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  Archived News | April 2003

Past News

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April 2003

    Wednesday, April 30, 2003

New Chongun Elder!
Posted by: Vini -- 10:25 PM EST

Tonight Vlad has stepped down after a short while leading the Chongunate. His sucessor was the expected one since when previous elder was 1st talking about stepping down: Masra.

Congratulations Masra, good luck on this new position!

~Vini Normad'or~

    Tuesday, April 29, 2003

This guy Barter knows his stuff
Posted by: Windis -- 2:31 PM EST

Edit: Arg! Rachel posted right before me(as I was writing) Anyway, Barter had pointed out the post by Shonen.

It just goes to show our newest member is on top of things. Congradulations to everyone who was placed on the staff. For everyone who applied, but wasn't accepted, feel free to contact members such as myself with any big news or events we may miss, website bugs, or just to talk about Nexus Atlas.

On a side note, thank you to all our devoted site visitors. We hope to continue serving ya all. We're also trying to remove the uncompliant items that make it impossible for us to advertise on Nexus. Until then, you will have to tell your friends about us OUTSIDE of Nexus. No need getting into trouble, or breaking the laws. It's very unfortunate, but it's required=-)

Shonen's Greeting - New Tutors Soon
Posted by: Rachel -- 2:31 PM EST

(Posted on Community board)
Greetings community,

My name is Shonen and from now on I will be the archon to assist current tutors as well as find new tutors to fill the currently empty tutor positions. Before moving on I want to personally thank the Kogurian poet tutor Skademon and the Buyan mage tutor Gull for their dedication as of all the tutors they alone have persevered.

With that said, expect to see a post soon on the community tablet asking for applications for the empty positions. I will start by saying that if you cannot contribute at least 2 hours a week solely to your position you are better off not applying. Those with criminal records may also not be considered. I will explain tutor requisitesand details further in the upcoming application post.

Until the application is placed up however and even afterward, please feel free to send me any nmail with any suggestions as to what you think would make tutoring and being tutored more enjoyable. I cannot promise all your wishes will be granted, but I can promise that they will all be read and considered.

Thank you for reading =)


    Monday, April 28, 2003

Posted by: Rachel -- 10:44 PM EST

The hopper rabbits are sick and you cannot run them through the field of foxes and wolves.

Rabbit are racing, but they don't seem to be paying up when you win.

Rabbit invasion is up and running.

It also seems that the people who were going to come teach us new skills are also very sick.

    Sunday, April 27, 2003

Staff Reworkings
Posted by: TSWolf -- 9:53 PM EST

I'd like to say that the two people who won simply obliterated the competition in recommendations. That says nothing bad about the 8 other finalists... It just says that these people were highly exposed and well fit for the job.. Thank you ALL for participating! Please be sure to apply again when we have our next staff opening!

The New NA Staff Setup as of 4/28/03 -

All NF moderators/etc will be given contact slots on the Contact page. If they are both a reporter and a mod, they will be put in the higher position area. People who this pertain to are - Ashimata, Dritz, Lalia, and Aenea. You guys need Avatars and will be given Newspro accounts.

Behind the scenes helpers - Anglerfish, Eriana, Beanbag, Esterk, Steve and Nagnag will be put in a seperate portion of the contact section since they are project workers rather than full time members. They will retain their newspro accounts.

Due to Marstead playing less and less of Nexus because of the occurances that happened on it, he will no longer be the second person in charge. Spift, who is currently leader of Nexus Forums, will also be becoming my assistant. Marstead will still be a full time member of NA, but he will have drastically less responsibility.

Librarian and Mistprince will be put on a temporary posting position due to inactivity.

Growl will now be the head news reporter.

Windis, Vini, Rachel, Corath's positions will not be changing.

The two new members inducted by the application process are Yogeshi and Barter! Everyone give them a warm welcome.

Chosen by me personally to assist the staff in other departments, SailorTaurus (Current Events) Breserk (News), and FaeryShivers (Graphics) will also be added to the staff.

The New Contact Page will be up soon. Welcome all the new members to the staff!

Thanks for reading..

Two New Reporters Chosen
Posted by: TSWolf -- 6:15 PM EST

After much talk with plenty of people, including staff, aim and email recommendations and the like... 2 of the Top 10 have been chosen and will be announced tommorow.

Are You a Game Master?
Posted by: TSWolf -- 11:15 AM EST

- T H E P H O E N I X C L A N O F B U Y A P R E S E N T S -

G A M E S M A S T E R ' S T O U R N A M E N T
Chess Checkers G'oh Tic-Tac-Toe
This month's game is CHESS.

DATE: Saturday, May 3rd, 2003
START TIME: 6:00 PM Eastern
3:00 PM Pacific
LOCATION: Naju Chess House, Main Hall
GAME: Chess
STYLE: Ladder, single-elimination

3rd Prize: 75,000 coins
2nd Prize: 150,000 coins
1st Prize: 250,000 coins
Engraved staff: ** Chess Champion **

To qualify for the tournament, you must submit an entry. To do this, send the following to ANGLERFISH before 11:59 PM Pacific on FRIDAY, MAY 2ND, 2003. Late entries will not be accepted and will be disqualified.
SUBJECT: (Your Name) - Chess Entry
BODY: (Your name)
(Clan and/or Subpath (if any))



The tournament will be run in a single-elimination, ladder-style. In order to advance, you must win your match.

In the event that there is one odd player in any round, then the player who won their last game in the fastest time will receive a by into the next round.

Standard chess rules are in effect. The following are additional rules set forth by the tournament operators:

1. A move must not take more than 180 seconds (3 minutes) to complete.
2. Once a piece has been picked up, it must be moved and cannot be returned to its original position on the board.
3. There is a time limit on each game of 45 minutes. Should the game not be complete when the 45 minutes is up, the player who has captured the most pieces will win. In the event of a tie, the player who has captured their opponent's Queen will win. Should both players have captured each other's Queens, then the player who captured the most Bishops, Knights and Rooks will win.
4. In the event of a stalemate, rule #3 will apply.
5. If both players end up with only their Kings left on the board and neither player is in Check or Checkmate, then the player who had kept their last piece the LONGEST will win.
6. The host's decision is ALWAYS final and may not be debated in any way.
7. Disruption of the tournament will result in disqualification from the tournament and removal from the Naju Chess Hall.

    Saturday, April 26, 2003

Summer Time Fun Umbrellas - Law 86 update
Posted by: Rachel -- 11:10 PM EST

(Thanks to Tip for posting on Community to make us aware of this)

[Law 86] Has been updated suggest you review, part of law is attached

Head Judge tip

"Similarly using acronyms will be considered cursing if it is clear to the judge/archon that you were intentionally trying to curse. If you are not trying to say something illegal then simply type it out to avoid any confusion. If you want to say "Summer Time Fun Umbrellas" then type it out. Do not use acronyms or you will be jailed for cursing"

Summer time fun umbrella for Marstead's birthday. ^.^

The Application Process
Posted by: TSWolf -- 11:00 PM EST

Top 10 Repeated :

Barter, Blinkibl, breserk, Faeryshivers, Hadez, kwi, Elvena, ShadoMagi, Yogeshi, Yokiro

I've been speaking with the staff and ties of mine about these people and I've been hearing tons of great stuff.. I urge anyone with comments (good or bad) of these people to contact me on AIM addressing the issue. I will take all realistic comments into consideration..


Happy Birthday Marstead!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 10:01 PM EST

I'd like everyone to be sure to wish the happiest of Birthday's to our friend Marstead today.. As a token of my appreciation and a gift on your birthday.. I have compiled, with tons of help from Melalye, a collage of Marstead through the ages.

It can be viewed here -

Happy Birthday Bro!

    Friday, April 25, 2003

A Thank you and Reminder
Posted by: Corath -- 10:50 PM EST

First and foremost, I'd like to thank Delphi for responding to TS' mails and for Eldridge to allow Delphi to do so. It personally has brought Nexon policies and practices to a new light to me, at least.

Secondly, just a friendly reminder about our chatroom. Everyone is more than welcome to join at any time, and don't leave right away if nothing happens. People are usually in Nexus or just afk in there, heh. Through mIRC, you can connect via and channel #nexusatlas, or just go here and use the java client.

Delphi's Reply to my Hacking Post - Part II
Posted by: TSWolf -- 7:02 PM EST

The Next Letter from Delphi

First off I should say that I'm not really supposed to be discussing game policy, and didn't really intend for it to be public, but Eldridge has said it is OK for me to continue this topic. My task is technology support, I am what most players refer to as "Night Delphi" because I work mostly at night when I can communicate with Korea and other countries on the server, client, and technology side of things. I occasionally do the support e-mail if "Day Delphi" is behind or busy testing other things, and when I can't sleep spend time looking over sites, going on IRC, or replying to emails like this.

The reason I was actually at your site was that I was trying to find more information concerning the recent hackings to see if there was anything more we could do to help players prevent it. Unfortunately players are less than honest when it comes to reporting their "hackings". Almost every time we get an e-mail the players swear up and down that they did absolutely nothing wrong, and that it had to be because the hacker "used C++ to hack Nexon's servers".

I believe I broke down the most common causes of the hackings in my last e-mail, but feel it may serve better to break them down a little more to help explain Nexon's position on these things, and the real damage that is happening not to the player who gets hacked, but to the community as a whole.

The first, and largest, group of "hackings" as I mentioned was players who character share with other players, and then get into a fight. Be it character sharing with a relative, friend, or just somebody you met in the game.

The second group of people who get hacked are the people who get Viruses installed on their computer because they downloaded something. The majority of the time what they were trying to download was some form of cheat for the game.

Now in both these cases the action that lead to the hacking was the player trying to violate Nexon's Terms of Service for the game, either by character sharing, or by trying to cheat. That alone should be enough to de-motivate any company (Nexon or other) from actually trying to help these people, but I think we should be looking at the larger picture, the whole community and the way it effect them.

Nexon is not a large company, we are in fact a small number of people in a small office. We don't have excess manpower to spread around, so when we get these reports of so-called "hackings" to spend a lot of time on them deprives the rest of the community of our time. As a Nexus player would you rather we spent the 15 to 30 minutes of our day trying to find out the cause of somebody you don't even know getting hacked (ultimately to probably find out it was because they were cheating anyways) or working on the things we are releasing for the community, like the upcoming additions to the crafting skills, or the next event we have planned?

Your next suggestion was that per-capita, in a way, more Nexus players get hacked than in other games. I would challenge this assumption in most ways. First off, and at the core of most things, the community board makes the biggest difference between Nexus and any other game out there when it comes to information. As far as I know none of the big US based games have an easy to use, and in-game, board system like Nexus does. Because of this anything that happens in Nexus is quickly spread around. Even with the out-of-game forums they don't reach the majority of the community the way the in-game board does.

While talking about the other games, they have one "master password" that allows access to the accounts page where they move onto the character they want to play. When these accounts get hacked most the time the characters are deleted from the account, the one "master password" allows you to log on or remove characters. Even with an in-game board the players character doesn't even exist any more to get into the game to complain about being hacked.

So, the first problem leading to your assumption is that players when they do get hacked have a much faster, and easier, way to let the entire community know about it. This leads to a second problem, players who use the "me to" approach, either to try to get more recognition from the community, or to try the "I was saving for sage and lost everything so send me money/items". This exaggerates number greatly to where it looks like an epidemic. Like with the whole Flameblade from fishing issue, the number of claimed Flameblades was nearly 10 times the actual amount.

Now, apart from the speed of the communication of these incidents, there are more things that you need to factor in as well. One is that if you look at the people who get hacked most the time it is the same people over and over
again. You, yourself, have been hacked more than once. Plus though a single person gets hacked they will also post on all of their characters, making people think or feel that it's more than one person who got hacked, and
further improving the chances of the "me to"'s trying to get in on the action.

Now for the hackers side of things. First here I would like to correct you, and another very common misconception by players, Delphi (Day) does not reply with "This subject will be looked into", but "I will pass this on to be looked into". Two very different things, see he (Day Delphi) doesn't have the authority to block people, and doesn't have the time to look into these cases. They are sent on to be looked into by myself (when I have time), or by Eldridge (who's not particularly good at it), or by Justicar (who does most of them).

Then it comes down to how it was caused that the player was "hacked". As mentioned before, the vast majority of the cases is people just giving their password away. We can only know what goes on in Nexus, nowhere else. When
people start giving out passwords on IM software, or through e-mail, we don't know that they are doing it. Most the time it goes both ways, Player A shares the password with Player B, who also shares the password with player A. Player A and B log on each other accounts, and "borrow" items as needed. Then one day player B calls player A a stupid vowel, and player A gets upset, changes his password, and takes all the items from player B. So where exactly is the "hacking" in this case? They both gave their passwords to each other, they both took items from each others accounts, they both probably even forgot and got spells on each other. Now if we were to be strict about this matter then Player A was "hacked" just as much by Player B, who took items from the character. As you can see the way that these hacking occur become a major issue in what happens to the "hacker" as well, not just the fact that they supposedly "hacked".

Anyways, moving on in your reply, another comment you made was "people can point and know the names of these assailants with sufficient evidence". I WISH this was true! Unfortunately most people feel compelled to lie to try to protect themselves, or to pretend they didn't do anything wrong, or to try to get pity. The number of times I have heard "I did nothing wrong, I never gave my password out, I never... yada yada yada" just to find out they had given out their password is amazing. Hate to point my finger at you again, but they make the assumption that "their best friend" would never do that to them. If these people would be honest, and actually give us the real information, we would be able to find the cause of the problem and really deal with these people faster to try to help others in the community.

You go on to say "Most of the time it's sit around helpless and beg for the person to stop..", I would count that with simply don't let it start and you won't have to worry about it stopping. Nexon doesn't give these people access to the characters, the owners do. Don't let it start, and you won't have to worry.

Finally, though I think this is really another topic, is your reference to how ineffective you believe the justice system is. Again, it's more a case of how honest the players making the complain, really are. For example recently I was passed a complain by somebody that they were being harassed in the game, a pretty serious crime, so I look into the matter, and I find that while yes the other people were being offensive the person who complained was being just as offensive back. Do you expect that both sides should be jailed, because both sides are just as guilty. Most of the crimes come down to players own actions again, not just things being forced on them. It usually starts off small, and the retaliations just get bigger and bigger. Again, to take you as an example, one of your justice cases you used your website, or one of your staff used your website, to post degrading comments about a player. He retaliated, your side returned it, back and forth it went with both sides getting worse and worse.

The reason profanity is reported more (and then dealt with more) is that it effects a number of people around the person, and not just one individual. Another reason is that we have also actively worked to try to program protection for more and more things where we can, adding things like the mass exchange (which was one of the larges "crimes" in it's day) as well as the updated mass exchange, stopping gold (that wasn't curse protected) from dropping in death piles (also another common "crime" before that change), as well as many other things. Unfortunately our scripting language doesn't stop players, so in a way the last bastion of crime that we can't program against easily, is cursing.

You also mentioned real life harassment. We are NOT the police or the FBI, we do not deal with crimes outside of the game. If you are facing real life harassment then you should report it to the police, not to a judge in the game. Nexon, and the judges, can only deal with things in the game. What people do outside of the game we have no control over, and no way to prove, that is for the real life police to handle, not a game company.

Overall I believe that the Justice system does a fair job at what it can really deal with, without being too unfair. In situations like the "harassment" where it is almost always both sides picking at each other (nobody just up and decides to harass somebody they don't know for no reason, it's always somebody they know), justice is better served by talking down both sides, and not just jailing one person or both of them.

Most crimes (like hackings) are also totally avoidable taking the simplest of precautions to protect yourself, and to not let things get out of hand.

Once again, I would like to thank you for your replies. The reason I post your replies on news is to help the community as a whole understand Nexon's views on things instead of simply assuming we know what the company stands for. I can clearly say that I've learned a thing or two from these e-mails, and I truly hope some other players have as well.

I am pleased Eldridge allowed you to continue your topic here. And it was informative to find out about your jobs and roles within the company.

I can completely agree with you when you say players are being less honest when it comes into play in terms of their hackings.. And I've heard players say they think Nexon was hacked.. All of which I know is untrue..

I also agree that there are a NUMBER of players out there who are extremely careless with their account passwords and such... And upon being comprimised claimed they never knew.. And also that there are cheaters out there..

I'm sure you know that not all players are cheaters, and some are legitamit players simply trying to run a "Statistic program" or something to assist them in calculating... and end up being betrayed... But I guess this is classified as Trusting someone they shouldn't...Which makes sense..

I keep hearing that Nexon is a small company and would we rather them spending time on events or finding out about players security... Well.. I would just like to quote a source. I read in GamePro, the issue number slips me but I can find it out and scan if you wish, that when Nexon was hacked a couple years ago (The issue with the Credit Card Numbers potentially being comprimised) that a Security Team was hired at Nexon to assist in securing the servers and accounts better.. I've seen (and probably haven't seen the bulk of) considerable security enhancements since that issue, and as a consumer was pleased by it... But should our security be second hand to events? or to new crafting skills? That's a really tough question.

We love MMORPGs for their activity, both human beings everchanging and an everchanging environment.. But to compare and contrast new stuff to our security.. I guess I would have to say security...

In the example you use though, with the overwelming number of false claims... Where you spend 15 to 30 minutes a day on each false claim which ends up showing a person has cheated anyway, I would have to say I do not agree with that..

But that's speaking in a form of hindsight I think.. I mean, how do we know a person is lieing or not? Or a person was careless or not? It took me 2 days to find out where my password was stored for my character until I realized where my best friend got it from. And never in my life would I have imagined it would've happened.. So in my case, I'm not sure how I would have answered..

Overall though, I think I can say this.. The community does react on what is said publically.. I think you and I know that all too well.. And I think if a more common addressing to the community.. Whether it be on the Dream Weaver board, an editor's notes board or simply a regularly held forum with the community, that customers would feel more secure. Sure this may be a time issue again, but I think that players would sacrifice time spent on new events to spend a little time with the people who help define our game. I know quite a shockwave was felt over here when we found out that one or more of the Delphi's didn't even play Nexus, because we felt that they didn't know what would be best for the game. And people use that excuse to propel their ideas against Nexon's "Crappy new event" or whatever.. It's common sense to know the entire community will never be pleased... But like we saw in the latest pirate event.. If the majority is pleased, the few who attempt to simply start contraversy, eventually learn to keep their mouths shut.

Regarding yer reference to the community board and its affect on the community, in terms of hacking, I believe this is mostly true.. I think alot of us play because of the community aspect of Nexus.. But it just seemed that there are still some startling amounts of "hackings" that occur.. Whether it be mistrust or attacks or attempted cheating.. I thank you for helping to put stuff into retrospect..

Concerning one master password, Nexon's accounts also have this master password for their account info. While it doesn't give players access to individual passwords, it does allow someone to delete and add characters. I will say Nexon's security stands above the rest, not allowing players to change their email via the web. I personally recieved a phone call from Kevin at Nexon to change my email, and I thanked him for doing so.

Alot of your information is very informative. To actually hear the amount of cases that are "not quite hackings" helped put things into retrospect for me. Im encouraging everyone to read yer examples clearly.. Hopefully it will help people see that trusting ABSOLUTELY noone is imperative... And that claiming they were hacked does more harm than good for themselves as well as everyone else.

We all know that prevention is the best way to stop anything.. But what IS there to do if it does happen? What should we do? How do we stop it? We all make mistakes.. And some of us even make several *hits self*.. But what can WE do as customers to prevent these people from going all out and ruining everything?

Going onto justice, I believe it should definatly be noted that the progress Nexon has made to secure player to player contact has been extraordinary.. The removal of cash drop on death and exchange introduction/modification have rendered scamming and theft almost extinct..

But the profanity occurances still bother me.. I personally watched someone hit "i" twice... using a certain word... and sadly they stood in the middle of elixir wars.. Peasant Profanity Abuse is RAMPANT.. The "Last Hurrah" Sages occur QUITE often where people swear on their way out.. Swearing is going to get through, no matter how punishing the justice system we have.. Is it really necessary to tarnish so much over the language conduct of players?

I refuse to get into a first ammendment war with Nexon, because I believe their intentions for removing profanity from the game are good.. I just don't see how it will ever be accomplished.. And the constant red marks of criminals all over the community will only get more common as players come and go..

As the punishments fit to fill the crimes, the crimes find a way to warrent bigger punishments.. Judges can sell cases... Archons can reveal secrets... And alot of this still does go unmonitored for whatever reason.. I've spoken with people who have showed me evidence of these things occuring.. While these Archons and Judges were eventually removed, they were for completely different reasons.. These are not things we make up to say "Ha Ha Nexon! We got ya!" but an ACTUAL worry that one day we may have something PINNED against us, and all our hard work in keeping our character without red marks will go down the drain... Should we have to fear the vengence of those we speak out against? Who will hear the silent screams of a "nobody" newbie who lawfully protests against a Judge and gets jailed for it?

I can't thank you enough for taking the time out to speak with not just me, but the entire community on these issues. It is extremely informative and I can clearly say, I have a new understanding of policies which I have been forced to assume on to understand in the past.

Thank you again,
Ben "TSWolf" Moody

Rabbit races
Posted by: Rachel -- 1:00 PM EST

They are back now, but I saw a few posts on the boards that said it wasn't giving money for the win.

There was a change that made it so you could only bid once on a race. :( However, in doing so, it allows you to cancel earlier bets to get your money back.

Update: The first race I was in only let me bid on 1 rabbit and gave me my money back the next time I clicked the npc. The second race let me bid on multiple rabbits. I bid 100c on all of them but I did not get anything for winning. This looks like a bug or two, so I suggest staying away from the races for a while.

Delphi's Reply to my Hacking Post
Posted by: TSWolf -- 9:40 AM EST

As you know I posted strongly against Hacking several days ago. Delphi from Nexon replied to me via email, And I will post his reply, complete with my reply in it for all to read.. I believe it will give people more of an understanding of whats going on.
Dear TSWolf,

On April 21st you posted to the NexusAtlas site a comment that I feel is rather strange.

In particular you posted "Nexus is one of the few games where Hacking is just shrugged off as commonplace".

I don't think you have really looked into what "other games" do to handle cases of hacking.

From the official Everquest site posted on the page "" they write:

If you think that your account has been compromised, consider how it might have happened. The majority of such incidents occur because people have shared their password. Understand that doing so violates the agreement that you make with us when you play EverQuest.

Accounts that are compromised may be suspended to prevent further trouble. We will then investigate the account and act accordingly.

The best thing to do about a compromised account is prevention. Don't allow your account to be taken from you.

Note the comment "Accounts that are compromised may be suspended to prevent further trouble"?

From a gamespy page here "" the story is developed a little further:

Verant seems to have come up with a rather draconian policy regarding hacked EverQuest accounts. If a player complains to customer service about his or her account being illegally accessed by someone else, with the result being that rare items in the player's inventory are now missing. Verant's response seems to be to just delete the account. Gone are the characters and items the player has labored to produce.

From the Ultima Online site on the page "" you get this information on hacked characters:

Unfortunately we cannot reimburse for items lost in the game, nor can we rebuild lost characters. If your account has been broken into and everything gone, it is gone for good, and you will have to start from scratch. You are responsible for anything done on your account, intentional or not.

So far I think for a person who lost their items and not their characters they would prefer the matter was "shrugged off" as you put it, rather than taking Verant's action. When we get reports of a hacked character they are looked into as far as trying to find out who did it, and deal with them. If the account has been damaged we also make every effort to restore the account. This is more than either of the other companies do.

In the vast majority of the cases we find that the person who got "hacked" was character sharing, and got into a fight with the person they were sharing with, or the person they were sharing with got bored with them. In some cases it is a case of a brother, sister, or friend (even had a case of a husband and wife) had the password "just to get items from the bank" and they got in a fight and, well, you know the rest.

The second most common cause of hackings is players getting viruses on their system. The main way this happens is the player's own greed, and attempt to cheat in the game. The number of players who got an n-mail saying things
like "download this app and you double your gold every time you run it", and all the application does is let the hacker onto their computer.

A slight variation of this is "Nexus hack sites". There is one site I remember visiting that said it was using a built in "beta tool" used by the GM's, and would do all sorts of stuff to a character, all you have to do is enter your name and password.... enough said.

Next most common cause of hacking is that players simply give their password away. Nexon has made every effort to stop scamming of passwords in the game, from stopping you saying/whispering/mailing your password, and from giving
constant warnings about protecting passwords. However players are determined to get hacked, and even go as far as to fall for the "type your password with a . between every letter" type of scam.

Finally, and one I think you more than most know, is players using it on other sites or services that are not secure, and end up getting hacked. Some players don't even think about the way things connect, like they think (for some odd reason) that it is fine to let their friend have their e-mail password to "check something", and forget that with access to the e-mail account they can get all the characters, and account, passwords.

There really is a limit to how far we can, and will, go to protect players from themselves. It finally comes to a point that they need to take responsibility for their own actions. The last time we actually did a wave of changes to try to help the community it caused an outcry of "stop wasting time" complaints from players who felt we were spending too much time trying to protect people who couldn't protect themselves.

We are always interested in ways to help protect people, but at the end of the day it is up to the player, and not us, to make sure their character and account is safe. We have done a lot, it's time these players did just a little to protect their own things.


First of all, I would like to Thank you Delphi for taking the time to reply to Players concerns.. When something is posted on news, it is usually of concern to a number of people as opposed to a personal opinion. I would also like to thank you for being a reader our of website..

My words "Nexus is one of the few games where Hacking is just shrugged off as commonplace", were addressing that of the overall tempermant of the game. Hacking is a daily occurance.. While this may be the same in UO and Everquest, they also have hundreds of thousands of more accounts. I can CLEARLY see without too much hard looking, that the percentage of hacked players in Nexus is far above that of Everquest and UO.. This is not implying that this is Nexon's fault... But that it IS commonplace, and simply shrugged off as it in the community setting of Nexus.

While I can agree that players are often careless with their passwords and it ends up in a messy situation ( I myself being a victim of such an attack), I feel that the fact that some of these people are repeat offenders does not help the situation at all.

For the longest time, people can point and know the names of these assailants with sufficient evidence, and then we see them with full accounts on Nexus again, making verbal threats to players, and ignored by the very justice system that is supposed to handle this. They tell us to F9 the issue and thats it.. And when they stumble or get careless with their password even once... That is it.

Since I have been here long enough, I can clearly say I've seen Nexon's advances in security. I, myself, have had my security deeply comprimised in the past and have done everything in my power to ENSURE its not possible to ever happen again... But while the medication advances, so does the Virus..

And it just disturbs me to see the repeat offenders coming time and time again.. There is a community of good people out there and they end up falling victim to something because they felt it was something it wasn't. For example, I had two of my top 21 news reporters hacked because someone masked my old email and sent them a file to download... While they should have sat down, read and seen that I never send files to people.. Instead they downloaded the file because I said I'd contact them.. And the rest is history..

And these people are the same people who have attacked in the past. These are people who have comprimised my own first level of security. I'm sure Nexon runs things much like us.. That even if someone does break into the system, it is secure even from the people who normally operate it, using 128-bit or higher encoding.

I'm just sick of certain people, whose names I'm not gonna blast here because I don't feel it necessary, attacking time and time again, and ADMITTING that they hacked players.. While I agree with Nexon's policy just not to "Go on whatever someone says", but when a person sits there and claims responsibility, and theres OVERWELMING evidence this person is guilty of something, EVEN if its on a NEW account, they should be delt with. This is not to say that people should be hunted every day of their lives for a simple crime they commited and are sorry for, but to attack the repeat offenders, who make new accounts and CONTINUE the behavior they have had in the past.

ALOT of the players know these people personally, but they don't say anything because our Justice system is merely that of a Profanity Retaliation system... And if we mail Delphi, we get the "This subject will be looked into" email and never hear on the issue again...

I think it's more of a common ignorance on what to do in the issue of finding a hacker.. What do we do if we see a threat? If we know a person who is attacking players? If we have evidence? What do we do? Most of the time it's sit around helpless and beg for the person to stop.. I even have 3 dozen screenshots of me begging an archon to detain a person dropping EVERYTHING they own and attempting to get jailed... I thanked tip after he detained my character when it was comprimised.. While it tarnishes my legend forever, It reminds me that Justice can be effective against causing further harm..

True Justice does not exist within the Nexus judicial system.. I urge you and ANYONE else at Nexon to look into this system deeper. You will be AWESTRUCK by some of the things you find in there.. If common players such as myself know things (Not rumors) but THINGS that even the company is overlooking, then that tells us something... And to think our protection is from a bunch of profane language, but not that of REAL life harassment, which I myself had suffered and never had the offender punished because "They didnt know that info was about me!" so the Judge let em off..

I appreciate yer taking the time to write and read my reply..

Ben "TSWolf" Moody

Weapons and Armor Complete
Posted by: Rachel -- 9:11 AM EST

All weapon and armor information should be correct now. Valentine's bouquet, Candy box, and Rabbit bow should be up in a week or two.

Should you find any errors or disagree with any prices, please send an e-mail to me with corrections and suggestions. Please title these "Weapons and Armor". Feel free to do this on every item if you wish.

As prices change on a regular basis, please mail me at any time during the year if a change is significant enough.

    Thursday, April 24, 2003

God Damn You Phoenix!!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 7:13 PM EST

Sorry guys.. Phoenix, telefragged's primary server was down for most of today. Don't worry. He'll be feeling my wrath!!

    Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Revels Update
Posted by: Spift -- 9:14 PM EST

This was posted by Charisse this evening on the Community board.

As the last Muse hosted Revels was held recently, you may be wondering what is to happen with the Revels in the future. I hope that this post will explain further.

First of all, I would like to extend my thanks to the Muses for their hard work with the Revels over the past while. They have been very dedicated and sought only to assist the community by providing this service. Thank you to Kiyone and Lokira who as Elders played a major part in contributing to this. And thank you to each of the Muses that was involved in voting.

I want to assure all of the community that the Revels will continue. We are currently working very hard on a new system. This will take some time, but it shouldn't be longer than a month. We hope to have it up and running as soon as possible.

As the time draws closer for Revels to begin again, I will post more details on what will be involved and just how it will work. Thank you for your patience during this time.

Take care,

    Tuesday, April 22, 2003

What a Shame!
Posted by: Vini -- 6:43 PM EST

Today, something really shameful happened. Triggor, a Ranger Guide has dropped a huge number of Fabled Trowels all over Mythic Nexus.
It's not known yet if was an act of corruption of a leaving person or if he was hacked(I preffer to believe in the 2nd) but he was arrested by Alton anyway and removed from Ranger path.
I'm not sure how many Trowels were dropped, but I will ask everyone who got one in this situation to return it to any Ranger guide, 1st because it's the right thing to do, 2nd because it can be tracked by Nexon and it might bring you some trouble.

The Ranger path thank you for your colaboration and understanding.

~Vini Normad'or~

Race Track Information
Posted by: Spift -- 6:25 PM EST

Apparently the NPCs have been removed from all the race trakcs.

It would seem as though people discovered that they were able to enter negative numbers into the betting box, which was capped at -9999 coins (the maximum amount was 99999 coins, nearly 100k, because of a five character limit). The negative sign apparently fooled a character causing the negative limit to lie at -9999 coins. From the post I read, by doing this, you were able to recieve 9999c every 15 seconds and people abused this severely.

The people who abused this bug were banned and Marama posted a reminder on the community board that if you come upon any bug to report it to As a result, all the NPCs have been removed with no word as to when they will return if they will return.

Blessing of the Nine Muses
Posted by: Vini -- 8:40 AM EST

This weekened, the Nine Muses quest was finally opened by Nexon to the whole community. Err, It's not for the whole community, only people who were Graced by Muse (or is an actual Muse) can start the quest.
It's not an easy quest, specially for the mark thing, but PLEASE DO NOT go spamm Muse guides for it, they don't want swarms of people asking for the mark.

Actually, if you go ask for the mark you'll lower your chance to get it, so just work with the Muses, be helpful understanding and you'll have a chance to get it, no one gets mark for asking for it.

Also, the Muses asked that no Walkthrough should be posted, so NO Walkthrough will be posted here in Nexus Atlas and I hope none will be post in community board either, since I don't think anyone will like to take the risk to lose their Graced by Muse mark.
So please, don't spamm muses, don't post walkthroughs, the quest isn't hard to understand, just need efforts.

~Vini Normad'or~

P.S. To start it, click the NPC in Muses Garden, the one close to the entrance=)

Rabbit Invasion CHEATERS!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 6:02 AM EST

Hello players,

Today with the release of the new rabbit games (which will be staying, even after Easter by the way) we found that some players had found an exploit in the "Rabbit Invasion" game. This exploit gave them an unfair advantage and allowed them to get very high scores. We have now fixed this exploit so that they cannot abuse it again.

Unfortunately because of this exploit, and the unfair advantage it gave to a number of people, we have decided to reset all the current scores for the "Rabbit Invasion" game, and you will need to start again. We are very sorry about needing to do this, and I hope you all will understand.

Spirit Guide Eldridge

If ya know anyone who had a huge rabbit invasion score, throttle em for me. I know a couple people. >=/

    Monday, April 21, 2003

Backdoor Virii
Posted by: TSWolf -- 5:30 AM EST

It has recently come to my attention of an influx of backdoor virii being spread around.. People are logging on to find all of their items destroyed and their spells missing.. A couple of you have contacted me, and I have looked further into the situation.

I am urgeing all parties who have access to IP information, whether it be Nexus Websites or Nexon itself, to keep track of this information . If we should find the culprit, I also urge these people to assist in the legal prosection of these people. Hacking is not a game and it involves the theft of property.. Nexus is one of the few games where Hacking is just shrugged off as commonplace.. These people need to be charged with the criminal attacks they are persueing..

Under the new terrorism laws, these people can spend time in jail as well as heavy fines if conficted of this crime.. If you have any information that points to your assailant, I urge you to send it to us immediately.. We will contact the proper people in your case, and if it is not delt with, we will send it to a lawyer in the area and see what can be done.

I'm personally sick and tired of watching good players go down the drain because of Virii.. While most virii are caused by people downloading something that ends up being malicous (Whether it be manually downloading, or having automatic downloading running in Outlook Express, mIRC, or on the net), in some cases this is completely out of a persons control. I STRONGLY don't agree with the policy of the victim being the one who is punished and I will do everything in my power to help you combat these folks.

I already have a couple names and IP address I will be sending to the proper authorities this evening, along with some of their real life information gathered from our queries... I urge everyone else to do the same if they have enough CREDIBLE evidence to support their accusation.

Note : Nexus Atlas, Nexus Network or Nexon INC WILL NEVER SEND YOU FILES TO DOWNLOAD VIA EMAIL. REGARDLESS OF THE MASKED EMAIL ADDRESS, DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANYTHING. We simply send text messages.. We run all file transfers through our website. And as always, we will NEVER ask for real life information or passwords.

    Sunday, April 20, 2003

Top 10
Posted by: TSWolf -- 5:47 AM EST

After some extensive reading, background checks and all sorts of fun stuff and opinions from other staff members... We have narrowed down the Application process another 10.. Once again Id like to thank everyone for participating in this application process.. This process was extremely hard for us to narrow down.

Top 10 Finalists -
Barter, Blinkibl, breserk, Faeryshivers, Hadez, kwi, Elvena, ShadoMagi, Yogeshi, Yokiro

Thank you... You will be contacted via your primary Nexus Name in your application as soon as possible to confirm thats really you.

Happy Easter Everyone
Posted by: TSWolf -- 4:35 AM EST

We here at Nexus Atlas would like to extend our warmest wishes for a happy easter holiday to all Nexus players and their families.

If yer not too addicted to the Rabbit races, why not log off and spend some time with the family today? Perhaps sink yer teeth into a chocolate bunny or two. I'm sure the races will be here when ya get back.

Happy Easter Everyone =D

    Saturday, April 19, 2003

New Archons
Posted by: Rachel -- 5:41 PM EST

Posted by Shajara:


This is just a quick note to let everyone know we have two brand new archons, Charisse and Shonen!

Charisse will be taking over the poetry revels from the Muse. Expect a post from her within the next few days explaining how things will be working, and when to expect poetry revels to start up again.

Shonen will be working with the tutors of the kingdoms. He will work hard to get the empty positions filled and help the current tutors with any problems they experience. Expect a post from him within the next week or so, updating the community on his work.

Everyone please join me in welcoming them to their new positions. :)


Nexon News about Games/Crafts
Posted by: Rachel -- 5:30 PM EST

I doubt many people actually go to the official site for news because two months or more often pass between postings..

This explains where the rabbits and trainers came from (Eldridge likes creating RP reasons for celebrating real life holidays) and reaffirms that the crafters will soon "send information back on new advances in their skills". Apparently, they're walking back home on foot. :(

Top 20... one?
Posted by: TSWolf -- 1:40 PM EST

All I can say is.. You guys are among the hardest people on earth to do anything for.. There was less than 40 applications, and I still couldn't narrow it down to 20.. I have chosen the top 21 applications that I saw.

Rest assured, no applications were deleted.. Unless of course they were abusive or repeats.. And your application will be stored on this board FOREVER for you to edit!

These are the names of the finalists.. Please do not contact me.. We will be contacting you to give you your next assignments..

Once again, this was extremely hard for me to narrow down... And its only gonna be getting THAT much harder -.-.

Alphabetical Order:
AzureFlame, Barter, Blinkibl, breserk, Dannicus, Elvena, FaeryShivers, GioSafari, Hadez, kwi, Laren, MagikalPat, NightFog, Pebbles, ShadoMagi, Stevek, Raere, RougeRider, UCANTCME, Yogeshi, Yokiro

Congratulations guys! Keep up the good work..

Applications Closed..
Posted by: TSWolf -- 1:11 PM EST

Now that applications are closed, we will announce a couple things that we didn't mention before.

- We are looking for folks who can work preferably at night in the mornings hours (PST time) so we can have news flowing in from all hours.
- We are looking for people who put complete detail into things.. Coords... Names... Exp... Riveting.. Could be RP or NonRP... Up to them.

Please do not mail any additional information.. A week was far long than enough to submit yer application. Tonight I will be narrowing the applications down to 20.

Thank you for your time.

Off to the Races!!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 5:04 AM EST

If you walk to 32,00 in the town (Town meaning HOUSE towns like Masan, Tok-Do etc). maps, you will be taken to the Race Tracks! There you can bet on one of 1 of 5 Rabbits to Win! You can bet whatever you'd like.. Races occur 10 minutes after the first bet is placed!


Hare Races!

This owns. I hope this stays!

You collect winnings by clicking the NPC after the race is over.. You gain 4x the amount you bid! I won a ton so far.. But I've seen people use their life savings so be careful..

As of right now you can bid on more than one rabbit. Whether or not this is going to change, is unclear.

New Games - Hopper and Rabbit Invasions
Posted by: TSWolf -- 2:18 AM EST

Hopper -

Located in the Living quarter city mains (Masan, etc) where Chess, Checkers and other games exist, is a new game called hopper, which can be found in the bottom right corner.

The objective of the game is to get the Rabbit through all the wolves and foxes to the top. AKA Frogger with a rabbit!

Rabbit Invasion

Located in the Living quarter city mains (Masan, etc) where Chess, Checkers and other games exist, is a new game called Rabbit invasion, which can be found in the top right corner.

The objective of the game is to kill the rabbits with the bow and arrows. AKA Space Invaders with bunnies!

Pretty cool.. Check it out.

You can also show yer hopper and invasion scores in yer legend! (I have 99 in Hopper right now!)

Pirate Event comes to a close
Posted by: TSWolf -- 2:11 AM EST

All items associated with the event have now disappeared.

- Life jackets
- All pirate keys (Scrubs, PIrates, Mates, Captains, and Secret Keys)
- Compass, Map and Oars.

Whats to come of these new skills? Time will tell.

    Friday, April 18, 2003

Thanks for your support!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 6:34 AM EST

In both manners

- Thank you for those who have donated even as little as a dollar! It is most appreciated and you've already helped me cover some of the costs for the site. Thank you very very much.. To show my thanks, I will be cooking up something especially for those who donated!

- Petition Signers.. Thanks a million for helping support the website yet again. We've reached 166 signatures in under 20 hours.. Simply amazing.. I plan to let this run until the 27th and then Email it (And Snail Mail) it to Nexon.

    Thursday, April 17, 2003

Hello everyone!
Posted by: Growl -- 1:05 PM EST

Greetings Nexus Community!

You have have seen me throughout the kingdoms these past few yuri. *smiles* I have talked to many of you, and now am happy to announce, I will be helping you, as the newest member of the Nexus Atlas Reporting Team.

For anyone whom may be wondering...No, I was not selected through the application process. I was accepted sometime ago, and TSWolf, and myself needed to sort out a few things to get me up and running.

Anyone questions any of you have, feel free to contact me.

My email is:

AOL S/N: GrowlTK

I will do my absolute best to try and talk to every last one of you. *smiles* See yah'll 'round the kingdom of the winds.

.:Merchant Guide
.:Head Editor of the Koguyran News

Petition to Nexon USA
Posted by: TSWolf -- 11:20 AM EST

We here at Nexus Atlas have decided to open a petition to Nexon of America concerning the Law 41 situation. You may read and sign the petition here -

Thank you for your time.

WARNING: Do not promote these within Nexus
Posted by: Rachel -- 4:45 AM EST

Law 41 states: “This also goes for any sites that links to a site that would be breaking this law”. If a site links to a site that breaks law 41, then it breaks the law itself meaning that all sites that link to it are also in violation of the law.

Please go to:

Here are some sites that break law 41 that are promoted on that page: – Has links to all of the sites below that are not law 41 compliant
Nexus Network – Tells you to go to Nexus Atlas for all nexus information. It also links to a few other sites that break law 41
Nexus Roleplayer's Guild – Has a message board, chat room, etc, where users can post/type offensive material and links
Heros guild of NexusTK – Uses the NRG message board, where users can post offensive material and links
Creative Nexus – Same message boards as Nexus Atlas where users can post offensive material and links
Chung Ryong's Dojang - Link to Nexus Network
Lost Kingdom Clan – Message boards where users can post offensive material and links
Kugorian Royal Army - Message boards where users can post offensive material and links
Chonguns - Message boards where users can post offensive material and links
Druid – Guest board where users can post offensive material and websites

Since is not compliant with law 41 for linking to the sites above, all of these sites that have a link to are also in violation of the law.

Dragon's Head Pub
Gareth's Story Collection
Bear Clan
The Forsaken Clan
Ixeus' Nexus calculators - Link to the user list page, which is part of the site
Heavens Clan - Link to the Heaven’s clan user list page, which is part of the site
Sun Moon Clan - Link to the Sun Moon Sect user list page, which is part of the site

Nexus Archives – This links to Nexus Network, among other sites. They have a warning that states that they are not responsible for the material on these sites. Perhaps Nexus Atlas could do this before linking to the Chat and Message boards. However, I think that Genji tried to use a warning and the gods still said that his site was not 41 compliant

Once Nexon takes down its links to all of these filthy sites that break law 41, you have about 5 left.

I guess we'll have to arrest Yinchueshan the next time he says he's going to come talk in the Nexus Atlas chat room :(

    Wednesday, April 16, 2003

S'more Non Law 41 Compliant Sites
Posted by: TSWolf -- 9:55 PM EST

If Law 41 existed in all MMORPGs, the following Websites would not be able to be advertised - - One of the Top EQ Sites - Popular Everquest, EQ2, Dark Age of Camelot, Asheron's Call, Anarchy Online, Star Wars Galaxies Network. - Extremely Popular Source of Info for Dark Age of Camelot, Star Wars Galaxies, World of Warcraft, Asheron's Call and various other top MMORPGs - Extremely Popular Earth and Beyond, Everquest, EQ2, Dark Age of Camelot, Asheron's Call, Shadowbane, Star Wars Galaxies Network. - Top Map site for Everquest.. - Popular source for virtually every MMORPG on the Market today. - Former host of Nexus Network. - Our hosting company, and the top Entertainment website on the web. - The Company websites for Dark Age of Camelot - The Official Company site for Everquest

All of those sites, if advertised on their appropriate mmorpg, would not be compliant with Law 41.. Because they all have minor violations of the Laws, somewhat similar to what Nexus Atlas violates.

Don't get me wrong.. I think Law 41 has a good purpose.. I just think nitpicking like the justice "profanity" laws is not necessary here for all we do to provide the community with info.

But I guess I just REALLY violated Law 41 by advertising those helpful websites for other MMORPGs... oops?

Why NexusAtlas Will Never Be Fully Law 41 Compliant
Posted by: Spift -- 9:34 PM EST

in the hopes that board monitors would be able to clean the site

In that statement, Shajara is talking about NexusForums, which is a place for people to talk and share ideas. Unfortunately with signatures, avatars, and the field for users to put their websites in, this leaves the potential for users to link to "non-law 41 compliant material."

As head of NexusForums, I cannot and will not ask each and every person to remove their live journal links which contain inappropriate language or website links which may make lewd referrences or even a site that links to a link that links to a site that an archon deems inappropriate.

For these reasons, I don't think NexusAtlas has the ability to become Law 41 compliant, which is unfortunate, but such is life.

NexusAtlas Law 41 UNCOMPLIANT
Posted by: TSWolf -- 9:48 PM EST

Shajara contacted me today and said NexusAtlas is not Law 41 compliant due to some minor things here or there.. So consider this yer warning not to advertise the page on nexus or you will be jailed.

Wonderful recognition ain't it?

Unfortunately it seems your site has not been kept Law41 compliant. I did leave it as long as possible in the hopes that board monitors would be able to clean the site up, but unfortunately it does not seem to be happening. The last time we spoke I believe you had said you make the effort to get the site compliant.

I am recieving far too many complaints about the site, including complaints that some links still take people to Genji's site.

If you wish to be able to advertise within Nexus you will need to clean the site up and I will once again allow it to be advertised. For now it is considered illegal to post the URL inside Nexus. You may wish to inform your staff of this so they do not find themselves in trouble for posting the URL.

Thank you,


Links to Genjis site.. Someone tell me where these links are? Spift was even baffled by this.

How can we clean up what doesn't exist?

Checks !
Posted by: TSWolf -- 2:06 AM EST

Here s'more new stuff...

- Checks are now available in 5,000 - 50,000 and - 500,000 amounts in addition to the 1,000 10,000 100,000 and 1,000,000 amounts.

Thank you to the many people who emailed, Nmail, and whispered this!

    Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Three small things - updated
Posted by: Corath -- 7:06 PM EST

Just two small changes that I thought I'd let everyone know of...

First, after being told this from a friend, I've noticed that I haven't gotten the Scamming/Lag quiz for quite a while now. Has it been kicked out, now that Minor quests give karma? Maybe... Thanks to Yokiro for pointing this out to me. Update: thanks to two seperate people who I've lost the names of, I've found out that you don't get the popup - but you can still ask for it.

Secondly, you can now only drop 200 of anything on the ground at a certain time. So, for example, you can only drop 200 aged wines. I'm not sure if it's 200 of ANYTHING, or if it's just 200 of a certain type. Tell me in Nexus if you know for sure. Thanks to Neuro for telling me this. Update: thanks to Kilnie for telling me that it's around 400 items, because when smelting there were 390+ slag on the ground, but it was suddenly reset to 1 or 0.

Thirdly, thanks to PiKaChuborg, he noticed that now the eyepatch face now has its own ghost graphic, as opposed to the regular baldy one.

That's it for now.

Donate to Nexus Atlas!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 12:25 PM EST

Obviously this is not mandatory, but Im adding this up to help fund the site..

You can donate through paypal by going here:
(Note: You must have a paypal account to donate)

And the email address to donate to is :

Nexus Network and Nexus Atlas have been running for over 5 years, helping out Nexus fans through events, and simply getting them through everyday life. Alot of the expenses come from my very pocket, because I enjoy what I do and I enjoy my work.. But times now are tough..

If you have a couple bucks you'd like to put towards the production of the site or work we've done.. Perhaps we helped you when it was most critical to you in an event or other situation.. All money collected will be used towards the website and website based project expenses.

Thanks in advance!

    Monday, April 14, 2003

No More Cheating!
Posted by: Rachel -- 10:36 PM EST

Usually when there is an event, I do it on a few of my characters. By the second or third time around, I usually find a few corners to cut. Nexon seems to be trying to stop this by them making it so that you cannot drop or exchange maps or compasses. This will probably also happen with future event items. These items also have a new feature that allows them to be deposited but protects them from being mass exchanged.

I also recieved a mail from Xyphier that says:
You are no longer able to complete the pirate event while you're a ghost. If you click an NPC while dead, they say "Eek! A ghost!"

Minor quest change
Posted by: Rachel -- 9:47 PM EST

I have just completed a minor quest and instead of giving me experience, it said it my status box "Your karma has risen". I believe that means I have recieved a whole point of karma, unlike messages that say that you have recieved some karma.

I have seen a few posts about a bug where people got nothing for a completed minor quest. I tried again on another character and found that it gave me nothing.

The time that it gave me karma was not an even number of minor quests. However, I have done more than 50 with her, she is much stronger, and she completed the quest in about 20 seconds by only having to travel to the Haunted house entrance. Any of these could be a factor, but I believe that it is just random. Perhaps there is another random reward that has not been seen yet, mail me if you find out more!

New Chongun Elder/Peace between paths.
Posted by: Vini -- 8:28 PM EST

Last night, the Chongun Avatar Taijin has stepped down and passed leadership of the Chongun path to the new Elder Vlad.

Moments after Vlad took the eldership, he called Chonguns to the Barbarians's cave, where after alot of negotiations, a pact of Peace between the paths now where both paths will make their efforts to respect the other's limit.

Let's celebrate peace then!

~Vini Normad'or~

Posted by: TSWolf -- 8:15 PM EST

Applications close Friday the 18th at midnight! So be sure and get over to the forum and submit yers!

Nexus Atlas Boards ->
Application Board

- Read the posts before posting!
- Don't email/nmail/etc applications. They will be ignored.

Thanks and Good luck!

    Sunday, April 13, 2003

Few updates
Posted by: Rachel -- 11:43 PM EST

-When entering the event your status box will display the message "Entering ship #", the number being replaced by your cave number 1 through 6.

-Mass exchange has been changed to allow both the "seller" and "buyer" to offer both gold and items. For example, you can now trade 1000 wool for 150k and a Blood. This will prevent many scammers from promising to deliver items after a mass exchange.

-Smiths and carpenters do not seem to reply to "Metal" and "Wood". When I checked "Tailor" it gave me the "You are not a tailor" message, but that could be down now also. This is likely all due to tests with the new skills that the crafters will bring us after their escape from pirate's island, so I wouldn't worry.

Sorry I wasn't here Saturday.. but it really isn't my job to post news. I've just done it a few times and haven't heard any complaints yet. ^.^ And I'll get back to the price lists after the event is over, should anyone care.

Busy Busy Day! One last story.
Posted by: TSWolf -- 10:00 PM EST

What a day.. So many things happened.. So much to keep on top of.. Thanks all for your complements, patience, and motivation to get through it.. This is why I love my job here.

But I noticed a little lacking.. Thank god I was around this weekend, else you guys would've probably still not had quest details.. See this event kinda sideswiped the staff and smacked em in the back of the head.. And our posters weren't here..

But with the relieving of Xuir and Khamael, I am going to need 2 new replacement reporters.. I am going to need a few new ones...

I will be opening a forum in the "Nexus Atlas Boards" category on NexusForums later today to host the applications. (Which can now be found by clicking here)Do not mail staff (Mails WILL be ignored.. Everyone can sign up for NexusForums and has to to be a member of our staff anyway!!!).. Sign up for an account on NexusAtlas and wait for the forum to open.. Then read the Pinned topic on how to format yer topic.

Information on how we choose candidates will also be included in a post.

Oh and I made sure not to title this story JOB APPLICATIONS so we wouldn't get people who are seeking only that.. But I guarentee we'll get spam anyway ;_;

Thanks to Pirate Questers!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 9:56 PM EST

I would like to thank some of the following people for helping me out in the last couple of days -

JJangv - Pioneered the most complete Ship Quest Guide.
MuW, Demandrad - Made the first complete Island Guide.

My guides were revisions of their information.

Whiterider - Final steps in the Island quest.
Anyone who whispered - For dealing with the wrath of my spam, being patient with me.. and still reporting what you needed to..

I want to make sure its known that the reason I saged, and wrote this all down so fast was to get the information out. The sages were filling the Nexus.. And I just wanted to get people the information that makes this website the best... And follow in the tradition of 5 years of fast/complete quest guides..

All your help is extremely appreciated by everyone in Nexus.. All the thank yous I recieved are for you as well.. Thank you for helping make others event experience as enjoyable as yours.

New Schtuff / Current bugs
Posted by: TSWolf -- 9:51 PM EST

- Mentorees now have a mark that says "Being mentored by: NameofMentor"

- The Dye NPC in Arenas has a few weird buggies...

- The Sage NPC takes 100k without upgrading yer sage. (I personally lost 100k to this.)

- New Crafts coming soon! Springing off the pirate event!

- Players can whisper in BonHwa and Iron Labyrinth last rooms.

- Some folks are not getting experience for completeing their minor quests.

More coming.

I heard ya.. You got what ya want..
Posted by: TSWolf -- 7:38 PM EST

In order to make the news "more" compliant with Law 41, I've decided to open a ranting page for myself.. So as to avoid the real life drama, nexus drama from news and concentrate more on concrete efforts..

But hey I know some of ya care what I think.. So I opened up a Live Journal under the name TSWolf. I can't give ya a link cause its against Law 41, but Im sure youll figure it out.

Directions to Ilbon Stuff / Key Stuff
Posted by: TSWolf -- 4:44 AM EST

As I said in the Island quest below, the room with 3 doors on the top.. One you come in.. The middle leads to the chest room with the Tools.. The last door leads to a room that has no exit.. The door is directly in the middle.. Going in it again takes you back to the 3 door room.

Lemme clarify because it wasn't obvious enough for some people.. The room that has no exit is the one with the 3 Ilbon chests. Go in that room. There will be 3 chests and ONLY 3 chests..

The Chests contain the following (They can be opened by using the Secret Keys):

- Bottom Left : Ilbon Knife
- Top Right : Ilbon Vest
- Top Left : Ilbon Outfit

Secret Keys and Captain's Keys can be used on various chests in the same area you got the tools at.. These chests bear Oars, Water Jugs, and Life jackets, so you dont have to wait in the boat lines to come back on the island.

On the island...

Mates drop Dark ambers, Pirates drop ambers, and Guts drop Yellow ambers. All drop Secret Keys.

    Saturday, April 12, 2003

Island Quest COMPLETE!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 10:34 PM EST


Bring :

(3) Captain's Keys dropped by Captains ON THE SHIP.
(10) Metal
(10) Cloth
(10) Ginko wood.

1. Upon entering the island you will see a hut. Go inside the hut and click and listen to all the individual trapped craftsman. They will tell you what you need to get for them.

(Note : You lost 4 water jugs, 2 oars, and your life jacket coming to the island)

2. Travel around in the beach till you reach the entrance to the cave, which looks like a giant sea shell. It shouldn't be too hard to find the cave, just takes some wandering and a few, small dead ends to overcome.

3. Go down the cave until you reach a room with 4 Doors.. 3 Doors on the top wall and one door on the bottom right wall. Go in the middle door on the top wall. This will take you outside to the Pirate Chest area.

4. Once there go to 15/25 - 34/36 - 30/4, which are the tool chest coords. These chests stand out because they are BEHIND trees. 15/25 = Metal Tools. 34/36 = Woodworkers tools. 30/4 = Weaving tools.

(Note : All Other Chests on this top are Either Life Jackets, Oars, or Water Jugs which can be used to come back to the island)

5. Go back into the cave and travel back up the way you came (Through the most left door in the room with 3 doors.)

6. Once at the top, click ALL of the craftsman again and they will take the items.

You will now recieve the new legend mark "Freed Pirates' captives" and they will mention something about sharing their new recipes with our Crafters..

Perhaps we get new crafts soon? Only time will tell.


Yer Free Trial is NOT OVER!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 9:13 PM EST

It's a server problem. Give it time.

Detailed Walkthrough
Posted by: TSWolf -- 8:55 PM EST

Normally I let the staffers do this, but noone seems to be with it lately.. So here I am.. Back in action.. Detailed walkthrough courtesy of yours truly..

---- In order to get on the pirate island, You will need
- 4 Water Jugs
- 2 Oars
- Compass
- Map
- Life Jacket

Below explains to you how to get all of those.

======= Getting to Pirate Island ======

1. Enter the Pirate ships. They can be found on the eastern shore of Hausson.

2. As you enter, two doors are in front of you in Ship's Hold. They both lead to the Chest guardian. Speak with him and he will give you a Chest Key. The chest key is nondroppable and nonhandable.. Hang onto this! You wont need it for a while, but its VITAL you get it now. Then exit back to Ship's Hold.

3. From Ship's Hold travel up flights of stairs until you reach Upper Deck. Go West, and go in all 3 doors. Each door will lead to a room with NO NPC in it. Walk to the Bookshelves in each room and you will recieve 3 Books - Lord of the Fish, 101 cures to scurvy and Fishing for Dummies.

4. On the Upper Deck, Travel through the hoards of pirates all the way West until you see a small pirate with a blue shirt on. Trade Lord of the Fish and Fishing for Dummies for Sea bass and and Salmon.

5. Take Salmon down to the Lower Deck on the WEST Side (Go on Western Staircase in Ship's Hold,) into the Galley (Left Door). Speak with the lady and she will give you Cooked Salmon.

6. Take Cooked Salmon back up to the Upper Deck. Just west of the small pirate with a blue shirt on, on a higher ledge in the VERY top left corner of yer screen is a slightly greener, fatter pirate than all the rest. Click him and he will ask for the Cooked Salmon.. Then he will give you his Ration card to go get him some wine.

7. Take Ration card down to the Middle Deck on the WEST Side (Go on Western Staircase in Ship's Hold, then up another staircase). Follow the room as it wraps eastward until you see a door on the top-right corner. This is the Watering Hole. The maiden will give you a Bucket in exchange for the Ration card.

8. Take the Bucket to Wine room, which is the Left Door on the Lower Deck on the EAST SIDE(Go on Eastern Staircase in Ship's Hold,). The NPC will make you a Pirate's Cider in exchange for dumping the bucket of water in the trough..

9. Take the Pirate's Cider to Equiment room, which is on Middle Deck on the EAST Side (Go on Eastern Staircase in Ship's Hold, then up another staircase). The pirate will get drunk when you give him the cider and you will be able to grab the Rope on the wall, click on the NPC to get back over to the other side.

10. With yer Sea Bass, go to The Inventory counter, who is in the door across from the The Pirate's Cider person (Right Door on the Lower Deck on the EAST SIDE(Go on Eastern Staircase in Ship's Hold,).Give him the Sea Bass to finish his list and he will give the Inventory List.

11. Take the Inventory List to the Storage room (Right Door, across from Galley) with the old man in it, which can be found Lower Deck on the WEST Side (Go on Western Staircase in Ship's Hold,). He will ask you to check and make sure all the chests are locked. If you walk around, the Compass will appear in your inventory with a popup.

12. Now make your way to Middle Deck on the WEST Side (Go on Western Staircase in Ship's Hold, then up another staircase). Go down, past the Ration room to the bottom left door which leads to a Pirate who has scurvy. He will aks for the 101 cures to scurvy. If you give it to him, he will allow you go up the stairs on the other side of the room.

13. You will see a yellow cage on top of the stairs.. Using your rope, you will go go down the Yellow Cage, to a lower deck. Do this until you appear in the first room you saw on the ship (With the guy who gave you the chest key).

14. Use the chest key on one of the treasure chests and you will recieve the Map. Talk to the big fat guard to get transported over.

----- Note for the next few steps, Keys can be found by killing various pirates on the ships!! ---

- To get A life jacket, Use a Pirate's key on the Chest on the Top Right Side of Ship's Hold.
- To get Water Jugs, you need a Scrub's Key (Meaning you will need 4 keys for 4 jugs). The chest can be found on the Top left side of Lower Deck on the WEST Side (Go on Western Staircase in Ship's Hold,)... Above the Galley.
- To get Oars, you will need a Mate's key. Oars can be found in the bottom right corner of the Middle Deck on the EAST Side (Go on Eastern Staircase in Ship's Hold, then up another staircase).

After you have ALL 5 Items and proper amounts of each, Go back OUT of Hausson.

15. PUT ON YOUR LIFE JACKET THEN Reenter Hausson. You will be given an option to travel to Pirate's Island for 1k. Say ... Yes.

Congrats.. Pirate Island quests coming soon!

Posted by: TSWolf -- 7:01 PM EST

Reports are coming in from the Kogurian island of Hausson that several pirate ships have been spotted on the eastern side of the island. While still flying the flag of the pirate Bluestone the ships are much larger than the old ships, and much more advanced than the older ships. This change shows a significant advancement of the pirates. Citizens are advised to take caution when going to explore these new ships.

Spirit Guide Eldridge

    Friday, April 11, 2003

Updated Contact Page
Posted by: TSWolf -- 11:36 PM EST

- Reflected the leaving of Xuir from Nexus and Nexus Atlas staff (We'll miss em..).

- Reflected the leaving of Khamael some MONTHS ago... that I continually forgot.

- Updated some positions and emails.

End Of Childhood
Posted by: Esterk -- 11:02 PM EST

Lets face it. When you looked at the Nexus webpage, read the info. and started downloading, you were excited, were you not? Of course you were. We all were. You were about to enter a game full of Asian mythology, a time to meet new friends, to go on exciting adventures; the boundaries seemed limitless. Then you got on and made your account. Your stomach turned with anticipation as you completed the newbie area, or awoke in the inns, depending on when you started playing. You took your first steps around the world of Nexus. Trees, lush with wildlife. Oh, how soon your young heart was broken.

These facts don't get stated enough in our little community. They may be well known already, however they never seem to be expressed. For instance, why are newbies 'annoying?' Let us look a back at that first paragraph. You were a newbie. Or 'nOOb,' i'm not sure how 'cool' you wanna sound. A lot, if not all of newbies, come into Nexus with big dreams. Starting a clan, a store, or a guild of some sort? Wait, scratch guild right now. I'll get 1000's emails telling me there are no guilds. Let's just cut to the chase, since a lot of you don't like reading posts that make good points anyway. Newbies come into Nexus with big dreams. Many of the newbies do interesting roleplays! They create stories, act things out with each other, and play in a very roleplay-ish sense. (i.e., Speaking in an old dialect of English, being respectful to all people, etc.) It's so great to see that happen. These new members of our community are doing such great things that we take little or no time to appreciate. In fact, alot of us make fun of them. We put them down and humiliate them. So many of you reading this know who you are, and you're guilty of that crime. Roleplaying is something Nexus seriously lacks. What's my point? My point is that everything is there in Nexus and that you just need to do it. Making a shop, or a trading empire, or a dancing class. You can do it all. There is only one unfortunate setback to this, however: ambition.

Everyone in Nexus has a roleplay. Well, not everyone. Heck, maybe half the game's population? I'm not sure of the numbers myself. I'd ask the other members here at NexusAtlas, but come on, you think I'd actually talk to my co-workers? Go to the Buya or Kugnae Palace and took a good look at the COTW board. Like I said before, everyone has a roleplay. Even though so many of many of them follow the same "roleplaying excuse" (either their parents died, they have super strengh, they want revenge, or they seek honor), these people go about some of their Nexus lives living by these posts they make. This causes a problem, though. You see, people naturally like their OWN ideas. It's hard to tell someone they're wrong or that you disagree. Because of this, people might not want to go along with someone else's roleplay, and this causes pointless interference with what could have been seen as a great player-created event. Each person has an ambition. They want their own roleplay to be noticed and played out in full. Sadly, the good roleplays thought up by the regular members of our community go down the pooper, and the player is forever thrown into a black depression under the ground. They may never roleplay again, and end up becoming a super-buff Ee San Mage with Hellfire, standing in the Vale or Sire Pit with his Poet friend while zapping everyone with his most annoying and pointless magical powers.

Only three groups of people have power over the REAL roleplay in this game. Nexon gamemasters, or gods as we call them (bow down with your offering of your monthly payment to Nexon! BOW DOWN!), the Clans, and the PC Subpaths. This is not entirely fair. As I understand, the Chongun guild has declared war on the Barbarians. Woopie-doo. Is this a war based off of true aversion? Are the Barbarians doing anything really bad beside shoving the 'nOObs' and dropping meat scaps all over the Buya Palace courtyard? Probably not. Something tells me a certain subpath elder was watching CNN and said to himself, "I'm bored in Nexus, lets have a war!" This happens a lot. If you were in the BIA, you would have known how the General might have arranged to have conflicts with the Barbarians, rather than pointlessly just ushering in a sporadic event. As a matter of fact, the previous conflict with the Barbarians was all staged by the KRA, BIA, and the Barbarians themselves. Thankfully, the cliche of what would happen afterwards was stopped, and the event was canceled. Enough with the make-believe.

The only real roleplaying going on in Nexus is the overused theme of the villain, who are those certain people who my boss TSWulf spoke about in his last few 'rantings.' Rantings? More like community information! These people honestly get away with murder. If you don't like someone, couldn't you stage a coup? Couldn't you protest? Couldn't you move around the community demanding a certain individual be removed from his or her office? (I do not mean a protest like the Anniversary Sword riot we had a few years back...) People are afriad to protest now because some people in the game have absolute power. But they use that power in secret, or scheme in any way or shape to pull something off in ridiculous spectacles. They are the enemy that you do not have the advantage of seeing eye to eye. They can do bad things to individuals, or a even small group. However, they can't do anything against a peaceful, law-abiding group. Wouldn't that make a great event? Maybe even a thorough roleplaying event. As I said earlier, everything you need in Nexus is there. And with that thought, and maybe for once, people will forget their own ambitions for a good cause.

People should stop complaining to Nexon and take action for themselves. Only a community can help itself.

The Justice of Revenge
Posted by: TSWolf -- 2:40 AM EST

Taking a quick look at the Justice system in Nexus we can clearly see that the meaning of Justice in Nexus is that of Revenge.. This is not a bash post of anyone, just a simple look at the way things work in the Justice system and whether or not it's effective, as most other MMORPGs do not have a system of justice.

I did a lot of research behind this post to make sure that I got everything as correct as possible.. I will cite as much as possible to Laws on Nexus so you may understand.

Prefacing this topic, I would like to explain why I titled this topic Justice of Revenge. The Justice system on Nexus has become nothing more than that.. A way to get revenge on another player for something they did..

For example.. If we look at all of the Scum Board Posts starting from Jan 1 2003, there are approximately 239 scum posts.. The head judge in Nexus, which was Tip, but now seems to be Katia, is responsible to post *every* player or Archon related justice crime on this board. Dreamweaver crimes (Player Banishment, Player wiping) are either posted by Justicar or not posted at all.

Out of these 239 Scum Posts (which is approximately 2.4 crimes per day commited on average), 59% or 141 of these crimes are Profanity related crimes (Profanity, Cursing, Swearing). That means more than HALF of the crimes commited on Nexus were listed as offensive language..

In Dark Age of Camelot, Everquest, and many other popular online Role Playing Games, cursing filters are added for players to turn on or off based on their preference. While players can still avoid the curse filter... They can here as well. If players truly want to avoid the curse filter, they WILL do it. Nexon's policy of protecting younger players from profanity fails even with the profanity jailing system.. Simply adding a revenge system into the game. If you don't like someone, get them swearing and revenge is done.

We have to ALSO remember that the Scum Posts and crime rates are for REGISTERED PLAYERS only. This does not count newbie abuse, which would, in my honest opinion, double the rate completely.

The second highest offense was "Other Severe Crimes", with 48, which is about 20%. In this category fits things like revealing someones archon, newbie abuse, racial harassment, posting web addresses that violate Law 41 (which states all websites advertised in Nexus MUST abide by Nexus rules), autocutting/hunting, and the like..

Once again, putting other MMORPGs into retrospect, players are often recruited by people on the staff to assist and watch over players. If a player accuses them of being a player, they simply ignore it.. Not knowing is the ultimate key to success. Whilest in Nexus, if you so much as CALL a person an Archon, you are jailed for either Minor Infractions or Other Severe Crimes, according to Law 54.

While I can't say I'll argue with the newbie abuse to perform serious harassment, or the racial slurs, I can say that simply calling someone an archon and having them reported for it, is yet another example of a system of revenge.

Harassment was in 3rd with a mere 12.. Harassment can qualify as someone mailing you after you ignore them.. Or following them from arena to arena (PK areas) and mercilessly killing them (according to Law 22).

Then came Sage abuse with 10, which would also qualify under profanity (racial slurs are ALWAYS considered Severe crimes).

Theft and Minor Infractions both had 9.. Theft being the robbery of players items.. According to the Justice board, a player is not allowed to report a theft UNLESS the culprit ADMITS stealing it.. So if you take someones item, and claim you don't have it.. Yer as good as safe... While I can agree that dropping an item is stupid, accidents DO happen, which means a person can easily get away with theft. True justice down the drain?

Minor Infractions could be something like refering to drugs, some forms of board abuse and other small or reduced sentences.. A true form of justice (with the exception of Drug references) in most forms and it has a mere 9 cases resolved.

Inappropriate posting only had 5 listings, due to the fact that most innappropriate posts are delt with as profanity or severe crimes now, based on their content.. Inappropriate posting is simply given for repeditively not following rules (Selling stuff on CoTW or Dreams board on a daily basis for example).

Scamming is only at 4.. The justice board states "If you drop the item, you lose ownership of it"... yet according to law Law 56, a "Broken deal of a trade" may be reported to Justice for review? Contradiction.

Sexual Harassment, which is most oftenly qualified as other severe for its severity, only had 1 post..

Murder, Attempted murder were not seen... Mostly because these were drastically reduced when players lost the ability to cast AC raisers (Scourge, Vex) outside PK, or they are now classified as other severe crimes (For example, someone summoning you into a cave where you die).

So taking a look at the laws of Nexus, over 80% of the crimes commited.. When ya factor in not only the whopping 59% of Profanity, but the Board Abuse, Some Severe Crimes, Some minor infractions, Sage Abuse, and harassment, THE STRONG majority of crimes commited on Nexus are by people who "misuse their language"

So while the game claims to be appropriate and safe for 10 year olds, an extremely high percentage of the crimes on the Scum board are caused by players who misuse their language.. Once again this DOES not count newbie abuse.. and it does not count "Crimes that were not reported".

So with these figures as mind.. I dont see the effectiveness of the Justice system in Nexus.. Especially because of the below..

According to Law 47, kill stealing is against the laws of Nexus... But according to Justice since theres NO way to prove it, it can't be reported... So bosses being stolen from you, even after them being rightfully yers, cannot be reported.. I understand them not being able to prove who had boss rights.. But this is AN actual crime.. As opposed to "dirty language".

Character Sharing is banishable.. By simply playing another persons character, you lose your account. For business purposes so that Nexon doesn't lose money, they inacted this.. Sony (The owners of Verant, Everquest) not only allows character sharing, but the sale of characters. While they dont cover losses incured from it, they do not punish those who do it. I can agree Everquest has about 100 times the number of players that Nexus has, but Everquest also has a broader age range and a higher likelyhood of "bad language" and yet they do not have these laws.

According to Law 54, Judges, which are PLAYERS, are the ones solely responsible for justice.. So personal vengences may be taken out in full force without even having a character to perform the justice on.. And it HAS happened in the past where characters have abused these privelages... Who's to say it can't be occuring now?

Archons are not designed to handle justice, but if they see a crime in the act, they may perform justice.. Archons do not have the responsibility to perform justice.. It is NOT one of their jobs, unless it occurs by HAPPENSTANCE nearby them.. I can personally think of violations of this on a regular basis.. In fact, what prevents this from happening quite often?

Dreamweavers perform severe justice cases.. Wiping.. Banishments... Stuff not seen on Scum.

So with all these facts before you, do you feel like the Justice system in Nexus is effective? While we can't just say "OFF WITH THE JUDGES HEAD!" we can voice our opinion on the language issues.. While Nexon can say whether or not our freedom of speech applies in their territory, shouldn't they be worried that 25% of their customers are being imprisoned.. 80% of those for something they simply said?

You decide.

    Wednesday, April 9, 2003

Posted by: TSWolf -- 11:56 PM EST

First and foremost Id like to thank Spift.. Without him, the domain risked coming down in the next week.. But thanks to him, NexusForums and NexusAtlas are renewed for yet another year.. I owe a lot to him.

Id like to explain further why I left so frantically.. In real life about 2 weeks ago my car broke down.. Upon that occuring I lost both my jobs and slowly bills began pileing up.. Despite the daily job hunt, I still remain unemployeed.. At this point I would do just about anything.

Today the charges for my internet, websites and the such came in and I couldnt pay them.. So they had to be cancelled.. I have all the data for all my accounts and everything and I just froze it for the time being. Right now Im using a free ISP that allows me a few hours to try and work things out.

After many years of paying for websites that I make absolutely no profit from, it is now catching up and hitting me.. I appreciate all of your concern and I just wanted to share with you what was going on and why I left a frantic leaving note.. I didnt think Id be able to get on AT ALL.

Anyway.. If anyone knows a way to get a free internet service provider that will provide more than 10 hours... or anyone that can run my internet service hosting (not website.. Thats taken care of) for a month while I try to get back on my feet... knows any good jobs in the Connecticut area =/.. or will host a permanent email address where I can keep my stuff to maintain for the time being.. It will be GREATLY appreciated.

Sorry for the Non-Nexus news. Situation
Posted by: Spift -- 7:55 PM EST

I was a surprised as you all were when TS informed me that and would be going down in a few days for a number of months. I'd like to let everyone know that neither will be going down.

Right before TS left, he gave me the domain account information and I was able to renew them. TS will, however, be gone for an unknown amount of time. Hopefully he will be back sooner than later. TS is not quitting, he just has a certain circumstance that does not allow him to be here. He will, however, be back as soon as he can. Thank you all for understanding.

    Sunday, April 6, 2003

Chonguns declare War on Barbarians!
Posted by: Vini -- 6:59 PM EST

Tonight, Chongun Avatar Taijin, the Elder of the Chongunate has officialy declared War at the Barbarian Horde. Althought most people don't approve War, they are supporting the decision deal to the recent attacks and mess that the Barbarians have done in the Kingdoms.

Here's a copy of the post taken from Chronicles of the Winds:

Yuri 57, Moon 2, Day 16

To: The Barbarian Circle, its auxiliaries, the people of Koguryo, Nagnang, Buya, and the Neutral territories.

The Barbarian threat has been present since the days of old. This threat has persisted and escalated over these many years. The Barbarians have shown nothing but hostilities to the people of the kingdoms; this, at times, manifesting into physical conflict. They have raided our cities on numerous occasions; they brutally and arbitrarily murder myriad beings from all Kingdoms. It is imperative that these hostilities cease immediately. Unfortunately, force is the only way to deliver a clear message, as these malignant beings are unable to reason.

Their arbitrary and unjustifiable actions as of late constitute this declaration -- We will no longer stand by idly as they wreak havoc upon us. The Barbarian Horde is an unnecessary threat to the Kingdoms, one that must be immediately dealt with. They continue to perpetuate hostilities despite diplomatic efforts. The prospect of conflict on their terms is inevitable if no action is taken now.

Representatives of Elder Wensly have been presented with the option to avoid conflict. I await their response.

We will no longer tolerate their licentiousness! This threat shall be dealt with, and negated.

`, Chongun Elder Taijin

Looks like big comflicts are up to come to our lands, now we can only wait to see what will come next.

~Vini Normad'or~

    Friday, April 4, 2003

Family Package!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 4:08 PM EST

Prophet at Gamespy Weekly Reports :

Nexon is offering a Dark Ages Friends and Family Package that lets groups purchase six 1 month game codes for $49.95. The package also applies to other Nexon games like Nexus: Kingdom of the Winds and Shattered Galaxy. In case you didn't know, Dark Ages is a long running anime inspired online role-playing game for the PC. Full details on how to purchase blocks of time can be found at the link below.¤tpage=1&messagetype=0&bbstype=1

    Thursday, April 3, 2003

House Redesigning
Posted by: Corath -- 8:11 PM EST

Im not sure if this has been found yet, but when you redesign your house, you
no longer to to purgatory, but you go to a place just like it called "Waiting
Room". Instead of having that ugly NPC watching you, you have the old man
with the staff watching you. Just a little thing I didn't think has been
found yet.



    Wednesday, April 2, 2003

Just in case: April Fools.
Posted by: Xuir -- 3:33 PM EST

The April 1st article that claimed Nexon went into bankruptcy was an April Fools joke.

These are some clues:

- Kramer and Fox probably wouldnt represent Nexon, a small company.

- Chapter 9 bankruptcy does not exist.

- "In a day where --> APRIL FOOLS <--" run amok.

Some people still didn't pick up on this, and I got flooded with e-mails, nmails and there was even a community outcry -- as well as people who called Nexon as well as Kramer and Fox.

April Fools ;) The article has been removed to prevent confusion.


    Tuesday, April 1, 2003

Poetry Revels to change hands!
Posted by: Corath -- 10:32 PM EST

Elder Lokira posted this today on Community board:

To the Community,

This evening at the special April Fool's Revel, I announced that the last Muse-hosted Revel will be on 4/20. This is not an April Fool's Day joke. After 4/20, the Muses will no longer host the Revel to Riches.

The Revel is not being stopped. It was a well-established event prior to the Muses being asked to run it. It will continue as an event after we pass it on. We simply will no longer have the responsibility for running it.

At this time I do not know who will be taking over the hosting for the Revel to Riches. What I do know is that every Sunday for over two years the Muses have hosted the Revel. It is time for us to pass this responsibility on.

On behalf of the Muses, I would like to thank you for the support we've received over the years. We have always strived to bring quality events to the Community and will continue to do so.

Muse Maestra
Virtuoso of Kwi-Sin

Details about Xuir's post
Posted by: Corath -- 1:40 PM EST

You can get details and discuss it here.

Edit: modified link to new, merged threads in forum.