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Past News | March 2012

Past News
Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

Our news software, Coranto, has a bug which makes it purge links to news articles more than two years old. What is left of programmers who volunteer their time to support this software do not know why this bug occurs. We manually index older news pages in our Archived News section.

March 2012

    Saturday, March 31, 2012

Imperial Minister Ceremony
Posted by: Rufff -- 9:59 PM EST
It was with great excitement and fanfare tonight that Princess Lasahn presented the sixth Imperial Minister of Buya to the people. In a ceremony attended by citizens of all the kingdoms, Princess Lasahn formally appointed RebelMagic as the newest Imperial Minister of Buya. In Lasahn's oath, she reminded RebelMagic of her duty to the kingdom and commented that "she had a lot to live up to," but had great faith that she would do well at the job.

Despite the success of the event, a slight air of tension could be felt in the balcony as a few hecklers (who returned later to desecrate the palace) could be heard in the distance taunting the crowd. The Imperial guards were quickly summoned and sent them on their way, but the ruckus could not be ignored. After things calmed down, RebelMagic addressed the crowd, stating that she had "many plans to help build the ministry" with the help of her veteran cabinet.

We here at Nexus Atlas want to send our most sincere congratulations to Imperial Minister RebelMagic and wish her the best of luck in her time as the Imperial Minister of Buya!

/> Rufff Normad'or

Imperial Ministry Change - Behind the Scenes
Posted by: Rufff -- 9:49 PM EST
Behind the pomp and circumstance of the recent Buya Imperial Minister change lies a chain of events that began with a simple disagreement and almost ended with bloodshed.

It all began a few Hyuls ago, when the fifth Imperial Minister of Buya, NyteBeauti, went missing. While no one is sure of where she went, her absence left the Imperial Ministry of Buya without leadership and direction for nearly two full Hyuls until Guerrund was chosen to serve as Interim Minister while they looked for a permanent replacement. Guerrund served as the second Imperial Minister of Buya and was currently serving as Primogen of Phoenix Clan when he was tapped for the temporary position.

This appointment however conflicted with an age old law held by the archons that held that no one individual could be at the head of both the Imperial Ministry and a major clan (a copy of this law was not available to the public at the time of this post.) Guerrund was, at that time, in charge of both the Imperial Ministry and the largest clan in Buya. This caused a great deal of worry to arise among the nobles in Buya. The Buyan Imperial Army and Colonel Aurons quickly responded, ordering Guerrund's immidiate surrender of the Imperial Ministry.

After a few days of heated exchanges, tensions came to a head as Guerrund challenged the law and warned that if Colonel Aurons and the BIA tried to seize him, they would meet the "full might of the Phoenix Clan." That evening, the BIA marched into the Phoenix Clan hall and with a decree from the Princess herself, ordering Guerrund to step down as Interm Minister. Geurrund immidiately resigned his post without an act of force, stating that he "would never disobey a direct order from [his] sovereign and princess."

With the installation of RebelMagic as the new Imperial Minister of Buya, attention turns to the future and a hope that the fragile peace we currently enjoy can be preserved for Hyuls to come.

/> Rufff Normad'or

    Friday, March 30, 2012

A New Primogen for Tiger Clan !
Posted by: Erii -- 8:33 PM EST
Today, Radeon of the Tiger Clan has stepped down from his position of Primogen ! A longstanding member of the community and of the Tiger Clan, Radeon will be sorely missed as the head of his clan. In his stead, he has given the position over to FPickleDog !

Here is a message from Radeon:

Tiger clan,

As you may know by now, yesterday I stepped down as the Primogen of Tiger clan, the position that I have held since July 2011. The last 9 months have been fun, Tiger has had its up and its down as many of you know, but I always strived to do the best that I could and I am thankful to all those who have helped me along the way.

FPickleDog is the man I have picked to become your Primogen once again as he is a strong leader and has the experience and the knowledge to keep Tiger clan strong. I ask that you all give him the same courtesy and respect that you gave me.

Stay proud and stay strong Tigers. <3

- Catastrophe Radeon
Retired Primogen of Tiger Clan

Osankyuu for your service, Radeon ! And we all welcome the new Primogen of the Tiger Clan, FPickleDog. You will do great !

    `,* Erii N'rin

A Sentai Invasion!
Posted by: LilB -- 7:20 PM EST
There was a reset on 3/30 at roughly 7:00 PM EST that brought back Sentai armors!

The outfits drop on the ground and you can pick them up! They come in 5 colors, shown below! Additionally, there are things like Pilot suits that were added!

Wallstreet suit, Pilot uniform/hat, Racing suit/hat, Doctor coat, Blue Sentai Armor/Helm, Yellow Senati Armor/Helm, Red Sentai Armor/Helm, Green Sentai Armor/Helm, Pink Sentai Armor/Helm, Nurse Gown/cap, Racing Skirt/Cap, Stewardess Uniform/Cap, Socialite Dress.

(left to right, in order of the items)

A special thank you to Tiger Clan for the HUGE help on the picture!


    Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Imperial Minister
Posted by: Erii -- 9:17 AM EST
A few weeks ago, with the absence of NyteBeauti, Guerrund of the Phoenix clan became the interim Imperial Minister of Buya !

As of last night, Guerrund has handed over the position of Imperial Minister of Buya to local Muse, RebelMagic ! A ceremony officially welcoming her in will be on Saturday and more information about it can be found on the palace boards.

We wish her all the best and good luck in her new term as Minister ~ !

    `,* Erii N'rin

    Sunday, March 25, 2012

Heavens clan has a new leader
Posted by: Donjuan -- 11:17 PM EST
"Congratulations to Phiirosan, Heavens Clan's newest Primogen!" With such last words, Primogen Shimori resigned his leading role at Heavens Clan of Buya after 5 hyuls.
The newly appointed Primogen, Phiirosan, is a Heavens member since hyul 42.

Shimori (on the left) and Phiirosan (on the right), minutes after the change was done.

Congratulations Phiirosan.

-,-@ Donjuan

    Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Black Tide Crew - Unraveled
Posted by: Sereena -- 2:15 AM EST
My beloved readers,

It is with true joy and awe that I report to you today with news from the darkest reach of the Kingdoms of the Winds.

The "Black Tide", as they call themselves - "an organization of eager businessmen and women who look to support their families through given abilities on the rough Sea and on land" as Hobart defines them - has been the on-going talk of the day on the Chronicles of the Winds.

Yours truly has ventured into the depths of lair of the beast itself to unravel this mystery, from the mouth of their spokesman - no less.

"Pirates have a dated and bad reputation. We have nothing to do with other Pirate invasions."

The Black Tide a tradesmen organization, hails from the Shining Jewel of the East - Buya, no less. They seek to accomplish the creation of trade routes between the kingdoms in order to attain profit through export and import of goods.

"We respect each nation and their ideals without question. And believe that through good trade routes, the lands can thrive."

Although Hobart himself is not the leader of said organization, but a man that goes by the name of Lithos, he refuses all accusations and claims made against these hardworking men and women on the grounds of piracy and conspiracy.

However, good citizens and avid readers, not all merchants are alike - and not all are of humble manners and intent as our renowned Merchant Guild of Kugnae. These men and women are tough sea-dogs, thus "If you look at us wrong, you looked at us wrong. We are not carpenters or amber dealers." Hobart claims.

Yet, as public documents have already stated - the Royals and army leaders are not pleased with such activities. The Kugnae Southern Border has being reinforced to prevent such ongoing trades. Buyan and Nangen men of politics bicker amongst themselves to prevent this ongoing act of "mischief" and "piracy".

Who is the average citizen to believe?
The entrepreneur?
Or those who wish to silence them?
Why are armies mobilized against a non-agressive target?
What has the MGK to say about these affairs?

Only time can now tell.

{ S. R. }

    Monday, March 19, 2012

Peace in Times of War
Posted by: Erii -- 5:03 PM EST
Have you heard of all the talk of war brewing in the kingdoms? We sure have ! It seems that in all the mess, Koguryo has gotten into a few disagreements with Nagnang ..

As a way to remind everyone of what is at stake, the Chongunate and the Druids conducted a peace ritual in the Wilderness !

Peace Ritual held at southwest wilderness

LotusEmber, SoulGuard, and NeMiSiS began by pushing forged blades into the earth to serve as a reminder of resolutions of peace, the ore veins taken from the earth that the metal to forge the blades were made from, and the hard work put into them.

Mystic Healerofdoom then laid down Dawn Tulips to aid in clearing of doubts and to see things for what they are. Mystic AvivA then laid down both Dusk blossoms and Fallen stars, representing both life and death, remembrance and change.

LotusEmber, SoulGuard, and NeMiSiS took charge once again and hung armor over the blades. By giving their armor, they hope that others will see them shedding their protection as a sign of peace.

Finally, the both Mystics Healerofdoom and AvivA laid down Old Poppy - representing peace - and Midnight's reign - representing truth - to conclude the ritual.

Will this help the kingdoms in a time of heightened anxiety and stress ? We'll have to find out !

    `,* Erii N'rin

A big thank you to LotusEmber and the Chongunate for organizing this as well as the Druids !

Un-Lucky Novices
Posted by: Sereena -- 4:56 AM EST
After being whispered and asked about the way a novice could partake in the gold rush festivities, I set myself to investigate the forgotten lands of Tangun for completion of said task.

Results were, however, disappointing.

Although all favored ((registered)) novices are allowed to pick up Lucky Nets and wield them - even tempted by the apparition of the Lucky creature around their surroundings, they are completely unable to create one themselves in the lands of Tangun.

Also, although the smith Kwangu at coordinates 12,12 -does- in fact sell Lucky picks to novices, they are unable to look for the pot of gold in the nearby mining field.

Sadly, at this point all that the younglings can aspire to is for a quick "snakey" trip out of Tangun and into their search for gold and trinkets.

Special thanks to Hyunie for allowing me to borrow her net!

Much love,
{ S.R. }

Last but not least!
Posted by: Sereena -- 1:28 AM EST
Sereena Rochelle, at your service.

A big thank you to the team in Nexus Atlas and well deserved congratulations to my peers in becoming trainees.

Much love, many news,
{ S.R. }

Nagnang has a new General
Posted by: Donjuan -- 1:10 AM EST
Hello everyone!
My name is Donjuan, but ladies may call me Don. I am also a new reporter trainee from Nexus Atlas I hope I will bring you important and exciting news.
I am Ranger from Covenant clan in service of the ARN and due to being a Nagnang soldier today I bring fresh news from the ranks:

Earlier today General Snikrot of the Ascendant Regiment of Nagnang has renounced from his leadership position within the kingdom, a position which he held over the past 25 Hyuls.
The newly appointed General is StriGoi, a retired shaman elder who was promoted from her position of Lt. General within ARN.

Congratulations General StriGoi.

-,-@ Donjuan

Posted by: Ushallfeerme -- 1:02 AM EST
I assume most of you know me, or at least know OF me, already.
So, I'll save you the lengthy introduction. I'm excited to be part
of Nexus Atlas, and have high hopes for the future, with this new
found team. My ears are always open to the winds...Listening for
a good story.


Posted by: Rufff -- 12:11 AM EST
I'm proud to be one of the new reporter trainees around here at Nexus Atlas. Some of you may have seen me around the way over the years, but for those of you who haven't I hope to become better acquainted with you over the next couple of months.

If anyone happens to bump into me around the kingdoms, please feel free to say hello and if you have anything that you see as newsworthy or something that YOU would like to see covered, drop me a line!

/> Rufff Normad'or

Ohallo !
Posted by: Erii -- 12:11 AM EST
It's your favorite Koguryan journalist here reporting to you all from the headquarters of Nexus Atlas ! As you all know now, I'm signing on to be one of the reporters here.

I hope to give you all a good amount of news to be read and more happenings around the kingdoms! If you hear anything and you don't see it here, be sure to let me know and I'll post it up in a snap ~

    `,* Erii N'rin

    Sunday, March 18, 2012

Posted by: Yeul -- 11:56 PM EST
Hello, everyone! I'm Yeul and I'll be one of your new reporters here at Nexus Atlas. I'll do my best to keep you all updated on anything that happens within the Nexus!

If you happen to see anything newsworthy, feel free to shoot me an n-mail in game!


Introducing the New NA Staff Members
Posted by: Vini -- 11:43 PM EST
Ten days ago, I've announced that Nexus Atlas was recruiting new trainees for reporting news at Nexus Atlas. I received quite a few good applications and some not so good ones. After an interview with each of them, I finally can announce the name of each of the new staff members of Nexus Atlas.


Congratulations to each of them and I hope we'll soon start reading their reports about everything of Nexus. Also, be sure to check the updated Contact List.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 46, Moon 9~

    Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day
Posted by: Vini -- 1:00 PM EST

Today is March 17th and is a day to wear green. Who knows, maybe today is the day for you to find your "Pot of Gold". Nexus Atlas wishes you a happy St. Patrick's day with lot of luck and lot of love.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 46, Moon 7~

    Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lucky's Pot of Gold Walkthrough!
Posted by: LilB -- 7:46 PM EST
This is a walkthrough for the St. Patrick's Day Event!

Creation of the Lucky Net

You will need to create a Lucky Net to begin this event. You only need to create one, because they are tradable, droppable, etc.

Items needed:
  • Wheat (1)
  • Wooden saber (1)
  • Noodles (1)
  • Wolf pelt (1)
    (get from Buya Rabbit Cave)

    Now go to the Gruff Smith located in Sanhae Village and say "Lucky net" to him twice and he'll give you a new Lucky Net!

    Now onto the actual quest!

    Equip your Lucky Net, and head to any kingdom to capture Lucky! (TIP: Go to Mythic Nexus, it's small and Lucky is always around!)

    Once you find Lucky, swing at him and he'll die! You'll soon receive a popup, read through it!

    (Note: SOMETIMES this does not work! You might have to catch Lucky more than once! He is usually not caught on the first time! You will be tricked with a 'Nnghzan' type story, and you will be out of luck! But keep trying, you'll get a popup eventually!)

    Once you come to the first popup, click 'Tell me about your Kettle of Gold.'

    She'll try to persuade you to hand her 5,000 coins that she will return! DO NOT CLICK THIS OPTION!

    Click 'Are you kidding? Give me the location now!'

    She will tell you to go to the mining fields and use a Lucky pick to get the Pot of Gold!

    So, go to Arctic Valley and go down into the Wilderness Mining Fields! Talk to Thane (where you buy mining shovels/picks usually) and buy a Lucky Pick!

    Then, walk around with a 'Lucky Pick' in your hand. You will get Useless coal, but eventually get a 'Pot of Gold'!

    Afterwards, use the Pot of Gold and you will receive a weapon or a lantern! You will also receive a mark!

    (However, it will say Hyul 46, Fall)

    CONFIRMED: You CAN do this quest if you did it before! It'll be two legend marks and you'll receive a new item!


    Golden trinket
    White flag
    Golden fan
    Lucky lantern
    Golden lantern
    Lucky trinket (thanks Lunarian)
    Golden lantern
    Emerald fan (thanks sigulita)
    Lucky staff (thanks Albedo)
    Lucky bouquet (thanks Corra)
    White trinket (thanks Castleberry)
    Lucky baloom (thanks Etzio)

    If you get something else, please mail 'LilB' or whisper me!

  • Server Reset - Thursday, March 15th
    Posted by: LilB -- 6:28 PM EST
    There was a reset today at roughly 6:30 PM EST. Here were the details of the reset!

  • Lucky is back in the kingdoms - talk to Gruff smith to find out more!
  • Hidden Pot of Gold - With every itemshop purchase from now until Monday evening, there's a chance to receive a hidden pot of gold containing 100,000 coins
  • March items will be available in the item shop

    It seems as if Lucky is back in the kingdoms, Gruff Smith can be found in Sanhae Valley (via Arctic Land)!

  •     Tuesday, March 13, 2012

    Applications - CLOSED
    Posted by: Vini -- 11:35 PM EST
    Nexus Atlas news reporting applications are closed. We've received enough good applications to being a new team and some were recruited already. I'm just waiting on two applicants to finish their papers until I announce the new staff members.

    Hopefully we'll have them ready by the weekend and after then we can expect news reporting more often.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 46, Moon 6~

        Friday, March 9, 2012

    New Reporter!
    Posted by: LilB -- 6:08 PM EST
    Hi everyone, you may know me inside the kingdoms as LilB. I'm a new reporter here at NexusAtlas, however, I have been a Nexus Atlas reporter on another alias before! I'm excited to help the Nexus Atlas team and report some news!

    If you've got any questions about anything, you can always try to contact me on my 'inside the kingdom' character.. 'LilB'!

    If there's something not reported on Nexus Atlas, you can definitely contact me as well to let me know so we can report it!


    New Geomancer Elder
    Posted by: Vini -- 1:03 AM EST

    Last Sunday the Geomancers witnessed the 20th elder shift of the subpath and introduced Runai as the 17th Geomancer elder in history. Runai was the longest standing Geomancer guide, having been first ascended during winter of Yuri 56. He ascended to the position that was previously held by Kenzi, who was leading the path for her second term.

    Nexus Atlas congratulates Runai for his new earned position and wishes Kenzi good like with her new endeavors.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 46, Moon 6~

        Thursday, March 8, 2012

    Nexus Atlas Applications - OPEN -
    Posted by: Vini -- 12:26 AM EST

    Here's a unique opportunity to work with Nexus TK's #1 source for information.

    Nexus Atlas is a fast-moving, non-profit organization focused on reporting the most important happenings of the Kingdoms of Winds and providing knowledge over Nexus quests and content.

    Have you ever had interest in reporting for Nexus Atlas News? Now here’s your chance!

    The applications are open. If you feel you can handle such position and is interested in helping, we welcome you to send an nmail to Vini asking for an application form. Please check the requirements below.

    • Passion for news reporting and sharing information
    • Time availability to report at least once per week and witness long RP events
    • Good knowledge of nexus environment and important happenings/events/people
    • Familiarity html language and photo editing programs
    • Strong written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills
    • Ability to work long hours under deadline pressure
    • Highly organized and able to handle multiple tasks
    • Self-starter, proactive, able to work independently or as part of a team
    • Creativity and interest for deep researches
    • Eagle eyes to find news at the spot, instead of waiting them to pop on your desk

    Newly added Reporters will begin with a 3 months trainee period. After that, they can become full reporters or even editors.

    We hope to announce some new reporters quite soon!

    ~Vini Normad’or~
    ~Hyul 46, Moon 6~

        Wednesday, March 7, 2012

    Can Diviners explain what is the "Ripple in Time"?
    Posted by: Vini -- 8:23 PM EST
    Today, after a reset which removed Valentine's butterflies, GM Stein posted on Dream Weavers board that they are currently working on the continuation of the "Ripple in Time" event.

    This event was first mentioned four months ago, when Taik Pae returned to Kugnae and began living with his brother, Beard blacksmith, the Gods decided to give us a teaser called "Ripple in Time: Prelude".

    Click here to access the original news about this

    It seems a like the story of Taik Pae will finally move on, so it might be a good idea to get yourself an Etched weapon if you are interested at obtaining one, as these might not be a permanent quest addition.

    Here's what also changed with today's reset, according to Stein's post:

  • Scarlet hair dye is now an option at the salons (red shade available when creating a character)

  • Replaced sand lobster in minor quests because it was categorized in the wrong level range

  • Increased the number of items unregistered players can pick up to allow them to learn spells

  • Fixed a minor bug with clan banks

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 46, Moon 6~