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Past News | May 2007

Past News
Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

Note: In January 2006, NexusAtlas moved to a new server and a new ISP. In that process the software that manages our news archives dropped its links. We do not know exactly why that happened nor are we able to fix it without support from someone who knows the software. Therefore, we are calling news prior to March 2006 "Archived News" and it can be accessed by the link below.

If you want to see archived news, click here.

May 2007

    Wednesday, May 30, 2007

6th Primogen of Silla
Posted by: Hatiki -- 1:26 AM EST

On May 18, 2007, Primogen Sick stepped down from the position of Primogen and Morick, the founder of Silla has once again assumed the role as Silla's sixth Primogen.

Congratulations Morick on the position of Primogen once again and thank you Sick for your services to your clan and kingdom.

-Hatiki Sudeki
-Hyul 8, 4th Moon

    Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New Judges
Posted by: Vini -- 12:35 PM EST

Head Judge Teragg has informed me yesterday that his first batch of new judges has finally been promoted from Judges in training to full judges. The justice system now counts with the help and work of Judge Bardocksu, Judge Geen and Judge Saboth.

Nexus Atlas congratulates the three of them and hopes that they shall keep doing a good job there.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 8, Moon 4~

Staff of the Elements Problem
Posted by: AllyGator -- 6:20 AM EST

Last week I was helping a player who could not get his Slave garb while doing the Staff of the Elements quest . We tried several things and nothing worked. Finally he figured out that the Slave master REALLY wants you to remove everything including beards!! Just a note of warning if you are working on that quest. It's been reported to KRU but Nexus Atlas feels you should know about it until it's fixed.

((And because Vini beat up on me about posting the time. . . ))

Hyul 8 Moon 4 Sunday 12 8 a.m.

    Monday, May 28, 2007

Pegasus Primogen
Posted by: Vini -- 5:04 PM EST

About one week ago, there has been a shift in leadership of Pegasus clan that went sort of unnoticed. The founder of the clan, Kujek, has once again stepped down from the position, on his 2nd reign, and assumed the position of Primarch in the clan. The new Primogen is no other then Drywater, who helped in the creation of the clan and has been in it since the beginning. Drywater who has been Head Carnage Host for quite a while now assumes Pegasus clan with much experience of leadership and it's quite a promise to Pegasus.

Congratulations to Pegasus 4th Primogen Drywater and thanks to Kujek for his services to Nexus.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 8, Moon 4~

P.S. No, I'm not back but I still check Nexus Atlas sometimes for news =)

Brief Hello and Upcoming Koguryo Defender Ceremony
Posted by: Hatiki -- 8:18 AM EST

Hello Nexus Atlas Readers! For those who don't know me, I'm Hatiki, the newest Nexus Atlas reporter.

I'll be reporting news from around the Nexus. With that in mind, read below!

On Friday June 1st, 2007 at 10pm EST, King Mhul and the Royal Ministry of Koguryo will be holding the Koguryo Defender Ceremony in the Royal Coliseum. Nominated Citizens of Koguryo will "Pledge to Defend Koguryo" and be blessed with the Sea Nymph Dye.

Below is Royal Minister Gilley's invitation, as posted on the Chronicles of the Winds board.


~ o\*`'.\|/.'`*/o ~

On behalf of King MuHyul
and the Royal Kingdom of Koguryo

We request the honor of your presence at the
Koguryo Defender Ceremony

On Friday, June 1st
10:00 pm EST/7:00 pm PST
inside the
Royal Coliseum of Kugnae Palace.

Those citizens who have shown devotion to Koguryo and its
king will be honored this special evening. The Royal
Ministry will also be praising the individuals who have
completed the Deeds of Citizenship quest.

~ Onward, Azure Koguryo! ~


Please remember that no weapons are allowed.


~Signed this 30th Sunday of Hyul 7,

:Gilley Galea
Royal Minister of Koguryo

-Hatiki Sudeki
-Hyul 8, Moon 4

    Sunday, May 27, 2007

Overlord B’Gnngh Legend Mark
Posted by: AllyGator -- 8:29 AM EST

On Friday, May 25, 2007 there was a reset. We read the following on the Dream Weaver board.

Overlord B’Gnngh? Who is this? He has been seen deep inside the ogre castle. Perhaps you are strong enough you can find him too.

Nurox sent me the following image of the Overlord B'Gnngh. I also grabbed an image of his new legend mark.

In order to get to the Overlord's room every person in a group needs a Floating ring of substratum. The group needs a total of 100 angry essences. There is a rumor that the Overlord drops a vest. Others say there is no drop. We'll keep you informed as information is available.

    Thursday, May 24, 2007

KRU posts Mug Contest Images!
Posted by: AllyGator -- 1:25 PM EST

I spoke with mug today. He told me that images of all of the winning entries are on NexusTK. Go see all of the amazing winning items. mug said, "I smile here." I can see why too! Simply amazing work from some very talented folks.

Images of the items won:

Bronze tea pot:

Silver tea pot:

Golden tea pot:

Mugs faerie darkness:

    Saturday, May 19, 2007

New Muse Elder!
Posted by: Songa -- 9:28 PM EST

Congratulations are in need for the fabulous, Moon-wine drinking, BEST MUSE EVER..
Soleil on her new position as Muse Maestra!

Thanks to Aelis for all her hardwork!

mug's Mug Event Winners!
Posted by: Sebelle -- 12:46 PM EST

As posted by Dream Weaver mug on the Community Board after last nights are the winners!


Grand Prize: KenZi

Best Nexus mug:
1st place: Kenzi
2nd place: Snowberry
3rd place: Winder

Best postcard:
1st place: JubJub
2nd place: Rhew
3rd place: MissPiggie

Best Nexus letter:
1st place: Saera
2nd place: Moondrops
3rd place: Tappestry

Best hand made letter:
1st place: Beyonder
2nd place: Anirak
3rd place: Qwyn

Best in game letter:
1st place: ijji
2nd place: Chantrea
3rd place: Soleil

Best letter:
1st place: Erucolindo
2nd place: RCMP
3rd place: Providian

ZBest paper mug:
1st place: Liora
2nd place: Soleil
3rd place: Chupi

Best Regular mug:
1st place: Allygator
2nd place: Majiko
3rd place: Erucolindo

Best hand made mug:
1st place: Aramachi
2nd place: Oeildutigre
3rd place: SirDerek

Special prizes:

Smallest mug: Vales
Largest mug: Liora
Maker of left right mug: Thou

Congratulations to everyone that won! According to mug we should be able to look forward to another special event like this in the future!

A special Nexus Atlas congratulations to our very own Allygator and Thou as well! ;P

    Monday, May 14, 2007

An Evening With mug
Posted by: Sebelle -- 10:25 PM EST


Start grinding that coffee! Start seeping that tea!

Fill your mugs to sip during

mugs special award ceremony

for the most outstanding entries


Friday, May 18th


9:00 pm EST/ 6:00 pm PST!

For entrance into this exciting event, look to the Inns!

(More specifically, the Southern Inns of Buya and Nagnang

or the local Inns of Kugnae and the Wilderness.)

You will be transported into mugs personal inspiration lair,

Weaver of Dreams, that sits high in the heavens.

Don't miss this Once-in-a-Lifetime opportunity to share a mug

with mug fans everywhere!

    Saturday, May 12, 2007

Posted by: Songa -- 1:45 PM EST

The tally is finally in, and after a long wait .. It has been announced that HanXin has won in
his long battle against Bluestone!

Here is what he wrote on the Community board:

Victory is ours! Once again, the good have conquered!

The Han army faced many trials at Sea as the battle raged on against the Blacksails pirates. The elements were on
our side this battle, a blessing induced by the supportive prayers made by our allies on land.

The battle ended on a desolate note, however. A large tidal wave engulfed Bluestone's vessel and decimated their
entire crew. We assume that Bluestone did not survive this justice of the Sea, for there are no traces linking to his survival.

In celebration of our victory, and in correspondence with your rulers, all those who offered their services to slay the
pirates will receive a victory flag to exude their Kingdom's pride during a Victory Parade.

(( Parade date: Monday, May 14th, 7:30pm PST/10:30pm EST ))

The tri-alliance is strong. Han would not have been able to successfully bring justice to the pirates without your efforts. Thank you.

For the Fallen! For the Avenged!
Long live Emperor Senshi!

= General HanXin

So dust off some confetti, and get ready for the Victory Parade!

In order to get HanXin's gift (a flag,) go to North Gate Buya and you will find an old man..

He will recognize that you helped HanXin battle Bluestone and award you with a flag! Happy flag waving~!

Note: If you helped Bluestone, you will NOT get a flag. Sorry guys!

    Friday, May 11, 2007

More Mug Info
Posted by: AllyGator -- 10:09 PM EST

The mugs can be worn on either hand . . . doesn't matter if it is left or right. Everyone who sent in a postcard gets a mugs right mug. Those who send in a mug also get a mugs left mug. More mug stats:

mugs Il left mug
Dura 125000/125000
Armor -8
Hit +4
Dam +4
Vitality Increase +3000
Mana Increase +1000
Might Increase +3
Grace Increase +3
Will Increase +3
Regen +5
Protection +1

mugs Sam left mug
Dura 200000/200000
Armor -10
Hit +5
Dam +5
Vitality Increase +5000
Mana Increase +2500
Might Increase +5
Grace Increase +5
Will Increase +5
Regen +5
Protection +1

The Mugs are Here!
Posted by: Nagnag -- 6:25 PM EST

Yoni, Honi, & the Nangen Ambassador (all located outside of your Kingdom's Palace) have them ready for you. If you submitted a mug with the postcard, select the "mug" option, otherwise select the postcard option.

Stats are below:

mugs right mug
Dura 50000
Armor -6
Hit +2
Dam +2
Vitality Increase +1000
Mana Increase +350
Might Increase +1
Grace Increase +1
Will Increase +1
Regen +5
Protection +1
Any Class Level 11

mugs 50 left mug
Dura 75000/75000
Armor -6
Hit +3
Dam +3
Vitality Increase +1500
Mana Increase +500
Might Increase +2
Will Increase +2
Grace +2
Regen +5
Protection +1
Any Class Level 50

mugs 99 left mug
Dura: 100000/100000
Armor -7
Hit +3
Dam +3
Vita +2000
Mana +800
Might +2
Will +2
Grace +2
Regen +5
Protection +1
Any Class Level 99

mugs Ee left mug
Dura 150000/150000
Armor -9
Hit +5
Dam +5
Vitality Increase +4000
Mana Increase +2000
Might Increase +4
Grace Increase +4
Will Increase +4
Regen +5
Protection +1

If you have Sam San, or Il San mugs, please post the stats in our forums under news reports. Thanks!

Mug's Mugs and More
Posted by: Rachel -- 8:34 AM EST

Earlier, Mug announced that the mugs will be here today.

If you sent a postcard or a mug you should, "Look for merchants around town to get Mug"

This could mean old or new NPCs.. I would check with the messengers first though

Mug also said that a week from now on Friday the 18th, "We have contest winners in my new room"

If I understood Mug correctly, there should be nine winners in all. First, second, and third place for the best mug, best postcard, and best letter.

Then he went on to say, "I have big event for this day to give away prizes" and "I post more on this soon"

A "big event" and "new room" just give me more questions! Does this have anything to do with the large addition that they hoped to have done by the end of this month?

Free Kruna!
Posted by: AllyGator -- 6:17 AM EST

For anyone who is currently registered on the 15th of May we will give you 100 Free Kruna! All players who are on auto renew will receive 100 addition Kruna!

Month to month players – 100 Free Kruna
Auto-renew players – 200 Free Kruna.

Thank you for your support!

Nexus Team

KRU site

Thank you to AnimeRage for bringing us this information.

    Thursday, May 3, 2007

New Silla Primogen!
Posted by: Sebelle -- 8:29 PM EST

A recent change in leadership has occurred within the Silla Clan of Nagnang, Primogen Morick has stepped down as head of the clan and has appointed Sick in his place!

Thank you for all of your work, Morick - and congratulations to new Primogen Sick, may your reign be long and prosperous!

Primogen Sick of Silla!

Thank you xDarkTurtlex for the tip!