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   Past News | March 2005

Past News

Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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March 2005

    Thursday, March 31, 2005

Nexon name still in use by Kru
Posted by: Vini -- 9:27 PM EST

As posted on Latest News from the new Kru Interactive website, the use of the name "Nexon" will still be used for a while:

There are some areas in our company and game websites that still use the name Nexon. Kru Interactive owns Nexon, Inc. and will continue to use the name as necessary. Our customer support site and account manager site will use Nexon in the domain as well as part of the contents in these sites. Please don't be alarmed when you notice this. We are not changing everything at once to ensure smooth transition as well as consistent customer support. After we are sure that the initial changes are working flawlessly, we will change the rest of the areas one by one. Thank you very much.
- Kru Interactive -

It seems that the names inside the game, the login page, will only chance when we get a new patch.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Yuri 73, Moon 1~

P.s. Kru Interactive will NEVER ask for your password neither any of your patron information.

"Kru Games" spoofs, Kru News
Posted by: Conro -- 9:02 PM EST

As with any major change in a company, there are bound to be scammers and theives alike that will try to take advantage of this opportunity to pull the wool over your eyes.

Despite the change in company rights and ownership, as well as names, NEXON AND KRUGAMES WILL NEVER ASK YOU FOR YOUR PASSWORD, EVER.

If you recieve any strange E-Mails, and are unsure, stop, take down the sender, and report it to Nexon using the KruGames support website located at

Two new events are on the horizon, including a game sponsored by Wony himself, with a unique prize.
Blight's top men, the Four, are still in danger, and a plan of actions is to be taken on April 8th, in an attempt to return them home to Nagnang.

Charater Purge on May 2nd
Kru Games will be preforming a character purge on May 2nd, deleting all names not actively registered with in thirty days. To avoid any confusion or possible mix ups in avoiding the purge, try to register at least two weeks prior to May 2nd.

The winds blow in a new direction, hopefully for the better!

- Conro

Kru Interactive "Spin Off"
Posted by: LordAchoo -- 8:50 PM EST

In Today's NexusTK Newsletter there is information about Kru Interactive. They have "Spun off", in Wony's words and become 100% independent from Nexon Inc. There is talk of events to celebrate the change. Read your Newsletter for further information!

The following paragraph from the KruGames website gives a bit more information. I am very hopeful for the future of Kru Interactive. - Rachel

With the spin off from Nexon Corporation in 2005, Kru Interactive has strategically repositioned itself in the North American market, expanding the operations to service customers throughout the world. With full business rights to service these games and the flexibility and autonomy to make decisions that are in the best interest of the customers, Kru Interactive is prepared to take on the challenges that the fast expanding online gaming industry presents and secure its position as the leader in this market.

Visit the new Kru Interactive website Here

Taken from the NexusTK Newsletter :

Hello Everybody,

Nexon, Inc. is now Kru Interactive, Inc . We have spun off from Nexon Corporation and become 100% independent. We are free to make decisions as it fits to our goals and dreams, as well as yours, our players.

Our existing customers need not be alarmed by this change. We will continue to service and support all of your favorite games : Nexus TK, Dark Ages, and Shattered Galaxy. We have business rights to continue existing service with far greater flexibility and autonomy. You are our valued customer, and our top priority is to provide you with the game support and customer service like no other. That is precisely why we are so thrilled about the changes that have occurred within!

To celebrate this exciting moment, we have prepared some great events and upgrades for our games that are sure to interest you. So please visit our site( and look around. If you have been away from our games for a while, this would be a great time to come back and check out what is happening with our community!

From all of us at Kru Interactive , we thank you for being our loyal customer, and we look forward to serving you for many years to come.


Wony, Nexus GM.
Kru Interactive, Inc.

~Buyan Imperial Guard~

    Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Nexon's New Leaf?
Posted by: Beanbag -- 7:56 PM EST

Being reported in by several gaming news sites and communities.

It's being said Nexon has announced that they are undergoing a name change to Kru Interactive.

I would guess that they wanted to keep it hush hush or a surprise, as posts on the community board referencing the change seems to magically disappear..
Whether they change their name or not, remains their decision. Regardless, the intent from the reports are very true. A better more reliable support system, and events yet to come.
I'm sure is only just the beginning.

I'll refrain from posting links, but your favorite regular gaming news sites will sure to have the article on it.

Nexus Atlas Celebrates!
Posted by: Rachel -- 5:24 PM EST

In just three months from now, on July 1st, we will be celebrating the 7th Anniversary of NexusTK. Like past anniversaries, we should see a return of anniversary swords, a new version of Wisdom clothes, and hopefully more. That’s all to be expected, right?

This year will be special though. If my calculations are correct, July 1st will also be the first day of King Yuri's 75th year. If not, it will still be very close.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, Nexus Atlas will be releasing a HUGE amount of content. This addition to the website will be unlike any that you have seen in recent history. We may even have a bit more in store for you than just additions to the website.

You don’t think you can wait that long? We can help with that. You’ll see a sneak peek of AllyGator’s project in the next two weeks. This “sneak peak” will be more than a quick glance though. You’ll be amazed at just how much you will see!

    Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Geomancer Elemental Orbs
Posted by: Conro -- 1:21 AM EST

After asking the Archon Primogen, Marama, about the issue with making a second Geomancer Elemental (Fire, Water, Wood, Earth, Metal) orb, the final instruction has been to wait for a response by Nydori on the issue.

Those who have made second orbs should be instructed to NOT use the orb until further notice. If by request of the Elder you are asked to destory it, do so.

I'm not sure if the forging of a second orb has anything any correlation with the 'Helped Purge the Taint' mark recently given to those who donated Tao stones and Gold acorns to help delete then restore the 'Tao Te Ching' to those who rightfully deserve it.

When information from Nydori is recieved, we'll be sure to post!
Instruction on a second Orb will not be given. Those found creating one after this discovery and statements from Marama could be liable for punnishment.

Orbs-The Geomancers, along with all 12 subpaths, were given the option to make path items. When our turn came, the Geomancers chose to share five of our path items, the elemental orbs, with the community. We were at no time obligated to share any of our items with the community. Thus, we ask that all members refrain from gathering two orbs. Our path feels it is insult to take more than the share we granted. Please keep in mind that this was a gift and to be greedy is to abuse the priviledge. Lady Leodaris is the only person in Nexus to be approved for having 2 orbs. One was granted by the very Gods of the realm, the other was granted to her by the quest. I will be asking the archons to fix this, if it is indeed a bug.

Thank you!

- Conro

New Minister of Buya
Posted by: Vini -- 12:37 AM EST

Last Saturday, Mog-Ur Guerrund has taken the position left by Lady Castaspella when she left. The new head of the Buyan Ministry office has been picked by Princess Lasahn for his dedication, hardwork and trustworthiness within the kingdom.

The Primarch of Phoenix clan has been in the Ministry almost since the start of it. He has worked as quest coordinator for this long while and was the head quest coordinator when he was chosen to assume the lead of the Ministry.

Princess Lasahn has posted on the community board about her choice on the new minister, here's is the post she made: ~|Minister of Buya|~

Congratulations Minister Guerrund on becoming the second Buyan Minister and farewell Castaspella, you will be truely missed within the nexus realms.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Yuri 72, Moon 12~

    Monday, March 28, 2005

Interesting Tidbit - Update
Posted by: Rachel -- 11:25 PM EST

There has been a small change to the online version of the NexusTK user agreement.

All mentions of "Nexon" have been replaced with "Kru Interactive" and "Kru Interactive Games". The same change was made to the user agreements for Shattered Galaxy and Dark Ages.

I have no other information at this time. Internet searches for Kru Interactive, Inc., have returned no results.

The name Nexon still seems to be used for all other purposes at this time. The user agreement posts on the law board have not been altered. Nexon has made no statements regarding this matter.

[b]Update:[/b] There's been some information posted on about this. It will remain on NexusForums until there is an official announcement, which should be made soon.

Charisse's Goodbye
Posted by: Conro -- 10:36 PM EST

Archon Charisse has announced she will be leaving Nexus:

It has come time for me to leave the realm of Nexus. =) My last day will be 31st March. I have greatly enjoyed my time here working as an Archon and find it a little sad to be leaving. However other matters outside of this world require my attention.

Thank you to those people who I have worked with in the past in various capacities - Revels, Tutors and Clans. It has been a pleasure.

If you don't learn a single thing from this game, I hope that you at least take with you -understanding-. Understand there are other people in the world than just you and your immediate circle. And understand that their thoughts and opinions are just as valuable as yours. Treat each other how you would be treated and maybe you'll help improve this little world of ours called Nexus. =)

I wish you all luck and joy wherever your future paths lead you. Take care everyone,


If you need to contact anyone regarding my previous duties, my replacements are as follows:

Nagnang Clans/Archons/Ministry: Archon Solgo
Tutors: Archon Neul

The Staff Members of NexusAtlas, especially myself, would like to thank Charisse for her hard work and detimination in all that she has done for the Nexus.

A special thanks from the older tutors, for helping bring tutelage into the broad picture of NexusTK.

- Conro

Controversy confirmed!
Posted by: Syncretic -- 11:41 AM EST

During the Easter festivities, some questions arose regarding the ability of an egg to drop a large burning item. These questions have been averted, as one has actually been dropped. A Flameblade fell out of a Blue decorated egg for the very lucky makobi, congratulations. The Flameblade itself has been seen and accounted for, and a picture provided. Happy egg hunting! :)

    Sunday, March 27, 2005

Tribes / Rings 'bugged'
Posted by: Conro -- 1:30 PM EST

A warning has been given by Archon Primogen Marama about the the Tribes / Rings function.
You are warned NOT to join a Tribe or Ring as of yet because of two basic problems.

- Tribes aren't naming when you join, meaning, you join the tribe, and are part of it, but you have no 'Clan name'
- Tribes are able to player kill others, who are part of clans, in any area, without anyone else being able to fight back. These deaths ARE NOT LIKE DEATHS IN SIRE PIT OR VALE. You will lost Experience, drop a death pile, and break holy items [Break on Death items].

The Tribes system mimics the clan/tribe warfare system of Kaze, with two major flaws, the first being no ability to 'declare' war offically, the second because the second party cannot accept/decline the offer, and thus will be viable to being killed.

Those found abusing this bug are liable to be punnished.
Those who have lost items are urged to send a Ticket to Nexon explaining what happened and what you lost (those found lying will be punnished).

Neutral clans!
Posted by: Syncretic -- 9:45 AM EST

It seems that in addition to the Easter hunt, Nexon has added a separate clan-type feature, that even works for Neutral people. If you visit Rotah in the wilderness, you'll notice he has a new option.

At the small tribute cost of 500k, you may start a 'ring', with a minimum of 10 people. For an additional 500k, you may upgrade to a 'tribe', with a minimum of 50 people. You get some basic clan functions, but not many details are known yet, more posted soon.

Easter Eggs
Posted by: Rachel -- 1:34 AM EST

Easter eggs are now randomly appearing around the cities and the wilderness. When used, it seems that they have random results.

There are some reports of eggs causing players to lose dye, so if you have Grin dye like me.. you may not want to open any.

Check back for more updates.

Happy Easter!
Posted by: Syncretic -- 1:33 AM EST

As of last reset, you may find easter eggs all around the kingdoms. Apparently if you use them though, they break, so be careful! Happy hunting.

    Friday, March 25, 2005

Easter in the Kingdoms
Posted by: Conro -- 11:43 PM EST

As shown on

An easter event is happening in the kingdoms! Random eggs will be found through out Nagnang, Kugnae, Buya, and the Wilderness!

What's to come from these eggs? This weekend will tell!

Happy Easter (Or Sunday for myself and others =p)

Thanks to COFfan for accidently pointing this out!

- Conro

    Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Primogen shuffle
Posted by: Conro -- 9:45 PM EST

Yiro has been given leadership of the Tiger Clan by FireTiger, who stepped down as Primogen today.

Elendhirin had a brief struggle with known hacker 'Tesk', who took control of BarbPo and assumed power as Primogen. Only after Joomi stepped in did power finally rest back in the hands of those worthy. PesmergaXV takes power after having his family decieved.
The preceding should greatly remind everyone not to do any of the following:
- Do not download programs or visit websites you're not sure of.
- Do not try to cheat in Nexus in any way
- Do not use the same E-mail account you use for NexusTK for anything else (create a new EMail if need be). This includes NexusForums.
- Do not use the same passwords for NexusTK as you would any other service
- If something, or someone, seems too good to be true, it probally is. Use common sense!

New ways to crack and cheat are found everyday, and your safety is ultimately in your hands.

- Conro

    Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Information discovered
Posted by: Conro -- 10:17 AM EST

Historian Qantao has unearthed information about the Wuhu Luanhua, and posted it on her personal scroll which can be read in any library.

The information reads as follows...

In the Fall of Yuri 72, a great need arose from the Kingdoms, as General Blight, the Beast of Nagnang, after having been healed of his grievous wound, had gone in search of the Four. After many weeks with no word from him, suddenly Kija, Prince of Nagnang was sent a messenger scroll from Blight. The enemy, the Wuhu Luanhua, the very same insidious evil Blight had fought back beside the Four, had amassed once again. These numbers were said to have been greater than that of the population of Nagnang itself. This advance force was sent to sneak into Nagnang under the cover of darkness, infiltrate her borders and then conquer her. Made all too readily possible as the enemy was comprised of many sorcerous and evil shape-shifters. The Four have been moved and their fate was unknown. Blight called to Kija to not only defend the borders, but to find out whatever he could about this enemy whose only goal seems to be the assimilation and annihilation of all life.

Prince Kija who had seen first hand those evils infiltrating the Vale while bravely fighting alongside the equally brave Prince M'hul of Koguryo knew he must do something. Together they and many of the courageously concerned citizens from all the Kingdoms worked hard numerous times to beat those of the enemy who sought a foot hold in our sacred grounds. Still, with Blight's missive so direct and the times dire, he turned to the Historian Qantao for any information she could find out about the enemy so that the Kingdoms could have a chance of destroying them and turning them back. Qantao, ever a lover of research and history, was more than happy to comply. Thus follows the information she has amassed thus far about the Wuhu Luanhua.

From the west and northwest of our peaceful Tri-Kingdom lands, there are five tribes (the five Hu: Xiongnu, Xianbei, Di, Jie/Sogdian, and Qiang) which through their barbarous and treacherous doings have conquered much of this land and made up thirteen smaller states. These, are the Wuhu Luanhua. Their name translates roughly to Five Nomadic Tribes Throwing the Land into Disorder.

Disorder and chaos which come from the unnatural powers some of them have acquired through pacts with evil spirits. While many Shamans and others are able to shape-shift into animal forms to commune with their totem spirits, the shape-shifters of the enemy have taken a horrific step into merging with and then becoming creatures of the dark.

These great dark ones have powers including shape-shifting into horrific parodies of human or animal forms (often times they are combined to make something even more vile), the ability to speak to humans and animals without moving their mouth or making a sound, the ability to mimic animals in a sick parody of the animal (usually harnessing the anger and aggression and other animal instincts within the sound to convey evil emotions), the magic of moving instantly from place to place without using their wings or legs, and the sorcery to appear uninvited in the dreams of the living (both day and night). They are masters of illusion. Those who are weaker, often times appear as something bigger and more frightening than they really are. Those who are most powerful, sometimes seek to take a shape of godlike proportions in order to gain acceptance and obeisance.

Unearthing a particularly interesting scroll inscribed by Naxi Shamanistic Priests who are called Dongbas, has shed a little light on ways to perform a Chu sui, or a casting out of these evil spirits. The
"Ha zhi p'i" discusses those of the Wuhu Luanhua are those who have chosen to cleave their human halves to those of the evil spirits. The human houen and inhuman koueis unite into one shadowy, strong entity. They can separate at will and act in two different places at the same time. However, united they are even more terrible to behold.

When moving to take over the land to be conquered (like the Tri-Kingdoms perhaps?) they create a portal using something from the lands they wish to conquer to anchor them to the land. Setting up dismal deathly labyrinths from which to work from, they then move about in their evil shifted forms, and maim and kill the inhabitants. However, those who are unlucky enough only to be maimed and who are found to have powers, are forced into the unholy pacts which then create more legions of these evil parodies of humanity.

The only way to completely eradicate the enemy, is to beat them back into their own portal. Once there, that which anchors the portal to the land must be removed (often times in little pieces) and a ritual preformed to cleanse that which was used to anchor the portal of its evil taint. Only then will the portal disappear.


Qantao, Kingdoms' Historian

A thank you to Erucolindo for bringing this to my attention.

- Conro

    Monday, March 21, 2005

Seeking more information about Wuhu Luanhua
Posted by: Vini -- 6:22 PM EST

In order to estabelish some strategy to counter-attack the invasions of the new enemy of the kingdoms, Prince Kija has been seeking to gain information about the Wuhu Luanhua from one of members of our community that have most knowledge around, Lady Qantao.

He has written a letter to the Historian of the kingdoms and also posted a copy of it on the Chronicles of the Winds.
Here is how this copy goes:

Greetings Historian Qantao:

As you will be aware we have received news from General Blight at the front. It seems the Four, Marasmus, Atrophy, Contagion, Abscess, who with General Blight had beat back the Wuhu Luanhua prior to the General's healing, and who were captured, have now been moved. The General also stated that he suspected that small bands of the Wuhu Luanhua had managed to slip past his army and are heading our way. This latest news has in fact been confirmed by attacks in the area of Vale previously and more recently over the last two days. Once again we have, with the help of Koguryo and Buya, managed at great cost to beat these attacks off. However, our losses during these recent attacks can not be continually sustained in this manner, and I doubt our ability to prevail in the long term without information on any weaknesses the Wuhu Luanhua may have.
Please search diligently through you historical records for any information that may have been recorded in the past on the Wuhu Luanhua. Perhaps there may be additional information on a race of warlike shape shifters as well. Please do not discard even the smallest detail you may uncover as any information on their habits or weaknesses may well prove vital if we are to emerge victorious from these desperate times.
We must also stress to you Qantao, that the sooner you can get this information to us the better chance the kingdoms will have to plan a successful strategy.

Given this day by our hand
HRH The Prince of Nagnang


Long Live Nagnang
Long Live Koguryo
Long Live Buya

There has been no reply from Lady Qantao as of yet. As soon as she responds if she has found any old files about the Wuhu Luanhua it will be posted here.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Yuri 72, Moon 10~

    Sunday, March 20, 2005

Dire news from the front
Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 11:36 AM EST

Impending attack from shapeshifters spurs preparation of the Samguk's forces

KUGNAE -- After posting a letter from General Blight on the Chronicles of the Winds board in the palace, Prince Kija of Nagnang alerted the city of Kugnae to dire news from General Blight. The following statements were made from an undisclosed location: "Such terrible news from General Blight [...] I must prepair [sic] the Legion [...] I must stand fast at all costs."

It was then reported that Prince Kija travelled to the other kingdoms to make a similar address.

General Blight's letter, reproduced below, has served as a rallying cry for the forces of the Three Kingdoms.

Kija, I have made it to the front. It does not look good at all. In spite of the fact that I and the Four had managed at great sacrifice to beat the enemy back into their little ships and across the water, the Wuhu Luanhua are beginning to amass again. Some of them, as you are probably aware of by now, managed to make it past my army while I was in Nagnang.

News has come to me that you lead the Nagnang Legion against the Wuhu Luanhua who had infiltrated the Vale. Also I have heard of the deeds of M'hul and Lasahn leading their armies into battle. Its seems that the treaty may have granted us useful allies after all... time will tell. ( I hope for your sake, you are driving them out and you have not let them harm my beloved country. You seemed to know how to use that sword I gave you, make sure you put it to good use.)

The Wuhu Luanhua have abilities which are alarming and amazing at the same time. Their shamanic-type force can literally shape shift into any living thing. They send advance scouts out with these abilities who change themselves into the horrors of each country. Their numbers I fear, are far worse than what I expected. They are three times the size of the Tri-Kingdoms put together. I will be finding out more about them in the coming days, and will pass this information on as soon as I have it.

Kija, now for some bad news. I am worried about the Four: Abscess, Marasmus, Atrophy and Contagion. I dont know where they have taken them as they are no longer in the place where I last knew them to be. I will keep searching for them no matter where it takes me. The Four must be returned to Nagnang, no matter what the cost! I will update you further as soon as I have more information. Perhaps you should seek to find whatever information you can about the enemy as well from your side.

I must get back to the front now. No time for sleep. Chinmae has been promoted by me to his fathers position. Also, I should tell you that Kanaye and Bibimbap made it safely here and have resumed their zealous duties. Their attention to detail is admirable if a little unnerving. They do worry for all the people they left behind, and ~mutters~ if I don't put in that they miss everyone and wish them well, Kanaye will not stop cleaning over my shoulder and Bibimbap wont give me my wild rice and stew.

Keep Nagnang safe. Let my Barbarian family and the Forsaken know I will write to them as soon as I have a chance. Remember Kija, don't fail me. My sword is bigger than yours.

In the name of Nagnang, long may she thrive!

General Blight

Beast of |\| agnang

In response, Prince-Regent M'hul of Koguryo alerted his kingdom that the evil has indeed returned to the vale. His Highness issued orders to the Royal Army, clans, and subpaths of Koguryo to assemble at KaMing's Encampment to "defend the lands from this evil."

NexusAtlas awaits further developments.

    Saturday, March 19, 2005

Vale invasion & Geomancer Taint Purge
Posted by: LordAchoo -- 1:06 PM EST

Marama announced that Vale was being invaded once again. Monsters have indeed invaded vale.

Marama saging about the invasion

The Geomancers are attempting to purge the Taint from the Tao Te Ching. To learn more go to the Neutral NPC Located in the Wilderness Neutral area (0208, 0136). You will need to bring a Tao Stone or Gold Acorn to help!

Choices for helping the Geomancers' "Purge the Taint".

Legend mark for Assisting the Geomancers'.

Thanks to SandPaper for providing some of this information to me.

~Buyan Imperial Guard~

    Thursday, March 17, 2005

New Tutors
Posted by: Conro -- 1:14 PM EST

It's with great pleasure that I announce the two newest additions to the Tutelage Team.

WiKiDWiND, Tutor of Kugnae

xFireStormx, Tutor of Buya

These two were chosen out of over half a douzen excellent cadidates, each.

WiKiDWiND returns after a brief vacation, and is sure to do more spectacular work in the future.

Good luck our new tutors!

    Wednesday, March 16, 2005

New Elected Judge
Posted by: Vini -- 1:46 AM EST

Yesterday, a new judge has been elected to help with the justice matters within the Nexus kingdom. Kysh'itra Guldar, who have been training for a good while on the judging court, has proven to be good enough and trustworthy to hold the position of a judge.

The new judge comes in good time as the number of judges has reduced a lot in the past months. With this additional assitance to the judges, the daily watching or archons and the return of Wony's participation, we can only expect and conclude that the justice system of nexus is getting great improvements for the good of all honest people and for the bad of the crimminals.

Congratulations Guldar and good luck on your new position!

~Vini Normad'or~
~Yuri 72, Moon 8~

    Monday, March 14, 2005

Be warned again
Posted by: Vini -- 1:51 AM EST

After paying a short visit to the citizens standing on the East gate the other day, Wony has once again posted on Dream Weavers board his warning to people who still think they can cheat on nexus.

Here's a copy of the post from Wony on DW board:

If you are using peasant characters to do your dirty work, cheating, hacking, scamming, your main characters will take the punishment. I have several auto-cutter, and fisher names on my list that I was about to block and put on the Scum Board, but I decided to give the final warning here. Yes, I am talking about your main characters,
and yes, I know about your multiple computers, too.

So, you've been warned. Don't do it. It's not worth it. Again, what good is Nexus money when you don't have a Nexus life to spend it with?

It's not the first time Nexon tries to explain people that is not possible to trick them inside their own game yet people still don't seem to understand it. The archons daily try to advertise on community board that for character protection, people should NOT try to cheat on nexus, if there's something proved over all time is that cheating in nexus is not possible. Those who do for a while are always caught.

We of Nexus atlas also try to warn people for their own good that they should not even try to cheat, Nexon has their own ways to know everything that happens within their games, they can easily find who's cheating, so after all these warnings, if anyone still think they are a genius that can cheat without being caught in a while will surely prove us all that they're in fact no genius at all.

Even after the previous warning of Wony, some people continued using 3rd party programs to gain advantage on nexus, of course they were caught, permanently banned and gladly reported on scum board. The announced banned ones of this time were Stormshado for for using 3rd party hacking utilities and CryDevil with the same charge but including keyboard speed hack.

The original post of Wony about peasant characters cheating can be found as Using peasant characters to cheat on the Dream Weavers board, both inside nexus or in nexus online boards.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Yuri 72, Moon 8~

    Friday, March 11, 2005

Ban reports
Posted by: Vini -- 6:20 PM EST

A few hours ago, Wony has posted about banishment cases on the scum board to let people know that two people have been permently banned by him.

As it's know, during a long time in nexus, the GMs have stopped posting about banned people in the scum board. That brought a period of darkness within nexus as the community didn't know the ones who were being banned and the reason for that.

It happened that many people were being banned and claiming to just "leave nexus" while others claimed to be banned for reasons different from the original one.

It was only on October 17th of 2004 that we once again heard about banning on the scum board by WM. On the 16th of the next month it was the time of Wony to post about it.

Since then, no further ban reports have been done in Scum board; not until now.

Sodon has been reported permanently banned for being sold/traded while xthechosenx was banned for trying to scam other players using peasant characters.

It is not known if these type of reports in scum board shall continue, if they do, the community will be thankful for being informed of all the ban cases once again.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Yuri 72, Moon 7~

Wony's Warning, Comm Version
Posted by: Corath -- 8:37 AM EST

This morning, Wony posted a warning on Community board, which was a bit better in explaining this whole fiasco.

"Hi, I can't believe the debate about Keyboard Kong is still going on. Yes, it is illegal. I am not familiar with this one, but it doesn't really mater. If it doesn't do anything more than what Windows does, then really no need to use it. If it does something above Windows, then it's a cheat in Nexus. It's simple and clear.

To help clarify the issue, I am listing the utilities that I use on top of Windows when I play Nexus, which you can also safely use.


Now that I said this, I bet I will see posts like,

- 'Well my Mouse Princess does almost nothing. It only assigns 80 keystrokes on the right button and carries out 250 mouse clicks in 2 seconds, so it can't be illegal..'

- 'What does NONE do, and where can I get it?'

- 'Hi. Here is a great hack utility called NONE that will make you hack any character in Nexus. It works great and I love it. Even Wony admitted that he uses it. Download it at'"

(Note: obviously, that URL is fake)

    Thursday, March 10, 2005

Cheating Programs warning
Posted by: Vini -- 11:37 PM EST

Recently a discussion about the KBK(Keyboard king) has emerged in the community board. The reason for this is because some people think its unfair to use it, while some others defend that is not. Wony has just posted to explain some facts and drop the discussion.

For those who don't know how the KBK can affect nexus, it is said that it only makes the character turn faster, but not really walk faster. To end this discussion, Wony has decided to post about it on the Dream Weavers board. Here is our it is:

Using or promoting any third party programs for the purpose of gaining
unfair advantage in Nexus is considered cheat/hack, and it will warrant punishement, including character/account banishment.

2 examples, but not limited to, of such cheats are,

- hacking keyboard repeat speed faster than Windows standard keyboard repeats in Nexus.

- using keyboard macros, except the one provided by Nexus.

Don't do it. It's unfair, ruins fun, and ruins Nexus. For those who think that using such cheats is fun, let me remind you that it wouldn't be very fun to use them if you don't have a character. Don't risk it.. It's not worth it.

With this, it shall be warned to all members of nexus community that anyone found using any these programs will be arrested and maybe banned.

~Vini Normad'or~

    Monday, March 7, 2005

Tutorial Quest Updated
Posted by: Cirran -- 4:12 PM EST

In order to help starting players with the basics of the game the tutorial section was added under quests today which can be accessed by clicking quest details on the side bar or by clicking here

    Saturday, March 5, 2005

Vortex Hand Item Section
Posted by: Rachel -- 1:51 AM EST

I've just released the Vortex Hand Item section! ^.^ You can find it by clicking this link.

Prices are not currently listed. They will be added at a later date.

As you may notice, there are a few missing entries. If you own one of these items, please send me a screenshot of the item's stats. (Do not e-mail me if you found the stats from a chart)

If you find any typos, please post them on the Nexus Forums bug board. If you don't have an account and don't want to make one, you can either e-mail or n-mail me.

My e-mail is:

Thank you to the following people for helping out:

AxeBen, Ayleen, Azasimus, BeaWulf, Chel, Chunokun, Cirran, Conro, DecayingZomb, Hansel, Harkonnen, Harrier, JellyX, LordAchoo, Lucious, Luminous, Masamume, Melalye, MooCowing, PeaceMaker, Pebbles, Ralli, Rheal, Sayuji, Sekh, ShineHead, Slave, SubChess, Tarantella, XaltoidSx, Xiji, Yashi, Yeas, and anyone else who I might have left out!!

    Friday, March 4, 2005

Dangers ahead
Posted by: Vini -- 9:57 PM EST

During the Nagnang Royal Ball, General Blight has spoken of an important letter he received mentioning about an enemy called Wuhu Luanhua and of shapeshifters who are invading the Vale.

It's believed that these creatures in vale might be the first shapeshifters to arrive in our lands and they might be really dangerous as it was mentioned in the letter by ChinMae. Here is a copy of the letter:

To: General Blight, the Greatest of Nagnang

General, your army rejoices that you have been healed. And none to soon, for the fighting has begun again. Word is the Four may have been destroyed by this enemy which we now know as the Wuhu Luanhua. Confirmation on this intel is pending, but the army diviners believe this to be true. Where the Four or their remains are, we are still trying to ascertain.

My General, the news is worse than can be imagined. Even now, some of the advance enemy have made it past our forces and have invaded the Vale! Please exercise extreme caution as these are indeed shapeshifters. Therefore, as you know, they could mimic anything we've ever seen in the Kingdoms.

Please return as fast as you can. We have no hope of holding out for much longer without you. Hopefully you have rallied others to this cause. We will fight to the last man for Nagnang my General, and for you. We await your return.


On another note, General Blight has also posted a sort of thanks to the ones who helped heal him in his own unique way to express his feelings, such post can be found on the Chronicles of the Winds as well as the original letter sent to Blight.

The Royals from the 3 kingdoms are preparing their armies for the defense against this new thread, any kind of information about these enemies is welcome and needed.

~Vini Normad'or~

Vortex and Mythic invade the Vale
Posted by: LordAchoo -- 8:27 PM EST

Creatures have been spotted inside the Vale. Spirit Tiger, Masked Hunter and other Mythic and Vortex boss's have been spotted. The creatures can be found throughout vale.

Masked Hunter wandering the Vale.

Deadly Bowman trying to get at LordAchoo.

~Buyan Imperial Guard~

Nagnang Royal Ball
Posted by: LordAchoo -- 7:34 PM EST

Today the Nagnang Royal Ball was held in the Nagnang Throne room of the Nagnang palace. Prince Mhul, Princess Lasahn, Prince Kija, General Blight, Captain YeNaeWi as well as citizens, clans and armies from all kingdoms attended the ball.

During the ball General Blight gave grave warnings of war and final conflict. He presented Prince Kija with a sword named "Protector of Nagnang" to help him protect the borders of Nagnang.

Letter from Prince Kija of Nagnang :

TO: Prince Mhul of Koguryo
Princess Lasahn of Buya
The Citizens of Nagnang
The Citizens of Koguryo
The Citizens of Buya
And All Others Who Aided Blight
In Our time of need, you came to Nagnangs aid. It is our fondest wish to repay the noble spirit you have exhibited and therefore we would like to proffer this royal invitation. We therefore, invite you to a Royal Ball in honor of the historic moment when a people could come together and aid a legend, whether he be known as hero or otherwise. The doors will open tomorrow night ((at 9:00 p.m. EST)) and it is our hope that General Blight will consent to be our guest of honour. With the advent of dark times looming on the horizon, it is our wish to give thanks to the blessing of humanity.

For those of you who attend, we would ask that you leave your animosities at the door. There are times coming which will provide ample outlets for your dissatisfactions, but this night is one in which we would honour the General and those who aided him.

Given this day by our hand
HRH The Prince of Nagnang


Long Live Nagnang

~Buyan Imperial Guard~

    Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Hero returns Home
Posted by: Conro -- 9:14 PM EST

The Forsaken Clans founder and declared "Hero of Nagnang" recently returned to his prodigy to speak to his kin.

With this recent return brought news of a new enemy. Information distributed by Blight himself is being closely guarded by the Forsaken clan.

Many were amazed to see Blight in good health so rapidly, even so far as having enough strength to hoist up a new blade, and don a stunning new plate mail.

Qantao also made an appearance in the halls of the Forsaken, and tried to calm the masses with recent breaking news.

The Forsaken, Blight, and most of all Nagnang stand on the keystone to the future battles ahead. Only time will tell what will happen next.

- Conro
Forsaken Vizier

Links Updated
Posted by: Rachel -- 2:20 PM EST

Today is March first. As promised, the links have been updated.

These are the changes:
-Broken links have been removed.
-Barbarian link changed to their new site.
-Kasai's site has a new animated link button.

If you wish to have your site listed, please send me a link to your site and a link to an image that is about 88 x 31 pixels. All websites must be compliant with Nexon laws and standards.