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  Archived News | June 2003

Past News

Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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June 2003

    Monday, June 30, 2003

Nagnang Army
Posted by: Rachel -- 3:13 PM EST

As predicted, Nagnang's Prince Kija is forming an army. This may eventually lead to other new Nagnang clans and the opening of Nagnang's boarders.

Those that become soldiers first will probably have a much greater chance to gain ranks. happy.gif

Below is the application, as posted by the prince on Community.

Greetings Citizens of all kingdoms,

Many Yuris ago, I, Kija Prince of Nagnang, allowed the opening of Nagnang borders. This allowed many of you citizens of other kingdoms to visit and explore the land of Nagnang. At first, Nagnang citizens were weary of my decision and were scared to talk and greet many of the visitors.
Many Yuris have passed and citizens still feel they are in danger and have no protection from enemies, by having our borders open to anyone. I do not intend to restrict the borders again since Nagnang has nothing to fear. I was adviced by my councillors that a Nagnang Army is needed to be formed for my kingdom's protection and citizens' safety.
For the above reason, I am announcing the formation of a Nagnang Army and as of now I will be recruitting soldiers. The Army will have to reach no less than 100 members. Those interested need to meet the following requirements first :

1. Be a citizen of Nagnang or willing to move to Nagnang.
2. Be of 50th insight or above.
3. Have no criminal record.

If you wish to apply for Nagnang Army soldier, you have to submit to me the following application form fully completed.

Name :

Level :

Path :

Sub path :

Home Kingdom :

Justice brandings (if any) :

Date of birth in Yuris :

Accomplishments in the kingdom :

A few words of what Nagnang means to you and what you will do as soldier :

Let it be known that soldier training will be tough and hard. Our kingdom has been well known for its war techniches and martial arts.

Prince of Nagnang

    Sunday, June 29, 2003

Posted by: Spift -- 3:02 PM EST

We've just moved NexusAtlas from Telefragged to Swirldot servers.As you may have noticed, some of our pages (such as weapons, spells, armor, etc.) are not working and we're trying hard to get these back up and running as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience in this process and we hope to be done shortly.

    Friday, June 27, 2003

New Champion Smith Item - Molten Blade!
Posted by: Breserk -- 6:03 AM EST

That's right, a new Champion Smith item! Gildenstar has made the first item, which looks like a glowing red and yellow Starsword. The stats are very close to an Ee-San Chung Ryong scale.

Thank you Solwin for posting this on the Nexus Forums, thank you Eggspud for the first screenshot, and thank you Janken for the stats screenshot.

The weapon can only be weilded if you're Ee-San+

    Wednesday, June 25, 2003

More about Heavy Polearm and Fire Blade!
Posted by: Vini -- 8:24 PM EST

As Barter has posted earlier, the new Champion Carpenter weapon was finally crafted:
The Heavy Polearm

Now give a look at the stats of Heavy Polearm and confirmed stats of Fire Blade:

Both can only be wield by Peasant Il san.

With that all we need to know is about the Legendary skill level weapons, which will be posted as soon as community gets them.

Thanks for Silks for providing me the info and letting her items to be shown here.biggrin.gif

~Vini Normad’or~

The Truth about Johaih
Posted by: Vini -- 6:57 PM EST

excl.gifLooks like the assumption of Rangers, Chonguns and Koguryo Army was right.
Johaih is not the true Ambassador of Han as it has been concluded with the investigation of the massacre in the Camp in Wilderness done by Buya Intelligence Forces.

As it was suspected by many, Mr. Hozonsho wasn't the evil and his death is a great loss, of a Honorable Traveler. Here's the formal post of Prince of Koguryo, about this incident.


It is with a heavy heart that I address everyone on an incident that turned many minds askew.

Kiroku Hozonsho was slain by the hands of Johaih, who seems to have drawn the line of being known as the Ambassador of Han. Brutal murder within the community without entire reason is not permitted in my kingdom. I have tried to reach the ambassador by various means, but he seems to have fled. I will be contacting Han authority.

The Buyan Imperial continues to investigate the incident that has happened in the wilderness, keeping in my mind what has happened this dark day.

Johaih now holds the Onyx, but I assure you, not for long. Already action is being taken.

But now let us put a pause on the dark lingering and remember a noble. Kiroku Hozonsho certainly always had a smile on his face. Let us remember this man for his kindness and noble acts towards all people of various kingdoms and organizations.

Kiroku will be buried nobly. First we must prepare arrangements and allow the grieving process to come out of shock. My sincere apologies to the Historian Qantao for such a painful loss.

All hail King Yuri!
Long live Koguryo!

Prince of Koguryo

Princess Lasahn of Buya Empire, has also posted formally on Chronicles of the Winds the results of the investigations of the camp, which confirm the assumptions to be true.

~|From the Imperial Sovereignty of Buya|~

Greetings, honorable citizens.

During the course of the last several days the Kingdom of
Buya has implemented an investigation of the massacred camp
lying just out-side of the Koguryian border.

Following the request of the Koguryian government, the investigation was turned over to the intelligence of the Buyan government. The massacred camp resided upon Buyan
territory, therefore, it was our duty to make critical observations
concerning this most tragic event.

As our investigation proceeded, we found that all papers inside
the camp had been looked through, neither official document nor
private missive was left un-turned. In addition, strange scorch
marks were found on the bodies of all those who resided in the camp.

Closer evaluation revealed a very familiar marking on the coat
on the body of one of deceased. This marking was later identified
as the Crest of Han.

As such, the Buyan government has come to the assumption
that this is the massacred camp of the Ambassador of Han. It is
now believed that Johaih was an imposter.

~Princess Lasahn~
~Head of State of Buya~

Keep your eyes open to find Johaih the trickster; He has Murdered Kiroku to obtain the Onyx and might do much worse with such powerful stone in his hands.unsure.gif
Any information about where he's hiding should be given directly to the Authorities.
Beware, he's a dangerous man, an impious Assassin, which carries a dangerous and mysterious weapon, known as **Yamizan**.

~Vini Normad'or~

Heavy Polearm -- Crafted!
Posted by: Barter -- 2:26 PM EST

On this very day, Champion Carpenter, Anabolica, has crafted the 2nd-Level Carpentry item, the Heavy Polearm.

This wonderful weapon costs per try: 1 axe, 10 metal, and 10 ginko wood, but it only takes 5 of the 10 metal each time.

It has the same qualities of the regular polearm with the invisibility and the distanced fighting attributes.

Thank you Anabolica for giving your time to share this information.

WARNING: E-Mail spoofing!!!
Posted by: Conro -- 11:53 AM EST

This is a warning to EVERYONE playing NexusTK, to members of NexusForums, and to friends of NexusStaff members, or those new to the game!

A few hackers have found a way to spoof e-mails from many different addresses, and with in these spoofed e-mails they are sending trojan horses and key stroke monitoring programs. They've gotten well over twenty people, and more and more are dropping each day. E-mails being spoofed include, but are not limited to:
Many of these are spoofed to look like a friend of yours from Nexus has sent the e-mail, but let me assure you, IT IS NOT!
I myself have been send three spoofed letters from NexusAtlas staff, and I have taken the proper precautions to make sure nothing happens!

E-mail spoofing is an easy act which uses a program to send an email from your mail courrier using another mail courriers address (such as sends an e-mail spoof using the e-mail address Do NOT fall for this.

I urge ALL who play Nexus, or are a member of the NexusForums to protect their email addresses, or change them and let only GOOD friends know about it! I urge all to find a virus protection program, and, if possible, download or buy a firewall program to protect yourself!

These emails contain trojan horses, sub7s and/or keystroke monitoring devices. These can be used to track your every movement on and off NexusTK, and thus be used to find out passwords to many of your services, including bank records, nexus passwords, or personal information.

Please very careful! I urge all of you to take proper precautions, and to NOT open any email from friends or strangers unless you are SURE they are not attached with a virus. These attachments are generally 100 to 500 KB in size, but they can be bigger or smaller!

Please refer to Growl's previous posts on this matter to find out how to protect yourself, or if you have any questions!

Stay safe!

New Head Riches Host
Posted by: Corath -- 10:17 AM EST

A short while ago, Lust stepped down as Head Riches Host for the carnages, and to replace her is now... Sweetness! Congratulations!

    Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Virus Safety!
Posted by: Growl -- 2:57 PM EST

Well everyone .. There are a lot of threats of e-mails containing viruses for all the Nexus Atlas staff members lately .. So I am going to make a requesto to you all to ensure my reporters' safety .. Once everything is looking safe .. Everything will return to normal.

Steps For Asking Questions to Staff Members:

1. Take it to the forums! If you don't have an account .. Get one, it will help you in the next option.

2. Contact myself. As head reporter I will try to answer any and every question possible. For now .. I would prefer everyone PM me through the forums. This will pretty much ensure I am not given a virus. Leave all your points of contact in that PM (AIM S/N, e-mail, MSN, etc.)

3. If I feel I can not answer your question .. I will direct you to someone who can. tongue.gif

4. Of course .. You can always contact someone .. Via: NexusTK. Contact them through whisper/n-mail .. However I do realize that sometime can be a nuisance. wink.gif

**Another issue has come to my attention. Someone has been fudging e-mails from Nexus Atlas staff. Remember .. Pretty much the only time one of us will e-mail you is if it is a response. We don't usually e-mail thousands of people just to say "hello". =P**

Be safe!

    Monday, June 23, 2003

Posted by: Rachel -- 3:54 PM EST

I was sent and nmail from Eggspud saying that Horse Chongun (Horse 2 item boss) dropped a Flameblade. I have never heard of this before, but I will list it as an unconfirmed drop. If you have any more information on this, please send it in!

Also, I moved Flameblade on Horse Do (Horse 1 item boss) from unconfirmed to rare drop because I've heard about this from many people and I have seen it drop myself. blink.gif

Virus Alert!
Posted by: Growl -- 10:47 AM EST

Greetings everyone.

Myself along with several others have been receiving suspicious e-mails that most likely contain a type of virus. The two e-mails confirmed so far are and

The e-mail sent from was entitled All Rights Reserved, and the e-mail sent from was entitled Password.

Now, the main giveaway was not only that the files were over 100 KB in size, but that they were sent from an address. If they were really from Nexon, Inc., then they e-mails would have been addressed

Everyone please be aware. This could turn out to be devasting to not only your Nexus characters, but your computer as well. Keep yourself safe. Always look before you open e-mails and attachments.

Thank you!


New weapon info
Posted by: Rachel -- 4:15 AM EST

Fire blade:

Durability: 6000000/6000000
Damage: Small 120m220
Large 140m240
Armor: 0 Hit: 0 Dam: 4
Might increase: -3
Healing increase: 4
Strength: 100
Il san Peasant
(Thanks to Gildenstar for posting this info)

Here you can see Moonstalker swinging his Fire blade. The top four swords from left to right show the sword's animation. The bottom set shows the animation if the blade is on the ground or in your inventory.

This next set has Pinocha showing the Polearm's animation when the item is held. The tips of the weapon glow just a bit. The picture on the far right is how the item looks on the ground. It does not glow on the ground.

The stats of both items have been entered into the database. They should be up soon, but the images may take a bit longer. If you have any other questions about the new items, please post at NexusForums.

-Thanks to Bread for reporting that the Divine horse drops 2,500 coins!

    Saturday, June 21, 2003

Armed conflict over onyx results in fatality
Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 4:41 PM EST

Mysterious stone now in the possession of "a true evil"

DAE SHORE -- The onyx conflict has escalated to violence. Kiroku Hozonsho was seen travelling to the Koguryo Museum with the onyx in his possession, to reconcile with Historian Qantao. In pursuit, however, was Johaih, the ambassador from Han.

Although the distraught historian asked for Kiroku's reasons for taking the onyx, all that he could utter was, "I had to." Ambassador Johaih appeared at the museum and confronted Kiroku. However, the ambassador wasted no time in drawing his blade, a battle sword by design, and proceeded to stab Kiroku in the chest.

The onyx falls out of Kiroku's satchel as he and Ambassador Johaih fall to blows.

As Kiroku collapsed, he uttered an apology to Qantao. Kiroku's resurrection was not confirmed. The onyx, however, had fallen from Kiroku's possession, and was retrieved by Ambassador Johaih. The ambassador fled the murder scene, shouting, "The onyx is mine!"

Elder Valdessi of the rangers issued a call to arms to the community as a whole. "Draw your blades... find this evil monster, and burn him for his transgressions... The entire kingdom needs your aid in tracking down Johaih... Now we must unite... stand together to face a true evil. It isn't a threat anymore. It is a reality."

Proceed with caution. Johaih is to be considered armed and dangerous.

Ambassador Johaih, responsible for the murder of Kiroku Hozonsho.

    Friday, June 20, 2003

Royal Riddle Mania!
Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 5:23 PM EST

A message from the Koguryo Ministry of Culture

??? Riddle me this,
Riddle me that! ???

Are you constantly trying to find the Nagnang fox for his riddles rather than a Fox charm? Are you the casual thinker, who enjoys a simple brainteaser to flex his brain? If you're in the mood for a good riddle or two, search no further!

~,` The Kogyryo Ministry of Culture Proudly Presents...

????? RIDDLE MANIA ?????

Who? The Koguryo Ministry of Culture and you!
Where? Around Kugnae, Dae Shore, and Southern Koguryo
When? June 20th and 22nd at 8pm EST
Why? To entertain you with riddles!

~ Rules/How to play: Simple! Various members of the Koguryo Ministry of Culture will be scattered around Kugnae, Dae Shore, and Southern Koguryo. It will be your job to find them as they run around! Once you find them, you must say, "I would like a riddle please!" then the member who has been discovered will whisper a riddle to you. Whisper your reply to the riddle-giver, please. If you get it right, you will win a prize! If you miss it, don't worry. Search out other members of the Ministry for another chance at a different riddle. Don't forget to have fun!

If your mind is as agile and cunning as a rogue's, or if it's more stumped than a tree that has been chopped down by a woodcutter, join us in RIDDLE MANIA!!!

This event has been brought to you by the Koguryo Ministry of Culture.

    Thursday, June 19, 2003

Ambassador of Han?
Posted by: Rachel -- 10:46 PM EST

Posted on CotW:

Kiroku the Traitor...

The minute I stepped into the Kingdom I knew the lad was a spy.
How else would this Kiroku lad have found me so ... quickly?

Now all of you who are suspicious of me should no longer be. The
seal of Han is firmly in my grasp... I am indeed the ambassador of Han
and I will aid this kingdom in the name and glory of Han! The Onyx
will be returned and given to the scholars of Han for in depth study.

It is the poor will of many whose minds believe that the 'kind' are
'good' that lead to the theft of the Onyx.

Kiroku is not far... no...

I will find you, traitor...

Ambassador of Han

Polearm in action!
Posted by: Conro -- 7:35 PM EST

The newest crafted item, the polearm, was once thought to be just another useless item, but in these screenshots you can see it really pulls its own weight!

Here you see Lafer demonstrating that the Polearm actually attacks three objects at once, as long as nothing is blocking it's path directly infront of it. Take that Ceral!

When attacking with a Polearm invisable, it DOES NOT take you out of invisable! I'll gladly drop my shield to don this weapon anyday! smile.gif

Passing of the Onyx delayed...
Posted by: Conro -- 5:17 PM EST


It is with great regret that I am to inform you that the ceremony involving the ambassador of Han has been postponed. Kiroku Hozonsho and Historian Qantao have told me that they do not feel right with regards to the events taking place now with the Onyx. They feel that there is too much tension in the air and that the ambassador of Han, Johaih, would face great danger if the Onyx was given to him now.

I am sorry to inform you of this, but I am glad to announce that the ceremony will take place in a short while. More details will be revealed as the time nears for the ceremony.

All hail King Yuri!
Long live Koguryo!

Thank you for your understanding,
Prince of Koguryo

Seems we'll have to wait just a little longer to find what the Han will do with this onyx...

Contact Information!
Posted by: Growl -- 5:01 PM EST

Well .. Due to some IRL things, it has become more convenient to myself to use a new AOL Instant Messenger screen name. Although many of you will notice this change was made quite a while ago, I just want to make sure everyone is aware. You can instant message me at the following screen name:


*laughs* Yes, I made it myself. blink.gif

Recent string of hackings
Posted by: Conro -- 10:08 AM EST

With almost ten or so popular characters being hacked in just the past week, I thought I'd give everyone a warning to beware of people either asking for passwords, asking you to check out a picture or program on AOL Instant messenger or ICQ, or Emails asking you to submit account information to an alternate, non-nexon E-mail address.

Nexon will NEVER ask for ANY of your characters passwords.
Use your best judgement; if you just met someone and they ask you to accept a file from them, kindly deny them.

Nexon will not reimburse you for items lost due to 'hacking'. glare.gif

Stay safe!

"The Blade is Drawn", Massacre at the Wilderness! Meeting with Han.|Scribing bug.
Posted by: Breserk -- 6:31 AM EST

As I was reading the Chronicles of the Winds board, I was surprised to see that a horrifying act has taken place in the Wilderness!

This act will not be forgiven, this is a pure massacre!
At a later trip to the Chronicles of the Winds board, I saw that Mhul infact had something to say.

Hopefully the people incharge of the murder will be found and punished.


((And is it just me or did the prince mispell Kabocha? tongue.gif))

On another note, there's currently a bug with Scribing. It seems that when you try to Scribe a Scroll of Invocation, you will need the items needed to Scribe a Scroll of Defense, and the other way around...

More Onyx News
Posted by: Rachel -- 12:37 AM EST

Dear People of Kuguryo,

      As was announced yesterday, the onyx shall indeed be handed over to Han, for the express purpose of knowledge. The offer of peace that was noted, was that to have a place in this Historic find. As many of you know, Han's number of scholars, and range of subjects, far exceed our own. As such, the ambassador was summoned so that he may safely deliever the onyx to the Great Library in Han's capital.

      On another note, as to Koboche's warning, and the finding of the massacred camp. Word has come from the Ambassador, and he is safe and sound. He is currently a few days journey from the capital. Thank you.

All hail King Yuri!
Long live Koguryo!

Thank you for your support,
Prince of Koguryo

    Wednesday, June 18, 2003

NexusAtlas Bug Fixes
Posted by: Spift -- 10:48 PM EST

Rachel and I just spent the greater half of the evening fixing bugs. Thanks to everyone for posting their bugs. We don't have the names of everyone, but again, we'd like to thank everyone who sent them in. Here's the list:

-Karma given for joining dog subpath
-Karma given for specializing in refining and mind skills
-Say "cleanse" to leave npc subpath
-Nexus currently version 5.32
-F7 key turns mute on/off
-F8 is sound options
-You can cast spells by using Shift z a-z, A-Z
-Alt c allows you to talk continuously without having to hit "'" each time you'd like to begin a new line.
-Monk guides forgive, not pardon
-Buya/Kugnae rat cave is level 4
-Wilderness rat cave is level 6
-Green squirrels are level 12
-Arctic slush ogres are level 20
-Warrior moon quest pig graphic changed to correct image
-Killing grim ogres and bringing amber for warrior moon are both in the same step.
-Forsaken clan helm graphic fixed
-You must kill 2 slime or 2 much ogres for rogue star, not one of each

Thanks again guys and keep the bugs coming.

Nexon Survey
Posted by: Rachel -- 8:36 PM EST

The following letter was sent out today. (Thank you to AnorexicDog for pointing this out)

Nexon gamers,

Please click the following link here and take a few moments to complete our Nexon customer survey. It's appreciated if you can answer the questions completely and accurately -- your feedback will help us provide better game experiences for you. If you have any comments about the survey itself, please send e-mail to

Thank you!

Also, Werrty thought that I should remind you all to make sure that you are getting what you are supposed to get when using mass exchange. Some people will enter in 1000 acorns when you are buying 1000 wool. There are several verification screens, so just don't mass exchange when you're tired. ^.^

Ministry of Culture applications open!
Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 3:06 PM EST

KUGNAE -- Minister Starrbrite of the Koguryo Ministry of Culture announced today that she is currently looking for new members for the committee. Those who live in the kingdom of Koguryo may apply for a position, which is also a seat in the royal court. The application is as follows:

Kingdom of residence (all applicants must live in Koguryo or be prepared to move there):
Kingdom of origin:
Clan title (please explain):
Clan duties:
Subpath title (please explain):
Subpath duties:
Subpath honours:
Subpath brandings:
Criminal brandings:

There are many elements that comprise Koguryo's "culture." What area(s) of culture would you like to specialize in?

What do you do already to further the culture of the kingdom?

What can you bring to the Ministry of Culture?

Do you have any experience hosting events? If so, please list below:

Any additional information:

Thank you for your application. The Ministry of Culture will review your application, and Minister Starrbrite will contact you for a further interview.

New Carpentry Item!
Posted by: Corath -- 12:15 PM EST

Today, Boopymon just made the first new item made from Carpentry, the Polearm. While on his legend he still reads as a Master Carpenter, I'm sure it's for Grand masters.

It looks like this:

Durability: 4000000
Dam: S:40m80 L:45m90
Hit: 2
Grace: -2
Protection: 2


Strength: 110
Peasant 99

Qantao and Valdessi's Dispute! War??
Posted by: Nagnag -- 7:40 AM EST

(Thanks to Rhawen for providing this news)

As of last night, the Valdessi has declared war.. on exactly who, you must decide by reading this report. Due to the massive size of the report (and the full kingdom sage logs) I posted it on Creative Nexus. Click here to read the full report. (It opens a new window)

    Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Gift at Ceremony
Posted by: Rachel -- 9:25 PM EST

Why would the prince give away such a powerful, potentially destructive item? When has Han ever shown us that we can trust them? Many are quite fearful of what will happen next.

(So show up on the RL date Thursday the 19th and perhaps for something larger this weekend.. blink.gif I will post the exact time as soon as I can find it)

Onyx Stone Exhibited at Museum
Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 3:55 PM EST

Mysterious stone to remain under wraps

DAE SHORE -- In conjunction with an examination of an onyx stone that was found in the wilderness by Historian-in-training Kiroku Hozonsho, it was displayed today in the Koguryo Museum, located just north of Dae Shore. "The caretaker has informed me that the study upon the onyx is almost complete. As such, the sample is no longer needed. The caretaker and the historians have decided that for a short time, the Onyx will be on display in the first room of the museum." All were invited to view the stone.

Historian-in-training Kiroku Hozonsho displays the mysterious onyx that "found him" in the wilderness.

Kiroku fielded questions from an excited crowd in the museum. "For the moment now, it has exhibited some rather interesting reactions," said Kiroku, as he noted a pale glow around the stone. The extent of the stone's power is still unknown. Although shards of onyx are admittedly more common, although they have not been able to be procured since the Shattering, a stone of this size is a less usual find. He explained that he and Historian Qantao had been studying the onyx stone over the past few nights, "though the study into the onyx has been happening for quite some time."

However, the community should not rush to expect any further developments with regards to this stone. "We do not plan to do anything to the onyx," he said, hinting at past occurrences. While Kiroku fielded a suggestion that the inherent power of the onyx could be harnessed into a weapon, he replied, "At the moment, we have no plans to take the onyx and forge any weapon of any kind. I fear the skill to craft an onyx is far above anyone."

According to Kiroku, "the onyx will be stored in the back rooms of the museum," away from public view, limiting the potential for human interaction.

    Monday, June 16, 2003

Qantao's discovery/Oceana news
Posted by: Vini -- 6:36 PM EST

excl.gifQantao has announced today on community board that she has found dangerous and powerful stone.... an Onyx...big one!
Here's what she posted on comm board:
Greetings citizens,

Today, while walking through the Wilderness from the northern gate of Koguryo towards the south-western end of the Wilderness, myself and Kiroku had come across a very strange finding.
It all started while he and I were walking down a path towards Koguryo when all of a sudden, Kiroku tripped on what looked like a stone stuck inside the ground. I studied the stone for a moment, and decided that we should remove it from the path so that no one else would trip on it while walking down the path.
Minutes later when we had finished unearthing the beautiful stone, I studied it further in my hands. It had finally hit me as to what this stone actually was; it was a huge piece of an Onyx.
Now, when someone discovers a piece of an Onyx, they are bewildered as to actually what this stone has the power to do. The Onyx is a very powerful stone, and the oddest thing with regards to a piece of the Onyx is that you do not find it -- it finds you.
This find will be kept inside the Museum under heavy guard for the time being. We have not yet decided as to what we will do with this find, but we will be studying it constantly. An Onyx this size holds incredible power; considerably more power than any Onyx shard or Onyx piece inside the Nexus.
While this power has fallen into our hands, we will safeguard it and not allow it to be taken by anyone. It is important that this Onyx is kept in a safe location while it is studied.
This find may be prove to be the most significant discovery of an Onyx in the history of Nexus, but we are not sure about that just yet. I will post more details as they become available to us.

Be safe, citizens.
Only time will tell what this represents to Nexus future...

Also, Oceana applications are open again, for those who wish to join search for the application form posted in community board.biggrin.gif

~Vini Normad'or~

Help fix the spells! (And bug fixes)
Posted by: Rachel -- 3:53 AM EST

     I have made four new topics on the bug reporting forum. If you notice any errors with the spells on the poet, mage, warrior, or rogue pages.. please post it in a reply on the topic that suits it best. Level requirements are the hardest part to get, so please check your spells every time that you level. happy.gif

-Hoche requires Spike, Mountain ginseng, and 25,000 coins (Niso)
-Ju jak evocation also requires Ju jak key (A few people ^.^)

I also made a few minor changes here and there. I changed a couple item prices, like the pirate bracelets.. but those seem to be on a sharp rise and I just can't keep up! wacko.gif

Reminder: If you disagree with any listed item prices, please send me a letter. I may reply asking for more information, so please give it to me if I do!

    Sunday, June 15, 2003

Get Your Engraves Now
Posted by: Spift -- 10:45 PM EST

Ilios just posted this on the Community board. Make sure to get an engrave in action now if you've been planning to get one done. Here is the post:


For the time being, the current Engrave policy has been instituted.

All requests must be sent by nmail, in the following manner.

Your Name:
Date :
Type of Item:
Engrave Requested: ** **

Engravements are 200k each. If you are able to explain the history of the engravement, the price will be reduced at the discretion of the Guide completing the Engravement.

It is the discretion of the Guide who recieves the request, to decide whether or not it shall be completed, if it resembles a OOC (()) request, it will be denied instantly, do not waste your time, or the time of Merchant Guides, with requests that have no hope of being completed.

Merchant Guides may request a history of any engravement, before considering their completion, this may or may not decrease the set payment amount.

As of Thursday June 19th, Engravements will be closed to the public.

A True Merchant
Posted by: Growl -- 6:24 PM EST

Greetings Community,

About a week ago, another loss came to the Merchant Guild of Koguryo. But this time it was not an item, nor a peice of gold .. It was the heart of a man .. Whom will always never be forgotten.

Barter is a true friend. During my dilemma, Barter supported me. Not my cause .. But me and an individual. He supported me as a friend.

Apparently this bothered the merchant elder, Ilios. Barter was demoted to walker. He was demoted to walker, for me. Barter is a true friend .. And should always be known as a merchant, but more importantly .. A friend.

Recently Barter left the Merchant Guild of Koguryo. But he is still a merchant. He will always be a merchant. Below are the words of ZSmash, a former guide of the guild. Unfortunately .. Ilios removed this post from the merchant board .. Ilios is a great elder? Then why must Ilios fear a post about a "non-merchant"?

-A shadow splits through the mist of Dae shore up ahead. The shadow appears to be a man striding purposefuly with a sense of routine. Closely following is a young man, weighted down by the burden of an over-packed ruck sack. Seems more training will be needed.-

This was a familiar scene to me. A scene, that sadly will not be seen again. That shadow is nothing more than a shadow to this Guild now. A shadow of a memory, a shade of the past. Hardwork and dedication defined this shadow. The shadow's substance consisted of nothing more than a willingness to sacrifice for the path he loved.

Unfortunately that willingness has been slowly crushed against the oppresive weight of utter unfairness. Never once did I hear this fellow Merchant complain. He did his duties and then more. Always with a flare that is seldom seen in required tasks. He took tasks and made them into adventures, adding his own personal touch to each. I was lucky enough to witness some of these adventures before the shadow was crushed...

Like the staff we all wield, he was a guiding light to many young seekers of our path. Each new student found a mentor in him. He even was my mentor during my shortly lived guideship, showing me the in's and out's. But he was more than just a guiding light and mentor to his students, to all of us.

He was a friend, and looking around this Guild now, I think that is what is most needed. Yet another guiding light is snuffed out, another friend lost. Why? Why would a hardworking individual, whose dedication and loyalty was up there with the greats, be lost? I am asking that myself, I find it hard to believe...

Maybe it was the community, he finally couldn't stand one last flame from them. No, that can't be it. That abuse can be shaken off easily with the aid of a "family" that we have in this Guild. But if it wasn't from the outside, it had to come from the inside, from the family. How can one endure ill treatment from the outside and the inside, with no in between?

Yet, even that wasn't enough to snuff out this bright light. You want to know what finally put out the wavering light? The heart of the path was gone. Family or no, the heart of the path is the most important. It is what brings and binds us together. Without that, many lights begin to burn out. You may have noticed them begin to go out within the recent weeks.

Well this was one of the brightest to go out. Another unreplaceable loss to the Guild, irreparable damage done. Heed these words, it won't be the last if the heart of this guild isn't rekindled. If this Guild isn't brought closer, it won't last. A house divided will surely fall. This is not anti-anything, it is just to honor a true Merchant, whether in name or not and to serve as a warning.

Learn from this misfortune, don't let it happen anymore. Find the heart that is missing, and this will not happen.

Until then, I honor a brother, companion, and most of all friend to us all. His dedication and hardwork are a sorely missed attribute lacking in this Guild.

To you, Barter. You were more Merchant than many claim to be.

~remembering the list of greats, and adds Barter to it

Barter. You do not need a title, nor a mark to tell us whom or what you can guide. Barter, I praise you as a merchant, and above all .. A friend.

"You bet your sweet bippy!"


    Saturday, June 14, 2003

Six Soldiers Blessed at Ceremony
Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 4:26 PM EST

Prince Mhul recognizes the "beauty, grace, and strength" of his citizens

Prince Mhul of Koguryo welcomes the honoured guests, including Historian Qantao and her student, Kiroku (at centre).

KUGNAE -- In the Royal Coliseum this afternoon, Prince-Regent Mhul bestowed the light-blue colour referred to colloquially as "Sea Nymph" or "Koguryo Defender" dye upon six members of the Koguryo Royal Army as they pledged to defend the kingdom. His Highness saluted the "brave, cunning, and loyal," recognizing them for their outstanding years of service.

Col. Tika, the first to receive the honour today.

Honoured today were Colonel Tika, Colonel Blaeen, Colonel PoeticTruth, Lieutenant Colonel GarySeven, Lieutenant Colonel Greensky, and Lieutenant Colonel EndlessWaltz.

Further to these joyous proceedings, Prince Mhul was proud to announce the forthcoming marriage of Historian Qantao to her student, Kiroku Hozonsho.

Historian Qantao shares a kiss with her fiancé, Kiroku, as Prince Mhul looks on.

To honour the historian for her tireless work, a title of nobility was bestowed upon her by Kysh'itra SilentS, guide of the chongun subpath, accompanied by Chongun Vini.

Qantao's new title (left), presented by Kysh'itra SilentS and Chongun Vini (middle), and Kiroku's title.

In addition, Qantao concluded the ceremony with a statement: "As Kiroku and I have become engaged to become married, I shall be staying within the Nexus for the forseeable future, and I will not be departing for Han any time in the near future." Historian-in-training Hozonsho is in fact Kiroku.

This ceremony was brought to you by the Koguryo Ministry of Culture, working hard to bring events to the kingdom. Please stay tuned for more events from the Ministry of Culture coming up this month.

On behalf of NexusAtlas, I extend a hearty congratulatory note to the six soldiers honoured today, as well as to Qantao and Kiroku on their engagement.

    Thursday, June 12, 2003

Oceana Primogen - Vini--!
Posted by: Breserk -- 9:44 AM EST

Yep, a new Oceana Primogen was finally chosen. Vini! Congratulations Vini, I hope you'll do your job in the best way possible. smile.gif

Congratulations Vini!

    Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Chat! Join Us! Really!
Posted by: Steve -- 6:15 PM EST

:-P I'm bored tonight, and the chat has been dead for so long, so take a few minutes and come visit us in the chatroom... -> #nexusatlas

Or just click the chatroom link on the left.

Cmon guys, I'm bored!

-Steve ninja.gif

    Monday, June 9, 2003

New crafted item: The Fire Blade
Posted by: Windis -- 8:10 PM EST

Sorry about not stating that the information may not be correct due to no screenshots of stats{although the fact that Halfbee is a subpath member, elder member of the community, and has nothing to gain by lying}But also, the item is Il san+ ONLY, so despite the Peasant0, it is required to be Ilsan. Perhaps it even said Il san, and someone mumbled the information^^ My apologies

No fokes, this isn't a prank or a Flameblade, it is the Fire Blade, craftable by a Grand Master smith.

HalfBee was the first to create the item, and he was not specific but explained a little about it:

Not in his exact words, but a basic idea of it:

The item is a little better then an enchanted spike. It requires no level, but does require 100 strength.

Screenshots are to follow. Evermage spoke to the crafter, and provided all the information(along with the screenshots which will be up soon.)

From my best idea, this sounds like an item that could go for a lot. 100 strength isn't hard to get at around level 80 for a warrior, and with that much power, we could see a lot of warriors around that level(who have access to this amazing item)go up a lot faster.

Congratulations Halfbee, and thank you Evermage.

Please NOTHING here is confirmed as of yet. The current owners of the swords have refused to release proof of the statistics .. So everything, or parts could just be lies. Sorry, but FACTUAL stats will be released as soon as I obtain them. Thanks!


Evermage updated us. It took him 17 tries, but he made it, and made it first! It takes 8 fine metal and 2 hot coals to make, and as promised, the screenshot:

Edited by: Growl

    Sunday, June 8, 2003

Nexus Atlas / Swirldot Partnership
Posted by: TSWolf -- 7:56 PM EST

Nexus Atlas is in negotation with Swirldot to bring you banner from Nexus Atlas.. Coming soon.

We're talking about opening all sorts of new sections, and to have the entire site be virtually banner free, hosted by Swirldot..

More details coming on this soon.

I've heard the cries for help from the visitors who hate the full page ads from UGO.. I can assure you I've grown just as sick of em too..

3 upcoming events in June
Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 6:17 PM EST

Royal Blessing event leads off an event streak

KUGNAE -- It was announced today that the Ministry of Culture will be organizing an event to be held in the Royal Coliseum, this Saturday, June 14, at 5 p.m., EST. Prince Mhul will honour a number of outstanding citizens, bestowing them with the "Koguryo Defender" blue dye and legend mark.

A week later, the Ministry of Culture will be reprising a riddle event that was held in April. Councillors will hide around Kugnae, Dae Shore, and Southern Koguryo, with a riddle and a prize. When a councillor is found, he or she will recite his or her riddle, and the person who solves the riddle will receive the prize. This event is slated to be held on both June 20 and 22, both starting at 8 p.m., EST.

To round out the month, on Saturday, June 28, in the Royal Coliseum, the Ministry will be holding a reprisal of Sailortaurus' Poetry Harvest, with a slight modification of the rules.

Please stay tuned for more event updates from the Ministry of Culture.

    Saturday, June 7, 2003

Qantao announcement.
Posted by: Vini -- 5:37 PM EST

Qantao, the nexus Historian has announced us that she will be leaving us very soon.sad.gif

For those who don't know Qantao she is a very important person in Nexus, she's the one that keeps track of Nexus History, she is the keeper of Drift Winds the board which is locked in Both Libraries, and Koguryo West gate.

Here’s what she posted on Chronicles of the Winds, board localized in both Palaces:
Greetings citizens!

I am very proud to announce that I have taken on a new student as my apprentice. His name is Hozonsho, and he will eventually become the Historian of the Nexus as I am right now.

With the arrival of this new apprentice, however, I would like to announce that when Hozonsho is ready, he will take my position as Historian of the Nexus and I will resign from my position. I would like to take the opportunity to tell you all that I have valued your support and I have loved my time within the Nexus, but I am getting quite old and I find myself unable to keep up with the load of work that the position of Historian requires.
Where will I go? I would like to travel the world -- being able to understand so many cultures and nations that I can follow. I will eventually settle down back in my home country of Han, where I will stay for the rest of my days.

Citizens, I would ask that you please be kind to Hozonsho when I leave the Nexus. He is younger than I am, although not quite as young as you may think. He has witnessed many spectacular things around the world and wished to know how to take these events and transform them into a readable, never-aging format for all to enjoy. For that, he has wished to become my student, and I have accepted him as that.

Thank you, citizens, for your understanding and support!

Thanks for everything Qantao!
Good Luck Hozonsho!

~Vini Normad’or~

Hilarious good Fun
Posted by: TSWolf -- 7:58 AM EST

If you missed out on the Radio Broadcast on CyberstationUSA, you missed a complete 2 hour BLAST.. Eriana, Librarian and myself mailed in to the station for the entire 2 hours, and we just simply had an AWESOME time..

NEXT week at Saturday 8-10 Am! Bear and the Bad Man on Check em out! We're gonna see how many Nexus people we can get into the NA chatroom to listen to this.. Cmon guys! Show yer NA support!
8 - 10 AM EST Saturdays
Bear and the Bad Man

Check out the SS they talked about on air!

Bear and the Bad Man
Posted by: TSWolf -- 6:26 AM EST

Earlier in the week, I had a host from the "Bear and the Bad Man" show over at come into the Radio shack where I worked.. Well, I tuned in this morning at 8 am.. like he said... And sure enough he talked about the site.. So I told em I'd plug his station for him.

8-10 AM EST - Saturday Morning

Click "On Air" to listen through Windows Media Player now.

Funny stuff.. Check it out. I'm gonna email him in a few to give em the link.

    Friday, June 6, 2003

Cmon Nexus Sites!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 4:49 PM EST

Want some exposure? I have 3 sites on the side who have their buttons up.. I'll be happy to put up any Law 41 compliant sites! So mail me with yer button, or button link, and website url and I'll check it out!


Bug fixes
Posted by: Rachel -- 11:34 AM EST

Some of these were changed a while ago. ^.^ I'll start working on lots of new things around Thursday.

Ohaeng dispell graphic was wrong (AqentP)

Perfect Obsidon: 5 will, 6 grace from 6 will/5g (Adept)
Fine Obsidion: 4 will, 5 grace from 5 will/4g
Obsidion: 3 will, 4 grace from 4 will/3g
Flawed Obsidion: 2 will, 3 grace from 3 will/2g
Basic Obsidion: 1 will, 2 grace from 2 will/1g

Enchanted ward: 0 might, from 9 (Hadez)

    Thursday, June 5, 2003

Market booth Bug Fixed
Posted by: Conro -- 9:28 AM EST

It's been brought to my attention that the bug with the Markets (where people could enter your booth without your permission) has been fixed!
Thanks to Nitesh and Brezerk for this one. happy.gif
You may return to your money making habits now. tongue.gif

    Wednesday, June 4, 2003

Archon Remah shows up
Posted by: Vini -- 6:10 PM EST

That's right, tonight at Avatars carnage, Archon Remah has given us the pleasure to have her presence there.

She has informed me that she'll show up in more soon, tomorrow probably many people will come to meet her in person.biggrin.gif

For those who are curious about how she looks like:

She’s cute isn’t she? And whoo, nice dress..
~Vini Normad’or~

    Tuesday, June 3, 2003

The Beginning of a Legend
Posted by: TSWolf -- 11:11 PM EST

As many of you know, Worldwalker has retired from the Nexus recently..

But as most of you don't know, but some of you do, the effect that she had on the Nexus as a whole. For years she ran her real life by the carnage schedule.. She's taken time to be vocal on every issue in the Nexus, regardless of what people thought of her. And all around, she is a great woman, and a legend of the Nexus.

I would like to take a moment out of my day to also bring to attention the help she has given to the Nexus websites. Despite the fact her Nexus website wasn't always viewed as the best on the web, she took time out of her day to contact me and help me work on my website. She helped provide active feedback and ideas, as well as solutions to many of the problems I had over here.. Some of the biggest decisions on Nexus Atlas and Nexus Network were shaped with the influence of Worldwalker.

Hopefully in time, Worldwalker will return. But if not, may legends of this rolemodel of Nexus be forever told.. For without Worldwalker, the Nexus just would not be the same.

God Speed Worldwalker.

Remah's Hello
Posted by: Corath -- 10:58 AM EST

I am the new Archon who will be overseeing Carnages and Fox Hunts since Archon Alton has stepped down. I am here to make sure that everyone has fun while working and participating in Carnages and Fox Hunts.

Please send everything possible to the Head Hosts of Carnages, Llevan, and Fox Hunts, dibzz, before contacting me. If Llevan and dibzz cannot help you, then feel free to ask me. :)

Please feel free to use me as needed. If you cannot get me with whisper, then send me a letter and I will respond as soon as possible. I am here to help everyone who seeks help. Please never feel like you cannot contact me about anything. If I do not respond to your mail within three days, then please resend the mail because I did not get it. This is to insure that I get to hear everyone. :)

If you ever have any comments, questions, or concerns, then do not be afraid to ask me.

<~> Remah

Archon of Events' Hello
Posted by: Breserk -- 9:45 AM EST

Methok, the Nexon-run events Archon has posted on Community board. I think he's gonna do good. blush.gif

I am Methok, one of the newest additions to the Immortal family. My formal title is "Archon of Events", but that alone does not give my job description; I work on Nexon-run events.
Currently, I'm a Pawn (Archon-in-training). As a Pawn, I am limited as to what I am able to do. If you're unsure if I'm able to perform an action, then don't hesitate to ask me if I'm able to do it or not.

As an Immortal, I am limited as to what I am able to do as per the Immortal code (see Law board post #1). I am strictly forbidden (under any circumstance) to:
- Hand items to the dead
- Guard a dead person's items
- Resurrect the dead
- Help kill, block, or slow down a monster
- Strengthen a player to destroy a monster
- Provide knowledge for solution of a quest
- Give items (except in hosted events)
- Accept items
- Hold lost items
I will not complete any requests to perform any of the above actions.

However, I am allowed to do quite a few things. I am most certainly able to answer any question you may have (or if I am unsure of the answer, pass it onto an Archon who does know the answer), and I would be also more than happy to provide support to you, but I am unable to repair bugs (they need to be reported to Delphi at

If you wish to contact me, please do so in this order:
1) Whisper (if the whisper goes through, I am online and will respond within 15 minutes)
2) N-mail (if I am not online, don't respond or my whisper is off, send me a note and I will get it when I sign on or when I check my mail; I will respond to every n-mail I receive)

I would also like to extend an offer to all players: if you have any ideas for events that you'd like to see in Nexus, then please don't hesitate to send me an n-mail (but please, don't whisper me). If I like your idea, I may turn it into an event, but remember, while I will read all of your ideas and consider them, they may not be possible.

Lastly, I'll just say that I love to have fun and joke around, but there are limits as to what I'll do with that. This is a game that is played by real people with real feelings and emotions. It's simply not fun for anyone to get worked up over a game. Everyone will make mistakes and (almost) everyone will learn from those mistakes. We are all human and it's just our nature to mess up sometimes.

Have fun,

Gemcutting -- Scribing/Other Crafts
Posted by: Breserk -- 9:29 AM EST

The rumors have been confirmed... You can now only craft Dark Ambers at the level of Adept. Also, I have checked this on my Scriber-

When you Scribe it'll show you the options of what you can Scribe, so if you're only Accomplished, for example, it'll only show Scroll of Protection and Scroll of Defense in the pop-up. For those of you wondering- If you can't Scribe anything else of Scroll of Protection it'll show no pop-up and automatically Scribe a Scroll of Protection. Nice update!

I persume it is like that in any other craft... In Smithing you'll only show your level's options... Same as in Mining and Carpentering.. You get the idea. happy.gif

Koguryo News Back!
Posted by: Conro -- 9:13 AM EST

After actions taken by NBT to sabotage all player controled boards in Nexus years ago, and constant passing of the 'tourch', the Koguryo News is finally back.

The news can be read just below the Tavern square in Kugnae (45, 168).
Enjoy! laugh.gif

Oceana Primogen - Fixed Again
Posted by: Breserk -- 5:20 AM EST

Jayme has left the game, and therefore she is not the Oceana Primogen anymore.

Well, there has been some confusion here...blush.gif Vini is not current Primogen.. Just a Primarch. But he did say maybe he will be a Primogen. I'll update again when I'll know who is.happy.gif
Second fix- Thank you Zephyr for letting me know that soon the clan council will have a vote on who will be the next Primogen. He also said it will probably be Vini. Until then, no Oceana Primogen. Heheh.

    Monday, June 2, 2003

Archons this way!
Posted by: Windis -- 8:10 PM EST

Edit+Note: I edited some parts, after I talked to Shajara. She also said that Bre took it the wrong way. It was as if all the marks were removed: Revels started anew. Old winners can win again in the new system, but once you win in this new system, you cannot win again. The old marks just don't count.

I'm an avid fan of the Archons, who do so much, in and out of sight.

Shajara is doing a simply wonderful job keeping up with them, and has added two more Archons to the list of contacts. That is Methok, whom helps with Nexon run events, and as mentioned before, Remah, in charge of carnages and fox hunts(edit: also elixers).

Just a note: Shajara says that if she isn't busy, she doesn't mind talking to a player, and rather enjoys the feedback.

The other Archons are also getting jobs reassigned. Since Alton has left us, and other jobs have switched, let me show you the guide board's descriptions:

Shajara - Archon Primogen/Bugs/Archons/Subpaths (All except the last and possibly Bugs have always been the job of the Primogen)
Themis - Clans/Dreams (Dreams was recently added to her job, and she used to do tutors. She is also involved with the Culture and Peace committees I believe)
Marama - Archon of Community/Justice/Story boards (Marama has always had these jobs, although I believe Kavitha had at one time been Justice archon)
Kavitha - Community board/Newspapers (With Belle now working on newspapers, I expect Kavitha to be busy with the second description, although I haven't seen Kavitha post on community much)
Charisse - Revels (Charisse is one of the pawns. She is in charge of the once Muse hosted Revels)
Shonen - Tutors (Shonen is buried in tutor applications. He is a pawn, or Archon in training with a job, along with Charisse)
Methok - Events (Methok assists with Nexon run events)
Remah - Carnages/Fox hunts (As Bre I think posted, Remah is another new Archon. His jobs are pretty clear^^)

If you have questions or additions, contact a staff member or myself to update or change this post.

NPC Subpath Spells Up
Posted by: Spift -- 5:48 PM EST

The NPC subpath spells are now up and can be accessed through the spell menu.

New Carnage Archon
Posted by: Corath -- 3:27 PM EST

I would like to announce that there is a new Archon in charge of Carnages now - Remah. So all your complaints/dreams/etc are now towards her, and not to Alton.

Another Revels Update
Posted by: Breserk -- 5:31 AM EST

Here's what Charisse posted on Poetry board-

Hello everyone,

The theme for this week's Revels is "Forgiveness". Based on player requests, we will be making some changes to the Revels. It has been decided that from this point onwards, everyone is permitted to enter the Revels. This includes those who have past wins or have been banned in the past.

Please be aware however that from THIS point onwards (1st June 03), the following rules will apply:

* If you have won first place in a Revels, you will be unable to enter again and place (that includes 1st place, 2nd place and HM's). You are free to send your poems in but they will not be considered to win.

* If you are banned from the Revels for plagiarism or some other reason, you will not be able to enter the Revels again. Be aware that banishment from the Revels may also incur jail time and other penalties.

We trust that as this opportunity is being given for forgiveness that no one will cheat and this will be a new beginning for all of us. We hope that this change will benefit everyone, and we look forward to reading your poems. Good luck in the future Revels!

Take care,

Basically, you can't win if you have won first place before, but you can participate. Another new thing is that plagiarisers will probably be jailed, so don't take other people's poems!Another new thing is that plagiarers will probably be jailed, so don't take other people's poems!

NPC subpath spells
Posted by: Rachel -- 12:09 AM EST

All NPC subpath spells should be up later today. Thank you to Gildenstar and Plutarch for helping with rage information.

    Sunday, June 1, 2003

The Merchant Guild of ... Corruption?!
Posted by: Growl -- 5:58 PM EST

New Format and Community Relations!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 3:10 AM EST

Lots of stuff gonna be added to the new sidebar and the old one in the coming days.. Including, but not limited to :

- The Return of the POTW!!! (Photo of the Week)
- Small Buttons from Fellow Nexus Sites. (If you want in, mail or IM me yer pic url and site url).
- News Search.
- Any other ideas! Send em in!

Hope you guys like the new getup.. Lord knows what I do when I sit down to it.

Reset changes
Posted by: Rachel -- 1:04 AM EST

I was going to post this but then I decided not to. Then I saw lots of posts asking why there was a reset. o.O I found two things so far, but I assume it fixed many little bugs that the big updates brought. I was busy getting NPC spell info so I just checked on two things that I thought would be different.

-The Dying tree where Chizao's tomb was is gone.

-The bug I talked about with the rogue/mage guild warp in Nagnang is fixed.

-Mythic cave bugs that made characters stuck in pillars are fixed (Ashimata)

-Nagnang Tribunal room, Barracks, and storage room are all now locked.(Asuza)

-Tinbae, the Nangen messenger, can handle checks. (Asuza)