hard work and good deeds, not only for Koguryo but for all of the peoples inside and outside the kingdoms." She continued by citing the king as an inspiration, "one who makes it continuously possible to strive to be the best minister I should be."

    King Yuri approaches the gathered crowd during his royal address.

    King Yuri, still bright of eye, strode out to meet the assembled crowd. "When we first took the throne, times were indeed perilous, and yet there has always been hope. There is one thing that has kept us going throughout our rule and this kingdom's history. That is you. The people who make up our kingdom and you, our allies and closest friends." After acknowledging his prince-regent son and the "goodwill ambassadors" of the Royal Ministry, the king continued, "We are pleased to be able to enjoy a long life so that we can continue to work toward making Koguryo history's shining jewel." With that, the sovereign of Koguryo officially declared opening of the festivities with the opening of Victory Square, the palace's new game room, with boards for chess, goh, and tic-tac-toe boards, room for horse races and floor art, and more. Those who had forged a crown for King Yuri were also rewarded with either a special circlet, gauntlet, or outfit.

    The Platinum Games will be scheduled every day from July 2 to July 11, and the Platinum Jubilee will conclude with a royal ball on July 16. For further details, please consult the Community Events board.

    The Buyan Ceremony: Emperor Aino Senshi appears!
    Posted by: Vini -- 6:06 PM EST

    Last night, the Buyan Ministry held a Ceremony in the Buya Courtyard inside the place in honor of the returning Emperor Senshi. The Buya Imperial Army led the Emperor, the Princess the Minister from their barracks. A Drill was conducted by the army; led by TinaDragon and shortly after the ceremony began.

    Minister Guerrund made an initial speech to welcome back the Emperor to Buya state. Aino Senshi made his speech as well and explained how he was pleased to be back. Princess Lasahn also made her speech and shortly after appointed the New Court Diviner, Airess.

    Court Diviner Airess prepared a divination reading for Emperor Senshi and shortly after the Clans of Buya presented their offers to the Emperor. Heavens, Phoenix, Lost Kingdom, Dharma and Elendhirin primogens all stepped forward to present their gifts his majesty Senshi.

    After the round courtesy was done, it was time for the Princess of Buya to announce the new Imperial affiliates of the sovereign:

    There were also newly appointed defenders of Buya:
    -HighLife, Commander of BIA
    -Thiefking, Primarch of Phoenix
    -Charity, Primogeness of Elendhirin clan

    Princess Lasahn takes center to announce the honored ones

    Once the honoring of the Buyan citizens was over, Minister Guerrund called for the end of ceremony, thanked everyone present and shortly after the Emperor and his daughter left to their royal rooms.

    It was a very special ceremony, great for many who for the first time got to see how Emperor Aino Senshi looked like.

    ~Vini Normadíor~
    ~Yuri 75, Moon 1~

    Seven Years of Waiting Pay Off
    Posted by: Conro -- 1:23 AM EST

    Around 3:15 AM EST, the YilGopZe, or Seventh year, robe and gown were released to those "Born Before the Great Shift".

    Below are a few pictures. Pardon the quality, but my tired eyes can only see so much. :\

    Congratulations to those in these festive new robes.