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Past News

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May 2004

    Monday, May 31, 2004

Letters from Prince M'hul
Posted by: Lalia -- 4:55 PM EST

Prince M'hul has just posted the following two messages:

* * *

Greetings Prince Kija

I am honored and pleased that you have been freed of the
Spell and are now able to control your own destiny.

I look forward to meeting and getting to know Ambassador Yieta
from the kingdom of Kaya.

All hail King Yuri!
Long live Koguryo!

Thank you for your support,
Prince of Koguryo

* * *

Primogen Azelle
Forsaken Clan

Warning, you have overstepped your bounds, when you invite the
Kingdom of Koguryo citizens to your home and then attack them
Without warning you are not only a traitor to your Kingdom and
Prince but to others who attend in good faith.

I will let this foul act be handled by your Prince, but fair
Warning in future the Kingdom of Koguryo's Royal Army
Will take whatever action deemed necessary to defend
Its citizens

All hail King Yuri!
Long live Koguryo!

Thank you for your support,
Prince of Koguryo

* * *

Thanks to HonBob for pointing these out to me.

Princess Lasahn accepts Prince Kija's invitation
Posted by: Lalia -- 10:27 AM EST

Princess Lasahn has just posted the following in reply to Prince Kija's invitation:

* * *

Dearest Prince Kija,

Upon my arrival back to the Kingdom of Buya, I was informed of the happening at the Nagnang palace last eve. It is quite the honour to have Lady Yieta of Kaya within the Kingdom, and I would be more than happy to meet her.

I am thankful that she has broke the spell that you were under. It was indeed true that Lady Azelle had you under an enchantment spell, Prince Kija, and I am relieved to hear that you have returned to your senses. Do you recall any of the happenings that occurred under her enchantment? Your will? What actions do you plan to take..?

Such thoughts are too dark at this time. Lady Yieta brings new... hope to the Kingdom of Nagnang, and perhaps to the hearts of all citizens of the Kingdoms. I am certain we can learn much from her, being that she is a master of her abilities from what I hear. I only ask, Prince Kija, that you continue to hold firm to your throne and not limit your defense.

Prince Kija, I accept your invitation.

~Princess Lasahn~
~Head of State of Buya~

* * *

What will happen at tomorrow's gathering? It's sure to be interesting.

Formal Invite
Posted by: MarekP -- 9:03 AM EST

Dear Prince M'hul and Princess Lasahn,

In honor of this most exciting time, I invite you both, and your respective citizens, to a gathering next eve. This gathering will take place in the Nagnang palace, and it will be a celebration! I would like to formally introduce you to Ambassador Yieta from the kingdom of Kaya.. She is a very dear friend of mine, and a wonderful lady. I hope you will be able to attend. ((Time will be June 1st at 7:00pm EST))

Respectfully Yours,

Prince Kija

About the Wisdom Clothes
Posted by: Vini -- 3:30 AM EST

Much has been talked over the Wisdom Clothes issue and it's becoming something that is affecting the whole community.

We've been hearing complains from both sides and people are lacking to see that right now we all should be happy nexon is adding many things up as they promised they would and I'm sure this is not the last thing they will add in the next few weeks.

Please realize it's not the first time that nexon implements something that wasn't really fair and it will not be the last, but they are serious enough to correct it when they have a point for doing so.

Our dear Mr. Eldridge and Nightwalker Delphi returned recently and in few days brought many great stuff for us but people are lacking to see their daily efforts to please us.

Archons have been working daily for us as well, some more than others yes, but somehow because of some crazy rules they have most of their work is done in the shades, but again we lack to realize they are volunteers of work, they are not payed for it.

For long long time people have been complaining on how they wouldn't listen to us, and this has been raising the anger of people. One day Eldridge posts on Dream Weaver board that he read my post (which really shocked me because I didn't personally send to him was only put on community) and because of it he decided to try a few changes in the Wisdom Clothes system.

How did I manage to get his attention I really have no idea, but I believe it's because I treated him with respect. Eldridge as well as Delphi are humans, not machines and they do have feelings and do care for our feelings.

It seems that some people here in community don't. Some preffered to take it to more personal cases and these cases have nothing to do with the whole point. If someone was arrested by mistake they should take it to Justice Archon Marama, I'm sure she'll hear.

The problem is when people start to pick on others for many things. Like ones making fun of others who can't get it or even getting mad at the ones who can.
Seriously, I'm really upset on how people have been treating me because of this. Some just read that Eldridge considered changes after my post, but they didn't know the whole situation on how it was before.

So before coming to me saying "you suck", "I hate you" or "why don't you shut up?" please read the post I wrote before thinking I was trying to bring anything bad to anyone here:

I Vini Normad'or, been in this community for a long long time and I can't say how much I'm pleased to see these great looking armors being opened to our members.

I'm pleased to be able to have a DaSutZe robe, for following the laws and seeing many other members being happy with theirs.
The problem is that I'm seeing many many old members of Nexus, who are not happy to have their privilege of enjoying these armors like they should.

Most of them just commited mistakes once and were pardoned, but the way it was put, seems that the Chongun Pardon doesn't mean much anymore. It's now just a clear of legend marks doesn't have anymore the function of Pardoning the crimminals for their crime for real..

Why I say that? Because I see some members who have been here longer than I am, who are not being able to enjoy this wonderful robes we got because they are still paying for the crimes they commited a long time ago.

Of course someone who commited a crime once should not be treated as good as one who never did, but perhaps gods could find another way to give a bonus to the ones who stood for the laws all the times.

There are many possibilities, like making their armors wisdom clothes have 0 stats or even have less privileges in other things, but please don't exclude these people from this great time that nexus is going through now. I'm not saying this for me, because none of my alter-egos have ever been arrested either... but there are great people around these lands who deserve these robes and gowns as well, there must be some other way to valorize the ones who stood up for the rules of nexus all time.

Please think about that, I think this will be fair to everyone.

~Vini Normad'or~

This was the post I made on community about the issue. If you want to hate me for this, I'm sorry but I wrote it with the best of the intentions.

I guess if you read it, it will also clear the image that I agree with every decision that Nexon or Archons do, but at least I tried to expose my point in a respectful and fair way. Maybe that was what was missing for us to get hear. I know most people out there can do it so please stop picking on each other and treat people good instead...

~Vini Normad'or~

    Sunday, May 30, 2004

New Primogens in Buya
Posted by: Vini -- 11:53 PM EST

What a busy weekened it was. First the great Culture fair organized by the Royal Ministry of Koguryo. A great event that finally came to happen and took place in Fairlands of Dae Shore.

We also had a a shift in the primogenships of Buya Imperial Sovereign. Primogen Vano of Phoenix clan has stepped down to give place to the new Primogeness of the clan, Lady Kyas.
On the Heavens clan, Primogen Bingo has also stepped down this weekend to give place to the new Primogen Zarkh.

Congratulations to Zarkn & Kyas and a big thank you to the Royal Koguryo Ministry for fair, to Bingo and to Vano for their dedicated work as former primogens of clans.

~Vini Normad'or~

Kaming's Encampment Under Protection
Posted by: MarekP -- 11:50 PM EST

Day 2, Moon 5, Yuri 66

The Principality of Nagnang hereby places the territory known as "KaMing's Encampment" under its protection. There have been reports of raids against countrymen of the Three Kingdom's supply and trade convoys, and a garrison of Nagnang Army soldiers has been placed there to protect these countrymen.

These threats of massacre cannot be ignored.

The Army's garrison is simply protecting the area. The Army is not there to take over the territory, or to attack anything other than impending threats against said convoys.

Signed, Prince Kija
Signed, General MarekP
Signed, Colonel KaiTheArcher

Prince Kija and Lady Azelle: "I don't!"
Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 6:00 PM EST

Nuptials interrupted by... sovereign's bride?!

The wedding ceremony for Prince Kija, right, and Lady Azelle, a spectacle fit for the gods themselves.

NAGNANG -- Citizens of the Three Kingdoms were called this day to the Inn of Iniquity, inside the clan hall of the Forsaken. Many guests assembled in the hall to bear witness to Prince Prince Kija, sovereign of Nagnang, and Primogeness Azelle being joined in matrimony, in a ceremony conducted by Shaman Ahante of the Sun Moon Sect. A showing of soldiers from both the Nangen and Koguryan armies, clad in their respective uniforms, lined the eastern side of the hall, while those invited by Lady Azelle, including friends and family of the Forsaken, stood on the opposite side. Prince Kija appeared clad in a new wedding cloak, his cape the heraldric green colour of Nagnang. Also in attendance was Prince-Regent M'hul of Koguryo, accompanied by a retinue of soldiers from the Koguryo Royal Army.

Lady Azelle's voice rang out across the kingdoms, clear as a bell, welcoming "guests and would-be assassins" to Nagnang. She instructed that killings inside the hall would result in removal, and implored visitors to be civil. However, Azelle's warnings did not stop some from testing their luck. Prior to the ceremony, Prince Kija was assassinated by Force hAlEN, who was quickly subdued. The sovereign resurrected successfully. Others who dared to assault the prince were met with swift execution at the hands of the Forsaken.

Lady Azelle appeared in a scarlet wedding dress with a white train, wielding the sword of her clan, attended by a pair of white-clad bridesmaids. The ceremony commenced, with Ahante speaking of the souls of Prince Kija and Lady Azelle being bound together, their ties transcending time and space. Just as the ceremony was to be completed, however, a poet from Kaya, by the name of Yieta appeared in the hall, behind Ahante. It was revealed that Yieta, in fact, is truly Prince Kija's bride. She cast a spell of awakening on the sovereign, breaking Lady Azelle's enchantment.

Poetess Yieta (also pictured at right), Prince Kija's bride from Kaya, makes a surprise appearance.

Furious, Lady Azelle attempted to blast Yieta with an intense fire, but her flames appeared to reflect off the poet, and the primogeness was incinerated. The crowd of Forsaken called out immediately for Prince Kija's blood. With a cry of "Kill them all," a fierce fracas erupted in the hall. It is reported, however, that Prince Kija and Yieta retreated to safety.

The wedding ceremony turns into a grand melee.

Pegasus Clan is Official!!!
Posted by: MarekP -- 4:01 PM EST

Pegasus Clan is Official!!!

Congratulations to Primogen Kujek and the Pegasus clan of Nagnang on becoming official. They are the first Nangen clan to become official by completing the 6th month trial required of them. My best wishes goes out to this clan, and may they help Nagnang prosper. Congratulations again guys, you deserve it.

General MarekP

Letter from Lasahn to Kija
Posted by: MarekP -- 12:56 PM EST

~|From the Imperial Sovereignty of Buya|~

Prince Kija of Nagnang,

I do not know what reasons you have for bestowing all of Nagnang to your spouse, but I am presuming that there is a strong bond of trust between the two of you. Though there are speculations of Lady Azelle conducting malicious deeds against the Nagnang throne, I suppose these were simply rumors, as it seems you, Prince Kija, are quite satisfied and content with your bride.

I am concerned, however, on your sudden outburst for a change in your will. I hope you and your council will re-think what you have written, and realize that you still have a Kingdom to care for. You have been in a daze as of late, and ... I just hope that you do not take my concern offensively.

The Kingdom of Han requires my presence once again, and I am sorry to say that I will not be able to attend your wedding. I am sure that the Kingdom of Buya's citizens will be more than happy to attend your wedding, though I do advise my citizens to take extra precaution. Rumors may be indeed rumors, but the Buyan intelligence says otherwise...

I wish you well, Prince Kija...

~Princess Lasahn~
~Head of State of Buya~

Wisdom Clothes Still Bugged
Posted by: MarekP -- 12:14 PM EST

Wisdom Clothes Still bugged for some people

Myself personally, I had gotten a sage warning back in Yuri 37, but I was never jailed. I saw Eldridgeís post and was delighted that the robes were fixed, so I rushed to the Nagnang NPC. When I clicked him he told me that I needed to pay 250k, and that I can only get 2. It is still bugged because the sage warnings are not suppose to count against you. People that have these should only pay 100k and be able to get more. The funny thing is, I went to all four NPCís and they had something different to tell me. Nagnang and Kugnae told me I needed 250k, and the Wilderness and Buya told me I was jailed too recently to get one. I think the problem is that for us older players who got the warning, it was because this was when the old sage was around, and they didnít count that one. Lets all just hope they fix this, so we can enjoy it too.


Wisdom Clothes - Insult to Injury - Editorial
Posted by: TSWolf -- 12:14 PM EST

And with the latest round of changes, we see further proof that the people who run the company do not play the game.

According to their new law, people such as myself who've been there for 7 or more years, will only get to get the 1 year robes because "I fell off the wagon".

Fell off the wagon eh? My character was jailed to prevent someone from doing anything to it, not because it violated any law. I know several people who underwent the same thing. I know some people who had "Wrongful brands" removed but NOT justice matter resolved by.

And so now I get treated like I've been a "law abiding customer for one year". Folks, its simply not about the robes. It's about the company's appreciation for the work we've done. And I feel exceptionally abused because I did all of this stuff on my own accord. Several other staff members of mine feel the same way.

So now I have to HATE my character for something that happened years ago and remind myself just how OUT of control everything was. And now even the company who makes the game is finding suttle ways to insult players like me.

This event was "NOT" thought out, and its NOT about the robes. It's about the company's LACK of respect for its long time customers.. And they don't bother to THINK INTO issues and make SMALL appeasments to SHUT people up. And this "UPDATE" only pissed me off more because it shows FURTHER how this company deals with its customers. We have to SCREAM and SHOUT to get them to move 2 inches. NO other online gaming company would have such an obserd justice system branding thing to begin with, nevertheless an EVENT that WEIGHED DOWN on it.

I already shut my autorenew off.. Maybe after a month or so of manually having to go in and buy month to month tickets, I'll begin to wonder why I spent 8 years with this company to begin with.

This is coming from someone whose seen just about every Nexus event in history. People can say I'm being irrational about a stupid game and a stupid item, and it will clearly show they haven't been here this long, worked this hard, or read a damn thing I've said.

Wisdom Clothes Change - Jailings and Sage Abuse
Posted by: RougeRider -- 1:36 AM EST

After a series of late night/early morning resets, Eldridge the Spirit Guide has spoken out from the posts brought forth by the community. This shows, that our opinion DOES MATTER!

After some consideration, and because of the post of Vini I have decided to make a few changes to the Wisdom robes system.

The system is in place not only to honor how long a character has been around, but also to thank people for following some very simple rules in the game.

That being said, people who have truly learnt from their past actions, should also be rewarded for the time they have played while following the laws of the land.

So, having said that the new system is adjusted as follows.

Sage warnings (only warnings, not arrests or abuse) will not count as an act worth stopping you getting the robes, since you have obviously listened to the warning.

People who still have the red branding will not be able to get a robe, they will need to be removed first. This is obviously impossible for "Other serious" crimes, and so people with the Other serious will never get the robes.

People who have been jailed will not get items based on when they were "Born", instead their birth date will be considered as 1 year AFTER their arrest. So you will need to wait 2 years after a jailing to get the 1st level, 3 years after for the 2nd, and so on.

People who have been jailed (no matter when) will be expected to pay 250,000 gold, and not the normal 100,000 gold.

With these changes in place people who have learnt from their "mistake" will be able to get access to some of the robes, but without diminishing the value of them to people who have played without ever getting jailed.

The ex-con, so to speak, will have to have played (and behaved) at least a year longer than a person who has never been jailed to get the same level, and will pay more for it.

I think this is a very fair trade off, and makes sure people who have never broken a law get a rich reward, and people who have fallen off the wagon in the past can still show their commitment to the community now.



    Saturday, May 29, 2004

Wisdom Clothes - Absolute Joke - Editorial
Posted by: TSWolf -- 4:34 PM EST

This is an editorial on the wisdom clothes. And believe me, if it didn't effect me, I'd still be writing this.

I would like to say I'm *outraged* at this event by Nexon. Few and far are the patrons who have stuck it out since Beta. I, myself, had a runin with the law some years ago because of my character being hacked. I know several people who got wrongly jailed for other reasons, and have had brands removed but NOT justice matter brands removed.

For Nexon to finally implement something for us people who have spent FOREVER on this game was a GREAT idea. For them to disallow people for having Justice Matter brands which are IRREPERABLE, is an absolute JOKE.

I believe it's further proof that there is little appreciation for the people in the kingdom who aim to make the biggest differences. While some of the older, more SILENT people of the community are gladly wearing their robes from years ago, I have to sit there and be mocked by a bunch of jerks who were lucky enough to not get jailed but clearly should have been many times.

What this further shows is that the older you are to this company, the less appreciation that is given to you. I've had quite a few conversations with members of the Nexon staff, and I can say for the most part they are good people. They aren't nearly as respected as they should be, but it's PLAIN and clear to me that they pay less and less attention to the community aspect of the game than ever before.

We saw it years ago when one of the Delphi's who came to a conference said he "barely played the game and only worked on technical aspects and events". The part of Nexus that makes it stand out is the community. And the best way to break the community up even more is to DISCOURAGE some of your best customers because of issues that were resolved YEARS AGO.

I think this is a JOKE what happened today, and I pray that the people over at Nexon change it.. Or I know for a fact there will be some of their best customers who choose to take off autorenew for the first time in 6 years.


Wisdom Clothes
Posted by: Rachel -- 2:01 PM EST

The wisdom clothes cost 100k each. They have 40,000 dura, -10 AC, and they are bonded to you.

You cannot get these clothes if you have ever been arrested or lost sage.

Pictured below are Syntec and xDeadlyKissx in ChutZe, Rokugan and Brea in Doolze, Whocares and LadyVina in SetZe, NeoCloud and Phaeodra in NetZe, and Alas and Glee in DaSutZe.

Also, thanks to Frogger for the stats. ^.^

New Crafted & Well Crafted Amber Graphics
Posted by: Rachel -- 1:16 PM EST

Pictured here is a Crafted amber, Crafted dark amber, Crafted white amber, Crafted yellow amber, and a Well crafted dark amber in the center.

Wisdom Clothes
Posted by: MarekP -- 11:21 AM EST


As we approach the 6th Nexus anniversary, as well as the return of some old hero's to our lands, we are releasing what we call Wisdom clothes.

There are several levels of these clothes, which come in Robes for males, and Gowns for females. The level you will be able to get will be based on how old your character is in real life years. The clothes will also only be available to characters that have not caused any problems, and followed the path of wisdom and respected the rules of Nexus.

The first level is ChutZe, or "First" in Korean. This will be available to characters who were "Born" more than 1 year ago.

The levels continue with DoolZe, or "Second", for characters born 2 years ago, and so on.

Now, while we have legend marks for characters Born starting in version 4 until now, characters before that have the "Born before the Great Shift" we do not have exact records on, only vague records, which do not show exactly when the character was created.

To compensate for this we are giving all these people one common birthday of July 1st, 1998. That is the day Nexus went commercial, and about 7 months before the transition to version 4 when we started having accurate Born legends.

So for the moment you will be able to get the DaSutZe, or fifth year, clothes and when it comes to July 1st you will all celebrate your "birthday" together, and will be able to get the YeoSutZe, or sixth year, clothes.

Every year on the Nexus anniversary you will be able to get another level.

If you are intrested in getting these clothes then go to Yoni in Koguryo, Honi in Buya, the Ambassador in Nagnang, or Rotah in the Wilderness and ask about the "Wisdom clothes"

We hope you enjoy the new robes, and wear them with pride to show how long you have been in these lands.


    Friday, May 28, 2004

Nagnang Royalty News
Posted by: Lalia -- 4:08 PM EST

Two important notices have just come from Nagnang!

* * *

A personal invitation.

Your presence is requested at the ceremony to unite Nagnang, and celebrate the bond between Prince Kija and his intended bride, Lady Azelle, Primogeness of Forsaken Clan.

The wedding ceremony will take place inside the Halls of The Forsaken ((72/52 Nagnang)), and afterwards a reception will be held in the Inn of Iniquity.

The auspicious time of this ceremony ((6pm EST Sunday May 30th)), is set to mark a new era for Nagnang.

Guests are reminded that any unauthorised killing within
the chapel will result in immediate expulsion from the clan hall with no readmission. Guests are asked to be prompt as doors will be closed shortly before the ceremony begins.

Long live Prince Kija.

* * *


I, Kija, Prince of Nagnang, of sound mind and body, do hereby make, publish and declare the following to be my Last Will and Testament, revoking all previous will and codicils made by me.

I declare that I am to take a future wife, Lady Azelle, Primogeness of The Forsaken Clan, Nagnang, to which I have referred to herein as my "spouse".

I appoint my spouse as personal representative of my will.

I give, devise and bequeath all of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate, of whatever kind and character, and wherever located, to my spouse, provided that my spouse survives me. Governance of Nagnang and control of the Nangen Forces shall pass to my spouse, as well as my medals and Sun Tiger-mail.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereto set my hand and seal this as my last Will and Testament.

Signed: Kija, Prince of Nagnang
Signed, sealed, published and declared to be the Last Will and Testament in the presence of all of us, who, in the presence and at the request, and in the presence of each other, have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses:

KazigluBey - Primarch, The Forsaken
Borfshwitz - Chancellor of Nagnang, The Forsaken

* * *

On behalf of Nexus Atlas, best wishes to Prince Kija.

Thanks to Galadare for this information.

The Return of the Expired Ones
Posted by: Vini -- 1:44 AM EST

As has been posted already by Marekp, nexon offers every year a free day play for the expired ones to be able to return and check on what's going on in nexus.
This time will not just be one day, but the whole weekened.
Many old players have returned already to enjoy this free days play that Eldridge posted about on Dreamweaver.

Since the first report about it on Nexus Atlas was sometime ago, it was best to remind people again that from today (yes, you already can log in!) to May 31st any expired accounts may be played by the owners for free.

Don't need to contact Nexon or anything, just go to Nexus TK login page and put your character name and password and you are back in nexus!

Please remember that this doesn't work with blocked accounts or deleted characters.

Hurry, go tell your friends about these free play days, who knows if after seeing the many new things they won't be excited to return for good=)

~Vini Normad'or~

    Thursday, May 27, 2004

Changes... and things to come?
Posted by: Conro -- 2:50 AM EST

- Prison outfit and other 'new armors' are viewed as Spring robe graphics in Carnage server.

The rival pirates have both set sail back to Ilbon, and have returned the messengers back to our land.

The messengers now respond to the word 'Pirates', and give a brief description of what they did in captivity. [Thanks AllyGator].
The only hint gathered from all of this is that Bluestone seemed in a rather large haste in getting out of the sight of The Panda...

More to come in the very near future, perhaps?
Time shall tell...

    Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Consistant Reporting
Posted by: TSWolf -- 1:10 PM EST

Lately, some of my staff has been rather busy and behind the curve on the smaller aspects of Nexus... So I'm on the lookout for people who will become more regular reporters of news.

I will be looking for people that spend alot of time on the game, are well experienced, and are vocal yet mature on things such as the community board, CoTW or items of the sort.

Do not apply. Do not ask. Do not bug reporters. This will be based on recommendation by Nexus Atlas staffers and their observations.. Nothing more.

Nows a good time to help out the community and become a part of the best Nexus site group ever!

Good luck.

Posted by Eldridge on Dreamweaver
Posted by: TSWolf -- 12:20 PM EST

Well, the time has come for the pirates to move on, and to go do whatever they are going to do next. However, because of some people complaining about how this event worked, I will take some time to explain a few things.

Firstly the people who swear up and down that the event was bugged. It was not. Delphi and myself went through the event probably 6 or 7 times at different times on different days over the weekend making sure everything was there, and in working condition. We both managed to do it with no problem what so ever.

Secondly, the people who are complaining about the "late" arrival of Chen Lee on the second day, and suggesting that the event is not finished which is why you can't access the island gate, you are incorrect.

Most events in Nexus begin on Friday's, not Thursdays. The initial arrival of Bluestone "a day early", was to help set the story line, and to start a few parts of the event. Remember this, is a role-playing game, and not about "itemz that pwnz", and that there is going to be a story for anything that happens, at least as much as possible. Complete the story, and there will be a reward for it.

Everything that was brought up on Thursday's installment of the event could be completed that day. Bluestone did say there was no way to get to the Island, so there was no need to have a way to the island that day. He did however bring up three other main points.

Chen Lee and his group were planned to arrive as soon as at least 2 of the 3 things that were opened on Thursday were completed. One being the collecting of some main information from Bluestone, which is there to start setting up a story line that is on going.

The second thing you could have also done on Thursday was the repairing of the life jackets, which was in the game then already, and could have been completed then as well.

The third, since you did not finish it, I will not mention here, because as post 1 of the Law board says we do not give out hints and tips on events, and as it is part of an ongoing event (read on) I will not say more.

However, by Friday evening you had only done one point (gotten some main points from Bluestone), and instead of just sitting around hoping somebody would get somewhere else we brought in Chen Lee anyways.

After the arrival of Chen Lee, there were another 2 aspects to the event added. Again, everything that players could get to and see could be "completed" and this includes the island gate. The fact that people died trying to use the life jackets with holes in them actually encouraged people to solve the second part of the Bluestone story. The other things nobody really picked up on, but some people got close. One person did actually get the phrase to use but they made a typo and didn't realize their mistake.

Now, as I already said, this event is laying some of the groundwork for the main summer event. Everything that happens in Nexus is part of an overlying story arc that is always on going. Some things have little bearing on the story, where others play a larger role. But from the first day of Nexus till now, and into the future, everything is a part of the story of Nexus. They are all intertwined, and related, and all have brought us to where we are today.

Because you were not able to solve the riddle of the island gate, the story line will be different down the road. I would try to suggest that it may aid you, however I think you all know that not knowing exactly what the pirates are up to is not going to be a good thing. The story is always changing, and adjusting, for what is going on in the world of Nexus.

So, the story continues. The enemy is ahead right now, as you had an opportunity to at least find out what they were up to and didn't. How that may effect you in later days only time will tell, but until then remember what you have learnt, as it may aid you when the time comes. Be sure of one thing however, what is, or was, behind that gate will play a part in the future.

Pirates Depart
Posted by: MarekP -- 9:21 AM EST

At dawn this morning Bluestone lifted anchor, and sailed off from the coast of Hausson . Chen Lee and his group plundered some foods and supplies from around the land, and then quickly gave chase again to Bluestone and his ship.

What will happen to them, or what secrets Bluestone was keeping, we may never know. For now peace and tranquility have returned, as well as our messengers.

"As Posted on"

-General MarekP

    Saturday, May 22, 2004

Event Walkthrough
Posted by: MarekP -- 9:35 AM EST

Last Updated at 7:30 PM EST by TSWolf

-- All Items can be taken off ship, islands and stay after you log off --

The Panda can be found at the top of Hausson.. Bluestone's ship is off of the South of it.

Info On Chests -
All chests in one room contain the same thing. (More info on exact locs of chests can be found in the walkthrough)

Keys you need
(1) Captain's Key - Compass (Found on Panda)
(4-8) Scrub's Key - Water Jugs (Found on Panda)
(1) Pirate's Key - Life Jacket (Found on Bluestone's Ship)
(2) Mate's Key - Oars (Found on Bluestone's Ship)

Captains - Blue
Scrubs - Gold
Pirates - Purple
Mates - Red

Treasure and Chest Keys are for use on the small island. They are also gold and dropped by pirates on both islands.

1. Go to the Pirate (Bluestone's) Ships which can be found off the Southern Coast of Hausson.

2. Go to the Captain's Room, which can be found at the LEFT side of the Upper deck (You have to go all the way down to the lower deck, then back up on the other side.). Once you're in there, the captain responds to several phrases -

Note: In order for the quest to work, you have to get the captain to confess puncturing the life jackets. In order to do this, I had to give him several bottles of wine... some people have been able to do it with just one. I would suggest taking a bunch (thick wine, rice wine... NOT regular wine). Make sure to say Skiff until he tells you about the life jacket holes.

Wine (Will take any/all of one kind of wine in inventory)
Chan lee (Chan works too)

3. Gather 1 life jacket (top deck, any chest - use pirate's key), 2 oars (mid deck, left side of supply room - use mate's key), 1 compass (Middle Room on Deck of Panda, in Crew Quarters all Chests), 4-8 Water Jugs (4 for small island, 8 for large.. Old Water Jugs can be used. New ones can be found in Lower Deck middle room )1 map (kill pirates in Hausson or Dae shore)

4. Go to the Tailor in Sanhae Valley and say 'repair'. If you did the captain part correctly, she'll ask you for fine cloth, fine weaving tools, and a fine needle. Fine Needle can be made by following the directions in 5.

5. Bring one piece of ginko wood to the carpenter in the wilderness and say 'needle'.

6. Return to the tailor and say 'repair'. You will now receive a Repaired life jacket.

7. Go to the Panda (North of Hausson) and walk to the far right of the first room with all of your supplies. You will be taken to the island. THE ONLY ITEMS LOST ARE WATER JUGS (4-8 of them, depending on the size of the island you go to). Your map and such will stay at your side.

8. On small island, Walk straight up to talk to the captured Messengers. They seem to be enjoying their stay... not quite sure what to do with them.

9. Follow the twisting paths of the island to make your way to the Pirate's cave. There are multiple chests scattered throughout the caves, and the pirates there drop different keys. The Secret key gives an Ilbon knife, and the Chest key gives an Ilbon vest. Treasure key opens Ilbon outfit.

10. On Large island there is a cave that does not allow us to enter. We are stuck here.

Thank you Yang and Brea for the Information. Special thanks to Mrpoetpo for sharing the *repair jacket part* when other greedy people wouldnt. Also many thanks to others who have helped in this event.


Repairing Jackets?
Posted by: RougeRider -- 12:12 AM EST

Finally a breakthrough!
When you finally encounter the ship captain, remember to say "Skiff." This triggors the event of having him confess to punching holes in the jackets. Instead of the popular theory of ... killing yourself from the island entrance.

Once you have your items, go to the Sanhae tailor and say "Repair." She will require a few things.

The Needle can be found by saying "Needle" and bringing a ginko wood to the Splinter.

After that, you should be able to enter the island.

    Thursday, May 20, 2004

Pirate Quest Walkthrough
Posted by: TSWolf -- 9:12 PM EST

This will be updated/modified as more things are found out and changed throughout the weekend.

--Items are NOT lost by logging off, leaving ship--

How to Get Items -

Top Deck - ALL chests (Pirate's Key) - Life Jacket

Mid Deck, Left Side, Supply Room - Rightmost Chest (Mate's Key) - Oar (Should need 2)

Kill Pirates running to Hausson Bridges (On Hausson) - Pirate Map


1. Go to the Pirate Ships which can be found off the Southern Coast of Hausson.

2. Go to the Captain's Room, which can be found at the LEFT side of the Upper deck (You have to go all the way down to the lower deck, then back up on the other side.). Once you're in there, the captain responds to several phrases -

Wine (Will Take any/all Thick Wine in inventory)
Treasure then Skiff
Chan lee (Chan works too)

A good idea right now would be to bring Thick Wine and accomplish this step to be safe.

3. From there, we are currently stuck.

Messengers Kidnapped!
Posted by: Rachel -- 8:11 PM EST

Earlier today, the pirates got off their ships, stormed through the kingdoms, and kidnapped all of the messengers. The messengers all seemed to know their fate long before the first was taken.

One by one, the messengers were taken. The pirates boasted their accomplishments to the kingdoms.

Citizens gathered to protect the messengers in Buya and then, as pictured below, in Nagnang. A few pirates fell, but they moved much to fast for the citizens to catch them all. (The pirates can be seen up top)

The pirates also seem to be doing something in Hausson. Keep searching for clues. Don't let Bluestone keep all of his treasure!

    Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Royal Culture Fair (edited) Postponed!
Posted by: MarekP -- 9:19 PM EST

Welcome to the /\
Royal Koguryo's '\/
Culture Fair! ' +
' +
' +
' +
' +
' +
' Everyone is invited to this landmark event!
' Please enter Dae shore and click on the NPC
__ ' and he will help you find your way to the fair.
\o . '
\ \/
/ \ Find out everything you ever wanted to know
/ / about each Clan, Subpath, Non-subpath,
Army and Ministry!

Saturday, May 22th: (3pm EST)
(Sub paths)

Sunday, May 23th: (4pm EST)
(Clans and Royals)

The Ministry will also be hosting Revels
5:00 pm EST

Enjoy Games and Fun as well as learning!


Well, due the Pirate's invasion to the Kingdoms the Royal Ministry of Koguryo though it would be safer to postpone the Culture fair again: (seems nexon isn't colaborating for it to happen, poor Starrbrite =/ )

Due to the fact the wonderful pirates decided to come invade us at a bad time I have no choice but to move the Royal Culture Fair out another week. I am very sorry this happened but there was nothing I could do to prevent it. I hope each and every one of you will come to the fair.

Saturday, May 29th

Sunday, May 30th

I know it's a holiday for America but I WILL NOT move this event again. We will have it that weekend and it will not be changed.

Again I am sorry about this *kicks pirates* but sometimes things happen we can not help. Go out there and beat some pirates up for me will you!

Thank you,
Royal Minister of Koguryo

Edited by Vini

Mhul's Statement (EDITED)
Posted by: MarekP -- 9:18 PM EST

Just like Prince Kija and Princess Lasahn, the Prince-Regent M'hul of Koguryo has made his official statement about the conflicts with barbarians that finally came into an agreement:


First let me say Thank you to the KRA and Clans of our land
For responding to the Barbarian threat, and also lets us not
Forget the many citizens of our land that also responded to the
Kingdoms need.

To the Barbarians I say that the problem was reported to the King
Who kept advised of the progress. Upon the withdraw of the Army
From the Wilderness the King was advised of your agreement to
The terms posted.

I can not claim victory in the battle as the Druids, Rangers and
Geomancers pleaded to stop the fighting as it was causing much
Damage to the land. Hearing the pleas of the other inhabitants of
The wilderness I called upon the Army and others to withdraw.

The Kingdom would like to help repair the damage to the land
During the battle, so I call upon the citizens of our fair Kingdom
To each time they enter into the Wilderness take a moment to
Plant an acorn or some flowers to help heal the battle areas.

To the Barbarians I call upon you to live up to the agreement so
Such a disagreement does not happen again.

All hail King Yuri!
Long live Koguryo!

Thank you for your support,
Prince of Koguryo

Seems, the response of Winder to their statements didn't please much the Prince of Koguryo and although kingdoms and barbarians are in peace, the hostility continues and the tension as well. Here's the post made by Prince Mhul to the Elder of Barbarians:

Agreeing to leave your homeland, it was not at your request
It was at the request of the other members of Wilderness, so
Don't flatter yourself, it was our intent to drive you from those
Dirty caves to uninhabited areas beyond.

I call upon the long memories you talk of to follow the
Agreement you make with the three Kingdoms, and the
Love of your wilderness was so great you did not agree
Until we marched into the lands to drive you out.

You may play with the words, as you wish but the demands or
Requests as you call them are demands in our language. Never
Did we act out of desperation or fear of the rabble you call the Horde.
Our townsfolk are innocent but will fight when the are pushed and
Abused by others.

We closed the borders of our Kingdoms, as we know you are not
Able to take care of yourself with out trading with the towns, thus
You had to make changes to your actions to those living in towns.

We have always offered peaceful relations and trade, it was your
Lack of control over your boisterous youth that led to this. As you
Say in your own words, they attacked and killed many innocents such
As Women and children many no more then babies in arms.

It is good you send to the hunting parties in the outlying areas you
Might advise them to make the hunting camps larger in case you
Fail to live up to the demands.

Our ceremonies and events, might be foreign to your group
But the are a very important part of the Kingdoms and to hold
Them without being subjected to harassment are important to us.

It is your people who should apologize to those who live in
The land with you for the desecration as if you had agreed
To the demands in first place we would have not been entering land.

Both our people have paid in blood, and lets hope this is the
Last of so many useless deaths.

All hail King Yuri!
Long live Koguryo!

Thank you for your support,
Prince of Koguryo

Well, with this expected attack from the Pirates, we hope that the focus of both groups will turn into stopping the Pirates on invading our lands.

Edited by Vini

Winder's Statement
Posted by: MarekP -- 9:17 PM EST

- A well-tanned strip of sheepskin has been carefully marked with
barbaric runes, spelling out a simple message. -

~ To the Leaders of the kingdoms of Nagnang, Kugoryo, and Buya. ~
~ The Barbarian Horde bids you good morning, and good health. ~

We thank you for agreeing to leave our homeland in peace, and
allowing the land we love time to renew itself from our battle. Our
memories are long, know that we will not forget the events of this

Your messenger arrived this morning to thank us for agreeing to your
demands. - We do not see them as demands, but as a request that we
have chosen to grant. We acknowledge that your people have acted
out of desperation and fear of our Horde, to close their borders to our
kind, and so we now have promised to be more considerate of your
innocent townsfolk, in return for peaceful relations and trade.

Our boisterous youth will be encouraged to choose more challenging
battles and conflicts, to strenthen their bodies and skills for their
harsh lives here in the wild - No longer will they cut their baby teeth on
your innocents, your shopkeepers, your women and children.

A copy of this message has been sent to our outlying hunting
parties, to be sure they understand that your people should not be
roughed up in the future. But be warned - Those who venture into our
Caverns, and the Barbarian Caves, will be subject to our harsh laws
and ways.
Your ceremonies and events, while foreign to us, and lacking in the
cold logic of survival, will be respected, in the interest of trade and of

We will not require that you apologize for your desecration of our
Your people have paid in blood, as have ours. We will leave you to
weep for your dead, as we weep for our own.

Written by,
Barbarian Guide

Barbarian Elder

Posted by: MarekP -- 4:20 PM EST

I, Prince Kija of Nagnang, do hereby now order the withdrawal of any combat forces from the Wilderness. It is now nearly one day after the Great Battle and the Barbarians have kept to their word. This war began as a response to their harassment and disdain for the Kingdoms.

Remember this: Nagnang will be ever watchful. Our enemies know what is required of them. They know what demands MUST be followed. And shall they go back on these promises of theirs, we will END this peace, and bring back the Banishment.

My Kingdom regrets the damage done to the Wilderness, but it must be realized that some sacrifices must be made so that the citizens of the Kingdoms can live free and happy. The other Royals and I have made it clear that we seek to undo the damage that has been done. You can ask the Geomancer Alishana of our actions, and our commitment to these words.

~Prince Kija

Peace once again
Posted by: Vini -- 1:51 AM EST

After a few conflicts and much negotiation it's declared by Princess Lasahn that the War against the Barbarian Horde is now over:

~|From the Imperial Sovereignty of Buya|~

Greetings, citizens!

The war between the Barbarians and the three kingdoms has officially ended. The ban placed upon the horde is now lifted, as the Elder of the Barbarians sternly declared that his kind will tolerate the demands of the royals.

The demands listed specifically request a change in attitude from the horde towards the citizens in the Kingdoms. There is absolutely no excuse to violently attack innocent citizens of the Kingdoms simply because they choose to live a kingdom-life. In turn, no Buyan citizen has a right to violently abuse barbarians who choose to keep a neutral stance with the Kingdoms.

The Barbarians understand now why they were bannished from the Kingdoms, and their new elder, Elder Winder, will ensure that the horde continues to teach the barbarian hopefuls the true motive of a barbarian heart.

The battle that took place was intended specifically to attack the Barbarian front. Citizens of Buya, Koguryo, and Nagnang rushed to show their distaste to the Barbaric ways; but the royals, whilst midway in the battle, could not help but hear the cries of those in the wilderness. I was struck by what I saw in the skies -- a swirl of darkness overcoming the north. Memories of the Buya and Koguryo war plagued my mind, and, in turn, I immediately ordered a cease fire. It was at that instant that Barbarian Elder Winder too realized that the fighting was damaging the wilderness and its life. In turn, the Elder declared that his kind will see to the simple and understandable demands of the Kingdoms.

The withered rose I took with me in hand after the battle is now nestled in the soil beside the Druids' home, as witnessed by the druids, rangers, geomancers, and barbarians. I will be observing the improvement of the wilderness, for I do not wish for the actions of today to scar into the future as the Buya and Koguryo war has.

I am pleased to announce that the Barbarians are welcome back into the Kingdoms. Treat each other with respect, and such a bannishment will never happen again. If the demands are not met and if no sign of change to the horde is made, actions will be taken once again. I trust, however, that Elder Winder will step forth and lead the horde into a prosperous future. With that, I wish the very best for the the Barbarians and their intentions to better themselves not only for the sake of the Kingdoms, but for their own.

Thank you.

~Princess Lasahn~
~Head of State of Buya~

As you may have noticed on the post by the Princess, Crumble is no longer elder of Barbarians, he again gave this charge to Winder. If Winder will remain in this position for good now, only time will tell, last time this shift was announced it only lasted one day.

Also as the the war was truely declared by Prince Kija we'll be waiting to hear from him a formal announcement that it's over.

For the ones who want to read the List of demands we'll list it here for current and future refferences:

The following list of demands is addressed
to the Barbarians horde. The ban will be lifted
once Elder Crumble of the Barbarians consults
the list of demands with his kin, and agrees
to follow through with the Kingdoms' request.
-All Barbarians will be granted access to the Kingdom of Koguryo, Nagnang, and Buya as long as they do not disrupt all future Kingdom affairs and events.

-All Barbarians who enter the Kingdom must respect the citizens who reside within Kingdom walls. It is unacceptable to have disgust upon those who one does not know on a one-on-one level. Not all Barbarians have committed crimes against citizens of the Kingdoms, but we demand that Barbarian Crumble, as the path's elder, apologize for those who have constantly taunted and abused innocent civilians.

-The Barbarian elder must publicly remind Barbarian hopefuls (on the community board) that part of being a Barbarian brother/sister does not mean to be abusive and galling towards -anyone- in the kingdom. Young citizens of the lands have been abused by several Barbarians, and such abusiveness towards the young is absolutely not acceptable.
The excuse that it is in their right to distaste and therefore react in violence is not acceptable within Kingdom walls.

-The Barbarian elder and guides should remind their Barbarian hopefuls that only a stereotypical Barbarian dislikes the Kingdom for no reason other than to be a nuisance.

-The Barbarians either avoid all future Kingdom ceremonies or attend in a peaceful, respectful manner. Insult, threats, and violent actions towards the royals in public face during ceremonies must not ever take place.

These demands do not make the Kingdoms and the Barbarians allies or neutral. Rather, it is to disdain crude notions from the Barbarians towards the Kingdoms. The Barbarian disgust towards Kingdom-life is understandable, but never should their disgust take the form of violence and slander towards those who freely choose to reside within the Kingdoms.

If demands are agreed to by all barbarians, the ban will be lifted.


Prince M'hul of Koguryo,
Princess Lasahn of Buya,
& Prince Kija of Nagnang

Hopefully the Barbarians will truely follow this list of demands and they agreed to, if so we'll gladly see peace spread over the lands again.

~Vini Normad'or~

    Monday, May 17, 2004

Watch Out, The Defenders Approach!
Posted by: Vini -- 6:12 PM EST

It was very festive weekened for the Kingdom of Koguryo. On the special night of Saturday many new defenders have Pledged to Defend Koguryo on a memorable ceremony held by Minister Starrbrite and Prince Mhul.

The night of glory started with AphroditeXO, member of the Kogurian Ministry doing the Anthem of the Kingdom.

After a short speech, Prince Mhul started calling the Primogens of each clan of Koguryo to present the ones who would be blessed that night.

Primogeness Sloan of the Bear clan presented these 5 people who pledged for Koguryo:
- Samahuri Dee
- Sonbae Guldar
- Sulsa-Do Llydia*
- Balistraria CurlyM
- Karuna Aenea

Primogeness Khaos of the Sun Moon Sect presented these 5 members who pledged defense for the kingdom:
- Inferno LordEwok
- Barrage Bimoo
- Mage Dippie*
- Ju jak Adella
- Sammasati Maya

Primogen Mandad of the Enigma clan presented his 5 honored to become Kogurian defenders:
- Sulsa-Do Basil
- Sul'sah Nussan*
- HwarangDo Berrtie
- Sulsa-Do Barryt
- Balistraria Magnita

Primogen Vini of the Oceana clan presented the 5 who pledged to defend the nation:
- Cunning SSVegito
- Shaman Mesocute*
- Gypsy Terren
- Poet Zeatha*
- Chongun Billybob

Primogen Koroc of the Destiny clan also pledged to the defend Koguryo that night after presenting these 5 who got honored in name of their clan:
- Druid Arcanacaelum
- Hyun Moo Gabe
- Baekho Gabriell
- Poet Kino*
- Muse Ayumii

To close the long night of many new Kogurian defenders, Minister Starrbrite also presented 5 members of the Kogurian Ministry who pledged to defend Koguryo that night:
- Gypsy AphroditeXO
- Mercenary Blooduster
- Diviner Kieta
- Chongun Taoer*
- Vituoso Halucin*

*the people listed with * after the name weren't able to come to the ceremony, will formally pledge after.

With so many new people pledging to defend Koguryo, we now just hope that the kingdom will remain even safer.

~Vini Normad'or~

The Proclamations Continue...
Posted by: RougeRider -- 3:48 PM EST

Following lead of Prince Mhul; Prince Kija, and Princess Lasahn have also declared a proclamation against the Barbarians. The Barbarians as of now, are banished from all kingdoms, leaving the wilderness to dwell in.

I, Prince Kija of Nagnang, do now make this Royal Prcolamation.

The Kingdom of Nagnang now closes its border to all Barbarians. Too long have we suffered their insults and foolish acts. The Army is hereby now ordered to forcibly remove all Barbarians from the Kingdom. All facilities of Nagnang are now closed to their access.
I regret that it must come to this, but their recent actions have proven this necessary. I must look to the safety of my people. The Horde MUST be taught a lesson.

Signed and Sealed this day:
~Prince Kija

~|From the Imperial Sovereignty of Buya|~
The Barbarian horde has demonstrated several times that they do not appreciate or respect neither the people
nor environment of the Kingdom of Buya. Several times the horde has come into the Kingdom and caused chaos and
annoyance during peaceful times.

Countless times I, and several citizens of the Buyan Kingdom, have had to deal with threats and abusive actions by those who seemingly claim to "thrive" for and within the wilderness. I do not see evidence as to how their actions are protecting the wilderness and its vegetation, which I treasure and respect dearly. If my Kingdom was truly seen as a threat to the Wilderness vegetation, I would be more than certain that my ambassador, who is a mystic druid of the wilderness, would bring this to my

After much thought, I have decided to proclaim the following:
I, Princess Lasahn, proclaim
that all Barbarians are bannished from
from the Kingdom of Buya.

Barbarians will be rejected access
to the Kingdom of Buya in due time,
hopefully infusing a sense of epiphany,
should the Horde realize their actions
have been unjust and unacceptable
within the fair Buyan Kingdom walls.
~Princess Lasahn~
~Head of State of Buya~

From Hard to Impossible
Posted by: TSWolf -- 5:36 AM EST

As Posted by Delphi on Dreamweaver after this mornings reset..

Based on several comments and suggestions received over the weekend concerning the mazes we have made a few changes here and there to make it a little more challenging, and also less annoying.

With this reset the large trees will be removed, perhaps to be replaced with something less annoying later on.

Also the "floor sweep" will be a lot more frequent in the rooms, to prevent people making trails (hey, it was a popular suggestion we got!), so if you go in there don't drop anything you wouldn't want to loose pretty quick.

Because of these changes we are also going to reset all the current maze time records, sorry. This will only make it more fare on people who are starting now, and will reflect the current maze system.

I hope this makes the mazes more challenging, and more entertaining to people willing to enter into them.

Good luck, and (with only good wishes) get lost!


    Sunday, May 16, 2004

Proclamation of Banishment
Posted by: MarekP -- 11:33 PM EST

Barbarian's you have for many yrui's complained you hate townies, but
Continue to enter the Kingdom and harass the good citizens of Koguryo.

After conferring with my Ministers and advisors as to how to keep you
From this all consuming hate to the point it drives you further from the protection Of the Kingdom I have issued the following proclamation.


From this day forward let it be known to all the subjects of
the wilderness Known as Barbarians are hereby forbidden
from entering the Towns of the Koguryo.

All hail King Yuri!
Long live Koguryo!

Thank you for your support,
Prince of Koguryo

    Friday, May 14, 2004

Maze Speed Race!
Posted by: Vini -- 11:01 PM EST

For the ones that want not just the fun of finding the exit to the 250x250 size Mazes of the towns, there's also now the challenge for the fastest times.

As people have noticed the there's a legend mark for the ones who end it up Fastest time through maze: .

Not just that, the users list has now Mazes times under the rabbit invasions score.

For a quick link, click here:

Rush inside the maze, some people have finished it under 1 min!

~Vini Normad'or~

P.S. On a side note the Destiny clan webreport has finally gained a link on users list. It has been there for a few days but wasn't reported yet.

Pirates coming?
Posted by: MarekP -- 9:52 PM EST

Many of us have received newsletter from Eldridge which mentioned several things, but since there were no mention in Whispering Winds board, we should give attention to this part:

Trouble on the high seas

Recently several fishermen from the island of Hausson have reported that while out on fishing trips they have seen what looks like large fires out at sea, as well as a sound like thunder.

The noise and the commotion has been getting closer over the last few days, and now the fishermen are scared to go out any more.

I do not know what doom this may bring, but I urge people to be prepared for anything that may come.

Posted by Eldridge

From this we can only guess that the Pirates may be returning, but from visions of Diviners posted on COTW we can surely expect some conflicts coming up from the seas:

not even in the dark depths of barbarian brew can I find peace!

What tortures lie before me?

Can I not be left in peace from these visions???

I awoke with a vision hazy...NO! not from the drink you FOOLS!...there is an evil fog approaching...death draws near...

A ship I see...a ship of plunder and disarray...

Take heed Citizens...
Many have been lost before...Fate will take many more again.

~stumbles back to the inn~
~switches to moon wine~

Gwa-gu guide of
Fate and Darkness

We'll post more about this as soon as we can gather more information.

Edited by Vini

Posted by: Rachel -- 5:37 PM EST

The game keepers who run the game rooms of each town have recently decided that they will allow citizens access to their secret store, where, for a price, you can buy some odd items.

However, do not expect that getting to the store will be easy, for the game keepers love to play games with people, and would never make accessing their shop as easy as just walking in.

If you are interested in trying to gain access to the store visit the towns, and look for the game keepers walking around the race tracks. He will let you know more.

Good luck,
Spirit Guide Eldridge
Go to the race tracks in any town and find the NPC. Click on him and pay 1k to begin the mage. Every town has a different maze, but for now we believe that the prizes at the end are the same in all mazes, here is what been found yet in the hidden markets of towns:

Swimsuit (Trunks for males and Bikini for females) -12k
Prison outfit -10k
Long Bat -8k
Bonsai tree -4k
Lucky claw -2k

If anything new is found please inform us as soon as possible.

Edited by Vini

Free Play Day
Posted by: MarekP -- 5:32 PM EST

Hello everybody,

Every year for the past few years Nexon has tried to offer a few days to expired players to come back and visit with old friends. We have over the years tried different methods to do this, and this year we will be trying a new system.

On Memorial Day weekend, May 28th to May 31st, we will be activating expired accounts so they can play. Only accounts that are expired (not blocked accounts), and only characters on those accounts (not deleted characters) will be able to play.

We hope this new system will grant the people who wish to come back to visit for a few days the opportunity to do so. So if you know somebody who used to play and wanted to come back for a day or two to say "Hi" let him or her know about this opportunity.

Spirit Guide Eldridge

New Cloaks
Posted by: Rachel -- 5:03 PM EST

Eldrdige posted the following on Whispering Winds:

Crystal, Lotus and Peach have recently noticed an increase in requests for a special outfit for men to wear during the wedding ceremony. After working on several designs with Chi, Cry, and Tilsa they have finally agreed on an elegant looking cloak.

You can now buy the new Wedding cloak at any reputable shop that men's clothes are made. Crystal, Lotus and Peach hope that this will bring more elegance to the groom, and hope to see you singles at a chapel near you soon.

Spirit Guide Eldridge

Here's a few images of the cloak, along with the stats.

It costs 15k and cannot be sold back to the store.

Here's the cloak in a few more colors:

There may be a few other changes from the reset, so be on the lookout!

    Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 9:07 PM EST

Hostilities flare between Nagnang and barbarians

NAGNANG -- Any chance of the barbarian horde leaving their wilderness home and moving to live under the aegis of Nagnang and forging an alliance, was dashed tonight. According to Berserker ZaRCom, the barbarians "were in discussion with Prince Kija and the Nagnang Army against a possible alliance. Back then, Kija was all for it, but he changed his mind, I guess. As part of this alliance, the barbarians would protect the Nangen land and people as we had protected the wilderness. We would strike down anybody who dared to harm Nagnang. In return, we wanted a small section of the Raheem desert, a desolate place, worthless to most townies, to call our own." This would have been a "full-fledged move" from the barbarians' current territory in the wilderness, and as such, the horde would essentially govern this portion of the Raheem desert.

This move was being considered by the barbarians because of the "taming" of the wilderness. "Man-made bridges were being built. The wild grass had been trampled... We wanted to move to a more unforgiving land, the Raheem desert. That area is yet unspoiled."

Prince Kija of Nagnang declared that the barbarians were to remain in the wilderness, and continued to state that not only would he would forge an alliance with Koguryo and Buya, but that any barbarian raids on these nations would be met with "immediate action" by the Nagnang army. Though the barbarian requested that the prince reconsider, Prince Kija asserted his sovereignty over the Kingdom of Nagnang, and was reported to retort that he will rule his country as he sees fit, and that the barbarians should not even consider a future alliance.

This was taken as an insult. In response, the sovereign was branded an Enemy of Barbarians by Berserker ZaRCom. "He threatened us, and insulted us," the barbarian later stated in response.

Prince Kija retaliated with a formal declaration of war against the barbarian horde:

The Barbarians have seen it fit to mark me as their enemy.

I, Prince Kija of the Kingdom of Nagnang, do hereby now declare war between Nagnang and the Barbarian Horde. This insult is not taken lightly by me, and I request that they rethink their rash actions.

At this point, Prince Kija is forging a military alliance between his nation and his neighbours to the north, the Kingdom of Koguryo and the Empire of Buya. In addition, the druids have withdrawn their support for the barbarians as a result of this act.

Prince-Regent M'hul of Koguryo has issued a call to arms against the barbarian horde:

Citizens of Koguryo I call upon you to prepare to assist our friend Prince Kija. As you may have heard the barbarians have branded the good prince as they have branded me for not bowing to their demands.

We have a treaty of with the Kingdom of Nagnang, and I wait for the word of the good Prince Kija to call upon Koguryo to assist per the terms of the treaty.

In the meantime I ask the Army of Koguryo to prepare to march to Assist Nagnang. I call upon the clans of Kugnae to prepare the clan militia to assist the army.

I request the Royal Diviner to look for a favorable sign to guide us.

However, ZaRCom states that although Prince Kija "brought the war on himself," he attests that the horde "will not attack the Nagnang Army unprovoked. We do not attack unless we have good reason to." The barbarians are resolved to "remain in the wilderness and defend it with all our might."

NexusAtlas awaits further developments.

    Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Geomancer Eldership Shifts to Nydori
Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 9:18 PM EST

New elder looks forward to doing her best

WILDERNESS -- After her second stint as elder, Lady Leodaris, beloved elder of the geomancer family, has decided to retire, as she has been called away to Han for at least one year's time. "Although this time I am not ill, I will be taken away from the kingdoms," she issued in a statement this evening. In her stead, Geomancer Nydori will ascend to eldership. "Although we are of different personalities," Leodaris stated, "she has the experience, history and knowledge to lead us in the right way." The outgoing elder expressed her best wishes for her circle. "This place is a place where dreams can come true,
where we can strive to make a utopia, if we all keep in mind the teachings of our path and practice what we have learned."

Nydori was overwhelmed at her ascension. "As always, I will do my best to attempt to be a good elderess," she said. "Lady Leo, we will all miss you and we send all of our love and support with you in your journies."

On behalf of NexusAtlas, I would like to extend a hearty congratulatory note to Sister Nydori, and sincerely thank Leodaris for an immeasurable amount of hard work as elder over the years. We wish her well.

Hidden Garden closed.
Posted by: Vini -- 2:54 AM EST

A few minutes ago, about 4:35 am EST there was a server reset that removed the event of Mother's day.

All the Gardening Gloves, Gardening Shears and Plant Poisons are gone from now. Blossom returned to her normal functions and saying Rosebud doesn't work either anymore.

At least we got to keep sunflowers, winedrops and golden doves, also the bouquets of each and mothers bouquet as well. The Honey and Flower pollen also remained after reset and along with the removal of the event we had a least a change in the icons of the legend mark we got, that's how it looks now:

I hope everyone enjoyed the event, Happy Mother's day to all the moms out there!

~Vini Normad'or~

    Friday, May 7, 2004

Festival of Flowers Walkthrough
Posted by: TSWolf -- 9:06 PM EST

Original Walkthrough by Zamte. Thanks to all updates sent to me via whisper with far too many names to mention.

If you kill Golden Bees, you get no Mother's Bouquet. End of story!! You can STILL COLLECT FLOWERS

1)Go to buya seamstress, Say "Festival of flowers".

2)After reading the boxes, say "Mother".

3)Read them again, then say "Garden".

4)Go to the northeastern corner of the wilderness and say "Rosebud" then tell the guard that blossom sent you, and it will let you in.

5) Talk to the lady inside, who happens to be blossoms mother, she'll tell you about some bees.

6)say "bees" to her and she will tell you more about the bees.

7)go into the garden and work your way through until you reach the purple/pink flowers, you'll get a pop up about them. This is text that appears in your status window, not an ACTUAL POPUP. Click here for Coord Walkthrough

8) Go back to blossom's mother and say "Bori-Yama-Moto", ("Bori" works too) read the boxes.

9) Go back to blossom and say "mother" and then "garden", read the boxes.

10) Go to southwest nagnang woodlands (The original coordinates listed were 22/177 but he walks pretty far from that point)

11) Say bees to the npc there (Or shout to find the NPC)

12) Say Bori-Yama-Moto

13) Say bees

14) go to the Mother and say Bori-yama-moto

15) say poison

Much thanks to the following step goes to Kanivis and Romyl, proving that greed never pays. They were the first REAL players to complete this quest.

16) Go back to the Flower Garden..In the exit titled (16th: South, East, South, East. 58, 44) below, go the OPPOSITE direction out of the room. Left instead of right. the BOTTOM left path (Top left will take you to another corpse).At the end of the left path you will see a body. Walk near the body to recieve the poison. You will know you are at the right corpse if you see its red hair. The other two have black. REMEMBER where they are.

17) Go back to the Bori Garden and drop the poison. It will say you spray the flowers.

18) Go back to the beginning of the Flower area to Blossom's Mother (You can gate) and say "Bori".

19) Now go to blossom and say "Mother" then "Bouquet". If it doesnt work, then you killed bees or did something wrong. Otherwise, you will recieve "Mother's Bouquet".

20) After this, return to the flower gardens and go to the dead bodies to get Gloves and Sheers (Thanks to Laren for the heads up on this). The bodies can be found -

One is right near the entrance if you head WEST then south.

The other is found if you go TOP left (A few rooms FURTHER INTO TOWARDS BORI PATCH)instead of BOTTOM left to the get red haired body.

21) Equip both items and walk around in flower patches around the garden for a while. Eventually you will find some flowers. (It may take a short while) Thanks to astonish for finding this out.

Walk near the edges folks! Lots of flowers fast!!

22) With these 10 of these flowers, go back to Blossom and say Bouquet and she'll wrap them up for you.

Thank you to EVERYONE WHO helped people go the right direction, place scrolls and pennies, give me info, give the community info and everything else. You are deserve a huge pat on the back. I did NOTHING in terms of discovery for this quest.. I just followed your directions and fast walking skills.

And for those who chose Greed over Honor, you will get yours. People saw loudly and clearly what was done and believe me, they will not forget.. And I will not let them.

Coordinates through the Garden by SilentNights
1st: Head west. 0,7
2nd:: Head west. 0,7
3rd: Head west, south, west, north, west. 0,4
4th: Head south. 44, 58
5th: Head east. 59, 10
6th: Head North. 7,1
7th: Head east, south. 49,58
8th: Head south, East. 58, 31
9th: Northeast, East, North. 50,1
10th: North, East. 59, 45
11th: East, South. 21,58
12th: South, west. 1,18
13th: West, south, West. 1,49
14th: North, west, South, West. 1,52
15th: West, South. 42,58
16th: South, East, South, East. 58, 44
17th: East. 58,21 (north at fork leads to another dead body)
18th: North, east, north. 33,1
19th: North, east. 58,31
20th: south east 20,58
21st: south, west. 1,37
22nd: West, south. 1,37
23rd: south, east. 26, 58
24th: East, south, west. 1, 48
25th: west, north. 8,1
26th: East. 1,45
27th: South. 50,58
28th: South, west. 1,49
29th:West, North. 7,1
30th: Garden

Festival of Flowers Wilts
Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 5:18 PM EST

Chaos storm drowns out a "happy day" for Koguryo

KUGNAE -- Eager spectators gathered in the Throne Room of the Royal Palace in Kugnae to witness the unveiling of a new flower grown by the special request of His Highness. Prince-Regent M'hul opened the festivities by asking the crowd what they desired in a flower, and was met by requests for "beauty," "fragrance," and various colours and properties.

However, the skies over Koguryo grew dark, and a chaos storm blew through the Samguk. When the skies cleared again, a letter from Spirit Guide Eldridge had appeared on the Whispering Winds board:

Hello citizens,

I have the very sad duty to inform you that Mhul's "Festival of Flowers" has been cancelled. We are very sorry for this turn of events, and for all the hard work people put into setting up for the event.

The cancellation is due to a failure of the gardener we hired for the event to show up with the flowers, and no replacement could be found on such short notice.

Again, on behalf of Mhul and myself, we are very sorry about this late cancellation. You can be sure that Blossom and her mother will be hearing from us about this!

Spirit Guide

Following this announcement, the gathered crowd became understandably upset. Death threats from the angry throng called out for the blood of Prince M'hul and the gardener. While the prince stated that the gardener had failed the kingdom of Koguryo, certain vehement members of the crowd expressed that Prince M'hul had failed his people. Prince M'hul, however, wishes to resolve why Blossom did not make good on the promised flower.

A formal inquiry was launched, and the Buyan seamstress was confronted by a mob, led by Prince M'hul himself. In a statement issued to the crowd regarding the Festival of Flowers, Blossom pleaded, "Oh please don't keep reminding me! I am already worried about what Mhul and Eldridge will say to me!" The seamstress has been placed under house arrest until Prince Mhul and Eldridge have spoken to her. "But I know as much as they do," she insists. "My mother was supposed to be there, and now I am really worried about her. Where, oh where could she be?"

When asked about her mother, Betsy, she replied, "She is the gardener hired to provide the flowers for the festival. She was so proud when she got the order from Mhul. I can't imagine that she would purposefully miss her appointment; something terrible must have happened to her." Breaking into a panic, she uttered, "I warned her not to make her garden in the wilderness; it's just not a safe place to be. She should have stayed inside the city walls."

When questioned further about the garden, she revealed that it is "nested in a small valley in the northeast of the wilderness." However, it requires a password to enter, which she will give only to willing adventurers.

Betsy, Blossom's mother, was found inside the hidden garden.

Inside the hidden garden is the gardener's den, in which could be found a very distraught Betsy. "I hope Mhul is not too mad," she said. "Oh dear me, how ever will I explain all this? To be chased away from my own garden by bees of all things! I do hope Mhul will understand, and forgive me for missing his festival of flowers. My big day, ruined! I will never get over this..."

When question further about her bee problem, Betsy replied, "Don't get me wrong, I usually like all flying insects. The golden ones are particularly good, and help pollinate the flowers. But a few weeks ago, them nasty-looking black ones showed up, and started attacking me and my gardeners. At first, we were able to shoo them off, but more and more came, and they won't leave us alone. What a horrible situation, and me missing an appointment with Mhul and all."

Betsy instructs, "If you do go into my gardens, please don't hurt the golden bees if you can help it; they have done nothing wrong."

Meanwhile, despite the chill in the air with start of the eleventh moon being just days away, Shoshun and Kiyuu, the Spirit of Spring and her mortal lover, have returned to Koguryo. Shoshun gleefully announced, "Spring has sprung!! The most joyful of seasons! And I have come to celebrate it with my true love!!" Shoshun and Kiyuu were then heard to say that they would meet at their "usual place."

According to Shoshun, the rest of the family is well. Rusuto is even reportedly "learning to love." Shoshun claims that because she could not wait to return to Koguryo, her return is admittedly early, during the midwinter season.

    Thursday, May 6, 2004

Eldridge is back / Festival of Flowers
Posted by: Vini -- 5:18 PM EST

As Night Delphi already said, him and Eldridge returned and now it's the first official note by Eldridge posted on Dreamweavers board:

Hello players,

As Delphi has already posted I am sure you all know by now that the old game master Kru has moved on to another project. I am very happy to be taking over Nexus again, and look forward to an exciting time here again.

However, as this was a fairly sudden switch over of power it will take me some time to get things sorted out as I figure out what Kru has been working on, and what projects have been started, and what stage they are at.

I have already started planning out events from now, and have plans covering most of the summer vacation. Anybody who remembers me from before will also remember that I am not the type of person who likes to give out too much information in advance about what is to come when it comes to events, but I will make a little exception on this occasion.

We will be starting off this weekend with a "Festival of Flowers", to help celebrate mother's day. I have also heard that the secret of the large new hunting area has been leaked out, but all I will say about it is that we are planning its official release around the end of June. For the summer we are finalizing plans on a long story line that will cover most of the summer, and will also be throwing in the odd event such as Pirates here and there.

There will be other things as well, but right now we are focusing on getting something out for you now, and getting the main summer event ready. We are planning more things, but you will have to wait to find out what that is. I look forward to providing you with something new and interesting, and hope you enjoy the events.

Spirit Guide

Rumors that Yinchuehshan is also back to help us, hopefully if that's true he'll be posting there soon too.

Prince Mhul has also posted about this Festival of Flowers, it's great that nexon has planned for us one event to celebrate the mother's day.

Greeting Citizens of All the lands

Event: Festival of Flowers
Location: Kugnae Palace Throne room
Time: 4PM PST
Date: 5/7/04

It is with great pleasure I invite you to an event I will be hosting in the Kugnae Palace Throne room tomorrow it will be a festival of flowers and I have commissioned growing a new and very beautiful flower.

This special flower will be revealed to all during the event, so please
spread the word to all the lands near and far to come and join in the
Celebration of the cultivation and harvest of this new and beautiful

All hail King Yuri!
Long live Koguryo!

Thank you for your support,
Prince of Koguryo

Thanks for Starrbrite for informing me of Eldridge's post.

~Vini Normad'or~

A small change noticed
Posted by: Nagnag -- 10:05 AM EST

I noticed a small change that was recently added in Nexus as well, which prevents certain "tricks" to be performed now. You can no longer change any type of armor while a popup is underway of popping up, as well as you can no longer cast a spell during this time either. Certain tricks and "illusions", if you will, were performed this way, but no longer are they possible. Drats.

Elemental Clan
Posted by: MarekP -- 9:13 AM EST

Greetings Community,

Based upon the recent vote of the Nagnang Tribunal, the Elemental Clan will now begin it's trials and tribulations. November 7, 2004 will when the clan will go through it's 2nd vote to see if they become an official clan. If you live in Nagnang and would like to know more about this clan, visit:
We are looking for active members of the community.

Enigma's New Gameroom
Posted by: TSWolf -- 6:38 AM EST

On a lighter side of news, I was given permission to tour and take shots of Enigma's new game room today. Resh, a member of the clan, was kind enough to show me around.

The game room came complete with easy access portals to every room in the hall. It was an astonishing 70x70 in size and had some of the following cool features:

- A well designed floor that included a Tic Tac Toe Table, a large carpet, a Trigram area, a horse racing arena that went along the outer edges of the room (Looked similiar to the outside of the gates of the kingdoms), an enourmous red carpet and some really nice looking wooded/water areas.

- A Fishing NPC.

- A small pond designated as an area to refill Water jugs for Cheffing.

All in all it was VERY nice and I've even given the clan some thought after seeing this. Ecnor extended his greetings and told me how proud they were of this. And that they should be.

Another Rage/Cunning chart
Posted by: Rachel -- 12:16 AM EST

I made this chart a while ago, with Cunning jump calculations included at that time, but I removed them since I doubt Nexon will ever bring back a bug that they fixed. o.o I wanted to add some PC information, but decided that I should post it after I saw Dalsichvedin's post which incorrectly (my fault for not changing it earlier =/) used 7x-8x as the invisible value.

Invisible adds about 9x to 9.3x damage depending on the rogue. Each rogue has two fixed invisible damage amounts that are both very close but I can't figure out why they're different for each rogue. Some rogues with more stats in all categories were found to have lower fixed invisible modifiers than their weaker counterparts.

The other problem is that the post assumes that a rogue or warrior will always be able to attack their maximum number of targets when sometimes creatures are too far apart or not spawning fast enough. (And in the case of the rogue 1/2/3/4/4 is impossible because invisible's effect is removed.. With a blood, rogues have 1/1/1/1/1. To compare cunning's flank and backstab to warriors you would have to use a polearm in both cases and that would result in 3/6/7/8/8 for a rogue and 8/8/8/8/8 for a warrior but even then, itís impossible to have complete sets at all times)

These things should also be noted, but they cannot be numerically accounted for:
-As mentioned above, warriors have flank/backstab. Flank and backstab are useless to rogues with any weapon other than polearms because the first hit removes invisible and the ~9.2 damage that all other creatures would receive from the same swing. Even with polearms, rogues only have Flank and Backstab on higher cunnings.
-Rogues have greater mobility and this allows them to hit creatures from behind(they take more damage from the back)
-If a creature walks on an adjacent tile to a rogue when they're using a polearm, each hit will remove invisible. This means that they need better mages.
-Warriors have more Hit/Dam/Might than rogues (Especially with items like ambrosias)
-Polearms should be the only weapon used in this comparison, itís the best weapon for both paths and easier to judge the differences between flank/backstab since flank and backstab are useless for rogues that arenít using polearms.
-On Rage 6, warriors often kill so fast that they run out of things to kill. Then time is wasted while they wait for a spawn.

The stats below show that, a level 99 warrior with rage 6 that never became Il san does about as much damage as a cunning 5 sam san rogue. The problem is that Rage 6 warriors with Il san and Ee san ingresses are competing with Cunning4/5 rogues with no ingress or with Ee san ingress.

On the lower end, a rogue with cunning 2 mana does more damage than a warrior with rage 4 when neither has reached Il san.

The following numbers are the total damage multipliers at any given moment based on an average of all points during a fury/cunning cycle.

192.00 = Rage 6 with Ee san ingress
153.59 = Rage 6 with Il san ingress
116.50 = Cunning 5 with Sam san ingress
115.20 = Rage 6 with level 90 ingress
109.94 = Cunning 4 with Sam san ingress
100.46 = Cunning 3 with Sam san ingress
_94.71 = Rage 5 with Ee san ingress
_88.08 = Cunning 2 with Sam san ingress
_87.37 = Cunning 5 with Ee san ingress
_82.46 = Cunning 4 with Ee san ingress
_75.76 = Rage 5 with Il san ingress
_75.35 = Cunning 3 with Ee san ingress
_72.80 = Cunning 1 with Sam san ingress
_72.73 = Rage 4 with Ee san ingress
_66.06 = Cunning 2 with Ee san ingress
_58.25 = Cunning 5 with no ingress
_58.18 = Rage 4 with Il san ingress
_56.82 = Rage 5 with level 90 ingress
_54.97 = Cunning 4 with no ingress
_54.60 = Cunning 1 with Ee san ingress
_54.24 = Rage 3 with Ee san ingress
_50.23 = Cunning 3 with no ingress
_44.04 = Cunning 2 with no ingress
_43.64 = Rage 4 with level 90 ingress
_43.39 = Rage 3 with Il san ingress
_43.08 = Rage 2 with Ee san ingress
_36.40 = Cunning 1 with no ingress
_34.46 = Rage 2 with Il san ingress
_32.55 = Rage 3 with level 90 ingress
_30.00 = Rage 1 with Ee san ingress
_25.85 = Rage 2 with level 90 ingress
_24.00 = Rage 1 with Il san ingress
_18.00 = Rage 1 with level 90 ingress

What would be an easy way to fix all of this? Make Rages 1-4 stronger and Cunning 5 much stronger. Ingresses could also be reworked to give Il san rogues an ingress, and Ee/Sam rogues stronger ingresses, but then lower rages would still have to be made stronger.

Remember that these are the average modifiers for any one moment. In 900 seconds with a 60m120 weapon (Military polearm) you would be multiplying all of these values by 54000m108000. So those small differences do add up a bit.

If anyone is interested in all of the calculations that came up with these numbers, you can mail me, I just didnít want this post to be much longer than it is.

    Wednesday, May 5, 2004

Damage Chart - Cunning Versus Rage
Posted by: TSWolf -- 6:01 PM EST

This chart was designed by Dalsichvedin and posted on Community board... I believe it shows clearly what the problem is.

Please be advised this chart is based on average damage and it doesn't take into account every possible scenario OR critical hits (One swings that do alot of damage)

Also, I ask that members of the community look at the Top 1000 list and see how few rogues are up there, with the exception of insane nonstop hunting ones.

Aethers: 150
Duration: 938
Without Jump (Ee san cunning)
Targets Invis* Baekho's blade
1: x4 = 600 1 = 600 x7.5 = 4500 x1.5 = 6750
2: x5 = 750 2 = 1500 x7.5 = 11250 x1.5 = 16875
3: x6 = 900 3 = 2700 x7.5 = 20250 x1.5 = 30375
4: x7 = 1050 4 = 4200 x7.5 = 31500 x1.5 = 47250
5: x8 = 1504 4 = 6016 x7.5 = 45120 x1.5 = 67680
Total = 4804 Total = 15016 Total = 112620 Total = 168930

Aethers: 150
Duration: 938
With Jump (Ee san cunning)
Targets Invis* Baekho's blade
3: x6 = 900 3 = 2700 x7.5 = 20250 x1.5 = 30375
4: x7 = 1050 4 = 4200 x7.5 = 31500 x1.5 = 47250
5: x8 = 5104 4 = 20416 x7.5 = 153120 x1.5 = 229680
Total = 7054 Total = 27316 Total = 204870 Total = 307305
*(NexusAtlas [] says its x7-x8)

C.R. Rage
Aethers: 120
Duration: 938 (Il san)
Target's (4) Viper's venom Potence(2%)
1: x6 = 720 4 = 2880 x4 = 11520 +2% = 11750.4
2: x9 = 1080 4 = 4320 x4 = 17280 +2% = 17625.6
3: x12 = 1440 4 = 5760 x4 = 23040 +2% = 23500.8
4: x18 = 2160 4 = 8640 x4 = 34560 +2% = 35251.2
5: x27 = 3240 4 = 12960 x4 = 51840 +2% = 52876.8
6: x81 = 17658 4 = 70632 x4 = 282528 +2% = 288178.56
Total = 26298 Total = 105192 Total = 406368 Total = 414495.36

C.R. Rage
Aethers: 120
Duration: 938 (EE san)
Target's (4) Dragon's flame Potence(2%)
1: x6 = 720 4 = 2880 x5 = 14400 +2% = 14688
2: x9 = 1080 4 = 4320 x5 = 21600 +2% = 22032
3: x12 = 1440 4 = 5760 x5 = 28800 +2% = 29376
4: x18 = 2160 4 = 8640 x5 = 43200 +2% = 44064
5: x27 = 3240 4 = 12960 x5 = 64800 +2% = 66096
6: x81 = 17658 4 = 70632 x5 = 353160 +2% = 360223.2
Total = 26298 Total = 105192 Total = 525960 Total = 536479.2

How I got Total Damage: DURATION X (or) * TIME.

As you can see, an Il san Cunning with jump in one cycle does 204870. An Il san C.R on one cycle does 414495.36 (With Potence).
As you can see, an EE san Cunning with jump in one cycle does 307305. An EE san C.R on one cycle does 536479.2 (With Potence).
Without Jump, an Il san cunning 112620. An Ee cunning without jump does 168930.

Reported End to Cunning Jump - Ending with Editorial
Posted by: TSWolf -- 5:07 AM EST

Based on only a few subject tests, it appears now that Cunning Jump has finally come to a close.

Basically what a Cunning Jump was, a rogue would cast Baekho's Rage, an il san fury spell, then cast cunning, and get dispelled. If they log off and log back on, it will have them at Cunning 3, making getting to 5 much easier. This allowed the rogue to do a greater amount of damage over time.

Now with Cunning Jump possibly gone, Rogues may once again face a dark age.

In studies conducted during the Cunning Jump incident it was found that in the following:

Cunning 5 Versus Rage 6.. Same Mana.

Short Hunt, not lasting very long -

Rogue hitting C5 once and Warrior hitting R6 once.. Experience was found to be about the same. Remember, Cunning jump WAS used.

Long Hunts,

R6 still devistated the Cunning 5 in damage.

The reason Cunning Jump was so important, it allowed the Rogue to be able to do the surrounding number of hits with his/her polearm and do it for a more consistant amount of time to be able to keep up with the Rage. With the polearm enabling the warriors to hit up to 8 targets at once, without having rage even on, and knocking Cunning 1's to a mere 3 could have a devistating effect (Referring to Polearms 3 way hit).

Higher cunning also allowed the rogue to be hit less and let poets consentrate more on the rage who was dieing due to their lack of AC in the rage buildups..

During normal buildups, Rages severely outdamaged Cunning's in all length hunts, making hunting with a Rogue semipointless. While theres still the debate of which critical attacks are more effective over a long period of time, it's plain to see in a swinging match the Rage always won... But now, they're back to a devistating lead.

I believe the Cunning Jump gave rogues a more fair chance in a group and if it is gone, I'd like to see something done about it.

While its very possible this is a bug that its gone, or that the tests conducted were on a faulty version because of all the crashes/updates this morning, it looks not to be.

If, and only if it is gone, I believe an extension to Cunning that allowed a similiar Cunning 5 effect as before would be a WONDERFUL way to continue Rogue's effectiveness. While they wouldn't immediately jump into Cunning 3 like the Cunning jump allowed, it would allow the Rogue a longer time before they were simply ineffective in the group. They could also remove Baekho's Rage, an il san POINTLESS Fury spell that is a meer Cunning 2 and is little used.. Because it would have ZERO use in the game, and would anger some rogues who spent so much for it at il san.

I'm confident Rogues will speak out loudly on this issue, and having been one for almost 8 years myself, I will also be speaking out and showing statistics to whom they may concern once we figure out what exactly is being done or if this issue is even an issue at all.

------ Update: A personal test conducted by myself, I did the old Cunning Routine.. I casted Baekho's Rage then Cunning. I asked a poet for dispell, logged off and logged back on. Upon arrival, I found myself able to backstab, which is a function of C2.. So it seemed at the MOMENT that I was still able to skip 1.. Or was I? Upon casting Cunning on aethers for what was SUPPOSED to be Cunning 3, I found myself to be casting Cunning 2 once again.. So basically they've nerfed what was a jump from C1-C3 into an extended C2, which limits the rogue to only 6 sides... and still forces them to log off to enjoy the benefits of this.. So basically, its virtually pointless for Cunning to Jump anymore.

While I see some people saying we shouldn't have been able to jump in the first place, you have to understand that most times, it was the only way for us to be able to keep up with a rage in a hunt.. or even come close.. Cause frankly, we COULD never keep up with a Rage, and Nexon said we WILL never.. Which was fine and dandy.. but being a formidable force was definatly an asset to a group. Seeing the outcome of this is going to be interesting, but I believe a lot of Rogues have just begun what could be a very bad day or a very good day. The only thing we can do now is wait for the official word.

Night Delphi on caffine!
Posted by: Conro -- 3:06 AM EST

As per a 4:50 am EST Reset...


Today we modified a couple things, firstly when you look ahead with the ; it won't repeat the name of what your looking at in brackets any more. The only time it will do this is if you are looking at an engraved item, and it will tell you what the item really is.

Also we fixed the problem of getting disconnected when you log in after 3 hours, forcing you to reconnect again.

There were also other minor changes and additions, but since these are only for groups (clans, sub paths, etc) I won't be posting them here.

Take care,

- Conro

Merchant Press Release
Posted by: TSWolf -- 1:13 AM EST

I was emailed, with some reluctance, this press release to post on the news. I feel obligated to post it to show I hold no ill will towards the past, and would love to see a promising future to every aspect of the Nexus.

May 3rd, 2004

The past few weeks have been simply amazing! The Merchant path has performed like no other with over 100 events hosted in the past two weeks alone! Way to go everyone!

We also set a new precedence in the community with our first scamming\theft reparations hearing. Hosted in the Merchant Market (on the 1st of each new month), Merchants listened to the woes of victimized citizens whom the Gods paid no attention to, and whom Justice could not help. Those who trusted a fellow player and were taken advantage of were given the chance to represent their case to a Merchant council, who then generously reimbursed the victim a portion of their losses. We were also called upon by Diviner Alisha and her effort to begin the Karakum Clan of Nagnang, to which 200,000 coins and 5 free engravings were donated to help with their big upcoming event. Over 4.75m coins were awarded to victims at the event.

All together, in the past month the Merchant path has given back to the community, through events and its reparation hearings, well over 25,000,000 coins! That's right! Over 25 MILLION coins have been funnelled back into the community!

Thank you all for coming to our events, making them enjoyable, and of course for purchasing our engraving services which is what makes all of this possible!

: dementia
: Chung Jang Sehkera
: Merchant Guide


While I feel some of these issues are debatable and have my own opinions, I honestly believe the intentions are good by those on the merchant path and with time, we may see some significant repair.

But I will save my opinions for the return of NexusForums this week.

    Tuesday, May 4, 2004

Server Move Setbacks
Posted by: TSWolf -- 4:02 AM EST

The server move had us out of commision for a few days. As you can see some of our CGI stuff isn't working properly even now.. Even so, things are starting to get back in order (We can post news again!!!) so the NF solution will be enacted within the next couple of days.

    Saturday, May 1, 2004

Karakum Clan
Posted by: MarekP -- 1:29 PM EST

BY ROYAL DECREE, His Royal Highness Prince Kija of Nagnang along with the Nangen Tribunal has approved the 'Karakum Clan' led by Lady Alisha for the four yuri ((6 Months)) Clan Probation period. During this time the 'Karakum Clan' family is expected to grow and attend the weekly Nangen Tribunal for evaluation. Upon conclusion of the probation period the Nangen Tribunal will again vote to accept or decline the 'Karakum Clan' into official status. This second assessment will take place during the year of Yuri 69 (October 8, 2004).

Prince Kija
Lady Azelle
General MarekP