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Archived News | May 2002

Past News

Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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May 2002

    Friday, May 31, 2002

I'm not dead. Honest..
Posted by: TSWolf -- 5:07 AM EST

I been busy IRL.. Working.. Hanging out... Doing a lot of stuff besides this.. But last night I finally got around to working on something.. Which should be released in the next 2 days.. Should be our largest project to date.. So stay tuned!

    Sunday, May 26, 2002

Happy Memorial Day((OOC-Non Nexus Post))
Posted by: Esterk -- 7:35 PM EST

I would like to wish all of you Nexus and non-nexus players alike a happy Memorial Day weekend. Tomarrow I'am off to pay tribute to the War Veterans of America and all those we have lost these past few years. Take this day to look back on all you've lost and gained. Bless you all, and Happy Memorial Day to all of you.

-Eric 'Esterk' Ensor

    Friday, May 17, 2002

Digging Through History - Part 2 - Clear Message Screens
Posted by: TSWolf -- 7:32 PM EST

Digging Through History
Part 2 - Clear Message Screens

We all know the shift from Beta to 3.0 was a major one. The client was completely changed. Even their method of archiving things was changed. But not necessarily everything changed for the better. For example.. I present to you the message screens of Beta Nexus -

This message happened to be from the newly released "Chu Rua" quest at the time.

1.) Why the heck did they take this away!?!
A few reasons (This is our opinion). Number 1, probably because the entire client was shifted towards a more Ancient theme. The scroll window became an interesting and fitting addition, so they added that. Also, if you look at the NEXT and QUIT buttons, they're kind of hard to see. Some areas, text may even have been hard to see. Nonetheless, the idea could have been improved on.

2.) Do you feel they should bring it back?
Personally I don't really see a point to it now. The community is so used to the scroll idea that it'd be pointless to shift back to this cause it "looks cooler". It's just an interesting part of history to look back on.

The Forum!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 7:18 PM EST

The Forum is almost ready for launch. Just a few more hurdles and skin modifications to go and we should be all ready for you guys to use it.

    Thursday, May 16, 2002

Star Wars : Attack of the Clones
Posted by: TSWolf -- 8:37 PM EST

I will make this review as unrevealing as possible.

Believe me, reserving tickets a week early was one of the best moves I ever made. From the moment you sit down to the moment you leave, the movie is extraordinary. They narrow the boring love scenes and scenes which are needed to move the plot forward in a dialogue, to a bare minimum. The action is unreal. The graphics are beyond amazing. Theres plenty of stuff to keep yer eyes open for. I will definatly be seeing this a 2nd and maybe a 3rd time.

Things to keep an eye out for :
- The Lurker (Starcraft) ;)
- Yoda.. He does something.. Holy friggin... wow...
- The Secret Plans of Count Dooku (The most shocking part of the movie)
- Jango Fett (Pay close attention to what they say about him on the Ocean planet. They reveal something about the future.)
- C3P0 and R2D2 are great fun.

Theres plenty more I could go on about, but not without revealing anything. I plan to see this movie again at late as by the end of next week. I simply can't wait to see it again.

Do yourself a favor, go see it. The reviewers in general are "wrong" about this flick. I even saw one reviewer call this movie, too star wars.. Excuse me!?

    Tuesday, May 14, 2002

4.0 Regular Map Info - Clan Councils PLEASE READ
Posted by: TSWolf -- 12:24 AM EST

Here's some things I found while working on my latest 4.0 map project.... Which is a cityscape ;).

Clan Hall and Subpath Circle Entrances will not be made a clickable part of the map for a few reason. Clan Halls have shifted several times making that a possibly inaccuracy, and Subpath circles may NOT have, and could potentially cause problems for the subpaths, which we do not plan to do. Subpath circles for 4.0 will not be shown as they are the same as 5.0 ones. Clan halls, however, will be shown in their ENTIRITY (Including latest Crafting Halls). Clan Halls will be put on a clickable section of their own, and you will be able to explore them.

For the record, to clan hall primogens. I encourage use of these clan hall map, and feedback to me, concerning them. However, I please ask that you link to the section of our site that contains it. If you wish to use the clan hall maps for another purpose (Perhaps to write on, or discuss an event setup, or whatever the reason) I ask that you request permission to do so. Despite the fact you run these clans, the maps are as much yers as they are everybodies... including those who are not a member of your clan.

If you have any concerns with your clan hall be posted, please content me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, because I plan to put those up within the next few weeks (maybe. I try to run on user feedback and we'll see what people suggest). I ask council members to fwd this message to clan primogens and decision makers. And if they have any concerns, my email is everywhere on this site.

    Sunday, May 12, 2002

Audio Books and Other Comments
Posted by: Khamael -- 8:06 PM EST

Well, as most of you know, the news here is not going to be solely Nexus related. TS has been generous enough to give us a bit of liberty with the news we post here at N/A, SO, with that aside, on to my post.

I have recently started hosting Audio Books on Mp3 on Mirc. I am in #mp3audiobooks on the servers and am using the nick NoxVis, so, if you are into AudioBooks or just want to stop by and send me a DCC message, feel free.

I noticed in the most recent event within Nexus (I try and keep up with the goings on in the game even though I no longer play) they actually used some "new" graphics for some of the new items. Interesting to note that the scimitar looking graphic has been available for the programmers to use since Beta. The slight change in coloration and shading on the sword is nice though.

I realize this has been a short post, but things are busy here and I am in the middle of working on one of the first editorials for the page. Be well and happy hunting in Nexus folks...


    Saturday, May 11, 2002

Yesterday =/
Posted by: TSWolf -- 9:19 AM EST

On Tuesday night, a local teenager whom a lot of my friends knew (I did not personally know him) took his own life. Within the past few days, I have been spending some time with my friends, trying to help them work through their greif and stress. It's been a very tough time for a lot of people, and there's obviously a lot of unanswered questions that people have.

I got an email today abotu a "Sonhi event" that may have been the "Sonhi" cave, and they inspired me to upload maps of that old event. Which event? You'll have to wait and see ;).

    Thursday, May 9, 2002

N/A Requests for Today
Posted by: TSWolf -- 4:28 AM EST

As you can see the webpage is turning very active lately. Here's what we need from you viewers today :

- The "Real" Name of the SouthWest Quadrant of the God War map (with all the houses). Please send a screenshot if you have one.

- Nagnang Fortress Room Names. I don't plan to release that until I have all the real names. Currently I have -

Back Door
Center Hall
Long Hall
Great Hall
Hall of Honor
Training Pits
Gohaps Room
Conference Room
Blights' Chambers
Winding Hall

If you have a screenshot of a room inside The Nagnang Fortress that has a different room name, please send the screenshot.

*Update - Lost Mines Room originally called Boiling Pot, was renamed to its real name, Boiling Tube*

Digging Through History - Part 1 - The Lost Sonhi Cave
Posted by: TSWolf -- 3:24 AM EST

Before I get right down into it, let me explain what DTH really is. DTH is an occasional news post by a member of the site that pulls a missing part of history from the cracks so people can learn something, or remember something they questioned and finally, get an answer they forgot they wanted ^^. So enjoy.

Digging Through History
Part 1 -The Lost Sonhi Cave

Back when 4.0 was giving preview shots, I'm sure all of us 3.0ers remember Grin's goofy smiled as he showed off new ice blasts on innocent bunnies. If you dont, here's a "Chilling" reminder -

Anyway, in the preview shots there was a picture of a Sonhi cave, with sonhi yelling things about allying with the zibong. Here's some clips of that shot -

The cave in the background closely resembles one of the blue caves used in the Escape Tunnel event during the Nagnang War, where they captured Buya. Well there's several questions arisen by this.

1.) What's with this Zibong working with us?
The Zibong did work with the Sonhi once in history, if you remember, during the Buya-Kugnae War. KaMing revealed he was behind the evil plans and had a piece of the darkstaff. Upon saying that he summoned a few zibong that were easily slaughtered by Prince Mhul, Princess Lasahn and their armies (This took place in the wilderness, right below the Buya Gate.). Sonhi troops always talked of some sort of "evil" or "strong" power in the encampment, but it was never made into anything. Eventually all signs of the Sonhi disappeared.

2.) Why did we not see this cave until Escape Tunnel?
I have a rather odd and revealing answer for this. I spoke with someone, and they tell me there is (or at least was) a Sonhi CAVE within the Nexus, that was not open to public use. It's clear as day that these Sonhi are speaking English, so its obvious someone translated them from Baram. And if you look closely (the untrained eye wouldn't see this) at the picture and a map of the Escape Tunnel room, there are some differences... Meaning the Escape Tunnel rooms were probably based off this cave, but that this cave was something entirely different. Remember folks, this screenshot was a few years old (This came out PRIOR to 4.0) when Escape tunnel was released.

3.) What other info is there?
This is an important lesson in history that many never saw, or overlooked. These are OFFICIAL Nexon screenshots that promoted Nexus 4.0. And yet, we still haven't seen this cave. Another screenshot shows another picture from the Escape Tunnel series. I haven't included that one here.

4.) So the end result is?
This cave will probably never exist, but its definatly an important piece of history and should not be overlooked. Maybe its a clue to the future.... Then again this shot is pretty old and it's probably just another event canned by Nexon. Who knows. Interesting in itself..

    Wednesday, May 8, 2002

From the Desk of TSWolf
Posted by: TSWolf -- 11:50 PM EST

Here's all the random tidbits for today :

- Continue sending email! I spent at least one night (Tuesday or Wednesday lately) reading and responding to every piece of mail that I recieve. Unless of course, it's something clearly stated in the FAQ. But most times I'll even point ya there ;).

- Khamael will be getting a new icon soon. He seems to want to join Eriana and my adventure ;).

- Why all the event maps? In order to open the history section, we want to have a basis behind our info. So hey, why not start with all the event maps online!

- Invisionboard looks to be up soon.. Nexus Forum will be up prior to June 1st! We're waiting on the folks over there to finish bug testing. Keep up the good work Matt!

- No more circle requests please. We have the info we need.

- Yes, I did post a legit entry on Genji's messageboard =D.

The Leeches are Furious
Posted by: TSWolf -- 11:45 PM EST

They had the geographical advantage over you. Now the deepest part of the Lost Mines are available for your personal viewing right here on Nexus Atlas!

Check em out - Lost Mines : Inner Mines

NonNexus News:Spiderman The Movie
Posted by: Eriana -- 2:40 AM EST

Normally I wouldn't post opinions about movies on NA news, but movies as good as Spiderman are far and in between.

With what has recently come out in theaters in regard to games/comics-to-movies, I didn't have my hopes set very high for Spiderman, infact I was expecting some of the non-sensical glop I found in the others(Can someone say,"Final Fantasy"?).

I think Khamael's words describe it best...

"Spiderman exploded onto the screen with comic book impact in full motion eyecandy and only strayed far enough from the original storyline to make it almost believeable in another dimension of reality."

I now urge everyone who hasn't seen this movie yet to do so. I highly urge you all to send wicked flame mail to reviewers that gave the movie a bad the guy on IGN who said, "Spiderman wasn't a bad movie...but it wasn't a good movie either."

    Tuesday, May 7, 2002

Don't get Lost in the Mines ever again.
Posted by: TSWolf -- 11:26 PM EST

You've been quite the patient fans! For that, I thank you, and also a new area each day for the rest of the week, beginning with the Lost Mines. I'll keep this post short so you can enjoy it.

Lost Mines

Name That Map!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 6:22 PM EST

Few nights ago I introduced a new organization to my information. I threw every nexus picture (.gif, .bmp, .jpg, .png, .pcx) regardless of content or size into one folder. Man was it huge.. Using this, tonight, I'm going to begin organizing my map database to reflect "Actual" Names of Maps and Caves. I will keep a list of Maps online that will have modifications to them. Im going to be spending hours renaming all my map files to their ACTUAL names as to make life easier for everyone =).

Invision Goes Beta - Forum Imminent.
Posted by: TSWolf -- 5:15 PM EST

This morning Invision board went into their beta test phase. We expect within the week, maybe 2, the Nexus Forum will be installed on this server.

For more information on invision board, please visit .

More details on the Nexus Unified Forum coming soon.

And now for something completely different!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 5:12 PM EST

If you don't wanna read the story below, which is off base, then heres one for ya.

We here at Nexus Atlas encourage our posters to address major issues they feel are important over the news. We also encourage them to do things like, tell a movie they enjoy, plug a (law 41 compatible) site they like, or tell about a funny experience they have had. Unlike the way I ran things at NexNet, we consider our news more of a information/status report/daily news sort of fashion, rather than the strict publication that we had over at NexNet. And hell, news is just more interesting this way!

As for maps, if you read the story below, i been busy seeing some great movies (Spiderman, Scorpion King) and playing some Diablo II with Eriana =D. The Nagnag Fortress update (oops did I reveal what was coming?) completely blew my mind. I totally forgot about it. But it is almost done and will show up in the next few days, along with something else =).

I like to give all my projects decent exposure to the public as well as anticipate whats going to be coming soon =D.

Thanks once again for stopping by Nexus Atlas!

Friendly Fire Incident; Smoke cleared.
Posted by: TSWolf -- 5:02 PM EST

** This Post is Concerning an Incident at Genjiworks involving myself. **

Well apparently there was some problem over at Genjiworks where someone signed a guestbook entry under my name and said some rather.. interesting.. comments to Genji through it. In return, Genji made the assumption that I had decided to go after him because of khaos (which is a reasonable arguement, since everyone and their BROTHER is firing on Genji for his khaos campaign), and began an arguement with this "Tswolf" on his main page. I heard this from a stray instant message and finally went to check it out for myself. Genji and I spoke, and was quick to prove I had nothing to do with the guestbook entry.

The below info is Law 41 compliant.
Message: 12
Name: Tswolf
Homepage: Nexus Atlas
Date: Mon May 6 14:08:41 2002
Comments: lol... nice tabloid! Its funny but its good people know its all lies! I'll make some new stuff up for you to post.. maybe like NinaP is my donkey or something.. Keep up the lies its entertaining... And it really proves you have no loyalties.. I knew when you started that clan you were trying to mess people up all along cuz you did such a horrible job!
Let's first attack name... Everyone who knows me knows how annoyed I get when someone spells my name Tswolf. Ive had the nick for almost 6 years now, in various things. Its always TSWolf or TSWulf... Capital Capital Capital, Lower Lower Lower. Its an abbreviation before a word, not one word.

As for them writing my page was nexus atlas.. Least they gave us a little plug *shrugs*.

The third one is by far the funniest entry Ive seen. The email address is signed "". Despite this persons somewhat "stronger" vocab, which youll see later on, they fail to realize some obvious things. My AIM (That's AOL instant messanger) name is TSWulf, not TSWolf... This right there tells me that they haven't spoke to me online in sometime, or never at all. But it gets better. My email address isn't either. It's That can be found by hovering over my name on news, on the contact page, or for the times I ran nexnet, virtually in every archive of the site.

And the beat goes on. The date.. That would've been yesterday at 2:08. If it was EST time, I would've been seeing Spiderman (GREAT movie btw, one of my new alltime favorites). If it was 3:08, 4:08 (Meaning the Timezone was set to Central or Mountain), I would've been seeing Scorpion King. My friend and I had planned to see them back to back. Scorpion King was decent, but fun because we were the only 2 in the theatre and had a great time critiqueing it (MST3K anyone?). If it was 5:08, and PST time, I would've been playing Diablo 2 Expansion. I must be the last person on earth to buy it, but I figured I would. Im currently playing the Eastern Sun mod with Eriana. Played it for 13 hours yesterday and already about 3 today. Woohooo.

Lets tear apart the comments now. Weee. As most of you know, I am an affiliate of Genjiworks. The only reason I do not link to it is for Law 41 purposes that I stand by for the benefit of the players. If I have something to say to Genji, I usually AIM or MAIL him saying so. I send him regular information I've gathered on things if he needs it. All of it is path/item/data related stuff. I don't really have dirt on people, and have less of a need to.

Unlike Genji, I don't have "beef" with Dharma clan, and NinaP is about the last person on earth I would've went after. I, and everyone who knows me, could think of about 100 people who would come before her (Anyone ever know what happened to Coolboyman? =P). The grammar is terrible. The punctuation is nervewrecking. If I have any problem, it's hitting backspace and period TOO often. I don't think I've ever used the word loyalties in my entire life. I prefer "Trust". I did not KNOW Genji when he started Sun Moon. In fact, Genji and I really didn't get to know each other until late in 3.0 when I became elder. By that time, Genji was sort of an icon of mine (haha talk about false idols =P), and he was heavily into Nexus. Genjiworks was a site for fun then, that had tongue in cheek sort of scandals. Stuff like "New Monster appears!" and "New weapon sighted!".. Nothing to the degree that it is now.

Genji has the intention of sending the IP address to me when he gets a chance. I probably won't have a use for it, but eh, maybe someone's will show up that I know. Then I can at least give them some advice on impersonating me. I mean cmon, if ya gonna impersonate me, do it right =P. You make us both look bad.

Anyway, hope that was a little enjoyable =).

    Monday, May 6, 2002

Here's whats up.
Posted by: TSWolf -- 7:52 PM EST

I've been working on new ways to integrate the new forum system with our site. I want all future content of Nexus Atlas to be determined by the people... Since its for you.

What would you like to see next? Would you like to see a BIG update once in a while or little updates daily? Would you like 3.0 or 4.0? Events or normal? Caves or outside? All those things will be asked once the forums go up. We'll be hosting some major polls.

For now I'll continue working on some projects and release them piece by piece. I'm sure youll enjoy them.

    Sunday, May 5, 2002

Announcing the Unified Nexus Boards..
Posted by: TSWolf -- 8:32 PM EST

It's my pleasure today to announce the arrival of what could be the best web idea to come to Nexus players since the introduction to fansites :

The Unified Nexus Boards

What exactly are these boards? Nexus Network and Nexus Atlas have combined forces to make one forum for players to communicate in. They will be the primary controllers of the board.

Both sites will have 2 administrators (Anglerfish and Marstead for Nexus Network, Myself and Eriana for Nexus Atlas) as well as 2-3 Global Operators (Sorta like Archons) for the boards. They have yet TBA. Ours will most likely be Khamael and Esterk, which theres will be most likely be Corath and Lalia.

The board will be hosted on the Telefragged FTP that runs NexusAtlas. This was chosen for many reasons which concern only the administrative staff. Every Admin will have complete control, even mySQL access, for the board and will be able to make changes.

We've discussed tons of aspects for moderators/how its going to look/etc.. and decided we'll do all the major decisions during the installation. It WILL run Invision Board when the board is released for public testing.

We feel this will benefit the Nexus community in a whole by providing them with ONE place to do all their posting instead of meaningless board competition.

Smaller Nexus sites will be given a board of their own upon request (and decent reasoning) and be able to personally moderate that board. Giving them some wicked exposure to a single user database that will maintain all Nexus webboards.

This board will be built from the ground up. Meaning every old post/member/design from our old databases will be reset. Im aware that this may cause some problems and make some people upset. This, however, is a permanent change. This Nexus Forum will the final forum change that we can forsee for the Nexus community. Everything built within this will be yours. If the server should ever need to be changed or anything, a backup of THIS site will be used. and Nexus Network have agreed on this. A release date for the unified Nexus board will be announced upon installation of the board.

More info will be provided as it comes.

    Saturday, May 4, 2002

Calling all 3.0 Subpath members!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 8:20 PM EST

I need some subpath members, or people who explored the circles in the shattering to help me identify which 3.0 Circle is which. If you have a good overall knowledge of MOST if not ALL of the circles.. Please mail me.

Menu Layout Changed
Posted by: TSWolf -- 3:52 AM EST

The Menu Layout has been changed to reflect changes on the site. I made it section based instead of version based. Here are some reasons why :

1. History should be organized as one, with maybe a little note in between them. There should not be 2 completely different sections for 3.0 and 4.0 history. People will want them to be noted per version, but not have to go to two totally different sections for it, especially for events that crossed versions.

2. Evolution section is coming shortly. It's going to show how stuff evolved over time, extinct things, old ways versus new ways. It's really something Im looking forward to bringing you.

3. The Atlas is the primary section of our site. People shouldn't have to dig to get the maps. Now it's clear where every link is going to lead you.

4. Photo Reports are going to be for both sections as well, so why bother making 2 completely different archives?

I hope this makes yer life a little easier on this website ;).

Bringing a little light to the Dark Woods
Posted by: TSWolf -- 2:50 AM EST

Okie. Sorry the update is a little late. I have a legitamit excuse, and a little something to make up for it.

First I'd like to get down to business. Today I present you a complete overview of the Nagnag Palace event. Included is the Dark Woods, The Temple Grounds, and even an inside view of the Palace itself. I introduce my new "Building Overview" look within the Nagnag Palace, so definatly be sure to check that out. It's going to be used for a ton of areas coming soon. And everyone who tested it said it was extremely helpful.

This section of the site demonstrates how Nexus Atlas will still be useful in the future of Nexus.

Now for my excuse. If you took the time to read Past News, you may have read a little on this. I currently have a serious medical condition with my stomach. I've been on antiboitics and both of them have some pretty nasty side effects, most notably Drowsiness, Occasional Blackouts, Inability to sweat, and nausia. I've been trying to sleep lately, and it hasn't been coming because of all the map work I do. Last night I was feeling really sick during production and took a 4 hour nap.

And now for my little gift. Later today, or early tommorow morning I will be releasing another famous Nagnag event. So stay tuned for that. Right now, I want the Nagnag palace to get a lot exposure.

    Friday, May 3, 2002

New Maps PLUS Subpath Circles?!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 3:52 AM EST

I spent last night working on it, so it should definatly be ready for tonight. It's something thats recent and potentially useful again in the near future! I'm sure you'll enjoy it. On top of that, I got some exclusive shots of 3.0 Circles. Here's the catch though.

Im curious as to know if you'd like to see the subpath circles of Nexus 3.0 and/or 4.0.

I encourage all feedback to be sent to . I will be reading all the arguements I recieve within this, and posting them in formated version on our website. From that two sided arguement feedback, I will host a vote. Beyond that vote, we will see whether or not i should release the maps of the Subpath circles for 3.0, for 4.0, or for both.

Please make yer arguements factual, understandable, and mature. NO WAY YOU SUCK, or DEFINATLY SHOW ME THE SUBPATH CIRCLES CAUSE I WANNA SEE THEM, would not be valid feedback. I am hosting this one via email since our forum is still not ready. All entries will be replied to.

I know how passionately some feel about this issue, which is why I am accepting feedback and allowing a vote. I feel a majority vote from the viewers of our site will definatly prove whats in the best interest of the entire visiting community.

Oh, and one last thing on that. If I don't recieve an arguement for one side, that automatically means that side forfeits. So be sure to definatly send some feedback!

    Thursday, May 2, 2002

O.O He replied!? PLUS Flash Soundtrack!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 6:07 PM EST

If you emailed me, you most likely got a reply today. I replied to every address (I think, unless I overlooked one) that emailed me within the last day or two. Well, except of course for the KLEZ virus ones ;). So that's what I've been up to, while working on the next map system release. I hope to have it up later tonight. Yer gonna love this one ;).

The FAQ has been updated with some important questions. Be sure to check those out.

One of the ones I'd like to address here as well is the "Where did you get the Main Music for the intro movie?". The song peice was Track 6 from a soundtrack (a score) for the movie Broken Arrow. It is by far my favorite score of all time. It was composed by the famous Hans Zimmer. If you are new to scores, or just love action music, I suggest seeing that movie (Broken Arrow staring John Travolta and Christian Slater.. Damn good movie) and buying the soundtrack. I used to use it to hunt Tiger Guardroom with.. It's great music.

    Wednesday, May 1, 2002

Get used to Nexus Atlas! ^^
Posted by: TSWolf -- 11:45 PM EST

Well we're up. It's day 2.. Now what? Here's some cool things to check out on a daily basis!

- The "Today in Nexus History" Script on the bottom of the Menu. It automatically lists all events that happened today in Nexus history, and their year!

- Naturally, our news. We plan to have news as often, if not, more often than Nexus Network. How will we accomplish that? Relating new events to old ones, doing character bios, talking about future projects, having debates, whatever! The news will be the one of the most active parts of the site, only second to :

- The Nexus Atlas Forum.. Coming the Day or second day after Invision Board is released. We will have the board up, running, and ready to go that evening, or the following day for your use. Compelte with plenty of ways to provide feedback.

- The FAQ Section is updated daily (lately) because of your new questions. So be sure to keep an eye on that for now.

- New Sections! We'll be releasing some new almost every day for the next month. So be sure to stick around!

There's plenty more coming soon. You'll just need to make sure you keep up with us! ;)

Tidbits and fluffy banter...
Posted by: Khamael -- 10:46 PM EST

As most of you know, I am very opinionated about almost any topic you bring up in a conversation with me. I am not sure if it is a talent or not to have an opion and be able to explain that opinion so even the most dilluted bonehead could understand, but TS has decided to use that little ability of mine (or is it a curse) and have me write Editorials for N/A. I will be writing commentaries regarding past events, map layouts, general happenings and anything else I decide to rant and rave about. I will be posting these editorials in message-board forums so that you can comment on what I have to say and voice your own opinions regarding the topic of interest. Until we get the boards up and rolling, please visit all areas of the site that are currently available and enjoy the newest addition to the world of Nexus : The Kingdom of the Winds fan pages... I am definitly N/A, are you?

Im here for ya'
Posted by: Esterk -- 7:42 PM EST

Im currently the only active player besides Marstead who works for the NA Team. If you encounter me in the game, feel free to ask any questions you have. I'll do my best to answer then with the utmost detail. If you can't reach me by Nexus, you can email me at Oz_Triez@hotmail.come or AIM: BlueDestinyUnit1

Also, if you have Nexus 3.0/Beta screen shots, please send them to TSWulf or any of the staff members^^

-Sieg Zeon!
-Sieg NexusAtlas!

Ahoy hoy!
Posted by: Marstead -- 12:04 PM EST

Hey everyone... Just posting to establish for you all this site's ties with Nexus Network.

As some have presumed or heard rumors about, there was something of a 'Cold War' between TSWolf and Nexus Network. I will say it right-out -- without TSWolf, NexNet is not the site it once was, and for awhile TS and myself didn't talk to each other, except when arguing from time-to-time...

Well, the silent battles ended months ago when TSWolf came up with this compromise -- Nexus Atlas! Nexus Network will continue on as always, this site is NOT competition. In fact, Nexus Atlas already contains a link to NN at the top of the page, and news of NA has already been placed on NN... I hope I haven't confused you all ^_^

Well anyways, I will be back again working under TS, but I will still be maintaining the Network, so please bookmark both sites :)

Hooray for Nexus Atlas!

Nostalgia Bomb PLUS What You'll see this week!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 3:03 AM EST

I sat around last night listening to people go,

"I didn't remember that story until I saw that cave again."
"I miss 3.0. God these maps were great."
"That's where I grew up in Nexus!"
"OMG it's that cave! Holy crap!"

And I was pleased beyond belief. My goal for this site was to return to people memories that they had lost. My inspiration came from my own experiences.

Did you ever take time to listen to an old song? Sometimes you remember something you were feeling or thinking.. or someone you were with.. or something you were doing. Pictures work the same way.

During this project, I played through a list of Midi Files and Mp3s that I had listened to during 3.0. I was able to remember an extraordinary amount of information. And with tons of help from Beanbag, we got Kugnae 3.0 in FULL form up just before launch. I suggest grabbing some songs you haven't listened to in eons, even if it wasn't on nexus, and listen to them. You'll remember some things that you totally forgot about.

This Nostalgia has me sorta choked up. I expected memories, but.. people were pulling out their old books. Telling me old stories of their favorite pasttimes. I had the pleasure of speaking with old Archon Leader Taz from 3.0. He was going through his old Archon books listing off stuff he had written from 3.0. And the memories were everywhere.

I wanted so badly for a forum to be ready for launch day so the memories could be posted and captured forever, but we are currently waiting on the "Invision Board" project, which looks very promising. I'll be sure to include a huge place for people to throw their memories out there, in addition to a community board and whatnot.

I'm so happy.. Im THRILLED to be working on this project now. Even the 4.0 event maps will bring back memories that people had, and they weren't that long ago! This is my goal. Since I don't play Nexus anymore, I can concentrate on the historial aspect... pace myself and organize the information for you.. And we go from there.

If you have a huge memory that you love that resurfaced because of our website, PLEASE email it. I want to hear yer stories. I love hearing this. I love remising as much as you guys do. So maybe Nexon won't give us 3.0 Back. They can never take our memories.. And we can recreate the 3.0 that once lived.. Right here..

So, now onto what you'll see this week. Since today is opening day, you have quite a bit to sort through.. Does that mean I stopped working? Hardly. I've already halfway completed the next event project going up. It's an event series of maps, and it comes from 4.0. Its also introducing a new map technique I hope to use more often. It's really cool. But I say no more.. I want you to see it for yourself and make yer own judgements.

For now, Enjoy the Maps and all they have to offer. Later today and tommorow ill continue adding things (interactivity and such) to the site, as well as the occasional new suprise item (Look for an entire new SECTION soon).

Thank you for supporting the Nexus Atlas team.

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- 3.0 Map Pictures, Maps, Screenshots, Especially from events.