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Past News | June 2014

Past News
Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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June 2014

    Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Server Reser 06/25/14 - Wisdom Star!
Posted by: Loxie -- 7:43 PM EST
* The Nexus anniversary wisdom star will be held from June 30 - July 7 this year!

Minor updates for:
- Covenant clan
- Enigma clan
- LostKingdom clan

    Sunday, June 22, 2014

*\ | /* Koguryo Defender Ceremony *\ | /*
Posted by: Elarra -- 10:02 PM EST
Today, we acknowledged the newest Defenders of Kugnae! The Ceremony was opened in song by Tilak.

The following Koguryans were admitted into this fine class of citizens:
Mazel of Sunmoon, Wind of Oceana, ShadoMagi from Enigma, SammanS representing Bear, Zylon choosen from the Ministry, and myself, General Elarra, of the Koguryo Royal Army.

Just as the ceremony was closing, Queen Yun appeared. Soon after, so did Aeroth, a Wilderness dweller who had attempted to help block Yun from regaining her memory.

King Mhul reminds him, and all of us, to not trust Mupa. Aeroth acknowledged King Mhul’s wise words, vowing to defend Queen Yun with axe from today forward. Although King Mhul has not formally forgiven Aeroth for attempting to block the memory of Queen Yun, he has agreed to give him a chance to redeem himself.

Congratulations to all of the new Defenders! We are sure you will uphold Koguryo's values and defend her at your best!

Onward Azure Koguryo! Long Live King MuHyul!

~*Elarra Satsuma
~*Keeper of Balance
~*Koguryo Royal Army
~*13th General

    Saturday, June 14, 2014

Howdy from a Ghost!
Posted by: AllyGator -- 5:48 PM EST
Most of you won't remember me but I've been around this site way in the background. Since I quit playing nearly 5 years ago LordAchoo has assumed the job of managing Nexus Atlas and done a great job. I'm proud of Vini and Rachel for continuing to manage the News and Forum. You should let them know that you appreciate their time. I know it's been a real effort to keep up with the site and they do it just because they don't want to let you down. I'm also proud of all of YOU. You probably didn't know that our last fund raising drive has paid for this site (without having to use ads) for the past 5 years!!! I will pay the bill for the next 6 months this month and then we are out of money. LordAchoo will hereafter be the official high muckty muck of Nexus Atlas. He will handle the money and all of the other stuff. Of course I'll always have a fondness for this site since I worked on it daily for nearly 12 years. Wow! If you enjoy the maps and other monster/weapon/armor graphics think kindly of me. :D

Now to ask for your help again. LordAchoo and I have been trying to get in touch with TSWulf aka Ben Moody for months. Either he has given up all web and social networking access or something else. So if anyone has a current way of contacting him, please send me email (found on the contacts page) or get in touch with LordAchoo. We will NEED that information by the end of November or this site will have to use a new domain name. In that case you'll have to say good bye to Nexus Atlas and hello to some other site name. :(

Goodbye from me and thanks for all the fish!


    Friday, June 6, 2014

Minor Update!
Posted by: Elarra -- 8:49 PM EST
Minor Update today for two subpaths!