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Past News | April 2017

Past News
Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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April 2017

    Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Princess' Mysterious Mother
Posted by: Vini -- 8:20 PM EST

There seems to be having a lot of controversy going on about the origin of Princess Sutsang of Nagnang and her legitimacy as nangen royal. Citizens of Nagnang kingdom have been posting their concerns about the origins of the Princess on the Chronicles of the Winds.

The discussion reemerged recently during the extended absence of King ChaeRi, in which Princess Sutsang started hosting the biweekly Nagnang clan tribunals. While ChaeRi is known to be her father, the identity of her mother was never revealed.

Since her father ChaeRi refuses to reveal who her mother is or was, a lot speculation has been populating people's minds and generating much space for rumors. The main ones circulating are that Sutsang seems to be daughter of Loxie, the Minister of Koguryo with whom ChaeRi supposedly had an affair while still Prince of Nagnang. Another strong suspicious is that she can be daughter of Malady, the sister of Blight who seems to be lurking in the shadows of the kingdom and who people claim to have been secretly in contact with some of The Forsaken Clan members.

Last but not least, one of the most believed rumors is that Sutsang may actually be daughter of Providence, the mysterious deity who introduced her to the community. This is corroborated by the fact that Sutsang arrived already as toddler and was not seen as a baby, just like community saw Princes Daeso, MingJung and Mobon. While then, Koguryo throne twin-heirs have clear and estabilished birth origins as sons of King M'hul and Queen Yun, Prince Daeso of Buya also has a clear origin as son of Queen Lasahn and late King Geumwa, who's poisoning death was never solved.

The lack of clear origins on the Princess Sutsang's story is making Nagnang political scenario once again unstable and recently the Primogen of Forsaken clan has announced jointly with Viper's Primogen that they'll not be subservient to Princess Sutsang and even accused her and perhaps even ChaeRi of being part of a fraudulent bloodline. Although King ChaeRi is back from his foreign diplomatic affairs, he arrives back home finding that the followers of Blight demanding answers.

~Vini Normad’or~
~Hyul 87, Moon 8~

    Thursday, April 27, 2017

Server reset introduces Ee Culture Coupons
Posted by: Vini -- 11:20 PM EST
Today's reset introduced a temporarily benefit for Il san characters: the option to obtain an Ee craft mastery coupon that shall help anyone Il san get a boost in attaining the culture trial of Ee san's quest.

To obtain this coupon one must be Il san and collect the following items:

  • Malgal insignia (50)
  • Cloth (20)
  • Crafted dk amber (20)
  • Ginko wood (30)
  • Metal (22)

    Once you have the items head to any of the three Wandering Spirits in Malgalod battlefield. The fastest one to reach is the North one, near the Buya's camp in the field.

    Once you reach her and make sure you're clear from any malgal soldiers trying to attack you, tap on her shoulder (click) and see the list of options there. The one you should be looking for is the second from bottom called "EE crafting mastery coupon".

    Pay attention to the requirements:
  • To obtain this coupon which is temporarily available all you need is to be Il san.
  • To use the coupon you obtained you need to be expert in any manufacturing skill such as Carpenter, Jeweler, Smith or Tailor. This shall help you pass the "Second Trial of Culture".

    This wasn't the only update that came with the reset, here is a copy of the Reset notes that are available in Dream Weaver's board.

    BOARD TITLE: Dream Weaver
    FROM: NexusTK DATE: 4/27
    SUBJECT: Server Reset - Apr. 27th, 2017
    - Easter egg hunt ends

    - EE crafting mastery coupon temporarily available (Requirement slightly changed)

    - Wony's little modulator for Pre 99ers > L29, when completing an MQ / 24hrs

    - Minor bug fixes

    Keep in mind to pass the culture trial for Ee san becoming a master in a manufacturing skill is NOT the only way to pass the Trial. The main and fastest way is by winning a first, second or two honorable mentions in either Story Contests or Poetry Revels contests, which are held weekly on bulletin boards.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 87, Moon 7~

  •     Saturday, April 15, 2017

    Oceana Summons the SeaNymph to Cleanse Poisoned Waters
    Posted by: Vini -- 11:50 PM EST
    The SeaNymph has been summoned to Dae Shore. In a ritual conducted by Oceana clan about couple hours ago, the Guardian of the Seas was summoned back to the surface to cleanse the waters of the kingdoms that had been poisoned by a possessed dark shaman.

    The ritual took place at northeast of Dae Shore, where members of Oceana assembled for the summoning rite conducted by the clan primogen, theSavior who's also a shaman. The Primogen counted with the help of nine other people to perform the summoning: IcePixy, Stormin, Neko, Mirfors, Amaterasu, Frigasaurus, Irulan and Sieo.

    Royals of Koguryo, Buya and Nagnang were present to witness the ritual: Queen Yun, and the kogurian twin Princes MingJung and Mobon, Queen Lasahn and the buyan Prince Daeso and Princess Sutsang of Nagnang. It's unknown why King M'hul and King ChaeRi were not present.

    The ritual involved the usage of mermaid scaled to honor the merfolk beneath the seas, a black and a white perfect pearl representing the Yin Yang and harmonize the flow of the tides and ocean life. They also used stardrops, saltwater seaweeds and in the end they used for the first time a "Jewel of the Tides" an ocean relic which the daughter of the Dragon King hid from evil forces.

    "Oh, Sea Nymph, Guardian of the Seas, hear our pleas in this great time of need. With the Jewel of the Tides as a tribute, we seek your wisdom and guidance, we seek your aid in purifying these waters once more", said TheSavior as he placed the magical Jewel on the floor. From the waters of the oceans, messengers of the Dragon King started emerging to surface, some small turtles granted the message throughout the seas.

    After a few moments, the Sea Nymph appeared, and greeted the Primogen and other humans around. "It's been a while Waterborn, I began to fear that we had faded from your minds", echoed a voice at Dae shore when people suddenly started seeing the vision of a pale face of SeaNymph not disguised in a human form. "The taint of the rivers has made its way into the deepest of our seas and oceans now. Is this why you have summoned me once more?", she asked.

    Primogen TheSavior took a step towards her and responded her question. "Yes, Wise and Kind Sea Nymph, once more the Waterborn of Oceana, Nay, the people of all the Kingdoms ask for your aid said the shaman.
    "Many have tried and failed to cleanse our waters, my brother, possessed and weary has poisoned them with Mupa's control. The conditions of our people is becoming dire. Please, how can we help restore these waters to their once pristine state?", asked theSavior.

    The SeaNymph thanked him for fulfilling his duties and gathering help of many people in cleansing the seas. She said that she would need a moment to gather a list of all items she would require to perform her part and would return briefly. As the SeaNymph reentered the waters, a huge surprise happened. A whale jumped out of the water and crossed above the crowd, falling behind the group of people. Harmless to people, the big whale was pulled back to the sea with help of many citizens around.

    Once the whale was back in the waters they noticed that the SeaNymph had returned and individually is asking people for help on gathering thousands of items she'll use to cleanse the waters.

    She's asking each person willing to help to donate the following:

  • 20 Seaweed (dropped by Hausson lobsters)
  • 4 Purified Water (dropped by Mythic tiger bosses)
  • 5 Healing Water (dropped by Woodlands desert skeletons)
  • 15 Stardrops (dropped by Arctic Ogres)

    Those who donate these helpful items are thanked by the SeaNymph and are recognized with a new legend mark.

    According with what the SeaNymph said she'll need over two moons ((two weeks)) to collect and prepare all the items she needs to cleanse all the affected waters, so there's no need to desperate for the harder to obtain items. The Shining Jewel Foundation of Buya has been giving away hundreds of purified waters to those who need while Chonguns will be hosting missions along the next couple of weeks to collect enough healing waters from Raheem desert as possible so whole community can help.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 87, Moon 4~

  •     Thursday, April 13, 2017

    Sea Nymph Summoning Ritual Announced!
    Posted by: IcePixy -- 2:07 PM EST

    According to a recent posting, The Temple of Oceana will be conducting a ritual to summon the Sea Nymph, Guardian of the Seas as it was with her previous help, our lands were set to rights.

    The ritual is to take place this ((Saturday, April 15th at 9PM EST on Dae Shore))

    Not long ago, the waters throughout the tri-kingdoms were poisoned by the infamous Shaman CrewelLye. Now while some may think to hold this poor man accountable, it has been said that he was possessed by the spirit of Sagu, the late brother to King Yuri and imprisoned in the Onyx.

    It is also said that it was a shard of this Onyx that CrewelLye had embedded within his own arm that he had thrown into the waters at Dae Shore and poisoned the waters with.

    While Nagnang and Buya both took measures to keep their waters safe and pure, those outside of those Nations still require aid in these desperate times.

    Please see the post below for the ritual details!

    BOARD TITLE: Community
    FROM: IcePixy DATE: 4/13


    Though our waters remain sullied,

    and our hearts are feeling bloodied

    Hope still reigns in the forgotten deep,

    The Sea Nymph's Guidance we must seek


    The Temple of Oceana invites the community from
    all walks of life to join us in bearing
    witness to the Sea Nymph Summoning Ritual.

    ~Sea Nymph Ritual~

    Where : DAE SHORE (62,10)
    When : ((Saturday, April 15th))
    Time : ((9 PM EST))


    `~^_~^~^~-~^_~^~^_~-=========- -~^~^~^-~^~^_~^~^~^~`
    `~^~-~~^~^~-^~^_~^~~ -=====- ~^~^~-~^~_~^~^~~^~-~^~`

    The Sea Nymph as previously seen

        Friday, April 7, 2017

    New Phoenix Clan Primogen
    Posted by: Vini -- 7:21 PM EST
    After almost a month without a leader, the Phoenix clan has voted to choose their new Primogen as announced last Wednesday and the elected one was Sparticus.

    Sparticus has been a member of Phoenix clan for the past 6 years and served the clan's council during most of that period, including as Primarch multiple times. He became a Buya Defender in Hyul 76 when he took his pledge to defend the kingdom recognized by Queen Lasahn.

    Nexus Atlas congratulates Primogen Sparticus on his new position and wishes him success on his new position. May his years of experience and devotion serve Phoenix Clan well in this new period.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 87, Moon 2~

        Wednesday, April 5, 2017

    Quick Reset - Apr. 5th, 2017
    Posted by: IcePixy -- 3:33 PM EST
    Today's reset introduces some fixes, changes and brought back a popular mini-game.
  • Taik Pae, the smith at Kinung Town is now fixed - so make sure not to forget to grab your weapon now that he's no longer comatose!

  • Snow Fury the PvP snowball game is back and is now accessible at Arctic Village.

  • The most recent reset also brought a small update for Sam san: changing the requirements for Carnage wins ~ Enjoy!

    BOARD TITLE: Dream Weaver
    FROM: NexusTK DATE: 4/5
    SUBJECT: Quick Reset - Apr. 5th, 2017
    - Sam San trial requires 5 wins in each carnage, instead of 15, and total of 60 carnage wins of any combination.

    - Snow Fury mini game is back.

    - Bug fix for Taik Pae, Mananana, etc.

    Notice that the total of carnage games wins didn't change, before you needed 15 Riches + 15 Bloodlusts + 15 Elixir Wars + 15 Fox hunts, a total of 60 wins. Now you need 5 Riches + 5 Bloodlust + 5 Elixir Wars + 5 Fox hunts + 40 of any combination of these four.

  •     Monday, April 3, 2017

    New Nagnang General
    Posted by: Vini -- 9:10 AM EST
    During the course of last week, General Neji of Nagnang has stepped down from his position after 4 Hyuls and appointed his Lt. General to be his successor, our very own Ferro.

    Ferro has been a loyal soldier to Nagnang for 14 months now and joined the "Royal Guard of Nagnang", as how the national army is being called in the kingdom. He's also a member of Nagnang Ministry's Eternal Order and a Chongun Guide.

    When talking about some of his ideas to increase Nagnang's defenses, General Ferro was quite resolved on his goals for the kingdom's: "I intend top build a wall and make the Sonhi pay for it".

    Nexus Atlas congratulates General Ferro on his new position and thanks Neji for his services to Nagnang kingdom and Nexus overall.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 87, Moon 1~

        Saturday, April 1, 2017

    Easter Goodies Have Arrived!!
    Posted by: IcePixy -- 11:56 AM EST
    With Spring here and warming our hearts as well as our skin, Easter has
    also snuck up on us! CoverGirl has released an assortment of
    goodies ~ Including a few fun Packages!

    Check it all out below!!

    BOARD TITLE: Item Shop Announcements
    FROM: CoverGirl DATE: 4/1
    SUBJECT: Easter

    Hello Kingdom,

    You can find all the bunny stuff in the ItemShop now.

    Bunny ears, Bunny muffs, Bunny slippers and new weapon skin, Stuffed bunny.

    Happy Easter~

    ** CoverGirl

    Usable Items: (pass the cursor over the image to see Item Details)

    Weapons (pass the cursor over the image to see Item Details)

    Head (pass the cursor over the image to see Item Details)

    Shoes (pass the cursor over the image to see Item Details)

    Quick Reset - March 31st, 2017
    Posted by: IcePixy -- 11:10 AM EST
    Looks like Wony's funny bone is showing again as Kru releases yet another small update,
    including an April Fool's Day Prank!

    Can you find the various pranks hidden throughout the Kingdoms?

    BOARD TITLE: Dream Weaver
    FROM: NexusTK DATE: 3/30
    SUBJECT: Quick Reset - March 31st, 2017

    - Bakers cakes are activated. Will be removed soon.

    - Valentine's hearts can be dropped.

    - This time of the year, your eyes can fool you. Don't panic.