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Past News | April 2010

Past News
Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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April 2010

    Friday, April 30, 2010

Server update today!
Posted by: Musoyen -- 3:14 PM EST
The Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

You can no longer enter the Ultimate Gauntlet on a horse and minor error that put you on a bad tile was corrected.

New quest added to Gogoon, see WenMu for details

Thanks for the years!
Bye bye!
(i smile here)

... * i cry here *


    Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Gogoon boss drop!
Posted by: LeAnnder -- 1:09 PM EST
Yesterday, a group (Brolik, Brolic, Fright, Tyko, Keum, Poetspear, and Crucial) went and hunted down the Rhino boss, Lord badak api.

The group got lucky and got a Juggernaut plate armor from the big bad creature.

Juggernaut plate:
Durability - 2000000 / 2000000
AC: -44 Hit: 1 Dam: 0
Vita: 1500 Mana: 1000

Might: 1 Will: 1 Grace: 1
Protection: 0 Healing: 20 Wisdom: 0
Warrior Sam san (Male)

Congratulations on the new find!

- LeAnnder

The end of an era
Posted by: Vini -- 4:01 AM EST
VALE -- Hyul 31, 8th Moon, 14th sun - This will be a day never forgotten in the history of nexus as its community witnessed the sacrifice of a God to save his people. Dream Weaver Mug has forfeit his immortality in a battle of titans in Vale to finally stop the menace of Abu once and for all.

The day started quite catastrophic as Abu appeared in Vale to kill mortals who would oppose him. With Mug being banished from mortal realms and Abu killing archons like if they were rabbits, people became to fear that they would all be doomed. The hope for survival was in the quest of Archon Primogen Dalnum, who stood in Baedku Mountain, across the Heavens Lake the whole day waiting for more heroes to donate their Angel's tear and karma to help empower Mug. After hundreds of people helped, Mug regained his powers and was able to bring his Archons back to life. Such archons sacrificed to empower their leader as well and Mug's strength grew powerful enough to match with the Dark Archon claiming to be a God. While Abu held Chaos stone in his left hand, Mug held the spirit of his followers in his heart and he would not stop until he defeated his enemy.

Mug faced his nemesis in Vale for a final epic battle. "What?!?!? I thought I banned you from the kingdoms.." - said Abu in surprise. The mighty Mug replied with a strong voice "You did, but with everyone's faith in me, I was granted power to overpower you... to defeat you.". They both continued to quarrel while standing on top of the water. Citizens watched the discussion between the immortals from the edge of the river. While last time it was Abu making fun of Mug's ability to stop him, today it was Mug who came with sarcasm "You can't perma-ban someone from the Kingdoms, by the way..." - he said. "You Ban them from the Nexus all together... Your show's over!" - completed the Dream Weaver.

Abu got angry with Mug's sarcasm and the feeling that he wasn't on top of everything anymore. "You mock me...? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Do you think you're funny?" - said Abu. Mug replied once again with sarcasm, enough to get Abu furious "I'm a jester, foo. My path title says so." The Dark God slowly raises his arms with the Chaos stone in hand. He beckoned the winds and shouted "ENOUGH! You'll pay for your arrogance...This ends here..." All of a sudden Abu transformed into a huge blue guy with a whirlwind in place of his feet. For the first time in history, mortals got to see the true form of a God in the Kingdom of Winds.

Abu morphs into a huge wind God and faces against Mug. Mug got angry at Abu and also shows his true form.

To fight against God Abu face to face, Mug also revealed his true God form. A deadly battle began as both started to cast the most powerful spells ever seen by men on against another. From ninja attacks, to huge sword striking from the sky, they both summoned massive dragons to hit one another.

The cast powerful spells one against the other. Diviner powers that could easily strike down mortals in seconds, but against each other had little effect.

After a long while without successfully defeating one another Mug broke the silence of battle to give Abu a lecture he deserved: "you dismiss history. one with no history has no origin..." Then it was time for Abu to be funny "You've said this already... what's this? A broken record?" - said the false Spirit Guide. The petulance of Abu got on people's nerves. While watching the God's battle, people continually shouted against him and offered verbal support to Mug. The Dream Weaver then proceeded to say "One with no origin is non existant. Is Dead. And only one creature of history knows death best is... The Zibong: Immortals of death." Mug then surprised everyone by summoning Zibongs, creatures of evil to fight against evil itself."Brace yourselves, everyone!" said Mug.
Zibongs who haven't been seen in years, were there fighting in the middle of the battle of Gods.

Both Gods fight an endless battle. Hard to predict who was going to win.

Abu resisted and fought down the Zibongs for a while. Mug tried to put him down by launching a grand attack, but nothing seemed to be able to defeat the Spirit Guide with the Chaos Stone. Mug then tried a desperate attack. He launched an attack which hit both Gods together. "Urgh... You fool, you are inflicting pain on yourself..." - screamed Abu. With a sad look on his face, Mug then looked to the crowd of mortals and smiled. He looked over to his archons said his classical line "I smile here". Abu laughed saying "Don't flatter yourself!!!! You may be up to par with me, but you can't defeat a God...!" Mug then grabbed Abu by the wrist, closed his eyes and said "for all i love... for the Nexus. "A spark cross the sky, the cloud of explosion engulfed them." From distance citizens could hear the final crying words of the Archons saying "No boss no" as they could foresee what was about to happen. A final cry from the Evil God echoed through the lands "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO" was the last thing people could hear from Abu while the winds carried them back to their homes.

After Mug's sacrifice a big smoke cloud engulfed both Gods and not much was seen after.

Confused about what they had seen, the heroes of Nexus rushed back to the battle sight in Vale and saw the place was in ruins. The ground was burnt and the trees on fire. A huge track of destruction appeared where the two Gods were last seen. Could Mug be dead? It appears to be so. Archon Primarch Maiyu appeared in the battle sight crying a lot. She only stopped crying when people brought her noodles. "T-thank you... this is the best comfort food. I can't fathom the idea of Mug being --..." - said the Archon. She didn't confirm Mug's death nor did she deny it. So far, community can only presume it happened, but hope it did not. Maiyu proceed saying kind words about Mug (see popup below) and finalized saying "He always encouraged us to smile...but even a god must cry." She then handed crystallized tears to those who spoke with her. A new item called Mug's tear. Those who received the tear of Mug were awarded with a new legend mark Witnessed mug's sacrifice.

It did not take long for people of the wilderness to find Muggy the scary helper who community met before when had a chance to first visit Mug's workshop. He was sitting next to the purple desk found by Ouned few weeks ago, during one of his Ranger's scouting trips. Muggy also seemed desperate to hear the sad news about Dream Weaver Mug. He took the tears of people's hands and gave them a Celestial Night Spire which allows people to climb from the mortal realm and reach Mug's workshop. There people may find a new board called "Mug's tribute" which none can post yet.

While Mug's death is still uncertain Abu's defeat seems to be clear as stone. Actually, while talking about "stone", it's not known if the "Chaos stone" was destroyed together with Abu or not. Time shall tell.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 31, Moon 7~

P.S. ((I'll work on adding more pictures tomorrow))

Miss the Event? Don't panic yet.
Posted by: Kikoura -- 1:52 AM EST
The event was devastating and surprising; we can only hope the community’s contribution will provide beneficial. However, if you were not able to attend the event, there is still a place for you to provide comfort on the quest explained below. If you need to catch up on what happened at the event tonight, please see Vini’s detailed post about The end of an era.

** Provide Comfort **

Travel to (040,030) in Vale to stumble upon a sad, weeping Maiyu. Click on her and she will try her best to talk about her deep feelings about mug's work and love for the community. Cheer her up by offering her some noodles and she will become very grateful and calm down just enough to give you mug's Tear and a legend mark.

You have successfully cheered up the beautiful Archon and were filled with kind words about her boss and beloved friend!

** Climb the Ladder **

Next, travel to (121,074) in the Wilderness and approach the Merchant with the eye patch-- but take caution! He will shake you around a bit and ask you if you know anything about mug! Though, fear not, once he sees mug's Tear he will become emotional, but not towards you this time.

With mug's Tear now within his possession, he will give you a Celestial Night Spire which will allow you to climb to the clouds and view mug's Workshop once you step on any stone with a '@' symbol (Be sure you're holding the ladder!).

** Items Needed **
Mug's Tear
Celestial Night Spire

The portal to Mug's workshop seems to be a permanent addition to Nexus, while the mini-quest to obtain the stairs will probably expire in a few days.

Good luck and be sure to say a word for mug!


    Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Cave on Gogoon
Posted by: Diskord -- 9:16 PM EST
Savage RaRgh located a new cave on Gogoon island today,
which can be found at 98, 116- just north of the Imp cavern,
next to the steps found there.

Just inside are colourful, flowery creatures,
in rooms such as Rock Garden and Stalagmite Sliders.

The Ultimate Gauntlet - new game!
Posted by: LeAnnder -- 6:41 PM EST

The Ultimate Gauntlet is a game where you have to survive!

You start in The Ultimate Gauntlet room (previously the TBA Soon room), from any of the portals found in the Kingdoms.
There must be at least 8 people in the room to play the game!

Every 2 hours, the game starts up, and everyone in the room is summoned into the Gauntlet room (either North, South, East, or West Gauntlet). There are no spells in this room, and you cannot get on a mount when in the room.
You hear a strange "Bbbzzzbbbbzzzz", and you must quickly run to one of the Field rifts (red swirl objects) and stand next to it to get a surge of energy! When you do, the rifts in the room disappear and re-appear in random places in the room.
If you do not stand near a Field rift, you get struck down by a surge of energy and end up somewhere else in the Gauntlet room! Too many strikes and you are sent back home! But don't worry, if this happens then just head back to The Ultimate Gauntlet room and you'll be summoned back in.

If you survive the "Bbbbzzzbbbzz", and don't get struck down even once, you win the Ultimate Gauntlet! When one person wins (only one!), everyone in the Gauntlet room gets summoned back to the main room, and the winner receives a legend mark.

Congratulations to CspasiD on winning the first Ultimate Gauntlet!

More pictures as more information is received.

- LeAnnder

New patch today!
Posted by: LeAnnder -- 4:51 PM EST
Server reset, Wednesday, April 28, 2010
The Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

Servers reset with new patch.

Sa san rogue spell has been updated (please check to make sure it is working)

A new automated game, The Ultimate Gauntlet, has been added. If you enter the old TBA Soon rooms it will take you to the new game. There must be eight people to play if there are not 8 people it will not begin. The game will run every 2 hours; the first one begins 30 minutes from the server reset.

Added new hunting ground in the Gogoon map and a few new quest
Minor fix for the Water Queen Ring and the Silken Squall Glove

Major updates for current event.

Major updates for item shop come out later today or tomorrow.

The new mana bar is here! Happy hunting!

- LeAnnder

Abu kills Archons and banishes Mug
Posted by: Diskord -- 1:18 AM EST
This evening, at the Great Tree in the wilderness, Abu called the Archons to him and a great crowd gathered to watch. Some cheered and some jeered while Abu mocked the Archons' roles in the Nexus. He said he was the new leader of the immortals and ordered them to stop answering to mortal's requests. He said that mortals should not interfere in their plans and those who stood in their way should be killed.

Abu tried to convince Immortals that the humans were useless beings to them.

The archons did not like the ideals of Abu and slowly started to show their disagreement with him. Angry at their "betrayal", the Spirit Guide began slaying those who disobeyed him, one by one. First he killed the Archon of Revels, Alilolelotte, then killed the Archon of Dreams, Aeons and then slayed Archon Primarch Aremdaun, Hanlenim, HyKyung and Habaek. Criminals shall not party to the death of Archon of Justice, since Head Judge Teragg and his judges still live.

Abu assaulted 4 archons to death all at once. The immortals don't seem so immortal now.

Archon Daejang tried to attack Abu, but this was in vain, for he was slain like all others. Sashia tried to hit Abu as well, but died trying. Next he killed clan archons Chollin and JinSang and the Carnage archon Daime. The only ones who survived the massacre were Archon Primogen Dalnum and Archon Primarch Maiyu, along with those who were not present to Abu's crazy break down.

Mug and Abu discuss over Nexus's. Mug says he will not let Abu overwrite history of the lands.

Mug finally arrived demanding answers. The Dream Weaver of Nexus threatened to ban Abu if he didn't stop what he was doing. Abu started laughing and making fun of Mug. "I am a God now!" - said Abu. Mug obviously did not like Abu's attitude and in anger tried to put Abu down. Yet, to everyone's surprise, Mug found that even he himself was powerless to stop Abu!

Mug loses his patience and tries to put Abu down from his ego trip.

Abu began pushing Mug around, teasing him and calling him weak. Abu said he was much more powerful than Mug now and it was his time to reign the lands. Mug tried to stop Abu once more and told Dalnum & Maiyu to run. Mug's efforts seemed to not work as Abu was holdind the Chaos stone in his hand and obviously capable of causing much more havoc than Mug could stop. Abu said that it would be him who would banish Mug from Nexus lands and so he did. Suddenly, darkness ensued and community saw no more. Citizens woke up in their homes without completely understanding what had happened. Was Mug gone for good?

Abu laughed at Mug's attempt to kill him. Abu said he was a God now and not even another God like Mug can kill him.

Shortly thereafter, Dalnum shouted through the lands and called everyone to reach her at Baekdu mountain (through the Great Gates) where mortals would be able to reach the closest to immortal's realm. There, Dalnum asked the people to sacrifice an Angel's Tear to help empower Mug to fight back.

Citizens rush to Vale and in hopes to have a chance to help Mug. They reach Baedku Mountain, the closest place to Immortal's realm.

As many people didn't take or have Angel's tear in hand to help, few groups decided to give them for free to those willing to use it to sacrifice their karma for Mug. Chonguns, Monks and the Oceana clan were among these groups who donated hundreds of those items. All those who clicked Dalnum there received the following message, 2 pirate coins and and new legend mark:

After donating the tears, community members were left hanging with inumerous questions such as: Where are Mug and Abu now? Who will emerge victorious and what does this all mean for us? Stay tuned...

    Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Free Kruna and new Gogoon Scroll
Posted by: Songa -- 9:59 PM EST
Today mug shouted that tomorrow he will be giving out
200 Kruna to all auto renewal accounts and 100 to all
others! So make sure that you are registered.

There is also a new Gogoon scroll! So now at the drop
of a hat, you can magically be in Gogoon! yay for that!

    Monday, April 26, 2010

The Binding of Rusuto
Posted by: LeAnnder -- 7:05 PM EST
This afternoon, the 12 subpaths were summoned at the Great Tree, surrounded by multiple guards, to aid in trapping Rusuto, the Goddess of Chaos.
Meanwhile, Rusuto appeared in the Mythic lands and started to wreak havoc upon the nexus community.

The Four, Kiyuu, Abu, InSu, and WinSong, knew there was no more time to waste, and began to ask the elder or representative of each of the 12 subpaths to summon their subpath stone.

After the stones were summoned, Abu called upon Rusuto herself to the center. Each of the Four grabbed a hold of her, and called upon each of their respective paths and totems to trap Rusuto forever.

With Rusuto struggling, everyone repeated the saying of their respective path; Kiyuu for the warrior paths, Abu for the rogue paths, WinSong for the mage paths, and InSu for the poet paths. Rusuto screeched and twisted about, finally disappearing into a blue stone - the Chaos stone.

Abu scooped up the stone, and began to laugh. "Now begins a new era," Abu said, as everyone was too shocked to believe what they were seeing. "Now begins a new Nexus!"
Abu deceived us all! With the Chaos stone now in his hands, who knows what power he now holds.

Shortly after, Abu disappeared, calling to the skies to the Archons for a meeting. The Four immediately began to ask for Qantao's whereabouts. As everyone seeks her out for wisdom, what will happen now that Abu holds the Chaos stone? What is the true power of the subpath stones, that each of the 12 subpaths now hold? Everyone is on their guard, wondering what Abu will do, and where the Ninth Beast will awaken.
What will become of Nexus, the Kingdom of the Winds?

- LeAnnder

The Wrath of Chaos
Posted by: Vini -- 1:47 PM EST
WILDERNESS -- After a meeting at Great Tree with Spring sister Shoshun and the Nexus historian Qantao, the three guardians proceeded into meeting with subpath leaders in hopes to convince them to help trapping the Chaos sister and stop her destruction. The rumored "twelve subpath stones" were said to be powerful enough to trap any entity so WinSong joined InSu and Kiyuu in a quest to convince the subpaths to sacrifice their "Subpath stones" in order to contain chaos and restore balance. Most subpaths accepted the duty quite easily and started searching how to reach their stone, while a few took longer to be convinced.

It didn't take long until Rusuto figured out what was being planned for her. The delay on agreeing to sacrifice the stones gave her enough time to attack the community. The Chaos sister appeared in the mining field of Wilderness and started attacking the ore diggers there. She shouted at people there saying she would not allow them to entrap her and told them she would show them they could not escape chaos. Rusuto summoned a beast called Chaos Incarnate.

Chaos Incarnate was summoned by Rusuto along with Kaojins to cause more chaos in the lands.

Chaos Incarnate was a big spider woman, looked quite similar to Chaos beast, the damage she brought was unlike any other. She had 100 million vitality just like Gwangmok, but her killing power was much stronger. She had mass attack spells like: "lightning" "web trap" "mana drain" and "containing." She could not only bring vitality of the heroes down to zero in a few seconds, but also their mana. Being a Poet or a warrior basically made no difference against her as all those who tried to put her down eventually fell in battle.

Rusuto summoned Chaos Incarnate around the mininng field and healed it through battle.

The situation got worse after Rusuto got angry. Once again a horde or Kaojins was summoned to battlefield and started killing citizens. The battle seemed to be lasting forever. Rusuto kept shouting how it would be impossible to kill Chaos Incarnate and after hours of fight, community members started thinking it wouldn't actually be possible. Every time fighters surrounded the beast; Rusuto would summon it to another location and heal it.

People fought hours against the Beast, but the more they stroke, the stronger was the counterattack.

After hours of fight and much bloodshed, the Kaojins have all been defeated. The 8th beast instead was far from being defeated. A light appeared in the wilderness and Abu's voice was heard. The Spirit Guide came to help the mortals against the deadly creature. Different from his previous approaches, Abu didn't act so distant anymore. He was more present, more vivid more interested in helping than just with wise words. "Chaos, I am your counterpart." - said the immortal guide. Upon seeing that Abu finally decided to interfere, Rusuto answered to him in anger: "You are nothing! This world is mine!" Abu summoned the Chaos Incarnate to a limited area, surrounded by floricades. He then began casting spells to weaken the beast down.

Spirit Guide Abu arrived and quickly harmed the beast with his spells.

The confident Chaos sister didn't seem so sure of her success anymore. She seemed quite worried with what Abu could do now that he decided to interfere. "This ... this MAN has no power over my pet!" - she gasped. Abu answered to her by saying: "You look very tired Chaos".

Abu casts a strange spell with a "!" mark on the beast then casted the final spell on it.

He then held the beast by its neck and prepared his final blow. From the sky a mortal ninja stroked the creature and upon seeing the death of her pet, Rusuto got surprised "No! It's mine!" - She cried. Without her pet to fight for her and fighting against the Spirit Guide, Rusuto decided to withdraw from battle. "For now I will go... but I am not done with you, Abu." - said Rusuto. Yet she did not leave without warning of what was to come: "You will all fall, you will all die, when the ninth beast rises."

Abu killed the Chaos Incarnate and Rusuto got really angry about it.

As the Chaos sister left Abu directed his words to the community questioning their attitude: "Oh Nexus. Why must you cry in agony when Chaos appears?" The Spirit Guide seemed quite sure of what he was doing and instead of acting as worried as he seemed in his first encounter, he seemed quite confident of what was to come. The crowd started to cheer for Abu for saving the day. Chants saying "I love you Abu" echoed through Wilderness and Mythic Nexus. Abu decided then to reward someone unexpected. While the battle was going on, Soleil, the elder of Muses was singing a song of harmony. For her peace of mind in times of trouble, Abu summoned her and dropped a Belligerent kallal for her. Abu accidently stepped on top of the floricade which allowed Surius to ambush him and jump inside the restricted area. Surius ended up landing on top of the one of a kind Sa san Kallal, but instead of stealing it, he decided just to dance and make fun of the situation. Abu grabbed the sword from the ground and gave to Soleil for singing the following song during battle:

"Oh Abu you bring peace from the skies,
Dear Guide, lead us on, into the glory of next day,
We are by your side, united as one,
Our hearts beat us one for you tonight,
We are thankful you are by our sides tonight.

Soleil is summoned to the restricted area to gain her prize and Surius steps in the way.

Soon after Abu gave Soleil's gift, he announced that he wanted to have a meeting with the Archons. He wanted to meet the other immortals of the lands. The Spirit Guide greeted people and left to the immortal realms. Community members stayed in the battle sight for a while longer talking about what they just participated in. Although it was Abu who gave the final blow on Chaos Incarnate, it was Virtuoso Donut who got the experience of battle. A total of 1 billion experience was awarded to the Muse who was attacking the beast from distance non-stop.

Community stayed in mining field for a while longer unsure if that was all for the day.

After all that happened that day two questions remain unanswered: Will subpath stones be able to stop the incoming amaranthine beast? Why did Abu decided to help only now?

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 31, Moon 7~

    Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Tiger Primogen
Posted by: Caera -- 1:47 PM EST
Logorin has stepped down from Tiger primogen, promoting Jasmyn in his stead. Thank you to Logorin for the work he has put into the Tiger clan, and best of luck to Jasmyn as she begins her new responsibilities.


New World Map - Gogoon Island Released
Posted by: AllyGator -- 11:28 AM EST
New map release! Everyone has already explored Gogoon Island but this map maker has been a bit slow. After nearly 9 years of making maps I've slowed down quite a bit. However I've revised the World Map with a cute little icon for Gogoon Island. I'll be adding a link to Shipwrecked Shore and the boat and updating Dae Shore soon as well. Leannder has released a Gogoon Island Quest page as well! She still needs information to complete that page so contact her if you can help her out. The Gogoon Monster pages have been available almost from the very beginning. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get monster experience for cave levels 1, 2 or 3. Please contact Musoyen, Leannder or me if you are in those caves and can help Nexus Atlas.

Enjoy the information!

Map Goddess

    Friday, April 23, 2010

The 8th Beast appears
Posted by: Vini -- 4:57 AM EST
WILDERNESS -- The personification of chaos appeared. Rusuto came to the mining fields of the wilderness and showed community what chaos really means. She summoned a beast called Chaos Incarnate which was pretty much unbeatable. Along with the Big spider lady, another horde of Kaojins attacked community in a battle that lasted over 80 minutes of pain and despair.

After many deaths, citizens started to wonder if that was a battle they could win. Rusuto was certain of her successful chaos would spread and nothing could stop her. Spirit Guide Abu appeared and cut her party down. With a deadly blow he destroyed the Chaos Incarnate, but Rusuto still roams free.

Rusuto's dress was a particular kind of purple. Could she be the amaranthine beast?

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 31, Moon 6~

    Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Broken Portals
Posted by: Caera -- 6:04 PM EST
WILDERNESS -- Shoshun, the spirit of Spring, and Kiyuu, her once-mortal husband, appeared last night at the Great Tree bringing disturbing news to mortals. Accompanied by Qantao, InSu joined the crowd that amassed to hear what the Spring sister had to say. Kiyuu and Shoshun revealed that they knew what was causing the barriers that kept the Immortal Beasts inside their caves: the Chaos sister herself, Rusuto. According to Shoshun, the spirit of chaos has been unleashed and her sister has completely gone out of control.

Qantao asked the Spring Sister if the other Seasons could do anything to stop her, but she explained that none of the sisters has power over another. Qantao question then if Father Time Ichiji and Mother Nature Ichimei could do something to stop Rusuto, but Kiyuu explained that this was why they had hidden Chaos's sister existance, because they knew this always could have happened. The father and mother of Chaos sister can't do nothing to stop it either.

When citizens asked what they could do to kill Rusuto, the answer was blunt: She cannot be killed. InSu said then that "if an enemy cannot be destroyed and cannot be stopped, the only way to contain her destruction power is by imprisoning her" and Qantao to that. Several community members proposed trapping Rusuto in an Onyx just like Sagu was imprisoned long ago, but Shoshun insisted that onyx would not be strong enough: "Such stone may be powerful enough to lock in a mortal, but it cannot contain a Deity" - she said. "There's no stone of such power that can entrap my sister. I'm afraid there might be nothing we can do." A familiar voice shouted comforting news: "You're wrong Shoshun. There are indeed stones that can entrap the Chaos spirit".

It was WinSong, the old scholar of Koguryo. WinSong hasn't been seen in these lands since Yuri 35, when he was poisoned by LinSkrae. WinSong appeared and reminded the group about the twelve subpath stones, said to be powerful enough to trap any entity. According to the former librarian of Koguryo, those twelve stones could stop the Chaos from destroying the Nexus. Shoshun never heard of such stones, but she believed that this might work.

WinSong recruited Kiyuu and InSu to help him recruit the subpaths to his cause. Qantao immediately began to assert that the three men were the guardians she had discussed a few days before, though none of the three were sure of this.

There was not much time to discuss this theory; soon after it was mentioned, more monsters arrived, this time near south gate Mythic. First was Chief Slog, who attacked along with Cave ogres and Lost Spirits. The battle with Slog and his Hamgyong fiends ended fairly quickly compared to the other Immortal Beasts, but then came Gwangmok, a monster never previously seen. He showed the community what the word "terror" means.

Mythic Nexus became a living nightmare when Gwangmok started summoning a swarm of Kaojins from the Malevolent clan. The horde or Kaojins killed dozens of citizens in a battle that looked endlessly. They attacked community in each of the gates and even the strongest heroes of the lands were having trouble to defeat them.

Gwangmok has been the most deadly enemy community faced so far. With the vitality of more than 12 forever trees, he was extremely difficult to vanquish. For hours the community members tried valiantly to subdue Gwangmok until it was discovered that he could not be killed until all the Kaojins had been killed as well. Once this was discovered, Gwangmok was finally vanquished and sent back to his unknown home.

This brings the total number of escaped monsters up to seven, with only one remaining until the "ninth amaranthine beast" predicted by many to bring about the deaths of us all. Our time is running out very, very quickly.


Server reset today!
Posted by: LeAnnder -- 5:06 PM EST
Minor fix for Elixirs
Minor server error fixed
Working on patch for next week

New updates working on for Gogoon:
New hunting area being tested
New quest being added

New updates for Kirriin:
Added more new merchants
Added more new quest

Minor update for item shop
Minor update for current event

- LeAnnder

    Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Days of Enlightenment
Posted by: Vini -- 5:38 PM EST

So far, five immortal beasts have attacked the Nexus community and barely little is known about what is causing it. Many strange phenomenons have been happening in the lands of the winds in the past days. Geomancers reported that some of their Staff of Chi exploded when entering Koguryo. They also held several Ba-Gua which shown strong disturbances in the balance of the lands. Such imbalances may be what is reflected in the Mythic caves. As informed by Ayan it seems that mythic bosses have also been affected by the disequilibrium in Nexus's environment predicted by the Black Omen. Bosses are acting weird and showing up in rooms they haven't appeared in before.

During the meeting in Koguryo library, Monk InSu mentioned something important in one of his metaphors: "Since we don't know which possibilities each open doors lead, we'll have to spread and cross all possible doors we can find". InSu suggested that different groups should spread and try to work on finding answers due to their expertise: Barbarians should try to understand the beasts and find a pattern in them to see which ones could be the next ones freed. Monks should meditate and research scrolls and past studies which may be related to what's happening in the world. Druids should study the impacts of the chaos in nature elements and Geomancers in the balance of the lands. Shamans should seek help of Spirits, and they did seek Kyushin which has proven to be useful as the spirit cleared the possibilities of Kajang being involved in the breaking of the seals. InSu seemed quite surprised when Muses mentioned that the Book of Stones was stolen by a man called Lycurgus. He feared that if such book fell in wrong hands it could cause massive damage. He advised the Muses to get the book back as soon as possible. Musoyen found Lycurgus walking around and saw he carried the book. He was able to make a picture of what he looks like:

Diviners have also been helping by doing a reading for the community which can be found on the Chronicles of the Winds. Here's a copy of what the reading shows:

Present: Meng
Darkness - negativity, obscurity, unknowing, innocence, ignorance.

This is a time to stay calm and gather any information

Future: K'an
Recurring Chaos - lack of direction, caution.

Water above and below, all the dangers. The lands are in a situation of danger. Move appropriately and without
hesitation, that is the only way out of the troubles.

None of the options look good; but remember balance will return in time it is the way of Tao.

Sarina Oracle of Light
Seer of Mi-rae


Then, Teikari, the head of Yon family asked for help from the Chonguns to protect Kinung from more attacks and is worried that such beast attacks happening in the kingdoms may end up hitting his town which is completely vulnerable as it has no army or militia to defend it.

While trying to crack the hidden messages behind the Omen, Allygator has sent me a letter with what she found as the meaning for the word amaranthine: "Basically it means forever, everlasting beauty, a red/purple flower or herb that never fades". This means that amaranthine may be just another word for saying "immortal" or maybe it refers to someone or something that is purplish or red and looks like flower. Such information might not sound important or any other in this news, but every single details count. Every information is important in attempt to figure out what's going on. The clock is ticking and it's against us.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 31, Moon 5~

    Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Number of the Beasts
Posted by: Caera -- 1:33 AM EST
Two more beasts attacked today, this time at Sonjok'ada, the docks leading to the Hanseong and Gogoon Island. The first beast, Lord Badak Api, escaped from the Gogoon Rhino cave. He proved tough to kill but not particularly deadly.

The second beast was named Grand Master Belial, and he proved to be a much greater threat to the lives of his hunters. He is believed to have escaped from the Gogoon Imp cave.

So far we've seen five beasts (Ice Beast, Mighty Sute, Dhaulagiri, Lord Badak Api, and Grand Master Belial) out of the nine predicted by Spirit Guide Abu. One each in Kugnae, Nagnang and Buya, and now two at the docks leading to Gogoon.

What's a concerned historian to do? Call a meeting once again. Qantao called all interested to the Pond Library, where she went over the facts and asked for more insight. She was looking rough, and she claimed not to have slept in days. Qantao strongly insisted that ancient conflicts are related to current events. The discussion mainly revolved around what constitutes a "guardian," someone sent to ensure that the balance of the Nexus is maintained. Guardians may not have to be mortal, but in the past they have been required to sacrifice their lives. Kyushin, MiHi's deceased brother, was proposed as a candidate for our guardian, as was the Sea Nymph. Qantao is almost certain that a guardian is not yet here but that one is coming. "The stories do not say whether the guardians know what to do, but that they do it anyway."

Suddenly, InSu showed up in the library, having not been seen since Chizao's threat. InSu insisted that he would not know if he was a guardian, but he was quite sure that "if the ninth beast breaks out, we pretty much can't do anything to save ourselves. We must not let that happen." InSu strongly suggested attempting to contact WinSong, another old face. WinSong loved sailing, so InSu suggested that all islands be searched for hints of his current whereabouts beginning with Hausson.

InSu then began to charge the subpaths with roles in solving this mystery. He suggested that the Monks do research into history, the Shaman contact Kyushin, and so forth.

Shaman Lavahn immediately undertook a ritual to summon Kyushin's spirit in the Valley of the Mudang. After offerings were given and instruments played, Kyushin appeared in the Valley of the Mudang, but he was no more able to understand the words of the Shaman than he was the last time he appeared because DuskShaman was not present to translate for him. Kyushin screamed "CHAOS!" several times upon appearing, then gave more detail. "Why do you say nothing?! Why do you do nothing?! [...] Kajang is nothing compared to this..."

How long do we have until the "ninth amaranthine beast awakens in its bed"?


    Saturday, April 17, 2010

Who is Abu?
Posted by: Vini -- 11:53 PM EST
Upon seeing Abu last night in Koguryo Royal's Coliseum many people questioned about who was he and why when he appeared out of nowhere was coming with grave news by posting the Black Omen. The last entry on the Legend scroll was posted by Spirit Guide Eldridge years ago, probably around 48-49. Ever since then, there has been no other post in that nearly forgotten parchment. The only other known Spirit Guide was also Eldridge, so the question about “Who is Spirit Guide Abu” echoed through the public meeting and much doubt was common even between the royals.

Abu - The new Spirit Guide of Nexus

The answer to the mystery was found by warrior TuChica of Sun Moon sect: Pond, the keeper of Koguryo Library posted years ago about a Legend of “Spirit Guide” (entry 13). As informed by TuChica, Qantao started paying attention to her after TuChica shouted that Pond had written about “Spirit Guides” in Legend long ago. According to the warrior, her conversation with Qantao in Coliseum Atrium was the first she and the Historian of Nexus had and first time they met. Qantao invited her to go to the library with her and both headed together to the house of books & scrolls.

So according to the legend, Abu is either a god or a servant of the gods imbued with divine powers and he came to help maintain the balance. The legend says that "Spirit Guides appear in times of need" and the fact that the Black Omen is happening already must be the reason why he showed up in public. According to Abu, he didn’t create the Omen; he’s just the messenger who brought it to mortals’ view. ""My" Omen? Oh no no... This is the Nexus' Omen. We are all apart of the Nexus." – he said.

Spirit Guide Abu said that he would appear again to help royals and citizens figure out the next steps on these dangerous times in the lands of the Kingdom of Winds. We shall keep waiting for the more information he might bring and hopefully the help he might provide.

~Vini Normad’or~
~Hyul 31, Moon 5~

New Covenant Primogen
Posted by: LeAnnder -- 7:34 PM EST
Today, Adragonsclaw stepped down from Primogen of the Covenant clan, and has put Wooderson in his stead.

Thank you, Adragonsclaw, for all of your hard work, and good luck to the new Primogen, Wooderson!

Urgent Royal Meeting in Koguryo's Coliseum and Abu shows up
Posted by: Vini -- 2:52 AM EST
KUGNAE -- After the attacks of Mighty Sute and Dhaulagiri the Royals of the three kingdoms had an urgent meeting to discuss community security after the threats caused by the recent creature's attack. King Muhyul of Koguryo invited Princess Lasahn of Buya and Prince Regent ChaeRi of Nagnang to join him in his Royal Coliseum. The King also invited the Historian of Nexus to join them in the meeting, but Qantao seemed to have taken awhile to arrive from her home, a small village to the northwest of Han.
While Royals were trying to figure out what was going on, Qantao came to alert us that she had enough evidence to be sure that "The Black Omen" was actually coming true as they spoke. The historian also had grave news: if the whole omen comes true, the whole community would perish. The royals asked Qantao if she knew a way to stop the Omen, but she said she didn't. Qantao said that they had to unite their efforts to try to figure out the secrets behind the Black Omen as it seemed to be the key to everything.

Qantao arrives to meet with the 3 royals in the koguryian coliseum.

While the meeting was rolling, a surprise sight shocked everyone. Spirit Guide Abu appeared before the royals and was seen by us mortals for the first time ever. The enigmatic immortal figure came saying he didn't expect that the Omen would happen anytime soon. As soon as Abu started talking, the Royals started throwing several questions on him. They asked him what was going on and the Spirit Guide replied saying "Moral Princess...I ask the same question: What is going on? The Legend speaks of the future. We are not there yet.... ChaeRi seemed well aligned with Qantao's opinion and said he was sure that the Omen was happening already. "We've seen three of the immortal beasts already. Ice Beast, Woodland's beast and even the evil Sute himself!!" In despair the Princess threw the question "It seems to be going according to YOUR Omen. What does your Omen mean and how can we stop it?" The Spirit Guide replied with a worrying answer to her question:
""My" Omen? Oh no no... This is the Nexus' Omen. We are all a part of the Nexus."

Spirit Guide Abu appeared out of nowhere for the surprise to the crowd. The royals and the historian ask for his help to understand the Black Omen.

The Spirit Guide also had some other interesting information to share. When questioned by Qantao if they could find any information about what was to come, Abu asked her why the historian was asking him about things that are supposed to happen in the future. He says that a historian analyzes history and history alone. According to him, the Legend has no connection; no order and nothing of the past. Qantao defended herself from Abu's statement by saying " Yes, you're right. I analyze history. But history repeats itself." After many questions with no answers, the royals realized that the Spirit Guide wasn't there to provide them with answers. King M'hul asked that if the Spirit Guide wasn't there to give them answers, why why he appeared. Abu's answer was quite simple "I'm not here to give you answers. You'll find the answers by yourselves. But nothing stops me from helping by guiding you to finding them, that's why I posted the Omen. To alert you of what was to come. " Abu ended up saying that Qantao could help by finding connections from the past that can help her in near future.

Shortly after the Spirit Guide vanished. The royals gathered to discuss their next course of action. The historian advised the three monarchs to work with their military forces to prepare for the worse and protect their kingdoms. She said she would be researching all of her scrolls and the books and posts available on the libraries. With Muhyul’s permission she said she would start with Koguryo's library first. The royals left the coliseum and each headed to their offices. Qantao saged asking for the help of other historians around the kingdom in order to find posts that could lead to answers. While she headed towards the library she met with TuChica who accompanied Qantao to the library. There she met with several other historians who were willing to help with the scrolls. Some of those historians were: HealerofDoom, Muckish, NaoYuki, Wiccan, WiteLightnin, Suzhu, xHalox, Musoyen, Vini, Sabin, Sundrop and PoeyPoe. This group of scholars reunited with Qantao in a meeting that lasted over 1 hour and discussed several possibilities of what could be going on.

Qantao meets with TuChica in Coliseum Atrium and both head to library. Historians discussed all sorts of possibilities there.

The scholars discussed several topics like what or who could be causing the portals to be broken and what was in common between the beasts that could lead them to figure out which would be the next ones to escape from their lairs. They noticed that the Ice Beast, Dhaulagiri and the Mighty Sute had "Ice" element in common. They pointed to the fact that the Omen pointed to different elements as "Ice", "Fire”, “Water" and "Earth" were mentioned. They also concluded that the attacks came from each kingdom and couldn't be just a coincidence. They believe that this could be caused by one of Nexus's old enemies, most probably Mupa due her easy connection with the "Ice" element based on her Ice Dungeon. While Mupa was their best bet, they also discussed other options and formulated a list of all enemies that they thought that could have anything to do with it: Sagu, Mupa, Chizao, Kajang, Itsuwari, Yieta, Wiyae, Hawkmori, LinSkrae, Wuhu Luanhua (shape shifters) and even Mihi was listed, although she's not an enemy of the kingdoms. TuChica pointed out a pattern that worries them. First day it was one Beast attack, second day there were two beasts so they wondered if third day could be an attack of three beasts. A dozen theories popped up from their minds, but to help her organize, Qantao asked them to study all scrolls and books they knew and send their findings to her by letter. She warned all that they had to be fast with gathering information or else it would be too late. After meeting was over, Qantao grabbed a mug of coffee entered the inner library for further study which she described as "going to be a long night".

Historians decided to split studies to avoid loss of time. In their opinion, figuring information might be crucial for community's survival.

It is not known when other beasts might attack. If the pattern continues we might have another attack today.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 31, Moon 5~

    Friday, April 16, 2010

The Dhaulagiri and Mighty Sute attack!
Posted by: LeAnnder -- 7:32 PM EST
The Community gathered today to slay the massive bear, Dhaulagiri, in the Woodlands, just at the border of the Kingdom of Nagnang. It even had followers, as it summoned groups of Fire and Ice bears to attack the citizens trying to take down the beast.
Regent ChaeRi called Nagnang's citizens to arms, and even joined in the battle as well.

Not moments after it was taken down, the bear rose up again for a second attack on citizens. Luckily, fighters did not back down from showing Dhaulagiri who's boss!

Minutes passed before Princess Lasahn cried out about the Mighty Sute having escaped from its tightly sealed prison and attacking the Islets of Buya. Fighters from all Kingdoms ran to take it down. It didn't go down easily, as it attacked with mighty borea blasts and thundering pillars of ice, taking vita and mana of the fighters that crowded it!

After the Mighty Sute fell, Sarphendon received a Red Powerful Gutul (Sa san sub accessory) from its clutches.

Red Powerful Gutul:
Sa san to wield
+1200 vita
+4000 mana

Who knows what will attack the Kingdoms next, or where. Why are these beasts awakening, and how are they being released from the confines of their caves? Only time will tell!

A traveller's desk?
Posted by: Musoyen -- 7:09 PM EST
Earlier today, as Ouned went off for a routine scouting trip he stumbled on a desk in the wilderness at ((118, 76)).

Server reset today!
Posted by: Musoyen -- 4:02 PM EST
The Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

Mages may now start Sun armor quest at 86 and kill rabbits in the lower level. (Prior dream)

Rotah now allows players to sell experience as well as do Minor Quest and Mass exchange. (Prior dream)

Spring dye is now offered as a prize for Elixirs. (Prior dream)

Minor fixes for Gogoon:
Lowered rock salt so easier to kill
Add more clear water areas for the first 2 caves

New updates for Kirriin:
Added more new merchants
Started adding new quest

Minor update for Destiny

Other updates for current event going on


The Ice Beast menace
Posted by: Vini -- 2:03 AM EST
KUGNAE -- It was an unusual day in Nexus lands as the Ice Beast broke out of his restricted area in Northeast Koguryo and started attacking citizens in Dae Shore close to east gate pathway. The cry for help echoed when King M'hul himself saged for Koguryo army and clan militias to come to arms. Upon hearing the king's call, several soldiers and dozens of civilians headed to the koguryian shore armed for battle. While no one could understand how the ice creature ended up crossing the lava river that surrounds its usual place, the message was clear: they had to kill the beast.

In a battle that lasted approximately 40 minutes, heroes like Fatality, Terenth, ThiefofSouls, Raekhoh, Rubi and several other brave folks fought tireless to slay the frozen menace. Some community leaders joined the battle sight and brought their group to aid in the fight such as Muckish, XItachiX, Charmie, Teragg and others.

The battle wouldn't have lasted that long if silly people like bigmacboy and giraffepwner didn't keep healing the creature out of death. It was due much group work and much perseverance that the Ice Beast was defeated. It’s not known for fact, but few people claim that it was Destyn who did the final blow on the enemy, others say it was King M'hul himself. With the beast slayed, the kingdom of Koguryo is safe back again. Members of the Koguryo Royal Army seem to be investigating what allowed the beast to break free from his lair.

Let's hope that now the Ice Beast will remain confined in his delimitate area in Northeast Koguryo.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 31, Moon 5~

    Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ice Beast is attacking Dae Shore!!!
Posted by: Vini -- 11:45 PM EST
Attention! It appears that the Ice Beast has broken out from his restricted area in Northeast Koguryo and is attacking citizens in Dae Shore. Brave warrios joined the battle and are trying to put the creature down.

More information soon.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 31, Moon 4~

A Black Omen
Posted by: Caera -- 3:22 PM EST
A strange new entry appeared in the Legend scroll, and copies of the scroll have appeared in every subpath circle and clan hall. There's been a rush to buy them so they might not be available at your local library, but here's the full text.

When the Nexus' gates are broken, the portals of oblivion shall uncork,
Fire shall rain and water shall rise,
Ice will seize time and fear will seize hearts,
Plagues engulfing the earth.
One by one the immortal beasts will ascend from their lairs,
'Til even the gods will weep.

Famine, disease, misery and death will spread,
Pandemonic fiends will instigate corruption
But when the ninth amaranthine beast awakens in its bed,
The lands will fall to ruin and there will be only destruction.

-Spirit Guide

A new spirit guide? There have been no entries in the Legend since Eldridge. His message seems to echo the augury visions and the Chi disruptions, though their true meanings have yet to be revealed. What lies in store for us?


More chaos?
Posted by: Caera -- 3:21 PM EST
The Diviners are not the only ones experiencing strange phenomena. The Geomancers have posted on the Chronicles of the Winds about abrupt changes in the Chi around them. Similar to the Diviners, these changes were sensed in many different locations.

"I cannot withstand approaching the gates of Koguryo, I grow ill and my head begins to enter a swirl. [...] The earth is not what it once was, and the Chi that drifts near myself has began to...Change." -Wiccan

"I approach Dae shore, yet there is such a different feeling from what I once used to feel. The tides.. They no longer offer calm or relaxation, but instead I feel unease, tense, and somewhat... Enraged." -Geomancy

"'If one speaks of the tiger, it will come.'" -Myrtle

Late last night while I was walking to Du mountain to gather a few mountain ginsengs from the sides of the cliffs. [...] As I walked through the cave opening to the mountain top, a strong flow of chi rushed through my body. [...] I felt like my body was on a balance board, tilting to either side, uncontrollable." -(Unsigned)

"I was meditating at in the house of Chi, and i noticed something differant... the flow of Chi was more heavier then any others i have felt before... Something is going on but i do not know.." -PrincesAngel


Chaos is rising?
Posted by: Vini -- 6:22 AM EST
Augury visions are usually important presages which reveal that important and significant happenings of the future. Some may even call it the most powerful foreseeing ability that Diviners experience, as when it happens it affects a whole group of them. A new set of Augury visions being posted on Chronicles of the Winds is worrying those who stop by to read them. It seems that pretty much every Diviner had a similar vision consisting in "Chaos is rising up". Some may say it's just a regular storm ((or a server reset)), but the Diviners who had the visions seem to have reasons to think that what's to come is much more dangerous than just a storm.
Each had a vision in a different place, one while walking in Koguryo, or strolling in Dae Shore while another had it in the peak of Scribe's Mountain and other in the dark areas of Kinung. They spoke of terrible words to be seen in a vision: anarchy, pandemonium, disarray and disorder. The visions of Uoiea, Shiver and Lady Sarina had something in common, but it was Reon's vision that sort of summarizes the problem when repeating "Chaos is rising up" several times.

Here's a copy of some of the posts of Diviners who experienced such visions in the past days:

  • ~ Meditating in my house, silence my only companion
    Sudden pain, sharp and intense as my mind is flooded
    Images assault my vision, to quick for my
    mind to process
    Sounds scream into my ears, a cacophony of noise
    My brain screams in agony from the sensory overload
    Utter Chaos in all my senses.

    The scene shifts, a sense of rising away from the chaos
    higher and higher, faster and faster, soaring up
    and then POP, back in my house, laying on the floor
    dress soaked in sweat, dazed, confused, utterly
    disoriented from the chaos which assaulted me,
    and very alone. ~

    ~Grey Lady~

  • As I walk around the kingdom of Koguryo during the full
    moon, a vision came to me without warning, it has been a
    long time since I was visited by the random image in my
    head. It was the image of a stormy night and only went
    for a second, but it tickled my curiosity.

    I consulted my water basin to scry what may lies ahead,
    the water only shakes wildly, splattering its water e-
    verywhere, showing uncertainties of what may lie ahead
    in the future.

    Seems the future may be very catastrophic as the water
    in this basin.

  • This afternoon while walking along the Dae Shore where it is always so peaceful I decided to take a nap, so I found a quiet spot in the sun close to the beach and closed my eyes. I don't know how long I slept but was woken with a start, loud noises
    it sounded like yelling, arguing I'm not sure because when opened my eyes quiet had returned and I realized I had been dreaming but one thing I am sure of is That Chaos is rising, something is in the winds.

    Sarina Oracle of Light
  • Stars are glowing bright tonight. I take a leisurely walk outside and can't help but gaze upward. Their dance in the far away skies reminds me of something familiar, something nearly-forgotten yet lingering just on the outskirts of memory. I walk on, further and further, engrossed in the reminiscing of the past. Slowly my mind fell into a deep trance and all I could see were the tricky stars up above. In a moment's time everything changed - a loud cry of a black bird woke me out of my reverie? and then I saw it. Stars suddenly swirled around, chaotically. Their movement gained great momentum and it felt like they were about to engulf our kingdom in its entirety. I fell onto the ground, gasping for air. My whole body shaking with a feeling of unknown. A dark thought finding its way into my mind.. Chaos. Utter chaos and destruction.

    I lost consciousness and woke up when the sun was beaming bright. The feeling of uneasiness left me, but I still felt drained. Although I survived that vision, I feel with all my heart that there is something that will come, something that will be much more darker and difficult to conquer. Be on guard.


  • Many people started speculating what could these visions mean? Some think it might be related to Shamans giving up the Skeleton Seal to Kajang, others like Sun Moon Primogen Muckish, think that it Mihi who's bringing chaos to the lands while others fear that this could bring something else much worse. Let's hope that Diviner visions become more clear for what's to come and help us prepare ourselves better.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 31, Moon 4~

    The Skeleton Seal treason and the threat of Kajang's return
    Posted by: Riadora -- 12:43 AM EST
    Last night, the Dusk Shaman arrived in Kinung and called for Shaman to aid her in searching for the skeleton seal. After the Dusk Shaman asked for aid and explained that without the Shaman's help to find the seal, the seal would create havoc and doom us all, some Shaman agreed to help find it. The Shaman were successful in locating the seal after a search of Kinung. However, it was soon learned from Shaman CrewelLye that the seal had been turned over to Kajang instead of the Dusk Shaman. After learning of this, the Dusk Shaman exclaimed that because of this we had all been doomed to face the wrath of Kajang. She later made a posting on the Chronicles of the Wind board which reads as follows:

    The Shaman searched and recovered the skeleton seal. However, no sooner had they found the seal than it was delivered to Kajang himself. This treachery has certainly brought evil upon us all, but be fortunately, this evil will not approach immediately.

    The seal had the power both to contain and to free Kajang. He is locked within his tomb and if the seal had been destroyed he would have remained there. Now that he has it, he can use it to escape, but it will take time for his strength to grow and for him to escape. Despite this, we must prepare, because he will escape and the longer he waits before returning, the more dangerous he will become. Heed Kyushin's warning and mine: by delivering this seal, the Shaman responsible have brought great evil upon all of our lands, our homes, and our families!

    Dusk Shaman

    Attempts to clarify which Shaman found the seal and who brought it to Kajang have not been successful thus far.


        Wednesday, April 14, 2010

    Map of Gogoon Island
    Posted by: Vini -- 1:54 PM EST
    Ahoy sea explorers! Those of you who are adventuring in the new found island of Gogoon family shall not enter the dangerous areas without a map anymore. Our cartographer, Allygator, has been working day and night to get the isle caves and rooms all available to be seen by our readers of the Atlas but such amount of work surely demands long time. There are 10 huts and 7 different caves with various rooms, so it obviously takes a good while to set a page for each of them. For now, we leave you wish the map of Gogoon island so it can help you walk across the new land.

    I'm sure Allygator will post informing when she has the whole section for Gogoon ready in the Atlas, be sure to thank her for that if you see her.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 31, Moon 4~

        Tuesday, April 13, 2010

    Mihi's sorrow and Kyushin's warning about Skeleton Seal
    Posted by: Vini -- 11:29 PM EST
    Ever since Mayor Cheyn of Kinung was poisoned by Shaman Elder Humma much discussion and hatred has been spread in name of love, honor, vengeance and ignorance. Ever since shamans invaded Mihi’s wedding few months ago, the situation between her and the subpath haven’t been good and her unpolished way of dealing with politics have drawn Kinung and its mayor to a difficult position in which Cheyn, driven by love, saw himself forced to ban every shaman from entering Kinung. Driven by vengeance it was Humma who took the next insensate action first by cursing Kinung to darkness and then by murdering the mayor in a cold evil scheme with Barbarian Rargh. The situation got worse when Mihi decided to take justice to her own hands, or better saying, to her own words instead of waiting for justice system to interfere. In anger, the furious widow started saging threats against those involved in the plot against Cheyn and placed bounties for those who bring them dead. The threat against Shaman Humma, Barbarians Rargh and Sunkara eventually was misinterpreted and suddenly became an apparent beg for genocide in which Mihi, the new head of Tae Family, made sure to clear up to King M’hul.

    Mihi relieves her sorrow with the cat Curious in one of her moments of loneliness. While then, the ghost Kyushin appears for public view.

    Beckoned by Mihi’s sorrow and old voice to nexus community started being heard once again. The ghost of Kyushin was seen by a few roaming the cemetery of Koguryo and East gate Kugnae, but instead of talking about moon falling from the sky, the deaf spirit was actually looking for his sister. Once again, no one could be heard by Kyushin, not even shamans who are known for being able to communicate with spirits. As people remembered from October 2004, it was only Dusk Shaman who could be heard by Kyushin and by request of caring citizens the old lady agreed to leave her hut once more to help the lost spirit. Kyushin is heard by Dusk Shaman and reveals to her that a dangerous seal was hidden in Kinung and should be destroyed to prevent evil.

    Kyushin heads towards the end of the crypts. Could this mean something?

    After hearing of this story Mihi claims that the Shamans would use the seal to help Mupa unleash armies of undead on Kinung. Could that terrible accusation by Mihi be true? Are shamans capable of betraying their own community in service of Mupa?

    ~Vini Normad’or~
    ~Hyul 31, Moon 4~

    Server reset today!
    Posted by: Musoyen -- 5:12 PM EST
    Minor fixes for Gogoon:
    Fixed a few grammar issues
    Fixed bug lvl 2 monsters giving far to much experience in bird cave
    Fixed issue with Bart's quest (should not make you do the quest but every week)
    Lowered the drop rate in Rhino caves

    New updates for Kirriin:
    Added all new merchants
    Started work on quest

    Other fixes:
    Fixed it so you can no longer esscccccapppe out of the snakes text and pay your 5000 coins? shame on you for those who did it and never told us.

    Minor update for item shop
    Minor update for upcoming surprise!


        Sunday, April 11, 2010

    New Pirate Coin items
    Posted by: LeAnnder -- 6:20 PM EST
    Here are just a few of the new pirate coin items that are available from Eperona on Gogoon Island (100,000 into Central Outlook):


    Malong shoes:


    Sarong shoes:

    Batik shirts:

    Grass skirts:

    To see the complete list of new pirate coin coats, see the Coat accessory page.
    To see the complete list of new pirate coin shoes, see the Subaccessory page.

    (Sort of...) New Kruna
    Posted by: Caera -- 1:02 AM EST
    This island-themed apparel appeared in the item shop about when Gogoon appeared in Nexus. Enjoy! I know Musoyen has (just look at her picture).

    The Sailor suit and Sailor dress are coats, monkey is a mantle, sailor cap and sailor hat are face accessory 2 and his and her spectacles are face accessory 1. Clingy Takos are the first set of shield acessories released in the item shop. Apologies for the delayed post; we were busy with Gogoon when these were released. For those who are curious, the outfit shown in the monkey picture appears to be purchasable with pirate coins and is not available in the item shop.

    Oh, hi. I'm new here.


        Thursday, April 8, 2010

    The Death of Cheyn
    Posted by: Riadora -- 7:07 PM EST
    Last night while attending a celebration of apology in the Kinung Town Hall, hosted on behalf of Barbarian RarGh, Mayor Cheyn of Kinung was murdered. The head of Tae family died from consuming poisoned brew handed to him by RarGh. Witnesses watched helplessly as the mayor succumbed to poison before his wife MiHi. Elder Humma of the Shaman's taunted Cheyn as he was dying, and spoke of his soul being taken to Naraka while MiHi grieved. As the Mayor died, the grief stricken widow ordered everyone out of the town hall where fighting and other disagreements occurred outside.

    Soon after Cheyn's death, MiHi posted a note on the Chronicles of the Wind:

    Tonight my husband was murdered by the cowardly Shaman with the aid of the Barbarians. They have gone too far. In light of this state of emergency I will be raising the bounty on all Shaman heads to 150k, as well as for the Barbarians Rargh and Sunkara. I want none of them left alive.

    This has gone for too long. These underhanded deeds and the loss of my dear husband is unforgivable. Punishment for these crimes will be swiftly meted out. I hope they be painful, for I want none of these scum to forget the cost of their actions.

    Lady MiHi, Widow of Cheyn


    A hot arrival!
    Posted by: LeAnnder -- 4:32 PM EST
    Hello everyone!

    I wanted to introduce myself as part of the new NexusAtlas staff ^^. As Allygator pointed out, I'll be gathering any and all information regarding Gogoon Island. So, any quests that have been completed, or aren't found on the Gogoon Quests page, please let me know and I'll get it updated as soon as possible! That also goes for new boss drops and whatever else you guys can think of. The information I've been collecting is through nexus itself, or things posted on NexusForums.
    For what has been collected so far, there are many thank yous I'd like to give out for those who have helped so far. You're all wonderful! I promise it won't look like such a clutter once most of the Gogoon information is listed.

    In other news, Sickchicken and Maya ventured to the Woodlands Lobster cave last night, and managed to get a Flameblade from the boss! It must be a very rare drop, as it is the first to be confirmed.

    That's all for now, stay classy Nexus!

    - LeAnnder
    The Ruby Queen

    Information about Gogoon
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 5:30 AM EST
    You've always looked to Nexus Atlas for information and you haven't found it this time! What is wrong? We've failed you! Or have we? There is so much to gather and we don't want to give you wrong information. Yes we have information for you but it's not all there yet but rather than wait for the complete picture we're going to let you in on the ugly pages before they are no compliants..heh heh.

    Rachel and Leannder have been moderating a thread in the forums to collect information which you can find here. Musoyen and I have been working on monster pages for Gogoon Island which are far from complete. We need data from all levels of the caves and a few images as well. If you have solo, non-totem time experience please post that on the Gogoon forum. We've got some maps done but not the pages yet. So far I've got the Bird and Rhino Caves, most of the huts and Gogoon Island
    done. I'd like to have all experience for all levels and all drop information before publishing the map pages but that may have to wait. After all I still don't have that information for the Vortex or the Woodlands.

    In addition, Leannder has taken the various information submitted on boards in the game and on the forum, eliminated the duplications and put it in one quest page.

    I hope this helps you and we all hope you can continue to submit information that helps us all.

        Tuesday, April 6, 2010

    Server reset today!
    Posted by: Musoyen -- 3:39 PM EST
    The Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

    Easter is gone and the eggs are all packed up, some of the April fools is gone but strangely the monsters have not changed back to their original form yet.

    Bug fixes:
    Orange turtle shell can be found in cave 4 now.
    Clear water should now work.
    Fixed sewing table to remove the "very well" when crafting
    Fixed Yurtle to give more experience in cave 4
    Fixed last room for Rhinos so it no longer goes dark
    Imp cave is back with new levels to get to rooms

    Still looking into sage issue
    Also looking into the shipwreck island area because you shouldn't have to cut each time, it should be a weekly thing.

    Mug has also added a banking option to both the shipwreck chest and the option to buy yellow scrolls, herb pipe, and rice wine to the Gogoon banker! *dances*


        Sunday, April 4, 2010

    New hands item from Gogoon
    Posted by: Diskord -- 9:37 PM EST
    Today, Shikari Themainevent received a new hand item from
    the crab cave boss in Sunken Grotto.

    Lara's Royal Signet
    Durability 440,000
    Armor -5
    Vita +150
    Mana +150
    Will +2
    Grace +1
    Regen +2
    Protection +1
    Poet Level 50

    XItachiX and his group also managed to snag a glove in the sunken grotto.

    Silken Squall Glove
    440,000 Duraability
    -5 Armor
    +100 Vita
    +200 Mana
    +1 Will
    +2 Grace
    +1 Regen
    +1 Protection
    Level Req. 50 Mage


    Shaman No Longer Welcome in Kinung
    Posted by: Diskord -- 4:31 PM EST
    Cheyn has declared that the Shaman path is no longer welcome in the town of Kinung. Here are his words taken from the Chronicles of the Winds board.

    It is hereby decreed that no Shaman shall enter the boundaries of Kinung.
    As of their violent attack on my wife they are no longer welcome in our lands.

    It is further noted that any who wish to capture any Shaman
    acting against this decision are encouraged to do so.
    Whether or not the Shaman remain alive is entirely up to
    your discretion.

    Keep in mind that the Shaman are sly, devious people.
    Some signs to notice them by are the feathers and spirit
    crystals they may carry with them, or their Yongsang and
    mask. Be very aware of who you are attacking.
    Our quarrel is not with the innocent.

    In regards to an investigation of Kinung, I can only state
    that it is distressful to see the Imperial Minister ally
    herself with a blatant enemy of Buya's Princess.
    Perhaps an investigation should begin in your own halls.

    Cheyn Tae, Mayor of Kinung

    Only time will tell whether the conflict between Cheyn and MiHi and the Shaman path will ever be resolved.

        Saturday, April 3, 2010

    /|\ New Druid Elder! /|\
    Posted by: Musoyen -- 3:21 PM EST

    Today, Nywfyre Caera stepped down from elder of the druid path, nominating FoxFire to be her successor.

    Caera successfully led the Druid subpath for over 10 hyul's and I am sure many are sad to see her step down. With that being said, congratulations to FoxFire and we wish you the best of luck!


        Friday, April 2, 2010

    New staff and ring from the depths of Gogoon
    Posted by: Musoyen -- 4:32 PM EST
    Today, dakewlplaya managed to snag a new staff from the evil Imp boss in Gogoon.

    Malevolent Miasma
    12,000 Vita/30,000 Mana
    -6 AC
    200-380 Swinging Damage
    +20 Regen
    Will+3 Grace+3
    SA san

    Toxick and KeLLa also managed to find a "Water Queen Ring" from the boss in the underwater cave.

    Water Queen Ring
    -5 AC
    +4 hit
    +3 dam
    300 vita
    2 mana
    +2 regen
    + 1 protection
    Level 50


    Server reset/bug fixes.
    Posted by: Musoyen -- 1:25 PM EST
    Today there was another server reset to fix some of the bugs in Gogoon. Remember, if you find a bug post it on the "Gogoon Issues" board under the "B" tab.

    Bug Fixes:
    You can no longer summons players
    You can now find coconuts
    You can now find brown rice
    Fixed broken tile in Crimson Cavern
    Fixed minor error in Kalilinoe's quest

    Thank you to everyone who find the bugs and report them.

    Thank you as well, mug for the hard work ^^


    April fool's weapons and costumes
    Posted by: Musoyen -- 2:30 AM EST
    For an April fool's celebration, your level 95 weapon and peasant garments have temporarily changed into something more lavish! Whether you wish to sport around a lollipop the size of your head or a chilly ice cream cone, you can do so now in style. Your peasant garments are now temporarily more exciting as they have transformed into fine silky threads.

    ← Blood ← Spike ← Charm ← Surge

    ← Spring dress ← Spring blouse ← Spring gown ← Spring war dress

    ← Spring garb ← Merchant waistcoat ← Spring robe ← War platemail

    ← Merchant helm/Spring helmet

    On a side note, the carnage schedule has been put in place on the front page of Nexus Atlas where the daily pics use to once be. We feel that people would get more out of the carnage system than they did out of the daily pics, and many people just seemed not interested. The carnage schedule will be updated daily.

    We hope you enjoy the carnage schedule and be sure thank AkiKan for creating it.

    Please do not send in daily pics any more, thank you.


        Thursday, April 1, 2010

    Gogoon Island is Opened to Public!
    Posted by: Vini -- 10:34 PM EST

    Gogoon Island is here!!! This isn't April's fool joke. The new area that Mug has been working on for the past months was finally released today. It's everything the newsletter promised and more. Hundreds of people are venturing to the new island and it's quite amazing how many things there is to to there. Here's a few comments by people so far:

    Must say I'm in love. Some of these new caves are sweet. - Eowen
    Yeah i'm totally impressed! Lost my unfeigned blade from too many deaths though due to exploration. - Sephyr
    It's cool if you hunt, if not, it's a place - I guess - Darken

    To get to huge new island first head to Dae Shore 010 000. In the new area called Sonjok'ada, head north and cross the deck until you reach The Hanseong. The ship seems to be departuring every 10 minutes today, unlike the 30 minutes Mug said it would be. Once inside the ship enjoy the ride and feel the breeze of the sea. So far there's two destinations that players found. Most will just get straight to Gogoon Island and start enjoying what the new lands reserve. Other unlucky ones get shipwrecked and end up on Shipwrecked Island.

    To get out of Shipwrecked island, each person must cut 30 Kapur wood and hand them to Carpenter Bartolomeo inside the hut in the middle of that island. Once reach Gogoon Island head to east and meet the daughter of the Maata tribe Chief, Temanava, at 023 130. Hear her story through the end - pay attention to it, it's interesting and important to future quests. Once you hear everything you'll get a new legend mark.

    The island of Gogoon is huge. Nexus Atlas is working on getting full maps of each area soon, for we can help by providing coordinates to each places.

  • Hut Coordinates:
    Aiata's Tavern - 038 131
    Bocchus' Hut - 006 113
    Chief Tahaki (Exp selling) - 038 112
    Girdiya's Cloth Hut (Seamstress) - 055 119
    Jalaharsa's Meat Hut (Butcher) - 052 131
    Jewels of JongSoo (Gemcutter) - 028 148
    Narava's Weapons (Smith) - 060 145
    Shaman Heimana - 072 095
    Temaru's Abode (Bank) - 070 127
    Witch Doctor WenMu - 200 063
    Gogoon Mansion - 132 104

  • Hunting caves:
    Bird's cave - 207 163
    Turtle cave - 100 33
    Bee's Apiary - 082 159
    Crab's beach - 036 199
    Imp's Ancient Forest - 090 127
    Rhino's coast - 218 154
    Gargoyle's Antichamber - 141 033

  • Other interesting areas:
    Fruit Groves - 068 076
    Western Overlook - 050 000
    Center Overlook - 100 000
    Eastern Overlook - 140 000
    Sandy Cays (way to Kirriin's Island) - 218 004

  • Here's a copy of Mug's post on Dream Weavers board:

    Yes, I started out with a mean trick telling everyone Gogoon would not be here till next week. But surprise it was April fools joke. For those of you who cried, I laugh here.

    So yes! Gogoon is finally here. I hope you enjoy the new release. The ship sails to Gogoon every 30 minutes.

    For more information on the release see Nexus Atlas or the news letter that was sent out.


    Please stay tuned to Nexus Atlas for more information soon about Gogoon Island. Absolutely amazing place!

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 31, Moon 1~

    New #1 in Power List
    Posted by: Diskord -- 1:42 PM EST
    Guardian Valandil has surpassed Visionary Shans to become Nexus' new #1 on the power list.
    Congratulations are in order for Valandil! While it's not known if this means Valandil has passed Winroute, who is unregistered, it's already a bit of a feat to be stronger than Shans and Valandil deserves congratulations on being the first Poet to reach #1 in power list.

    On a separate note, hello everyone, I'm Diskord and I will be helping out here at Nexus Atlas from time to time by reporting newsworthy material.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

    Merchants negotiating with Pirates?
    Posted by: Vini -- 11:07 AM EST
    Last night, while Cheyn and Mihi were having conflicts with Shamans about Kinung, a big deal was being done inside the Merchant guild borders… or so we though. The Captain of The Hanseong, Kirriin, has come to the lands of Kugnae to meet with merchants, but the negotiations did not go well as expected.

    Kirriin was led from Dae shore to the merchant market with help of koguryians. There he went to Master Kyun’s enclave and met with Riane, a merchant guide. While most of their conversation wasn’t heard by majority of public who was blocked by barricades, they actually approached an area where the curious people in the enclave could hear their conversation. Kirriin basically wanted to know who the wealthiest people in the town were and if they would be interested in purchasing treasures he finds during his adventures. Riane seemed interested in having Kugnae as a port of trade with the pirate, but Keaira didn’t want to begin any business without seeing a sample of his “booty”. After that, the negotiations turned into a verbal dispute. Merchants wanted to see the so called treasures before agreeing to make offers while the “sailor” wanted to see if they had enough money to purchase his mysterious powerful treasures.
    Kirriin grew tired of talking to middlemen and asked to talk to the “boss”. Took a while but Beilek, elder of Merchants appeared to talk to him. Elder Beilek sustained the wish of his guides to see the merchandise before talking about becoming buyers to the Captain’s booty. Kirriin seemed really offended when accused of having stolen treasures and said he’s not a thief. According to the Captain of Hanseong, he found and conquered every “booty” he has in his adventures.

    As the negotiations didn’t go well, Aquairus and Musoyen took Kirriin to Kinung Island where he met with Mihi. Recovering from the stressful dispute she had during the day, Mihi invited the barely known pirate to have a tea and they headed to Suljip Tavern in the southern area of Kinung. There, Mihi and the crowd following Kirriin asked the Captain of his travels. He told stories of his adventures and when questioned about Gogoon Island by Mihi he said he didn’t have much to say since he hasn’t seen Gogoon and his family in a while.

    After a long pub chat with people there, Aquairus and Wreckinghand, invited Captain Kirriin to see a performance on the Garden of Muses. The Captain stayed there for a while and watched a Muse's show and only then he headed back to The Hanseong. He did mention that the ship was almost fixed and once again mentioned that Bartolomeo would need more “Kapur wood”.

    It’s unknown if the Captain will return to Koguryo lands again. Last time he left, he did mention he would return to get to know the Merchant guild. Since the negotiations with merchants didn’t get through, we might not be seeing Kirriin anytime soon.

    ~Vini Normad’or~
    ~Hyul 31, Moon 1~

    If anyone has pictures of Kirriin's visit to Muses, please email to me.