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Past News | May 2012

Past News
Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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May 2012

    Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tri-Kingdom Meeting.
Posted by: Ushallfeerme -- 7:28 PM EST
A Tri-Kingdom meeting was held today, hosted by RebelMagic. She called for the meeting, to hear the people's thoughts
on the recent discovery of Emperor Aino Senshi's death.

The state of panic and worry became very apparent, as some of the people spoke. Some of the speakers were clearly
nervous about the days to come.

RebelMagic requested the assistance of the Diviner, Lauz. Lauz could not provide any information on the matter at
this time, however, she asks that everyone pay close attention to the chronicles in the days to come. I know I will be!

General Lindy assured everyone that the patrols have intensified, and security has tightened. The army is in full guard,
but one can only this what the enemy wants?


    Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day
Posted by: AllyGator -- 6:12 PM EST
Today is the time to honor our Veterans. From a Nexus perspective, I'd like to honor our Veterans lost in the recent purge. Our memories are long and you are missed.


    Friday, May 18, 2012

The Kingdoms Come Together
Posted by: Erii -- 10:13 PM EST
Ohullo, readers! A few days ago, I alerted you all to a Tri-Kingdom meeting held by the Buyan Ministry to come together to discuss who may have killed Emperor Aino Senshi. We all gathered in the Buyan palace, drinking Moon wine and sharing our theories.

Imperial Minister RebelMagic opened the floor, asking for anyone and everyone who had ideas to contribute to please raise their hands and speak them aloud so that all might hear. A few members of the meeting were confused about this and a brief refresher of the situation was given by Court Mage Guerrund.

"I was called into the Emperor's chambers by the Princess. He was very confused, sick, had trouble standing.. He didn't recognize anyone except his daughter. I asked the Emperor, talking of strange things. Then he went to rest in his chamber. Lasahn guided him."

It seemed the poisoned used was arsenic, the method found out by the Shaman who had a lock of Emperor Aino Senshi's hair. Immediately, it was questioned where someone could get arsenic - from lead veins? Apple cores? Was it harvest or gathered or bought?

Someone even went so far as to say that the Emperor may have been corrupted but the theory was quickly dismissed. Some others accused Fei, stating that he has been seen in suspicious circumstances in both occasions that he has been in the kingdoms. Another suspect proved to be General HanXin. Theories ran amock, from suggestion that it was suicide to even saying that perhaps the Princess had committed the crime. One even brought up Malady - she had used substances to trick us before.. why would she not be a suspect again? Eventually, theories ran down to even silly ones.. Tilak, Koguryo. Things were then called to a halt by the Imperial Minister - she would schedule another meeting at a time soon at hand.

Do you have any idea what killed Emperor Aino Senshi? Perhaps it was suicide.. but take heart the words of the Shaman and the Ministry: your Emperor was murdered by someone close at hand.

    `,* Erii N'rin

    Thursday, May 17, 2012

Server Reset Thursday, May 17
Posted by: LilB -- 6:50 PM EST
There was a server reset at roughly 6:45 PM EST on Thursday, May 17th!

The server reset notes:

* New items and the Decoration gift box are now in the itemshop

* The gelapod can now consume any item (such as ones that cannot be dropped or traded)

* The purge is now complete. If you have any problems or questions please submit a support ticket

* Minor bug fixes and updated a merchant for the Enigma clan


    Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Posted by: Erii -- 3:54 PM EST
Hullo, readers. As we all know recently, Emperor Aino Senshi passed away. A memorial and funeral was held for him, but it was generally assumed at the time that he died of natural causes. Now, we know this not to be the case..

Lately, there's been postings on the board from two very important Shaman: the Elder Inrequietus and Court Mage Guerrund. Have a look!

It is intriguing.. the ways the spirits work, and it
is amazing what secrets a simple lock of hair can hold.

Arsenic; does that word hold any meaning to you?

It should...
... at least to the citizens of Buya.

... perhaps I was wrong after all, perhaps I simply
sought to buy more time. Regardless, my brother,
Guerrund, will provide you all with more detail.

`, Inrequietus

I walked into the Throne room at the Princess' request to examine her father, Aino Senshi. The Spirit's warning ringing in my ears. He was fine before eating a side of grilled beef, then afterwards he was extremely sick.

In my many yuris of being a shaman, I have never seen symptoms like this manifest and cause death within two days because of 'Natural Causes'. There is only one thing it could be: Poison.
Taking a lock of hair, we began the experiements.

Several poisons could have been used, plant based and metal based. The symptoms seem to lean heavily toward metallic poisoning. I consulted qyjol and he agreed it was metallic based. SilentJoe was skeptical. I had to test... had to find the real solution.

I grilled seven slabs of beef, adding a special 'seasoning' to each. Barium, Cadmium, Manganese, Belladonna, Garlic, Foxglove and Arsenic... one poison for each side. Plus salt and pepper, I didn't want my victems to think that I was a poor chef afterall.

Spending days in the wilderness I found a company of six people traveling in a caravan. I posed as a poor man who needed help... in return I would feed them for one night. They graciously agreed and that night we feasted on grilled beef.

I kept close track of who got which slab.

I didn't bother to memorize their names, instead I gave them names as I gave them the beef.

Barium became paralyzed in the night and died from heart failure.

Cadmium died from lung paralysis.

Manganese screamed, flailing around about zibong on his skin, he ripped off his skin in an attempt to remove the apparitions from his body.

Belladonna's pupils became enlarged, they suffered a massive heart attack in the middle of the night.

Foxglove writhed in pain as his heart beat faster and faster... until it exploded in his chest.

Arsenic lived the longest, vertigo, stomach ache... confusion... delirious. He died the next night in his sleep.

Garlic enjoyed his meal. It tasted perfect with just enough spice to make the sweet taste of the meat come out. So tender.

I have concluded that the Emperor died from Arsenic poisoning only after extensive testing with several shaman. I denounce my last statement of natural causes, it was only to buy time.

The question is no longer 'what' but 'who'.

Thank you,

With this new information, Imperial Minister RebelMagic has posted a notice upon the board telling us that she is holding a kingdom-wide meeting to discuss what happened to Emperor Aino Senshi and find out who it was that killed him.

Greetings Community,

I have been reading on what the Shaman have found, and I believe its time to hold a Kingdom Meeting to talk about what happened or who could possibly have done this. I need everyone to come to the Buya Palace, Friday, May 18th at 9 pm EST.

We must find out who has done this on our beloved Emperor and put them behind bars!

Thank you,

Imperial Minister of Buya

~~Sealed with the official signet of the~~
Imperial Ministry of Buya

You won't want to miss this, readers!

    `,* Erii N'rin

    Saturday, May 12, 2012

The end of an era at Buya
Posted by: Donjuan -- 9:50 PM EST
A cloudy-rainy day in Buya marked the funeral of the Emperor, a beautiful ceremony held at the steps of Buya Palace. Princess Lasahn began by expressing her gratitude for everyone who came to the funeral ceremony. She explained that Prince ChaeRi of Nagnang and King SuroKim of Kaya had informed they would not be able to be present.

The Princess started the speech speaking about her personal relations with her father and remembering the childhood with him. Then she spoke of his military career, when he was a General of Han, and of his monarch life, when he was assigned to rule the newly kingdom of Buya. The Princess recalled the territory expansion Buya had, by conquering Sanhae, Arctic Land and others; also mentioned the diplomatic alliances Emperor Senshi forged with surrounding kingdoms, especially with Koguryo.

General HanXin of Han Empire, who was also present during the funeral, spoke of his admiration for the man knew and heard about. He spoke of Senshi's qualities as leader and a bit of his course from Han General to Buya Emperor. Princess Lasahn ended the speeches by directing words to her father: "Farewell Father, Emperor Aino Senshi. We have dedicated your body to the soil of Buya, in our garden”.

After the speeches, the soldiers of Buya had parade, marching around the buyan palace. By then, the skies grew dark and the clouds covered the sun, just as Diviners' augury visions had foreseen. As the rain started to drop and the thunder storm started to shout at the horizon, Princess Lasahn invited everyone to enter her palace and visit the Emperor's burial place at the Secret Garden. At the center of Senshi's mausoleum, King M'hul of Koguryo stood next to Princess of Buya while citizens from the three kingdoms of offered her representative gifts; a beautiful gesture by those who attended.

Buya prepares to enter a new era now under the ruling solo of Princess Lasahn, who already has been Head of State over the past decades.

-,-@ Donjuan

    Thursday, May 10, 2012

Funeral of Senshi
Posted by: Vini -- 10:34 PM EST

Buya's Princess Lasahn posted an invitation for citizens of Buya and neighbor kingdoms to
go to the funeral of Aino Senshi who passed away last weekend. Here's a copy of her post:

For the Memorial of the Emperor
Aino Senshi

Please join us a ceremony of solemnity as we celebrate the
life of Emperor Aino Senshi and inter his royal body.

The memorial will take place Saturday May 12th at 6pm EST
by the Buyan palace. In his honor many will march about the Kingdom of Buya.

~Princess Lasahn~
~Head of State of Buya~

Nexus Atlas will be there, this saturday at 6pm EST/3pm PST to respectfully cover the funeral
of the late Emperor of Buya.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 47, Moon 11~

    Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A New Primogen(ess) for Alizarin !
Posted by: Erii -- 5:34 PM EST
Ohullo, readers ! Recently, there's been a shift in the leadership of local Nagnang clan, Alizarin. A successful clan with a bright future, Alizarin has had it's share of good Primogens over the course of it's life.

Now, it's got a new Primogen to look over it and it's members! Or should we say.. Primogeness ? Sloepoke has stepped down from his position and given it over to..

Lizette ! We know she'll do a great job to promote Alizarin and make it an even better clan as it always has been. Good luck, Lizette ! We know you'll make Alizarin proud.

    `,* Erii N'rin

    Tuesday, May 8, 2012

King Mhul offers Princess Lasahn a friendly shoulder
Posted by: Donjuan -- 1:40 AM EST
In the lights of recent happenings, many citizens have been saging and posting their condolences to Princess Lasahn for the death of her father. The most recent one was posted by King Mhul at community board and Chronicles of the Winds. It goes as the following:

Title: To Princess Lasahn

Dear Princess Lasahn,
On behalf of the Kingdom of Koguryo, I wish to express our deepest sympathy to you upon the death of your father, our noble friend, Aino Senshi.

During many decades of government service, Emperor Senshi distinguished himself from every other royal I knew. His capability in negotiating with neighbor kingdoms' was very important to the peace management of Buya, Koguryo and all surrounding nations.

I extend my condolences as well to the people of Buya who lost a marvelous and intelligent leader. I hope that time will help comfort the sorrow and help the "Jewel of the East" to keep shining.

We offer our help in any means necessary.

King of Koguryo

This tuesday is when Nagnang clans tribunal will happen, so it's most likely that Prince ChaeRi shall post his letter of condolences to Princess Lasahn as well very soon.

-,-@ Donjuan

    Monday, May 7, 2012

Senshi's death divides opinions
Posted by: Donjuan -- 11:48 PM EST
A lot of speculation has been spread over the sudden death of Aino Senshi. Some claimed he was killed while others like Phoenix Primogen Guerrund think that he was poisoned, but according to shaman elder, Inrequietus, who was there to see Aino's last moments, he actually died of natural causes.

"I visited with the Emperor's body and the Princess after he passed. I was told that he was laid to sleep, and simply never woke up. His face was calm, peaceful - certainly not a face of someone who suffered a harsh death" - said, Inrequietus on her post at Chronicles of the Winds. According to her, there's no reason to conclude nor believe his food was tampered during the Ball.

The original post by Inrequietus seemed to be a reply to Guerrund's and it goes as the following:

Title: -- Poison?..
Poison, brother?

Our family is adept at brewing potions, and I have no doubt that if it was poison, you would have been able to figure it out and cure the dear Emperor.

His lack of memory and disorientation could be chalked up to senility, the paling skin and nausea to his weakened immune system. He was not ill until well after the ball, which rules out the chance of shady characters tampering with his foods.

I visited with the Emperor's body and the Princess after he passed. I was told that he was laid to sleep, and simply never woke up. His face was calm, peaceful - certainly not a face of someone who suffered a harsh death.

A country is grieving; the focus of the people should be honouring the Emperor's spirit, for time is of the essence. Many will attend his funeral. False accusations towards his friends and allies would do nothing but mar his memory, and shame his people should they be proven false.

Allow the Princess to remember her father, as he was; a peace delegate, who was well loved by his people, having lived a long, prosperous life. Beyond the ramblings of an old man, there is no proof of poison. Let us say he died of natural causes and focus on the task at hand; sending his spirit away on its final journey home.

`, Inrequietus

Inrequietus tries to put reason during a time when everyone is pretty much acting on emotions. Who knows if she's right. Perhaps Aino Senshi did die of natural causes and perhaps he knew already he was sick and didn't have much time left and the "Light in Darkness Ball" was actually his way to say goodbye while preparing Princess Lasahn for her next steps.

-,-@ Donjuan

Haunting at Heaven's Ascent
Posted by: Erii -- 7:47 PM EST
[written by DeanWeen, say thank you!]

Today, shortly after Pyroflames' Art of War class, a flood of ghouls, skeletons, and undead flooded into Heaven's Ascent!

The fiends were screaming all at once to be heard, stuck tied to this world. It was soon theorized that Aino's soul may have very well been among the dead.

Shaman KoohWen soon discovered that the souls were merely those of peasant farmers.

    `,* Erii N'rin (and DeanWeen!)

    Sunday, May 6, 2012

Buya mourns for the loss of their Emperor
Posted by: Donjuan -- 11:46 PM EST
A little late in the evening today words of sorrow echoed from Buya as they announced the death of Emperor Senshi. It's yet uncertain about the cause of death of his Imperial Highness, but Princess Lasahn was pretty much panic-stricken and her soldiers began hunting for a possible killer.

It has not been officially confirmed if he died of natural causes or was infact murdered by someone. Shamans were convoked to help bring him to life, but it seems his silver thread has been lost.

Title: A message from the Imperial Sovereignty of Buya

Citizens of the kingdoms and the wilds, it is with deep sorrow that I have asked this letter to be written. My father, the honorable Emperor Aino Senshi has passed away this evening. An end of an age flees with my father's spirit and with it we are brought to great sorrow and grief. May the gods be with us all.

~Princess Lasahn~
~Head of State of Buya~

Shortly after the announcements, General Lindy showed up at the Throne room and with a deeply sad tone of voice, she ordered all soldiers to search the palace and the city for clues and asked only two guards to remain at the royals' doors. The General also informed that the Princess wanted everyone to leave the palace to not interfere with the investigations. The Princess rests grieving at her room alone.

-,-@ Donjuan

Strange Cats.
Posted by: Ushallfeerme -- 9:46 PM EST
As my Wife and I wandered through the Mythic territory, we made a discovery. Three strange cats, walking about.
Two black, one white. We are uncertain where these strange cats may have originated from, but one thing is for
certain; They were not from those lands. What exactly does this mean? I am not certain. I will be keeping
an eye out for further developments.


Inrequietus - New Shaman Elder!
Posted by: LilB -- 12:49 AM EST
Recently, Inrequietus was handed Elder of Shaman by BeffyCabeza, a long time Shaman Elder and well known person in the community!

Inrequietus has great knowledge of the path, serving as a guide before her reign.

Here she is, posing in the Valley of Mudang! Check out some of their Grave Robber events, it's a blast!


    Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Beltane's Festival this weekend
Posted by: Vini -- 9:03 PM EST
The Druid's festival of Beltane is being held next Friday (May 4th) and Saturday (May 5th) at Sacred grove. The opening Ritual will be held Friday 8pm est.

  • About Beltane's festival:
    The Beltane is one of the Lunar festivals (also called "Fire" Festivals). All of the lunar festivals are celebrated at night and are held during the Full Moon. They are primarily concerned with agriculture, nature, pasturing and livestock.
    Beltane resembles fertility, birth, the Feast of life. For more information about the Beltane’s festival consult the Tomes of the earth which can be bought from any kingdom’s library.

    ~Vini Normad’or~
    ~Hyul 47, Moon 9~