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Past News | April 2006

Past News
Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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April 2006

    Friday, April 28, 2006

A village is found?
Posted by: Cirran -- 8:31 PM EST

Update: After exploring the area it turns out to be a very nice new place for novice players to learn the functions of the game.

The following was just posted at, I'm still waiting for servers to come back up however.

The great wall of Kugnae that surrounds the
city itself was built by early Koguryans
with dedication and purpose. Stone by stone
they created this formidable barrier. There has
never been a question of its solidarity. Until
recently. An opening was discovered in the North
west side of this barricade. A light mist gathers
at the edges of this doorway. The stones surrounding
this entrance are a darker gray and their mystical
quality seems to beckon you. You follow it…?

Mythic Bosses have changed
Posted by: Guerrund -- 5:54 PM EST

The mythic bosses have changed with the latest reset, they are now acting a lot smarter and seem to have learned how to use their abilities better.

Mythic bosses have always been able to scourge, blind, venom and dispel usually when your close by, however now they are casting it from range.

One major change is that a mythic boss will heal itself to full instead of desperatly healing itself at the end for a short time before dieing.

More to come as things are tested and confirmed.

Special thanks to Vano for this information.

Thank you,

    Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The cave!?
Posted by: Vini -- 4:35 PM EST

The Strange things appeared again in Kugnae today. About an hour ago, Chaemok and Tongnamu appeared near East gate and started talking their strange language near the new cave south of the Tree of Reflections stump. The creatures seemed to be able to enter the cave sometimes and after a while of talking Kurutogi appeared from inside the cave.

The creatures seemed to have learned a bit more of our language and even mentioned the cave:
"Tongnamu: C..cav..beotl."

They also mentioned words like "family", "home" and were happy to see Druid Aezriael bloom flowers. Kkoptchil didn't seem to show up, the reasons are unkown yet, but the hopes are that the "Peaceful Bark" is doing ok. Some members of the community are still trying to enter the cave in hopes the figure out what the "Strange things" are talking about. More news about this matter at any moment, stay tuned!

~Vini Normad'or~
~Yuri 81, Moon 8~

    Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Law Enforcement
Posted by: Conro -- 9:07 PM EST

Dear Nexus Community,
It came to my attention of a sudden arrise of people saging and shouting acronyms around the kingdoms, specially in carnages & exilirs, that mean "for the win".

It's also said that it's used for another meaning such as "free to whisper" but unfortunately this is not the only interpretations the acronym has and the 3rd one is a very serious profanity. Now, people may think that such expression isn't used that much, but actually we've been receiving quite a few complaints of people using this acronym with bad intentions.

Actually by consulting the Law 86, there's a part which clearly mentions that the usage of it is illegal and can be jailable, read it as the following:

"Similarly using acronyms will be considered cursing if it is clear to the judge/archon that you were intentionally trying to curse. If you are not trying to say something illegal then simply type it out to avoid any confusion. If you want to say "Summer Time Fun Umbrellas" then type it out. Do not use acronyms or you will be jailed for cursing."

Because of that, the usage of such acronym shall not be tolerated, shall not be used and must be avoided by all. The Justice Administrations will deal with such law breaking accordinly.

I'm sorry if anyone sees this as harsh decision, but it's a procedure necessary to prevent people from cursing at others with that. If you want to say "for the win" then just type it outloud.

Thanks for understanding;
-Head Judge Vini

For discussion about this topic, and the justice systems inability to solve the problem of profanity (*cough* optional curse filter *cough), please click the link below.


After community outrage, Neul followed up with this post.

On the topic of "ftw" it has come to my attention that most people do use it for "for the win" but there have been a few instances that it has been used in place of profanity.

Please make it clear that you are using it as "for the win" in the future, the Justice Administrators and I had thought that the community was using it for profanity, thus why Vini had posted on the Community Board. But, in seeing everyone's response I feel that I made a mistake in having that discussion with Vini.

So in the future please be clear as to what you are using this acronym for, it can be read backwards as profanity.

    Monday, April 24, 2006

Partial Translation of Tree language
Posted by: AllyGator -- 8:29 PM EST

Thanks to Kinnian for this information.

These are the words we have compiled so far of their language..

Trii = tree
Iofa= life..
Triiofa=living trees (what they are)
Qa = we are almost positive this is "Where"

words we have speculations about...

Aks we thought meant kill...but then Tongnamu said "aks Chaemok"!

And..Beot might be "no" or "not" because one time it pointed to the dead tree and said .. "Beot iofa" ..not living?

Some of the things they say are...

Qa! ..Qa rixuan! Qa trii!
Where!.. Where [are] flowers? Where [are] trees?

All in all they seem to be talking about reviving the tree of relfections... And seem to be talking about how everything is living ... trees,flowers,water,them,us... Someone accidently killed a rabbit in front of them and one just stared at the carcus and went "....." for about 20 seconds.

Strange Thing Conversation
Posted by: AllyGator -- 8:04 PM EST

Two strange things appeared at Kugnae East Gate and strew roses all around. They seemed to respond to Aezriael more than other citizens so her comments are included. We MUST find out what they are saying! This much of their conversation was captured before they left.

Tongnamu: ...Tree...beot!
Aezriael: Now it's gone.
Tongnamu: ....
Aezriael: beotl?
Tongnamu: Beotl. Aks tree.
Chaemok: Triiiiiiii
Aezriael: Is beotl behind this?
Aezriael: Yes... tree.
Chaemok: aks trii, aks beot, aks Chaemok, aks rixuan
Tongnamu: Beot.
Aezriael: Yes...
Aezriael: It is not living anymore.
Tongnamu: Life...
Tongnamu: Beot life.
Aezriael: Live is gone.
Tongnamu: ..N..
Tongnamu: Beot...
Aezriael: No.. No life.
Aezriael: Iofa is life. We think.
Tongnamu: Beot.
Chaemok: [sages] aks trii. aks beot, aks rixuen!!! Qa rixuan, trii...
Aezriael: So beot is death? and iofa life?
Tongnamu: [sages] BEotl aks tree. Beotl aks tree-life.
Aezriael: Tongnamu, can you bring iofa back?
Chaemok: Chaemok IOFA, aks BEOT
Tongnamu: Qa trii!
Chaemok: Qa trii!
Chaemok: Rixuan iofan. Qa triiofa!
Chaemok: Qa rixuan!
Chaemok: Qa triiofa!
Chaemok: Chaemok iofa! Tongnamu iofa!
Aezriael: Don't surround him.
Aezriael: He looks scared.
Chaemok: Triiofa akso rixuan.
Tongnamu: Chaemok?
Chaemok: Qa trii!
Tongnamu: Chaemok!
Chaemok: [sages] Qa trii...
Tongnamu: Tongnamu iofa trii..
Aezriael: It's okay.. We are here to help you.
Tongnamu: Tongmau life...
Aezriael: Is that what you came for?
Chaemok: Qa rixuan!
Tongnamu: Qa tree?
Tongnamu: Qa tree-life?
Tongnamu: Qa rixuan...
Tongnamu: Tree beot...
Chaemok: Chaemok iofa! Tongnamu iofa!
Tongnamu: Fl..flower?
Tongnamu: Tree.
Aezriael: Roses are flowers of balance.
Tongnamu: Tongnamu, Chaemok, Kurutogi, Kkoptchil...a..aks tree...
Tongnamu: Aks tree...aks tree...aks life...
Chaemok: Chaemok iofa, Tongnamu iofa...aks beot
Tongnamu: ....Life..
Chaemok: [sages] Chaemok iofa, Tongnamu iofa... aks beot
Tongnamu: [sages] Aks..beot. Qa tree life.
Aezriael: is "aks" not?
Tongnamu: Trii..
Tongnamu: Trii..tree...
Tongnamu: Tree. Tree. Tree.
Aezriael: Are they trying to say they are life, not "beot"?
Tongnamu: Beot...
Tongnamu: Tree beot.
Chaemok: Qa trii!
Chaemok: Chaemok iofa, Tongnamu iofa... aks beot...
Tongnamu: Tongnamu life. Choaemok life.
Cahemok: Chaemok iofa, Tongnamu ofia... aks beot...
Tongnamu: Chaemok life...tree life...
Tongnamu: Beotl.
Tongnaumu: Tree boetl.
Chaemok: beot!!!
Chaemok: Qa trii!
Aezriael: Chaemok, Tongnamu...
Aezriael: Can you lead us? Show us?
Aezriael: Please be kind to them.
Chaemok: Qa trii!
Tongnamu: Triiofa?
Aezriael: Let them lead.
Chaemok: Qa rixuan!
Chaemok: Chaemok iofa! Tongnamu iofa!
Aezriael: Please clear, and let's follow them.
Chaemok: Qa trii!
Aezriael: Let them pass... we can follow them.
Chaemok: Rixuan iofan. Qa triiofa!
Tongnamu: Iofa?
Tongnamu: Li..fe.
Tongnamu: Tree beotl...
Tongnamu: [sages] Qa tree life.
Aezriael: It takes a long time to say anything in English.

and they were gone!

The Four Strange Things
Posted by: Nagnag -- 4:34 PM EST

The sages they did in Mythic:
"Kkoptchil Chaemok iofa!"
"...aks tri..."
"Qa triiofa! Triiofa akso rixuan!"
"Qa rixuan!"
"Rixuan iofan. Qa triiofa!"
"Qa. Qa rixuan beot!"
"Tongnamu iofa trii"

But then they SAID things outloud:
"trii ifo!"
"trii iofa! Kurutogi iofa!"
"Qa trii!"

Some started teaching it to say Flower (People like Aezriael) and it would say "Qa flower!" and "Qa tree!"

Thanks to Aezriael for the quotes and xKALIx for the screenshots.

    Sunday, April 23, 2006

Posted by: Vini -- 9:32 PM EST

Since Kabocha’s letter about the missing trees and the secret message of the Great Evil that is on its way, much speculation has been done around the problem but sadly no real proof of what the great evil is and what is causing the trees to vanish. This is nothing more than another speculation but which as of know is the one most believed by a large part of the community interested in uncovering this mystery as soon as possible.

It is believed that the dreams of the sub-paths Elders that they reported on the Chronicles of the Winds were some sort of vision of what’s going on. Different from past experiences, this time no augury vision has been reported by the Diviners. The recent and strange mutterings reported of Stage thing speaking in a different language has brought up the memories of an old letter that a gone defender and knight of Koguryo have sent. It was just after the Tree of Reflections was gone that Minister LunaStarling has posted this for the public to see:

  • To my family the Royal Ministry of Koguryo, my friends and the people of the Kingdom:

    I have missed you and I thought that now would be the time to inform you of my travels. My journies have been perilious and heavy hearted, there has been injury and there has been healing, but not the healing I need. Bubbly continues to journey with me and keep my spirits high and my heart warm but as of now he sleeps as I write you this letter.

    I am somewhat saddened that whilst on my journies for my first letter to you all to be that of grave news but ever hopeful and ever watchful I remain as I place my trust in you and the community that continues to serve Kugnae. The light is dim from the campfire so I shall try and be brief in what I have to say. It involves a journey to the south as I came across an old man injured upon the pathway through a resently destroyed forest. He was rambling and near death and alas Bubbly's magics were too weak to bring him out of his passing. But he did pull me close to his lips and my ear gave way to his words.

    He spoke, from what I could understand that creatures of wooden nature had razed the forest and with them they carried a weapon of great majesty and decoration. He could not understand what there intentions were but he did point with his shaking arm to the borders of Kugnae.

    Trouble is coming, I do not know what it is and I am deeply sorry that I am not going to be there to help you in this time of need. Be prepared and be wary and I will help all I can with what information I can gather.

    My journey must continue, ensure Kugnae's journey continues also.

    I miss and love you all!

    Dame Starrbrite
    Retired Royal Minister of Koguyro

    Such letter was indeed a first warning of what was coming to our lands. Even before Kabocha’s letter, Dame Starrbrite has warned us about the creatures that would come and raze our forests but back then so little was known about the missing trees and the only concern was about Tree of Reflections that such warning didn’t have the proper attention. While now, that it has been brought back to attention, there’s a very interesting part where mentions something that can lead to figure out what is coming our way.

    “…creatures of wooden nature had razed the forest and with them they carried a weapon of great majesty and decoration.”

    Well, of course that the figure of “Strange thing” came into mind, but wasn’t it rumored to be created from ore? If looked closer the “Strange Thing” does have a branch in his head and the famous big axe that it carries could obviously be the weapon of great majesty and decoration.

    But still, this could be a mere supposition if wasn’t for the Stage Thing mutterings. He talking that alone could be coincidence so we went for a search a wild “Strange thing” to see if he would talk. Differently from the rumors, the “Strange Thing” can still be found on Southern Koguryo and sadly it doesn’t say anything, just attacks anyone who passes by with no pity.

    Even with the wild ones not saying things, we went on a search for the other ones that worked with people and there were found two in clan halls, one in Destiny clan and the other in Elendhirin. The same things were said by them, Na-Moo and Toa, when approached and watched for a while:
    Triiofa akso trii.
    Qa! Qa rixuan beot!

    So far, this is the best explanation to link the letter from Dame Starrbrite, the letters from Kabocha, the missing trees and the recent mutterings of this strange and little known about race. Any sort of information involving these creatures is wanted, necessary and decoding what they’re saying maybe really important for the defense of the kingdoms.

    Stay alert! These creatures might be the ones taking our trees during the night.

    ~Vini Normad’or~
    ~Yuri 81, Moon 8~

  •     Saturday, April 22, 2006

    Alizarin Helm Changed
    Posted by: Guerrund -- 3:40 PM EST

    With the last reset the Alizarin Clan has recieved their new helm graphic. This helm graphic is the one that they originally intended for their helm. The helm is red because they believe that those who can see the unseen are marked with red hair.

    The new helm looks like this:

    Congratulations to the Alizarin clan on getting the correct helm!

    Special thanks to Morick for the information about the helm colors.

        Friday, April 21, 2006

    New Jeweling Helm!
    Posted by: Cirran -- 7:50 PM EST

    Today a new helm was created using the jewelry making craft. Congratulations to soultiger on making this new Diadem helm. It can be worn by both males and females and is apparently a rare result at grandmaster level.

    Special thanks to Sinchan for supplying screenshots

        Thursday, April 20, 2006

    Candy Stays, Bunny Ears and Event items go!
    Posted by: Nagnag -- 3:01 PM EST

    As a test, I deposited "Stuffing" and all of my Bunny Ears, so that when the event items disappear they would vanish and it would prove which items stay. Turns out, all event items vanished, including the Bunny Ears. Many are outraged and sad over this. For those of you that kept your candy, good job! It seems that it will be staying around for good!

        Wednesday, April 19, 2006

    Candies staying around?
    Posted by: Nagnag -- 7:52 AM EST

    Prepare those Dentist appointments because it seems like the Candies are stickin' around! But this is NOT an official announcement, this is simply a presumption on my part. It seems that the "Bunny Ears" quest ended today, and the candies stopped appearing yesterday, yet the candies are still in our pockets, so perhaps they're sticking around? Vote now at Nexus Forums! So far the poll is at a steady 37.04% want them to stay, and 37.04% want them to go and 25.93% don't care! VOTE NOW! Not a member of Nexus Forums? Click here to Join! It's simple, fast, and fun!

        Sunday, April 16, 2006

    Happy Easter from the Staff
    Posted by: Nagnag -- 10:25 AM EST

        Saturday, April 15, 2006

    A Warning from Stage Thing?
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 10:44 AM EST

    Muse Elder Aelis notes the strange behavior of their beloved Stage Thing. For the first time, he is speaking. But he's not the only one. His wild brothers, the Strange things, are saying the same thing! With all the excitement over Bunny ears and Easter candy, this is not receiving the attention it should. None of the Muses know this language. I went to see for myself and found Archdruid Supply standing guard. Perhaps she is worried about the change? Stage thing says: "Triiofa akso trii. Qa! Qa! Qa rixuan beot!" He sometimes says, "Qa! Qa! Qa rixuan beot!", three times in a row. It must be an urgent message! We call upon all citizens to find out what this means!

    A few observations
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 10:21 AM EST

    This post isn't really news but as I was running around gathering Easter Candy, I noticed a few things. What I found most hilarious was that, for a change, I was not the only player walking every single tile in the game!! Score ONE for the mapmaker! But then I saw candy on the water! THEN I saw Justice on the water! Rubbing my eyes, I saw branches in mid-air! I knew it was time to take a rest then except that . . .

    I found out what the hole in the Kugnae wall is for!!! Click the picture to find out!


        Friday, April 14, 2006

    Easter Candy
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 3:04 AM EST

    Update: A few shaman friends were playing with honey-filled candy, and did indeed recieve some items!(although rare) At this time no one is clear if this works with all candies or what exactly you can get. It is confirmed that you can get coins and mystic potions.
    -Thanks to TediAvenger for confirming this.

    Several bunnies scattered throughout the kingdoms are dropping candy shown below.

    Top row: Green candy, blue candy, red candy, yellow candy
    Bottom row: Honey-filled candy, Fruit-filled candy, Creme-filled candy, Chocolate candy.

    Striped red - Flame Amber
    Striped blue - Desperate attack
    Striped green - Whirlwind
    Striped yellow - Bunny morph
    Fruit-filled - Invoke
    Honey-filled - Endear
    Creme-filled - Harden Body
    Chocolate - Heals 10k

    EmeraldWings (our newest NexusAtlas staffer) tested all candies and none gave any cash or affected stats, but by rare chance you may recivie special gifts.

    Also, if you run into a Wide-eyed bunny, give him a smack, and he'll either teleport away, or dissapear and leave you a bunch of candy!

    UPDATE: You can get more than one pair of ears by redoing the quest from the start. Enjoy! (Thank you LadyZen and Dochmur for discovering this!)

        Thursday, April 13, 2006

    Bunny Ear's Quest
    Posted by: Conro -- 11:23 PM EST

    Just speak to the Kafra... oops, wrong game :)

    As compiled by Flamethrower and others...

    10 Wool, 4 fine metal, 1 blood potion, 4 green squirrel pelts, and (additional not a requirement) 1 potion of autumn, earth, summer or winter.

    The Start
    1) Head to Kugnae seamstress locatated at: (83, 160) and say "Bunny ears" out loud to the NPC.
    2) Head outside and go a few steps below to: (82, 170) and say "Bunny ears" to the NPC.
    3) Gather 10 wool and head to the Buyan tailor. Say "Bunny ears". Then "Stuffing." She will hand you stuffing and tells you to go back to cry to seek for help.
    4) Go back to to hand in your stuffing. He tells you that you need to find something soft to put on the bunny ears for yourself.
    5) Gather 4 Green Squirrel Pelts. And head to the seamtress in Nagnang south east of West gate. Say: 'Pelt'
    6) Head to the tailor just south of the seamtress and say 'Pelt' again.
    7) Go to 100,167 in Wilderness. Drop your pelt and it will turn to a bleached pelt. Drop ONE AT A TIME, and you should get 4.
    8) Go back to Cry and say Pelt. He till take them.
    9) Go to Lin Tailor in Sanhae and say "Dye".
    10) Go back to Cry and use the combo needed for the dye
    White = Blood potion (zazaman)
    Purple = Blood + Autumn (THENEPHILIM)
    Blue = Blood + Winter ( Spherical )
    Brown = Blood + Earth (Aezriael)
    Green = Blood + Summer (Shali)
    11) Say wire to Kugnae Smith
    12) Bring 4 Fine metal to Kugnae smith and say Wire.
    13) Go BACK to Cry and say Wire...
    14) Congratulations, you've made your Colored Bunny ears!

    Runningmoon (1-2)
    Syrion (3)
    StrongLife (5-7)
    LunaStarling (7-8)
    Jolie (9)
    ProSon (9-13)

    To remove your ears use (shift+t) and c.

    From Left to Right: White Green Blue Purple Brown White

    From Left to Right: White Green Blue Purple Brown White, and our lovely baldy showing us the ears from a side view ;)

    - Conro

    Candy? Delicious.
    Posted by: Flamethrower -- 4:24 PM EST

    As posted on NexusTK's Official website today:

    Today when I was walking around the Nexus lands I noticed a rabbit running around. After finally catching up with him and hitting him once, a large amount of candy fell on the floor. After picking up the candy and eating it I found many interesting flavors and one even had a special surprise inside. Now as I walk the lands I notice more pieces on the ground. I wonder what will be in store for me when I open the next piece!

    Walking through Kugnae I noticed a lady wearing a pair of bunny ears. I asked her how did she get those and she replied with a giggle “I made them, however my husband had to shave off his beard before he could wear them.” Then she hopped away. I now have decided to walk around until I can figure out how to make them. I am sure it will be a fun journey and hope to see you out there.

    Could bunnies really be dropping candy? Could the whole world come to an end? Where did all the ravens go . . . find out on our next NexusAtlas post.


        Sunday, April 9, 2006

    Head Host Steps down
    Posted by: Conro -- 11:03 PM EST

    As of yesterday, former Head Carnage Department Host Drywater has stepped down from his position.

    As posted by Ahalya on Community board:

    Hello Nexus community,

    as of yesterday, Drywater, is no longer the Head Host of Carnage department.

    Mals will be acting as a temporary Head Host, till the Carnage Archon will appoint a new Head carnage Host.

    I would like to thank Drywater publicly for his help, effort and dedication towards Carnage Department during all these years.

    Thank you,

    With this move, all previous Carnage bans, including lifetime bans have been lifted, and EVERYONE has been given a clean slate. If you are currently banned from Carnages, please contact either Head Host Mals or Archon Ahalya via NexusMail to have your ban lifted.

    A thank you to Drywater for his time served as Head Host, and Congratulations to Mals on his temporary position.

    Vale Maps Released
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 6:50 AM EST

    Just in time for any new event! Now you can find the way to quickly warp around the Vale. No more searching for Scribe's Mountain. Have a minor quest to kill a Snow beast? Now it's a snap to find the Polar bear caves.

    The Vale

        Saturday, April 8, 2006

    SoE: Finding a Situable planter
    Posted by: Conro -- 5:45 PM EST

    If you're having a tough time trying to find a place to sow your Cursed Acorn for the Staff of Elements Wood staff, bring along a Rogue with the 'Spot traps' ability.

    I am unsure if this is public knowledge or not, but it was never reported on NexusAtlas, so a huge Thank you to

    Sotero, Nurox, and StateProp!

    - Conro

    Monks new area (edited)
    Posted by: Vini -- 4:29 PM EST

    Last night, the Monks have opened a new public area inside the Wisdom Ascent. To get there, walk from East Gate Kugnae to Dae shore. Follow the path strait north over the bridge into the cave at 040 010 and once inside, take a quick left(000, 028) and you're there!

    Entrance to the Lotus Dojo from Wisdom Ascent

    The room called Lotus Dojo, sized 25x25, can and will be used for several reasons. On the north of the room, there's an area limited to Monks only. The rooms settings can be changed so, it can turn from a PK room to a non-PK area.

    The Monks private area in the Dojo

    Near the center there's Lotus spirit that roams the room. The spirit is there to assist the Monks on choosing what feature they want to use:
  • Changing armors dyes
  • Remove nuisance
  • Different levels of lighting settings
  • Spells on/off
  • Scrolls & potions on/off

    Finally such features are being seen used outside of the houses server and carnage (the light option). To celebrate this new room, the Monks are inviting the community to go visit it tonight at 7pm EST. Congratulations to the Monks on their new achievement and good luck on the usage of it!

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Yuri 81, Moon 3~

    Correction: The Muses have had the ability to change lighting in their Garden and circle before even the Carnages. Also, they now have most of the house features available to be used in both the Garden and Circle. Thanks to Elder Aelis for such information!

  • More Carnages
    Posted by: Conro -- 2:17 AM EST

    We are pleased to announce that we will be adding new carnage times, starting this Monday 10th April 2006. This will increase all carnage events to 30 per week.

    Players will be able to enjoy new carnages at the following times :

    * Noon EST from Monday till Saturday.

    * 6 pm EST from Monday till Saturday.

    * 8 pm EST from Monday till Saturday.

    * 10 pm EST from Monday till Saturday.

    * 1 am EST from Monday till Saturday.

    Head carnage Host Drywater and his team are working on the schedule. You should visit Carnage Schedule board and read the new schedule.

    All carnage events will continue to be AUTO DYE.

    We hope all players will participate and enjoy these events.

    Thank you,

    Carnage Archon Ahalya

        Friday, April 7, 2006

    The vanishing trees, the Ravens and Alizarin updates
    Posted by: Vini -- 9:14 PM EST

    All the trees around the kingdoms of Koguryo, Buya and Nangnag are gone. Thousands of ravens have appeared in the kingdoms and some even managed to invade clan halls. The bigger trees are gone too. The tree at south gate Kugnae is gone and so is the almighty Great Tree.

    The stump of the Great Tree

    The reasons for such happening is still unknown. Many espectulations about what is the Great evil coming but no real clue to lead to the answer as of yet.

    As of now, the trees of wilderness, excluding the Great tree, are all safe as are the trees of Dae shore, Northern pass and other smaller places.

    On other news, the race spell of rogues is fixed.
    The Alizarin clan hall was moved to a cave at south of Nagnang (041 144) as posted on community by one of their members. Their clan helmet which is already available for buying, has got an unique graphic as the following, but it's NOT they graphic they asked for:

    The Alizarin's membership bug is also fixed so their members can start being added to the clan. With that, the Alizarin Users list webreport is also working.
    Congratulations to the Alizarin clan and good luck on fixing your clan helm. Let's hope history doesn't repeat itself.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Yuri 81, Moon 2~

        Tuesday, April 4, 2006

    Changes to Map Organization
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 7:24 PM EST

    To those who use the maps, we've changed the way you find them. Instead of the sidebar showing individual versions, we've combined them into only 3 sections, each having version numbers. This will allow you to compare versions if you wish. You can also instantly go to the World Map now! Look at the sidebar to see:

    World Map which is like the world map in the game. Just click where you want to go.

    Clickable Maps where you can see a brief summary for each map.

    Map/Cave Listings where you can go to any area to find shops and caves.

    Special/Event Maps to find all of the event maps in the atlas. (We don't have every event from the whole history of the game.)

        Sunday, April 2, 2006

    Archives return!
    Posted by: Conro -- 10:30 PM EST

    Apparently our build news program, Coranto, decided to reset itself, basically taking our archives, and making them unviewable. The information, thankfully, was still there, just not automatically linked on our archives page.

    Thanks to the hard work of AllyGator, she's manually entered in all the code needed in order to link directly to the archives. In a nutshell, you're now able to click to the archives again via the Past News button on the left.

    Thanks a bunch, AllyGator!

    - Conro

    * Update: It seems that my "fix" disappears each time Coranto updates the news. I have made a new page for Archived News. Archived News is all news that is older than March 2006. Past News is all news prior to this month and older than March 2006. I will be adding an "Archived News" link on the sidebar. I apologize for the clumsy workaround. If anyone has technical knowledge about Coranto, sent me a note.
    ~ AllyGator

    Fake Tree Quest
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 8:24 PM EST

    I hope everyone had a good time with it. Nagnag and I worked a bit over 8 hours putting it together. He did most of the work while I searched for a few graphics. Heh, and told him he absolutely could not say you needed a Big Axe for the spells since I knew that would send the market spinning. It was a joy to watch Nagnag in his true element. If you had as much fun with it as we had making, it was worthwhile.

    P.S. I wanted the final "pop-up" to say:

    "Sa san dream"

    April Fools is Over
    Posted by: Nagnag -- 9:53 AM EST

    Well thank you everyone that made this April Fools day possible. AllyGator helped out a lot, as well as those random people that played along during the event. We'll leave the "walkthrough" posted just as a reminder of what went down, and how everyone and their mother walked up to the Great Tree saying "Hello"! Hahaha... April Fools! Now let's all concentrate on the REAL event.

        Saturday, April 1, 2006

    We have a winner!
    Posted by: Flamethrower -- 11:06 PM EST

    Congratulations to Virotte on solving the riddle sent to Nagnag. He said it took about three hours to unscramble, and after his long process of decyphering he figured out the message said: April Fools To You!

    Congratulations again Virotte.

    More Secret Messages?
    Posted by: Nagnag -- 9:26 PM EST

    I've gotten tons of mails saying they've gotten a letter, and so far I can tell that a random person from each subpath has gotten one...

    The message is simple, and includes only one letter / number in each. What does it mean? The letters are below but the recievers are being kept confidential:

    A P R I L F O O L S 2 U

    If anyone has any idea what it means, let us know. Thanks!

    Scrolls Letters Message Decoded !?!
    Posted by: Vini -- 6:47 PM EST

    After a Druid flower reading in Sacred Grove, a group of people gathered with the Druids to try to decode the message that was hidden in the letters of the scrolls sent to primogens.

    19 letters and no limit of words would be impossible to figure out so it had to make some sense. First it was tried to put them all in order of which the clans were coming official. It didn't work well and no phrase was made.

    Then we decided to divide the letters by kingdoms and inside the kingdoms do it in order putting the armies at last. It came out like this.

    (Koguryo) (Buya) (Nagnang)

    Because of the vision that Elder Supply had which had bold the "Great Evil..." and the Koguryo letters just needed to inverse 2 letters to look like "GREATEV" we figured out that the first two words were "GREAT EVIL". Then after a lot of brainstorming and many tries, TheSavior has finally solved the riddle:


    "Great Evil is on its way!"

    That's what we believe that was behind the message, we are still unsure if it is the final version but it's at least a message that makes some sense.

    Thanks to the efforts of these people we are now aware about what what behind Kabocha's scrolls.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Yuri 81, Moon 1~

    "Helped Revive the Tree of Reflections" Quest Walkthrough
    Posted by: Nagnag -- 5:30 PM EST


    Right now we're unsure exactly what's needed.
    I'm a 99 Rogue with 40/10 stats. Ally is Ee san Poet.
    The mage is just 99, and our karma is different.
    Some however have already claimed this doesn't work for them.
    We'll post more on requirements as soon as we get them.
    But we're pretty sure you don't need any certain items or anything,
    we stumbled across this on ACCIDENT!

    The Quest:

    It starts either in the Great Tree (103,005) or the Sunken Tree (62,66) both in Wilderness.
    The reason why I don't know which one it starts in is because I did it at both...

    I'm not even sure if a lot of these steps are neccisary but this is what I DID:
    (anything with a * next to it I still need to crop screenshots for and upload to show this is legit)

    -I said Hello outloud in the Sunken Tree
    -Then I saidHello outloud to the Tree of Reflections stump
    -And then I said Hello outloud to the Great Tree "Wood Plant" (the plant all the way west)
    -Then I went back to the Sunken Tree and said "Tree of Reflections"
    *-A status message said "You feel a strange wind"
    -I went to the Tree of Reflections stump and said "Tree of Reflections"
    *-A status message said again "You feel a stronger strange wind"
    -Then I went to the Great Tree's Wood Plant and said "Tree of Reflections"
    *-A status message said again "You feel a very strong strange wind"
    -Then I said a bunch of words like wood, tree, etc.. and then said Help.

    *-And I got a popup that said "Sure, now you want to talk to me... now that you NEED me... what do you want?"
    *-And it had a place to type something in, so I put "Tree of Reflections", didn't work - then I tried "The Tree of Reflections" and it said "I guess I can help you, but all I can provide you with is one of my branches."
    -I got a "Healing Branch"
    -Then I went to the only place I could think of, the stump of the tree of reflections
    -I dropped the branch and nothing happened, so then I went to the sunken tree
    -I dropped the branch in the water by the shore (right behind the tree in the water) and it turned into a "Blossomed Blessing"
    -I tried thinking of a place near the Tree of Reflections that had lots of trees, and that was this hidden path in Dae shore that is located at 11,35
    (here's a link to a map)
    *-I dropped the Blossomed Blessing at 11,35 and I got a popup that said "The Trees lean toward you and the wind begins to blow"
    *-When I clicked Next it said "A leaf falls into your hand"
    -I got a Sacred Leaf in my inventory
    -I took the Leaf to different places but that's not important, I the only place it worked finally at was the Wood Plant.
    *-I handed it to Wood Plant and it said "Wow, a Sacred Leaf... thank you very much. Together I will speak through the winds to the other trees and we shall all help revive the Tree of Reflections once and for all!"
    *-I pressed Next - "You've helped revive the Tree of Reflections. Thank you very much!"
    *-When I pressed Next I was pretty shocked to see what happened, in my status it said "Your mind expands and you learn "Self Reflection"
    -I got a legend mark that said "Helped revive the Tree of Reflections"
    *-I also got a subaccessory item (that is worn below your left & right items) called "Wooden Charms"
    (WARNING: If your inventory is FULL the item WILL fall onto the ground like it did for ME -- and I'm sure if your Spell list is full it will not let you learn it either!)

    So far we've noticed that depending on your path decides which spell you learn and item you recieve.

    Below are links to each item's graphic and spell graphic (as best as we could - we will update more as we get them)

    Tree's Blessing (Poet Spell) (click for image)
    1000s aethers
    Heals whatever up to 100% vita or rezzurects if dead.
    Can not be cast on creatures or in arenas.
    (thanks to AllyGator for this)

    Self Reflection (Rogue Spell) (click for image)
    Just like Call of the Wild only it makes clones of yourself.
    Aethers are 10s and you can make up to 6 clones.
    The best part about this, like the Baram Rogue spell, the clones say whatever you say! And when they are clicked it shows up in the status what you are (Spy Thou in this case). They walk randomly though.

    Reflective Paradox (Mage Spell) (click for image)
    600s aethers
    Paralyzes any creature in the entire VIEWABLE area you're in.
    Paralyze seems to last the normal 28 seconds

    Nature's Frenzy (Warrior Spell) (click for image)
    360s aethers til next cast (Lasts 60 seconds)
    While casted, you hurt all enemies surrounding you with (as far as we know) equal damage.
    On top of that... it will also hurt DIAGONAL to what you're facing! Click the image for more information.

    Here are the item graphics (we're working on getting the stats):
    Root Glove (Warriors)
    Dura 100000
    Mana: +250
    Vita: +500
    Hit: +6
    Dam: +6
    Grace: +10
    Regen: +10
    Protection: +10

    Everlasting Flame (Poets)
    Dura 100000
    Mana: +500
    Vita: +250
    Will: +10
    Regen: +10
    Protection: +2

    Wooden Charms (Rogues)
    Dura 100000
    Mana: +250
    Vita: +500
    Hit: +6
    Dam: +6
    Grace: +10
    Regen: +10
    Protection: +10

    Book of Reflections (Mages)
    Dura 100000
    Mana: +500
    Vita: +250
    Will: +10
    Regen: +10
    Protection: +2

    Kingdoms News & The Druid's View On The Missing Trees
    Posted by: Vini -- 3:52 PM EST

    Busy days these are in the kingdoms of the winds. Seems each of the 3 main kingdoms have something big going on. While then, a common threat affects them all: the mystery of the vanishing trees. Some people still fail to realize the importance of this matter, that if we do not solve this problem right away, then soon there might be no more trees in any of the kingdoms and maybe soon the wilderness and surrounding lands. This “plague” seems to be more serious than imagined as the Druid Elder Supply is already concerned about an evil being that shall disturb the balance and circle of life. As Supply posted on the Chronicles of the Winds, the nexus lands are in danger:

  • The future in uncertain
    Madness is approaching fast
    Great Evil ...
    Great Evil ...

    Be aware

    There is a face of evil that promises new attacks on our lands.
    A great evil presents itself as a good, and here is the test:
    Can we recognize the evil and confront it?
    I see great evil. There is no doubt about it.

    Shall the community decide to take this warning seriously, we might have a chance against it, but if people don’t care about it and think “Let Nexus Atlas figure it out, like they usually do” it’s at risk of happening like the Pirate’s invasion that we all failed to safe our Messenger Captives and missed an important part of the information linked to the Pirate & Ogre alliance. Do not let this happen, gather with friends to brainstorm as it can be you to be on the news appearing as the one who solved the riddle behind the scrolls that Kabocha sent.

    While then, these are the news for each of the kingdoms:

    The dispute between the royal Prince-Regent Mhul and the Merchant Elder everclear is still going quite bad. The elder responds to the demands of the Prince with other demands and if the situation continues like this, probably both sides will get out of this situation with a big loss. The Prince has already posted showing that he’s willing to have an understanding but will only draw back after he is certain that his citizens will be safe from being “ripped off”. Hopefully such conflict will be solved without much harm and as soon as possible. While then, the economy of the lands is still floating and the market is anxious to hear the results from such impasse.

    During the last Buya Defender ceremony, it seemed that either the food or drinks were poisoned. Several of the new defenders became ill after that and sadly the person responsible for it was still not found. Now, the situation seems to be more serious and it’s Princess Lasahn who has found herself ill. She believes it has something to do with the tea. The Buyan Imperial Guard is at high alert and is doing their best to get this situation under control. While then, the newly appointed Ambassador, MickeyLady, is still missing; the Buya army has concluded that she has been kidnapped, they still don't know what for and by whom, but they’ve finally received a note from the Ambassador somehow. The message goes as the following:

  • I don't got much time to write this i am growing weak by the minute...I dunno how long in this place - dungeon... I am hungry.. I dunno how long i have left.. I am weak... I don't even know where this place is since this person(s) had to knock me out to get me here because I would not go without a fight... I dunno if this person(s) wants me to die.. but thats how I feel right now I think this person(s) wants me to die in here... I tried to escape once but the door was blocked with something after that one person escaped...But hopefully one day i can trick this person(s) like she did... I hope people are doing there best to find me...

    ~Very weak Ambassador~

    Hopefully the Buya Army Intel will be able to figure out what is going on as soon as possible. While then, Emperor Aino Senshi is being warned about the situation and might take actions on it soon.

    Tomorrow (Sunday) there will be a ceremony in Nagnang Palace to honor those who serve their kingdom. Such solemnity will count with speeches from the Royal Prince and Ministry members to honor those who have aided the lands of Nagnang, protected them from evil, and to announce the newest Nagnang Defenders. Prince Kija has posted on Chronicles of the Winds an official invitation from the Nagnang Ministry scroll.

    While then, in Alizarin clan there’s currently a bug affecting the clan administration functions so the only current member of the clan is their Primogen Gamine. Hopefully such feature will be fixed soon so their members will be able to enjoy their clans fully. Today there’s going on an open house in the Alizarin clan hall. They’re actually accepting new members to join the clan without having to go through the applications, but that’s just for today, so anyone interest rush and go look for their garden.

    That’s all the news from the kingdoms for now. If anything else comes up or any other information is verified we of Nexus atlas will be surely be bring them to you.

    ~Vini Normad’or~
    ~Yuri 81, Moon 1~

  • New Tutorial Hall
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 1:04 PM EST

    Head Tutor Nussan announced:

    Hello community!

    Last night we got our new Tutorial Hall, which is open for all paths! It is located close to Buya north gate, at 88.25.

    There is the main hall, which is not PK, where we will be holding lecture types of classes. If you go through the top door, the large one, you will get to the Tutor's Domain. This room works just like the Path halls. There is a lecture type of area, and if you go to the right, there is an area we can use for Illusions, Bosses, duels, larger group fights etc.

    As for now, we will keep our Tutorial Hall open so that you get a chance to come in and see our fantastic new hall, but later on we will only open it when there is an event going on there.

    So if you see a sage saying that a class is being held in the Tutorial hall, it is open for all paths, and it's located at 88.25 north gate Buya!

    Some doors can not be opened, some can and there is nothing in them. They are for future expansions.


    Mythic is a Whole New Ballgame and has new Riding Animal(s)
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 6:26 AM EST

    And the game seems to be soccer! If you are looking for the mythic bosses or even the Vortex bosses, be sure to check the foliage because these guys are sometimes hard to spot, they now look like soccer balls! Pictured bellow are the Rooster, Horse and Snake bosses.

    Also, there's a new creature that can be seen around Wilderness server, a panther which will only appear in public in the shape of a Ranger. The reason for it is that, according to rangers, Wony's panther has suddenly taken refuge inside their circle. How the panther figured out their secret location is unknown. The panther unmounted looks like the small one on the right, while if mounted it looks like the one the left.

    For now, this is not a new spell or a new summon obtained by the Rangers, but if they take care of Wony's Panther, who knows if the mighty Gods won't be pleased and bestow upon them this amazing new option!