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Past News | February 2010

Past News
Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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February 2010

    Friday, February 26, 2010

Free Kruna
Posted by: Vini -- 1:21 AM EST
Today GM Mug posted that all registered accounts received free kruna. Autorenewal accounts got 200 kruna and non-autorenewal got 100 kruna. Along with that, 3 new items were released in item shop: a wig, a mantle and a necklace. here's how they look like:

An interesting combination is the Lapis Curious bow and Lapis curious dress. It reminds me of an interesting story figure. Could it be that the rabbit hole went as deep as into the Nexus wonderland?

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 30, Moon 4~

    Thursday, February 25, 2010

Posted by: Vini -- 11:43 PM EST
A new area to the northwest of Dae shore was found open today, it's called Sonjok'ada. This strange new found area has a newly built dock there where the supposed ship has probably docked. Will we see other ships docking there too? Time shall tell. Be sure to turn music on before you enter the new area.

To reach this new area, walk to 010, 000 in Dae Shore, cross the bridge near one of the 9 muses and you'll reach the docks to the north. Let's see if we can find more about this so called "captain" that was spotted there. Hopefully, he's not Bluestone's replacement.

Click image to see full map.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 29, Moon

Map from the desk of,

Server reset today!
Posted by: Musoyen -- 3:53 PM EST
The Dae shore has seen some activity as of late, with the recent bridge building and now rumors of a massive ship that supposedly docked near there for supplies, before is raised its anchor and sailed into the unknown. While a lot of these alleged sightings have been put down to gossip, one witness did draw a picture of what they believed was the captain (See sketch below) and another claimed he heard something about an "island of wonder". Right now information is limited but we suggest you keep your ears and eyes open for the future

Dreams and fixes:
Speed up the pets to keep up with the owner in a run.
- - The speed of your pets has been increased.

Large amount of complaints sent in tickets that buff players are taking over Tangun so I have made it that only players 80 or lower may enter these caves. I was afraid this would happen and that buff players would go in and kill everything for their drops so I have reduced it again but not as low.

The bosses for alliances always said in the past "Will you help us?" and you could choose "Yes, I will" or "No, I won't". No where in the quest did it say if you didn't help them that they would rip away your old legend mark and reduce your karma. Then the boss would say: "You are no friend of mine. We no longer have an alliance!".

I find that bad for players so I have fixed it to say the following: "Very well then. I hope you will change your mind in the future." with no loss of karma or legend marks. However you will still die a very bad death if you go to someone you are not allied with.


    Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tutor applications are open!
Posted by: Musoyen -- 3:02 AM EST
YappY is currently looking for the following:

Nagnang Poet Tutor
Buya Rogue Tutor
Buya Mage Tutor
Buya Warrior Tutor

To apply for one of these positions, you must:
- You must be a member of the path that you are applying for.
- You must have your character's legend listed on the Nexus
- You may not have any red justice marks, to be considered
for this position.

Applications will only be accepted until (( March 2, 2010 - 12:00am EST)). Late applications will be deleted. The subject of the letter should be the position you are trying to obtain.

Please send the following information to TutorApp:

-- Tutor Application --

1) Name:

2) Postition you are applying for:

3) Positive subpath brandings:

4) Negative subpath brandings:

5) Previous leadership experience if any (Positions held in
Kingdom etc. Please include references):

6) Subpath (if any):

7) Yuri Born/Real life length of time played (Time played
as this character/total length of time played on any

8) Level or Vita/Mana:

9) Average time and days on Nexus per week:

10) References (You must list at least three references.
Please check with people you will be using as references
before you list them):

11) List all of your alt. characters:

12) The reason why you want to be a tutor:

Comments (Anything important please put here):


NOTE: If you plan to use another character's position for any part of your answers (i.e. I was a judge on another character) you must list that character's name. The same applies to comments such as "I've been playing for 4 years on different characters".

All character names and pertinent information will be kept confidential. Every applicant will be personally informed of the outcome.

Should you have any questions, please contact YappY or the Tutor Archon.


Aeon's dream response
Posted by: Musoyen -- 2:57 AM EST
Aeons, whom I assume is the Archon of dreams (the guide post does not list him), recently posted a lengthy list of dreams that will come true, dreams that might come true, and dreams that just.. well, won't come true. The list is a perfect start and you can always add more by posting to the dreams board.

"This is a list of feasible ideas I collected in the past month and checked if they would be able to come true or not. I would like to thank everyone who posted their suggestions for nexus improvement in this board and would like to encourage others to do so. Please understand that due to the many posts that are done and the extended length of some of them, I'm not able to reply to each one of them individually, but I do read them all and take everything in consideration when forwarding to approval."

Dreams that have been done recently:
- Changes to Tangun restrictions to players over level 50
- More wigs to purchase from Item shop

Dreams that will be done soon:
- Bunny dress to match with Bunny toy (There's no bunny
dress, but a new one coming in easter)
- New metal and more incentive to high levels smelters
(Coming soon)
- Sa san Rogue's vita attack be fixed (Working on it)
- Upgrade Item Shop layout to show same items with different
colors in same slot (It's in the plans)
- Put every Kruna shop items available together or at least
double/triple the options available (when item shop
page is updated)
- increase the exp of Woodland caves to make the difficulty
worth a decent reward (Will happen at some point)

Dreams that will be done but require much time and work:
- Vita and Mana bars for group members.
- Auction House option to be sold when player isn't online
or active
- Option to stretch the Group tab as it's possible to do
with Items tab and Spells tab
- Fix the Friends list option to show when friends log on.

Dreams that will be looked into:
- Speed up the pets to keep up with the owner in a run.
- Option to cancel Sam san repair to avoid aethers when
someone disconnects
- Restore the Might requirement to items/weapons stats
- Ring to Ancient Training Grounds
- Ring to Woodlands caves
- Sa san Mage paralyze reduce mana cost a bit
- Coronal Helmets stop showing real hair beneath the brown
one (Will be looked into, would require a patch)
- Item shop bag for food preparing and chef (Will be looked
into along with other changes for these skills)

Dreams that are not going to happen at this time:
- Add "Invalid name" when whispering names that don't
exist, instead of "nowhere to be found"
- Suggestion to reduce carnage wins waiting time to 16
hours or 12.
- Aethers for Push in carnage games
- Kruna item to increase the boost of Totem time
- Poet +AC spell for lower levels (lesser form of Scourge)
- Make max. people in groups larger up to 20 (Can't be
done at this time)
- If a Rogue leaves an area (or dc) the traps are removed
with him (Not possible now/hard to happen)

Dreams that won't come true:
- Sa san Poets get high aethered room scourge
- Poet backflow for inspire and restore
- Balance the spawns and drops from the other rooms of the
cave compared to last room
- Reduce Invoke aethers by 3 seconds
- A room in Mythic Tiger that doesn't have falls
and becomes the bottom of the cave
- Get experience from crafting
- Sa san Warrior's vita attack be fixed (Nothing wrong
with it)
- Ability to choose wake up tiles in Clan halls similar
to subpath circles choice (Can't be done)
- Move masks to Face slot instead of head slot (Can't
be done)
- block sage and mentor spell usage in non-saging areas
instead of casting Aethers (Won't be changed. Was written
to be like that)
- Give the dead an option to accept or refuse being
ressurected by another player (Can't happen due to
programming issues)
- Remove the "New accounts must wait 3 months to use the
gift option" (not possible due to all the chargebacks got
from people)
- More serious penalty to repeated offenders of "Serious
other crimes" (Can't have something specific for each jail

"I shall have another list like this soon with some of the most recent Dreams, so if your idea was posted recently and wasn't answered in this list, please wait for a next list." (Quote of Aeons)


    Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Primogen of Heavens clan!
Posted by: AkiKan -- 4:13 PM EST

Killashandra has been chosen to lead the Clan of the Heavens as their new Primogen. The Primogen Whiteheart, has step down and has become the Clan's Advisor.

Good luck to Killashandra as the new Primogen, may her reign be longer and filled with luck.

From the desk of,

    Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Tiger Primogen
Posted by: Musoyen -- 2:09 AM EST

A few weeks ago, the Tiger clan was placed on lockdown for various unknown reasons, with the previous primogen and primarch overthrown from their positions.

To fill the position of Primogen is Judge Logorin!

Good luck on your new position!


    Friday, February 19, 2010

Server reset today!
Posted by: Musoyen -- 1:46 PM EST
Today, mug reset the servers to remove the valentines chocolates that were in the game. He also posted a bit regarding the new area he is working on and what aspirations he has to get the project finished.

New area, as posted by mug:
I am still working on new quest and monster caves as well as the way to get to the new area. This week I put in another 5 quest, 2 more hunting caves, more crafting skills, working on minor bugs that were found from testing and the new way to get to the area (which is something very new to the game). I am still trying to figure out what server I will place the new area on because it is quite large and I need to make sure there is plenty of space so that player do not feel any lag when it comes out. I am still looking to release the first part of this area soon (yes soon, as in a month or less not next year.) Then I will begin work on part 2 of the area. So far testing has gone very well and we havenít found to many problems. I will look forward to everyone checking it out when it does come out and reporting any issue they find. That is about all the news I have for the area. I should have post up soon showing some of the areas so you get a teaser! Until that time thank you for hanging in there till I get it done.

Missing Muse map has been added.
Flight of Fancy


Inertia keeps saying, "Eye of an eye" and "Aye, aye, aye..." So make sure you don't get Inertia angry or you will pay with your eyes.

Valentines has been removed as well as the candy and flowers.


Images from the desk of,

    Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Wedding of MiHi and Cheyn
Posted by: Musoyen -- 10:08 PM EST

The ceremony of MiHi and Cheyn.

Myself posing with both Mayor Cheyn and Lady MiHi.

As the clock struck nine, guests began pouring in to the Chapel of Kinung. The silk carpet, laced with the eternal glowing of stardrops and flowers gave off an embracing welcome. The scent of Yuri's love and Pink mungunghwa filled the air with the smell of Spring while the candles burned a light cinnamon smell. As the guests circled the bride and groom to be, waiters handed out fresh fish and beef.

While people feasted, Lady Killeh performed a reading for the couple-to-be with her preferred method of dice throwing. With the first toss, Killeh had rolled a one. "A one is a bad sign, complication in the future. Look at your situation twice". Not such great news to start. With the second toss, Killeh had rolled a two. "New plans and ideas are to come, perhaps they will bring good fortune. That's more like it! As the news began to get better, Killeh threw her die for the last time. The die had landed on a five. "I believe, with what the three die rolls have told me, you may get off to a rocky start in your marriage, but you will find a way, using your best ideas and find yourselves happy with in your marriage and the future together. As her performance wrapped up, both Killeh and WhiteLightnin awarded MiHi and Cheyn a mark of revealed fortunes.

As people were finishing their meals and sipping on their tea, SandPaper stepped up to recite a poem for the young couple.

"The bride, a woman of grace and captivating beauty,
The groom, to protect and cherish her is his duty.
A man of such bravery and much compassion,
To keep him robust, this will be her fashion.

We are here today to see this couple unite,
On golden wings does this love take flight.
A perfect couple of enchanting bliss,
Two worlds will collide, upon when they kiss.

Soon to be one in the same, and forever to be,
Entwined as one in perfect harmony.
May they forever be satisfied with each other,
Blessed by the Sun, the Moon and the stars of Azure.

I express my soul with this simple cliche,
And their love, I simply cannot portray.
From this day forward, is the start of their future to gait,
That no amount of hardships will ever desecrate.

May Cheyn always nurture MiHi's spirit.
May MiHi's love forever have surfeit.
Let us celebrate today and fill it with gaiety,
And remember this day as a future gateway!"

Both MiHi and Cheyn were extremely gratified and thankful for the wonderful poem. Concluding SandPaper's reading, the ceremony had officially begun. JooChan, the Chapel minister helped tie the eternal knot between the two lovers, uniting them on the 29th Hyul, of the coldest season. As the ceremonies concluded, guests and the lovers began to head outside towards the theatre. Blocking the path were members of the Shaman path who had vile words to spill for the couple. MiHi, having none of this on her wedding night, began screaming at Izabella and her posse to get out of her way at once.

MiHi screaming at Izabella in frustration.

Despite the foul words, Cheyn, MiHi and their guests made it to the theater. The Muses performed a wonderful cabaret. The celebrations continued, and the feast was most excellent. The decorations, which were set up by both SandPaper and Loxeh were lovely and many people complimented on the design. All in all, it was a night to remember and a wedding that many people will not forget. The power of love is strong and we wish the new couple many years of happiness and joy together.


Gong Hei Fat Choi
Posted by: AkiKan -- 9:23 AM EST

From the desk of,

Happy Valentine's Day
Posted by: AkiKan -- 9:00 AM EST

From the desk of,

    Friday, February 12, 2010

You're all invited!
Posted by: Musoyen -- 2:30 PM EST
Today, Mihi, the bride to be of Cheyn, posted on the Community events board inviting everyone from far and close to her wedding. Men wear your best tuxedos, and ladies, don't forget the makeup!

"The Mayor of Kinung and his future bride invite the citizens of all Nations to attend their blessed union on the Eighth Sun of the First Moon of the Thirtieth Hyul in The Kinung Chapel.

Guests are welcomed in good faith and are expected to behave in a respectful manner throughout the ceremony and festivities.

(( The wedding will be performed on February 14th at 9pm EST. ))"

Wedding Schedule.

Diviner Killeh will preform a reading for Cheyn and MiHi to bless their union.

Lady SandPaper will recite a poem written for the bride and groom.

The ceremony starts.

The ceremony ends. The Muse Cabaret will start in the Kinung theater.

Elder Caera will host a new Druid herbalism event in Kinung.


    Thursday, February 11, 2010

Server reset today!
Posted by: Musoyen -- 7:33 PM EST
The Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

More major updates and bug fixes for new area
Major update for Muse
Updates for Valentines items for shop release today and tomorrow.


    Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Archon's forum -- Ping!
Posted by: Musoyen -- 12:14 AM EST

Tonight's forum was a success and many questions were both asked and answered.

Q: I know we are not allowed to have a mining area update for clans. I'm wondering why?
A: Mining area updates for clans are not approved because you clannies need to get out of your halls and do more stuff outside of your clan. Your clan is not your kingdom!

Q: Are the Archons not allowed to be in public or is that just by choice?
A: Archons go out into the community when they are working on something pertaining to their tasks. We also go out into the public for special occasions but as a rule we do not go out into the community.

Q: When will Nagnang be able to do Defender Ceremonies again?
A: Very soon! With ChaeRi's appearance in the lands things are moving forward and you should see some work in these areas with help from the Order.

Q: When will we get to see the new item shop items that came out with the new patch like the one in the NexusAtlas avatars?
A: Eventually.

Q: Will Kinung be fully taking over RP events or will clans and subpaths still be a part if they request or try to do it?
A: Clans and Subpaths are free to do any RP events they want if they do not require upper-level support, I'm willing to listen to your ideas and try to help, but keep in mind that there are a lot of ideas out there and we can't do everyone's. I do however want to do whatever I can to help you guys improve the state of RP.

Q: If we have an event idea who do we send it to?
A: Well, Daejang pretty much just answered that. He or myself can take the ideas, and as he said, don't be insulted if we cannot use them, as there is a lot going on right now and any event requiring support from mug is very time consuming.

Q: When will the subpaths be able to actually receive their subpath requests and why was it stopped in the first place?
A: Subpath requests were submitted in pages and pages of long nmail and this takes a long time to not only review but also to be implemented. So it would take some time for your request to be done.

Q: Are there any plans to add weapons or clothing with stats to the item shop that players can buy?
A: Not at this time.

Q: Why hasn't the sa san rogue spell been fixed yet?
A: It is being worked on but there have been a lot of problems.

Q: Would you consider lifting the policy on the refusal of applicants to the Ministry when they're affiliated with a clan that has "too many.."?
A: Not at the time.

Q: Will donation NPC's be fixed for clans anytime soon?
A: Still trying to fix it.

Q: Any plans to upgrade spells for non-NPC paths?
A: Not at this time.

Q: Why orange?
A: We live close to the sun and bathe in its rays, and thus we have this characteristic color!

Q: Can you please ask MiSun nicely if she would be so kind as to release some scarlet/blood red wings for this Valentine's day?
A: You'll have to wait and see!

Q: Why did you separate RP from the kingdoms to Kinung? Why not endorse RP outside of it?
A: The intention of Kinung is not to segregate RPers from the rest of the game, but rather to provide a place where RPers can go and know everyone else there who wants to RP. We do not mean for RP to be discouraged outside of Kinung, and in fact our events generally try to involve outside areas and organizations.

Q: Do we have any new carnage mini games planned? Example: Lixir, FH
A: Yes, we are planning to release something new soon, we are currently still testing and adding additional features to it.

Q: Can we ever expect a new subpath for each class to be released/allowed?
A: This might be possible, if you have a good RP background for an idea. However subpaths will undergo more thorough and stricter evaluation before given the green light and it won't be as easy as getting a clan official, if you know how hard that already is.

Q: Will the item creation function have a use besides lanterns? Are there any items that can currently be made besides lanterns right now?
A: There are many more waiting for an existing quest.

Q: About how much time per week do you spend doing Archon duties?
A: This depends on the Archon how many request they have, how much mail they have, and any follow up they need to do I would say most spend several hours a day working on things.

Q: Will it be sold in the Kruna shop?!?
A: Sure, why not.

Q: Will the item shop ever implemented a system to let us try on items before we buy them?
A: As lovely as that might be, it is not something that will be implemented in the neat future.

Q: When will Buya have another Defender Ceremony?
A: It's at the discretion of the Princess and the Ministry.

Q: If there are so many archons, how come I can walk around and see people who buy/sell/bot/ect and never any archons to stop them?
A: If you check the scum board you will see lots of players who are caught doing things by the Archons and most are jailed for bots and third party. As a rule we do not just walk around looking for things. We respond to complaints.

Q: Q: Will subpaths ever get anything up to par with vortex items or others that are more superior? It'd probably help RP if there were a reason to do it other than some useless items/'neat' spells.
A: The game was originally developed with NPC paths to be the 'hunting paths'. Subpaths received lots of updates to 'balance' them over the years.

Q: Who picks who is to be a judge/archon, and is it monitored to stop corruption?
A: The head judge picks the judges, and as far as archons go, it depends on the players themselves.

Q: Who do we report a bad name to?
A: If the player is under level 15, chances are we already got them. If it is a higher level player and you feel it is a bad name it is best to nmail Dalnum or Habaek.

Q: I've noticed the justice system has been really sluggish, taking weeks to follow through on reports and end in jailing.. Why not add more Judges?
A: The number of judges id determined by the Head Judge and the amount of time it takes for them to be trained is very long, also finding judges is not an easy task but they do the best they can.

Q: Are there any plans to make the trip to Tangun cheaper?
A: Yes, we are working very hard to make it cheaper and we are almost there with finding a way to get you there cheaper than the current prize of "free".
Mug: Tangun is free now.

Q: Why does it take so long to approve a map for an upgrade?
A: Quite simply, there are many things that go into a map besides being pretty. Without going into the technicalities, EVERYTHING must be inspected to ensure it not only looks right, but functions in the way it suppose to.

Q: Will carnage's ever be automated?
A: Never

Q: Will clans ever be removed from the game as they slip below the 100 player count?
A: If clans have a member count of less than 50, then yes. If Primogens/council forget to report to tribunal meetings several times w/o notice, YES.

Q: Can we look forward to any brand new events to keep us occupied through the next few months?
A: Yes! We have a few smaller ideas for the near future, including one going on right now. Once the new area is released, we will be able to start executing some larger ideas as well.

Q: Why now is there such a big deal about elders removing members who have been inactive?. Why do they have to go through such a large process just to remove someone?
A: Removal of inactive members are all up to the elders. However, the Elders must inform the removed members in order to make sure that the reason behind the removal is legit.

Q: Will arrow quivers made from crafting ever be able to be sold to NPCs?
A: This is very possible, and should be posted on dreams so work on implementing it can be started on as soon as possible.

Q: Will the little chick eggy things on Saeoh's head ever be released?
A: Yes, at Easter!

Q: When will the Tangun caves policy be set back to where it use to be?
A: Right now the changes were to benefit the newer players into seeing the rest of the game. If you have suggestions please post them on dreams.

Q: Why does an Il San mage have to join a subpath (Dog, Shaman, Diviner, or Geomancer) to be able to learn their spells?
A: This game is built around roleplaying, PC, or NPC. Therefore a player must select a subpath that suits his roleplaying best in order to learn specific spells, or else he'd have to advance without any.

Q: Is it possible to be banned from a PC subpath?
A: Yes, every subpath has their own policy in accepting walkers.

Q: Any plans to allow players to have more than 4 slots per account?
A: Send that idea to business support. It's not an in-game thing we deal with.

- Musoyen
Image contributed by AkiKan :)

    Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine's LOVE Letters o/` <3
Posted by: AkiKan -- 10:44 PM EST
This was posted on the Immortals' Bounty board by
Archon Sungil
Valentine's LOVE Letters o/` <3

Task: With the theme of 'The Mythic Bosses' in mind, write your best, most hilarious, most sincere, most loving love letter!

Send entries to: Sungil

Entries will be posted on this board. The Immortals will vote on their favorite letters.

Contest runs from February 1st to February 14th

One entry per account.
Entries should be your original work.

Prize: Winners will receive Kruna to their accounts.
1st - 1000 Kruna; 2nd - 800 Kruna; 3rd - 500 Kruna

Good luck, everyone! Have a lovely Valentine's Day!



My Draggy-poo,

How I have missed you so! Your shiny scales shimmering in the moonlight. How my eyes long to sparkle in their light! Your searing flame to keep me warm?

Oh, where have you been, my Draggy-poo? Since that shining wisdom star brought those to your cave, you've been so distant, so rare. It feels like it has been forever since you held me tight in your crushing claws. Please, be mine!

With love,
Your Snuggle-wuggle bunny <3

-Pawn of Nagnang

From the desk of,

Re-Opening of Subpath News
Posted by: AkiKan -- 6:10 AM EST
Hello reads of NexusAtlas.

I have brought back the Subpath news page. It was time to dust of all the dust it had been collecting over the years. Each Elder of his or her own path will be the Paths reporter. When you click the little button where it says subpaths, it will take you the Subpath news page.

So far we have the Elders of
Monk (LiShen) Druid (Caera) Shaman (Humma) Barbarian (XItachiX) Merchant (LeAnnder) Ranger (Michike) Geomancer (Glacial) Chongun (Guldar)
Muse (Soleil)

If your in a subpath and you don't see your path on here. Tell your elder to reply to the messages that were sent to them.

That's all for now.

From the desk of,

17th Elder of the Barbarians
Posted by: AkiKan -- 1:22 AM EST
The Elderess Consequence stepped down and has pasted on her title to the newest Elder XItachiX.

We wish good fortunes for the new Elder. And hope the best for Consequence, on what she plans to do.

From the desk of,

Thank you to KeLLa for the update.

    Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine's Festivities
Posted by: Musoyen -- 6:35 PM EST
Valentine's is around the corner and to celebrate the holiday, festivities are back once again. To receive one of these goodies walk up to a butterfly in any of the three kingdoms and say "I love you, (red/pink/white) butterfly."

The butterflies will drop random goodies for you to enjoy.

Chocolate Cake ~ Gives you 100% vita fill

Red Candy Box ~ Dance with your partner!

Chocolate Heart ~ Share a kiss with your partner!

Valentine Chocolate ~ Gives you 100% mana fill

Valentine's flower ~ For holding (wield)

Some of the chocolates cast rather unique spells that are unique to watch and enjoy. Some will cast a kiss emote while others will cast a dance emote. Face your partner or a friend and use candies to cast them together.


Server reset, Monday, February 8
Posted by: Musoyen -- 4:14 PM EST
Today the Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

Valentines is here with the butterflies

More major updates for new area

Melted snow on Dae shore. (The snow on this map remained from the last reset.)


    Saturday, February 6, 2010

Archon's Forum
Posted by: Musoyen -- 5:03 PM EST
On Tuesday, February 9th, at 11pm EST/8pm PST, the Archon's will be holding an open forum to answer the public's questions. You will be able to access the location of the Archon's forum at the coordinates (16,16) in Islets. You will arrive at a map called Weaver of Dreams. This will be an Archon forum, so no questions regarding new game content will be answered. On the day of the forum, the Archon's will notify the public of where they can send their questions to be answered that night. There is also a possibility that not all questions will be answered.

What?: Archon's Forum
Date: Tuesday, Feb. 9th, 8pm PST/11pm EST
Location: Weaver of Dreams
--> Access location: Islets (16,16)

See you there!


Cheyn and MiHi set to wed!
Posted by: Songa -- 4:03 PM EST
Last night, a special Dinner Theater was held by the
Muse Guild of Buya by Cheyn's request. The play was
a story of strange love, and how it can conquer all odds.
Perhaps it was inspiration from the play, or perhaps love
simply was in the air! But either way, at the end of the play,
Cheyn dropped to his knees and asked a question that will
change is life forever!

Congratulations go out to both Cheyn and his soon-to-be bride MiHi!
May you belong to one another forever, 'till death do you part..

The question on everyone's minds certainly is who exactly is MiHi?
And what does this new marriage mean for our Kingdoms? We
cannot forget the tragic and troubling stories of Malady and
King Yuri, as well as Hozonsho and Qantao. Although, we
also remember the story of The Four Seasons, and the love
Kiyuu and Shoshun shared. I am personally hoping for the best,
but only time will tell!

    Friday, February 5, 2010

Server reset, Friday, February 5, 2010
Posted by: AkiKan -- 4:53 PM EST
The Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

Not much to report, just been working on new crafting skills, making many more hunting areas, fixing small bugs that were found and adding many new things to the new area. People who are testing are enjoying and say this is bigger then any thing they expected.
This new area is hundreds of new maps, hunting areas, many new quests, all new monsters, and all new items. Things are still looking good for March release.

Nagnang and Kinung snow should be melted now.

Minor fix for missing Jingle muffs if you lost them please send a ticket (if you have not done so) and they will be replaced for all characters who lost them.

From the desk of,

    Monday, February 1, 2010

Staff of the Element Quest
Posted by: AllyGator -- 2:22 AM EST
Staff of the Element Quest Walkthru.

While some people never have a problem following our walkthru, others nearly go crazy trying to figure out where they have gone wrong! I recently discovered that there are several different outcomes along the way that player maybe experience and that our walkthru may not be that helpful. The link above is to the walkthru which has been updated with a note asking for information about differences you have found. I have done the quest to completion twice and to the point of making all of the items on 6 alts. All either of those followed the walkthru as written. Please contact me in the game or by email by clicking my name above this article.

Hyul 29, 9th Moon