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Past News | February 2008

Past News
Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

Our news software, Coranto, has a bug which makes it purge links to news articles more than two years old. What is left of programmers who volunteer their time to support this software do not know why this bug occurs. We manually index older news pages in our Archived News section.

February 2008

    Friday, February 29, 2008

Ancient Training Grounds Drops
Posted by: AllyGator -- 12:03 AM EST
Creature drops (max held = 5):
- Confines talisman: Harden Body
- Dark Despair talisman: Desperate Attack (Ka~!)
- Eclipse Talisman: Invoke
- Life Spring Talisman: Heals 1/3rd of your vita (depends on stats)
- Trance Talisman: Endear
- Vengeance Talisman: Amber Flames (12-way Hellfire)

Thanks to lWindSentryl for Vengeance Talisman hellfire
- Wind Strike Talisman: Kwi-Sin Whirlwind with overflow (damage depends on stats)

Boss Drops:
- Admiral's Talisman - Flametongue Boss - Nagnang Entrance
Reported to be a full heal for the user.
- Omphalos Saseum Boss casts Room Paralyze - Wilderness Entrance
- Gri-yal Talisman - Yamour Boss - casts Room Zap (spell name unknown) - Buya Entrance
- Aklak's Talisman - Grizzly Boss - casts Room Scourge - Kugnae Entrance

~ Thanks to Innuo for Room Scourge image

    Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ancient Training Grounds & Server Reset
Posted by: Vini -- 5:06 PM EST
Just a while ago the Kingdom of winds had another big storm causing quite a few changes to the lands. Here's the list of what's new posted in Dream Weaver's board:

The Ancient Training Grounds has opened again. The Grounds were split up into different maps (This was to remove the large amount of people on one big map and should remove the lag of monsters from last time). Each map can be found by going to the appropriate area. Locations can be found in Kugnae, Buya, Nagnang, and Wilderness. Enjoy the time to train and gain skill as you fight wild monsters of the Ancient times!

Clan, Army & Ministry additions and fixes:
* Statues for Nagnang were moved per request from Ministry.

Subpath additions and fixes:
* Minor fix for Do

* Minor update for new Carnage event
* Minor update for Sa san
* Minor update for item shop
* Purple potions had to be removed again due to a spell that allows players to change color while on in the event. This is why purple potions are not allowed.
* Minor update for Archons
* Tangun seems to be very stable now and was moved back to the Mythic server.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 14, Moon 4~

Nexus Atlas Connection Update
Posted by: AllyGator -- 12:54 PM EST
You may want to pass the word to people who say the site is down. It's not but one of routers is. This particular router was malfunctioned in the past and traffic from Eastern USA and South America couldn't connect. If you use a proxy server it should be fine if laggy.

I talked to them again this morning and our CPU usage is down considerably. They are going to monitor our usage for 24 hours and we'll take it from there.

A big THANK YOU to all of you who have email, nmailed and reached me via messenger for your support and offers to help out. It means the world to me (and I maybe hitting some of you up!)

Thanks to everyone for your patience as we, once again, work through the problems.


Hard times ahead
Posted by: AllyGator -- 12:38 AM EST
I've put off posting about this and have been talking to various staff members about how to save Nexus Atlas.

We've outgrown our basic hosting plan because we're such a popular site! We've got an enormous amount of activity and more users come every day. I've been given a 72 hour deadline to fix a problem that is consuming too much CPU time for a shared server.

I've had a few experts go over our scripts and processes. They have found nothing out of the ordinary. We're within our storage and bandwidth limits however we are using almost 20% of the shared server's CPU. Our web host recommends that we move to a dedicated server. I currently pay $100 a year for this service but moving to a dedicated server with their company can be $35 to $99 a month! That's a burden I cannot handle.

I'm still working with my host provider to come to a resolution. If the worst case happens, this site could be down by tomorrow morning.

If this cannot be resolved and we're forced to find another host, it maybe be another case of too much is a good thing. We may have to resort to asking for donations if we move to a monthly VPS or dedicated host plan but even an extremely cheap one is probably outside my ability to pay. Our only other options would be to remove content or restrict access. I will never restrict access and I'd hate to cut back on services.

I still have hopes of finding the problem but the deadline is approaching. I give you my promise that Nexus Atlas will return if the host shuts us down but I cannot say how long it will take. You can always reach me in the game by nmailing AllyGator.

    Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Zafirah is now Cup
Posted by: Vini -- 12:54 AM EST
It was announced yesterday via nexus-wide sage that the Content Manager Zafirah has changed her name to "Cup". It is still not known if she's marrying Mug and having vial baby Jars. What is known is that they have a co-worker called Stein and probably they all sleep in Urns.

So well, whenever people see a post from Cup in Dream Weaver now, they shall know that it is the Content Manage formally known as Zafirah posting it.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 14, Moon 3~

P.S. We just found out that KRU stands for Kontainers 'R Us!

    Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Chancellor of Nagnang!
Posted by: Aens -- 12:48 PM EST
Yesterday it was announced from the archons that a new Chancellor of Nagnang has finally been chosen. The person that was selected for such a great task was Haein-Sa Magdeline . Congratulations to her and we hope that your reign is a great one.

Haein-Sa Magdeline

Hyul 14

    Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Reset Changes & New Kruna Items
Posted by: Aens -- 6:16 PM EST
Today's reset has ended with Valentine's quest as promised, but it has brought quite a few other interesting changes as well as new Kruna Item shop options.

Here's the official list posted on Dream Weavers board listing the changes:

Valentine and Pepero have gone of into the Sunset! They want to thank each of you for working so hard to find them love. They hope to see you again next Valentines!

Clan, Army & Ministry additions and fixes:
* Dharma clan receives small update
* Imperial Promenade gets fixed
* Phoenix clan receives (Face changer on merchant Phoenix Rezzie, Broadcast Events on merchant Cassie, 10 more Ginko trees in their Fen-Huang room.)

Subpath additions and fixes:
* Do Sam san name was fixed should be updated in about a week

* Major update for new Carnage event
* Minor update for Qantao
* Minor update for item shop
* Can now take purple potions to Carnage

The Kruna Item shop has various new items available:
Head Accessories:
Baladi hair (13 types) - 150 Kruna
Moth Antenna (31 types)- 90 Kruna
Butterfly Antenna (31 types) - 100 Kruna
Mantle Accessories:
Baladi lace (13 types)- 120 Kruna
Moth wings (31 types) - 300 Kruna
Coat Accessories:
Baladi dress (13 types) - 450 Kruna - Muses will love it!
Foot Accessories:
Baladi shores (1 type) - 100 Kruna

Hyul 14, 2nd Moon

Edited by Vini

Free Kruna and Last day of Valentine
Posted by: Vini -- 3:27 AM EST
Yesterday afternoon, Mug announced in nexus-wide sage that he would be giving out for free 200 Kruna for each registered member on auto-renew and 100 for the other registered one. Nowhere else it was announced, but those who go check their Kruna amounts will find out this wonderful surprise.

In other hands, people should be warned that today is the last day scheduled for people to be able to do the valentine's quest. Those who haven't finished yet, should rush on doing so. The full walk-through of it can be found under our past news.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 14, Moon 2~

Instrument of Love
Posted by: Aens -- 2:04 AM EST
     Sunday night the Merchant Casino witnessed an amazing exchange. Betting a treasure for love, Merchant Scholar Sabe tossed a single coin. A crowd of on-lookers watched as the coin came to rest upon the floor. "Tails," he cried! Diviner Guide and Ambassador of Nagnang Elyra, laughed as she held out her hand to claim her prize.

     Sabe held out his hand to relinquish his treasure. The whole crowd was shocked when he declared his love to the victor and was further scandalized when the lady proclaimed hers as well. When the words dropped from her lips like a lead weight, the spectators immediately turned their gaze to Elyra's infuriated husband Beilek, Merchant Guide and Enigma Primarch.

     Sources near the scene tell me that the prize was a treasure brought back to Koguryo by Merchant Kieara who was causing her own scene. She has been harboring an infatuation for Elder Living and chose this very public occasion to make it known.

     The calamity continued later that at the Dragon's Head Pub at the Nangen K'urimja hall. Furious husband Beilek shouted at a wife who brazenly ignored him for her new boy toy while a drunken Keaira slurred her love to Living.

     In the following days, the Chronicles of the Winds has been flooded with proclamations of unrequited love. Citizen bystanders whisper that there is something amiss and that it may be related to the prize that Elyra has been so solicitous of. Others just shake their heads at the frightening loss of morality in the kingdoms these days.     

((Be sure to make it to the next event Thursday Feb 21st at 9pm Est))

((Thank you to Elyra for the information!))

Hyul 14, 2nd Moon

    Monday, February 18, 2008

New Primogens in the lands
Posted by: Hatiki -- 12:25 AM EST
Tonight, Primogeness MesoCute stepped down from her position in Oceana and has passed leadership to Nexus Atlas' very own Head Editor and a previous leader for the clan, Vini.

Also, there has been another shift of power in primogen field tonight. The Heavens Primogen, Zarkh, who has led the clan for 30 yuris, has promoted Primarchess Raushawna to become the 16th leader of Heavens Clan. The former primogen now resides as a primarch of the clan.

Congratulations to Vini once again in his third time leading Oceana clan and Congratulations to Raushawna on her first time serving on such position for Heavens clan. May their time as Primogen be of much success. Special thanks to Mesocute and Zarkh for their much work and help to these two great clans of Nexus.

-Hatiki Sudeki
-Hyul 14, 1st Moon

    Sunday, February 17, 2008

Where they keep the slaves
Posted by: Vini -- 2:57 PM EST
It seems some of the younger members of the community are confused about the slavery denounce of yesterday. Some didn't even know it existed and refrain from believing in it unless they see with their own eyes. So here I'll explain how to go to the Ogre camp and see with your own eyes the truth we for long time denied to exist.
The Western forest entrance is in Wilderness. Before going there, grab an Axe which will be needed to cut through thick bushes. The entrance can be found near Forever tree entrance.

The entrance to the western forest and Ogre camps, needs to cut through the thick bushes there with an axe.

Once to the other side of the bushes people might already start looking for slaves. They walk from north camp to south camp and vice-versa. Slaves don't talk nor answer to you. They've learned to remain mute in order to survive in this hostile environment. Be careful to not hit them, they've been treated under so poor conditions that they could fall dead to even small attacks. By going this way people will find that slaves truly exist and that have been forced to work for ogres for almost 30 yuris as we ignored their existence.

Touch the arm of one the humans there to see the truth - they're marked as slaves.

To the south there's a small pen of ogres, fierce and strong, be careful when entering it because they can easily kill anyone who goes there and isn't careful. To be able to cross the fences into the south camp, one must pretend to be a slave. How is it done?

Ogres to the south can easily kill people in normal clothing. Be careful!

Must allow to be captured by ogres, wear no clothes, weapons, armors or items and allow to be picked for work. Inside the camps people may not wear anything but the slave garb(dress) given to them and must keep mouth shut at all times. Ogres are very strict with the rules they input to slaves and punish anyone who break it.

For a more detailed way on how to act in the Ogres camps, look for information of the Staff of Elements quest, but it is not about such staves people are worried about anymore, it's about the price they pay to get one: to see such horrible actions being done to humans and do nothing to stop it. It is time to put an end to this.

More will be done about this matter in the next few days. This issue is far from being over.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 14, Moon 1~

Printer Friendly Quests Pages
Posted by: AllyGator -- 10:31 AM EST
Forum user xevu asked for quest pages in a printer friendly format. You can get to these pages from a link on our main Quest page or bookmark this url Quests.

I'll be adding more quests to this section as I have time.

Free the Ogre's slaves
Posted by: Vini -- 12:27 AM EST

Some members of community got tired of it. Simply they just don’t want to be convenient with a horrible action being done against some people on daily basis and that we on our routine don’t even care about anymore.

What is this all about?
Those who have finished the Staff of Elements quest know quite well about it, but most just forgot that it exists. In order to find the pieces to forge the almighty staff, the Ogres created a camp to the west of the wilderness, deep inside a dense forest where they keep humans doing slave work for them.

Humans doing slave work, that’s what must be stopped!
In order to get their plans done, several peasants and lower skilled citizens were imprisoned and made slaves to these vile creatures. Of course, many of them did not accept that every well and decided to rebel against the ogres. Problem is that their fighting force alone is not enough. Most there are too weak to wield anything heavier than a wood weapon. Because of this, it’s obvious that no matter how much they try, they won’t find forces to break free. Those who try, end up being jailed by the vile greedy ogres.

Slaves who tried to rebel against the forced work ended up being jailed and are treated in conditions no human should deserve.

For those who don't know, the ogre camp was created during the research days for Staff of Elements. The Ogres and Pirates allied together to find the pieces to forge the powerful staff under the leadership of a mysterious man called Cazell. When Cazell found how to make the Staff of Elements he broke the machine Thane built in hopes that he would be the only one to have it. Thane managed to fix the machine, but not to its full power. So Cazell mysteriously vanished from our lands with the only Staff of Elements with true power. After Cazell's departure, instead of releasing all the slaves, ogres keep using them for their own purpose.

The community has known about these horrible doings for 28 hyuls (yuris) and as it didn’t affect them, not much was done or cared about it; but no more of this. People are starting to realize that their omission in such matter is only turning them into abettors to this crime against human beings.

Small group of people gather in the Western forest of Wilderness and shout their demands to free the slaves to the ogre there.

The movement has started: People started demanding the release of the slaves. What will you do about it? Join them or continue ignoring the problem?

~Vini Normad’or~
~Hyul 14, Moon 1~

    Friday, February 15, 2008

New Spy Elder
Posted by: Moraghul -- 8:43 PM EST
Tonight, Yoshiku was granted Eldership of the KSG after more than a week of a lack of leadership for the path.

He shall replace Thou as the Premier of Spies.

Good luck Yoshiku and may you serve your path the best you can.

Hyul 14, 1rst Moon, 10th sun.

    Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Sire Pit & Reset changes
Posted by: Vini -- 6:22 PM EST
It seems the greenish good looking Sire pit was just temporary for people have fun. The new real Sire pit there now, ready to be enjoyed by PKers.

Clan, Army & Ministry additions and fixes:
* Merchants changed on Runway with new outfits

* Minor updates for Carnage event
* Minor for Sa san
* Real Sire pit is now in
* Minor update for item shop
* Minor updates for large addition

While the Kruna item shop didn't get any release of new item available today, there's a few items that did'nt get reported and surely fit today's theme.

Love Jokduri (29 different colors) - 125 Kruna each
Pink Heart Necklace - 150 Kruna
Girl or Boy sets (9 different colors) - Includes 1 Angel hair/locks, 1 Angel wings, 1 Angel garb/dress - 899 Kruna each set

Happy Valentines day everyone!

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 13, Moon 12~

    Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentines Fan
Posted by: Vini -- 4:57 AM EST
The quest walkthrough is finally done. After long hours of joint work, the community managed to find all the items necessary to create a Valetines fan. Although people had a very enjoyable time working together to find what was needed for each step, the reward for all that effort wasn't quite what they expected.

The stats of the fan aren't anything special but it was tons of fun figuring out the clues and watching the whole community work together to solve this quest. Thanks mug!

Those who get to see Mug in his workshop also get a Heart hat to enjoy the Valentines season! It's non-bonded 100k durability and Level 0.

And as a final gift, you receive karma!

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 13, Moon 12~

    Friday, February 8, 2008

Valentine's Quest
Posted by: AllyGator -- 10:24 PM EST
This is only a partial walk through. We'll update this as more information is found.

A young, very confused woman named Valentine has come to Sanhae Village. She has recently completed school to learn how to make fans and she offers to teach you but you have to gather the materials. She sends you to various people andeach of them want things in trade so this could take quite some time to complete. The real problem is that Valentine is so very, very confused. Her notes are almost useless!

The Lovers!

So the best thing before starting this quest is to make sure you can obtain all items, after all many items needed aren't cheap to get and since the option to forge will only last until February 20th.

Here's the list of items needed:

Fine silk (2) 500 coins
Splendid silk (2) 400 coins
Azure silk (4) 1000 coins
(These items can be obtained from Woodlands Rabbit Cave cave or buying from Kwangbu at Northwest of Tangun)

Armored plated skin (2)
Plated skin (2)
Fine metal (2)
Hot coal (2)
(Plated skins and armored ones can be found by killing scorpions in Woodlands Raheem Desert cave or buying from Kwangbu at Northwest of Tangun. For how to produce hot coals, click here)

Ginko wood (10)
Fine weaving tools (1)
Pure rain (2)
(To get a pure rain, go to Lover’s lake in Arctic Village and walk around a bit)

Red candy box (1)
(It can be obtained by sharing love with butterflies around the kingdoms)
Scribe’s book (2)
Scribe’s pen (1)
Star-staff (1)
Stardrop (5)
White amber (2)
Titanium glove (2)
Titanium lance (1)
Metal (5)
Fine metal (5)
Sea ring (1)
Holy ring (1)
Blue ring (1)
Red ring (1)
Rose (12)
Daffodil (5)
Old poppy (2)
Valentine flower (1)
(To get a Valentine flower, follow the same process of getting Red candy boxes)
Sen glove (2)
Well crafted amber (25)

The Walkthrough steps:

1) Go to Sanhae Valley and say Say "Fan" to Valentine. She moves around, so people might have to keep looking for hear each time they go there. She asks for Red Silk.

2) Grab 2 fine silk, 2 splendid silk and 4 azure silk. Take those to Yuri's seamstress (Kugnae 86, 81) near Koguryo Palace. There say "Red silk" twice. She’ll take the items and give a Red silk roll.

This is the first key item to produce the fan. Do not lose it.

3) Go back to Valentine and say "Red silk roll".

5) Grab 2 Armored plate skins, 2 Plated skins, 2 Fine metal and 2 hot coal. Take these to Dharani's Place in the Woodlands (15,80). Say "ribs" twice. He'll take the items and in return will give 6 Thin bamboo.

These are the second key item to produce the fan. Do not lose them.

6) Go back to Sanhae Village and say "Thin bamboo" to Valentine. She'll ask now for ‘Guard and Sticks’.

7) Grab 10 Ginko wood and 1 Fine weaving tools and head to Splinter’s hut in Wilderness (137, 186). Once there, say "Guard" twice. He will take the items and give back 1 Heavy wood.

8) Grab 2 pure rain and head to the Wilderness Great Tree (104.006). Walk to the Wood Plant (003,013) and say sticks twice. It will take the Heavy wood and pure rain and reward with Sticks and 2 Guard.

These are the third key items to produce the fan. Do not lose them.

9) Go back to Sanhae Village and say "sticks" to Valentine, then go to Thane cave in Wilderness (185, 019) and say "rivet". He will make one for people who bring him something ‘stylish and cool’.

10) Take a Red candy box to Kugnae Theatre (131, 111) and say "Thane" twice to Thalia. She’ll take the candy box and give you a funny looking Eye wear.

11) Take the new item back to Thane and say "eye wear". He will then give a Rivet.

This is the fourth key item to produce the fan. Do not lose it.

12) Go back to Sanhae Village and say "Rivet" to Valentine. She will then give you a White paint list which can be read by clicking it.

13) Go to the Buya Salon (119, 134) and say "White Paint".

14) Grab 2 Scribe’s book, 1 Scribe’s pen and go to Vale from Buya west gate. Climb Scribe's Mountain (174, 094) and say "gum" twice to Zephyr. He’ll take the scribe’s items and give in return a Tree gum.

15) Grab 1 Star-staff, 5 stardrops and 2 White ambers and venture to the Arctic Village crafter. Say"Rock" twice to Laptev. He will accept the items and repay with White marble.

16) Grab 2 Titanium gloves, 1 Titanium lance, 5 Fine metal, 5 metal and head to Nagnang Smith (021, 088). Say "Marble" two times to Chul and he will give a Marble crusher in return for these items.

17) Use the creation system (shift+i) to combine the Marble crusher with White marble and you get Broken marble.

18) Grab 1 Holy ring, 1 Sea ring, 1 Blue ring and 1 Red ring and head to Hausson Smith shop. Say "Broken marble” twice to Runag to give up your rings and obtain a Marble grinder.

19) Grab 12 Roses, 5 Daffodils, 2 Old poppy and a Valentine flower and go to the Mountain Shaman in Nagnang (55, 122). Ask for a "Container" twice there. The shaman will take the flowers and give a Marble container.

20) Use the Creation system to combine the Broken marble, Marble grinder, and Marble container to make a Marble dust.

21) Grab 2 Pure rain, 3 Honey block and bring the Tree gum and Marble dust to the Buya salon again. Say “I have the ingredients” so you can finally make the White paint.

This is the fifth key item to produce the fan. Do not lose it.

22) Head back to Sanhae Village and let Valentine know that you got the "White paint".

23) Grab 2 Sen gloves and head back to Tangun. There go to the east side of the wall direct to the Theater. Say "Paint brush" to Flute two times. She'll take the gloves although she can't wear them and will give the Paint brush.

This is the sixth key item to produce the fan. Do not lose it.

24) Go back to Sonhi Village and say "Paint brush" to Valentine.

25) Grab 25 Well crafted amber to Wilderness Gemcutter (046, 048) and say "Aqua stone" twice to Sel. He'll accept them and give 2 Aqua gems in return.

This is the seventh key item to produce the fan. Do not lose it.

26) Head once again to Sanhae Village and seek Valentine to let her know you got the gems. Say "Aqua gems" and she'll set you to find about another item, the tassel.

27) Grab a Summer, Autumn, Winter, Blood, Earth and Ruby potion (one of each) and take it to the Hausson Seamstress. She'll take it and dye your Fan tassel in a nice way.

This is the eighth key item to produce the fan. Do not lose it.

28) Go back to find Valentine in Sanhae Village and tell her you got a "Tassel". She asks for Blue stuff to attach the tassel.

29) Grab 6 Spent metal then head to Buya smith Dok and say "Wire" twice. He'll make a Blue wire.

This is the ninth key item to produce the fan. Do not lose it.

30) Go back to Sanhae Village and get the list to make the last item for her. Say "Blue wire" and she'll give a Goopie list. Click it to read what it says.

31) Bring the Goopie list to Chongun Kitchen, inside Immortal's gateway in Dae shore. There say "Goopie" to Suayan Li and she'll be willing to help. She says she can make the paste but will need you to grab the items for it. They are listed in the Goopie list.

32) First the tree thing. Go to Sacred Grove in Wilderness (173, 212) and talk to the Rabbit there. Say "Tree branch". It says it will give one if you convince Mug to give some Carrot soup. You'll be transported to Mug's Workshop.

33) In Mug's workshop, you'll see him wearing a shiny Evil Warlord outfit. Say "Carrot soup" and after interrupting his work, you'll receive a Carrot soup and a Heart hat. [Be sure to have 2 empty spaces in your inventory because you cannot return to mug's workshop!]

34) You'll be sent back to the grove. Say "Carrot Soup" one last time to give it to the Rabbit and get the Birch bark.

35) Grab a Wedding cloak and go to Dae shore and say "Dish" to Guk-Su. He'll take the cloak and give a Covered dish.

36) Grab 2 pure rain and take the Birch bark & Covered dish back to Chongun Kitchen. Say "Paste" to finally receive the last item required to create the Valentine fan.

This is the tenth key item to produce the fan. Do not lose it.

37) Go back to Valentine and say "paste", then go to Southern koguryo (066, 040) and say "Fan" to Pepero. He'll take the items and you'll receive your Valentine fan finally! He asks you to tell Valentine that he loves her.

38) Go to Valentine and say "Pepero loves you too"! You'll receive a new legend mark and 1/4th of a Karma point.

Edited by Vini

    Thursday, February 7, 2008

Valentine's Day Goodies!
Posted by: Kikoura -- 8:52 PM EST
Last year's Valentine's Day event has returned with the goodies we remember and love!

All you have to do to receive one of these sweet surprises is give a little love to the butterflies that are floating around your local community! (Nagnang, Buya, Kugnae, etc.)

If you need some love this Valentine's day and have no one to share it with.
Simply say, "I love you (red/white/pink) butterfly." and expect a little something in return!

With love, the butterflies will drop one of these items:

Chocolate Cake - Gives you 100% vita fill

Valentine Chocolate - Gives you 100% mana fill

Chocolate heart - Share a kiss with your partner!

Valentines Flower - For holding

Red Candy Box - Dance with your partner!

Honey Block - NEW! For event purposes!

Not only are these items fantastic, but so are the graphics!

Ahh, nothing like sharing Valentine's Day with a loved one!

Hyul 13, 11th Moon

Valentines Reset!
Posted by: Aens -- 4:28 PM EST
Server reset, Thursday, February 7, 2008
The Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

A very long and complicated quest was added for Valentines! We sure hope you enjoy it and have fun! From all of us at KRU interactive, inc we want to wish you a wonderful Valentines week! You will have till the 20th to finish the quest. Good luck!

Clan, Army & Ministry additions and fixes:
* Update to Buya Ministry for Romance fair
* Updated to Nagnang Ministry for New years fair and statues at North gate Nagnang
* Minor update for Alizarin
* Minor update for Silla

* Anyone level 54 or lower may enter Tangun for free (see inns for help)
* Minor updates for Carnage event
* Minor updates for new items shop items
* Fun update for sire pit
The NEW Sire pit. Click below

Hyul 13, 11th Moon

Diary Page Speculation
Posted by: AllyGator -- 10:50 AM EST
Nexus Forums has been a buzz with talk of the Diary pages that randomly and rarely drop from Woodlands bosses. kru told us that the Diary page quest was complete but that no one has done it yet. mug told us that no NPC Merchants are required to finish this quest but we wonder if there are other NPCs who can give hints. He also told us that this quest has been available since the end of the Mongol Invasion event. It is known that we'll have to use the creation system but not what is needed or created. Needless to say, people are excited and eager to find out as much as we can. Speculation is that the result will be a weapon, armor or even part of the long awaited Sa san trial!

Nexus Atlas has created the Diary Quest Page with all of the information shared so far. We have no idea if this is all of the information available.

Go read the Nexus Forum topic and join in the discussion. If we all work together, maybe we'll crack this quest!

    Monday, February 4, 2008

Kruna Shop Update
Posted by: Aens -- 9:04 PM EST
Today new Kruna Shop items were added. Be sure to check them out when you get the chance at the Item Shop

Hyul 13, 10th Moon

    Friday, February 1, 2008

The Fourth Royal Minister of Kugnae!
Posted by: Sebelle -- 1:26 PM EST
In the last day or so, Gilley has stepped down from her position as Minister of Koguryo. In her place, she has promoted Hatiki into the position. Hatiki is a long time member of the Royal Ministry, and a life long supporter of King MuHyul and his people (along with leading the Royal Army for a time). Thank you for all of your hard work, Gilley - and the best of luck to Hatiki in his new position.

Royal Minister Hatiki