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Archived News | February 2006

Past News
Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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February 2006

    Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Carnage building shift and other News
Posted by: Conro -- 4:03 PM EST

With bugs still plaguing the Carnage system, the doors for Riches Carnage have shifted from the Koguryo Arena to the Nangen Arena located at (74, 105) Nagnang. The easiest method to reach it would be through South gate, and then north from there.

Also, with recent uprisings due to the release of a new program to cheat in Nexus, Archons will now be doing random searches of characters who are caught doing suspicious activities. If an Archon whispers you asking you to provide information or preform an action, try to act as quickly as possible.

Until Kru Interactive can work on a way to prevent use of such programs, players will need to bend to these temporary rules.

- Conro

    Tuesday, February 21, 2006

New General of Nagnang
Posted by: Vini -- 7:31 AM EST

A few days ago there has been a transition of power unoticed by us here at Nexus Atlas. Chill, who has been a loyal soldier to the Nagnang Army since the start of it has become the new General now that Bezal has stepped down from his position of leading the Nagnang soldiers.

Congratulations General Chill and good luck with your new duties.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Yuri 80, Moon 2~

    Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Balooms! (No it's not spelled wrong!)
Posted by: Conro -- 9:44 PM EST

In honour of the Love fair, a craftsman has found a way to mix lighter air with fragrant flowers, to create Balooms.
You can obtain your free Baloom from the pirate looking fellow at Dae shore's Koguryo East entrance.

This man carrying an oar is your ticket to the Baloom

Guys get a White Baloom, while girls get a Red (Ayleen traded me hers =p)

Each Baloom has the same statistics

The pirate fellow says they won't last long, so enjoy them while they're here!

Along with the Baloon graphic, and new 'swing' sound goes with them. Grab yours and try it out!

- Conro

    Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Elder and Primogen changes
Posted by: Vini -- 11:43 PM EST

A few hours ago, the Diviners have experienced another transition of elder powers as Elder Airess stepped down to give place to the former elder and matriarch of the Diviner's path, Lady Sarina. Elder Airess will continue her work within the path still but now as a guide again.

Another transition that went un-reported by Nexus Atlas was one of a very large scale as well. Primogen Mandad of Enigma clan, who served the clan non-stop for over 3 years leading it has decided to step down this past wednesday and gave place to his primarch, Lady Magnita, to lead the clan from now on. Magnita has been a loyal member of Enigma for many years finally has had her chance to prove herself as a great leader.

The Nexus Atlas would like to congratulate the new Primogeness Magnita and the returned Elder Sarina on their achievements. Also a big thank you to Mandad and Airess on their great contribution to our community by leading these two important organizations to the kingdoms.

Happy Yuri 80 to everyone and Happy Valentines!

~Vini Normad'or~
~Yuri 80, Moon 1~

A Love (Af)fair
Posted by: Lalia -- 3:16 PM EST

Songa has just reported a breaking news story! I liked the way that she wrote it, so I will be quoting it here.

"Tonight in Dae Shore, I noticed a name I found familiar walking by. It was the Historian Qantao heading to the Museum for one thing or another. Then I noticed a lot of people coming into Dae shore, as Qantao started to sage about someone being loud and bugging her while she was trying to work.

"After a bit, barricades were found set out in Dae shore, with Qantao and Kiyuu inside. Kiyuu kept saying that he is in love with the Spring Goddess, Shoshun. I suppose he grew tired of waiting for winter to end, and took it into his own hands to summon Shoshun. He commanded us all to put flowers throughout Dae shore, perhaps to call her there. But once this had been done, it didn't seem to be working. So instead, Kiyuu suggested that we all shout out her name, so she may hear us from the heavens.

"And, it worked. Shoshun was summoned. Kiyuu began saying how he missed her, and could not wait until the Spring to see her again. He had something important to tell her, but it took a while for him to get it out. When he finally did, he proposed marriage to Shoshun. She accepted, of course, and they exchanged some rings. Then Kiyuu suggested that they hold a Love Fair in honor of this recent event.

"Shoshun and Qantao agreed, and that was about it. Kiyuu said that the Love Fair will be opened on Feb. 15th, at 9:00 PM EST/6 PM PST."

Thanks to Songa for this news item and for the following screenshots:

Kiyuu has grown a beard!

Shoshun is looking as young as ever...

The happy couple share a kiss to celebrate their engagement. (Click to view the full image)

    Monday, February 13, 2006

Innkeeper sword update
Posted by: Flamethrower -- 8:54 PM EST

Go to the eastern innkeeper outside the Buyan Market to be able to get one of three items (bonded) to you. All you have to do is say 'Hello' outloud to the NPC and you will be able to get -one- items shown below (with stats).


They are not Break on Death

Innkeeper event?
Posted by: Conro -- 7:50 PM EST

Thank you to Tyania for this information!

Located on the Left handside of the NexusTK website is information on a special event with the innkeeper!

As of yet, it hasn't seemed to of been implemented, but all you need to say is 'Hello' to any Innkeeper as a registered character!

Sear blade
Shock sword
Crystal Staff

When this finally works, we'll let you know!

- Conro

    Friday, February 10, 2006

Kru visits the pits
Posted by: Conro -- 11:51 PM EST

Kru made an unannounced visit into Sire pit, opening with a few attacks on his unsuspecting targets.

After the commotion, Kru finally showed himself, with a few goodies attached.

I don't know about anyone else, but I could see some potential with that 'Powerball' =P

A huge thank you to Syncopate for providing these screenshots, direct from his home.

- Conro

Nexus Patch!
Posted by: Rachel -- 7:39 PM EST

Just trying to get a post up quickly before I get back to exploring!

There was a new patch today. At the moment, there are no posts on The main differences we notice are the Kugnae and Buya maps are all high res now. Nagnang said that the ones we're seeing now are just like the Baram maps. The rabbit graphic is also different now.

There seem to be many bugs right now. The old barriers are still all in place, so in some areas you can walk through walls and in other areas you won't be able to walk through and empty patch of grass.

To represent this, here I am with LittleDwarf standing on the new cave..

..which is just below the stump that was once the tree of reflections.

There's also a bug where you get the server change graphic (Except that it moves very slowly). Just relog and you should be fine. They're working on fixing these bugs as quickly as possible. Hopefully they'll be gone before you ever see them!

I'm off to find out more!

Purge Restoration on Hold -- But Only Temporarily
Posted by: Spift -- 12:07 AM EST

The following was posted on the the Official NexusTK website today regarding purge restorations. The purge restorations are going to be on hold for the time being, but will return enhanced at a later date:

'Purged Character Restoration' will be back with better service!

We would like to thank all players that have requested and waited patiently during the 'purged character restoration' process. Without your patience, we would not have been able to efficiently restore so many characters. The number of requests far exceeded our expecations, and we are sincerely glad we were able to provide this extra service to our customers. To those who had the characters restored, we would like to say "Welcome Back!".

Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide this service after tomorrow, Feb 10th. Using the experience we have accumulated during this restoration process, we will be working to find more efficient ways to serve our customers. We will announce, in the future, when our next round of 'purged character restoration' will take place. All tickets or requests that have been submitted and are pending as of Feb 10th will be processed, but new requests received after that can not be honored. We thank you again for your participation, and for your understanding.

    Friday, February 3, 2006

Posted by: TSWolf -- 1:31 AM EST

Hey. Want to be on our main page and have a custom board set up for your Nexus TK website? Contact us with the name of your site and a 88x31 banner.

We will review your website for Nexus with Law 41 compliancy.. Then when everything is up and running, we'll set you up a forum for your own personal use and can be directly linked from your website.

Whats best is that people can use their NexusForums account to post there since its part of the current NexusForums Network.

This helps every Nexus fansite to get active feedback and communication with their visitors and gives our affiliates a chance to really help their website shine.

I extend this offer to every Nexus website currently in existance that strives for a centralized and colaborative effort in assisting the Nexus community.

Let's act on what we've pledged to do!

    Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Nexus Forums Are Now Open!
Posted by: Rachel -- 7:06 PM EST

(If you're really fast it will take you a few seconds for me to put it up.. just keep refreshing)

Go to and sign up RIGHT NOW! After you do, check out the boards, post a bit, and visit the staff at East gate mythic for some fun!

We didn't get enough people online tonight to get my prize, but I'll try it again in the future!

Message to Archons and Royals - We would LOVE it if you would sign up and we would be able to put you into a special group once verified.

If you do this, it is recommended that you don't create a an account in the name of your mortal character so that you can protect your identity even from NF admins. You could always make up a new name for a second, informal account. ^.^

Nexus Forums Contest!
Posted by: Conro -- 4:34 PM EST

You heard it right!

Nexus Forums is back!
There are a few changes though:

You will need to register for the forums again, and create your name. This is done just as before, using a valid EMail address and clicking on the link.

Post counts will be restored if you read the Post Count Restoration! post by Rachel in the Official Annoucements forum.

As a special incentive, I will be giving two prizes of 500,000 coins each for the following.

- First Non-Staff member to be registered to the Forums. (You will be contacted via NexusForums, and asked to provide a NexusTK character name to recieve the prize)

- First Non-Staff member to take a ScreenShot of their character saying "NexusForums is back and better than ever!!" and posting it in the thread provided in the Photo Album Forum located under the Town square section.
NOTE: In order to post a picture in our Forums, you will need to use an outside photo hosting source. Try PhotoBucket for a free host.)
If you're using PhotoBucket, simply upload your image to your PhotoBucket Account then copy and paste the text in the "IMG" box into your post in the topic.

Additionally, the most creative ScreenShot in the Topic including the given phrase will be judged by the NexusAtlas and NexusForums staff, and the winner will recieve 250,000 coins!

So good luck, and get those Scroll Lock fingers ready!

- Conro

Posted by: TSWolf -- 2:26 PM EST

The days of mundane Forums are once again coming to an end.

NexusForums will be reopening tonight at 7 PM EST! (4 PST)

Every single operator will be present on the boards to answer questions, assist with the new perks, and organize how things are going to go.

We all know how much you missed us.

And we have a couple things to announce prior to open:

- A Group of avid forum members got together and gave the money for us to buy a permanent liscense for Invision for NexusAtlas. So PLEASE enjoy the new boards.
- With this in mind, our old skin is outdated, so for the time being we have a temporary skin up while the staff, mainly Nagnag, helps us build a new one.
- There's all sorts of things concerning the old accounts on the board information boards. Feel free to PM any of the Board Archons or Admins for help though.

I will try my hardest to be there, schedule permitting, but it seems as if I may be the only one who won't be there on time. Either way, I'll be there by 9:30ish to help out.

I also have some things planned that the staff doesn't know about yet for when I show up.

So be there for the Grand Reopening of the best Nexus forum outside of Nexus.