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   Archived News | March 2004

Past News

Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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March 2004

    Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Beware merchants
Posted by: Vini -- 10:48 PM EST

It seems that the Yuri 65 didn't start very well for merchants. The arguments between the judges and the path, for their will to try to solve some justice matters with their own hands has gone a bit too far.

Tonight at the Kogurian Tribunal Hall, during the meeting of the clans, Head Judge Tip came in to scene complaining about the Merchants doing the Justice's job. He called them renegades and vigilantes.

Prince Mhul was also upset about it because King Yuri made the justice system for all kingdoms and according to him, merchants have no right to be involved. Because of that, the Prince of Koguryo will be going to the other Tribunals, to speak with Princess Lasahn and Prince Kija, if the merchants do not agree with the conditions, they might even get banned from the 3 kingdoms.=O

I hope that the results of this are turn to be good news, merchants are really appreciated in our lands.

~Vini Normad'or~

P.S. This post has been approved by Prince Mhul and Head Judge Tip

Posted by: Conro -- 10:22 PM EST

Elixir wars are cancelled until further noticed due to the "Cntrl R" bug.

For those of you who are not familiar with the "Cntrl R" bug --
Using "cntrl r" while -hit- will only remove a players elixir bow and elixir arrows. This allows the player to remain on the field, able to continue playing. Rightfully, the player should be sent to the sideline. In more recent cases, players lose their equipment after being hit and slain, but not returned to the sideline. Cheaters can camouflage the abuse by using a different bow (Nagnang..short..) and continuing for the Elixir, unnoticed.

In an attempt to stop the abuse, the carnage department required that all participants use, and only use, the GIVEN elixir bow. -- The bow had to be worn at all times -- It is quite obvious that this rule has not stopped the abuse.

Our elixir hosts cannot see every inch of the map at every given moment. We cannot 100% ensure that every player is using a Elixir bow 100% of the time. It is impossible for us to catch every case of abuse, when and where it happens. The abuse of the "Cntrl R" bug has caused entire rounds to be invalid and redone. Obviously the abuse can, and has, cause multiple disruptions and alterations in the fair and balance system we try to achieve and provide for our customers. Therefor, all Elixir wars are cancelled until further notice.


Well... I guess we can thank people like TornadoJoe for the blatant abuse of this bug.
This drastic action has been taken today because of actions by a few people in yesterday's Elixir war.

All paid for Elixir wars, such as Lost Kingdom's Elixir war, will be going on as sceduled, but others will hault until the problem is fixed...

- Conro

    Sunday, March 28, 2004

New Law for Revels
Posted by: Josh -- 9:42 PM EST

Just for those whom may have not seen this on the community boards...

New law:

Effective today March 28, 2004 any one caught plagiarizing any poems for any reason will be jailed with the term of Serious other. Plagiarizing would be submitting any poem you did not write yourself for the purpose of this contest. This includes but is not limited to taking any poem from the Internet or a book, taking poems from other players, buying poems from players. You will also be jailed for attempting to bribe any player, Poems or an Archon to vote for your poem.

Thank you,

~Archon Joomi

I suppose more people will have to be creative with their submissions.

    Wednesday, March 24, 2004

"The way" of Geos
Posted by: Vini -- 12:55 AM EST

This weekened a massive Geomancer gathering happened in the House of Chi (Circle of Creation) in wilderness. People gathered to watch what the Legendary Geomancer Shinhei had to bring new for the community.

Once in the House of Chi, a tainted geomancer appeared and had a discussion with Shinshei. Dakuwan and others geomancers were tainted a yuri or so ago, by the Red Scimitar, lead by the one know as "Perdu."

There was a ritual to cleanse the geomancers performed by Gaeus, but it failed, and he was also tainted.

Because of that they sent a plea for "Shinhei" the Geomancer of Legend. (The story of Shinhei is located
in the Shu jing
With the help searching of Ranger Ezekiel for many moons,
Shinhei was finally located.
Back in our lands, he was able to cleanse of taint, the Geomancer Dakuwan. Shinhei taught him the way of change and his balance was soon restored.

Dakuwan once again Learned to walk the Neutral path , while Shinhei revealed to community that he used the Tao te Ching book to restore him and gave him a copy of the book to aid in the teaching.

Others were sought to aid in the teachings, the few members of community who had this honor on this past sunday.
Those who received Tao Te Ching books were:

Vini (holy honor! =O)

Don't even bother trying to ask any of these the stats of the Book. You know that subpaths items stats are not to be revealed nor sold.

~Vini Normad'or~

    Monday, March 22, 2004

NexusForums Resolution - The Result
Posted by: TSWolf -- 11:52 PM EST

Here is whats going to happen. And im rather peeved at how all this turned out...

The major issue of people blaming NexusForums for being hacked is one that has been of utmost concern of mine since it initially happened some years ago. Yet people did not HEED our warnings and continued to use their NexusForums password and email passwords the same. They also continued to use their email for NF as the same one for their Nexus account.

In result, basically what people is ran password checkers on NexusForums, were able to get what they wanted using an exploit.. From there they were able to overtake NexusForums accounts, and sometimes peoples Nexus accounts.

We acknowledge the exploit and are working to try and get the forums back up. From what its looking like, we are probably going to have to start the forums from scratch, due to the sheer intensity of the problem.

It seems that we can scream it until we're red in the face, but its not going to make a difference. For the people who used information on NF the same as they used for their Nexus accounts.. Im not sure what I can say. I constantly talked about the possibility of a loophole and resurgance of what has happened in the past.. And that it did. And for those of you who lost things via this, theres nothnig more I can say.

Im going to work with the old forums for about another hour... After that, Im giving up. Im tired and rather angry at how this entire thing turned out. And frankly, Id rather not spend anymore time saving people who made their passwords so unbelievably easy to guess, it was almost scary. I ran a similiar program and found 20 passwords of users almost instantly. This is a program that can be found through GOOGLE.

The majority of you carelessly threw security out the window and some of you have suffered great losses from this. The only thing I can offer is the assurance that we here at NA are doing everything possible to prevent this from happening again in the future. We've put up safehold after safehold, but nothing can prevent things like this from happening. Perhaps in the future, our warnings will be heeded.

As for the TrendMicro IRC_FLOOD virus, I have found that a VAST majority of folks, including those who have not visited NA or NF ever have found this virus. Running about 40 virus scans, house call was the only virus service that found this, leading me to believe they had a false definition on there.. I also believe this because there were no security breaches in my system after this file appeared (after I ran IRC) and because ALL of TrendMicros disinfecting directions led me to files I didnt have in the first place. So in actuality, I believe this has nothing to do with our case but something else. If I find out anymore information, I will keep you posted.

For the time being, I have to try and see if I want to keep the old forum stuff... Theres a 90% chance we're starting over tonight folks. We all know who to thank.

Nexus Forums
Posted by: Conro -- 4:32 PM EST

Those using Nexus Forums, please DESIST from using it until further notice.

It's a rather odd occurance that the only people who got hacked ALSO used NexusForums.

Until further notice, NexusForums will be shut down.

Please run a virus scan ('Trend' is an excellent free, online scanner) and change any and all passwerds of yours.

My prayers go to all those this is affected...

ALSO, If you have been hacked in the past month AND have used Nexus forums, PLEASE send me the following Information.

Characters effected in Nexus:
Nexus Forums name:
Was your NexusForums password the same as ANY password of yours? (EMail, Nexus, ANYTHING):


- Conro

Recent Hackings
Posted by: Conro -- 2:38 PM EST

This is a warning to everyone. No matter how long you've been playing or how safe you think you are.

There have been a lot of recent hackings. People are losing hard work all because some computer nerd wanted to make their lives a little stressful.

I urge all of you take these warnings VERY seriously.

1) Make a seperate Email for your Nexon Patron ID and Password, make it strange, and DO NOT allow anyone to know about it

2) Do NOT open any email you are not expecting, even if it's from a friend. Email spoofers have been on the rise lately (spoofing makes it look like it's from one EMail address, but it's not, and it's not hard to do either...)

3) Do NOT go to any websites reccomended to you on Nexus, even if they say they're trusted. NexusAtlas has a list of trusted websites to the right on the main page.

4) Do not attempt to cheat in Nexus. There is no way to duplicate items legally, especially with outside programs.

5) Finally, this is said EVERYDAY in Nexus, NEXON WILL NEVER ASK FOR YOUR IN GAME PASSWORD -- EVER! I don't care WHAT the situation is. They will NEVER ask for ANY of your information IN Nexus. And if you get an EMail from a Nexon address, QUESTION it, and even CALL and ASK if they have asked you for information through EMail.

Better safe than sorry.
These are major ways hackers get you...

- Conro

    Saturday, March 20, 2004

New Lost Kingdom Primogen
Posted by: Vini -- 1:34 PM EST

Last night, around 10 pm EST, Primogen Yari of the Lost Kingdom, clan of Buya, has stepped down from his position and fowarded the duty of leading the clan to another of the newest Buyan Defenders: Balistraria Neuro.

In name of the Nexus Atlas I would like to extend some big congratulations to Neuro and wish him good luck on this new stage.=)

~Vini Normad'or~

P.S. A special thank you from the LK for the tireless work that Yari has done for them.

New Druid Elder
Posted by: Lalia -- 1:30 AM EST

Shyloh, the elder of the Druids, stepped down tonight. In her place, Kiana has become the new elder of the Druids.

Congratulations to Kiana and best wishes to her and to the Druids, on behalf of Nexus Atlas.

    Thursday, March 18, 2004

Locked gates?
Posted by: Conro -- 10:34 AM EST

Traveling through the Woodlands, I walked twords the Sunken Temple, only to find that it has been covered with gates -- and to top that off, they're locked!

Perhaps trouble is brewing, or an outside force is trying to protect us? Only time will tell...

- Conro

    Wednesday, March 17, 2004

BIA Ceremony & Defenders!
Posted by: RougeRider -- 9:18 PM EST

The Princess of Buya and the BIA held a ceremony to recognize those who have given everything towards Buya. BlueSkies, Arts Laureate for the Imperial Army, started off the ceremony with some kind words reminding us about the friendship day when Princess Lasahn ripped and tore a bouquet of flowers. She mentioned that the physical bond was not stronger than the bond of friendship. Blueskies then introduced Princess Lasahn. Princess Lasahn remarked about how the times of the kingdoms have been in a grave matter, yet how they have always prevailed. With good news in heart, she turned our attention to the "six" defenders of Buya.

Congratulations to:

[ left to right ]
Vano - Phoenix Primogen
Bingo - Heavens Primogen
Neuro - Lost Kingdom Primarch
Bullmunk - BIA Field Commander
Whitelie - BIA Soldier
Yari - Primogen of Lost Kingdom [ not pictured ]

Princess Lasahn made sure we all knew what the defenders had done for Buya, and what they had done for her. Quickly thanking them, we moved onto Imperial Diviner; LarryDeMarco.

LarryDeMarco had a strange divination reading for Buya. He had the Princess herself shuffle the tarot deck he would be reading from. The first card that was pulled was the High Priestess, symbolizing forboding lies of omission. The second card, was the Sun, symbolizing discord and loss, yet obstacles that we have overcome. The third and final card, was the Hierophant, the strangest message of them all "a pious figure emerges, and a visage of an unknown god will be revealed along with gifts to people with virtue."

Finally, after a short and sweet ceremony, Princess Lasahn, and Blueskies thanked the audience for coming, and wished us safe travels.

Those who were honored to be Defenders of Buya, received this legend mark:

Following pictures are of the newly honored defenders showing off their armor!

On behalf of Nexus Atlas, congratulations to all of those who were honored as Defenders of Buya!

    Monday, March 15, 2004

~Nagnang Struggle~
Posted by: MarekP -- 11:46 PM EST

It was quite the day in the lands of Nagnang, as this usually quiet county was turned into a virtual warzone. It all started with the Nagnang army staging a raid on the forsaken clan hall in response to the Forsaken recently poisoning their Prince, Prince Kija. Many army members managed to get inside and wreak havoc to the hall. after what seamed like a stalemate, and agreement was made for both the forces to meet in the Nagnang arena. All hope for peace was lost, as the first blades clashed in the beginnings of the Nagnang Civil War. An enormous Battle was fought withing the arena grounds. The Forsakan appeared to be gaining the upper hand, and the army's numbers began to dwindle. The end appeared to be near, but word of the battle had spread to the lands of Buya, and Nagnang's allie's, led by General Chronno, the BIA rushed to their Aid. Once again, the bloody battle raged on, and end was no where in sight. For what seemed like an eternity, the battle of the decade raged on. Many innocent lives were caught in the middle of the battle, and seeing this, both leaders decided to withdraw, and finish it another day.

Special Thanks to General Chronno, The Buya Army, Heavens clan, and many others who came to assist.

Nagnang Army General MarekP

The Forsaken have issued this statement on this matter...
After the recent engagement of Prince Kija and Azelle, the Nagnang Army invited The Forsaken to test their skills against their own in an elixir war. Though the army tried to show strategy, they could not deflect The Forsaken's outstanding offense. The Forsaken proved to be undoubtedly more skilled with a finishing tally of 3-0 against the army.
In even more recent days, the very sanctity and normal privacy of the Forsaken Hall was stripped away. A member of the Nagnang army, James, asked for a tour of our home. Primogeness Azelle (soon to be Princess of Nagnang) agreed, but only after the visitor promised to be no trouble. During his tour, James broke his link ((ungrouped)) from his escort and the onslaught began. The army infiltrated our walls, and were then challenged to a battle in the arena by AxeBen. The forces of The Forsaken quickly mobilized as one to eradicate the few soldiers brave (or foolish?) enough to enter the Nagnang Arena. After much fighting, The Forsaken easily holding off the sporadic attacks by Army soldiers, MarekP called for backup from the BIA. The battle was fierce ((and lots of fun!)) with both sides displaying unholy determination. Forsaken however, remained proud and maintained their stance, fighting with their usual grit and ferocity.
Chronno tried to negoatiate a temporary truce between the embittered factions, even though Forsaken were not the instigators. Primogeness Azelle agreed to a temporary ceasefire on condition that the matter be settled on the Riches battlefield, and as she stated 'We agreed to your elixir. Now the choice of venue is ours.' The battle is set for a few days time ((Sunday 3pm EST)), and promises to be a most bloodthirsty affair!

:. DarklyNoon
:. Nangen Wander'r
:. Keeper of the Cuendillar

The smell of war is apon Nagnang... our prayers go to soldiers of each side.
Edit by Conro

An Invitation to all of Community
Posted by: Vini -- 7:06 PM EST

Directly from the Imperial Court of Buya, there's an invitation for the whole community to come celebrate this Buyan Ceremony this Wednesday.
Here's the post sent directly by Arts Laureate Blueskies:

~| Her Highness Princess Lasahn |~
*`~ The Imperial Court of Buya ~`*
=+ The Buyan Imperial Army +=

hereby present to you,
honorable citizens of the Kingdoms,

* A Buyan Ceremony *

`Come join the Clans and Subpaths of Buya and the Kingdoms
in a festive celebration honoring the valiant and cultured men
and women who have striven against all odds to protect their
Emperor, their Princess, and their fellow citizens of the golden
Buyan Empire, as Her Highness bestows her sacred blessing,
granting those citizens the revered title of `Defender of Buya.`

`We will begin the evening with a grand procession announcing
our vivacious Princess's entry to the kingdoms. Our fearless
troops and her loyal subjects will guide her through the Gates
and then to the Buyan Theatre, where the ceremony will begin.
No matter from where you hail, we would be honored and gifted
to have your blessed presence join us in this, our day of unity,
celebration, and above all else, peace among the kingdoms! `

~* What: A Buyan Ceremony to honor Buyan legends!
~* When: ((Wednesday 17 March 2004 -- procession
will begin at 8:30 EST, the Buyan Ceremony
to follow soon after.))
~* Where: The Buyan Theatre, inside the Palace Gates.

`Eat, drink, and be merry! All are welcome to join our revelry,
though we ask you to be polite and courteous to the soldiers
and our esteemed guests, or you -will- be removed and may
face penalties from Justice. This is an evening of rejoicing!

~| Brought to you by Blueskies
and the Buyan Imperial Army |~


5 new Defenders of Nagnang
Posted by: Vini -- 12:42 AM EST

Last night, around 9pm EST, there was a hidden ceremony being held inside the walls of The Forsaken clan.
Prince Kija and his fiancee, Primogeness Azelle, (who was secretly made a Nagnang defender) held together in the newest room of their clan hall (Inn of Iniquity) a ceremony to recognize people who pledged to defend Nagnang.

The ones who were honored with Nagnang dye were:
Diarmuid Borfshwitz
Tradesman Kaziglubey
Rogue Obduracy
Karuna Quistia

It's worth to mention that Prince Kija is still not in his full state of mind and still looking "drunk" to the ones who saw him.

Counting those and Primogeness Azelle, makes the 5 new Defenders of Nagnang.

~Vini Normad'or~

P.S. Thanks to CalmBlue for telling me about this ceremony and the ones honored on it.=)

    Saturday, March 13, 2004

Boss Information
Posted by: RougeRider -- 5:20 PM EST

While the explorers of Nagnang have tred into the Woodlands in seek of treasure and gain of experience. They stumble upon large creatures... known to us as bosses. The following bosses and statistics are not "precise" and they have been posted on the community board and Nexus Forums. Some people have gathered screenshots, and some have not. Nexus Atlas asks you to please "post" the screenshots in the "report forum" so we can edit posts with pictures.

!!Remember, the following statistics are not exact!!

Ancient Ruins/Haunted Tunnel Boss (MistPrince)
Name: Honoured Hound
EXP:Roughly 27k

Rabbit Cave (Falaris)

NeeSha - 270k

SheeLee - 500k

Water Cave/Snake Cave (RougeRider)

170k Exp

Polar Cave (Portal)
730,000 exp
Does 300k dmg to -85 ac

!!Remember, the statistics are not exact!!

If you have any information about the bosses/drops/screenshots, please post them in the report board.

    Friday, March 12, 2004

New treasures found!
Posted by: Conro -- 8:43 PM EST

Along with the opening of the western borders of Nagnang, new treasures have been found; left behind by a past civilization.

The weapon looks exactly like a Polearm, and acts as one as well. Obviously implemented to help lower Warriors out in passing levels 75 to 99 without a much trouble as they have had since the creation of the Polearm.
It has been found to be break on death (A heartfelt sorry but thanks to Mikagami...)
(Thank you to Thugofsmeg for this info!)

Any other treasures found will be added to this news story.
If you have information on new treasures, be sure to let a staff member know, or post in the forums (be sure to include a screenshot!)

Happy Huntings!

- Conro

Nagnang Woodlands!
Posted by: Lalia -- 11:19 AM EST

The following message was posted to the Whispering Winds board:

* * *

Several days ago a wave of hostile forest animals invaded the western edge of Nagnang. They were easily repulsed by stalwart defenders. Luckily no serious injury or damage was sustained. Nagnang owes a debt of gratitude for the quick reaction of nearby individuals. In response to the stampede I sent a unit of pathfinders into the western wilds to investigate the beasts' strange behavior. The scouts were under orders not to interfere with the wildlife, and to report back with any information. After several days of hearing nothing, I have received a report from the scouting unit. They have discovered an expansive area rich in ores and teeming with wildlife. It lies deep within the woodlands of Nagnang.

I have recalled the pathfinding unit and ordered a permanent path established to allow adventurers and citizens to explore this new Woodlands area. The path can be found at the southwest of Nagnang. I urge caution to those who seek to mine the riches of the Woodlands. There is evidence of past inhabitation. We also do not yet know what caused the animals to enrage and stampede. I encourage all adventurers to keep alert for unusual things. Any evidence as to the source of this phenomenon will be rewarded hansomly.
-General Blight

* * *

Several NEW CAVES have been discovered as well. Here are their locations. Just go past the "patio" at West Gate Nagnang and follow the path to the Woodlands.

This info thanks to ShiKago and Twiddles:

13 /58 - Frozen tundra
61 /25 - Sandy Bridges
125/55 - Farmland 0.o
101/147 - Flooded fortress
2/131 - Raheem desert
15/16 - Rabbits pass
73/73 - Ancient Ruins

In the Woodlands you will find:

Sheep Field for Wool at 158/176
Mining for Ore at 164/055
Farming for Peas and Wheat at 137/054

**UPDATE:** There is, in fact, a water cave. Its residents include water snakes and octopi. It's really beautiful; have a look:

(That's Kuneko [my rogue] in the picture.)

New buildings appear in Kugnae
Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 9:39 AM EST

Three of the four edifices empty for the time being

Left: A new building, northeast of the palace. Its purpose is yet unknown. Centre: Another new building, located due east of the north gate. Right: A third new building, south of the Kugnae Mage Guild.

KUGNAE -- A new building has been constructed northeast of the palace complex in Koguryo. Though it is empty for the present time, the architecture would seem suitable for housing anything from a store to a clan hall. Another currently-empty building has also been sighted due east of the north gate, accessible by following the path that runs north of the Kugnae snake cave. A third empty building has also appeared south of the Mage Guild in Kugnae. NexusAtlas patiently awaits the interior of these buildings to be revealed to the public.

The Destiny Clan Hall, located north of the Kugnae snake cave.

The fourth structure is located north of the snake cave in Kugnae. This building houses the beautiful garden and hall of the Destiny Clan. Visitors are welcome at the present time.

    Thursday, March 11, 2004

The General's Address
Posted by: RougeRider -- 7:30 PM EST

MarekP, the General of the Nagnang Army, has released this statement due to to the recent engagement of Forsaken Primogeness - Azelle and the Prince of Nagnang - Kija.

Dear Community,

I find it very sad how many of you argue, and how The Forsaken clan keeps pulling these terrorist acts against The nation of Nagnang. My Intel division has been working hard, and has discovered a post made by Lady Azelle on her own Clan Board. Read her letter, and make your own judgement on the situation. Mine stands as this, our prince has been poisoned and is under the control of Azelle.

Post edit by Conro

    Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Koguryo offers support
Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 12:27 PM EST

Prince extends hand to Nangen Prince

KUGNAE -- Following the statements issued by Princess Lasahn of Buya, Prince-Regent M'hul of Koguryo published the following proclamation:

It seems our good friend Prince Kija of the Kingdom of Nagnang has been let's say smitten with the Lovely Primogen Azelle of the Forsaken clan. Now some have suggested that perhaps the Prince is not well at this time.

With this in mind, I have sent an invitation to the Prince to ask he would like to spend a few days in the Koguryo Palace and rest prior to any further celebrations.

I have also asked the Royal Diviner Tiona, to provide a reading to see if some light can be shed upon this fast changing plans of the good Prince.

The reading provided by Royal Diviner Tiona for Prince M'hul is as follows:

It seems your friend may have some trouble, if he does not find a cure on the double. Your invitation has stirred up some hostile feelings in his Citizens so be wary. For they think they have earned Your ..'mistrust'. Take heed, dear Prince for the best You can do, is stay close to Your friend and other Nations (Like Buya) too. The future seems bleak, but do not dispair, I sense something is brewing in the thick air. Keep a close watch and all should be fine, one will eventually see in due time.

    Tuesday, March 9, 2004

Strange Animals on Nagnang
Posted by: Vini -- 7:22 PM EST

Many different creatures have been appearing around west gate Nagnang, animals never saw like: woodensnake, rock snake, dark squirrel, Brown hare( but looks like fox), Wood wolf, Dune Scorpions, Dune Lobsters and Pheasants!

Below are a collection of a few of the new creatures.

More to come!

~Vini Normad'or~
Edit by Conro

Princess Lasahn offers assistance
Posted by: Vini -- 6:56 PM EST

It seems that Princess Lasahn is now aware of the strange tea that Prince Kija took before becoming kinda deaf and getting engaged to Lady Azelle. People have been saying that the brew that Barbarians gave him was also over-done so his highness got really drunk that night.

Princess Lasahn and the Imperial Court of Buya will not let this proceed without further investigation, here's what she posted on community board and Chronicles of the Winds:

~|From the Imperial Sovereignty of Buya|~

Dear citizens,

Over the course of the last few moon falls, much speculation of malicious ideas and plans transpired from the Kingdom of Nagnang. I have been informed that Prince Kija may not be in his full... consciousness, though we cannot point any fingers at this time.

To assist the Kingdom of Nagnang, the Kingdom of Buya offers its word of aid when called upon. The Buyan Imperial army is well aware of the rumors and speculations brewing in the Kingdom of Nagnang, and we are not taking them lightly.

I am also requesting a public request from my Court Diviner LarryDeMarco to provide a reading for the Kingdom of Nagnang. Citizens, take heed of the results of my Court Diviner's reading, as it may provide benefit to all of us.

Further information on the status of Nagnang should be brought to my attention immediately.

Thank you.

~Princess Lasahn~
~Head of State of Buya~

It's great to see the interaction between the Kingdoms, hope this assistance may represent good relations for them in the future.

~Vini Normad'or~

A new Princess?
Posted by: Vini -- 4:13 PM EST

This Sunday was very surprising to the whole community, who would ever imagine that the womanizer Prince of Nagnang would get engaged..What people don't seem to remember is that he wasn't in his full mind. What was in that the Tea offered by the Forsaken is unknown yet, but it was something strong enough to get Prince Kija engaged with Primogeness Azelle.

Very surprising was also the reaction of Princess Lasahn, she accepted to well the trick used by the Forsaken... but did she accept the engagement itself?

~|From the Imperial Sovereignty of Buya|~

Dearest Prince Kija and his fiancee Azelle,

Congratulations! It warms my heart to see that the dashing Prince Kija has found a bride. Though I would have never expected you, Prince Kija (a comedian by nature), to commit so surely to a woman of complete opposite nature, I am intrigued by this sense of ... joy in the Kingdom of Nagnang.

Prince Kija, you have my utmost respect. Be forever true to your lovely lady. Rule from the throne whilst listening and considering the ... good advice shared by your bride.

The bright days of the present will permit vision of prosperity in the future. And together both of you will be able to see for the better of your Kingdom of Nagnang through a new light where deceit and ill intentions are relinquished.

May your future, together, prosper.

~Princess Lasahn~
~Head of State of Buya~

Princess Lasahn did sound a bit jealous about it, didn't she?

~Vini Normad'or~

    Sunday, March 7, 2004

Three Soldiers Honoured at Nagnang Ceremony
Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 8:29 PM EST

Soldiers saluted for their "tireless work" for Nagnang

Prince Kija and General MarekP receive their guests and court at the opening of the evening ceremony.

NAGNANG -- A ceremony was held in the Grand Nagnang Hall this evening, the second of its like, to recognize defenders of Nagnang and to bestow the national colour upon them. General MarekP of the Nagnang Army opened the ceremony by giving thanks for the successes over the years. The general then ceded the floor to Prince Kija, who formally welcomed all of the spectators to the ceremony and to the post-ceremony gathering in the barracks.

Primogeness Azelle leads the performance of a tea ceremony before Prince Kija.

General MarekP announced that Lady Azelle, Primogeness of the Forsaken Clan, would perform a "small tribute" to Nagnang. Primogeness Azelle and three other members of her clan proceeded to perform a tea ceremony before the prince. Despite cries of warning from the audience, General MarekP and Prince Kija sampled the tea from Azelle and her retinue. Then, a group of Forsaken kindred, clad in their clan's purple colours, performed a traditional song. What appeared to be a peace offering quickly turned to a chorus of rebuke. A song detailing the suffering and strife of the "exiled, forsaken" Nangen people included, "Prince betrayed us in his greed, in Nagnang -- home of the dead," and concluded with "When Kugnae is home of the dead." The chilling message was met with stunned silence.

Colonel Lethey of the Nagnang Army, the first to be honoured tonight.

The attention of the room was returned to Prince Kija. During his speech to introduce the citizens that were to be honoured, one could not help but notice that the spark in His Highness' eyes started to fade, and his posture began to droop under the weight of his armour as he rubbed his stomach, almost ruefully. Honoured tonight were Chung Ryong Lethey, Colonel of the Nagnang Army, Druid Jisong, Captain of the Nagnang Army, and Panoply Portal, Major of the Nagnang Army.

Prince Kija then received a visit from Savage Crumble, Elder of the Barbarians. Prince Kija took this opportunity to formally thank the elder for his and the barbarians' support for Nagnang and Kija's sovereignty. Elder Crumble returned the courtesy of the prince by stating that his blood would not yet be spilled. As the two shared a drink of barbarian brew, the elder stated that they were not, in fact, drinking to an alliance.

Prince Kija departed from the ceremony, and it became apparent that the "tea" was truly a love potion. As if she anticipated it, Prince Kija proposed marriage to Primogeness Azelle, and she accepted. Before long, Lady Azelle, clad in the green colour of the Nagnang defenders, was being hailed as Princess of Nagnang. Memories instantly stirred of Malady's short-lived engagement to King Yuri of Koguryo, an ill-fated attempt at a coup. Only time will tell the result of this engagement.

    Saturday, March 6, 2004

From the desk of M'hul
Posted by: Conro -- 9:39 PM EST

It is with great sadness that I must announce the resignation of
General Rowan from the leadership of the Koguryo Royal Army.

The General has been the heart and soul of the Army from the
Conception and she will be missed and I also would like to say that
King Yuri, was informed and he also expressed his sadness at the
Generals departure.

We wish the General the best in her future and may she prosper.

King Yuri and Prince M'hul wish to congratulate General Nykid on accepting the Position of General of the Army of Koguryo and wish his the best in hisLeadership, which has the full support of King Yuri and Prince M'hul.

All hail King Yuri!
Long live Koguryo!

Thank you for your support,
Prince of Koguryo

Congratulations Nykid!
(For those who don't know, Generals act almost like Primogens of the Armys, so any questions you wish to ask an Army primogen, direct to Nykid.)

    Friday, March 5, 2004

A String of Scams
Posted by: RougeRider -- 9:44 PM EST

Recently the kingdoms have been plauged by a string of scams by a number of people. Remember,the only safe way to protect yourself from scammers, is to use exchange. To inform you of the scams, people are taking you into their houses, and making you drop money to "confirm" you have the cash before you exchange. NEVER do this. House owners have the ability to BOOT you from their house even with money underneith you.

The second most frequent scam that has been showing up, is the "inventory stuffing" and then cancelling of the exchange and then booting you.

Remember, ALWAYS USE EXCHANGE to prevent theft and your hard earned money down the drain.

Protect yourself with knowledge!

    Thursday, March 4, 2004

Koguryo Tribunal closes new clan applications
Posted by: Lalia -- 10:27 PM EST

The following announcement was just posted to the Community board by Minister Starrbrite:

* * *

A Royal Letter from Prince M'hul:

It is with regret that the following decree is issued.

At this time, the Koguryo Tribunal neither can nor will accept the applications of new clans for review. This declaration will be rescinded at the appropriate time, but no future clans may join the Tribunal until then.

By order of His Highness Prince-Regent M'hul of Koguryo

Of His Royal Majesty King Yuri's 64th Year of Reign

    Tuesday, March 2, 2004

Primogen Migel Retires!
Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 12:10 PM EST

Well-deserving primarch attains primogency

KUGNAE -- In a statement released earlier today, it was announced that Primogen Migel, the founding father of Destiny Clan, has stepped down. Force Smoothey, Primarch of Destiny, has taken his place. Although the former primogen will remain a member of his beloved clan, the kindred are still in shock. For further details, readers are asked to refer to the Clan News section of the Destiny Clan Forum.

As a result of Smoothey's promotion, he has been required to retire from the Royal Ministry of Koguryo. His presence and events will be sorely missed.

Congratulations on behalf of NexusAtlas to Smoothey on becoming the second primogen of Destiny Clan!

    Monday, March 1, 2004

Buya Ministry list
Posted by: Vini -- 11:05 PM EST

Good new for the citizens of Buya.
Just got fresh from the post made by Minister Castaspella with the official list of the newest members of the Ministry of Buya. The post can be found either on Chronicles of the Winds or Community board.

Here's the name of the ones selected to represent Buya in the future events and activities to be presented by the Ministry:
- Fury Aceostar of Buya Army.
- Spy Akura
- Prophet Corath from Elendhirin.
- Assistant Ambassador Jesuil.
- Mage Laren from Elendirin.
- Artisan Moondrops from Elendhirin.
- Ju jak Otachi from Elendhirin.
- Virtuoso Silversasami from Elendhirin.
- Samaruhi WikidWind from Phoenix clan.
- Prodigy Wysp from Lost Kingdom.

and the assistants:
Hyun Moo Dantae and Assassin Yogeshi of Buya Army.

On behalf of Nexus Atlas, I would like to congratulate each and all of you on joining such a fine ministry. We hope to be posting about events held by it here soon=)

~Vini Normad'or~