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  Archived News | March 2003

Past News

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March 2003

    Monday, March 31, 2003

LostKingdom's New Primogen
Posted by: Xuir -- 1:47 PM EST

LadyFallon stepped down recently as LK Primogess to Katia. On behalf of, I wish LostKingdom continued success with their new primogess.

Thanks to Pendor for notifying me of this information.


    Saturday, March 29, 2003

Held Against my Will (As Posted on Nexus)
Posted by: TSWolf -- 7:34 AM EST

Someone gathered my information... A fellow player here on Nexus.. And they forced me, at risk of contacting some people I knew IRL and starting real problems... At risk of comprimising some serious IRL things.. to pose that I was quitting and completely and totally destroy any aspect for me to come back.

But before they made me sabotage my character, I was able to find out who it was, and frankly, I wasn't surprised. Their efforts were immediately thwarted... And as I can say.. My character was saved...

I will not go into much detail concerning this because well, its a REAL LIFE issue that will be delt with that way.. And yes, I would pose a fake quit to get out of Real Life trouble ANY DAY.

The reality of the situation is this.. I didnt wanna quit or never will.. I sent out hints to friends of who the culprit was.

Ive said it once and Ive said it again... I have no plans to quit.. Im shocked people didnt see through this.. But when you have a key logger on yer computer watching you over.. someone threatening to go on yer character if you reboot, restart, log off.. You do some stupid things..

All my security has been restored and believe me, they will get theres.

Sorry for all those that were misinformed by this little "play".


    Thursday, March 27, 2003

Second sight
Posted by: Rachel -- 10:08 PM EST

Lots of people have pointed out that after several complaints of the change to Second sight, the spell has been changed back to the way that it was.

Eldridge's Explaination and Other Info
Posted by: Rachel -- 7:42 PM EST

There is a new post on Dream weaver about the Flameblades. This sentence pretty much sums it up:

"On the 25th of this month (2 days ago) there were a total of 147 in the game, and this morning when I counted again there were 155, so only 8 were added during all of that (and 1 was actually a boss drop)"

I think I found all seven of them.. around 4:00am this morning.

You wouldn't believe how many letters I got from people who said they got Flameblades from fishing or know someone else who did and said there were more than 7. I know. This post was a tiny joke at Eldridge's figures. I assume that 20, 30, or more have been fished up. Please stop mailing me about it :(

Eldridge has said that there was no change to fishing. This means if the entire kingdom fishes as much as it was on Wednesday we will fish up as many Flameblades as we did on that day.

In other related news, there was a post on the Community board that someone's Flameblade broke on death. If you die with a Flameblade on you in the next few days, please tell me if it breaks or not.

Power lists get more powerful.
Posted by: Xuir -- 7:09 AM EST

The power lists now reflect the top 250. The rogue list has the top 2500, (whoops did Delphi add an extra 0 in the code? Bad Delphi!) The all players have the top 1000.

I am #349 rogue in the game! Not too shabby out of 2500 :P Hey, I like the top 2500 list. Keep it!

Go to the power list of your character's path and use the browser find option and search your character.

Cool eh?


WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING: The "Robin Hood" event, an economy in ruins and the worst Nexon decision in the history of Nexus. *updated 3-30*
Posted by: Xuir -- 6:13 AM EST

[UPDATE: Almost one week later from the writing of this post, today, on March 30th, 2003, 9:52 AM; Flameblades now stand close to normal prices due to Eldridge's statement on Dreamweaver that only eight flameblades were fished. Additionally, 90% of Nexus players are not furious, and it was not a representivie statistic of the number of furious nexus players. However, the original text of this newspost will stay. I just wanted to clear this up. The economy is not, at this time, "in ruins". I will forever be skeptical however, of the night of March 26th, 2003 in terms of how many Flameblades were actually obtained. ] (Xuir, March 30th, 9:54 AM)


Myself, like 90% of Nexus players are right now, am furious at Nexon. For those of you who were sleeping like you should have been during 11 PM - 5 AM EST last night, this is what went on.

People suddenly were obtaining Flameblades fishing! No joke. AT LEAST Thirty community members, including myself, obtained flameblades fishing (see below screenshots) Some even claimed to have gotten them mining, but this was never confirmed.

I'm sure you don't believe me. THIRTY FLAMEBLADES? This is an early april fool's joke! To this I say, go see for yourself:

Log on Nexus, read community. Read the buy and sell boards. Flameblades are now going for 3 - 4m, if youre lucky. That's right folks -- people who spent years saving up for that rare item can look for pride in their Flameblade no more. Flameblades were being plucked from the ponds, and now are no longer special.

At 12 AM PST or 3 AM EST, people stopped getting flameblades, and no one after that time got one. Many times during this "event", people died and lost valuable BODs, subpath items, and engraved BODs. This is because when you got your "line snagged" you had a 50% chance of either serving a real death or a Flameblade.

HERE'S WHAT PUTS THE ICING ON THE CAKE - Nexon made a server reset around 6:30 AM EST. Fishing no longer can be made money off of, and the tens of thousands of fish that were hoarded are now worthless. Money, vita and mana wasted.

The victims:
- fishers who had as much as 17k+ fish in their bank
- people who owned flameblades previously
- people who bought flameblades for normal prices at the beginning of this "event"
- people who lost items in BOD during this "event"
- People who lost vita, mana, and money fishing for a flameblade

I am going to start a name for this event -- I'll call it the "Robbin Hood" event. It seems, the rich got poor and the poor got rich.

Nexon likes punishing it's customers, dont they? I'm slowly fading away from this place...

NexusAtlas News

Interesting Changes - Outcome? Unknown
Posted by: TSWolf -- 5:44 AM EST

Flameblades are now even more common..

Rogues invisible is severely comprimised in PK...

Boiled Fish sells for a low low 50 coins to NPCs...

Some feel this is a good change.. Others.. Are outraged.

Llevan expressed his outright anger at the Flameblade situation, stateing how he felt it belittled the efforts of those who spent tons of money to obtain this legendary weapon.

Rogues invisible was argued time and time again by Rogues who feel the wrath of Nexon. Melalye spoke her outrage on the issue on com, stateing how this See Invisible change has watered down the last field that a Rogue is actually valuable in.

Paranoid as well as a few other Sun Moon members cried out when they found out that Boiled fish sell for only 50 coins... The Fish rush is now over..

We'll see how about 30+ new flameblades, not quite invisible rogues, and hoards of rotting and leftover boiled fish play out in the coming days. You can expect heavy contraversy.

Posted by: Rachel -- 5:24 AM EST

Fishing may now give Flameblades, but don't expect to break even if you don't get one. Boiled fish is now bought by NPCs for 50 coins each as of this morning's reset. Also, it is possible that it will become harder or impossible to fish up Flameblades after this reset.

    Wednesday, March 26, 2003

New Carnage Arenas!
Posted by: Corath -- 11:16 PM EST

Yup, there's two new carnage arenas: one for Riches, and one for Bloodlust. For Riches we have Zephyr, which is an interesting pattern of water and islands; and for BL we have Seasons, which looks like (surprise surprise) all four seasons are on one map.

Zephyr was tested in today's Heroes carnage, so a few people got a sneak peek.

The Great Flameblade Rush
Posted by: Xuir -- 10:05 PM EST

UPDATE: Flameblades are no longer appearing (not since 12 AM PST). The price is steadily going up -- I kind of wish I didn't sell mine. Oh well, we'll see.

Below are two screenshots, one taken by me when I fished one, and the other by AlliAna.

At least 20+ flameblades have been fished by community members, including myself.

NexusAtlas News

Other Updates
Posted by: Marstead -- 2:42 PM EST

Care of Themis' post on Dreams titled "Dreams Update":

1. F9 List is now bigger.

2. Splinter NPC has been upgraded.

3. Divorce has mana option too.

4. F1 information added for Nagnang area.

5. Haeng (Northern Pass' Tavern) NPC has been upgraded (can bank and sell liquors now).

6. Crafting NPCs no longer move.

7. Moon paper looks slightly different from regular paper (there's a blue outline).

8. Fishing has been changed so peasants can't abuse it.

9. Whispering has been enabled in Gim Yi's Den.

Second Sight
Posted by: Marstead -- 2:35 PM EST

The spell "Second Sight" (and all subpath variants) has been changed so that you can actually see invisible rogues as if they were grouped... A change we've been asking for since 4.66!

New Arctic King Graphic
Posted by: Marstead -- 2:22 PM EST

In response to a dream, Nexon has changed the graphic for all Kings in Arctic Ogres (Slush king, Snow king, Sleet king, Hail king, Flurry king, Blizzard king, Avalanche king). They now look like this (excuse the poor lighting, TS will add it to the Monsters section with correct lighting later):

A Surge of Change
Posted by: Rachel -- 4:53 AM EST

In the latest reset, the color of all surges have been changed from blue to RED. I think I saw this proposed on the dream board about two years ago ^.^ Most seemed happy about it, but I did hear a few complaints that the item did not "glow" or have animation like it did in the past.

Going through my banks, which have 250+ unique items, I saw no other changes from this reset

A red surge in a bank and one in a mage's hand:

In other news, Keeh has pointed out that Chizao's tomb can no longer be entered. The totems have left the camp, but are not at Lovers lake or the shrines in Wilderness & Vale. It seems that they have left the kingdoms without any farewells.

    Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Magic Fish
Posted by: Xuir -- 7:20 PM EST

HealBoy sent me this screenshot tonight, it is a screenshot of the rumored, and now possibly confirmed, magic fish.

HealBoy threw it back and recieved no award.


    Monday, March 24, 2003

Bug Fixes
Posted by: TSWolf -- 2:48 AM EST

For those who have no interest in the Justice corruption of Nexus and come here for some excitement, well we have some major bug fixes this morning for you in all sections.. Primarily Monsters

Nagnang Mercenary Drop Clarification Coming Shortly!
- Pig 3 Drop White Ambers (Niss)
- Lost Library Animals Coming Soon (PikaChuBorg)
- Rooster defender drops Ambers commonly.
- Snow Beast rarely drops Ice sabre (ToS)
- Yachi drops Muddy potion (Blaeen)
- Kugnae Spider is level 44. Also fixed in Nex-Files (Nagilum)

Major Armor Quest Updates As Promised!!
- Poet Moon Requires 50 Roses. (jay)
- Poet Sun Tit Lance Mixup Fixed. (Kurrilin)
- Warrior Sun Quest Carnage Win Clarification (IamQuay)
- Warrior Moon Piggie Mixup Corrected. (Shibi)

- References to Level 24 "Set Trap" Fixed. (Sneaky)
- Flash Trap is Level 33. (minesweeper)
- Poet Mentor Level Fixed. (Dasha)
- Vigor heals 280. (Hugen)

FURTHER Facts of Favortism
Posted by: TSWolf -- 12:42 AM EST

Furthermore, I'd like to post s'more facts in the area of favortism injustice thats going on currently.

Note : Once again, these are facts... They are law 41 compliant and they can be found on Nexus User Pages as of 3/24/2000 at 2 am est.

Let us first take NinaP -
Founder and Primogen of Dharma.. Dharma, being a much younger clan than Sun moon, yet possessing more in their clan hall than Sun Moon has.. Including a Crafting Hall and NPCs that SunMoon is still waiting to recieve. This could be due to Dharma's mass hosting of events.. But then again, Sun Moon founded some of the most memoriable and largest attended events in Nexus history, Including Player Auctions!

The only members on her bank council with the ability to withdraw and deposit items are characters that she owns. This enables her to take and give as she pleases IF SHE WISHED to (NOT to say she does).

Putting aside the evidence of slander and Subpath spell abuse, further abuse can be found here :

As of 2 days ago, the Clan archon asked that people no longer use Newbies to fish with anymore because it could be found in breach of Nexus Law. Sun Moon immediately issued this warning and told members to stop doing so. Dharma on the other hand, continues to heavily do so. In fact, there is a Clan member at Level 15 by the Name of DharmaFisher who is registered into the clan to specifically do that, fish. While it may not be illegal to fish with a level 15 clan member, last I checked it was to have ANY char under Level 50 in the clan Unless it was STRICTLY for depositing purposes. This is a Nexon law and always has been and is being directly violated to take advantage of the high Prepared Fish buying price.

Her husband, who little is known about at this time of posting, Gulstadt, is also on her council.
That is just to give you a basic idea of what ONE very person consists of in this instance.. Let's now look at opportunities in Nexus.

When I posted about the Diviner arrested yesterday, he explained to me that the response time of Katia was EXTREMELY fast... Meaning that Sarina must have contacted Katia about the abuse and the situation taken care of. It's funny that.. When other people approach a judge with an issue such as this, they are FORWARDED to the justice board. There was not even a JUSTICE POST on this issue.

Could it be that Sarina is married to head judge tip? Therefore justice is acted upon sooner when its "in the family"?

Correct me if Im wrong but isnt justice supposed to be blind?

We can heavily see by Sarina and tip's legends of the evidence of similiar legend marks from the Diviners. Some people try for ages to get these marks, and because they are married, this enables them to enjoy their marks fully.

Similar marriage exists within the Justice system. Katia and Selzter... Cnedra and Quartz... 4 Judges... 2 Couples.. Do you think their cases have been judged fairly when it is pit against each other? Do you feel they will be given the same opportunities and chances as you? And if you commit a small crime, that you will be treated fairly in contrast to them commiting a similiar crime?

In real life, a police officer faces a much higher sentence when he commits a crime because he is one who should be enforcing the law. Should it not be the same here on Nexus?

Another member I have noted on many of these people's legends is Sungodess. For those who knew Sungodess, she was removed by Nexon for character sharing with her husband. She was removed by NEXON for doing so.. Proving that Nexon will fight into this favortism circle.. And that they may not even see how bad it is..

Now... An even bigger mess ties back to Rowann.. Rowann being a Guide Diviner and General of the KRA. A law existed back in the day prohibiting someone to be a Primogen (Which is the equivelant to General) and Guide at the same time. One such person is Beanbag. He was a Guide Merchant and by Nexon, was not allowed to become general of the BIA because he was a merchant Guide. Some other people such as Wildhair have had this happen to them in the past. Yet for Rowann, it is ok? Why? Because she is friends with all of the above judges.

Rowann's alt Poet, ChiZ, is married to nycZ... nycZ is one of the two colonials in Rowann's army. The other, NYKid, is married to Phoennix.. A close friend of Rowann who she even shouts out to in her profile. Their marriage being blessed by none other than Rowann..

Pushing back to the Marstead situation a few days ago, we note a few outstanding people who posted against Marstead and in support of Sarina. One of them was Anjos.. Anjos, who not only bears 4 diviner marks with Sarina's name, and pledged to defend Kugnae, something which is appointed by Mhul.

The mhul story is a mess. When Rowann demanded her troops fight for Grin in the God War, Mhul spoke up against this and removed Rowann from her position.. Sometime later, Mhul had a "sudden change of heart", allowed Rowann back in her position. Laws prohibit me from suggesting any sort of outside intervention here but I will let you make these judgements on your own.

Theres a lot more to this story.. This is only what I was able to muster up in a matter of minutes.. What is occuring here is beyond my judgement, but left to yours.

Could it be brand sales? Maybe.. Could it be favortism? Maybe.

But they're all friends.. Shouldn't all people in these positions be friends? I don't disagree.

But there should be a DEFINED line between friendship and position as there is in real life. Your HARD earned money is going in to paying for this game and you should also see that these people are treated the SAME as you for they pay the SAME money.

    Sunday, March 23, 2003

Editorial - Favortism Injustice
Posted by: TSWolf -- 10:37 PM EST

It's tragic the days that have to come to this.. Where playing the very game you loved for 7 years only gets more stressing as the days go on. Where people can work their way amongst the ranks for simply knowing people in real life. I have grown sick and udderly tired of one such incident where one person can get away with murder at their request. Where they can sit back and be protected by the heads of Justice for simply knowing them in real life. I will be presenting sufficient evidence of these claims and I *DEMAND* you make your own judgement on the below. I will try as hard as possible to make this evidence unbiased.. I'm well aware that regardless of who posts this, little will be done in the infrastructure of Nexon.. I have contacted Delphi and Deadalus several times asking that they reconsider the friendship positions because they make things EXTREMELY unfair in all aspects.. Unfortunately they just turn their heads back to Shattered Galaxy, seemingly not caring about the situation.

Do not get me wrong. I've had a conversation and dealings with the members of Nexon many times. They are good people and try their very hardest to do what they do. There are just some issues that affect players GREATLY that are simply ignored because it's in the better interests of the company. Because the person I will expose below smiles, nods, and "does her job", that allows her to get away with murder.

The only reason Im posting this is here is because the roots of this exposure go so deep, the very posts will be deleted from the community board. Note.. This is NOT a slander, this is evidence posted for those to make their own judgement and as far as I can see is fully in compliance with Law 41.. If an archon would like to address on how I can make this Law 41 (If they feel its not for whatever reason), I will be glad to hear them out WITHOUT removing the post. All emails concerning this subject will be replied to promptly throughout the next two days..

Now, on to the topic at hand.

In my first exhibit, I will post a censored graphic. The full uncensored graphic is available to any Justice official wishing to have a copy of it.

In order to keep this entire issue within the compliance of Law 41, I will not refer to the person's name at all. As you can see they are openly accusing someone of character sharing because of their sheer dislike. Them, being the head of a Clan are free to run their mouth of their accusations to all on this issue.. So I feel I have the same rights.. Which is why I am posting this. It's not the first line that concerns me, but the second line. I know of several cases of folks who have been Jailed under the statue of "Unwritten Law" for accusing Judges/High Primogens for "Character Sharing". In fact, Nexon themselves have spoke on the issue and have expressed their views on the character sharing accusations. This quotation by the clan primogen was echoed in front an unbiased group of her Council and will potentially send shockwaves of Slander throughout the community.. Which may also qualify as harassment.

For further evidence of abuse on this position, I bring forth my next exhibit :

This is a cropped picture of the primogen's webpage. The primogen goes by the path of Cunning, yet has two very evident Merchant spells displayed here. For those who know them, they can clearly see them. While the secrets are already common knowledge, I wish not to further that knowledge by sharing which spells are which.

Upon notification of this incident to head judge and Nexon, no justice was taken. Despite the fact this person had these spells and USED them for 3 months, no justice was taken. Similiar instances resulted in removing of all spells/items/and experience on people's characters, and some even resulted in Unspecified Serious Crime trials. The Gods THEMSELVES have posted STRONGLY against anyone possessing these spells, EVEN WITHOUT USE.

Yet, her removing them simply got her off the hook for her connections/position.

Upon the removal of Marstead, one diviner voiced his opinion of the situations. Loudly and rudely perhaps, but within Law compliance.. or so he thought.. Also Note, he was given permission by the Elder in this picture to VOICE his opinion.

He was "allowed" to voice his opinion, and in that, lost his walkership within the path of the Diviner. There was many an eyewitness to this, as well as their continual slander of Marstead, which went WITHOUT punishment..

In my next exhibit I will show that person jailed of similar Unwritten law violations.. Note.. The person jailing them is NOT the same as the Primogen above, but a different person in power over Paying Customers Account status. By this I mean, they can DISABLE your ability to play the Nexus you pay for, which ODDLY enough is against the very License agreement you sign before entering.

And I quote from the Agreement -
"Player may not use Nexus to:
3. Imprison, detain or abuse another player without the other player's explicit consent. "

I will show the sentence they were jailed for. A borderline "undirected" statement which got them jailed because they were a nobody.

Tragic is it that a name noone recognizes can be jailed so easily without a proper explanation. Law in the United States demands that a person be guilty "Beyond a reasonable doubt". In Nexus, it simply matters who you know.

This is yet another reason in Nexus to report someone. If someone jokingly says YOU HAVE AN ARCHOn, they CAN and WILL be jailed for Unspecificed serious crimes.. Yet another revenge way to jail someone in the Nexus.

This is one of the major reasons most MMORPGs install filters and don't put in place player-run jail systems. Because they simply will not work while people "kiss each others butts" so to speak. Archons at this very moment are helping out players through them because, as my sources tell me, their actions SIMPLY ARE NOT logged and if they are they ARE not checked on a regular basis..

I couldn't agree more.. But then why hasn't the Primogen above been jailed for spell abuse and harassment? For accusations similar to the diviner below? Could it be the ties that they have in real life? Perhaps.

All I know is, this was exposed at possibly a rather large price to myself. I did this for the very reason as Im sick and tired of putting my money into a game where a few rule and get away with murder because they are real life friends. And I will NOT stop paying for Nexus because I DO support Nexon and I DO love this game.. But I do think they need to open their eyes to the favortism and law dodging that is occuring here.

All screenshots and information is available uncensored and in full screenshot form for those who wish to prosecute the crimes you see before you.

There is so much more I have in stock, but to give you a sheer taste of the bitterness that rules us..

But what can we do? Nexon ignores us and points us back to the direction of the Archons and Judges who are corrupt to begin with. Stuck in an endless circle of fear to be reported for Swearing and Calling someone an archon, but to lose our Boss kills and valuable items to theives is NONPROSECTUABLE.

Should people get away with murder? Do you feel these people are? I want all your opinions. I will post and reply to them on the news. Please keep them straight to the point. I will not post entire essays out here since I will probably get ALOT of feedback.

Thank you for your time.

    Saturday, March 22, 2003

Marstead ousted; outcry ensues.
Posted by: Xuir -- 2:32 AM EST

"I know of a woman who should be thrown from her throne and left in the street, to be replaced by the man who sits outside the gate, gazing in at his guild and the leader who did him wrong, wishing them eachday good fortune and prosperity. He would lead that group of souls, forced to follow a tyrant, and he would lead them to happiness and sunny days once more."

- An excerpt from a community post by an angry ShadowSniper, on Diviner elder Sarina, former Diviner Marstead, and the Diviners.

"I am sure Sarina is not the only Elder who has had to make unpopular decisions but you guys are really unfair to judge her without seeing both sides of the story."

- An excerpt from a community post by an angry CheChe, on Diviner elder Sarina, former Diviner Marstead.

Earlier today, respected community member and Ex-Diviner guide Marstead was dismissed from the Diviner subpath. Now, dismissals happen on a day to day basis and usually the community is never informed as to why, nor are they interested. But Marstead's removal sparked a great flow of feedback on the Community as well as on sage, both negative and positive.

"Long live Marstead!" cried many, including GoldenSky on sage. While other sages were not so much in support of Marstead:

*laughs* the blind are quick to follow." saged another community member, a Diviner named Hagalaz. "My point was that people are quick to judge even when they don't know both sides of the story" Hagalaz told me later. "That's how Nexus has always been."

"Don't hate [Diviners] because of the actions of one" reminded another.

In addition, friends of Marstead tried to organize a "peaceful protest" at the Tao Te Ching room, a public Diviner subpath room located in Kugnae. "Time to wake up!" cried TSWulf, in support of Marstead. (picture below)

Allegedly, no one, including the Diviner guides, knows exactly why longtime Diviner roleplayer Marstead was thrown from the Diviners. Sarina said in an nmail to Marstead that it was because of "long time undermining of the Diviners". Some have said it was because of Marstead's insubordinate behavior in the path. Others have pointed out it might be because of Marstead's "dark" roleplay or the fact that Marstead spoke out against scripted events.

"I really don't think it was the roleplay" Marstead was quoted as saying.

Whatever happened inside the Diviner circle that caused the removal of one popular guy remains at this time unseen, or perhaps forever private. But one thing is for certain - unprecedented controversy and outcry has defintely resulted from it.

Until next time --

NexusAtlas News

    Friday, March 21, 2003

Pricing Update
Posted by: Rachel -- 6:12 PM EST

ALL weapon and armor prices will soon be updated to include the following:
-Price NPC Buys For: (The more exotic ones tend to be sold to the Sonhi smith)
-Price NPC Sells For
-Market Price: A price range of current market price. This should be updated every few months.

--After I have finished updating all prices, feel free to mail me suggestions on price changes and corrections of typos.

Completed sections:
(This will be updated as more sections are completed)
-Extinct Weapons
-Staves, Spears, and Axes
-Swords, Knives, and Toys
-Head Items
-Hand Items

    Thursday, March 20, 2003

Coin Drops & Minor Fixes
Posted by: Marstead -- 10:23 PM EST

A big thanks to SquallMage for PMing me the coin drops for more than 6 caves. Thanks! Thanks to everyone else who has PM'd me with a drop, sorry I couldn't archive all of your names (my computer crashed a couple times while IRC was up).

Thank you as well to the few people who pointed out errors in the section, they have all been fixed. Of course, everyone who sent errors had the default chat name "NexusPlayer", so once again I have no one to give credit to.

Alright, the Boss Coin Drops are 75% complete! I only need the coin drops for the following caves:

-Rabbit 2
-Rooster 2
-Rat 2
-Horse 2
-Pig 2
-Snake 2
-Snake 3
-Sheep 3
-Tiger 2

Remember that any two bosses in the same cave drop the same amount of coins, so if you can only get one boss from a cave, go ahead and send its coin drop as it will be the same for the other boss. Thanks!

    Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Concerning Rare Drops
Posted by: Marstead -- 9:40 PM EST

People have confirmed from time to time a random drop of any of the 8 Mythic items from all Key bosses. This means that, for example, the Divine rooster could drop a Lucky coin, Battle helm, Tao stone, Ambrosia, Pearl charm, Scribe's pen, or (extremely rarely) a Magical dust. Rather than list all of these as the Rare/Unconfirmed drop for every Key Boss (and in some cases Item bosses), only the rare drop most common is inserted (such as a Lucky coin from Dog assassin).

I've fixed the Coin Drops for about 6 more bosses now. Keep PMing me them!

Monster Bug Fix
Posted by: TSWolf -- 7:40 PM EST

- Ox Gorer Drops 1.5k, Rooster 1 Drops 800 coins. (Deadman)
- Ravenous bird added. (Darthus)
- Nangen people do not drop money any longer (Yoshiki)
- Slush king drops Rusty shortsword rarely (Yoshiki)
- Blight thug no longer drops Silver coins (Yoshiki)
- Magic Rabbit is 5 exp (Yoshiki)
- Blood serpent and Blood leech drops fixed (Yoshiki)
- Lesser skeleton drops dark amber also.(Yoshiki)
- Aqua potion is green, not blue (Yoshiki)

Much thanks to Yoshiki for a very detailed report!

We're aware of the Mercenary drop situation and will be providing more accurate data soon.

Boss Coin Drop Amounts
Posted by: Marstead -- 4:37 PM EST

As you may have noticed in the recently completed Mythic Monsters section, at least 90% of the boss' coin drops are listed as "????". To help complete the list of coin drops, I need your help! If you find the coin amount for any boss (The Key & Item boss of any given cave always drop the same coin amount), go into #nexusatlas and private message me the boss' name and the amount of coins it drops, and I will make the correction as soon as possible.

PLEASE do NOT e-mail/n-mail/whisper the information to me, chances are I will be overwhelmed (and it is much easier to moderate submissions in Chat). PM me only, or if you can't access #nexusatlas, you can send them to me via AIM (SN: MarsteadTK).

Manual Dyes are back!
Posted by: Xuir -- 2:28 PM EST

Minotar wrote me this this morning:

" I've participated in the morning carnage today and we were told that manual dyes have been returned and are, or should be, working. No more stacking from autodye! We can blame the hosts again! Yay! "

Thanks Minotar for your n-mail.

NexusAtlas News

Weapon Corrections
Posted by: Rachel -- 2:50 AM EST

Old changes finally viewable! TS finally helped add in some new items and change some item names: Star sword, Nagnag ring, Sam san ju jak staff, Sam san hyun moo staff, and name changes on two of the Supple carpentry items.

--Nagnag Bow - Not BOD (Panthers

--Flamefang - Rooster Avenger drop (Spift) and Rat Avenger (TS)

And a few things I noticed that I missed from the last round of updates:
--New items: Candy box and Valentine bouquet (To be added in soon)

--Sam San JJ Staff - Typo on "mage"

--Il san and Ee san JJ staff - 50 to 10 might to wield

--Forsaken Blade - 100 to 110 might to wield. 1 million to 2 million durability

    Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Mythic Nexus Credits
Posted by: Marstead -- 10:01 PM EST

I'd like to thank...

KazTheWar & Soyeong: Horse3/Ox3/Pig3/Tiger3/Dragon3 Exp/Pics.
Corath & Sailortaurus: Help with Data Input.
Ieyasu: Ox2 Exp/Pics, other random caves.
Wahoogie: Snake2 Exp/Pics.
Kriaser: Snake2 Exp/Pics.
Kome: Error checking.
Yeang: Monkey 2 Exp.
Rachel: Several Boss/Sentry Exp/Pics.
Demolish & Iheal: Confirming a few Pics.

If I forgot you, let me know in Nexus!
Thanks alot, guys!

Mythic Nexus Section COMPLETE!
Posted by: Marstead -- 9:47 PM EST

Finally, the very section you've all been waiting for ever since Nexus Network first began is 100% Complete! Just click Monsters and you can browse through it.

If you notice any bugs or errors in the Mythic Nexus database, alert me in #nexusatlas (please do not email me).

    Monday, March 17, 2003

S'more new nexus features
Posted by: Xuir -- 4:26 PM EST

( UPDATE: I have been notified by several people via e-mail and n-mail that these features while fairly recent, are not brand spankin' new. They are about a week old. :P )

In addition to the control key, some more new nexus features improvements have been pointed out.

For one, your ignore list can now have more than five people on it. Want proof? I jokingly added many nexusatlas staffers to my ignore list:

Lastly, you can now move when prompting emotions, when using or eating something, when changing items and spell order, anything. Before, when your text bar was waiting for you to input commands, you were unable to move. Now, you can!

Thanks Nexon! And thanks SideLine for pointing this out!

NexusAtlas News

    Sunday, March 16, 2003

End of Chizao
Posted by: Rachel -- 7:35 PM EST

After about a year of maps and everything else, the long series of events seems to have finally come to an end. The Vortex weapons were used. The totems used their Tomb scrolls and Chizao was sealed away inside the tomb as the walls were caving in.

To see a Vortex weapon used on several tomb creatures as the walls were coming down, click here. (1.18MB)

And the reward for all the trouble:

Another Use For the CTRL Key
Posted by: Spift -- 11:14 AM EST

SunnyPun just posted this on the community board:
Another new key to use items is CTRL

Press CTRL and a letter and it uses it.

For example, if you want to eat Acorns on inventory B.
Press CTRL B.

Just found this out.


Eat faster items, used for heal outs in carnies/bloodlusts.
Instead of pressing U and then an item, you can hold CTRL
and use the items unlimitedly.


Final Graphics Packs Installing
Posted by: TSWolf -- 3:24 AM EST

As I write this, some of our final graphics packs are uploading for the new mythic monster section. A little bird tells me you should be seeing some mythic monsters soon! Stay tuneddddd.

    Friday, March 14, 2003

Bug Fixes This Morning
Posted by: TSWolf -- 11:58 PM EST

All monster bug fixes will not be listed today seeing as it is the first day it is up.. and normally that means its prone to bugs.. Starting tommorow we'll list bugs though.

- Berzerk, Whirlwind Vita amounts fixed (Olympio)
- Earthquake (Poet) is Level 74 (dadoggy)
- Bless is 3 antlers to learn (Warik)

Monster Section Released!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 10:42 PM EST

Nuff said. Check it out.

The Next Archive
Posted by: TSWolf -- 3:10 AM EST

At midnight tonight we will be releasing the next archive in Nexus Atlas. What will it be?

You'll have to wait and see.

Cmon down to the chatroom tonight at midnight for the unvieling!

Heck they've been testing the new section for a week already ;).

    Thursday, March 13, 2003

Finding Fish
Posted by: Xuir -- 12:01 AM EST

Hey guys - Xuir here. I noticed that as of recent there has been an explosion of "fishing" ever since Nexon added buyback options in several kingdom NPCs including the Fisherman in SunMoon Garden and the Chongun Kitchen. This has prompted fishing to become almost another skill if you will. Fishing has long been used to try to get rare items; and many people have claimed to have obtained rare items from fishing up to but not limited to - sevenleaf swords, flameblades, and moon helms.

The following was once again written by Greensky, a fishing expert. I noticed it posted on community and thought it might be helpful to share with the NexusAtlas community.

by Greensky

This fishing guide consists of the chances of catching certain kinds of fish, using the different options available. This is not a guide to how much money you can make off fishing, but can be helpful for this purpose as well.

"You seem to be putting on some weight. Your health begins to suffer from your laziness." -Slight decrease in Vita (1 Vita per message).

"You start to feel very guilty about fishing so much and ignoring your other responsibilities." -Slight decrease in Karma (Not known how much, but if only 1 Vita is taken from the message above, we can guess it's not much of a descrease at all!)

"Magical Fish rumor" -If you catch a "Magical Fish" (may not be possible now) you recieve two option, "Let it go" or "Keep it". If you choose "Let it go" you may get a rare book. -Recent proof (Screenshot) of a "Sea melodies" book has prooven that this rumor holds much truth.

"Death while fishing" -This rumor also has a strong possibility of being true, as many people have reported this. Apparently you can get "caught in fishing line" and die. Also, this may only happen while choosing the (1 gold) + (0 gold) option. If this is true, it is very rare! No proof of this yet though, so if this happens to you, take a screenshot!

"Fishing out rares" -This rumor was started a long time ago when someone claimed to have fished out a Seven leaf sword. Now people are spreading false information about catching Flameblades and such. This is VERY unlikely, and I advise you not to believe this rumor!

Fishing Guide
Note: You can sell 10 Boiled fish (cooked fish) for 5k at the Chongun Kitchen, located at 0059 0006 Dae shore. (Dae shore is located to the right of East gate Kugnae.)

-(Kugnae) 0025 0168 (Near Fox Cave)
-(Kugnae) 0176 0164 (SunMoon)
-(Buya) 0105 0088 (Near Palace)

Just a piece of string (1 gold) + None (0 gold)
-Average Success Rate
-Overall Slow Fish Gain

Type of Fish \ Rarity
Tiny Fish \ Common
Scrawny Fish / Average
Small Fish \ Rare
Tasty Fish / Rare
Large Fish \ Rare
Delicious Fish / Rare

Stick and String (10 gold) + Worms (5 gold)
-Average Success Rate
-Overall Average Fish Gain
*Recommended as best choice for making money (for all Food Prep levels)

Type of Fish \ Rarity
Tiny Fish \ Common
Scrawny Fish / Common
Small Fish \ Uncommon
Tasty Fish / Rare
Large Fish \ Rare
Delicious Fish / Rare

Stick and good string (100 gold) + Bugs (50 gold)
-Good Success Rate
-Overall Fast Fish Gain

Type of Fish \ Rarity
Tiny Fish \ Average
Scrawny Fish / Common
Small Fish \ Common
Tasty Fish / Rare
Large Fish \ Rare
Delicious Fish / Rare

Good stick and good string (1000 gold) + Gourmet bait (500 gold)
-Good Success Rate
-Overall Slow Gain
*Not recommended for anyone! (Even at Master food prep, you gain about 5k for every 30-40k you spend fishing at this level)

Type of Fish \ Rarity
Tiny Fish \ Average
Scrawny Fish / Average
Small Fish \ Common
Tasty Fish / Average
Large Fish \ Average
Delicious Fish / Average

NexusAtlas News

    Wednesday, March 12, 2003

EXCLUSIVE: Sea Melodies
Posted by: Xuir -- 6:37 PM EST

I don't know what to make out of this screenshot provided by Greensky and Audi. JCDJCD, a barbarian, claims to have obtained these 'Sea melodies' from a magical fish from fishing. This screenshot was allegedly taken by Audi seven months ago.

After speculation rumors, Greensky posted the following on comm:

" Yes indeed, it appears as if the "Magical Fish" rumor is true! I got a very convincing screenshot from Audi, with a newbie exchanging "Sea melodies" to Audi right at the Buyan fishing spot (near palace).

In case you are not familiar with this rumor, let me explain breifly. There is rumored to be a "Magical fish" which you catch rarely (This may not be possible any more). It will give you the option "Keep it" or "Let it go". If you choose "Keep it", you may get a "rare book" (which we now believe to be the "Sea melodies"). "

UPDATE: After the post of the above, Kiln says he too has recieved the Sea melodies, and that you let the fish go, not keep it, to get the reward. The book gives a little amount of mana.

Thanks to Greensky, Audi and Kiln for this information. We here at NexusAtlas will provide this screenshot, but will not confirm it's validity, although it is 900 KB (904 KB on disk) - whatever that means.


    Monday, March 10, 2003

Unlocking/Magical Cloth Throwing Guide
Posted by: Marstead -- 3:01 PM EST

ClickHere for Khamael's Tomb Composite Map that tells you where to drop keys to unlock.

Click Here for an illustration of where you should throw your Magical Cloth. (Red Lines point out what the Trigram Pattern looks like, everything inside the Blue Box is a fall area. Try to get close to the blue box border and throw the Magical Cloth into it.)

Tomb Scroll Fail Rate
Posted by: Marstead -- 2:01 PM EST

It seems (and this is confirmed by the Totems) that the Tomb Scroll has a Fail Rate.. I did it with the ChoonGan rune underneath me, standing in the very center of the Inner Tombs, and it worked. It has failed for others, though. If it fails you may need to purchase a Vortex weapon from someone, but we're not entirely sure yet.

UPDATE: To avoid failing, you MUST have a second rune in your inventory along with the rune you're standing on, or you WILL fail!

UPDATE: If you screwed up and didn't have a second rune in your inventory, either purchase a Blank scroll or use another character to get a Blank scroll for you to use.

EVENT FIX (For Unlocked People!)
Posted by: Marstead -- 1:18 PM EST

I can't believe I didn't think of this before!

THROW your Magical cloth onto the center tiles! Hahah, it works! :D You have to get up near the middle of one of the Dead End rooms and actually throw your Magical cloth onto it.

Thanks to Armisal for helping me test this!

    Sunday, March 9, 2003

Completed Event
Posted by: Rachel -- 9:03 PM EST

-Go to Lovers Lake [2/49 Arctic Village] and click on any of the totems
(If you did the shinho bul part, they give you karma)

-Say "Vortex" to Chu Rua [51/1 Dae Shore]

-Create Magical cloth in creation system(Shift+I):
Herb pipe(Can be at 1 puff), Fine cloth, & Hot coal(Coal+Flash dust in Creation system)

-Drop the Magical cloth in the center room where you drop keys
BUG: Currently does not work if you have unlocked the tombs
FIX: Get close to the middle of the room (you can see a line pattern on the floor, each line is either broken [--- ---] or unbroken [-------] and is about 3 spaces thick) and throw your cloth towards the center.

-Go back to totems and click on them

-Go to Yunsil tavern [63/136 Buya] and say "Teleportation"

-Say "Yunsil" to any inn keeper (Person you buy houses from)

-Go to Scribe mountain [174/94 Vale] with Yellow scroll, say "Erase" to turn it into Blank scroll. He will only do this once for you.
Warning: Chizao creatures still walk in vale if you're at lower levels

-Unlock the tombs with a Key set (Explaination should be somewhere in past news) Skip this if you have already unlocked.

-Go to the center of the room at the 4 pillars

-Drop ANY rune and make sure you have ANY second rune in your inventory.

-Use the Blank scroll while on top of the rune to get Tomb scroll

-Go to Totem, click and they will take it

-Go to Blood Smith in KaMing's with Amethyst, Blue Ring, and Fine steel dagger

-Say "Weapon", then yes (You may get more than 1 from him)

-Must wait until first day of the 9th Moon (Which is about one week, next Sunday if I counted right)

Warning: Blood says that using the weapon will cause damage to everything around, it may kill you on use. Deposit BODs on that day before trying
(His exact words are listed below)

However, it currently gives the message that it cannot be used.

All of this was done on my level 35 rogue. She does not have ambush.. it was not fun =/ So please enjoy. I assume the bug will be fixed in a day or two, so collect items now and do what it allows.

Event: Bugged?
Posted by: Marstead -- 5:05 PM EST

It seems that another event has begun with a nasty bug (as have almost every event before this year-long ChiZao story). Apparently, you are supposed to drop the Magical Cloth in one of the dead end rooms... The problem? If you've already unlocked it so you can fall to the Inner Tomb, it is impossible to drop the Magical cloth where you're supposed to without falling to the Inner Tomb. In other words, anyone who has done the event from the start (or unlocked themselves to go to the Inner Tomb with a Keyset) is incapable of continuing.

Hopefully Delphi will fix this soon.

Continuation to event!
Posted by: Corath -- 4:50 PM EST

1)Go to lovers Lake
2)Click your own totem.
3)Go to Chu Rua
4)Say Vortex
5)Obtain Hot coal, Herb pipe, and Fine cloth
6)USing creation system (shift I) Combine them
7)More to come
-Lethy and Valarion.

* Hot coal made by combining Coal (say Coal to Sanhae Blacksmith), and Flash dust (from carny shop).

    Saturday, March 8, 2003

Bugged Gamerooms!
Posted by: Lauz -- 2:05 PM EST

In regards to Xuir's post, Marama saged several times telling us not to go into any game rooms, here is a little note she posted on the Community board shortly afte he sages:

I repeat do not ENTER any game rooms. Delphi is working on them.
Send e-mail to if you have lost things from entering the game rooms. Explain to Delphi exactly what happened


The KimChon Bug ALERT
Posted by: Xuir -- 11:38 AM EST

Arguably one of the most harmful bugs of all time is rampant in the kingdoms. Do NOT enter the game rooms (it is rumored that the chess board is only affected) at all. It is apparent that the village of "KimChon" is causing this bug when entering game rooms, notably chess room.

Bug effects of the "KimChon Chess" bug people are reporting are:

- loss of all experience
- loss of all items
- loss of all spells
- loss of all KARMA.

If you are a victim of this bug, stay calm and e-mail and let him know, im sure they are working to correct this.

Thanks to Muckish for notifying me of this outside of Nexus. :)

NexusAtlas News

    Thursday, March 6, 2003

New Ranger Elder
Posted by: Xuir -- 8:45 PM EST

After a short time as Ranger elder, Johans bows out and hands the crown to Angelburn.

Angelburn is the new Ranger elder.


New Oceana Primogen
Posted by: Marstead -- 1:27 PM EST

Muckish sent me this.


Yuri 56, 6th Moon, 7th Sun

Druid Zinx, was accepted by the Prince and his Royal Tribunal as the new Primogen of Oceana Clan! The Prince would like to wish him and his clan, peace, stability and success. May this begin a new era of Koguryian Prosperity!

Onward, Azure Koguryo!

Lord Muckish
Royal Peace Minister


    Monday, March 3, 2003

Small Change...
Posted by: Corath -- 4:07 PM EST

Super Wasabi dye can now be obtained at Il san stats: 160k vita or 80k mana.

Yes, I got Il san stats today ^_^;

    Sunday, March 2, 2003

New Feature
Posted by: Spift -- 10:49 PM EST

After the reset last Friday, boopymon pointed out that while in the past, we can only say a certain phrase five times before it not registering (rahter hindering when crafting), we can now say the same thing as many times as we like. Again, thanks to boopymon to pointing this out.

    Saturday, March 1, 2003

Boreal-Growing Rapidly :: Oceana-Changing Rapidly
Posted by: Windis -- 11:46 PM EST

Dear Community,

This night, Jayme stepped down as Primogeness and left the position to Druid Zinx. Good luck Zinx, and as for Jayme-I wish you luck. Jayme has been Primogeness since they started, and has carried the clan for over seven months. Congradulations on your accomplishments.

As for Boreal, they have grown to 52 members! Primogen Cantare continues to represent the clan at the Tribunal. You can join the Boreal and become a part of their close community at

We're trying to expand the number of clan members, so learn about Boreal, and even consider joining.

Well, just trying to keep you up to date, and informing the new guys to the Boreal clan!