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   Archived News | April 2004

Past News

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April 2004

    Friday, April 30, 2004

Follow up from Delphi
Posted by: Josh -- 11:42 PM EST

Posted on Dream Weaver board on 4/28 for all of those who don't check up on DW that often.
Hi again,

The new server is going along pretty well now. There are still a few minor things that I need to take care of, but the main things like the annoying curse filter change, and the server stability issues have now been taken care of.

I am still working on your mail, and will get around to it ASAP.

Thanks for your patience everybody.


    Thursday, April 29, 2004

Server Move
Posted by: Steve -- 3:43 PM EST

The server move has finished. I am sorry for the downtime.



    Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Website Slowdowns / Server Move
Posted by: Steve -- 12:38 PM EST

You may notice some website slowdowns and errors as we move servers. Not only will we be swapping machines (from a P4 2.4GHz to Dual Xeon), we will changing datacenters from Houston, Texas to Scranton, Pennsylvania. The upgrade will finish during the afternoon of 4/29.


Steve Corona

Mythic Server Crashes
Posted by: Spift -- 11:06 AM EST

From the reports on the community board, it looks like if an animal gets the final hit on a boss and receives the kill, the whole server will crash. This is most frequently caused by poets using endear/fascinate on the creatures around them so they will attack the boss.

Until this problem can be fixed, it would be wise to not intentionally have animals kill a boss because this could be interpreted as bug abuse.

    Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Elixir wars -- back in action
Posted by: Conro -- 6:26 PM EST

As of today's multiple announced server resets, the Elixir Wars have been fixed, and are now running on a normal scedule.

The carnage staff appologizes for any inconvieances this may have caused.

Also, patrons entering an elixir with any type of bow will be denied access in by the server. So deposit any special bow you may of used.


- Conro

More to come me thinks - Dreamweaver by Delphi
Posted by: TSWolf -- 2:02 AM EST

This was posted by Night Delphi on Dreamweaver

Hello everybody, long time no post :)

Firstly, I want to say Hi again! It's your friendly Night Delphi back in the saddle again. Incase any of you missed it, I actually left Nexus about 6 months ago, and now I am back again.

Kru, the Game master since Eldridge and I left Nexus, and his support staff, have now moved on from Nexus to work on other projects in Nexon.

I am sure Eldridge will be posting himself here as well in the next few days, and will be announcing some of his plans.

This change was a little bit sudden for us, so you will have to bear with us while we get up to speed again, but I don't think it will be that long.

As for me I wanted to let you know some of the technical stuff that you may be wondering about.

For support emails I have taken them over as of this morning, but for some reason we only had a log of the last 2 weeks emails, and I have replied to almost all of them already. If there is something that you have not gotten a reply about yet let me know by email, and I will take care of it as soon as I can, though please be patient while I get caught up with everything around here. Your emails will get a reply, but may be a little slower than my usual speed.

As you have all probably heard by now there is a big patch coming for Nexus, some of you may have already seen screenshots from the Korean version of the game. It looks pretty nice, but currently the performance is less than well, a lot of things to be honest. Korea is working on the problems with the client, and once it gets to a position that it is running well we will be working to bring it over. Until now Korea has not given us any information on when that will be, and when they do they usually end up pushing it back a month or two anyways. So I am working on it, and looking it over, and once we have a client close to ready we will let you know.

Today I am also overseeing a major server update, the code for the server engine has not been updated since I left, and I expect that there are going to be some issues during the updates. So for the next few days, late at night, I will be doing server resets from time to time as we get the latest server engine up and running.

Well, that's it for me for now. Eldridge and I will try to keep you updated with our progress as the transfer of power continues. Until then, take care~

-Night Delphi

Other Small Updates (Bugs and Fixes)
Posted by: TSWolf -- 1:54 AM EST

A second reset occured at 5 AM EST to fix many of the bugs.. I will post in bold beneath the bugs below to tell you what was updated.
Also with the reset was the Do Headband. Figured I'd share a pic with all of you. Thanks for standing by Dotey.


Walking around with a popup on says your busy. You cannot walk around with a popup present. To see what I mean, hit F1 and try to walk around.. It will say you are busy.

You also cannot TALK during this time. This has been probably been added to help foil some of the auto crafters out there.


Cuss Filters have been updated to prevent swearing by adding spaces. This also seems to need work.

But they dont understand me

--- becomes ---


Certain words have been fixed. Other phrases still get crunched in sentences. It looks as if this is gonna need a lot of work


You are now able to see the path of the person you're trading with in Exchange (Thanks DrPepperMage)


Some info concerning Destiny being on another server was brought up by Renew (Thanks). Destiny is apparently in the wrong town's server and you literally switch servers when you go into their clan grounds..

Destiny is now on correct server. Thanks Ayumii


The Face Changing NPC is a bit weird.. Check this out..

Clicking new brings you to -

Which is part of the Korean Nexon Registration area.. Hmm

Thanks Sanzo for pointing this out.


The Buya Ministry has been added to the Buya Palace

Thanks Castaspella.


The Nagnang Army has recieved a couple new boards to suit their needs.

Thanks Lethey.

Reset - Item Stacking Fixed... We think..
Posted by: TSWolf -- 1:48 AM EST

For a long while, items wouldn't stack well. It seems this bug has been fixed with this mornings reset.

Now if you place 2 acorns down (One at a time), it says -

Acorn (2) when you ; next to it..

Instead of..


1 Acorn says Acorn (Acorn) though.. So still some kinks to be worked out.

Doing this next to people and animals also shows -

Swift TSWulf (TSWulf)
Rabbit (Rabbit)

Also added by Gasteride ------
This also works with Engraved items... It will give the engraving name, and then what the item is.


** Engrave **(Moon Helm)

    Saturday, April 24, 2004

Sam san spells
Posted by: Rachel -- 5:22 PM EST

The Sam san spell page is now up.

You can find it here:

The Wind master spell information will be added in soon.

If there are any unaligned Ee san or Sam san warriors, we still need the name of the Ee san self heal spell. Please send me the name of it if you know it.

Since NexusForums are currently down, e-mail or n-mail me any bugs that you find.

In a few weeks I'll be working on some other areas of the site. Please respond to my sages and other information requests at that time.

Thank you to EVERYONE that helped me with this. There's just so many of you and I'm afraid that if I listed names I might leave someone out. Pretty much every Sam san helped out though at some point. ^.^

New Mhul's Chamber
Posted by: Vini -- 3:00 AM EST

During the past days, a few changes and new additions have been occuring away from the public's view in the lands of Koguryo, but the royal highness, Prince Mhul thinks that it's time to be known of the changes that happened in his palace.

It has been a few weeks that the room of the Royal Ministry of Koguryo got expanded, since it wasn't never for public view, I'll leave the image of it exclusive for the ones that Minister Starrbrite invites to see.

In other hands, Mhul's chamber who has always been open for public, now has gained a door (right the opposite of Coliseum door) and a great new look. To save Prince Mhul from having many people asking him to show his new chamber and also please his own wishes to have this announcement here, there is the image of the new Mhul's Chamber in Kugnae Throne room:

On a side note, the Lasahn's chamber is still in the same old place in Buya Throne Room and still with the same old graphics too.

~Vini Normad'or~

    Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Dixon Family Affair
Posted by: TSWolf -- 10:58 PM EST

Much like the hit TBS story of a few months ago,( which we were happy to see caught on like wildfire and is going strong to this day) occasionally I like to post about interesting things going on in the kingdoms.

While this isn't something that will affect everyone as much as that did, I just thought it was a cute way to do things... And given the proper resources, you could do it very effectively.

The daunting task of leveling karma newbies was put to the test by the Dixons this evening. All 13 of them. And the best part? It was just one Dixon doing it all.

I messaged him after the kingdom was quite startled by the appearence of 13 characters by the name of dixon. Another Bandito invasion? Not quite. Just a quick and easy way to get needed karma fast.

I was invited into the second room of Kug Snake 2 to watch them all level at once, which was pretty cool and definatly the first time ive seen that many people level at once.

I asked how he did it.. Basically explained it by him running all the characters at once at a local computer store that he operated. 12 Computers, all running nexus, and a lot of jogging (I would assume). Eventually, he explained, the hard process of registering, waiting 5 minutes, and doing each one individually would kick in. All in all, he could get them all to level 10 together though.

Is this the very thing that flaws our Karma system or is this just an extreme example from a creative mind? You decide.

Statement on Behalf of the Team
Posted by: TSWolf -- 6:47 PM EST

The scripts simply weren't ready to go this weekend, and we felt it was in our best interests to wait.

Responding to some of your instant messages, I'd like to say a few things.

Please remember that Nexus Atlas is a hobby. NexusForums falls into that same category. Most hobbies have some sort of cost, as does this one. But like some people have told me, this job is supposed to be fun.. But when things like this happen, you can imagine how much fun I'm having.

To put it plainly forward, I'm working the hardest I can on solving the issues that people put before me. I can assure you that everyone on this staff is doing what they're capable of doing too. I have constant contact with my workers, and they do their jobs to the highest of their potential.

Understand though, that real life comes first in every circumstance. In fact, some other online priorities may come first in some of my staff members circumstances. I don't heavily overwork the reporters because some of them are high ranking officials on Nexus. We seek to benefit the game, not discourage the workers.

I've been working quite hard lately offline trying to make ends meet. I'm happy to say I was able to take out alot of my past owed debt.. But it's funny how Murphy's law comes into play with cars.. Now, driving a time bomb, I have to concentrate on working as hard as possible, and in todays economy.. it could take quite a while for me to be in the clear in this situation.

That's my side of the story.. Remember everyone here has their own sides of the story.. But we all come out and do this on our free time. We want to enjoy Nexus, and everything else we do online, but we even sacrifice some of that to do our work here.

Lately, we have been. There are a number of people, even some who don't even work for us, devoting tons of time to try and ensure the future security of our website. It's important to us that it's secure over here and I personally will take the blame for everything thats gone wrong.

But please, before messaging us, try and understand that there a lot more than just two websites worth of work. We're trying our hardest to get everything up, but won't do it until we can ensure YOUR security.

And for those who donated to us in the past and recently, it is most appreciated. It means alot that people can offer up, even a couple bucks for our work. After all, we have been doing this almost 7 years now.. And the Thank yous, and donations, and help, and things of the sort are greatly appreciated.

Nothing is more important to us their our viewers. You are the reason we have remained the most popular nexus website since our inception and will strive towards that same goal in the coming years.

Thank you for reading.

    Monday, April 19, 2004

Bug abuse statement
Posted by: Conro -- 1:37 PM EST

As posted on the Community board by Archon Primogen Cerulean...

For the record. Any one found in an area they would not normally have access to without abusing the known bug will be jailed and thier accounts blocked.

Anyone helping those people will be jailed.

If you find people in places they do not belong, report it immediately.

All those abusing this bug will be delt with, as will those helping them level or in any other way.

There are no second chances here, Everyone knows the consiquences of bug abuse.


This is pertaining to a recent flux in packet modification users, allowing them to do things and go places they shouldn't have access to. Packed Modification, basically, is changing data between your computer and the server, making the server believe information which isn't true.
Everyone else should be safe. If you see something strange, report it ASAP to be sure.
If you have knowledge of anyone packet moding, turn them in immediately. Nexon will be greatly appriciative of your work and effort to help stop bug abuse in NexusTK.

Happy Huntings
- Conro

    Tuesday, April 13, 2004

NexusForums Returns This weekend - Heres the scoop
Posted by: TSWolf -- 9:01 PM EST

Here's whats happening this weekend..

Nexus Forums will be returning in its entirely.. No new accounts or anything.. You will have what you had when you left..

Here's the rules.. Everyone is changing their passwords immediately. In fact, we're in the process of designing a program that will do it for you and mail the new password. You will be able to change the new password, but you MUST use a symbol within this password (Something like @ or +). Symbols will be required in all future passwords to ensure that NOONE will be using their nexus password, and to assist in thwarting anymore dictionary brute force attacks..

Also, we are limiting the login attempts to a maximum of 3.. Maybe 5.. to also hinder brute force attacks on our server.

As for what happened, we're working very hard to resolve what happened but it had to do with the outdated forums and someone using an exploit to monitor activities.

We've been working all night on this and will continue to, once again tommorow night, as we have done all week.

We thank you for your patience.

    Monday, April 12, 2004

Resolution on NexusForums - Update on what happened
Posted by: TSWolf -- 10:04 PM EST

In fact, we were led to believe it was Brute Force.. Which it may well have been in the beginning, but the most recent attack was done out of the sheer ignorance of people refusing to change their passwords for the new forums.

They felt even though they had a secure letter/number combination that they could keep their old passwords.

Basically, our old forums had an exploit which allowed someone to install and monitor passwords. How this was done, we won't go into much detail at the moment, but it was done. So basically there was a text file floating around that had everyones NF password in it..

When people decided they wanted to keep their secure passwords.. or so they thought.. this led to them being REHACKED on the new nexusforums. And so led the mess of 2 nights ago..

When the forums reopen in a few days, everyone is instructed to change their password. If you dont want to, then fine.. so be it. We will be deleteing hacked accounts and accounts people refuse to change passwords on. It's that simple.

I don't know if people fail to realize this, but NexusForums and NexusAtlas cost me alot of time and money. Much like someone mentioned tonight, this was supposed to be a fun hobby of mine and over the course of the last 7 years its become farther and farther from that, and more like a job with horrible, aka non-existant pay.

There are still a few people I need to talk to before opening the forums to assure this never happens again.

Review of NexusForums
Posted by: TSWolf -- 9:15 AM EST

After a long review of NexusForums and the sheer inability for someone to figure out some of the passwords that were used on the Forums, we've considered the possibility that the NexusForums breach was serverside. I'm going through the logs currently and I will keep everyone informed of the progress.

NexusForums down. No return time.
Posted by: TSWolf -- 6:48 AM EST

Unfortunately, people using the same passwords at NexusForums, including 3 people who were archons, were hacked once again using NexusForums.

When NexusForums reopens, in all likelyhood, unless we can find out every hacked person, all accounts will be deleted and start over from scratch. In addition to this, you will have to be registered to log into the forum. We are also aware of who these people are, and will be consulting some other sources to see what legal action we can take against them.

Either way, NexusForums is closed until further notice.

Nexus Forums temp. Offline
Posted by: Vini -- 12:30 AM EST

Unfortunally the Nexus Forums had to be put offline again for your security. It will be down for a while until the Nexus forums staffers fix the current problems there.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

On a side note, remember to keep your Nexus forums password completely different from ALL other things you have. This goes for Nexus, emails, icq, MSN, AIM, or any other things that you use pw for.

Protect yourself from all sides.

Thanks for your understanding.

~Vini Normad'or~

    Sunday, April 11, 2004

New Archon of Revels
Posted by: Corath -- 2:37 PM EST

This was posted by Charisse on Community Board recently.

"Hello =)

From this week forward Archon Joomi will be taking over the running of the Revels. I thank all those who assisted me during my time of being in charge of the Revels. It was a pleasure.

I will be monitoring the Community board and other Archon duties now, and all questions regarding that may be directed to me. Questions about the Revels should now be sent to Joomi.

Take care =)

Welcome Joomi, New head archon of Revels!

Thank you to FireTiger for bringing this to my attention.

Happy Easter Nexus!
Posted by: Nagnag -- 3:00 AM EST

On behalf of everyone at Nexus Atlas I'd like to wish you all a Happy Easter! Reflect on the events that make Easter a special day and do deep reflection on your own life and remember that you only have one life to live, so live it to the fullest!

    Wednesday, April 7, 2004

Nagnang Woodlands caves closed again
Posted by: Lalia -- 6:27 PM EST

At some point during the past few days, the caves in Nagnang have been closed again. Today, barricades appeared at the entrance of the underwater cave:

Thanks to Nekomancer for this information. ^_^

    Tuesday, April 6, 2004

The 2nd Primogen of Elendhirin
Posted by: Vini -- 10:08 PM EST

Last Monday's evening, it came the time that the founder of Elendhirin had to step down from her duties of leading the newest Buyan clan. It has been much more than a year that Rhianwyn has taken the official status of Primogeness of the Elendhirin clan and leaded it honorably up to today.

Unfortunally, all the good things must come to an end and she had to step down for her personal reasons. Gladly, she left the clan in the good hands of C.Ryong Daggda which will hopefully continue with the good job of the founder on leading this great clan of Buya.

Congratulations Daggda, on becoming Primogen of Elendirin!

~Vini Normad'or~

P.S. Thanks to Ranger Ezekiel for the information of the primogen shift=)

The Future of Nexus Atlas
Posted by: TSWolf -- 8:08 AM EST

With things starting to liven up here for the quickly approaching spring and summer months, we decided that it may be time for a change around here.. or is it?

You decide!

NexusForums members get to choose the design of the new Nexus Atlas site.

Not a NexusForums Member? Now is a great time to sign up! And hey, its free, its fun, and its addictive!

or Click Here to vote!

    Monday, April 5, 2004

Koguryo defenders honored.
Posted by: Josh -- 7:19 PM EST

This evening, Prince Mhul held a royal gathering to honor those who have dedicated their lives to defending the Koguryo borders. Their hard work and dedication has been reckognized and on behalf of NA Staff I would like to congratulate those soldiers:

Inferno Xerces, Fury Fightfast, Diviner Jayrock, Prophet Minaev, Swift RSlimShady, Force Salteris, Cunning Trick, Diviner Hatiki, Poet Aldaresha, Panoply DragonFX, and Rogue Tenma.

An Agreement?
Posted by: Vini -- 1:13 AM EST

Well, it seems that the differences between judges and merchants were finally settled even not being much of a choice.. Hope that from now on judges and merchants will be able to work together on a way to better help the community.

Here is the post by the Royal Highness of Koguryo, Prince Mhul made on this last saturday on community board:


Citizens of the Kingdoms, I have spoken to both the Elder Ilios,
Head Judge tip. Through hard and long discussions the
Two parties have been able to come to an agreement.

I will appear at the Buya Tribunal to inform them of the agreement
And no further action is warranted.

Both Elder Ilios and Head Judge tip are commended for taking
The effort to settle this matter peacefully.

All hail King Yuri!
Long live Koguryo!

Thank you for your support,
Prince of Koguryo

Glad that things were solved well. The Community thanks both sides for this good news.

~Vini Normad'or~

    Friday, April 2, 2004

SCAM "Paypal Member Account Cleanup" SCAM
Posted by: Lalia -- 3:17 PM EST

Hello all,

Since so many of us pay for our Nexus accounts by using PayPal, I thought that this was an important thing to pass along:

I just received an e-mail that LOOKED like it was from the wonderful folks at PayPal. It had all the logos and web links to PayPal's website, and even a reference code on the e-mail.

"This is NOT a SCAM or HOAX," the e-mail says. It goes on to say that "Due to overwhelming reports of fraudulent transactions and account abuse, PayPal now requires all active members who have an account to verify that they rightfully own it."

Then it tells me that all PayPal accounts which are not "validated" within 5 days of receiving that email will be automatically frozen.


Paypal hoaxes and scams like these are becoming increasingly prevalent. It has gotten to the point where I do not believe ANY e-mail that arrives in my inbox, unless I manually type that site's web address into my browser, and look for the information on the company's official website.

I could not find any such "account cleanup" notification on PayPal's website once I had logged in to my PayPal account.

This is a "phishing" scam. It requires you to click on their link in the e-mail, which leads you to a page that looks VERY MUCH like an *official* website. (They're very good at this.) On that page, you must enter your account username and password. ***DON'T DO IT.*** That just sends your account username and password to THEM to use and abuse as they see fit.

These days, you CANNOT click on a link in your e-mail and then trust what your browser's address bar tells you. There is a well-publicized spoof that makes it look like you're at, say, Paypal (after all, your website's address bar says that's where you are), but in reality, you are at some other guy's website.

The main point here is:

1) Don't trust e-mails that ask you for your username and/or password, on ANY website. Even if they threaten you with an account freeze. If you're curious or intimidated, investigate such e-mails by contacting the company directly and asking them if that e-mail did, indeed, come from them.

2) Don't click links in e-mail messages which claim to take you to a financial website, where you need to "update" your account information. If you must go to a financial website, TYPE THE ADDRESS IN YOURSELF.

Be SAFE, all. The scammers are getting smarter and smarter. **shudders**

No April Fools this year..
Posted by: TSWolf -- 8:37 AM EST

With the NexusForums stuff going on, sadly we completely missed the April Fools spirit this year.. or have we..

I feel the best way to get you all on a great wonderful April Fools joke is to.. erm.. Do it, not.. on April Fools.. Yea..

So keep yer eye out. April Fools is being extended this year!

Affiliates Updated!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 1:48 AM EST

4 new affiliates have been added to the side panel!

Check em out while Nexus goes up and down.

Also be sure to stop by the new forums. People are already starting to get back into the swing of things.

Nexus Forums
Posted by: Conro -- 12:30 AM EST

Nexus Forums is back up, with new features (including security features).

This is a warning to those joining.

This has been the problem the same time in the past. We are giving STERN warning on this now. If you use the same password as any other program (Email, Nexus, etc etc), then you're bringing the pain on to yourself.

Enjoy the Forums. There's a lot of new features to enjoy!

- Conro

NexusForums Reopened
Posted by: TSWolf -- 12:20 AM EST

They're open again. Enjoy. We'll be watching closely to make sure we can restore peoples groups and ban name hoarders and such.

Welcome back. Enjoy the new features.

    Thursday, April 1, 2004

NexusForums Delay
Posted by: TSWolf -- 5:14 AM EST

NexusForums Will not be open today. I was under the impression that others were going to help setup the new boards and realized nothing was done early this morning. I have today off, so after I finish what I need to do today, I plan to get em up. Hopefully we can have em up by tonight or tommorow.

Sorry bout this.