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Past News | June 2006

Past News
Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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June 2006

    Friday, June 30, 2006

The Funeral of the King
Posted by: Vini -- 9:50 PM EST

KUGNAE -- Yuri 82, Moon 12, Day 30. The funeral of the King of Koguryo was a sad day to the kingdoms, but a good opportunity for his citizens to express their love and respect for his majesty. The honors to the King started 2 hours before the funeral ceremony, with a Latern walk around Koguryo conducted by Lady Inrequietus in name of Oceana clan. Dozens of people joined the walk from north gate, to west gate, south, east and to palace. The walk that started on the early hours of the day, actually experienced a very odd moment when all of a sudden, at different times the lights of the whole kingdom went down and their lanterns was the only way to conduct themselves through the kingdom. It seems that even the Gods were sad to hear about the death of the king chose to hide the sun for a bit in his honor. The walk was conducted to inside the Palace of Koguryo, to where them and all others were invited to go to the Throne room and start picking a place as the place was getting crowded. Once inside the throne room, among the hundreds of people there, it could be seen Prince Kija, Princess Lasahn and after a long wait but right on the scheduled time, Prince M'hul.

The community gather at east gate during the walk to hear more words of admiration of King Yuri.

The Prince of Koguryo conducted a beautiful speech about the life of King Yuri. Talked about his grandfather, his mother and older brother who died at war. A speech done not just as Prince, but as a son. After finished, he invited Prince Kija to share his words as well and after Princess Lasahn. Unfortunately Emperor Aino Senshi wasn't present to say the last goodbye to the King, but hopefully he shall be visiting the King before the room is closed.

The Prince M'hul prepares his speech in front of the throne.

Here's are the records of the speeches made by Prince M'hul, Prince Kija and Princess Lasahn:

Mhul: Thank you all for coming tonight.
I have a few things to announce before we begin.
Normally we would mark the anniversary with this day.
King Yuri even in his weakened state was working.
Bring you the items to celebrate our anniversary.
In honor of my Father we will be taking this time
To celebrate his Life.
We shall hold our anniversary soon.
But this shall be a time of mourning for out nations.
I stand before you today not only as a prince but as a son.
Death does not discriminate between the rich and the poor.
It strikes those it deems worthy to travel beyond this
mortal plane.
My father has lived his long life with honor and pride in
What he has achieved. Not every decision he made was
Deemed just but he stood by them nonetheless, just as he
Stood by me from my birth throughout my impetuous
youth and now to present day. Under no circumstances
was I ever coddled or given liberties. He taught me to
fight for what I believed, what I wanted. I only hope
his love and teachings will guide me now as I continue
to govern this precious kingdom I was born to protect.
From the day he was named Kug-Yun Yuri, my father
has been a strong individual. He became a warrior at an
early age far surpassing others of advanced years.
His father was a town advisor killed in a raid from
Han imperials. With Yuri’s knowledge and skills, the
village looked to him for guidance. With their support,
Koguryo was painstakingly built with her sweat of your
Forefathers. They chose him to be King. He married and
had two sons, my brother and I. Sadly, my brother died at
war. My mother became quite ill herself and soon followed him.
I was all he had left. With determination, he continued
To build Koguryo from a small province to an enterprising
Kingdom. He encouraged Subpaths and approved our first
clans. Soon Buya followed with the arrival of
Emperor Senshi and Princess Lasahn.
The four of us worked well together until the arrival of
General Blight and Nagnang. This was just another war
for my father, a seasoned warrior, to fight in and fight he did!
I remember the nights in that forsaken land when his tired
Body would not rest. He has survived Mupa twice,
That deceitful witch, and won with help of his people.
He appointed Librarians to record the history of our great kingdom
and keeps it open to the people in our Libraries.
I am sure you all remember his Golden, Diamond and
Platinum Jubilees and the Royal Ball just held.
He appreciated extravagance but not at the cost of his people.
Your welfare and protection were always first in his heart.
I can see by expressions of sadness displayed today that his
passing has affected you all. These past days have been an
expression of mournful grieving. The palace halls are silent.
No longer will we hear the whoosh of his robes or his
determined footsteps announcing his arrival. No longer
will his untroubled tones announce decisions of life and death.
How sad that this great man will no longer share our lives.
I ask fervently that you keep memories of him forever in your hearts.
At this time my Royal cousin Prince Kija
Has a few words to say.

Kija:Citizens of Koguryo, Buya, Nagnang and the Wilderness..
The dynasty that King Yuri has left behind will leave encouragement,
and hope.
We walk these lands with memories.. memories we have from as early as our
creation, and perhaps even onward.
I have no doubt in my mind that King Yuri will cherish his memories of a
Great nation, a great family, and an accomplished life.
I wish well to his son, Prince M’hul, and the citizens of this fine land,
especially in times like these..
Many may not know what King Yuri was dreaming of the night he passed,
but it gives me comfort knowing that his son, Prince M’hul, was among one of
those in his dreams. Images of his son growing up into a valiant hero,
and overseeing a great kingdom.
Koguryo will live on with perhaps new politics and new figureheads,
but it will always have that same breath of air, that fame familiar feeling,
and the same memories. Thank you.

Mhul:Thank you Prince Kija.
Princess Lasahn would now like to say a few words.

Thank you, Prince M’hul.
It was last year at the King’s Jubilee anniversary that I
aimed an arrow at the King’s head and said,
“Love forever, King Yuri, or die trying.”
I released the tension in my bow; my arrow soared above his head,
singing with the suspended atmosphere, and pierced into the back wall.
He trusted me, this King of Koguryo. He did not blink nor show
any sign of fear… but his eyes…his eyes looked upon me
not with anger, not with disappointment, but with eyes of approval,
of understanding, of acceptance. Whether this was a foreboding action of mine,
I do not know, but I felt that he knew of his status within this
realm of the Nexus. Yes, his physical form has left us; his body
has “died trying” as he lived a life of any mortal who wanders the mortal
plane, but his legacy lives on… When I shot the arrow,
it did not sting the back wall, its symbolic entity burrowed into
my heart; his eyes knew it best. So the ever seeing, ever knowing,
ever living father of Koguryo, I pray your soul has found rest. Live on!
Thank you.

Prince M'hul invited everyone to say the last goodbye to the King inside the royal room called Wang-ui Chugum Bang. There people could for the last time say their goodbyes to the king, sadly some people didn't show enough respect to the situation but most were glad and honored to be able to share the last moment of the King Yuri in public.

M'hul stands before his father one last time.

Rest in peace my King certain that your kingdom will be left in good hands and your citizens will be here to continue what you've created. Special thanks to Prince M'hul for allowing everyone to see his father and we look forward to see such a great statue being built to honor him.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Yuri 82, Moon 12~

Viewing of the Body
Posted by: AllyGator -- 9:07 PM EST

With eulogies delivered by Prince M'hul, Princess Lasahn and Prince Kija, the whole kingdom joined in expressing their sorrow at the death of the beloved King Yuri. Prince M'hul graciously opened Wang-ui Chugum Bang so everyone could view the king as he lay in the final peace.

Funeral Tonight
Posted by: Nagnag -- 6:58 PM EST

People are already lined up around Yuri's casket.. remembering the King that has lead us for so many self-titled "Yuri"'s. Please come to mourn as well as honor the man that lead our kingdoms through thick and thin.

More Reset changes
Posted by: Vini -- 1:01 PM EST

Another reset happened yesterday with some fixes and minor changes to the Nexus lands. Here goes the list of changes as reported by KRU Inc. on the Nexus Official website and on Dreams Weaver board by Mug.

  • The Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

    The bamboo was carved down a bit and won't hit creatures or people so hard. The durability has increased due to request. Both the Songbok and the bamboo will not be leaving the game so you may use them for Yuri's funeral or anyone else who may pass away.

    Durability 5000/15000
    S 1m5
    L 1m5
    Any class Level 0

    Minor fixes to Bloodlust and Carnage

    Yoguhada in the Josang Hol will now allow the Minister to give out the mark for their quest.

    Clan additions and fixes:
    Kurimja receives new merchant Seth (Clan invite)
    Destiny clan receives new merchants Hak-Ja (Gem, jewelling, alchemy and scribe. He will also buy some of your gems now.)
    Koguryo Royal Army - when you give out medals from now on, they will be bonded.

    Subpath additions and fixes:
    Minor fix to Monk spell
    I-Ching is now working again for the Diviners

    Congratulations to the clans, army, ministry and subpaths who got new upgrades and fixes!

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Yuri 82, Moon 12~

  • Anniversary Due Today
    Posted by: Nagnag -- 8:35 AM EST

    It's come to my attention that today, June 30th, is exactly one year from the "7 Year Anniversary" we had. Ironically, the funeral of Yuri is today as well. Yuri is usually the one to pass out our swords, but during the last reset Kru mentioned something on the post on saying there was a "suprise". Putting 2 and 2 together, I'm suggesting tonight a "don't want to miss" event. When I saw this link from June 30th, 2005 - and saw it was exactly one year ago, I got chills, and realized, the funeral is today, and no one will be there to pass out the swords, or will they?

    Stay tuned!

        Wednesday, June 28, 2006

    Nexus Forums Open
    Posted by: Conro -- 11:10 PM EST

    My apologies on the delay of reopening the forums.

    The Forums are now back open to the public, enjoy!

    Fox Hunt Updates
    Posted by: Conro -- 11:00 PM EST

    After strolling by East Gate Buya, I came across a woman who simply went by the name 'Fox Hunt'. While browsing her legend, something struck my eye, blue text with the words 'Kitsunegari Senshi, marked by Dochmur'.

    Dochmur explained that the mark is part of a new game that will be in association with Fox hunts. The game will test the players ability to cope with a variety of situations, which will be explained when it is finally released.

    With the other updates to the Fox hunts, two new mundanes were introduced to the Buyan Stables, one which helps players use proper attire for the Fox Hunts by selling Spring level armors, and the other which allows players to collect both a prize and a win mark for their victory over their Fox Hunt rivals.

    When more information about the new game is made available, it will be posted here.

    Good luck!

    - Conro

    King Yuri passes away
    Posted by: Vini -- 5:29 PM EST

    KUGNAE -- Yuri 82, Moon 12, Day 14. It's with deep sadness that we heard the royal announcement today of the pass away of the almighty King Yuri. He who loved and ruled these lands for long time now rests in peace and his memory shall live forever in the lands of Nexus.

    Further information about the death of the King can be found on Dream Weaver's board and the Nexus TK official website. A copy of it goes as the following:
  • I walked into the palace today and as I was walking up to read the boards, I overheard a palace guard talking. He said "Today is a sad day for all the citizens of Koguryo." Not long after, Prince M'hul walked out and I asked him if there was something wrong? He then announced to the citizens "My beloved father, King Yuri passed away earlier this morning. It was peaceful from what I could tell. He was courageous warrior would and an honorable man." A funeral to remember our great ruler will be held within a few days. The palace will be putting together a special ceremony to remember King Yuri. A public viewing will be held so that all citizens may express their bereavement.
    It is traditional to wear white and carry a bamboo stick to any Royal funeral. I was told there will be a Royal tailor available for a few days before the funeral and he will provide us all with the proper attire.

    ~ The King is dead! Long live the King! ~

    ((The funeral will be held Friday, June 30th at 8 PM EST/ 5 PM PST, in the Kugnae palace Throne room.))

    To get the Bamboo stick and the white outfit for the funeral, the Royal Tailor mentioned, is located at Kugnae Courtyard and is taking donations for a golden statue of the King in front of the Palace.

    He accepts donations between 1,000 coins to 50,000 coins, not more not less. Those who donate the money will receive the Male/Female Songbok, a Bamboo and some karma.

    Male(Female) Songbok
    Durability 5000/5000
    Armor + 4
    Protection +1
    Any class Level 0

    Durability 5000/5000
    S 150m290
    L 150m290
    Any class Level 0

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Yuri 82, Moon 12~

  • New Information
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 9:56 AM EST

    The Nex-files information has been updated. This is a section of the Atlas made for novice players wishing to know more, experienced players to learn even more, and expert players to reference. Click Nex-files on the left or here to see the new content.

        Tuesday, June 27, 2006

    Server reset Tuesday, June 27, 2006
    Posted by: Nagnag -- 4:33 PM EST

    As taken from

    "The Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

    Geomancer and Barbarian dyes have been corrected. You may now wear your color in pride again!

    Some of the Fox hunt issues were corrected.

    We are working on other things but we will keep those as surprises.

    Clan additions and fixes:
    Tiger clan receives new merchants Kumiho and ChnHwa (gemming)"

    Two new Judges
    Posted by: Vini -- 12:22 AM EST

    Just now it was announced two new judges to assist the community of nexus from now on. Maya and Teragg who have been under training for quite a good time have today achieved the status of full judges and are now fully able to assist the community with their duties.

    Congratulations Judge Teragg and Judge Maya and may you two serve justice very well!

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Yuri 82, Moon 12~

        Friday, June 23, 2006

    June 23rd Reset
    Posted by: Conro -- 4:33 PM EST

    As posted on Nexus TK website and Dreamweavers board:
  • The Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

    Trigram keys can now be combined in the creation system to one item (Trigram keyset) so it will free up space in your inventory and bank. Once you use the Trigram keyset, it will put all the keys back into your inventory so that you may use them individually.

    There were some updates to Fox hunts and players may now get prizes when they win a fox hunt.

    Error that was keeping a few clan Primogens from being able to remove bonded clan helms has been fixed.

    Due to the fact that armies are not able to get special helms we have provided all armies with an "army spear".

    All of the spears have the same stats:

    Durability 40000/40000
    Damage S 30m40
    L 30m40
    Armor +2
    Damage +1

    Vita Increase +150
    Might Increase +2

    Kugnae may purchase from Kugnae Secretary, Buya from DooSan, and Nagnang from Nagnang captain.

    A few maps around the kingdoms were fixed.

    The bridges in Nagnang were some the map errors fixed, it still looks odd, but much better than before.

    Clan additions and fixes:
    Alizarin clan receives changes to merchant Miru (Purchase items, Clan Summons, Repair, Nuisance, Warp to Buya and Kugnae)
    Minor fixes for Tiger clan
    Minor fixes for SunMoon clan

    The fix to SunMoon was a Well in the Crafting Room that leads them to a source of water for faster water jug filling.

    Subpath additions and fixes:
    Minor fix for Diviners staff
    Minor fix for new Muse dye color
    Minor fix for Nagnang Ministry quest mark
    Minor fix for Shaman staff

    Addition by Nagnag:
    Monks, Druids, and Muses have recieved new dyes. The Druid dye has already been announced but the Monk and Muse seem to be fairly new, and thus these screenshots:

    Images added by Nagnag and Vini

  •     Monday, June 19, 2006

    Information About Nexus Forums
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 9:55 AM EST

    The Nexus Atlas Staff wants to let everyone know that we are working on restoring the Nexus Forums. A malicious user gained access to a forum administrator's account and began to massively purge and move topics around. That user has been identified and access is blocked. Instead of allowing access to the Forums, we have opted to wait for an update to the software that will help us fix this problem if it happens in the future. We regret that you're having to wait for this update and promise that we will work as hard as we can to get everything back in working order.

    We want to assure everyone that no Nexus accounts were hacked. Passwords are encrypted even to the board administrator. Please do not use your Nexus game password for your Nexus Forum account password. Do not share your password with anyone.

    New Elder of the Do
    Posted by: Vini -- 12:31 AM EST

    Last evening, the Do Elder and for long time a Do master in the kingdoms has decided to take his leave and stepped down from his position in the path. Do Masana, as he was known for his most time in nexus has passed the leadership of the path to Do Master MythicTenchi, .former Warrior Tutor of Nagnang.

    Congratulations to Elder MythicTenchi on becoming the 4th Elder of the Dos and a special thanks to retired Elder Masana for all his yuris of service to the Do path.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Yuri 82, Moon 9~

        Thursday, June 15, 2006

    New Leaderships
    Posted by: Vini -- 1:12 AM EST

    A few minutes ago, the Merchant Guild Elder, everclear, has announced he was stepping down from his position and that he appointed Kashou Vaughn to be his replacement. This weekend was also a time for changes in leadership of the Geomancers and also for the Lost Kingdom clan. Elder Khyree of Geomancers has stepped down in favor of Elder Leodaris who is back in charge, in her 3rd reign. Primogeness Arionchui has passed the head of Lost Kingdom to the now Primogen Warik.

    The Nexus Atlas team congratulates the new Elders and Primogen and thanks everclear, Khyree and Arionchui for their services for their subpaths, clan and nexus overall.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Yuri 82, Moon 8~

        Friday, June 9, 2006

    Server Reset
    Posted by: Conro -- 2:26 PM EST

    As posted on
    Server reset June 9, 2006

    As a reminder, citizens are given an entire month to complete Haengsa's challenges.

    The Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

    A bug in the justice system that should prevents criminals from talking/whispering/shouting/posting has now been fixed

    Some offline removal options have been either fixed or added

    Game rooms now have boards in front of each building identifying which game is inside

    Minor Updates to:
    Monk subpath
    Muse subpath
    Nagnang ministry

    Also, Mythic Nexus has finally seen a return of the trees that once inhabited the land! :)

    - Conro

        Wednesday, June 7, 2006

    Nexus Forums
    Posted by: Rachel -- 8:10 PM EST

    We're sorry, but Nexus Forums has temporarily been shut down. No news yet about when it will be back up.

    I don't think this is a problem at this time, but it's always a good idea to change your passwords every once in a while. And just to be extra secure, make sure that your forums password, game passwords, account password, and e-mail password are all different.

    Pirate Tokens
    Posted by: Conro -- 2:46 AM EST

    Pirate Tokens are the equivalent of Eldridge's failed 'Event Tokens'.

    Checked myself after finishing the first challenge. :)

    So to those of you with stored up Event Tokens, congratulations on the head start to better items!

    *Works his way to Midnight Cutlass*

    - Conro

        Tuesday, June 6, 2006

    Update: Wind Quest Song
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 10:14 PM EST

    Thanks to Maevalia for confirming a reported bug about the Wind Quest Song. We've updated our archive.

    Lost Legend

    Server reset June 6, 2006
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 7:32 PM EST

    View the Dream Weaver's board for details on the latest reset.

    Then head over to Buya's Warrior Guild to visit Haengsa who is now giving challenges!

    Update: It is confirmed that you can get credit for kills while grouped. Haengsa will let you advance! So help each other out!

    User Pages
    Posted by: Conro -- 12:18 AM EST

    User pages on are currently severely bugged, ranging from miss pictures of characters, to people having their entire character webpages 'taken down'.

    Any updates on the situation will be posted.

    - Conro

        Monday, June 5, 2006

    New dyes and graphics
    Posted by: Vini -- 10:17 PM EST

    There are two new dyes available in the kingdoms for the armors. The first has been around for a while now since the Wooden potion was out. This dye can be obtained by using the wooden potion and it will instantly dye it in this way. The other new dye is actually an old one, restored for subpath purposes. The former super wasabi dye from early 4.0 is now back as the official dye of the Druids. They call such dye as "leaf dye" and is available for all Protectors of Nature for 10 ambers each time it's cast.

    What also have changed is the graphic of Honor sword and Book of song which by now are not really new information to most players but many have been asking to put here the images of them since not many have seen it around. Well here it goes:

    Special thanks to Kiyone for showing one of the few Book of songs around for this image to be taken.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Yuri 82, Moon 6~

        Sunday, June 4, 2006

    Stats Change on Tree of Reflections Event Items
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 9:50 PM EST

    Firstly I apologize for having forgotten the name of the gamer who alerted me to this change - I lost my notes. Anyway, good news is that the armor class of Coronal and Foliole items have been increased. Demon staff and Magic flute stats have not changed.

    Coronal shwiun (level 50) -6ac (Suger High Frenzy)
    Coronal susuhan (level 99) -7 ac
    Coronal motchin (il san) -8ac (Laren, Atro)
    Coronal kongdurin (ee san) -9 ac
    Coronal puyuhan (sam san) -10 ac
    Saeroun foliole (level 50) -4ac (Laren, Mequmi))
    Cholmun foliole (level 99) -5 ac
    Sonsukan foliole (il san) -6ac (Laren, Arto)
    Parean foliole (ee san) -7 ac
    Nalgun foliole (sam san) -8 ac

    The new stats are shown in bold on the Tree of Reflections event page.

    Revised: Thanks to all those who supplied the above information.

        Friday, June 2, 2006

    Peace at Last
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 8:00 PM EST

    Today there was a huge disturbance in Koguryo which brought Historian Qantao running. Qantao found that Domnu had witnessed the entire event and asked that she tell of this part of history:

    Yieta appeared terribly distressed at the east gate of Koguryo, quickly followed by an angered Mupa. They spat out threats to one another, challenging each other's strength.

    They literally pushed each other around Koguryo with spells until a cornered Yieta attempted to paint Mupa like golden leaves, but in a furious rage Mupa cast a spell to destroy Yieta's paints.

    Powerless Yieta tried to defend herself but Mupa paralyzed her from moving at all. She cackled and toyed with her before ultimately changing her into the giant tree that now stands under the mage guild with golden leaves.

    Mupa attempted to burn the entirety Koguryo with her mass flame spell, but became exhausted. The HaggardWitch arrived soon as Yieta was cursed and created a chaos storm while Mupa was weakened. She regrew the entire tree populace, showing her true strength. Mupa retreated, vowing that she would return with a vengence.

    HaggardWitch was pleased to see the sapling regrowing and thanked everyone for assisting her in driving away the Beols. She returned to her home after many fond farewells from the community.

    All that is left is Golden Leaves, a grim warning of what is to come.


    The Tree of Reflections has sprouted and all of the other trees have been restored! Qantao suggested that all 12 subpath elders seal the power of Yieta in her tree as a safeguard. Qantao said that we are safe for now but for how long??

    Healing Ritual for the Tree of Reflections
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 4:12 PM EST

    Qantao, Tongnamu, Kuruthohi, Chaemok, and Kkoptchil were all on hand to witness HaggardWitch concoct a potion that will revive the Tree of Reflections. It is hoped that the ritual performed last night will restore our beloved tree.

    Tongnamu, Kuruthohi, Chaemok, and Kkoptchil wanted thank all who helped. All of the Triiofa are grateful because most of their family has returned.

    HaggardWitch blessed Pure Light by shaking her rattle over it then placed Heart of Reflection inside the trunk followed by a sprinkle of pumpkin seeds. Then she sprinkled the liquid over the trunk and chanted:

    I have the power of ancient lore.
    I petition these trees and earthly floor.
    Open my spiral of strength and witch'ry,
    This is the spell that I intone.
    I ask this from the great unknown,
    Pentacle of old, seeds of deep,
    Rebirth abound, assistance I seek.
    Give life to this blessed tree of peace.
    From dark evil's grasp, I know release.
    By the law of three times three
    I bid thee now, so might it be!

    Tired from the ritual, HaggardWitch told us that soon the Tree of Reflections would grow again.

    Shaman Remember the Trees
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 12:46 PM EST

    Normally NexusAtlas does not publish information from subpaths and clans that do not affect the kingdom as a whole, however, the Shaman have been gifted with a rememberance of the trees who died.

    "In these days of dark and twisted powers, the ancient guardian trees succumbed to death's inevitable reign. Their spirits, part divine, rent the realms asunder, and ancient spirits found new voice.

    The kingdoms' own ancestors. Forsaken, abandoned, enraged. Drawn by our Mother's blood and her daughter's power. Summoned by the serpent's staff grasped in splintery talons - twisted life calling restless death.

    Through those nights where natural spirits hid from the cave of sorrows...a few shamans strode through the rift. Risking all to stand in Death's true presence, they brought fitting ends to the ghastly horde.

    Some brought peace. Some brought damnation.

    From these struggles, a new secret has been wrung from the furthest realms. Forever now we shaman remember the ghosts who arose from the world's neglect. Our forebears, the Yongsang."

        Thursday, June 1, 2006

    New Nexus Judges
    Posted by: Vini -- 12:22 AM EST

    During this week, it was announced the promotion of 3 new full judges to the court of Nexus. Judge Sweetness, Judge Sinsation and Judge Maejima were all announced as finished with their training process and ready to take on with the justice system as Judges now. If anyone needs justice assistance may count with their help on it. More judges are being trained and hopefully they shall soon be announced here as well.

    Congratulations to all of them and good luck on their new position.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Yuri 82, Moon 4~

    Yeita vs. Mupa
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 12:05 AM EST

    Staffer EmeraldWings reports on a confrontation she witnessed near the Tree of Reflections tonight:

    Yieta: "You frigid old hag, what you taught me was FOOLISH! It is your fault; your teachings are outdated!"

    Mupa: "but you cannot see beyond your own arrogance! you ruined my revenge of fifty years' planning!" "DO NOT TALK BACK TO ME!"

    Yieta: "Well you should have planned better, Mupa."

    Mupa: "HOW DARE YOU!"

    Yieta: "I am disgusted with your bickerings, MUPA! My magic has potential, you were a weak teacher.."

    Mupa: "YOU DARE TO TALK BACK TO ME YIETA!?" *growls* "You pathetic wretch!"

    Yieta: "Save your petty bickerings, Mupa! Spare me the babble, I have had enough of your weak teachings."

    Mupa: "No longer may you call yourself my student! No longer may you share in my powers or learn my abilities!"

    Yieta: "You grow old and frigid, and I am young and hold potential. Your powers your abilites? Hah! Not somthing I envy any longer after this mess, you petty excuse for a witch."

    Mupa: "....Yieta..."

    Yieta: "High and mighty Mupa? Please! Your reputation has shattered, Mupa! You are NOTHING!" "NOTHING!"

    Mupa: "You... have crossed your final line. DO NOT speak to me that way..."

    Yieta: "You crossed the line many years ago, Mupa, you are done." -grins wickedly, turning away- "If you were a betetr sorcerer as you think, Mupa.. You could have saved Sagu. But where is he now, Mupa? DEAD! And he will NEVER return, all becuase of your foolish acts!"


    Yieta: "He is gone, Mupa, you've nothing to fight for any longer!"

    Mupa: *growls, chanting under her breath* "You know... NOTHING..."

    Yieta: "You are bitter for lost love, and that will be your demise. You will never love again, frigid sorcerer. Sagu is dead" -takes out her paints, grinning-

    Mupa: "You can do nothing without my powers!"

    Yieta: -quickly scribbles a portrait- "Here, Mupa.. Sagu's portrait. A meer memory." -throws it into the winds-


    Yieta: "Now, Mupa, if you would excuse me.."

    Mupa: *trembles*

    Yieta: "I've my own plans to continue with, enough of this petty craft! Farewell, "teacher."

    Mupa: "Yieta..! Yieta! You foul little wench! You wretched, arrogant cur! I shall destory you for this arrogance!" *stares at the assembled crowd*

    Yieta: "Sagu is gone - a mere whisper, Mupa. Get over it. Your plans always fail, and I have my are not invited."

    Mupa: *snarls, biting her upper lip* "Consider yourselves fortunate that I shall not take your lives today. Rest assured... your ends will come. The river of my vengeance shall be unleashed! But first... it seeks to spill over Yieta's banks."

    Betrayed by Yieta, Mupa has cast out her once student. Mupa has vowed revenge against her former student as well as us, in time; while Yieta claims to have plans of her own. Only time will tell what these two may have planned for us.