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   Past News | February 2005

Past News

Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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February 2005

    Monday, February 28, 2005

Ritual to heal General Blight of Nagnang
Posted by: LordAchoo -- 7:57 PM EST

The Citizens and dignitaries from kingdoms near and far, including Prince Mhul and Princess Lasahn among others gathered to watch the elders and representatives from their path perform a ritual to heal General Blight of Nagnang. Each Elder/Representative did his or her part in the ritual to heal the ill General Blight.

General Blight was thankful for the kingdoms actions to heal him.

Citizens of all Kingdoms watch as Supply performs part of the ritual to heal General Blight of Nagnang.

Elders and Representatives for Ritual :

Sarina - Diviner
Phalance - Spy
Nydori - Geomancer
Aelis - Muse
Izabella - Shaman
Supply - Druid
Devion - Monk
Ilios - Merchant
Winder - Barbarian
Masana - Do
RiaDora - Ranger
Guldar - Chongun

~Buyan Imperial Guard~

    Saturday, February 26, 2005

Tutor Positions open
Posted by: Rachel -- 12:16 PM EST

Archon Charisse has posted applications for the positions of Buya Rogue Tutor and Kugnae Poet Tutor.

Here is the application:

To apply for one of these positions, you must be living in, or be willing to move to the town you will be tutor of if you are accepted. You also must be a member of the path that you are applying for.

Applications will only be accepted until 8pm EST Friday 4th March. Late applications will be deleted. The subject of the letter should be the position you are trying to obtain (please include the city).

Please send the following information to Charisse:
-- Tutor Application --

- Name:
- Postition You Are Applying For:
- Positive Subpath Brandings:
- Negative Subpath Brandings:
- Jail Brandings/Last Justice Matter Brands:
(Please explain these)
- Previous leadership experience
(Positions held in Kingdom etc. Please include references)
- SubPath (if any):
- Yuri Born/Real life length of time played:
(Time played as this character/total length of time played on any
- Level or Vita/Mana:
- Average Time And Days On Nexus per week:
- References:
(You must list at least three references. Please check with people you will be using as references before
you list them)
- Comments:
(Anything important Please Put Here)

NOTE: If you plan to use another character's position for any part of your answers (i.e. I was a judge on another character) you must list that character's name. The same applies to comments such as "I've been playing for 4 years on different characters".
All character names and pertinent information will be kept confidential.

Once your application has been received, you will receive a follow up letter notifying you of such. Should you have any questions, please contact Charisse.

    Thursday, February 24, 2005

Some new Vortex weapon drops
Posted by: LordAchoo -- 6:37 PM EST

I have found three new little known Vortex weapon drops. The weapons are "Minor Ardent Spear", and "Minor Bloodlust" and "Minor Ravage Sword".

Minor Ardent Spear in action

Minor Ardent Spear stats

Minor Bloodlust in action

Minor Bloodlust stats

Minor Ravage Sword in action

Minor Ravage Sword stats

Thanks to ZhaoYun for information about Minor Ardent Spear. Thanks to Yogeshi for information about Minor Bloodlust. Last but not least thanks to Luminous for information about Minor Ravage Sword.

~Buyan Imperial Guard~

Link Update
Posted by: Rachel -- 12:47 PM EST

All of the links will be updated soon. If your website has moved, please send the new location to me. (PM me on NF. If you don't want to make an account, e-mail

If you want to use a new image, send that also.

All updates will be made on March 1st. All broken listings will be removed if I am not contacted by then. (You can be relisted by contacting me after that time, but your link will be placed at the bottom of the list)

All affiliate sites must be compliant with Nexus Laws.

(Be sure to check out Cirran's post, it was bumped down quickly and you may have missed it!)

    Wednesday, February 23, 2005

SwirlDot Hosting -- Affordable Hosting
Posted by: Steve -- 9:45 PM EST

I would like to take a second to ask you all to visit SwirlDot Hosting. SwirlDot Hosting provides NexusAtlas and NexusForums with quality hosting services. I would like you all to consider signing up for a web hosting account at SwirlDot, our very generous Basic Package starts at only $3.95 per month. Also, we offer a 10% discount when you pay for plans with your Credit Card. Our support is amazing. Our uptime is also noteworthy- in January we had a 99.9% uptime record. If you enjoy NexusAtlas, please consider purchasing an account. The money helps SwirlDot to provide NexusAtlas with plentiful resources in order to keep the servers fast and secure. We are small enough to know your hosting needs and large enough to meet them-- SwirlDot Hosting.


Stephen Corona
Company CEO
1-877-210-3372 (I would love to personally discuss your hosting needs, feel free to call.)

Blight Returns
Posted by: Cirran -- 8:51 PM EST

The crowd assembled as Blight makes his way into Nagnang

Today as scheduled Blight arrived at west gate Nagnang, making his way from the woodlands with his Captain Ye Nae-wi. Upon arriving at east gate Blight saged some thing about "Contagion, Marasmus, Atrophy, and Abscess in my gut". What that means is still unknown, could they have betrayed Blight or perhaps they're the evil that he was fighting?

Once at west gate Prince Kija honored Ye Nae-Wi as a Nangen defender.

Blight's Captain wearing his new dye

The Forsaken Clan as well as civilians then escorted Blight to his home at east gate so he could rest while healers work to restore his faltering health. He spoke briefly to his clan before passing out from exhaustion. The Forsaken Clan will have guards stationed outside around the clock in order to assure his saftey.

Also ingredients are still being gathered to aid in the Nangen Generals recovery, and donations can be taken at any Palace by a NPC!

Buyan Forum About Recent Events
Posted by: LordAchoo -- 8:01 PM EST

Today after Blight was returned to Nagnang to heal, Princess Lasahn held a Forum in the Buya Courtyard of the Palace. Buyan citizens, as well as the Buyan Imperial Army attended to hear and discuss the current stance on Blight and the recent events surrounding him.

Princess Lasahn & Citizenry at the Buyan Forum

~Buyan Imperial Guard~

    Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Preparations for Blight!
Posted by: Cirran -- 7:59 PM EST

A couple weeks back a place known as Herbarium was discovered at east gate Nagnang, the door was later locked, but today was reopened and revealed to be Blight's home. Today his servants, the brothers Bibimbap and Kayane, showed up in Nagnang in order to prepare for his impending arrival. The two brothers showed us into his home.

Once here many of the community spoke with the two who revealed themselves to be brothers. Bibimbap apparently being Blight's personal chef offered food to everyone who had aided Blight by donating ingredients. Kayane entertained the crowd by singing songs about "cweening". He also put them to work by having them aid him in cleaning Blight's house.

The brothers can be seen below:

In further news regarding Blight the Forsaken Clan received a scroll delivered earlier this morning from Blight. While the exact content hasn't been released Azelle, primogen of The Forsaken, posted on community that it will be viewable by the public soon. Also upon mentioning the Four (Atrophy, Contagion, Marasmus, and Abscess) a nerve was struck and both brothers instantly were quiet saying, "I will not speak of them" or similar things. What could this mean?

New Pawns!
Posted by: Rachel -- 1:15 PM EST

We have five new Pawns in training, please welcome our soon to be new Archons. Akaisha, Sulay, Jaemin, Solgo, Synova. As our lands continue to grow new archons are needed as well, each will have specific areas to aid the community, which will be posted later.


If you don't remember, the last time three pawns came into the kingdom, they were Neul, Ahalya, and Carillon. Before that, we had less archons doing more work and we didn't have anyone to read our dreams.

There are three possibilities that may result from this:

-Archon replacements. This isn't what we're hoping for, but it doesn't seem likely since Marama mentions our growing lands.

-Division of responsibility, for example Ahalya could remain the dreams archon, but someone new can become the bugs archon. This would allow each archon to spend more time on their given area.

-New archons for new purposes. This would be the best. For example, we used to have an events Archon but we don't have one now.

That's just an idea of what may come. It is also possible that some positions will be divided while some new ones are created at the same time. As Marama says, we will have to wait and see what happens, but this sounds like good news.

Palace NPC & Letter to Prince Kija
Posted by: Cirran -- 4:20 AM EST

To Your Royal Highness, Prince Kija of Nagnang:

Even as you receive this letter, the great army of General Blight is
on the move to bring him home. We should make the border of Nagnang,
by ((9:00 p.m. EST, Wednesday night)) one days hence.

The news is not good I fear the General is only barely alive. Our
healers exhaust themselves working around the clock to keep him in
stasis. He fades in and out, and for the short period of time he is
awake, he seems to only speak of reaching the soil of his beloved
Nagnang before he passes on to the next grand ethereal adventure.

Our Armys diviners have seen that the only possible cure can come from
the united assistance of the Kingdoms, and that twelve is the number of
ingredients necessary. Our healers are inclined to agree as nothing else is working.
Each ingredient should be turned into its own potion. Also, they see that the
more you collect of each ingredient the stronger each potion will be, and
the better the healing will work.

We have sent our chief cook, Bibimbap and Kanaye our majordomo, on
ahead to prepare the General's quarters. They should arrive there
sometime tonight, ((close to 8:00 p.m. EST)). I trust there will be
no problem with this as it is by your suggestion we are doing so.

One last thing, I am sending another scroll on to the Forsaken Clan.
It is my understanding from speaking with ChinMae that you asked
him to return and see if Blight has any instructions or a message for his clan.
There was a moment of lucidity where I managed to get a few words from
him. Your attention to detail, and wisdom to includethe Generals own clan
in all of this is rather considerate.

My estimation of you Kija, has risen. A petty, paranoid man might
deny a request such as this, disguising it in the name of protection.
Yet you have risen to the occasion and rallied Nagnang and others
together to come to a dying man's aid.


Captain Ye Nae-wi,
2nd in Command of the Great Army of General Blight

Also to note is the appearance of a NPC in each of the towns palaces. These NPCs list the ingredients you can donate to help aid in healing Blight, upon donating you get the following legend mark:

    Monday, February 21, 2005

Meeting of Buyan Elders
Posted by: LordAchoo -- 8:23 PM EST

The Buyan path Elders met inside the Buyan Courtyard of the palace today. They met with the Buyan Ambassador Jesuil and discussed the threat of Blight and of Nagnang. Citizens from all of the surrounding kingdoms attended the meeting. The Buyan Imperial Army was there to protect the Elders and citizens of the kingdoms as well.

Meeting in the Buya Palace Courtyard

~Buyan Imperial Guard~

Law 41 re-posted
Posted by: Vini -- 4:39 PM EST

In order to reinforce the protection of the community against scams and hackings, Archon Primogen Marama has reposted the url law stating that anyone who promotes sites that do not meet the standards of Nexon will have to face consequences also within the game.

The law was just resposted but remains the same, the only change is now that its mentions that people doing that will be arrested for other serious crimes which cannot be pardoned and might as well be banned from nexus.

To view the post check the Law board and be informed of these changes. Not reading the laws is no excuse for not following them.

To know which websites related to nexus are approved by Nexon please visit the official Nexus website. The websites there are all approved for any player to enter. For your own safety, only enter those, do not fall for any offers of money bug tips, speed hacks, these people are only trying to hack others.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Yuri 72, Moon 3~

Vortex Hand Items
Posted by: Rachel -- 1:57 PM EST

I am currently working on the upcoming Vortex hand item section. It is on the way and it should be without a single error when complete.

What I need are screenshots of the items listed at the bottom. This way, there is no chance for a typo unless I personally make the mistake.

.bmp screenshots are prefered. (Hold Shift and Scroll lock) Unedited screenshots are also prefered, but feel free to remove personal information.

Please e-mail all images to

If you see me around and trust me to exchange the item for a moment, I can also just take a screenshot of it. The only character I will use for this is "Rachel" and she looks exactly like the avatar up top by my name.

These are the hand item stats that I need:
(This list will be updated when screenshots are recieved)
-Worn Bone charm
-Worn Hand drum
-Old Hand drum
-Ancient Hand drum
-New Occult sphere
-Old Occult sphere
-New Royal seal
-Worn Royal seal
-Worn Steel bracelet
-Old Mystic herb

38 out of 48 items = 79.16% complete

    Saturday, February 19, 2005

A meeting of sovereigns
Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 6:34 PM EST

Three Kingdoms prepare for Blight's arrival

Prince-Regent M'hul of Koguryo confers with Princess Lasahn of Buya while an assembled crowd looks on.

KUGNAE -- In the throne room of his palace, Prince-Regent M'hul requested an audience with his royal ministry, as well as with Princess Lasahn of Buya, regarding the following letter received from Prince Kija of Nagnang:

Greetings in the name of Peace;

Extraordinary events have occurred here, which bid me take up my quill and parchment so that I might write to you. Therefore, with quill in hand, I write and ask each of you simply to come if you can, to a meeting here at my palace tomorrow night.

General Blight has been struck down and his life force is ebbing away. I received a message last night while my Court was in session, from Captain Ye Nae-wi. Apparently Blight's healers cannot do much more than sustain him and the request is that Blight be allowed to return here to either find a cure or that he simply be able to die upon the soil he calls home. I am inclined to grant this request. However, that is why I ask for a meeting with both of you, because this is not a decision I can make lightly without your valued input and as I know General Blight has caused chaos in years past to you both.

While I know that there should be no reason to trust that this isn't some kind of trap, certain signs and items have come into my possession, which lead me to believe that this is an honest request. Please know that I have always admired Blight, no matter how adversarial we have been in the past. He is one of the great men of Nagnang and I for one, would like to aid a dying man, however best I can. So I ask you once again, please if you can rearrange your busy schedules upon such short notice, come tomorrow with your ministers and meet with me so we can discuss this further. As these are dangerous times, I would ask that you both bring your honor guards to protect your most-valuable lives as your journey here. I would have nothing happen to either one of you, my brother and sister in royalty.

In the name of Peace and Nagnang, yours I remain,

It was reasoned by Princess Lasahn that since Prince Kija would not "in good faith break [the tri-kingdom] peace treaty," the sovereign of Nagnang would indeed have an adequate reason to call upon the counsel of the Koguryan and Buyan courts. Prince M'hul, as a sign of good faith, suggested that both Koguryo and Buya each pledge a small detachment of troops for the purpose of safeguarding Blight's return to Nangen soil. As well, these troops will serve as protection, in the event that anything goes awry.

With the course of action decided, diplomatic channels have been opened between the Three Kingdoms in preparation for the upcoming meeting.

New Tutors
Posted by: Coldsun -- 9:27 AM EST

As posted by Charisse on the Community Board:

Three new Tutors have been selected from a number of very qualified candidates. Thank you to everyone who applied!

Congratulations to those chosen for the positions!

* Nagnang Mage Tutor - Professeur
* Nagnang Warrior Tutor - MythicTenchi
* Buya Warrior Tutor - ShinsenGumi

Please watch for classes and tutelage being offered by Tutors in the near future. You may also find information on Tutelage on the Path boards in the Guild Halls. =)

Take care,

Congratulations to all three of you.

- CS

    Friday, February 18, 2005

Letter from Captain Ye-Nae Wi
Posted by: Conro -- 7:08 PM EST

To Your Royal Highness, Prince Kija of Nagnang:

Many years have passed since we last laid eyes upon each other. Once we were united in a common cause, the good of Nagnang. Even though our country is torn apart by civil war, you and General Blight were as comrades in arms. In plain fact, you were closer than mostand I pray that what I must now impart to you, you take to heart and read this missive with those old memories in mind.

Recently in an adversarial battle of the most import, General Blight was struck down in the heat of the engagement. At first, no one knew of this, for he continued to fight on until the enemy was vanquished and the last breath of strength had left his body. We found him crumpled with an almost mortal wound to his side. Its as if this wound resembles our torn country, and no matter what our healers do, nor how hard we pray, his perilous condition fails to improve.

It is my hope, that you can find it in your heart, to open your arms and the gates of Nagnang, and let us bring this man, this national treasure home. Time is slowly sifting away from him, as its precious sands leak through some unseen hole. My hope is that you and others will find a way to restore him to life so that he may live out his well earned years in peace with his family. If that not be the case, than at least he will be able to pass his last breath in the Kingdom, which gave him life, hope and love.

Should you allow this humble request, I will be accompanying General Blight back home to insure his safety. The General knows of my actions and approves of them, therein. As a token to show you our good faith and the respected sanctity of the flag of truce, I herein give unto thy hands, the Generals ring. Should any treachery ensue, I offer my life in return. However, as you know, only his sword means more to him and this ring, as is his sword, is a manifest representation of that personal honor. In the name of honor, I ask thee in all thy beneficence, please grant us this request.


Captain Ye Nae-wi

    Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Dreams and Auguries of horrors ahead
Posted by: Vini -- 10:31 AM EST

The Prince of Nagnang has recently posted on COTW board about a strange dream he had. A "disquieting dream" as his highness described, it may mean something important coming as the Diviners have been receiving Augury visions mentioning something terrible is about to return to us.

Here's a copy of the post Prince Kija wrote and has put on Chronicles of the Winds:

We have dreamed a dream this night...

We find ourselves walking cautiously through a field of purple. Each step is precarious as small bursts of fire are exploding on either side of us. We get the feeling that if we dont walk just so, we're going to be consumed by the flames. In the distance through a fog, we see a woman clothed in purple standing on a gallows and she is cradling something in her hands. As we get closer, from out of nowhere, a noose descends and falls about her graceful neck. There are tears on her face. Ignoring the peril at hand, we dash up to the gallows and manage to save her from death. Grateful, she holds out her hands and we see a giant green squirrel cradled in them, a squirrel some how still living even though it is split in two by a massive sword with a hilt in the shape of a large hand.

"You must take this, its yours to bear now." She whispers to us, and as the green squirrel touches our hands she disappears. Black blood weeps from a wound reopened by the swords thrust. Where the drops fall, smoke, destruction and blackness take hold of that once green. In the distance we see a field of green, and as we get closer it appears to be made completely of green amber, with one red amber burning right in the center of the field. However, there is a gate surrounding it and it is locked. With our hands full, we have no way of opening it and we know we cannot yet set our precious burden down.

Despair fills us even as our burden gets heavier. Looking up to the sky which is the color of unused parchment, a Ju-jak comes into view. Flying directly above us, it drops two crowns to the ground which turn into many hands and a bowl of stew. Suddenly the gate is open and we move our burden inside the gates and rest it upon the flaming red amber. Some of the hands follow and some wait. A mighty scale appears to the left side and waits like judgement. One side is as black as the ichor leaking out of the wound of the green squirrel, the other side is silver with a blazing sun above it. As the hands put things in the black side, they disappear and small bottles appear. With each bottle, the scale slowly tilts up toward the sun and makes it midway, before we wake up with an intense feeling of disquiet. It is a feeling as if we can but do something more, but what?

What does it all mean?

By Our Royal Hand on this day,

HRH Prince of Nagnang


Long Live Nagnang!

If anyone can answer the Prince's question about what all this means be sure to do it quickly, seems something dangerous might be right ahead and defense must be prepared soon enough.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Yuri 72, Moon 1~

    Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A few changes
Posted by: Conro -- 9:44 AM EST

[-] Barbarian's cave (Public Subpath area) entrance has moved to just south east of Buya.

[-] Sacred Grove (Druid Subpath area) changed to have a stage only accesable by Druid subpath members.

[-] Desert spetum strength requirement lowered to 70 from 110, now any Warrior can equip it at level 75!

[-] Woodcutting has been modified so that only people level 12 or higher can cut; if you are level 11 or lower, you get a message saying 'You must be level 12 to cut wood'.

- Conro

    Saturday, February 12, 2005

Gifts of Love
Posted by: Rachel -- 10:35 PM EST

Warning: Do not accept a gift unless you have a free space in your inventory

When you go to the messenger, he will let you buy a wrapped gift for 2000 coins. At that time, you must type the name of the person whom you wish to recieve your gift. (You can choose yourself)

Then you and your recipient must both be online and on the same map. Use the gift and they will recieve a pop-up asking if they wish to recieve your gift. If they say yes, they will recieve 5 Gifts of Love. If they have already recieved a gift, they will automatically delcine.

If they decline, you may return to the messenger and choose a new recipient for your gift.

The Gift of Love is very useful! When used, it will cast a 2 minute long Harden Body and it will also give you full vita and full mana. Like harden body, you can be damaged by traps and the spell can be dispelled.

The Gift of Love may be deposited, but it cannot be exchanged or dropped. When you have a gift in your inventory and click on the messenger, he will tell you to hurry and give your gift befor it rots. This probably means that these items will vanish before long.

Valentine's Day
Posted by: Rachel -- 9:31 PM EST

Update: Do not accept a gift unless you have empty inventory spaces

The following message has been posted by Kru on the Dream Weaver board. More info will be posted soon.

Greetings! As a token of appreciation for our players, the Messengers in each kingdom will be selling a very unique gift for that special someone. It will help protect your loved one while you're not there. We hope that you will find it useful and enjoyable. Keep in mind that you may give only one, and receive only one. We hope you enjoy it.

Happy Valentine's Day!

    Friday, February 11, 2005

Vortex Pitch Black
Posted by: Corath -- 11:00 PM EST

This evening, the Vortex became pitch black for a reason unknown. After talking to some people, it sounds like one of the vortex bosses seemed to have followed someone outside of the cave, and shortly thereafter the entire map went black (like in the sewers, you can see with a lantern).

Information taken from this Community board post.

Posted by: Syncretic -- 2:31 AM EST

Hello, I was recently added to staff as a reporter. I will be working on a few miscellaneous assignments, as well as helping some of the other projects along more quickly. Hope to bring you excellent surprises in the future.

    Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Yes, it's me.
Posted by: Rachel -- 9:01 PM EST

I've been working on gathering information for one of our upcoming sections. My character in the game is named "Rachel". I usually look like you see me in the picture located just above these words.

I've seen some posts about how you aren't seeing lots of new things from NexusAtlas. Well, help out and you will!

Thank you.

    Sunday, February 6, 2005

New Legion Head
Posted by: Conro -- 11:31 PM EST

The Nangen Army, also known as the Legions of Nagnang, have had a change in Generals.

Gromph has been given control of the Nangen Army.
JadedSkies was asked to take the place of MarekP after he was bannished from the lands for participating in the money duplication bug almost a half a year ago.

A thank you to JadedSkies hard work revamping the Nangen army to a reputable force, and best wishes to Gromph on his new found responsibility.

- Conro

Hello All
Posted by: Cirran -- 10:26 PM EST

Hello everyone,
I was hired a few months back but we didn't announce it until now. I'll be helping with several projects around the site as well as a few updates here and there mostly involving project Delta. I won't be touching news that much, but if news comes my way I'll post here for you all to see. I look forward to bringing you all the very best.

Few Announcements
Posted by: Conro -- 4:37 PM EST

In Nexus news...

The Druid item Brighids wreath should not be bought or sold. After being created, they crumble to dust in three hours. These, and several other public druid items, are used in druidic ceremonies.

In NexusAtlas news...

We have a new staff member! Please welcome Cirran to the NexusAtlas staff! He will make a welcoming post shortly!

You may have noticed some less than thrilling action happening on NexusAtlas. In the past few months we have been working feverishly on a few brand new sections, which we hope to have released by the end of the month!
Officially named Project Delta, the intent of this project is to release all the quest information we haven't yet put on the website (including Staff of the Elements), add the new vortex information, and a suprise worked on majorly by AllyGator.

Your continued support and contributions to NexusAtlas make the work load much easier on the staff, and we extend our thanks!

More information to be released soon!

- Conro

    Friday, February 4, 2005

Love is in the air!
Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 8:30 AM EST

A message from the Royal Ministry of Koguryo

The Royal Ministry of Koguryo presents Royal Valentine's Week

We all know the day for love is coming soon so the Royal Ministry of Koguryo is inviting all of you to come and celebrate this beautiful day with week long events.

We have come up with some things for those of the community to show their love for one another!

Valentine's week begins with these events:

Royal Floor Art
Saturday, February 5
8 p.m., EST/5 p.m., PST
Hosted by BotanChan

Royal Revels Readings
Come out in red!
Sunday, February 6
5 p.m., EST/2 p.m., PST
Hosted by Sailortaurus

Royal Valentine's Kissing Contest
Monday, February 7
8 p.m., EST/5 p.m., PST
Hosted by Hatiki

Lover's Laugh it up!
Tuesday, February 8
8 p.m., EST/5 p.m., PST
Hosted by FPickledog

Scavenger for Love
Wednesday, February 9
8 p.m., EST/5 p.m., PST
Hosted by ImaFyrebyrd

Royal Valentine's Fashion Show
Thursday, February 10
8 p.m., EST/5 p.m., PST
Hosted by Hatiki

Royal Valentine's Ball
Prizes will be awarded this day
Friday, February 11
8 p.m., EST/5 p.m., PST
Hosted by Starrbrite

Also join in on some fun with writing competitions:

Valentine's Day Sonnet Competition
Hosted by Sailortaurus

Royally Bad Poetry
Hosted by Gilley

Haiku of Love
Hosted by LunaStarling

See the Community Events board for more details on each event!

So come join in on the fun. All events are going to be held in the Royal Coliseum. It can be found by entering the Kugnae palace, from the courtyard you walk inside and up the stairs. Once up you go into the middle door (throne room). If you go all the way to the back left side of the room, you will see an open door. This will take you into the Coliseum Atrium and that will lead you inside the Coliseum.

    Wednesday, February 2, 2005

New Bloodlust levels released
Posted by: Conro -- 10:33 PM EST

New levels have finally been publicly released for the Bloodlust league!

The new levels go as follows...
Chaos (Level 99 to 449,999/224,999)
Slaughter (450,000/225,000 or higher)

At this time, however, the doors are kicking people even though they are over the statistics required. This should be fixed shortly!

When all the bugs are worked out, we'll be sure to let you know!

- Conro

Legend Mark Limits
Posted by: Rachel -- 10:46 AM EST

Castaspella recently found out that there are limits to the number of legend marks that you can have. If you recieve too many, some of them start to vanish randomly.

Today Wony has responded on the DW board. Currently, the limit is around 200 marks. If you are nearing that number, submit a ticket telling Nexon which marks you currently want displayed and which ones you want left out.

Later, when Nexon fixes the legend mark limit they will restore all marks to your legend.

Wony's entire post can be found here.

    Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Staff of Divination
Posted by: Conro -- 8:06 PM EST

Another new weapon has surfaced from the Vortex, the Minor Soothsayer staff.
At this time, where it was dropped have been revealed, though resonable deduction lays in either Dread or Bandit.

A picture of LiazardGuy with the Minor Soothsayer staff

Statistics are as follows:

Level : 99
Durability : 80000
AC : -4, Hit : 3, Damage : 3
Vitality : 1000, Mana : 2500
Might : 0, Grace : 2, Will : 1

When information is released, we'll have it to you as soon as possible!

- Conro

Services Restored - Current Projects
Posted by: TSWolf -- 1:29 PM EST

We restored the Services to NA and NF and everything should once again be functional. Current staff members of NA are currently locked out of the FTP while we do further monitoring, but are urged to read the staff posting on NexusForums.

We're still a little baffled at what exactly occured making our bandwidth skyrocket beyond recognition. We've chalked it up as some sort of glitch concerning the mail server and are going to keep an eye on it. Contrary to belief, there were no signs of DoS attacks, NexusForums, or external linking abuse.

Although, we did have some time to review a few things... Which I will address.

For the NexusForums related changes and issues, please check out the latest news post there.

For linking purposes, especially concerning images, I will write again here in context. In the NexusForums post I talked about externally linking and its affect on our bandwidth.. And as I wrote in there, I really dont have a problem for the most part with externally linking files from our Site. We have alot of bandwidth and alot of resources that we like to share.

We DO have a problem with linking massive or high traffic files, especially uploaded at the abuse of our service..

We ask that if you want to use some of the space or bandwidth here at NexusAtlas, you contact me at my hotmail address listed on the Contact page. I'll make an attempt to accomidate you.

---- Current Projects

Now concerning current projects. I have found people coming in the chat, AIMing me, and other things concerning projects they'd like to do for Nexus Atlas. At this time, I'm not doing any Projects for Nexus Atlas. I'm working on a seperate project elsewhere, and it should be wrapping up sometime within the next 2 weeks.

After that, we have some plans for Nexus Atlas. Once that time comes, I will post on News, and I will set up a forum on NF where you can contact me for more information.

Downtime. Bandwidth exceeded
Posted by: TSWolf -- 12:18 PM EST

For the first time in the HISTORY of Nexus Atlas we exceeded bandwidth yesterday. I find this quite odd, and plan to look further into this issue.

I have some sneaky suspicions concerning the downtime as well, and I plan to investigate those as well. Anyone found abusing their accounts on NexusForums will be deleted without notification.

Either way, its up and I'm editing some of the config files to prevent this from happening once again.

Thank you for your patience.

- Update - Theres a temporary lockdown of all Services, including Nexus Forums and the Databases until we resolve this issue.