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Past News

Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

Our news software, Coranto, has a bug which makes it purge links to news articles more than two years old. What is left of programmers who volunteer their time to support this software do not know why this bug occurs. We manually index older news pages in our Archived News section.

July 2004

    Saturday, July 31, 2004

New Primogen of Destiny Clan
Posted by: Vini -- 4:48 PM EST

This week, there was a shift of primogen in the Destiny clan of Koguryo. The elected Primogen Koroc stepped down after the last kogurian clan tribunal to place in the lead of his clan someone who could devote more time for it.
His successor, Gabe is now the 4th Primogen of Destiny clan.

Congratulations Primogen Gabe, good luck with your new duties!

~Vini Normad'or~

Ancient Steel bracelet
Posted by: Coldsun -- 3:55 PM EST

One of the most recent items from the Vortex is the Ancient Steel bracelet, which was recovered from the body of Bal Bloodust, the Grey hand tribe boss. Lathander, Subchess, and xFirestormx discovered the bracelet (pictured below).

The Ancient Steel bracelet and its statistics.

You must be Sam san to wield the bracelet, and it costs 25,000 coins to deposit.

- Cold

2 New vortex items.
Posted by: xTheChosenx -- 5:40 AM EST


From the wind 2 boss in vortex, came the Old Daemon heart!

The group was

(In no order)


The stats are as follows, and the item is currectly being sold...

Old Daemon Heart
Armor: -12 Hit: 9 Dam: 5
Vitality increase: 9000
Mana increase: -3600
Might increase: 5
healing increase: 5
Protection: 2
Strength: 30
Ee San

From the Earth boss in vortex, came the Ancient Mystic Herb

The stats are as follows, and the item is currectly being sold...

Ancient Mystic herb
Armor: -13 Hit: 6 Dam: 5
Vitality increase: 4400
Mana increase: +2200
Might increase: 4
Grace increase: 4
Sam San

If you have any information on the:

Steel bracelet, or Mystical herb.

Please contact xTheChosenx or any staff member.

    Thursday, July 29, 2004

Abusive Peasants
Posted by: Rachel -- 12:00 AM EST

This was posted on the community board by Head Judge Tip:

For those of you who think it is fun to make a Peasant and block doors and or cuss, beware.

15 arrests today by the Judges for abusive Peasants is way too many and is taking the time of the Judges to the point they are not able to do the normal justice post.

I am going to start forwarding the names to nexus for trace, so if you lose your account do not come complaining to anyone, and that goes for those who let friends or other family members use the account address to make these Peasants.

Head Judge tip

It seems that some accounts might be banned for this, so if you partake in these activities, it would be best if you stop. - Rach

    Wednesday, July 28, 2004

NexusAtlas IRC Server Back Up!
Posted by: Steve -- 2:23 PM EST

Sorry about the downtime guys, the NIC inside of the server died (do to fault hardware) and had to be replaced! After about 3 days of downtime, the NIC has been replaced and the server is back up! Thank you for your patience.

IRC Server Switch in a few days
Posted by: TSWolf -- 2:58 AM EST

We're going to be switching our server to a more established network that we find in the next couple days. Apparently the server we run off of has disabled access and I haven't been able to get ahold of anyone in the past couple days, which is making me increasingly frustrated.

We have a lot of great things planned for the IRC network once its back up though. Some of them have already been talked about on Nexus and NF. So stop on by the IRC Network once its back up!

    Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Bone Charm! --Edit--
Posted by: xTheChosenx -- 1:32 AM EST

At 2:20 AM EST on July 27th 2004, New Bone Charm dropped by Ravage in Hunter(1). First Bone Charm ever!

Group members included:
Masamume (Baekho)
PedzL (Merchant)
xlazyboyx (Hyun moo)
Gideon (Ju jak)

A picture of the item being worn for the first time EVER, as well as
a picture of the stats, and the excited group.

(Thankyou Masamume for the pictures)
Good work, and remember to submit new items to Nexus atlas!

Worn bone charm has now been dropped by Hunter 2 boss, stats are as follows picture is the same.

AC: -10
Hit: +10
Vita: +8,400
Mana -5,600
+4 might
+4 healing
+1 protection
Strength 20
Il san

Thankyou to the following,

(ZuLander who gave stats), Kamakazi, MistaMeth, Kamahamahe, and Talonikiz


Posted by: xTheChosenx -- 1:02 AM EST

As posted by Archon Charisse

Congratulations to the new Warrior Tutors. Please watch the Warrior Guild board for details on classes and tutelage in the near future.

The new Buya Warrior Tutor is Veggs

and the new Nagnang Warrior Tutor is Guldar.

Congratulations =)

Take care,


I am currently looking for the following:

Buya Poet Tutor
Kugnae Poet Tutor
Nagnang Poet Tutor

To apply for one of these positions, you must be living in, or be willing to move to the town you will be tutor of if you are accepted. If you are willing to Tutor for any Kingdom, you MUST include a preference of city. You also must be a member of the path that you are applying for.

Applications will only be accepted until July 30th 8pm EST. Late applications will be deleted. The subject of the letter should be the position you are trying to obtain (please include the city).

Please send the following information to Charisse:
-- Tutor Application --

- Name:
- Postition You Are Applying For:
- Positive Subpath Brandings:
- Negative Subpath Brandings:
- Jail Brandings/Last Justice Matter Brands:
(Please explain these)
- Previous leadership experience
(Positions held in Kingdom etc. Please include references)
- SubPath (if any):
- Yuri Born/Real life length of time played:
(Time played as this character/total length of time played on any
- Level or Vita/Mana:
- Average Time And Days On Nexus per week:
- References:
(You must list at least two references. Please check with people you
will be using as references before you list them)
- Comments:
(Anything important Please Put Here)

NOTE: If you plan to use another character's position for any part of your answers (i.e. I was a judge on another character) you must list that character's name. The same applies to comments such as "I've been playing for 4 years on different characters".
All character names will be kept confidential and applications will only be read by Charisse.

Once your application has been received, you will receive a follow up letter notifying you of such. Should you have any questions, please contact Charisse.

Thank you,
Also, congratulations to the new Minister Harmonious of Nagnang, (Foreign affairs) Konrad! (As pictured)

    Monday, July 26, 2004

Minor Ghaleb sword
Posted by: Coldsun -- 5:21 PM EST

Earlier this afternoon, a second weapon surfaced from the Vortex. The Minor Ghaleb sword was dropped by Ghaleb, the Assassin tribe boss. Eibach, Xania, and Donith forced Ghaleb to resurrect only once before they claimed their prize.

Statistics. (top left) Eibach wields the Minor Ghaleb sword. (bottom right)

The sword costs only 5,000 coins to deposit, and can be worn by any level 99 peasant.

- Cold

Shifts of Generals in Nagnang Army
Posted by: Vini -- 1:01 PM EST

Last wednesday, the Nagnang Army General, Marekp stepped down from his position. The Retired General remained loyal to the Army and the Prince, but took sometime to relax from the ammount of work he had.

The New General, wasn't a suprise for most of the community, one of the oldest Nagnang loyals, Sir ApeDragon was the 2nd General in command of the Army of Prince Kija of Nagnang.

The two Generals decided to shift positions again today, and right now Marekp is the current General in head of the Army, while Apedragon stepped down to become a Lt. General.

I hope that this now can clear out the confusion about who was leading the soldiers, since by this morning they had a new general announced and by the afternoon the old one was back.

~Vini Normad'or~

*edited by Vini*

NexusIRC Down
Posted by: TSWolf -- 12:01 AM EST

We are aware of the NexusIRC Downtime and are working with the server hosts to have it restored. From how it looks though, it will be down for the night, and probably will be back sometime tommorow.

We apologize for this inconvienience.

    Saturday, July 24, 2004

Ancient Royal seal/Worn Occult sphere
Posted by: Coldsun -- 3:58 PM EST

Two new items fresh from the Vortex have been discovered recently: the Ancient Royal seal and the Worn Occult sphere.

Yesterday evening, xFirestormx, Cashel, and Kamykaze collected the Ancient royal seal from the Mad King (Bandit tribe boss). The seal is an odd-looking hand item, somewhat resembling a white amber wrapped in thorny twigs.

Ancient Royal seal (bottom right) and its statistics.

You must be Sam san to wield the seal, and it costs 25,000 coins to deposit.

Around midday today, Char, Haxorz, and Flamethrower unearthed another new item, this time from the Fatal Ninja (Shadow tribe boss). The sphere is of a bluish hue, and looks like a larger version of a Tao stone.

Worn Occult sphere (bottom right) and its statistics.

You must be Il san+ to use the sphere, and it costs 15,000 coins to deposit.

Special thanks to Flamethrower and xFirestormx for the images and statistics.

- Cold

New Item: Minor Archmagus Staff
Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 8:16 AM EST

Adventurers wrest a new weapon from an enchanted sorcerer

VORTEX -- A stalwart company of adventurers, Mage Laren, Chung Ryong xBushKax, Baekho Odysseus, and Hyun Moo Kingrugo, ventured into the Magus 1 cave this morning. They valiantly confronted the legendary Enchanted Sorcerer in the second room of his lair. It was a hard-fought battle, in which the brave adventurers forced the sorcerer to resurrect three times over the course of an hour. However, by the light of the morning, at about 5:30 a.m., PST, the victory was theirs.

The Minor Archmagus staff (inset), and its statistics.

To the victors go the spoils. From the body of their foe, the adventurers were able to recover a Minor Archmagus staff. The innkeepers charged 5000 coins to deposit it.

Images courtesy of Laren.

Further trip into the Vortex
Posted by: TSWolf -- 5:59 AM EST

With the stats changed on items, I decided it was time to venture in and see the Vortex bosses for myself first hand.

My first experience was a solo one with Ravage (Hunter 2). With Amnesia fixed, he was a bit more than I bargained for, rebirthing on Bladestorm just about everytime. I decided it wasn't in my best interest to stick around and do this solo.

I found Widd struggling his way into Shadow 2 for bosses and decided a Poet and Rogue combo would be a fun thing to do with these new bosses..

Round 1 : Fatal Ninja (Shadow 2)

He rebirthed about 5 times. This room was rather overcrowded but we learned alot from this. First, we saw first hand the massive amount of Ambers dropped by boss summons and such.

For those who don't know, Bosses summon minions to help them once they get low in Vita.

Fatal Ninja (And the rest of the bosses) did some of the following things -
- Casted a STRONG SC (Blocked by Scrolls of Protection!!)
- Blinded for a few seconds
- Group Slept us
- Summoned Minions several times, even when far from low health.
- Rebirthed 5 times.
- Caved the roof in.
- Forced us to invoke without gaining mana (Hence taking the damage an invoke would do, without giving us mana).
- Turned the lights off and on.
- Summoned you and minions TO you.
- Moved faster and did critical hits (HIGH damage) to you.

Sleep / Doze STOPPED him and his minions dead in his tracks. Amnesia was USELESS against them but tons of sleep traps kept the situation under control. EVEN while slept, however, they WILL cast distance spells on you.

He was VERY hard to switch targets. You had to apply massive force on him in order for him to change the target he wanted. If the other target left the room, he FOLLOWED them, so that didn't work too well either.

The best method we found? This won't work for everyone. But basically here's how we killed him.

I bladestormed him down to Low Red vitality. Now after doing this, the second time, I Kaed and Lsed him down to death. If he rebirthed, we just rinsed and repeated. DOUBLE bladestorming ALWAYS resulting in him rebirthing, so thats not a good idea I don't think. I believe from this we can see rebirths are PROBABLY random, rather than some formula.

Boss dropped as many ambers as his minions did.

Round 2 : Ravage (Hunter 2)

Ravage was less buff than Fatal Ninja but there were alot more regular guys running around. He only did 3 rebirths and was cornered relatively easily. He was a lot cooler looking than Fatal Ninja though. He dropped ambers just like his minions.

One interesting thing I found though (See Pic above).. I slept a Bladestorm set (Which is the same as an assault set.) and had a Boss summoned minion set it off on 3 others. While it damaged the one that casted, it didnt TOUCH the other 3 (One was in red because of a previous bladestorm I hit it with).. When I did it with the boss he severely damaged them. Some sort of immunity, high AC, or something? Maybe a bug?

Round 3 : Bal Bloodlust (Grey Hand 1)

This was the most fun. We had Bal and nothing else bothering us. This gave me time to play with the minions and learn alot about them. We made an amber MILL out of Bal. He rebirthed about 6 times and I wish it was more.. Why? Because everytime we'd bladestorm him, we'd do a full set of his minions, and unlike the other bosses so far, he ONE HIT his minions at full. So he'd kill 4 of his minions, and they'd all drop 1-10 Reg Ambers, 1-5 Dark Ambers, 1-3 White ambers EACH. We were finding a new age way to Amber hunt.

Round 4 : Crab Duke (Water 1)

The most fun and most dangerous battle. Water is a very very deadly cave and creatures were hitting me for quite a bit ASVed. We found Crab Duke quite, surprisingly, as you can see. We got him low and cornered fast, but naturally he rebirthed. He rebirthed about 8 times, twice because of a double bladestorm. He killed me once when he casted his strong scourge on me (Which was the strongest of any boss yet), and like all the other bosses did all the other cool spells and effects. Thank god for the trusty Molten blade, we were able to kill him.

So what did we learn? A WHOLE lot.. Rebirths seem to be random as of now and a couple techniques on killing the bosses using a Ee Rogue/Ee Poet combo. I'm sure alot more info will be found in the coming weeks, especially now with awesome stat items to attain.

We also learned to bring Scrolls of Protection.. They're extremely helpful on the almost super powered Scourges.. You have to dispell to remove them, and this could leave you vulnerable without ASV.

And also, how much we hate that the bosses control the lights, gab to no end (actually, its pretty cool having a dialogue with the boss instead of *summons power*), and Chase, Summon you at will.

The rebirths arent very bad if you maintain your killing. Just be patient, eventually it won't rebirth. ONCE you have the boss in the BLACK, he WONT rebirth (or so we saw) so thats when you're home free. It's usually within the LAST sliver of red that he rebirths the most.. And usually if hes there for a while and does other effects (Lights, spells, etc) and doesn't rebirth, you can assure you're on the way to killing him.

The most fun boss so far? I thought Crab duke was. Even though I died, it was just amazing and so fast paced. It's how boss hunts should have been to begin with.

The hunter is now becoming the hunted.

Have fun in the Vortex everyone. And continue to send info our way so everyone can see what great things we can get!

Vortex Item Stats
Posted by: Rachel -- 1:36 AM EST

The items now have stats, and they seem to be pretty good.

If you have any of these items, please send in the stats as well as information about if you can use it or not.

I believe that my prediction of New (99), Worn (Il san), Old (Ee san), and Ancient (Sam san) may be correct.. but we still need to find out more. "Peasant" without a level listed means that the item is Il san, Ee san, or Sam san.

Verified: Conro and Shope tested the Ancient Spirit mask and it can only be worn by Sam sans. BloodofIdun posted that his worn item could only be worn by Il san+.

Thank you to QuanYin for sending these stats:

New Magus scroll
Durability: 100000/100000
Armor: -6 Dam: 0 Hit: 0
Vitality increase: -2000
Mana increase: 3000
Will: 3
Healing: 3
Protection: 1
Strength: 10
Peasant level 99

Worn Spirit mask
Durability: 140000/140000
Armor: -9 Hit: 3 Dam: 5
Vitality increase: 1400
Mana increase: 2100
Might: 2
Grace: 4
Will: 4
Protection: 1
Strength: 20
Peasant (Il san)

Thank you to Melalye for sending this in:

Ancient Luck amulet
Durability: 220000/220000
Armor: -13 Hit: 0 Dam 9
Vitality increase: 6600
Mana increase: 1100
Might: 4
Grace: 4
Strength: 40
Peasant (Sam san)

Thank you to BloodofIdun for posting this:

Worn Hand drum
Armor:-7 Hit: 0 Dam: 0
Vitality Increase: 1400
Mana Increase: 2100
Will: 3
Healing: 5
Protection: 3
Strength 20
Peasant (Il san)

Thank you to Conro for passing this on:

Ancient Spirit mask
Armor:-13 Hit: 5 Dam: 7
Vitality Increase: 2200
Mana Increase: 3300
Might: 3
Grace: 5
Strength 40
Peasant (Sam san)

    Friday, July 23, 2004

New Mods!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 11:21 PM EST

Congratulations to the two new NexusForums moderators -

Worldwalker and RPGWizard.

As good standing members of the NF Community for a long period of time, they were chosen to help us continue to enforce the rules over at NF.

Posted by: xTheChosenx -- 10:52 PM EST

Greetings nexus atlas viewers, as i've told almost every person I know in nexus that im finally a nexus atlas news reporter, well for those few who don't know...guess what, I am!

For those who don't know me, I am known as xTheChosenx in nexus. Feel free at any time to contact me in game for a chat.

As for news, if you have any to report -PLEASE- do one of the following.

-1.Nmail me with detailed description of the news, and please tell me in the mail if you have screenshots or not.

-2.Private message me using nexus forums. You can upload screenshots into private messages.

-3.(Least preffered) Email me, with the information and the screenshots. Only email me if there are multiple screenshots please. You may find my email by clicking on my name here.

Everyone who gives me information will be named here, and I will contact you as soon as I recieve the information, and tell you whether i'll post it straight away(Big news) or post it later with other bits(Small news, sometimes there will be posts with bits of small news etc etc)

Well, my hello has been said, see you in Nexus =)


Hi there!
Posted by: Coldsun -- 10:49 PM EST

Hi everyone. I've recently been added to the NA staff to deal with pricing and such, but I'll be covering news as well. If you have any questions or comments regarding the price lists, don't hesitate to contact me. ^^

I look forward to hearing from you all.

- Cold

July winding down
Posted by: TSWolf -- 4:03 AM EST

With all we were expecting to get up in July, we had some major setbacks. I had some work related issues IRL and alot of the staff members were kinda blindsided by the quick addition of Vortex.

I was very happy to see everyone sending in Vortex info and we have so much, there's very little work we're going to have to do thanks to everyone who helped, especially the dozens of people who spent hours collecting data over at NexusForums and mailed me all those screenshots. Ive been saving all I can and keeping a huge file of all the stuff.

We expect to have some stuff up in the next few days as stuff starts to calm down.

On a side note, I'd like all staff members to read the staff board on Nexus Forums today. I posted some information you need for the account changes we're doing today.

I hope everyone is having fun on Nexus, in the vortex, among other places. Hopefully I'll see you all around.

Lag problems
Posted by: Rachel -- 2:20 AM EST

I didn't want to post this, since I don't know the cause of the problems or when they might go away, but after seeing upwards of 40 sages of "Am I the only one lagging?" I am going to answer that question.

-No, you are not the only one. This may or may not be related to the earlier problems discussed in the news: They went down and then they came back up

I know several people are experiencing time-outs where they couldn't sign back into nexus for extended periods of time. I also know that some people report that they are having no problems at all. (That means that it probably isn't a Nexon problem, but a problem with something between players and Nexon and it's probably closer to Nexon's end since so many people are having problems with Nexon and not other games/sites)

-Sages about lag are considered sage abuse, as described in the sage law post. Nothing may happen, but you should be cautious before asking about the lag through sage.

New Nexus Forums Policy
Posted by: TSWolf -- 12:08 AM EST

Because of rampant abuse by members of the Event Busters website and select members of the Nagnang Army as well as others in the Ventrilo servers, further accounts on Nexus Forums will have to be approved by moderators, which will be done once every morning to valid email addresses only.

Only a FEW members of the Nagnang army are guilty of this, but this tends to be the bulk of the people in the Ventrilo chat room where this abuse is being initiated. The fact that these people stand behind an organization to do these acts is appauling, and Its a shame that a few people who aren't mature enough to act like adults are allowed to let such things get out of hand.

The reason we are able to make these accusations is based on IP address evidence collected at the NexusForums, NexusIRC and Vent servers which match up all to the same people.

So for the time being, all new accounts will be approved by me, once every few days.

On another note, all current moderators of NexusForums will be under review and alot will be removed. We will be restaffing the NexusForums to give abilities to people who will do their jobs and resolve problems, rather than when it only affects them.

Thank you.

    Thursday, July 22, 2004

Vortex Items
Posted by: Rachel -- 5:51 AM EST

GelOw,lpopoxl, and Upilkeren sent me a picture of the "Old Luck amulet" that they picked up in the assassin 3 cave.

But before that, I also heard reports of "Old" items dropping in level 2 caves.

It seems that the order of Vortex items so far is:

Assuming that there's more to these items than what meets the eye, these could be related to the ranks of 99, Il san, Ee san, and Sam san. (There currenly isn't a way to make an item recognize that a player is Enchanted)

While all items have the same stats, the ones that drop in the higher level caves should be better in some way. Keep searching for more information on these items and pass it on!

Poet Tutor Application
Posted by: Rachel -- 12:19 AM EST

(As posted on the Community board by Charisse)


I am currently looking for the following:

Buya Poet Tutor
Kugnae Poet Tutor
Nagnang Poet Tutor

To apply for one of these positions, you must be living in, or be willing to move to the town you will be tutor of if you are accepted. If you are willing to Tutor for any Kingdom, you MUST include a preference of city. You also must be a member of the path that you are applying for.

Applications will only be accepted until July 30th 8pm EST. Late applications will be deleted. The subject of the letter should be the position you are trying to obtain (please include the city).

Please send the following information to Charisse:
-- Tutor Application --

- Name:
- Postition You Are Applying For:
- Positive Subpath Brandings:
- Negative Subpath Brandings:
- Jail Brandings/Last Justice Matter Brands:
(Please explain these)
- Previous leadership experience
(Positions held in Kingdom etc. Please include references)
- SubPath (if any):
- Yuri Born/Real life length of time played:
(Time played as this character/total length of time played on any character)
- Level or Vita/Mana:
- Average Time And Days On Nexus per week:
- References:
(You must list at least two references. Please check with people you will be using as references before you list them)
- Comments:
(Anything important Please Put Here)

NOTE: If you plan to use another character's position for any part of your answers (i.e. I was a judge on another character) you must list that character's name. The same applies to comments such as "I've been playing for 4 years on different characters".
All character names will be kept confidential and applications will only be read by Charisse.

Once your application has been received, you will receive a follow up letter notifying you of such. Should you have any questions, please contact Charisse.

Thank you,

    Wednesday, July 21, 2004

NexusIRC Debuts!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 10:18 PM EST

As promised, but a little later than we expected to get everythign setup, NexusIRC is up and running.

You can connect via mIRC (Which is prefered!!!)

Servers include -

Or simply click out Chat Room link in contact. Its all ready to go and goes directly to #Nexusatlas.

We encourage people who want to start chat rooms there to do so. It has all the basic Channel services (Chan, Nick, Operservs) and should provide sufficient for any IRC needs you may have.

Let's all thank Steve (and patronize 's awesome hosting!) for all the work he did getting this up.

IRC Network coming... Tonight =)
Posted by: TSWolf -- 7:18 PM EST

Steve is currently finishing up the services of the new IRC Network that hes been working on for a week or so.

All the information will be available on news later tonight or tommorow morning. Check here for more details coming SHORTLY.

    Saturday, July 17, 2004

Vortex Map
Posted by: Rachel -- 6:59 PM EST

I was going to add coordinates to my cave entries post, but then AllyGator sent us this nice map. ^.^

It's big, so here's a link to it: Vortex Map

Thank you AllyGator!

    Thursday, July 15, 2004

Impossible Trivia!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 9:21 PM EST

What an AMAZING night! What a turnout of over 50 people, and many of them staying the full two hours of the event. Some of the questions were absolutely impossible, and in fact, the top winner only walked away with 25k.

We've decided to make some of the earlier questions a little easier and some of the later questions, a bit harder, to balance it.

Here were last nights winnings -

Laren - 1,000
KarmaWar - 10,000
Melodi - 25,000 (Our Top Prize!)
YanDaMan - 10,000
ThePoetPo - 5,000

And 6 Ambrosias, and a Lucky Silver coin were given out to the audience in Bonus questions!

Afterwards was the cleanup PK!

Study those libraries! More fun to come later this week!

New Vortex Item: Ancient Magus Scroll
Posted by: LordAchoo -- 4:38 PM EST

A new item has been found in Magus cave 3 by BlackFlash, ColdPrincess, Xfirestormx, HoLangI, Chulama, ChinChin, SunnyPun and Tata. The item is named Ancient Magus Scroll. The item has the same stats as all the others currently discovered.

--Impossible Trivia TONIGHT!!!--
Posted by: TSWolf -- 4:44 AM EST

Nexus Atlas Presents ....

Impossible Trivia
Location - North Masan - 59, 132
Time and Place -
Thursday, July 15th, 2004
9:00 PM EST (8Cen - 7Mou - 6PST)

For COMPLETE details and rules, please see our official Impossible Trivia website.

Couple things about this I'd like to state.. Even though you may not know alot about Nexus history, this may be a great thing to attend. I guarentee anyone who attends will learn alot. I will be spewing random LITTLE known facts throughout it too. This is a knowledge seekers time to gather alot of info.

I spent about 3 hours last evening looking up potential information for questions, and I learned some things I didn't ever know. I guarentee some of the later round questions, which WILL be based on PAST PAST history will prove extremely difficult if not impossible.

If all goes well, I have talked it over with the Merchant Elder Ilios, and this may become a Merchant sponsored event, meaning you'll see more of this.

Remember tonight is the first time we're doing it, but I'm sure everything will go relatively smooth. Stop by.. Even if you dont know alot, you may be able to get yourself a door prize in one of the random speed/random fact contests.

Official Info Page URL -

House Direction URL (North Masan Map with Arrow) -

I really really hope to see some of you younger knowledge seekers there. It's gonna be alot of fun.

Ancient Claw Dropped
Posted by: Rachel -- 1:06 AM EST

Thank you to gelOw, Nupie & Winroute for reporting this! ^.^

The Water Tribe 3 boss dropped his claw earlier today. The stats are the same as the other items.

    Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Vortex Cave Ranges
Posted by: Rachel -- 8:47 AM EST

If you are near these stats, please click here and post your information to help narrow things down.

These aren't perfect yet. ^.^

To find the mana required to enter these caves, just divide these numbers in half.

Anchorite 1:
-Between 61,142 Vita and 80,038 Vita
Anchorite 2:
-Between 274,000 Vita and 306,000 Vita
Anchorite 3:
-Between 478,002 Vita and 512,000 Vita

Assassin 1:
-32,500 Vita
Assassin 2:
-Between 160,168 Vita and 230,128 Vita
Assassin 3:
-Between 340,000 Vita and 405,000 Vita

Bandit 1:
-Between 192,994 Vita and 198,000 Vita
Bandit 2:
-Between 340,000 Vita and 405,000 Vita
Bandit 3:
-Between 520,000 Vita and 650,050 Vita

Dread 1:
-Between 192,994 Vita and 230,128 Vita
Dread 2:
-Between 405,000 Vita and 478,002 Vita
Dread 3:
-Between 518,162 Vita and 650,050 Vita

Earth 1:
-Between 230,128 Vita and 306,000 Vita
Earth 2:
-Between 478,002 Vita and 512,000 Vita
Earth 3:
-Between 518,162 Vita and 650,050 Vita

Grey hand 1:
-Between 230,128 Vita and 324,896 Vita
Grey hand 2:
-Between 446,000 Vita and 478,002 Vita
Grey hand 3:
-Between 518,162 Vita and 650,050 Vita

Hillmen 1:
-Between 60,024 Vita and 61,142 Vita
Hillmen 2:
-Between 244,000 Vita and 250,000 Vita
Hillmen 3:
-Between 446,000 Vita and 478,002 Vita

Hunter 1:
-Between 39,315 Vita and 60,024 Vita
Hunter 2:
-Between 192,994 Vita and 230,128 Vita
Hunter 3:
-Between 340,000 Vita and 446,000 Vita

Magus 1:
-Under 39,315 Vita
Magus 2:
-Between 160,168 Vita and 192,994 Vita
Magus 3:
-Between 470,002 Vita and 520,000 Vita

Shadow 1:
-Between 160,168 Vita and 161,000 Vita
Shadow 2:
-Between 340,000 Vita and 405,000 Vita
Shadow 3:
-Between 518,162 Vita and 650,050 Vita

Water 1:
-Between 324,896 Vita and 338,000 Vita
Water 2:
-Between 510,000 Vita and 525,000 Vita
Water 3:
-Between 525,000 Vita and 650,050 Vita

Wind 1:
-Between 88,210 and 124,296 Vita
Wind 2:
-Between 310,000 and 324,896 Vita
Wind 3:
-Between 518,162 and 650,050 Vita

Suspicions Confirmed
Posted by: Rachel -- 4:50 AM EST

Thank you to Boz, Vano, Pebbles and Melalye for sharing this!

Earlier today they recieved an Ancient Luck amulet from Ghaleb in Assassin cave 3.

The stats and item graphic are currently the same as the New Luck amulet's.

We are told that rumors of the spell Amnesia preventing items from dropping are 100% false. Also, bosses and the creatures that they summon are all dropping piles of Ambers, Dark ambers, and White ambers.

If you discover anything else, please whisper or mail a NexusAtlas reporter and you will be credited.

Nagnang Army Military Ball
Posted by: TSWolf -- 12:26 AM EST

You are invited to... The Nagnang army 1st Annual Military Ball.
When: July 13, 2004
Time: 9:00 p.m.central/10:00 p.m.eastern/8:00p.m./Pacific
Place: East Kyongju:: 0070,0062
Price: 1k a Ticket for a couple and 500c for singles
Dress code: Try to wear:
:Males, Sonhi cloak, wedding cloak, wisdom clothes, Ilbon vest
:Females, Sonhi outfit, wedding dress, wisoms clothes, ilbon outfit
:We will have lots of wines, foods, and game with greatz prize/fun
1.) No killing unless you have been hit.
2.) Please have your exchange on at the gate.
3.) Do not enter the bar which will be on the far north east corner of the house.
4.) No stealing.
5.) Fighting is only on the front rug by the door. You can't miss it.

Capt Princesss

    Monday, July 12, 2004

Impossible Trivia! Are you ready?
Posted by: TSWolf -- 8:21 PM EST

Nexus Atlas Presents ....

Impossible Trivia
Location - North Masan - 59, 132
Time and Place -
Thursday, July 15th, 2004
9:00 PM EST (8Cen - 7Mou - 6PST)

For COMPLETE details and rules, please see our official Impossible Trivia website.

We hope to see some of Nexus' smartest there!

Ancient relic discovered!
Posted by: Conro -- 6:34 PM EST

A new relic, the Ancient Spirit mask, has been discovered by KOFighter, RainKiss, NightDre, KiiiiiiM, and myself in the Anchorite tribe, third level!

A picture of myself wearing this ancient relic...

Celebration after receiving the spoils!

After carefully studying this relic, along with the others, I have come to a few conclusions...

- The new items come in three forms, New (level 1), Worn (level 2), and Ancient (level 3). I have yet to confirm this with more drops, but this is most likely the way it is.
- These may be part of a higher power or force. Keep your eyes open!

Many thanks to those supplying us with new information pertaining to boss tactics, drops, and hunting methods! Your contributions are what keep the Nexus community thriving!

- Conro

    Sunday, July 11, 2004

Vortex Cave Levels
Posted by: Rachel -- 8:32 PM EST

Since Llandwar started this off, I've decided I would finish it up.

Please post your information on this thread:

Fill out this form with your EXACT, NAKED stats. (Not 203/102 but 203,207/101,984) Post information for all of your characters if are willing.

Character name:

Exact Naked Vita:
Exact Naked Mana:

(Write a 0 if the character cannot enter; 1 if they enter cave 1; 2 if they enter cave 2; and 3 if they enter cave 3)
Anchorite Tribe----
Assassin Tribe-----
Bandit Tribe--------
Dread Tribe--------
Earth Tribe---------
Grey Hand Tribe---
Hillmen Tribe------
Hunter Tribe-------
Magus Tribe-------
Shadow Tribe-----
Water Tribe-------
Wind Tribe--------

New Luck Amulet Stats!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 4:31 PM EST

Thank you to whoever sent us the stats (who wishes to remain anonymous) through NexusForums!

The stats are the same as the other 2 items currently. It was dropped by Ghalab Assassin 1.

Apparently, we are starting to see a trend. Perhaps these items are to be combined together? With something?

Time will tell. And so will we.

Second and Third Item found/Shared
Posted by: Conro -- 2:14 AM EST

A third item has been surfaced from the Vortex!

This item was discovered by Rallek, Destine, BloodOfIdun, and BloodOfBank after mauling the Hillmen boss!

A huge thanks to these four for not selling out =)

The second item, which is oddly named a little differently than the others, New Luck amulet, was also discovered. Information on this item has not yet been released.

A huge thank you to those willing to share information for the rest of the public to view! Your contributions are what keep the Nexus moving!

- Conro

    Friday, July 9, 2004

The First Reported New Item
Posted by: TSWolf -- 10:00 PM EST

Fyrea was kind enough to show me the first reported dropped item. It was dropped by Anchorite 2 Boss. Much thanks to Fyrea for letting me appraise it!

Here is her with it on.

And here is the appraisal!

Thanks again! Lets see more!

Stunning Photography - Info - Reporters leaving
Posted by: TSWolf -- 6:26 PM EST

I've recieved some absolutely amazing boss battle pics you guys took. Thank you for all the information.

I've also learned that Experience points are rather.. well. weird? Be sure to send in the experience you get NONTOTEM and NONGROUPED. I realize alot of the time the experience point numbers LOOK really weird, so have 2 people kill the same creature alone. Let's see if EXP varies by person. In that case, we'll worry about ranges then, but for now, let's work assuming the numbers are just weird and everyone gets the same weirdness.

In some other news, Rougerider decided he would no longer like to report for Nexus Atlas, and MarekP has been relieved of his duties here. We thank them both for their hard work and dedication. This sets us back a couple posters though, so we will be on the look out for people compiled detailed info about the Vortex and sending to us. We have some folks in mind already.. So good luck out there!

And most importantly, have fun.

    Thursday, July 8, 2004

All Tribes Bosses
Posted by: Vini -- 12:02 AM EST

Seems we'll encounter much more difficulty when fighting a boss of a cave, in these new Vortex caves. As Eldridge has warned, these bosses has an AI much much better than any other seen in nexus.
Here are some confirmed stuff they can do:
-They can summon or approach you.
-They can cast doze on whole room.
-They can heal out of red vita and steal mana.
-They talk to you, they even know your name.
-They summon minions to help.
-They can make the room grow dark.
-They can scourge you badly.
And more!

Watch out when facing a Tribe boss, they can easily kill you if you are alone.
Here's the pictures of the bosses we have for now:

Zibong's Mask
Wind Tribe boss

Hunter Tribe boss

Hillmen Tribe boss

Enchanted Sorcerer
Magus Tribe boss

Assassin Tribe boss

Fatal Ninja
Shadow Tribe boss

Jaded Enchantress
Anchorite Tribe boss

Mad King
Bandit Tribe boss

Bal Bloodust
Grey Hand Tribe boss

Water Wizard
Dread Tribe boss

Water Elemental
Earth Tribe boss

Crab Duke
Water Tribe boss

Special thanks to BoileR EvilKardo and YanDaMan for sending me screenshots of some of these bosses.

~Vini Normad'or~

    Wednesday, July 7, 2004

Vortex One : Photo Report
Posted by: TSWolf -- 10:16 PM EST

The first Vortex Photo report is up.

I hope to have a better one, compiled by the screenshots you guys are sending me (Which are AWESOME by the way). So expect to see a Part 2 to this!

I released this one just to fulfill my promise of showing people outside the game whats going on ;)

Dreamweaver / Whispering Winds posts
Posted by: RougeRider -- 3:31 PM EST

Eldridge decided to give us some information about the Vortex and what is going on.

Just to make a few things clear, the "first" cave for the Vortex is the Assassin tribe (Vortex 49,16), and to get in to the first level of that cave you will need 32,500 vita, or 16,250 mana.

I'm not going to give out more information than that, the other levels the resourceful people of the game will figure out soon enough.

I will also be doing a reset now to enable "ringing" in the vortex caves, and to also reduce the amount of damage the creatures do.

Good luck.

He also gave us the explanation for this sudden changes in the Mercenary Camp that brought in the Vortex caves, seems that many people mining there caused this, will wilderness have such thing someday? hehe
here's the post:

With all the recent digging going on in the old Mercenary Camp the ground has started to become very unstable. All the tents started to collapse, and several reports have come to me that there have been entrances to caves opening up all over the area.

Nobody can be sure what he or she will find in the depths of that land which has been corrupted for so long by evil and strange powers. I issue this word of warning, be on alert! There may be highly dangerous creatures roaming the depths below the Vortex.

Spirit Guide Eldridge

*Added by Vini*

A bunch of information
Posted by: RougeRider -- 3:15 PM EST

Compilation of rumors/things that need to be confirmed.
ChiZao Runes
Death Sabre (Stats/graphic) [a weapon]
Assassin boss has HB.
Assassin's Claw (stats/graphic)

Confirmed Things
~Bosses AI is EXTREMELY hard.
~The Experience selling places tell you how much you need to buy mana/vita.
~The experience selling also tells you what your vita was from, and how much it is now.

~There are drop rooms which are being compiled. You can walk to them.

Boss Information
~Mad King is the Bandit boss cave, he can talk to you, and also steal mana.

[Thanks to Sodon for the picture]
~Enchanted Sorcerer is the Magus Cave boss. [Thank you Asuza for posting in forums]

~Ghaleb is the Assassin Cave boss. [Thank you Zabre]

More information is coming as we speak, screenshots will come as well. If you see anything new, please report to a Nexus Atlas staff member.

Vortex is open!
Posted by: Vini -- 2:02 PM EST

One of the most expected resets of brought just now the newly opened caves of the Vortex (Mythic 2).
Many people gathered in Nagnang Valley to try to be the first to step into the new caves.
Many mysteries these caves reserve to us, many new items and creatures to hunt, I'm sure all of us we'll be quite busy with all these new stuff!

Here is the list of the new caves:
Anchorite Tribe (0012/0037)
Assassin Tribe (0048/0016) - Lowest cave
Bandit Tribe (0029/0021)
Dread Tribe (0004/0058)
Earth Tribe (0022/0050)
Grey Hand Tribe (0022/0000)
Hillmen Tribe (0050/0039)
Hunter Tribe (0073/0000)
Magus Tribe (0079/0053)
Shadow Tribe (0060/0026)
Water Tribe (0064/0017)
Wind Tribe (0002/0005)

Enjoy the Vortex caves everyone, remember where to report the screenshots for the info. More stuff to come still. LordArchoo will be posting soon.

~Vini Normad'or~

Menu Updates
Posted by: TSWolf -- 4:24 AM EST

The control menu on the entire site has been updated to reflect the following changes -

Interact ---
/\ Bug Reporting Link Fixed
/\ Info Reporting Link Added (For New Forum)

What's New ---
/\ Link to News Report Board Added (Report News Here!)

Here's a little description of what each is for again -

--Bug Reporting - To Report NEXUS ATLAS WEBSITE Bugs / Out of Date Information / Wrong Information.

--Info Reporting - To respond to Gathering requests on news, information we don't have and ask for.

--News Report - New Nexus things occuring AS we speak. Do not post things here that are common knowledge / more than a week or so old. This is a great place to post your vortex findings.

Ready and Able ^.^
Posted by: Rachel -- 2:02 AM EST

-The New Valentine's Bouquets now can be found on the hand item page:

-All Wisdom Clothes can now be found on the peasant clothes page:

If I have time, I might add a few more things in the next few hours. Thanks to Conro for helping me find graphics. ^.^


    Tuesday, July 6, 2004

NexusForums is open!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 9:52 PM EST

Nexus Forums is back open.

Everyone should have recieved 2 mails on their accounts that they used to register. One was by accident and the password wont work. The second is the REAL new password you have been assigned.

If theres any issues, mail and we'll try and fix them. If the board says its down, please dont mail.. Only if you have an account issue/password email lost issue.

Hello everyone!
Posted by: LordAchoo -- 8:03 PM EST

As you can see from the post above, I have been added to the Nexus Atlas staff. I will work hard to cover as many events and news storys as possible. It is an honor and privilege to work with the staff of Nexus Atlas and to serve the Nexus community.

~Buya Imperial Guard

NA Official Announcement
Posted by: TSWolf -- 8:25 AM EST

With the coming of Vortex tommorow, I figure it's time I tell ya whats been up over here.

As of today we have 4 new staff members.

LordAchoo - Dippie - Coldsun - Darkstarfire

They will hopefully help us with the MASSIVE influx of information we'll be getting tommorow.

I'm trying with ALL my might to get Steve to get NF up and running for tommorow so you guys can take about the stuff and get organized.. as well as help as get information up for people.

We were planning some new sections today. We may have them up, but I'm not promising anything because I'm trying to mobilize the staff for tommorow. I *will not* be home for the opening of Vortex tommorow.

Also in the staff front, Conro has been bumped up to second in command of the site and Spift has become a part time worker to compensate their time needs.

Feel free to contact any Nexus Atlas staff member tommorow during the vortex to report information. If a staff member doesn't respond, try another one. I'm encouraging my staff members to just shut off their whispers if they need a break or just don't want to work..

Chances are, news is gonna be absolutely flooded and huge and being edited 1000 times tommorow, so check back often. We will include pictures as much as possible, and I might even try to throw up a Photo Report tommorow night to show whats going on for the people outside of Nexus.

In terms of drops, exp, pics of the sorts, we need to start collecting this stuff IMMEDIATELY in vortex.


That's all information you recieve from July 7th on. Thats my special email address being used to gather all the information possible so we can get it up.

I ask that all other concerns be put on hold for AT LEAST a week. It's going to be absolute mayhem around here.. and things this big are usually so busy, we have little time to enjoy the new updates ourselves.

Vortex is opening SOON
Posted by: Vini -- 7:36 AM EST

Mysteries come and go as rumors as well. How many people haven't heard or talked about the arrival of what's called Mythic 2?
I know that when people that saw when Mercenary Camp (Chizao's Tomb) name changed to Vortex, many were already previewing it was for the 12 new caves available to public.
What would happen if I said that the Ogres and Pirates alliance has a 3rd party together with them?
That would sound just another of the many rumors going around, but rumors become reality when we hear it from one person, Eldridge.

That's right, after a long time being kept in the shades, trying to guess what was going on in the upper level of our community, what were they bringing to us, our dear DreamWeaver, GM Eldridge has decided to speak out and reveal some great things they were reserving for us to this week, actually not this week... TOMORROW!

Here's what he posted on the official nexus webpage:

This weekend we celebrate the sixth year of Nexus since it went commercial! Nearly eight years since we started the beta US version, and 10 years since the original Nexus started in Korea.

From it's humble beginnings in the computer labs of KAIST Nexus has changed and expanded a great deal. When I first took over Nexus almost 3 years ago I had some very grand plans for what I wanted to do with the game, and the direction I wanted to take it. Since then I have learnt a lot more about the community, and what it really takes to run a game. Many of my original plans and ideas have had to change, or be abandoned all together; while dreams are nice, implementation is a different matter.

At the start my main goal was to convert Nexus into a much more stable game, with a long life potential. Over the last few years I have seen many other games, both variants of Nexus as well as offerings from other companies, come and go, rise up and fall down, and through it all Nexus has remained a constant. We have never been the biggest, and never will be, but we have been a constant part of many people’s lives. Like a family I look at Nexus as something that will be here for a long time to come. A simple and fun place where friends and family from all over the world can come together and enjoy being together.

The last year has been filled with efforts to really fill out the game in many ways, and as we look to the future to make additions that will fill out the game. Recently we have finished negotiating access to previously unused graphics for Nexus, and over the last few months have been slowly adding these to the game for people to enjoy.

But the biggest addition is still to come! Over the last three weeks we have been putting the finishing touches on a brand new hunting area. With the game being around this long it has many players have surpassed the current hunting areas of the game, and so on Wednesday, July the 7th, at around 1PM (PST) we will be opening the Vortex, also called "Mythic 2", which will offer new challenges to players where Mythic 1 stops. This is another 12 caves, in 3 levels, like the original Mythic nexus.

These new caves have over a hundred new items, with new graphics. But that is not all that is new, the AI (Artificial Intelligence) of the bosses will be using a brand new system which makes them a much greater challenge. Unlike anything else seen previously in Nexus these bosses will be much more challenging, and have new secrets to discover to get a hold of all their treasures!

Also there is proof of an alliance between the Pirates, Ogre army, and a third party that has been discovered over the last few weeks. Nobody is sure where this will lead yet, but one thing I can promise is that like the ChiZao event last year this promises to open up some interesting new things for everybody.

Time for me to return to work, so once again I am glad to say we wish you a happy anniversary from everybody at Nexon! I look forward to seeing you all in Nexus for a long time to come.


For those who are curious about how Eldridge looks, you can even see a picture of him wearing his own Anniversary Sword in the official site.

Tomorrow will be a big day for news and great new stuff, stay tuned!

~Vini Normad'or~

Message from Over Seas
Posted by: TSWolf -- 12:34 AM EST

I found this in my mailbox this morning. I figured since Valdessi is someone alot of us know, it would nice to share this email.

Hey man, how's it going? Yeah, I'm still in Iraq. I was checking up on your site (something I do often) and saw your Happy 4th post. I'd like to say thanks for remembering us soldiers in your letter. Hearing things like that makes it easier and makes us proud over here. It's good to see that we are appreciated and remembered in holidays like the 4th of July and gives people like me a purpose to do what we're doing over here.

On another note, I'm getting "hooked up" soon. We have electricity in the barracks and due to a petition and whatnot, we're getting internet in our rooms. So soon I'll be on Nexus again and ready to annoy you some more. Take care and God bless. Once again, thanks.


    Monday, July 5, 2004

Sword Shots
Posted by: TSWolf -- 6:42 AM EST

People went to N Gate Mythic to reinact the sword protest from years ago, which can be read about in the Photo Report we did on it. Here are a couple shots from that.

From Composure.

To Exposure.

    Sunday, July 4, 2004

Happy 4th of July everyone
Posted by: TSWolf -- 5:35 AM EST

I'd like to take this time after once again staying up all night to do crafting skills on Nexus to extend my warmest 4th of July greetings to everyone in the United States and Abroad celebrating the Independence of our Great Nation.

The 4th of July is my favorite holiday, for the sheer fact that I love fireworks. It also, to me, is one of the most emotional holidays.. It's truly a celebration of freedom.

So when you're watching the fireworks tonight, remember everyone who died, is dieing, and will die for your freedom and that of your family for years to come. Whether or not you believe or agree with every cause we fight for, everyone should be thankful for everything we're blessed with here.

I can picture the look on their faces when they find out what we all spend our precious "free" time doing too. Crafting all night.. Oh boy.. =P

Anyway, have a happy and SAFE holiday.. And enjoy the fireworks if you're going to see them. I definatly am.. I believe I can pry myself away from gemcutting for a couple hours.

Happy 4th of July Everyone!

    Thursday, July 1, 2004

Anniversary Sword Quest - With Updates
Posted by: Vini -- 5:02 PM EST

Well certainly Eldridge was mistaken if he though we would let the July 1st pass without getting Anniversary swords for all of us. Instead of just asking Yoni for it, this year we had a bit more of work, but was kinda simple for us to find out a way to forge our own Swords.

I believe everyone will be able to do this event alone but here's a walkthrough I wrote to help in case some people get stuck:
1. Go to any blacksmith and Say "Anniversary". He'll give you a Dull Ore and tell you about how CareTaker could help.

2. Go to Thane (mining NPC, 186/29 Wilderness. Best acess is via Arctic Land) and Say "Ore"

3.Say "Dying" then "Habitat", then "Natural". Thane will explain you could rub some natural soil into the Dull ore to make it better. He'll ask you to buy his mining tools, which you'll need, but you can you the ones you had before.

4.Time to visit the natural habitat of where the Ores where taken. It comes from the place called Vortex (was changed today, used to be Mercenary Camp/Chizao's tomb).

5.On the Vortex there are many empty tents, your work there now is just for using the mining shovel to get Sand piles. Drop and pick the shovel until you get small sand piles, continue with the small piles in inventory and keep mining to get to medium sand pile then large sand pile.

6. After you get the Large sand piles, use the creation system (shift+i) to rub the sand on the Dull Ore. You'll get a Glowing Ore from it.

7. Once you get the Glowing ore go back to the blacksmith and say "Anniversary". He'll ask if you want to forge an anniversary sword. If you did all up here, it's obvious you want to, so just press yes.

You'll get your Anniversary Sword #(1-8) according to your insight and the legend mark of 6th Anniversary of Nexus!

Happy Nexus Anniversary, enjoy these great swords, they do not last forever!=) Their stats can be found on the Extinct weapon page. Please e-mail if any stats are incorrect.

~Vini Normad'or~

-You do not have to go to the museum.
-If you find sand, keep digging in the same spot then tell someone else to go there. There were at least 4 sand finds in a single tile.


Eldridge's Message
Posted by: MarekP -- 3:48 PM EST

Dear Citizens,

I regret to inform you that due to a problem with the supply of a special ore the smiths have been unable to forge the Anniversary swords for distribution this year. I am still not sure exactly what is wrong with the ore but I am looking into the problem and I hope to find a solution as soon as possible so we may continue with the Anniversary celebrations.

Spirit guide

Imperial Message
Posted by: MarekP -- 11:08 AM EST

~|From the Imperial Sovereignty of Buya|~

Dear all citizens of all walks of life,

Today we celebrate a special moment in our lives where we recall this day as the Kingdom of the Winds' 6th anniversary. When the waking sun appeared in the sky this morning, I was awed by its placid arms stretching outwards towards the night sky -- I became aware of what day this is and what King Yuri of Koguryo and my father Emperor Senshi had accomplished so many years ago. Our fathers, like the brilliant sun, have stretched out their arms to us to assist and protect us during our youth. With that concept in mind, I urge all of you, on this day of festivity, to hold out your hands and embrace, with your arms, those who are dear to your heart.

Live this day as the sun continues to stretch towards you. Follow through with your daily life, but never let a moment pass, on this day, that you are walking on the soil of your forefathers. Recall your past and embrace it and thank those who have long strived to better the Kingdoms of Nagnang, Koguryo, and Buya, and the precious wilderness.

When the sun returns to its slumber by the end of the day, live knowing that you have done something extraordinary and warming on this day of the 67th year of King Yuri's reign.

Hail, Buya!
Shining Jewel of the East!

~Princess Lasahn~
~Head of State of Buya~

Happy 6th Anniversary
Posted by: TSWolf -- 3:27 AM EST

Being a member of Nexus since Beta, I'd like to extend a happy 6th Anniversary to the Nexon staff, Nexus players, and everyone on this day.

If you would have told me 8 years ago that I'dve been here, I guarentee I would have said differently.

Throughout those 8 years, we here at Nexus Atlas, and formally Nexus Network, strove for one thing... to help the community with everything Nexus related. While we may have strayed from our goal and times things looked tough for the site, we perservered to become an enourmous wealth of information.

In celebration of this, I will be hosting a meeting tonight that will make some major decisions for the future of Nexus Atlas. Noone is sure what I'm going to announce tonight, except for those who helped me establish some of the new... content? =)

Either way, I will share one new piece of information.. The layout on Nexus Atlas will remain the same despite the outcry for a new one. I believe, as many have said, that in order to provide the best information, we need to get THE information and have it be correct, before worrying about cosmetic issues. I strongly agree, and will be persueing that when I do my meeting this evening.

I will have notes after the meeting tonight about what is coming, what was decided, and who is where. Today is going to be an interesting day both on and off Nexus.. And I'm sure, either way, you will be pleased with what we have to offer.

Nexus Atlas had its break.. Now it's time to give back to our loyal viewers. We appreciate your feedback, your interest, and your concerns.

One last thing I would like to address is staff positions. I found application processes to prove to be nothing but failures in the hiring process. I found that our new method of hiring people showed better success and we will continue to use this. This method is to be nominated by a staff member, and recommended by 3-5.. And you must clear with ALL staff members in order to be allowed, unless I decide otherwise (Based on a person's hard work). Please do not send applications or ask me to join staff. I completely overlook you thereafter.

Stay tuned this evening to NA, and especially Nexus, as we celebrate 6 years of it being a commercial game.

Also, one thing I love to plug on this day is the 3.0 Kugnae Map. Why, you ask? Because the project took a PURE month alone of work. EVERY building, EVERY map, every every is clickable. You can literally travel through the caves of 3.0. Its funny how often people don't even know this exists, so I try to plug it, for memories sake, at Anniversary each year.

YeoSutZe robes
Posted by: Vini -- 1:08 AM EST

It's July 1st, Nexus Anniversary and even without a reset the players are already able to get the new robes with are available just for the people who were born before the great shift and were never arrested.

Thanks to SilentS and SuzieBox for letting me screenshot them without any dye on.

They have a neat outlook, enjoy these new clothes, the Anniversary Swords should arrive at anytime, just need to wait for the reset.

Happy Anniversary Nexus!
Enjoy the new stuff=)

~Vini Normad'or~

New Mage Tutors
Posted by: Rachel -- 1:07 AM EST

(This was posted on the Community board by Charisse)


After much deliberation, the three new Mage Tutors have been chosen. Watch the Guild boards and Community Events for upcoming Mage events (classes/tutelage).

Congratulations to:
Guerrund - Buya Mage Tutor
BruXinha - Kugnae Mage Tutor
Nayuki - Nagnang Mage Tutor

Thank you to all those who sent in applications. Your time and effort is appreciated =)

Any questions about Tutors may be directed via nmail to me.

Take care,