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Past News | May 2013

Past News
Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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May 2013

    Monday, May 27, 2013

Prince ChaeRi posts at COTW
Posted by: Donjuan -- 1:04 AM EST
He who over the past months have been announcing the arrival of the Master Builder to rebuild Nagnang Palace now calls for the aid of the community in gathering the material that the brothers require. Prince ChaeRi made a post at Chronicles of the Winds inviting YOU to help:

The time has come. The Master Builder has finished his
plans our palace is finally being rebuilt, stone brick by
painful stone brick. Along with the Builder is his
brother, the Architect. Having recently constructed a
palace for Kaya royalty, the two of them came strongly
recommended by King SuroKim and Queen Jeewon themselves.

As you know already, the Master Builder and Architect
require your help in gathering the materials needed to
complete their work. So come now, unite! Aid Nagnang in
her splendor and pride so that we may see this finished
once and for all. May everyone come gape in wide wonder
once our palace is complete, from the highest royalty to
the lowliest peasant.

For Lady Nagnang! The Land of the Dead!

Prince ChaeRi

Brought to you by,
-,-@ Donjuan

    Sunday, May 26, 2013

Additional Augury Visions.
Posted by: Ushallfeerme -- 8:56 PM EST
More Augury Visions has been told. With all of these visions, something terrible must truly be on the way.
Is there anything we can do? Or are we doomed to sit and wait for it to come to pass? These visions read:

  • Ushallfeerme's vision:
    It is with great despair that I bring to you, the people of the Kingdoms, the horrors that I have seen. A vision. A very untimely vision. One quite unlike any I had seen before!

    Southern Buya, where a few others were...that was when it happened. I was standing there, watching a rat very closely, as I do not trust rats, when suddenly my sight was taken over with a vision. This was stronger than any other vision I have had before; it was like I was there!

    The sounds of thunder, destruction of ruins.
    Tumbling down, shatter and crumble.
    Confused, panick stricken. Angered, disbelief.
    Some seek shelter, some take arms.
    People trying to run, find walls on fire.
    In total despair, they scream for help.
    Like an orchistra of destruction, the sounds blend together.
    Descimated, the kingdom dies. Ash and rubble, a smell so awful.

    Despite valiant efforts, they proved no match.
    A statement had been made; no more survivors for this land!

    When I had come to, the rat was gone. Though I am not in any way insinuating that the rat had anything to do with this vision, it does seem very suspicious!

    How was an entire kingdom being destroyed? Who or what could do such a thing? All of those people...

    Listen to the Winds...Just because you don't hear them, does not mean they are not speaking to you...

  • Lune's vision:
    As I was meditating in the Wilderness, one with nature, I heard a murmur in the waterfalls. A sound that seemed to be calling my name and soon I found myself walking towards it. As I looked up at the waterfall a vision came to me?


    I was surrounded in a world unlike ours... the colors were off.
    I was walking through a meadow of purple grass. It seemed so peaceful, a place I would dream of as a child.
    I looked to my left to find a house in the middle of the fields.
    As I was drawn closer I could see clearly through the window.
    I found two festive girls chattering away by the kitchen. A wondrous smell flowed from the window...a delicious meal was being prepared!
    Entranced by the smell, I began to wonder what was being prepared.

    My thoughts were broken as the smell turned into a grotesque odor...
    I quickly looked back through the window to find the food engulfed in flames!


    The vision ended and the natural flow of the waterfall returned.

    Why did the girls not notice the food beginning to burn?
    Will the fire spread?

    These visions seem to be obviously targeting Nagnang, but sometimes the obvious isn't always correct..

  •     Saturday, May 25, 2013

    To Aid or to Ravage?
    Posted by: Guldar -- 4:41 PM EST

    With the recent appearances of the mysterious persons around the Nagnang Palace, there has been much activity in Nagnang. Some good citizens are coming to the aid of the Nangen people, whereas others are standing against Prince ChaeRi.

    You have a choice to make as to which side you will choose.

    Left to Right: Architect, Sleeping Nangen, Master Builder

    To help rebuild the palace you need to complete two steps.

    1) You need to talk to the Master builder and give him these items:

    -25 Wool
    -30 Ginko wood
    -10 Cloth
    -12 Metal
    -100 Dark amber

    2) You then have to talk to the Architect. He will ask for the following items:

    -2 Bird wing
    -5 Tako ink
    -1 Spring water
    -2 Splendid silk
    -1 Plated skin

    You get a small boost to your Karma and a purple legend mark that reads "Aided Nagnang's palace restoration".

    To align with the rebels talk to the Rebel woman by the Dark Forest.

    Rebel woman, leader of the "Resistance"

    She asks for the following:

    -2 Shatter bombs
    -2 Stealth explosives
    -2 Spy powder
    -1 Poisoned water
    -5 Unleashed anger

    The bombs and explosives can be purchased at the kingdom arenas.

    Your reward for your efforts will be a red legend mark that tells all persons that you "Ravaged Nagnang's palace restoration." Also a slight negative Karmic penalty will be assessed. Nobody ever said this would be easy.

    Whichever side you choose, we wish you good luck and safe travels.


    Augury Visions strike again
    Posted by: Loxie -- 4:20 PM EST
    The Diviners have started receiving Augury Visions again. What could it mean?

  • SMKuru's vision:
    I sat at my home, having a cup of tea to refresh my throat, my eyes focused on my shiny crystal ball placed on the table with a pillow under it. My hands began to surround it, circling it for a while, the crystal ball shown an image of the future... what I see is...

    * ~0~ *

    In an unknown village outside, I saw a long vast Lily ponds. With a bridge covered leaves of Lily flowers everywhere. The moon shone beautifully, it was at the night time. A few citizens were there, but many kids, less adults.

    I heard a chuckling sound of the children,they were very happy as they were chasing around the tall signs far away the bridge. Then I saw a person standing on the bridge of the Lily pond. That person was grabbing something in her hand, closing her eyes for a moment, she threw a few coins up backward, the coins fell on the pond and vanished. She kneels down and clinging both her hands while closing her eyes, she smiles as she finally made a wish.
    Across the bridge, out of nowhere, there are hundreds of candles appeared in melodic, lighten up the path to a very long, huge hallway, unseen the end.

    * ~0~ *

    A good sign... Hmmm... Were you wondering what will happen next?

  • Maduin's vision:
    In the depths of the ancient Kogurian libraries I was perusing through the many scrolls and ancient texts of our ancestors, I came upon many tales of woe and joy. History often is riddled with examples of others that we should heed from. Whether they be examples of hatred, jealousy, and dishonor that we must avoid - or ones of benevolence, humbleness, and love that we must honor and celebrate.

    My strength grew weary, and my eyes became tired... Focusing on the candlelight which drew breath to the room, fluctuating in illuminance, a trance came upon myself. Closing my eyes I envisioned...

    Three tombstones of three compassionate souls. A fine memorial of three members of one family. Death.

    Candles flickering around to unite those that were once apart. Remembrance.

    They are together in life and death, Wise Father, Loving Mother, Devout Son. Peace.

    A kingdom sings words of joy. Celebration.

    Life is a continuous cycle which should be lived to the fullest.

    It is a blessing given to us by our heavens, and we should live life as so others can celebrate our triumphs.

  • Uoiea's vision:
    The screaming, the screaming rips my heart in two. Such loss, such destruction and despair. I cover my ears and fall to my knees, the flames of the wall scorch my face and rubble is scattered at my feet. The ruins have been destroyed, but what ruins..?

    I see once more the man seated on the throne of corpses, the purple snake. My laughter is gone. Have we been deceived for the last time? Will we fall?

  •     Friday, May 24, 2013

    Nagnang Palace reconstruction begins but rebels try to interfere
    Posted by: Donjuan -- 11:02 PM EST
    For months Prince ChaeRi has been speaking of the upcoming arrival of the Master Builder to help rebuild Nagnang Palace which has been in ruins since after Prince Kija died and kingdoms broke into the Blood War. For years all the attempts of restoring the palace didn't go through, and now community knows why: there seems to be a rebel group called "The Resistance" who has been undermining the attempts of rebuild.

    The arrival of the Master Builder to Nagnang Palace and his brother the Architect echoed through the lands. Excited as they should be after many months of wait, the devoted citizens gathered outside the Palace gates and helped each other collect the materials the two brothers have been requiring.

    Problem was that the words of their arrival and the vast number of people helping them, caused a once hidden rebel group to arise from the Dark forest and try to stop the palace rebuild by exploding the remaining’s of the palace to the ground for once and for all.

    A rebel woman stands near the Dark forest entrance and asks if people going there are supporters of Prince ChaeRi or not. Those who claim they aren't get to hear her plans and motives. To her group, called "The Resistance", Nagnang Royal family brought disaster and misfortune to the people of the kingdom and so the rebels have plans to remove ChaeRi and close Nagnang borders again. She also revealed that their group has been sabotaging the palace rebuild for a long time now which seems why our efforts to help rebuild it never got far.

    Seems everyone can decide their fate and their instance on how they'll behave in face of the imminent reconstruction of Nagnang Palace. People can side by the Prince and help rebuild his palace or side by these new found rebels and aid their rampage against the remaining’s of the building.

    Beware that every choice has a consequence, good or bad, but it's known that aiding the palace gives good karma and working against it gives bad karma.

    Brought to you by,
    -,-@ Donjuan

    Rebuilding the Palace
    Posted by: Loxie -- 5:19 PM EST
    Efforts to rebuild the Nagnang palace are underway. Two architects have appeared outside of the ruins are are asking for donations.

    Server Reset - May 24, 2013
    Posted by: Loxie -- 5:02 PM EST
    * The Nagnang palace restoration efforts have begun. Go visit the builders and see if there is anything you can do to help. Rumor has it that a small but effective rebel force is mobilizing to sabotage the rebuilding efforts

    * New itemshop items will be in the itemshop this afternoon

        Tuesday, May 21, 2013

    Paralyze now working in houses
    Posted by: Loxie -- 6:29 AM EST
    Good news for all of you Sa san seekers, paralyze is now working in Malevolent Clan houses!

        Monday, May 20, 2013

    Nexus Version 7.04
    Posted by: Vini -- 6:30 PM EST
    Nexus had a server reset and a patch to client today. Below are the changes as reported by GM Stein at Dreamweavers board:

    * Sa House fighters no longer heal themselves to full if they are attacked by a high damage attack and they can now be paralyzed

    * Patching to add content for future updates

    Minor updates for:
    - Bear clan
    - Silla clan
    - Kurimja clan
    - Bear clan
    - Shaman subpath
    - Barbarian subpath
    - Ranger subpath
    - Tiger clan
    - Monk subpath
    - Ranger subpath
    - Pegasus clan

    *** If you are running Windows Vista/7, make sure to run NexusTK as administrator (by right clicking the shortcut and selecting the option) for this patch ***

        Tuesday, May 14, 2013

    Merchant announces their new elder
    Posted by: Donjuan -- 11:27 PM EST
    This news report is a cortesy written by Merchant Odelia:

    Over the past few Hyuls, Blubber and his team of Guides have worked tirelessly to restore the Merchant Guild, and to create a reputation of trustworthiness in the Community. Having gone far to meet this goal, Blubber has now retired, and handed over Eldership to Acera, legendary treasure hunter.

    "Today I have taken over the responsibilities of a great leader. Blubber brought us from a period of frustration and instability to a place where we are now prospering openly. He stepped up in a time of need and was a major player in the effort to oust Aenia. The legacy that Blubber has left is truly honorable and rememberable...We have in our future a great potential and I will make it my goal to honor and continue the work Blubber has performed”, says Acera.

    The new elder also spoke of his plans for the future: “We will continue improving the guild as he did to make it the best possible force for the good of the and the guild's thanks to Blubber for his services in our time of need. It is a rare person who can fill such a role, and I will do my utmost to improve and shape the guild with the same vigor, honesty, and trustworthiness that has guided us these past months”, he explained.

    The Merchant Guild thanks Blubber for all he has done for us, and hopes that we will continue along the path on which he has set us, and take new strides to becoming stronger and better, with Acera leading the way!

    Written by Odelia.
    Brought to you by,
    -,-@ Donjuan

        Thursday, May 9, 2013

    Prince ChaeRi replies to Geumwa
    Posted by: Donjuan -- 11:14 AM EST
    After the negative repercussion of King Geumwa’s decree and the many replies, Prince ChaeRi of Nagnang decided to address the King of Buya. Below is a copy of his COTW post:

    From the Royal Office of Nagnang


    The ARN and Nagnang send our regrets that we could not have
    been there to witness the attempt on your life. We will
    continue our work on bringing Wiyae to justice, so it'd be
    nice if you just stayed out of our way.

    Prince ChaeRi
    House Sakuya

    Brought to you by,
    -,-@ Donjuan

    Minor edit by Vini

        Wednesday, May 8, 2013

    Buya King's Royal Decree
    Posted by: Vini -- 8:54 PM EST
    A royal decree proclaimed yesterday by King Geumwa of Buya gained much attention since then and spurred a series of post replies against it and several world shouts/sages of wisdom from citizens in favor or opposing of Geumwa’s decision. Here’s a copy of his public post attached to the Chronicles of Winds board:

    A R O Y A L D E C R E E

    ~l From the Imperial Sovereignty of Buya l~

    Attention citizens of Buya and of nearby kingdoms,

    By my decree no foreign military operation shall be held at buyan territories without prior authorization given by Buya Imperial Army officers. This includes drills, patrols and pursue of enemies.

    Unauthorized maneuvers shall be considered hostile and be dealt accordingly.

    Scribed by,
    King Geumwa of Buya

    The contents of such decree aren’t much of a surprise, as basically this is how armies usually deal and respect each other around the world, they communicate before they act under during times of peace. The big surprise in fact came from the reaction of the very own citizens of Buya. The declarations from the King didn’t sound soft to their ears and some decided to protest against the decree, while others support it.

    Time will tell how this decree will affect relations between kingdoms.

    ~Vini Normad’or~
    ~Hyul 55, Moon 10~

        Tuesday, May 7, 2013

    Maintenance at Account System
    Posted by: Vini -- 11:57 PM EST
    As posted at NexusTK official website, Kru Interactive will be performing some maintenance on the account system today, May 6th, from 11:30am-3pm PST. During this time you will not be able to access or register your account, add/delete characters, or purchase Kruna. The games will be unaffected and you can continue to play them as normal.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 55, Moon 10~