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  Archived News | July 2003

Past News

Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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July 2003

    Thursday, July 31, 2003

Minor quest 'fix', Carnages bugged!
Posted by: Conro -- 6:58 PM EST

Minor quests have now been fixed to give experiance ONLY to the person assigned the quest since the latest reset. This comes after many gave complaints of 'easy leveling', and was even discussed during the archon forum. Myself and Moyakai went and tested it, and as of 7:50 PM EST (probally earlier) it gave only me (the quester) the experiance.

Looks like people will have to resort to old fashioned hunting to get their experiance. biggrin.gif

Oh, and for those who love to go to Nexus sponsored player-kill events, please be aware that there is currently a bug in the manual dying program. Bloodlust and Carnage hosts are now being given the decision to either just pure auto-dye or canceling the carnages all together. This has already been reported to both the archon primogen and the Carnage archon. They're trying to have this fixed as soon as possible! biggrin.gif

Oh, and congratulations to all those who have become reporters for the Buyan News... Schwanz, WishMaker, MarekP and Blueskies!

New Museum Map
Posted by: Nagnag -- 4:27 PM EST

Posted by: Growl -- 3:48 PM EST

Greetings Nexus Communtity,

I am sad to say .. That Barter is now leaving the Nexus Atlas Staff.unsure.gif He had a good run, but due to some personal issues, will no longer be able to work with us. Good luck Barter! You will -always- be my friend and a great man I look up to. laugh.gif

.: Growl
.: Head of News Posters
.: Nexus Atlas

The Museum of Nexus History Re-Opened!
Posted by: Vini -- 2:41 PM EST

Looks like that after much waiting, we finally got to see the changes Historian Qantao, has been preparing to us with the reform of the Museum.laugh.gif
Go look the changes of it and enjoy the great work they've done there. Here's Qantao's announcement for it on community board:
Citizens of the kingdoms,

It is with great pleasure that I would like to announce the opening of the new museum!

The museum can be found in the north of Dae shore, ((29,1)). There are plenty of new exhibits, and some very exciting things to see!

Caretaker and I have worked hard to ensure the museum is a place many will enjoy spending their time. We hope you like the changes as much as we do.

Thank you everyone for your wonderful help and donations over the years. With the dedication to history that the Nexus community posesses, I am sure that the new museum will entertain and educate everyone, from young to old, for countless years to come.

-Historian of Nexus-


For those who didn't notice, in the Museum Gardens, on bottom right, there’s a special place with a Grave mound and a board called Rememberance(with nothing written yet) but I presume that’s where Kiroku was buried.

~Vini Normad'or~

    Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Buya News Reported Selected
Posted by: Vini -- 2:40 PM EST

Looks like the News Reporter from Buya Imperial Voice have been chosen already. From out of many applications the ones chosen to assist the new Buya News Editor were:
Blueskies, MarekP, Schwanz and WishMaker!

Congratulations, to all of you and good luck on your new job.laugh.gif

~Vini Normad’or~

P.S. Thanks to WishMaker for informing about this,(looks like he already started working on the news, hehe)

    Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Culture's characters create a memorable evening
Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 5:43 PM EST

Ministry welcomes its newest members

Minister Starrbrite (centre) presents the Ministry of Culture of Koguryo (from left): Master Musician Sailortaurus, Gatekeeper KyranA, Event Host Omat, Cultural Designer AzNCloudBoi, Mistress Scribe BelleChan, and new members PrincessVina, RainbowBrite, Sarebare, Voom, and KeiChan.

DAE SHORE -- In what could only be described as an "awesome event," the members of Koguryo's Ministry of Culture hosted an evening of merriment. This event, the Characters of Culture, featured a veritable smorgasbord of entertainment, ranging from a comedy competition to a scavenger hunt.

Who knew dyslexia could be so much fun? RainbowBrite challenges people at her Word Scramble game.

Congratulations to the winners of our events.

KeiChan and BelleChan's Hide and Seek
IKwiSinI, GoldenKnight, Mikagami, Xacku, Andri, hemachal and Misano.

Sailortaurus' Musical Match-Up
1st place: JuJakJoe
2nd place: Rapp
3rd place: Sloan

Voom's Trivia of Koguryo
1st place: Scribble
2nd place: Misled
3rd place: Lierre

Princess Vina's Scavenger Hunt
1st place: Mnementh
2nd place: Medling
3rd place: BeautySnow

Sarebare's Haiku Thingy
Anissa, Xalor, and Chimi

KyranA's Brain Speed
1st place: Everescent
2nd place: Valarion
3rd place (tie): Rapp and Scribble

Omat's Dodgeball Event
LarinA, AceoStar, and FireTiger

AzNCloudBoi's Comedy: Make Me Laugh
Anissa and Chaotix

RainbowBrite's Word Scramble
1st place: Sleaze
2nd place: Lierre
3rd place: Richyboy

In addition, the Ministry of Culture will be hosting an auction of some of its members on August 3, at 8 p.m., EST. There are more events scheduled for the entire month of August, so please stay tuned for more details in this regard.

New Items?
Posted by: Vini -- 3:48 AM EST

Today I saw a very curious post in community board. It was posted by MisticPoet, about possible new items.
As was stated, when you say "What do you buy?" to NPCs they list a few things they buy.
The Buyan Jewler(Kugnae's doesn't mention buying anything strange)says he buys Opal, Sapphire and Garnet.
From what I recall, Sapphire and Garnet haven't been seen in any events, or other versions, Opals were dropped by Skeletons in the Shattering so, don't bother looking for it=)

It's not sure if it's a case of New or very old item, I believe that the Gemcutters are hoping it's actually new items.... only time will tell.huh.gif

~Vini Normad'or~

P.S. I was informed by a few people that Dog Meat, which can be bought by Butchers was a very old Beta item, and for some reason, we didn't have it in the archives of Nexus Network, which is why it's barely known.

    Monday, July 28, 2003

New Buya News Editor
Posted by: MarekP -- 9:23 PM EST

Some time ago the Koguryo Minister of Culture set search to find herself an editor for the Buyan newspaper, known as the Imperial Voice. She set search for a person who had dedication, loyalty, and a creative mind. She promised this person the ability to edit the Buyan newspaper and a position on the Culture council. After reviewing every application submitted for this job, she started to interview each applicant. After interviewing many she found herself a person who she felt perfect for the job. She found me.

My name is Lauz, I am sure you have seen me around the kingdom. I am very happy to be the editor of the Imperial Voice and to be a member of the Koguryo Culture Council. I plan to build a strong team of reporters and together we will bring Buyan citizens the best newspaper that they have yet to see. I will open reporter applications soon. I encourage you all to send me suggestions on what you would like to see on this paper. I'm sure we could work out of some the great ideas that you all have.

Yours truly,
Mistress Scribe of Buya


News Reporter Application

So, You wish to be a reporter for the Imperial Voice?
Well, you have come to the right place! If you wish
to apply for such a job you should read the below text
and if you agree to the position, fill out the given
application and send to me, Lauz.

I see you are still reading this. Im glad you are interested in such
a position. Before you apply, I would like to go over some things
that will be expected of you, if chosen for this job.

*You must be a citizen of Buya
(or be willing to move to Buya)
*You must be an active member of the community
*You must be fairly well in writing of the English language
*You must be willing to attend meetings and have fun!

Please fill out the following application and send it to Lauz

+ Name:
+ (Sub)Path:
+ Current insight:
+ Yuri born:
+ Do you currently live in Buya?
+ Are you in a Clan? If so, which?
+ Do you posses any positions in the Kingdom?
(Carnage Host, Primogen, etc.)
+ What makes you want to be a reporter for the Imperial Voice?
+ Why do you think you would make a good reporter?


Applications will be reviewed and you may or may not be asked
for a further intervew. If I feel the need to ask you anymore
questions, you will be called for an interview.

Reporters will be announced once chosen.

Mistress Scribe of Buya

    Sunday, July 27, 2003

The Characters of Culture
Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 12:02 PM EST

The following is a message from the Ministry of Culture of Koguryo

Minister Starrbrite and her Ministry of Culture are proud to present their very special July event!

When: Sunday, July 27
Time: 7:00 p.m., EST
Where: Dae Shore, 0059,0022

Did you ever wonder who we are in the Cultural Committee?
Would you like to come meet us and play some great games?
How about a nice bid for our auction?

Well, I hope you answered one of these questions with a yes and if you did, then come on out and meet us!

What are the games? Glad you asked!

During the first half of the night, please join us for the following games:
Sailortaurus' Musical Match-Up at 0022,0037
Voom's Trivia of Koguryo at 0072,0007
PrincessVina's Scavenger Hunt at 0068,0019
Sarebare's Haiku Thingy at 0066,0006

Musical Match-Up
Are you a prodigy, or have you got a tin ear? Find out at...


Everyone has some degree of musicality in them. Some are lucky enough to have this inherent musicality nurtured by their friends or family. As for me, my status as a musician was ascribed -- that is, I was born into the old court ensemble, the Order of the Qin. As a child, growing up, I had to endure... I mean, ENJOY hours upon hours of practice, both in instrumental and rhythmic training. Heaven help me if I ever made a wrong note, or muffed a rhythm; musicians were punished for this, especially during practice.

As part of the Characters of Culture event, I will be hosting a game based on a common method of musical pedagogy: follow the leader, and learn by the teacher's example. I, as your master, will play a musical phrase of a certain duration. It will be up to you, my faithful students, to play, whistle, or clap back the pattern EXACTLY, including correct note durations and barlines.

For example, if I played this phrase:

o/ o/`o/` | o/ o/ | o/`o/`o/`o/` | o/~||

...and you played back something else, even if you missed a barline (looks like: | ), I would have you dismissed from the class. I mean... eliminated from the game. The last musician remaining will be rewarded suitably.

1. All musicians will stand in a row.
2. The Master Musician will play a musical pattern. The contestants will then immediately play it back.
3. Musicians who do not copy the phrase exactly will be eliminated.
4. The last musician remaining is the winner.
5. The judge's decision is final.

Hosted by Sailortaurus

Trivia of Koguryo
The Nexus has a very rich history filled with interesting facts and events. You probably didn't know that most of these events took place right here in Koguryo! The only way to make sure we never forget our history is to study it and teach it to the new generations. That's why we'll be having a trivia: to test the citizens of Nexus' knowledge of Koguryo. Each question will tie into the nation in some way (some obvious, some surprising) so come and test your knowledge!

- There will be a total of 20 questions (if time runs out, there will be less).
- Whisper all answers to VOOM.
- Each correct answer will warrant you _1_ point.
- At the end of the trivia, the top three with the most points will each win a prize.
- In the case of a tie, we shall resort to sudden death

Hosted by Voom

Scavenger Hunt
Throughout our kingdoms, we have a rich and diverse amount of items... They range from the delicious meat delicacies of our butchers, to the bitter-tasting potions of our apothecaries! Even the objects left behind from our small, animal friends can be used in our everyday schedule... We are all familiar where these items can be located, but can you find the object you need when given a short description about it?

If you think you're up to the challenge, join me, PrincessVina, for a SCAVENGER HUNT!

I will read to you, the scavengers, a few brief descriptions of the items I would like you to find. You may want to keep a piece of paper and a pen handy to write a few keywords or the item I'm speaking of down! ^^ The first 3 people to bring me back ALL the correct items I spoke of will receive prizes!

- Please be silent when I am reading off the descriptions.
- Please be courteous to others when wandering the kingdoms to find what you need.
- All items must be exchanged to me (PrincessVina) when you return from your search.
- You must have all items I spoke of to receive your prize!

-= PRIZES =-
~ First place - A Flamefang
~ Second place - 15,000 Coins
~ Third place - 5,000 Coins

~ I hope to see you there! ^_~

Hosted by PrincessVina

Haiku Game
A Haiku is a three line-form of poetry. The first line has 5 syllables, the second line has s Syllables, then the last line has 5 syllables

The shoulder that I
Most often had leaned upon
Is now bleeding, dead.

I will say the first two lines of a haiku. You must then think of and say a last line that is fitting to the first two. Do well, and you just might win something pretty.

Hosted by Sarebare

During the second half of the night, please join us for the following games:

KyranA's Brain Speed, at 0073,0023
Omat's Dodgeball Event, at 0068,0019
AzNCloudBoi's Comedy: Make Me Laugh, at 0022,0037
RainbowBrite's Word Scramble, at 0072,0007

Brain Speed
As a part of the culture council meet the members event, I'll be running a game that will test your brain speed as well as well as your finger speed and accuracy.

I will say a collection of 10 letters and you must come up with 3 word, 4 letters each (or more). The first person to give the 3 standard English word will gain 1 point. 5 letter words gain you an extra point, assuming you are the first person to submit correct words to me. 6-letter words gain you 2 extra points, again assuming you are first to submit your words.

1. No Profanity (to use profanity will mean immediate and final disqualification)
2. Whisper the words to KyranA.
3. During the round you will remain quiet. I need to be able to ensure the winner. I will turn my whisper off when I get a winner, but I might be a bit slow and you get your words submitted. This does not mean that you are the winner.
4. 3 four-letter words gain you 1 point. A five-letter word in your answer gets you an extra point. A six-letter word in your answer garners you 2 extra points.

Hosted by KyranA

Dodgeball is played in a 8x8 square with a line dividing the middle. Each player gets either 3 obisidan or 3 limestone. The object is to move and throw your stones at your opponent. The first person to hit your opponent gets a point. Games are played best out of three.

Hosted by Omat

Comedy: Make Me Laugh
The goal of this game is to try to make the host laugh and win the most points. Of course, the person with most points is the winner.

Funny Points:
Excellent: 3 Points
Good: 2 Points
Not Bad: 1 Point
Needs work: 1/2 Point

Jokes: Anything that is funny (emotions, talk, gestures, etc.)

Bad Jokes: We do not accept profanity or any curse words involved.

- There will be at least 2-3 judges.
- We will choose 1 contestant at a time to perform for us.
- Wait for your turn and do not be rude.
- Everyone has a chance.
- Each person will give 5 jokes, so the maximum point score is 15.
- If there is a tie, we will have a second round.

Have Fun!

Hosted by AzNCloudBoi

Word Scramble
Care to try your knowledge of Nexus Items? Well, then come to Dae Shore and try your luck!

All word scrambles are items that are found in Nexus, the Kingdom of the Winds.

1. One guess per person. First person to guess the "item" correctly wins.
2. Please, no shouting. Whispers only. I will not accept anything else.
3. Have fun, and enjoy yourself!! :)

Hosted by RainbowBrite

As always, everyone is welcome to our events, there is no charge for this event, and we sure hope you have fun! Look for more information on the auction set up by Sabot. Good luck!

    Saturday, July 26, 2003

More about Johaih
Posted by: Vini -- 12:08 PM EST

Looks like Johaih, the trickster who murdered Kiroku has finally showed up how how the power of Onyx has affected him. As you can see on Nexus List Top all paths players, Johaih is now the most powerful mortal around:

Along with Johaih, there’s also this mysterious Mage Itsuwari, which until now, no one has ever heard of.blink.gif
It’s not known if they were included to the power list on purpose or not, what matters is that they are VERY powerful now and Johaih is for sure a dangerous Murderer, if anyone has any information confirmed about them, would be good if it could be passed for us of the Nexus Atlas.
Thanks for your collaboration.

~Vini Normad’or~

P.S. It was also noticed that there are also 3 new powerful Warriors, they are called NangenMan, NangenLady, NangenBoy, and are respectivly the 130, 131, 132 in the list of most powerful mortals of nexus.. Thanks to Marekp for this informationbiggrin.gif

    Friday, July 25, 2003

Short Leave!
Posted by: Growl -- 12:07 AM EST

Well hello everyone.

This week I will not be very easy to contact, I will be on IRL vacation, but am hoping to bring my laptop -- So I may be able to answer e-mails, n-mails, instant messages, etc. I will be back the first Saturday in August, 'till then .. Spift and Rachel are going to contacted concerning News Posters.

.: Growl
.: Head of News Reporters
.: Nexus Atlas

    Thursday, July 24, 2003

Tutors Needed
Posted by: MarekP -- 8:36 PM EST

(Send all Applications to Shonen)

I am currently looking for the following:

Buya Warrior Tutor
Buya Poet Tutor

To apply for one of these positions, you must be living in, or be willing to move to the town you will be tutor of if you are accepted. You also must be a member of the path that you are applying for.

Applications will only be accepted until August 2nd 12:00 am pst (if your letter is time marked 8/3, you've sent it too late) applications received late will be deleted.

Please send the following information to me:
#################Tutor Application####################

Postition You Are Applying For:

Positive Subpath Brandings:

Negative Subpath Brandings:

Jail Brandings/Last Justice Matter Brands (Explain if any):

SubPath (if any):

Yuri Born/Real life length of time played (Time played as this character/total length of time played on any character):

Level or Vita/Mana:

Average Time And Days On Nexus per week:

References: (Please check with people you will be using as references before you use them)

Comments: (Anything Important Please Put Here)

PS: If you are going to use another character's position ie: "I was a shaman guide on another char" Please tell me that character's name. The same applies to "I've been playing since beta on diff chars"

Please expect a follow up letter after you send your application to me.

Thank you,
(Send all Applications to Shonen)

    Wednesday, July 23, 2003

New Geomancer Elder
Posted by: Corath -- 9:25 PM EST

I'd like to be the first to congratulate Khyree, the new Elder of the Geomancers! Today, Leodaris stepped down in favour of Khyree. Leo had been feeling under the weather recently, and felt that her time was done as Elder. I know that Khyree will do a great job, and that Leodaris will be remembered as one of the best Elders ever. In my opinion, at least. ^_^;

    Monday, July 21, 2003

Archon Forum Log
Posted by: Spift -- 12:21 AM EST

If you can't or don't want to log into Nexus to see a copy of the Archon forum, I have put the log into an easy to read page which can be found at I will add it to the Nex-Files index page when I get around to it in a new subcategory.

    Sunday, July 20, 2003

Eleven Honoured in Blessing Ceremony
Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 9:07 PM EST

Outstanding citizens, councillors, and elders take the pledge to become defenders of Koguryo

Prince Mhul of Koguryo, flanked by Peace Minister Muckish and Culture Minister Starrbrite, makes ready to commence the ceremony.

KUGNAE -- A ceremony was held today at the Royal Coliseum of the Koguryo Palace to honour a selection of outstanding members of the community for their years of dedication and service. Taking a page from traditional proceedings, each Koguryo clan primogen nominated a member of his or her clan to be honoured by Prince Mhul and be recognized as a defender of Koguryo.

From the clans of Koguryo, those honoured today included Fury Robmiestr of Bear Clan, Assault Obi of the Enigma Clan, Baekho Artic of Oceana Clan, and Hyun Moo Phaeodra of the Sun Moon Sect.

Assault Obi of the Enigma Clan is honoured by Prince Mhul.

In addition, Ministers Starrbrite and Muckish each honoured two members of their respective ministries. Sammasati Sabot, Liaison of Culture, Fury AzNCloudBoi, Koguryo's Cultural Designer, Assault KazTheWar, Senior Councillor of the Ministry of Peace, and Mage Sidious, Councillor of the Ministry of Peace, were honoured.

Sammasati Sabot is honoured for his work in the Ministry of Culture.

To round out the evening, Prince Mhul called upon three subpath elders to receive this distinction. Elder Janken of the monks, Elder Masra of the chongunate, and Elder Sarina of the diviners became formally recognized as defenders of Koguryo.

Elder Janken, a little overwhelmed, humbly accepts the honour.

On behalf of NexusAtlas, I extend a hearty congratulatory note to the eleven citizens honoured today.

Archon Forum on DW
Posted by: Rachel -- 4:43 PM EST


A complete write up of all archon forum questions and their answers can now be found on the DW board.

My thanks to Charisse for being such a great note taker!

We hope everyone enjoyed the forum and had a good time. We certainly enjoyed meeting so many of you.

Thank you,


(It's five posts long, so I won't post it all. Here are some interesting bits from it, although it may not all be news to you) happy.gif

-Nexon is aware of the hunting cave issue. More and more players sign up each day, and this means more crowded caves to hunt in. Plans are in the works to help resolve this problem, although it will take time to finalize and then implement them. I can't go into great detail, but I hope the changes will be to everyone's liking and will ensure plenty of room to hunt for everyone.

-This is not to say that everyone is imagining [crafting skills getting worse], and if anyone truly believes that their skill ability has gotten worse since the new changes, then please email to report the matter to him.

-If the server crashes without warning, you can email to report the lost items and he will return them to you. This will ONLY happen if there was a crash, not a reset.
(Rachel - Remember that this process takes time, ONLY email delphi once)

-* Why do smaller crimes like profanity get punished but larger crimes go unnoticed? (( i.e. Boss stealing, character sharing, auto hunting)).

Marama: Profanity is something we can all see and is easy to prove. Boss stealing is something not easy to prove. At one time we talked to witness, but too often players did not tell the truth and in fact some witness were not even present at the scene of the crime. Players were being framed, etc. and because of this we no longer can rely on witnesses. Character sharing will be looked into but you have to e-mail explaining why you know someone is char. sharing. You must have facts not speculation. Auto hunting.. if an Archon is on it can be looked into if not send an n-mail to Shajara who can have it looked into.

Xian's post
Posted by: Rachel -- 4:41 PM EST

Posted by Xian on Community board:

Hello community

I am Xian the newest addition to the Archon family. I will be in charge of Carnages, Bloodlusts, Elixirs and Fox hunts. If you have any dreams about any of these events you are welcome to n-mail them to me. If you have any complaints please follow the guideline on how to resolve a carnage complaint located in the carnage board post number 122. By following this guideline it will ensure proper handling of your complaint. We know carnages are a big part of nexus that many players enjoy so my job is to make sure that they are run smoothly and without any problems. Remember all hosts are volunteers and they are always trying to do their job the best they can so let's all have fun and enjoy carnages.


    Saturday, July 19, 2003

Royal Blessing Ceremony Tomorrow!
Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 7:25 PM EST

A message from the Royal Peace Ministry of Koguryo


Through conflict and catastrophe throughout their history, the walls of Koguryo have remained, standing tall and strong, but not without the people to hold them up. The Royal Government, on behalf of its Kingship, and with the consent of His Highness Prince M'hul, will recognize and honor those citizens who have displayed dedication in their lives to protecting the peace, prosperity, and independence of the Kingdom of Koguryo.

Come celebrate the achievements of some of the nation's noblest defenders. Who knows? You, too, may make a name for yourself within these great walls.

Date: Sunday, July 20
Time: 8:00PM EST
Place: Royal Coliseum

The Dye of Han Quest
Posted by: MarekP -- 5:52 PM EST

To start the quest you need to go to the Buyan Palace, and go to office 1.

The Alchemists of Han have sent a man of Han to retrieve some dyes of our kingdoms. With the consent of Princess Lasahn, he is allowed to proceed with his studies. He brought many dyes from Han with him. On the way to our kingdom though, he was ambushed by some bandits and his dyes were stripped from him. However, he managed to salvage one dye though. For 20,000 coins and supplies, he will mix you his special dye in a vial of Blue potion. He needs wheat for his horses. He needs some soup from our inns for the long, cold nights. He needs a Fine cloth for his wife. Bring him these items and he will reward you with a special Mystical potion, a dye of the Han.

Special thanks to OAgronO
Edited By: Growl -- Head of News Posters

The Dye is Kismet's dye, it can be seen here. (Please do not submit bugs from this page, it is being worked on) It has a graphic similar to Witch's brew (left), but it is a bit different with blue instead of black.

Blue potion: Buy from potion shops.
Wheat: Drop and pick up Mining shovel at the kugnae farm. (110/140)
Soup Bowl: Buy at any tavern.
Fine cloth: Made by weavers.

It took me about five minutes to get one wheat. The shops should have potions now, but if they run out I left a few by the NPC. However, there are greedy people like Emmit that decide they need more than 30 so I'm only putting a few down at a time. - Rachel

Archon forum tonight....
Posted by: Conro -- 3:44 PM EST

The Archon Forum will be held this Saturday,19th of July, at 2pm PST.

All players are welcome to join us in the spare room of the Nagnang Palace. The Palace can be found in Nagnang at 83,24 and the spare room is inside, to the right at 34,15.

All questions and their answers will be saged kingdom wide, so if you cannot make it to the palace you can still follow along. A copy of the questions and answers will also be posted later on the community board for those who are unable to be in the kingdoms at the time of the forum.

We hope everyone will enjoy the forum and learn some things they never knew.


I hope we see some good questions tonight... a post of the forum's happenings will be made (as well as a log) later.

Hello Everyone!
Posted by: MarekP -- 3:30 PM EST

Hello Everyone I am MarekP. I am very glad to be on nexusatlas and i will surely dedicate alot of my time to the news. I have been in nexus for over 3 years, and I finaly get to be on one of Tswulfs great sites. I am currently an EEsan Chung Ryong in nexus, and I am also in the Buyan Imperial army. I look forward to having a great time and getting you the news you want.


Posted by: Growl -- 3:22 PM EST

Greetings Nexus Community!

I would like to announce, that I have recently added a very promising addition to my news reporting staff! Everyone please congratulate .. MarekP! He has worked very hard in the past, and done much for the nexus community .. I cannot wait to start working with him. biggrin.gif Good luck MarekP!

.: Growl
.: Head of News Posters

    Friday, July 18, 2003

Small Note on NexusAtlas
Posted by: Spift -- 11:48 PM EST

All portions of NexusAtlas should be working once again, so we're glad to have that out of the way. We've got some projcts being worked on, so hopefully those can be released soon enough.

We've also added another affiliate site at the right of the page. Nexus Exile, which is the French version of Nexus, now has their button which will open up their site in a new window. If you sign up now, you can play an unrestricted character until the end of the month, so you might want to take advantage of that. Don't get too intimidated by all the French, because there are many English speaking players there who will probably be willing to give you a hand as you're getting started.

Other than that, just remember to report any bugs with the site on the bug forum so we can completely clean up with the site move and carry on with new things.

Lost Mines Lost!
Posted by: Rachel -- 7:25 PM EST

I can't find the Lost Mines! Where did they go? wacko.gif

All quest items such as mud, clay, keys, and molds were removed. Items not required for the quest such as Iron nuggets, Diamonds, and Flamefangs are still here. ^.^

Remember to be on the look-out for both the carpenter and his captor. Something is still to come from this.

Engraves are open!
Posted by: Windis -- 10:50 AM EST

Yup, contact your local Merchant guide-winks-and remember to follow policy!

Greetings Everyone,

The following is the final engravement price list, for the coming months, and will not be ammended, unless it is felt necessary. Many observations were made, when the Merchant Guild tried to accomodate the less fortunate citizens of the community, the following were most generally seen,
1. The buying of engraves, on spring robes for the purpose of selling for expedentially extorted prices.
2. The use of the last option, which was 50k, for the purpose of selling for 250k.
3. The harassment and badgering of Guides, and rude attitudes towards them.
4. The total lack of common decency for their time, and the time necessary to complete large numbers of engravements.

Due to this, the following has been done, IF you wish to recieve an engravement, you have one of the following choices,

You will send a Merchant Guide, a request, within that request, you will have the following.

1. Simply, the name that you wish to be engraved, your name, and date. These must be rp'able names, each guide has the choice to deny a request, for any reason they feel appropriate. If you decide to make a fuss, you will be banned from engravements. These, will cost 250k.


2. Second choice, send the request, and with it a 1 nmail explanation of the engravement, it must be in character (()), and is subject to the discretion of the Guide. They will decide whether or not your request qaulifies for a deduction of fee, which is set at a maximum of 200k. Meaning, it can be 200k or LESS.


3. Last option, send the request, it must be 2-3nmails in length, describing and explaning the engrave request, its significance. For this option, the item must be BONDED to your body. If it is not, you are subject to #2. These will cost 100k.

Those are the choices, we hope you like them, because they are final. Lastly, all engrave choices, should be completed within little time of their recieval, no time constraints are placed on any particular one.

All complaints, should be sent to, myself.

Merchant Elder


    Wednesday, July 16, 2003

A new Darkstaff?!
Posted by: Vini -- 10:11 PM EST

Looks like the Legendary Carpenter from Han, Chu-son have much more to tell us than just making us some cool new weapons.
For those wondering what happened with Johaih and the Onyx, Chu-son might have the answer for it. Here is what he had to say:excl.gif
I was a traveling to Kugnae with the envoy from Han. I am the best carpenter in our lands, and I have been traveling with the ambassador to visit the citizens of Kugnae and Buya.

I heard you citizens have recently acquired the ability to make some new weapons. I had come to do a little research.

Unfortunally just before we reached Kugnae, our party was attacked in the dead of night by bandits…we all ran for our lives.

I have no idea who made it out alive, I didn’t dare look back. I ran for most of the night and finally feel asleep out of exhaustion.

Early in the morning two watchmen found me. They brought me here and introduced me to their ‘boss’.

He never told me his name, and I did not dare to ask. There was something terribly chilling about the darkness in his eyes.

When he realized I was Chu-Son, legendary carpenter, he decided to keep me as his ‘guest’ for a while. Each day he has come to visit me, having me carve new weapons.

He knows I have the ability to tie magical powers into the weapons I create; it is a part of my work, he is most interested in.

So far I have humored him. I wish to know more about him, and what he is using to control the creatures and people around him.

He has them slave all day in the fields, growing fruits and vegetables. He has gathered enough to feed a huge army for months!
He also has them working day in, day out in the groves.

I over heard two guards talking one day, saying the wood gathered had to be straight and free of imperfections as it would be used for making arrows.

I fear the worst…and my fears seem to have been justified. The other day he asked me what the chances would be to tie magical essence of Onyx into a weapon!

Can you imagine such thing?! A weapon with such powers would be…No…it is too terrible to even think of.

If this mad man does possess the Onyx, then perhaps it is best that I stay here a while.

I can stall him and try to discover what plan he has. As long as he thinks I am still ‘working’ with him, we will have more time.

To bring a little happiness into your life, at this most darkest of times I would like to offer you my services…free of charge.

You simple need to bring me one piece of hard wood, and I will craft a magical masterpiece for you.

If you find out anything new, please be sure to tell me. Perhaps everything will be fine. Maybe I am just worrying to much over nothing…

Who knows what lies inside the head of this mad man? Maybe it's not even Johaih who's planning all this... The search must continue...and our eyes continue open.unsure.gif

~Vini Normad'or~

Military Polearm!
Posted by: Growl -- 3:43 PM EST

Well everyone .. Here is what you have been waiting for .. The full scoop on the Military Polearm!

The Military Polearm

Here are the stats on the Military Polearm:

The Military Polearm Stats

Here are some pics of the Military Polearm in action!:

The Military Polearm

The Military Polearm

The Military Polearm

Thank you Anabolica for supplying this information! He also happens to be the first one to make Legendary level in a manufacturing skill .. And the first ever to forge a Military Polearm! Gratz!

.: Growl
.: Head of News Posters

Archon Forum Date/Time
Posted by: Corath -- 1:22 PM EST


The Archon Forum will be held this Saturday,19th of July, at 2pm PST.

All players are welcome to join us in the spare room of the Nagnang Palace. The Palace can be found in Nagnang at 83,24 and the spare room is inside, to the right at 34,15.

All questions and their answers will be saged kingdom wide, so if you cannot make it to the palace you can still follow along. A copy of the questions and answers will also be posted later on the community board for those who are unable to be in the kingdoms at the time of the forum.

We hope everyone will enjoy the forum and learn some things they never knew.


    Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Recent Server Problems
Posted by: Rachel -- 5:04 PM EST

This post from Shajara is on Community:


I would like to assure the community that Nexon is aware of the problems and is working to fix them. All clans should be back in working order once again, and hopefully will not run into any more problems.

If warranted a DW post will be made to explain this in more detail, however the problem should be under control now and all accounts should be playable.

If you are experiencing problems logging on, or know someone who is, please contact to report the matter to him.

Thank you, and sorry for any inconveniences this caused.


New Carnage Archon, Xian
Posted by: Conro -- 2:17 PM EST


I am pleased to announce the newest addition to the Archon clan!

Archon Xian will now be in charge of carnages and will do all he can to assist players and hosts with their carnage needs.

Please join me in welcoming him.

You can find a complete list of archons, and which duties they cover on the guide board.

Thank you,


Congratulations, Xian, I hope the carnages will prosper further under your power!

Posted by: Growl -- 1:36 AM EST

Hello everyone :)

With all the new implements in NexusTK as of late .. I am looking for the following things:

.: A screen shot of a 'Black potion' which has been made from the diamonds mined in the 'Lost Mines'. ( - Rachel)

.: A picture and the stats on a 'Military Polearm' .. I am hopefully getting these from Anabolica -- The first to attain 'Legendary' in a manufacturing skill .. Which happened to be 'Cartpentry'. Gratz to him.

(From the screenshot on the forums, it looked like the Heavy Dragon Spear graphic: - Rachel)

.: A picture of the 'Black potion' being used.

.: Anything else that you think may be of any interest please n-mail/e-mail me about. I tend to not be able to talk much through whispers. -.-


.: Growl
.: Head of News Posters

4th and 5th Marks!
Posted by: Growl -- 1:23 AM EST


.. No .. The quests have not yet be implemented .. But I was looking through my screenshots folder and I cam across a pic of delphi's legend which someone sent into me. It has the legend marks:

Attained 4th mark

Attained 5th mark

Something I thought you all may enjoy. tongue.gif

.: Growl
.: Head of News Posters

    Sunday, July 13, 2003

Clans Gone?!
Posted by: Growl -- 9:15 PM EST

Everyone has lost their clan and clan title marks. Even Primogens are kicked of clans. Even Primogen and council. However .. Primogens still have their legend mark. Hopefully this will be fixed by Nexon as soon as possible.

Please contact your clan Primogen. I am sure they will have more information from Themis -- Archon of Clans.

This was due to a server crash! This was not a server reset! So don't think anything will be added or removed purposely!

.: Growl
.: Head of News Posters

-- Nexon has fixed the bug. I beleive this only happened to people whom logged on almost immediately after the crash. Anyone who signed on 30 minutes + after were not affected.

Military Polearm!
Posted by: Growl -- 4:33 PM EST

Well it is what we have been waiting for .. Congratz to Anabolica to be the first to make Legendary Carpenter! And to craft the very first .. Military Polearm!

I will get a better screen shot up soon. But since the demand for one is so large .. Please view it here.

.: Growl
.: Head of News Posters

    Saturday, July 12, 2003

Wilderness change & Bug
Posted by: Rachel -- 7:30 PM EST

Among the changes, the barbarians home is once again a cave and the river edges are no longer paved with stone. Thank you to Kalina for pointing this out on the community board.

I've also heard that there is a bug where polearms can't be made right now. Hopefully, Nexon will fix this very soon. :)

It would seem this was fixed since the Military polearm was made. ^.^ but I know there's a slight smithing bug that may be similar. Higher skill weapons can only be made one out of the two ways of crafting.

An add-on to previous quest stuff
Posted by: Corath -- 4:34 PM EST

Just two small things. There have been people going into the Cave 5/6 who are from the lower level (when you can choose), and are experiencing a small problem. The Dragon dagger requires you to be Il san to use. I don't have this confirmed, but it's logical that to use the Fox fan, you need to be Ee san.

Secondly, the weapons are break on death, but they CAN be repaired.

    Friday, July 11, 2003

Lost Mines Weapons & Stats & Summoned Animals
Posted by: Nagnag -- 4:55 PM EST

Here are the event weapons from weakest to strongest.
(Giasomo being weakest / Cave 1 weapon)

Giasomo stick:
Summons: Giasomo Bird

Serpent staff:
Summons Staff Serpent

Cats claw:
Summons Claw Cat

Spider sword:
Summons Sword Spider

Leopard lance:
Summons Lance Leopard

Dragon dagger:
Summons Dagger Dragon

Fox fan:
Summons Fan Fox

    Thursday, July 10, 2003

Complete Lost Mines Walkthrough
Posted by: Conro -- 10:57 PM EST

Items List:
-Mining pick
-Mining shovel
-1 Clay (Mining)
-1 Mud (Mining)
-Ceramic cup (NPC)
-Filled ceramic cup (Plain cup taken to water)
-Soft clay (1 Mud, 1 Clay, Filled cup taken to Pestel)
-Prisoners key (NPC)
-Key mold (Soft clay to NPC)
-10 Coal peices (Mining)
-5 Straw (Rabbit drop)
-3 Dry wood (Rabbit drop)
-1 Wooden acorn (Squirrel drop)
-1 Burning acorn (Wooden acorn to forge)
-18 Golden acorn (Squirrel drop)
-21 Silver acorn (Squirrel drop)
-8 Bronze acorn (Squirrel drop)
-Main gate key (Many items at forge)
-Fresh peas (Dug outside carpenter)
-Hard wood (Trade Fresh peas to npc)

First, go to the lost mines entrance at 09,13 Arctic land

All who enter the mines will get this legend mark:

1. Go through all of the rooms, going down to the bottom of the inner mines room to find the NR, and going left to get in to forges when your in deep mines. (On your way, it would be helpful to dig up 1 clay and 1 coal with a mining pick)

2.Click on the wondering "drunk smith". Accept the ceramic cup he gives you. Now click him again to learn about rabbit races.

3. Walk up to the water Troughs to fill the ceramic cup with water.

4. Go north from the forge room to reach "Main gate". Click the "justice type" npc in the bottom right. Then say "key"

5. Go up and left to an identical NPC, click on him. Now say "boss". You will obtain "Prisoners key" from the npc. Now say "Friends" "adventures" (Not known if you MUST say this).

6. Now, you will need to go out to the purple, light blue, or golden tilesin Inner mines/deeper mines. Keep on dropping your mining pick, 'till you have Mud, and Clay.

7. Now go to one of the Mortar and pestles. As you walk up to it, your mud, clay, and water cup will combine in to "soft clay"

8. Go back to the bottom NPC in the room named "Main Gate" say "Fishing". He will look away for a bit and you can forge your very own "Key Mold"

After you get Key Mold Collect:
10 Coal peices
5 Straw
3 Dry Wood
1 Burning acorn

How to make Burning acorn:
Take wooden acorn and stand next to the smaller furnace in hot forges.

Take all the items to Hot forges, and stand next to the large furance.

-After The furnace has warmed (takes about 30 minutes you CAN log off during this time), the NPC will ask you how many of each acorn are needed.

-Based on what the NPC tells you, the rabbits coming in 1st / 2nd /3rd. You will need to enter 18 Gold, 21 Silver, and 8 Bronze Acorns into the mix. You get these by killing the different colored squirrels

-After this you must wait 30 minutes for the Main Gate key to cool.

You can use someone else's key if it is too difficult for you to get the acorns and other items required

excl.gifYou should deposit all BOD items before this next step. Leech bosses are very strong. Also, get yourself a mining shovel if you don't have one.excl.gif

Now that you have the Main Gate key. You may finally go inside! You'll find hordes of leeches inside, each waiting to rip you apart.

For reaching this point, you will get this mark on your legend:

1) You can see a bit of a pathway in the ground.

2) Follow that path (it should go north), until you reach a room with nagnang-looking people that attack you. Head north.

3) The path will split 2 ways, theres one going left and one going right. Take the right pathway up.

4) Do not enter the gate right away. If there are people on the other side of it as if they would be kind enough to exchange you some Fresh peas. If not, cross the gate and dig for the peas to the east side. You will then have to gate and return to the outside of the fence by foot.

5) Go north on the left side of the gate, then to east along the path to the "Sorting area". There is an NPC at 34/34. Click him and then say or shout "Fresh peas". He will trade you "Hard wood" for them.

6) Click the npc, he will ask you if you want to listen to his story, say yes. He will talk about being kidnapped before making his way to Kugnae and how the kidnappers knew that he was a legendary carpenter and they wanted him to make a weapon out of the essence of the onyx. He will offer to make you a gift with the Hard wood.

7) He will then ask for the Hard wood and give a list of items that he can make you. The lowest item on the list is the strongest that you can get. Check the other post for more info.

He will only make you one weapon and it will break if you die.

You also get this legend mark!

(I combined Breserk and Conro's two posts into one and edited them a bit because a some people were confused. I tried to keep it similar to the way it was originially written. Thank you to everyone that helped, here are some of thier names: IKwiSinI, Conro, "Elru's Group", Breserk, BloodStalker, FireTiger, Lathander, Qwertyer) - Rachel

Lost Mines!
Posted by: Growl -- 7:37 PM EST

Yes they are open once again! More information .. Along with a walkthrough should be posted as soon as possible!

.: Growl
.: Head News Reporter

Come and gone...
Posted by: Conro -- 6:31 PM EST

The Anniversary swords have come and gone, just as they have every year. Just two minutes before that fatal server reset, I was able to snap these pictures of people having one last 'hurrah' for the Anniversary sword. Rest in peace... until next year, fair blade!
annigone1.jpg annigone2.jpg
Be well!biggrin.gif

New Ranger Elder, Darken. UPDATE 7/11! Interview added.
Posted by: Breserk -- 4:54 PM EST

The Ranger Elder throne has passed from Valdessi to Darken, congratulations Darken! Let's hope you'll do a great job and help the Nexus community as the Ranger Elder as much as possible.

Update! Added an interview I had through N-Mail with Darken.

1. What are your plans for the Rangers?
My plans for Rangers are to maintain it and make it into an even greater and gargantuan path that it has become today. I want to work on many new projects and get the community involved as well! Look out for us everyoene!

2. Why did Valdessi retire? Valdessi is a soldier of the United States Army and he has a duty that he must fulfill. His training and possible deployment in the winter would not give him the time to be the elder that he needed to be.

3. Do you have any comments/declarations you'd like to make?
For everyone who doubts the Rangers, Keep your eyes peeled, We're only going to rise more, and also, Never be afraid to ask us questions or talk with us, we don't shoot, unless provoked. -grins-

4. What are you going to focus about the most?
I have a lot of big projects for the Rangers, some that cannot be disclosed at the moment. Pretty much enough for everyone though.

Darken D'raal
Ranger Elders
()Eyes of the Watchful()

    Wednesday, July 9, 2003

Blessings for the Do
Posted by: Conro -- 7:33 PM EST

The Do have been blessed with some new equipment to wear. To be kind, all status of these items will be kept secret, and only their names and the current graphic will be displayed. The name of these items are Kabuto and Pal-mok, a helm/et and hand covering (hand item) respectively.
A thank you to MaXiangnu for giving me a little information about these.

((The current graphics will change, so I've been informed...))

Edited By: Growl -- Head of News Reporters

Thanks for everything guys!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 12:13 AM EST

I would just like to say thank you to everyone who made Nexus what it was in the final days.. After a month of not playing Nexus, I feel I have moved on from it.. In doing so, I have plans to delete my primary account which includes TSWolf and TSWulf.. While I still try to maintain a small presence here, steve and spift have proved to EVERYONE how fantasic of a job they can do... by moving the entire server without ANY help by me..

Everyone who made a difference in the past... Everyone who will make a difference in the future.. Onward and to the future Nexus players... From around the world.. From Nexia, Exile, Baram, Kaze, all the way to Nexus.. Remember you're not the only player, and that you're in nexus to have fun.. Don't ruin other peoples fun for "power" in a game... You never know what great friends these people could have been..

If ya know me, you know where I keep my journal.. You know how to contact me... So Im not gone forever.. I've just finally decided now is the way to go.. Sure I've said it before.. But it looks like I've finally escaped to freedom this time..

6 Years.. What a great run.. I learned a lot.. Met tons of great people.. Had tons of great experiences.. While there were many of the converse, I concentrate on the good that came out of my time in the Nexus.. And all the support you gave and continue to give to this site.. I will still help out around here.. But it'll be nice not knowing or caring whats happening in the Nexus..

Until we meet again.


    Tuesday, July 8, 2003

Show me some proof!
Posted by: Conro -- 3:07 PM EST

It was reported a while ago that a pop up occurs when you get a full increase in your specific craft, but no proof was shown. Just today I made Accomplished woodcutter...
So there ya have it! This really does occur! biggrin.gif
Happy crafting!laugh.gif

    Monday, July 7, 2003

A Few Pictures
Posted by: Rachel -- 11:34 PM EST

Uploads are working again, so here are some pictures. The weapons are here because the site was changed not long after they were put in and because it would be a small post with just the flower. I will start working on all of the other new spells and items as soon as the pages are back up. happy.gif

Dusk Blossom:

Fire blade animated:


Spift edited the Fire blade and Polearm images to make them nice. :)

Melalye sent this picture of a Polearm hitting many people at once. ^.^

Your dreams can come true...
Posted by: Conro -- 8:48 PM EST

Themis is beginning to show proof of reading the dreams board. Themis generally makes three posts, one concerning what dreams will be passed on to the DreamWeavers, one explaining what should/shouldn't be posted on dreams, and another stating from what post number on dreams have been reviewed.

Look for the yellow text on the dreams board! Many great ideas are being passed on to the DreamWeavers!
(The fact that something has been passed on DOES NOT ensure that it will happen, but it is given more recognition than a dream without approval.)

Posted by: Growl -- 6:48 PM EST

Greetings everyone!

Last night marked an exciting date in online-multi player games! The opening of Aspereta Alpha Testing!

Alpha testing consists of 100 selected members. Beta is due to open in 2-4 months .. And I beleive -will- be an open beta.

For more information see The Aspereta Homepage

Thank you!

.: Growl
.: Head Nexus Reporter

Update with the Switch
Posted by: Spift -- 1:50 PM EST

We've decided to change our templating system because our old one is no longer supported officially and no one on their support forums seems to remember the specifics of the system.

For those reasons we are switching our templates over to an officially supported template system and hopefully that will solve our current problem.

I understand that in the interim, some people need or would like to view these sections of the website and so I will give you all the link to the OLD NexusAtlas. This will not be updated and will probably go down sometime after we switch. <- Old NexusAtlas

We're trying as hard as we can to get NexusAtlas together again (and in one site), but it's not easy stuff. Again, we appreciate your patience in this transition and hope to be reporting in a couple of days that our database components are working once again. Take care.

    Saturday, July 5, 2003

Archon Forum
Posted by: Rachel -- 2:49 PM EST

Posted by Shajara on Community board:

Members of the Community,

It is with great pleasure that I announce the upcoming archon forum!

This forum will be held by the archons only, and will not be attended by any Nexon staff. Because of this, we are limited as to what we will be able to answer. There are some questions we simply do not know the answers to, and other things which we may not be permitted to share.(See below - Rachel)

This forum is intended as a way for the community to get to meet and know some of the archons, as well as an opportunity for you to ask us questions. These can be anything from "How do I create my own clan?" to "Whats your favorite part of being an archon?".

All questions should be NMAILED to "Kabocha". The subject of the nmail should say "Forum" and should state which archon the question is for. IE: Forum : Shajara.

Any nmails sent to any other characters will be deleted unread. They MUST be sent to Kabocha in order to be included in the forum.

If your question is general, and can be directed to any of the archons, please put "Forum : General" in the subject line of your nmail.

You are welcome to nmail your questions any time, starting from today Saturday 5th of July, until Saturday 12th of July. Any nmails sent after the closing date will be deleted unread. After the nmails have been sent, we will go through them and we will select a few questions each, which we are able to answer.

These questions and their answers will be saged, kingdom wide at the time of the forum. The forum itself will be held in the Spare room of the Nagnang palace. The palace is located in Nagnang, coord 83/25. The spare room can be found inside the palace, on the right hand side. Players are welcome to join us there, or simply follow along with sages.

The date/time of the forum will be posted after questions have been sorted.

I hope everyone will take this opportunity to send in any questions they have and enjoy the chance to get to know some of the archons in more depth. We certainly look forward to meeting many of you, and hope that we get some great questions!

Thank you, and don't forget to send those questions in to "Kabocha"!


Law #1 says that archons cannot give information to help solve any quests/events. They cannot talk about future quests/events and cannot tell you when new items and armor will be coming out.

    Friday, July 4, 2003

Museum Changes
Posted by: Corath -- 9:50 PM EST

Themis posted this today on the Community board:


The Museum will be temporarily closed for maintenance. There are going to be changes to it and we hope you will enjoy them. Thank you for understanding and we apologise for the inconvenience.


So, we'll have to wait and see what's going on! Of course, we all have hopes for what it is... but we'll wait and see ^^;

    Thursday, July 3, 2003

New Tutors
Posted by: Rachel -- 6:09 PM EST

Posted by Shonen on Community:

I would like to Congratulate the new Koguryo Warrior tutor and the new Koguryo Rogue tutor:

Ixeus (Warrior)


Melalye (Rogue)

Please wish them the best of luck in their positions.

I would also like to extend my thanks to those who applied for the positions.


    Wednesday, July 2, 2003

Statement from the Eldest druid
Posted by: Conro -- 10:10 AM EST

Thank you all for your kind words and -most- importantly the support you have given to me this evening as I step into the role of Druid Elder. This change has been bitter-sweet, as it is sad to see Aiyana step down. To the pleasure of us all, she will remain with us as a Druid Guide and continue her hard-work and dedication to the path.

I pledge to do my very best to uphold the high standards Aiyana has left in her wake. It is our hope that the Druid path will continue to grow, change, and flourish as it embarks upon this new journey together. If anyone should have any questions or concerns please feel free to send an n-mail to myself or any one of the Druid Guides.

/|\Laneigh Annwyl Rhan'Irvette
`,`Water Sprite`,`

A Clarification
Posted by: Corath -- 12:05 AM EST

I just wanted to clarify something in Spift's new photo report about Nexus Exile. Someone stole my name there, so therefore it it NOT me. Please stop asking me about it now.

    Tuesday, July 1, 2003

New Druid Elder.
Posted by: Vini -- 10:17 PM EST

Looks like the Druid path has a new elder, this evening the 8th elder of Druids, Aiyana, has passed on the leadership of the path to Laneigh.

Good luck Elder Laneigh, thanks for everything Aiyana and thanks Druids for this new and beautiful flower the dusk blossom reported by Rachel.biggrin.gif

~Vini Normad’or~

Dusk Blossom
Posted by: Rachel -- 9:51 PM EST

There is a new flower!

Unfortunatly, there seems to be a problem with uploading images so.. you'll have to wait a while to see it. blush.gif

New Photo Report
Posted by: Spift -- 8:48 PM EST

We have just compiled our latest photo report on France's Nexus Exile closed beta. Thanks to Vegitto for submitting the pictures and the captions for the report. You can find the report by following the photo report link or by clicking here.

Rogue Spot trap bug
Posted by: Conro -- 6:15 PM EST

The Rogue spell 'Spot traps' which normally will show you every trap set by a Rogue is currently bugged. Traps set using the one spell, one trap method (not using Set trap to cast) cannot be seen by the spell.

Also, a change has happened with the Rogue traps in that if someone enters a Player-kill area and a trap is on the entrance, the trap is automatically canceled, and it's effects are not given. Looks like those who set Sleep traps on the entrance to Sire pit and Vale will need to adjust their attack plans!

*Cheers* A toast to all the new Rogue changes, and may days full of happiness and plenty of hunts be ahead!

Oceana Helm/ets!
Posted by: Growl -- 6:02 PM EST

Yes .. Well along with the rescent reset .. Even the Oceana Clan of Koguryo has benefited .. They have finally received their clan helm and helmets!

I was also told .. That there is temporarily a few bugs with the helmet version. Such as .. It cannot be worn? Hopefully this will be fixed as soon as possible.

.: Growl

Rogue Changes
Posted by: Rachel -- 4:07 PM EST

Set traps spell still exists, however you can also learn each individual trap spell such as "Sleep trap" "Dart trap" so that you don't have to type in the name. Giving you two options should mean that no rogues will be upset. ^.^

The new traps also can not currently be seen with the spell "Spot traps". This may be a mistake. The new traps make no sound when cast and the rogue does not throw their hands up into the air.

This should also allow for a few more traps in carnage!

New heal spells:

Maro's Remedy:
Learned in Kugnae only
25,000 coins and 1 Mt Ginseng
Self Heal: 1500 Vita/1000 Mana
Level 99

Maso's Remedy:
Learned in Buya only
50,000 coins and 2 Mt Ginseng
Self Heal: 3000 Vita/2000 Mana
Il san

Dagger's Remedy:
Learned in Nagnang only
75,000 coins and 3 Mt Ginseng
Self Heal: 4500 vita/3000 mana
Ee san

Explorer's Remedy:
Learned ?? (New wilderness/vale NPC?)
100,000 coins and 4 Mt Ginseng
Self Heal: 6000 vita/3000 mana (More likely 6k/4k)
Sam san

Chance change?
Melalye says that she thinks the Ee san rogue invoke spell was changed to be successful much more often. She says the success rate used to be about 50% but now after more than 10 tries with the spell, it has not failed for her once!

Durability Changes:

Blood: 400,000
Enchanted blood: 800,000
Il san blood: 800,000
Ee san blood: 800,000
Sam san blood: 800,000

Nimble blade: 500,000
Enchanted nimble blade: 1,000,000
Il san nimble blade: 1.2 mil??
Ee san nimble blade: 1,600,000
Sam san nimble blade: 2 mil??

These changes may not help much for hunting, but all of them put together should make rogues much better at soloing.

Newer, Stronger Swords!
Posted by: Rachel -- 3:33 PM EST

To get your sword and legend mark click on the palace greeter. Maybe that will stop some whispers. wacko.gif

New swords!

Anniversary Sword 7:

3,000,000 dura
Damage: Small: 200m260, Large: 200m260
Hit: 7 Dam: 7
Vitality: 7000
Mana: 3500
Might: 7
Will: 7
Grace: 7
Healing increase: 5
Protection: 1
I believe this is an Ee san and higher item.

Anniversary Sword 8:
8,000,000 dura
Damage: Small: 240m300, Large: 240m300
Hit: 7 Dam: 7
Vitality: 9000
Mana: 4500
Might: 8
Will: 8
Grace: 8
Healing increase: 5
Protection: 1
I believe this is an Sam san and higher item.
(Thanks to Airadine for posting Sword 8 stats and some of the rogue info above)

Rogue's New Spells, Changes.
Posted by: Breserk -- 2:18 PM EST

All you Rogues out there, go to your guildmaster, ask him for the two new healing spells! Rogues will love this. The first one is a self healing spell, heals 1.5k vita, but costs 1k. Quite a high mana price, eh? Second one is targetable, but much weaker. It heals 280 vita, and costs 120. Slower, but more efficient if you need your mana.
Also, all the Rogue traps are said to be stronger, but by now only Death Trap is proved to be. With all these and the durability changes, Rogues are sure to have an easier time in Nexus, eh?

(All this information was kindly given by Anandi.)

Several Game Addition/Fixes/Adjustments
Posted by: Breserk -- 2:04 PM EST

As posted by Themis on Dreams board:

Dreams Updates

1. Rogue adjustments (Heal, Traps, Blood/Nibble durability)

2. Unable to exit Market booth with items on the ground.

3. Foundation of Nagnang Army. Opening of Nagnang to new clans.

Game Updates

1. Nagnang Warrior Shield quest Entrance map is now fixed.

2. Scribe skill bug on Scroll of invocation is now fixed.

3. Ice beast (multiple spawn) is now fixed.

4. Carnage problems are now fixed.

5. Several Clans received their new additions.

6. Royals achieved Il san mark.

7. Rabbit2 cave inner entrances are now fixed.


Nagnang Open for Clans
Posted by: Spift -- 1:03 PM EST

As posted by Themis on the community board:


It is with great pleasure that I post this letter to announce the opening of Nagnang for new clans. It has been a long term dream of many of you and I have been working on this idea for quite a while. The Guide post "Creating a clan" will be updated accordingly. Once you have the proper requirements to start a new clan, you can contact Prince Kija and arrange a meeting with Nagnag Tribunal.

Furthermore, Dreams board will have a new form of Update. There will not only be Update based on Dreams I have passed on, but any other Game updates or fixes. Most of the time those fixes have been a dream of yours.

I wish you all Happy Anniversary and remember that Archons are always here to listen to you and try to improve your gameplay and ideas.

Thank you,

New House Designs
Posted by: Growl -- 10:48 AM EST

As posted on Dream Weaver Board:

The designers Releen, Dok-Sin, Filnoos and Altree have come up with several new house designs. In total there are 12 more designs, 4 for each size of house. Check our their latest creations from the house website, and enjoy a fresh new look for your own house.

Spirit Guide

Rogue Changes
Posted by: Growl -- 10:48 AM EST

As posted on Dream Weaver Board:

Today the smiths have discovered a new way of forging the metals used to make the Bloods and Nimble blades. This new method of forging gives these items a much better durability than before.

The guild masters have also devised some new spells to help rogues. These are for the main part some new self-healing spells, and the ability to split your trap spells into several spells.

Spirit Guide

(( These changes are currently under review, and may be re-balanced later ))


The durability of a Blood is now: 400000/400000

5 Year Anniversary!
Posted by: Growl -- 10:31 AM EST

Well everyone .. It has finally arrived! The 5th year anniversary!!!

And of course .. If you log on you will receive the following legend mark:

And of course .. The ever so anticipated ... Anniversary Sword 5!:

Along with the sword .. Must always come .. The spectacular swing!:

And here are the stats to Anniversary Sword 5:

Enjouy 'em while they last everyone!