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Archived News | April 2002

Archived News

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April 2002

    Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Map - Screenshot - Event Request
Posted by: TSWolf -- 10:44 PM EST

Have old map pictures? Screenshots? Event info? Stuff we could use or think we could use?

We primary want Beta-3.0 stuff but we accept all!

Help expand the Atlas.

What an opener!!!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 10:43 PM EST

The Intro Movie rushed to the finish (11:54 release)..

Massive Greenlight sage and IM spam to tons of Nexus Users.

The result? A happy group of people.

Sure we're talking about you guys, but also us. Your feedback was round and wonderful. All across the boards we got great feedback on the work.

Known Problems -
Some things on menu dont have links. They aren't in here yet. Will shortly. I plan to update as much, if not more, than I did with Nexus Network.

I guess I did kinda underestimate the opening a midnight would have on a TUESDAY night.. hehe.. Oh well. Tommorow this address should fly around like wildfire. Ignite the flame. Show that yer N/A.

Want to send feedback? Use my email (Click my name) or aim me as TSWulf. Ill be around for a while tonight.

Tommorow is business as usual here. As you can see, everyday has been since April rolled around.. So tommorow will be no different than yesterday was. Today, of course, was special ;).

Thanks everyone. Thanks a lot. Welcome to the LAST Generation of Nexus =D.

- TSWolf
One of Many who made this happen.

Welcome to Nexus Atlas - Press Release
Posted by: TSWolf -- 11:58 AM EST

April 30th 2002 - Press Release for Project N/A
Distributed to : Genjiworks VIA Team Project N/A

Author : TSWolf

As of May 1st, the Project that the team has been working on for over 6 months is finally coming to release. There have been many speculations of what exactly was going on behind the scenes of TSWolf. For 6 long months people have kept quiet about this project, and I'm pleased to announce it. Genji showed some teaser shots about a week ago, in which I promptly denied even knowing about. He was given permission to do so, and rumors began to fly. So now yer probably saying to yourself, "Get to the Damn Point". I'm proud to introduce to the Nexus community, the first ever -

Nexus Atlas

What exactly is Nexus Atlas? It's the breeding grounds for the most extensive Map/History Archive that Nexus or any other online game has ever seen.

What do we have to offer on launch date? Quite a bit. Not everything of course. We do want to have stuff for later. We're focusing the launch on our 3.0 Atlas, including a COMPLETE Kugnae 3.0 Clickable Map, where you can go INTO shops, INTO caves (Yes, Walk around inside Kugnae 3.0 Caves), and see the creatures of Nexus 3.0 come back to life. For those who missed 3.0 and Beta, this is the chance of a lifetime. This kugnae project alone took over a month to complete, and that was with very few breaks.

This story will be posted on Genjiworks, Nexus Community Board, and used on the May 1st News over at NexAtlas.

There is no active forum ready for launch on Nexus Atlas, but one will be coming shortly to support our community.

For today, I will be spreading word to as many Nexus Folks from the past and present alike. They will all enjoy this.

Thanks to the testers, the people who supported me, and those who helped me. Nexus Atlas is now public. Enjoy.. You will not regret it.

- TSWolf

And Fireworks Rained from the Sky.
Posted by: TSWolf -- 4:11 AM EST

I'm proud to announce that kugnae is complete.

And my fingers are killing me.
And my head.
And my stomach.

But thats an issue in itself.

I fought with the old NexNet bug script and made it work.. mostly.. Cept for one MAJOR bug. Its not posting to the .dat file for some reason =/.. So we'll fight with that for tommorow. Then incorporate it so that can successfully run smore sections. If anyone has anymore recommendations, lemme know.

Oh lesse. Oh yes.. Tommorow we open don't we? So this is the last post I will be doing as a free man. So Goodbye IRL life. Hello Nexus Atlas.

What's not done and ready and must be done today or won't be done and ready -
4.0 Anything (Hausson, God War, Map List)
History Anything (Will not be done for Launch)
Bug Reporting, FAQ Adding, Link Adding Scripts (Workin on it as we speak)
Contact Page (Will be up. First thing I do after scripts)

Ill try to get 4.0 stuff up. Im more concerned about the technicalities of everything.

I'll remove the links for all history stuff right now (Not the words, just the Href's....

Only about 18 hours to go till we open this mutha.

The press release will go up on this site around 7-8... Maybe earlier since this is the last post. So feel free to tell "some" friends (who wont spread the word) a little earlier ;).

Thank you everyone for this.. Let's go get em.

    Monday, April 29, 2002

Let me in Let me in Let me in!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 9:46 PM EST

Our system administrator changed the password to the FTP like I asked him. One problem. He forgot to send me it =(. I'm locked outta the FTP right now but still working.

We are still launching May 1st.

*Update - I have the pass now. Thanks Quake! ^^ *

    Sunday, April 28, 2002

Virus Warning - W32 Klez
Posted by: TSWolf -- 8:13 PM EST

Quoted from Symantec Security Response -

Due to an increased rate of submissions, Symantec Security Response is upgrading the threat level for W32.Klez.E@mm from level 2 to level 3 as of March 6, 2002.

W32.Klez.E@mm is similar to W32.Klez.A@mm. It is a mass-mailing email worm that also attempts to copy itself to network shares. The worm uses random subject lines, message bodies, and attachment file names.

The worm exploits a vulnerability in Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express in an attempt to execute itself when you open or even preview the message in which it is contained. Information and a patch for the vulnerability are available at

The worm overwrites files and creates hidden copies of the originals. In addition, the worm drops the virus W32.Elkern.3587, which is similar to W32.ElKern.3326.

The worm attempts to disable some common antivirus products and has a payload which fills files with all zeroes.

I personally got NAILED with this virus. Included with the Virus file was a RANDOM .GIF file found on the persons computer, which happened to be a NEXUS Image (of a Key to Earth). The file was in .pif format so I didn't account as a normal .exe or .com virus file when I opened it. I watched my computer mail quite a few addresses (mostly based in Japan) during the 2 hours I was fighting it off. Thanks to Khamael, I was about to Extinguish it without too much harm.
A removal tool for this virus (That worked for me) can be found here -

An Online Virus Scanner to monitor all the infected files before and after use of the tool can be found here -

Thanks to Reboot and Khamael for helping me remove this virus.

Up to the Dates
Posted by: TSWolf -- 4:07 AM EST

Wehoo. For lack of a better word.

- Haunted House/Fox/Tiger/Ogre/Arctic/Lost Library and Half of Black Skeleton went up last night.

Maps to be done :
White Skeleton Insides
Black Skeleton (Unfinished Half)
Arena Individuals
Goh Individuals
Jail Cell Inside
Smith Inside

That's.. It... Tommorow we will *definatly* see Kugnae Completely up!

- Northern Koguryo and Arctic Land are GO FOR LAUNCH.

- Khamael decided to become a poster. Marstead will become one tommorow.

- 3.0 Map Cave Listings Up and Ready for Launch.

- POTW changed to Feature Area till our new POTW script is done.

- 3.0 Special/Event Maps featuring Purgatory is Up and Ready for Launch.

- Tons more FAQ questions added.

- Press Release Removed from News Until Monday Night.

----- Coming Before Launch(Definatly) ------
Contact Page - Dynamic
Link Page - Dynamic and Interactive
Bug Reporting - Interactive
Hausson 4.0
Cave Listing 4.0
Special Map 4.0 Featuring God War.

----- Not Coming Before Launch (Probably) -------
All History Sections. I want to spend time on these. And I want people to focus on the atlas for debut.

Possibly some photo report scripts will go up if I design their template in time. We'll see how stuff works out. For the record, Im designing them to be exactly like they were on NexNet, but easier to add/update/etc.. Sorta like the rest of the site.

For those who have access to this site without me telling you, please keep the site silent for 2 days. That's all I ask.

Several more rumors shot out today. People are connecting my Project N/A / May 1st / Genji's Yin-Yang Reference (In Which he used while I was in work at NexNet) / And Nexus in General. But as I said in the past, People usually don't believe something until they see it straight face.

I talked to Adam (Anglerfish) over at NexNet today basically telling him not to worry about May 1st. His site will in no means be threatened. I hope we can work in callaboration with NexNet. We've given them some PRIME links on our site. We should be able to though, since Marstead works here and owns that mirror of NexNet.

2 Days from now (Technically 3.. but eh ;) will be our final day for testing/updating and whatever. Please send reports.

I have an important issue to say now. If you haven't known, for the past month I've been suffering from severe stomach pains. I have been seeing a doctor, and Monday I find out pretty much for sure what I have (If not, Tuesday). I will be seeing a doctor Monday and Tuesday and they will determine whats in store for my health. And with me getting little rest and overworking, it sure ain't helping.

I ask all staff members of this site to recognize Eriana as the leader if I should take a leave of absense. She has been given every console password to control the site. If I should leave before May 1st, I ask the site to OPEN as scheduled. Sagers go Sage. Posters go Post. Press Releases go nuts. DO or die

Are you NA?
Project N/A Release Date - May 1st, 2002.

Hello? What is this? Kham' is alive?
Posted by: Khamael -- 12:45 AM EST

Yessiree buddy, Kham' is here to help out TS with board moderation as well as any other grunt work that no one else wants to do. Yes, I have left Nexus for good, however, I feel the same way these folks feel about Nexus. It was a part of my life for many years and I feel that it is worthwhile to support a site like this that holds some nostalgia from the "good old days" when Nexus was a community and a family and not a cess-pool of thievery, egos, backstabbing and immaturity. I hope, as much as TS and the rest of the staff, that you enjoy this site, gain knowledge of the world you live in online and possibly learn a little something extra in the area of trivia in the process. Happy map-browsing folks!

    Saturday, April 27, 2002

You have wandered somewhere you shouldn't have.
Posted by: TSWolf -- 2:57 AM EST

It's come to my attention that the URL is out.. Wonderful =P... 3 friggin days to go and the URL is out.. Im urgeing and encouraging all who DO know about the URL for WHATEVER Reason to at least keep it quiet 3 days.. Not for some sake of specialty or anything, just because THATS our deadline for content. We want to provide the users with flawless content on the first day. That's an understandable cause. This site was made to benefit you. Yer welcome to send in any bugs you find as well... =P

More Cave systems up - Fox, Haunted House.

Prosperous Ain't Good Enuff Boy
Posted by: TSWolf -- 1:00 AM EST

I had quite the evening, lemme tell ya.. There's plenty of new goodies up to test and new sections up today.

- FAQ got a buncha new questions up. Thanks to Esterk for helping me think of some good ones.

- History Information is FINALLY up ;).

- Clickable Maps.. Mythic was removed since we're not gonna be doing that for a while. Arctic and Northern Koguryo links are up and ready to roll.

- Oh Boy Kugnae got a BEATDOWN today. Yes that means I worked on it. Every single box on the Kugnae map is clickable and will bring you to an ACTUAL page.. Woohoo! But there's still some inside buildings I have to do.

- As of this post, the following caves are online in their entirity : Bear/Mantis/Spider/Rat/Snake

Still to go Lost Library/Ogre/Arctic Cave/Tiger/Black Skel/White Skel/Haunted House/Fox


Arctic land will be up for launch. So that stacks on top of Kugnae and Northern Koguryo. Northern Koguryo and Arctic Land only consist of one cave each so they should be *GENERALLY* easy to get up.

Some 4.0 maps. Something needs to be up for 4.0 just for launch. Hell we have TONS of 4.0 maps and a limited amount of 3.0 maps, yet 3.0 is KILLING 4.0 for launch.. Go figure. Guess we aim to SHOCK eh?

Bug Reporting/Contact/Links will all be added tommorow. Bug Reporting and Links will be dynamic allowing user feedback and interactivity. The section ain't called Interact for nothing. Once again the Forum will not be up for launch.

History Sections. I dunno. We're cutting it extremely close here. We'll see what they get. Its something quick. There's no way Im gonna half ass something like the shattering and stick it up for May 1st.

Genji recieves his press release for NA today. He's going to given permission to post it when the clock strikes midnight on May 1st.

3 Days... Woof.

    Friday, April 26, 2002

All this and more too
Posted by: Esterk -- 10:45 PM EST

-For the next few days I'll be working on forum icons and the forum banner. I promise, you'll love it^_^

-I'll also be written an eassy to kick off our editorials, hope you all enjoy that.

-I play with Gundams. Get stuffed.

-Sieg Zeon

Good Morning
Posted by: TSWolf -- 7:27 AM EST

Morning Testers.. What's up. What's going on..

Here's today's developments:

- Due to some issues, the forum has been completely removed and probably won't be here on release day. Oh well. We will have one by mid-May.

- Lots of Kugnae stuff up... All Thumbnail views of caves (Including Ogres) up. woot.

- S'more little cosmetic things done.

I might do Arctic 3.0 for launch, We'll see how stuff goes ;).

    Thursday, April 25, 2002

Posted by: Esterk -- 3:32 PM EST

Bonjour mon ami.
Nexus Atlas est formidable ^_^

-Sieg Zeon and all that

Round em up!!!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 4:47 AM EST

As you can see I introduced "News Posting" to other members of the staff. And they have already decided to post the most useless things in the world. I guess that's what I get for "forcing them to post to test their stuff". ;)

So anyway, here's whats new, happening, decided as of this morning *yawn* :

- More Stuff added on kugnae, not a lot. I *have* been working on it though, but I do want some OTHER stuff on the site.

- The Forum is up but sendmail is not working. I contacted TF and they say it is. This may take a while -.-. Hopefully we'll have this for launch.

- mySQL got a new password and now won't work. So the Forum is in DBM.

- News posting on this site will *not* be like NexNet. We will be allowing Non-Nexus Posts. NexNet was a publication. Nexus Atlas is a hobby. 'Nuff said.

- Beanbag has a fascination with bouncing things.

- FAQ section is up. Some new questions there. Im gonna wait to do the bulk of that once I really recieve "Frequently Asked Questions" =P.

- Eriana is working *extremely* hard on the Intro movie for May 1st. Shes considering making episodes ;).

- I'll probably do s'more kugnae this morning. I'd love to have that done by this weekend (realisticly).

- Some minor tweaks to templates/tables around the site. Nothing too noticable.

- New Icons rock don't they? Eriana and I worked on em ;).

That's all I can think of right now.. so yea.

Posted by: Eriana -- 4:34 AM EST

Incoming Flash Bomb! Prepare to be blown away.
Why is this post so short?
1: It's just a test!
2: I have work to do!

...Why am I still talking!?


all your base...
Posted by: Beanbag -- 4:07 AM EST

Hello There! ^^;
The sky is falling.

    Wednesday, April 24, 2002

Status Reports! Status Reports!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 4:32 AM EST

FAQ area was configured last night. It will be open tommorow.. and I might make a universal password so that everyone on staff can update the FAQ.. if not.. at least addon a submit form .. This is our version of "Dr.NexNet", sorta... It's easily updated anyway...

CSS File Updated to fix some hover problems.

Plans today -
I'm very busy so we'll see how much I actually accomplish..

Kugnae Kugnae Kugnae. I gotta finish that. NA doesn't open till it's done. I got a *lot* done on it yesterday, including Complete Rat/Snake caves and alot of thumbnail layouts and cave editing.. Only Black Skel, White Skel, and Haunted House caves to edit maps for..

Then Northern Koguryo and Ogre cave...

Then Dae Shore and Goul Shore...

Eriana is the only with a news account.. Noone else want's one? Send me yer icons!

I read an interesting post on NexNet forums today about how people miss the motivation I put into that site. *grin*. Something has survived.

I'm gonna design an EDITORIAL section on this site. The brother? of Photo Reports (I will be using the NexNet photo reports on this site.. Basically cause NexNet doesn't have them.. They were never sent by me) will feature an article with an opinion on say, a map... a god.. an archon... an event in history .. whatever.. As long as it's got some practial, factual evidence behind it.. Then it's game for me.. This is open to staff members first, but I will probably set up a submission form for this... I won't be including posts going "Kismet Sucks" or anything, despite how true they are... ;).. I think people will enjoy seeing opinions on an event. They may include some info that they never knew.

Eriana's intro movie is nearing completion. We WILL see it by debut day!

The POTW script is being designed (Yes Designed) by someone, so we have to wait on it.. If it comes down to it, I will manually put up a POTW for the first week.

History information still needs to be done. Got that noted.

Map/Cave Listing will go up once Kugnae is done.. It'll basically just have direct links to all shops and caves within Kugnae .. or whatever else.. Making people's lives a bit easier. Gonna create another template for that.

Special Event Maps. Got Orb's Shattering Map ready to roll.. Maybe some 3.0 Sonhi ones.

Game information - plan to have a complete kugnae 3.0 monster directory up.

Photo Reports.. We'll see.. I want atlas up first..

Timeline.. Definatly no.. Complete Listing will be put up but thats about it. I may remove this link for now.

Now 4.0....

Clickable maps we will be featuring something.. Probably something small and "completed" like our Arctic Land one from NexNet. We want the first day to be concentrated on Kugnae 3.0... Cause thats 3 months of work.

Map/Cave Listings will be updated.. I may put up a special event map for 4.0... Since I have tons of events.. Maybe God War.. or something small.. Nothing too major.

Ah yes.. World overviews.. For both 3.0 and 4.0.. Will probably be taken out until further notice. I feel the index.php file of Clickable map serves a better purpose for the time being.

Complete Listing for this will be up in text form.. Timeline removed like in 3.0

Game information.. I may have some stuff here. We'll see if I get creative.

Photo Reports.. We'll see.

Timeline omitted.

Bug Reporting I'll design tommorow.

Contact I'll design as people sign up for Newspro.

Link's Ill make dynamic and have it so we can have people submit Nexus sites and then we rate em and stick em up...

Forum. I'm still waiting on sendmail problems to be fixed.

I plan to add a new Game Information area to the General Info Category, containing stuff like Dye charts and whatnot.

6 days till we launch... I have my work cut out for me! ;) I can do it.

    Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Happy Happy, I'm so..
Posted by: TSWolf -- 6:05 AM EST

Still waiting on the Forum. I deleted the one we had up now till I'm sure sendmail is working properly again.

Source List, What is Nexus, and Atlas information online, as well as a Northern Koguryo and Mythic 3.0 Atlas main page. More content to come on them.

Tommorow I'll dedicate entirely to the forum (if sendmail is fixed) and Kugnae.

Also, if you want a news account on Nexus Atlas (And yer one of the testers), be sure to contact me and have a news avatar ready!

    Monday, April 22, 2002

Welcome to Nexus Atlas!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 6:50 PM EST

CGI UP, Forums Almost ready (Checking on sendmail problems), Kugnae installed, and more being done! Right now I'm making sure all works well with the news.

May 1st seems like a concrete date as of this moment.