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  Archived News | February 2003

Past News

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February 2003

    Friday, February 28, 2003

The Trial Of.. *giggles* Afrit
Posted by: Xuir -- 9:04 PM EST

Many community members gathered in the Kugnae Palace today to witness the mischievious Afrit, who has terrorized the Diviners for the past several weeks.

Although at press time (heh heh) a verdict was not reached, this event is an apparent Diviner sponsored roleplay event. The Afrit roleplay is very interesting; she is cute, spontaneous and at the annoyance of many community members, her constant giggling can be seen.

Below, Head Judge Tip questions Diviner Guide Airess as she testifies against Afrit, an apparent thief of many Diviner items.

Rogue Changes!
Posted by: Corath -- 1:38 PM EST

From Eldridge on Dream Weaver:


Today we upgraded the higher level (Ee san+) rogue weapons "Blood" and "Nimble blade" to help balance the higher level Rogues killing power with the Warriors. We are going to monitor these changes to see if it was too much, or too little over this weekend.


Kinda sucks that it's at Ee+, but whatever. ^_^

    Thursday, February 27, 2003

Me Dye? Go Dye yourself!!!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 9:42 AM EST

In Bad News - Dye Arrows are gone.. Great news for people who have been robbed of their special dyes by stupid newbies with bows.

In Great News - Dye Arrows have been replaced with Potions. For every Sheath, players recieved 12 personally dyeing potions so they can use them on themselves and dye themselves. Really cool Addition!

When you use a dye potion :

It casts :

And dyes you the color of the Dye potion!

Dyes are named just like their dye sheaths.. Summer Sheath is now Summer Dye.. Sea sheath now Sea dye. Ruby sheath now Ruby Dye.. Very cool!

Okay, You win!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 8:00 AM EST

People have been bugging me for updates for weeks.. So I'll finally put down my GameCube and new Ee san Rogue and put something up for you today. So keep yer eyes peeled ;)

    Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Oceana Clan gets their Hall!
Posted by: Vini -- 10:58 AM EST

Oceana Clan, after meeting their Tribute, has finally recieved their Clan hall(yeah, me and Mikalyn found it yesterday^^) but looks like some members of the community are not content with the location:

As you can see, the entrance is at Orb’s Memorial, so.... to Avoid problems, Primogen Jayme is gonna contact the Archons to move the entrance to a more suited place.

For those who are willing to visit the Oceana hall, the doors at the entrance are still open:

Down here there's a full picture of the hall, enjoy it:

Great hall isn't it? They also got added to F1, which that helm there, isn't their helm, same problem Forsaken and Elendhirin had, here’s how it looks like:

Oceana members have finally gotten their Clan Titles and now the Kindreds & Councils can be easily known by any member of community since they also have gotten their space on Nexus list, unfortunally theirs no link from main page yet, but you can already acess from here:
Once again, Congratulations Oceana!

~Vini Normad’or~

    Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Two things:
Posted by: Corath -- 1:16 PM EST

I just realized that nobody had posted on the new warrior zap spell. You can get it from both Buya and Kugnae, for 20 acorns and 5 rabbit meat. I believe that it is level 6 to obtain.

A note for this: do not confuse its purpose with its name. One of the alignment's names for it is "Taunt", and it does not work like that. It's a regular zap, it does not taunt a creature to come to you when it's attacking someone already.

Secondly, this is from LocoSam:

"Ore [very high] can now be smelted on the smelting tables, not just vocally... as of the reset on 2/25/03.

LocoSam the Sheep man"

    Saturday, February 22, 2003

Carnage Hand Dye not operating
Posted by: Xuir -- 9:54 PM EST

At the moment, the hand dye (manual dying) function is not operating in carnages. Thus, it is up to the player whether or not they want to attend a carnage at this time.

This bug doesn't come without controversy, however. Earlier today, a carnage was reset (teams were redyed) and round 1 was discarded because it went so bad.

A player should not attend carnages until this bug is fixed unless they are ready to deal with uneven teams, carnage resets, and a lot of whining from the players. :P

In other news, a lot of new Sam sans have been popping up including MidnightRun, DarkMarverick. Also, recently, long time SunMoon primogen khaos finally got Il san as well as our very own TSWulf getting Ee san. Congratulations all of them :)

NexusAtlas News

    Thursday, February 20, 2003

Elendhirin Clan Helm
Posted by: Lauz -- 5:58 PM EST

Hello Everyone.

A few days ago, I posted along with The Forsakens Clan's new helm, Elendhirin's clan helm. Well, after hearing word from Vandal and faeriefly, two dedicated members of the clan, they have told me that the clan helm is in fact not uploaded into the client yet. theey tells me I will be notified me when it is.

I apologize for confusing you guys, hehe. I kind of got off guard when I saw the helm next to the clan when pressing F1.

    Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Very High Ore!
Posted by: Corath -- 8:08 PM EST

From LocoSam:

"Ore [very high] is now available to be mined, and can vocally be smelted. The smelting tables aren't responding right now, but Themis has been notified and promises to contact Delphi about it.

Very little is known about how this will change smelting and mining, but more details will come with time.

LocoSam the Sheep man"

Arena Changes
Posted by: Corath -- 7:30 PM EST

Thanks to Conro for finding this out, and IamQuay for pointing this out to me:

"A MAJOR change has occured to Player Killer areas.

No longer when you get hit do you take damage on your weapons, armors, helmets or rings. I've tested this several times, in many different areas.

Nexon has changed Player Kill areas to act like they did back in Beta, 3.0, and Early 4.0.

Yay! Now when I exit vale I don't have to worry about gathering 10K to repair my stuff =P

- Conro"

Chess & Other Games!
Posted by: Marstead -- 4:17 PM EST

Head to the Northwest Hut in any of the Housing Districts to play games like Chess, Checkers, Tic Tac Toe, and Goh! This is actually a pretty nifty addition, and quite fun.

Boost in minor quest exp!/Valor
Posted by: Lauz -- 10:48 AM EST

This came also with a previous reset... Kinda thought someone else was going to post about it, but naw =p

Depending on your Rank (Il San, Ee San, Sam San) you get more exp. when you do a minor quest.

99 - 10,000,000
Il San - 20,000,000
Ee San - 40,000,000
Sam San - 80,000,000

Neat, huh? =p

... Also, Valor now lasts as long as Armor and Sancuary. 185s.

    Monday, February 17, 2003

Celestial Carnage Information
Posted by: Lauz -- 2:16 PM EST

Aenea decided to host a test Celestial carnage today after the reset.. Heres a bit more infortmation on it. As I get more information I will be keep checking back.

Celestial Carnage Entry Free - 16,000 Coins

Prize - Same as Avatars with an addition of karma

Location - Same Arena, Last door on the right

Ming Ken Rez!
Posted by: Lauz -- 2:04 PM EST

As the reset was over, the usual PK junkies went back to slaughtering their enemies in the famous PK zone.. the Sire Pit. Well.. It just so happens, after endless complaints to the gods, they have disabled the option for the Ming-Ken alignment to ressurect in PK areas. I'm sure there are quite a few who are happy about this.. and some others who are not. I guess we'll see how this change works out.

Clan Helms!
Posted by: Lauz -- 1:22 PM EST

Well... Forsaken finally got their Clan helm changed.. Heres what it looks like
(First discovered by Pendor.. but it was pretty obvious by then =p)

(Elendhirin helm is not confirmed. I heard they dont have them yet and that is not their helm, however..pressing F1 and going to clans, they no longer have that Angel and it shows the below pic as their helm. Once it is confirmed I'll let you know)

Also Elendhirin got their new clan Helm as well.. Its nifty :)

Carnage Changes!
Posted by: Lauz -- 1:03 PM EST

This posted by Alton before todays reset...

This is a warning announcement to give you all a "heads up" of what is comming.

Elixir War is MOVING to Nagnang.
The Arena in Nagnang is at 73,103

There is also a split to Kugnae Riches Avatars

Avatars will be 50/25 to 159999/79999

Celestial will be 160/80 and up

The Avatars door will shift left one and Celestial will take its place.

You will know when it happens because the Sages will change accordingly.


    Friday, February 14, 2003

Valentine's Day Event
Posted by: Spift -- 9:45 PM EST

You can get two items today being either a "Candy box" or "Valentine's bouquet". Both are hand items. Credit to TheHockeyBoy for posting this on Community board.

Candy quest

1. Start in by walking into the secret garden (buya palace, first door on your left).
2. Walk to the center under the pavillion where 2 people are kissing. Click on them
3. Say "Flowers"
4. Say "sweets"
5. Go to Min's shop in hausoon and say "sweets"
6. Go to the woodcutting hut and say "Box", you will need 30 ginko wood
7. Go to lin's shop (seamstress in sanhae (artic and right))and say red cloth. YOU NEED 10 ROSES AND 1 CLOTH
8. Take the red cloth back to the woodcutting hut and say Box.
9. Go to redcap, the kugnae messanger (n gate kug and down). Say Gold ribbon (costs 1k)
10. Go back to the woodcutting hut and say box.
11. Go back to min (the butcher shop in hausoon) and say sweets. You need 5k.

You get a beautiful heart shaped box of candies to wear!
Bouquet quest

1.Go to buya's palace and into the first room on the right of the entry level (the secret garden)
2. Walk to the center and click on the npc
3. Say flowers
4. Go to west gate buya and to the weaver, say Boquet
5. Take a love ring, 1 fine cloth, and 12 roses back to the secret garden npc.
5. Say Bouquet
6. Show off your new Valentin's Bouquet!

Love rings can be purchased for 10000c at the chapels.
Roses can be gotten for free at the bush east of south gate buya.

Dream Weaver Message
Posted by: Corath -- 2:32 PM EST

From Eldridge:

Dear players,

I was just "reminded" by our marketing department that today we will be holding a chat on the Stratics chat network today at 4PM PST! The topic of the chat is "NexusTK, What's new and what's coming". This chat is directed towards people who have never played Nexus before, and not really a game development forum like the ones we hold in the game. If you want to come to the chat anyways you can go to for details. So join us today at 4PM PST (7PM EST) if you wish on the Stratics IRC if you would like to see us there.

We are planning to hold an in-game forum soon with Yinchueshan, Delphi, and myself once Yinchuehshan has finished everything he is doing right now, and everything is ready. I will be posting more details on the forum as soon as I have them.



Yay, finally a forum! Haven't had one of these in a while o_O

    Thursday, February 13, 2003

Erm... When were they gonna tell us?
Posted by: TSWolf -- 2:26 PM EST

Look what we found at

Upcoming Nexus:TK House of Commons Chat!
Event News - 10:56 PM EST - Posted by: Wolfgang

We're proud to present the first Nexus:TK chat on Stratics IRC with the Nexon Team. The topic for this discussion will be "Nexus:TK, What's new and what's coming". The chat will be on February 14th at 7:00 PM EST (If you are in other time zones, check out World Time Zones to find out what time that is where you are) in #NexusHOC on Stratics IRC. You can connect to our IRC servers by using mIRC, pirch, Ircle, or one of your favorite linux chat
clients and connect to port 6667 or to a server closest to you: port 6667 USA - Colorado port 6667 EU - Germany port 6667 USA - Colorado

    Wednesday, February 12, 2003

New Additions, and Future ones too
Posted by: Corath -- 9:48 PM EST

Themis posted this on the Dreams board today:

Here is a list of Dreams that were approved by Nexon. Some of them have been implemented, others are worked on and others will be added after next reset. Nexon listens to your dreams always and hopes you enjoy them.

- Bigger F9 list. (this is being worked on)

- Sheep3 animal color change. (already implemented)

- New craft ability for gemcutting products. (this is being worked on)

- Karma reward for master weaver/tailor that helps with wind quest. (already implemented)

- House keys available for everyone that lives in house (already implemented)

- Dragon sentry room (already implemented)

- Targetable spell attack for warriors (will be added after next reset)

- EE san & Sam san Dyes (already implemented)

- Stricter jail/punishment system (this is being worked on)

- A Hot key that skips Mp3 songs (this is being worked on)

- New Ming-ken heal sound (already implemented)

- Add "very high ore" to be mined and smeltable (this is being worked on)

***Note*** Those that I mention as implemented and are not, will be added on the next reset. Thank you and enjoy.



Finally! New things coming our way that has been asked for, for a very long time. Even though I still don't see how an Aether checker would destabalize the server. :P

A Few Things
Posted by: Windis -- 5:58 PM EST

First off, I deleted my post about me taking a break. I can't get away from Nexus=P

Secondly, the elixer war now has a new dye...Neon blue! It is pretty cool, and I believe you get it for winning an elixer.

Third, I contacted Delphi. The Boreal clan( mistakenly listed as the Lothlorien. That should get fixed on the Nexustk site^^

Lastly, I expect the event to draw to a close this weekend. Let's hope it's interesting, fun, and open to everyone!


    Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Dragon Sents!
Posted by: Lauz -- 11:41 AM EST

As someone just finished the Dragon alliance, they had saged how there are now dragon sents! I went to go check this out...and sure enough, there are dragon sents! The room scales is used as the sentury room. From this point on you have to fall into scales in order to get to the NPC room. You are no longer able to walk into that door of scales. Once you walk out of sents, it brings you to that door. Here is a screen shot from Scales 2.

(Credit for discovering this new addition goes to Duarian. He was finishing dragon alliance, and discovered the sents ^^)

Losing your half written posts when d/c'd?
Posted by: Nagnag -- 10:54 AM EST

In the middle of a post and disconnect? Don't you HATE how you lose your post? Don't fear anymore! Because now if you disconnect on Nexus a popup comes up saying "Would you like to copy your post to the clipboard". (I don't know if anyone's pointed this out yet, but oh well :P)

Posted by: Lauz -- 9:39 AM EST

Along with the the New dyes that TS' posted, there is also an Ee San dye, which you can see deadlysweet in..

Ee San dye is 28k

Also there is Sam San dye, which Gwendlyn is in...

Sam san dye is 48k

There was also a change in the Ming-Ken heal, the sound is so much more peaceful now.

Also! There is a change in Sheep3. No more goats! =p Actual sheep now.

New Dyes Now Available
Posted by: TSWolf -- 6:20 AM EST

Love the new carnage dyes? Well check out the Dyeing NPCs!

4 New Options Available

- Ash (Black)
- Fire (Red)
- River (Blue)
- Snow (White)

And for only 20 coins! Right on.

    Monday, February 10, 2003

The Gambling Controversy
Posted by: Xuir -- 4:05 PM EST

With the return of the Merchant Guild's historical and traditional gambling ability comes payouts, losses and controversy.

"Wanna gamble?" asks a young mage to Merchant Corneliuss as he strolls east of Kugnae. As the two gamble for an undisclosed wager, citizens gather around with coins in pocket waiting for their turn. Gambling has erupted again as an activity that Merchants provide everywhere.

However, with the return of the spell comes controversy. "Quote me on it - gambling stinks." said ColdSun, Merchant guide. "Ever since gambling returned - people don't care about Merchant morals, duties. It's just -- 'Hey cold, wanna gamble?' I don't care what anyone says - gambling brings [Merchants] down and [is not] roleplay."

SinYu, another Merchant had this to say: "If [Merchants] don't want it, they shouldn't learn it. It's a fun spell, and has much roleplay aspect."

At east gate Kugnae, gambling is rampant. Citizens line up and make wagers, some incredibly high, some incredibly low. "Spike against 40k :P <3" offers Suffer, a mage weilding a Flameblade. Later, Suffer tells me "I have money, and I enjoy gambling." Dilemma, a Shaman offers this: "I enjoy the wins and losses. It is exhilirating to find out the outcome."

"I need Gamblers anonymous" says Sparrowhawk, a mage, also hanging out at the east gate. "I'm addicted. I have absolutely nothing left, and I am still willing to gamble my 1k I have left away. Today I lost 70k. Yesterday? About the same. I almost wish gambling didn't exist."

Several people I talked to feel gambling helps the economy. "it really stirs things up" says TheHockeyBoy. "It's a good way to distribute money," said LuciusX. "Just don't get addicted!"

Could it be made more exciting/strategical? BillyBob, a rage1 C. Ryong thinks so. "I am very against gambling. It is purely a luck game, and takes away the fun of getting money. Nexus was more fun without gambling, they should take it away again." He did, however, say it would be more enjoyable if strategy was involved; but would offer no ideas of innovation.

To summarize:

FOR: (LuciusX)"Gambling is good for nexus. Without gambling there would be BUY/SELL and thats about it. Thanks to gambling money can circulate throughout nexus faster. This helps to keep the game interesting. If you have ever tried gambling big you would know the feeling, rush of adreneline through your body. Much like a carnage or getting the elixer. As a founder of a popular game called "Ghetto Gambling" I believe that if the saying "Money makes the world go around" then Gambling also helps. For those who loose everything gambling, I am truly sorry but you win some and you loose some =\ In order for someone to win someone must loose and you must be willing to make the sacrafice sometimes."

AGAINST: (ColdSun) " Gamble has created nothing but controversy this far. It's had very few positive results, and those few who have been evenminorly successful feel that gamble should stay. Gamble is not a form of roleplay. It does not deal with treasure hunting, our duties, or even our morals. While gamble may get us slightly more involved with the community, problems will arise. Gambling is like a compulsion; it's uncontrollable. Once you are hooked, you can't stop gambling. This has already cost us a few wonderful merchants who unfortunately got stuckin web of cons that come with gambling."

WELL, I SAY: Some people feel it assists the economy. Others like the thrill. Some Merchants and community members feel it creates spam, and others get addicted. Many said it helped the economy. Whether or not gambling should stay - I have this to say - Good luck. :)

NexusAtlas News

New Carnage Dyes!
Posted by: Vini -- 1:53 AM EST

A Few people may have noticed a bunch of people walking around with new dyes and many wonder how do they get it.
These new dyes are the new features of Carnages to better differentiate the colors during the games.

The main differences are in Black(Shadow dye) and Blue(sea dye), Red and white just shine a bit.

As you also may have noticed the wind armors graphics now are working in the carnage server, which makes much easier to differentiate people inside the arena and for the elixir War players other 2 new dyes too.

For the Carnage, BL and Elixir War lovers, enjoy the new dyes^^
But for the ones who want to walk around with these new dyes here comes a warning: If you get caught Logging before the round for keeping the dye you may get banned.

~Vini Normad’or~

    Saturday, February 8, 2003

Nagnang Bug!
Posted by: Lauz -- 8:12 AM EST

Hello Everyone.

As I woke up quite early today, I read the community board. I noticed many posts about a bug currently happening in the Nagnang server. Aparently, the bug is if you cast certain spells in nagnang, or get disconnected, you will lose some of the spells you have learned. Expensive ones, Il/Ee/Sam spells, sage, subpath spells, and possibly more.

Everybody is advised to stay out of Nagnang, untill there is word either from Delphi or Yin. Im sure that they will fix then soon. Do not try out the bug on your own, unless you want to lose your spells.

If we get more facts on this bug, we will post it here ASAP.

    Friday, February 7, 2003

Disconnect Feature
Posted by: Marstead -- 5:04 PM EST

Pikachuborg has alerted me to a new feature no one else has touched on -- if you are disconnected while saying something, whispering someone, or posting to a board, you are now given to option to copy to the clipboard what you were typing before hitting reconnect rather than losing all of your information (use ctrl+v to paste it later)! We've needed this for a long time, its great to finally have it.

Final Step of the Event
Posted by: Rachel -- 11:34 AM EST

The correct time to do the final step of the event is between 7:00 and 7:59 game time.

This is only 7 minututes and 30 seconds long, so it helps to arrive early. There were many people who were showing up too late. :(

Remember, the only way to find out the exact in-game time is to click on Ox in a tavern. Right click on the lower left picture, subpath spells, and website clocks are usually off by a tiny bit.

    Thursday, February 6, 2003

Gamespy Daily
Posted by: TSWolf -- 1:22 PM EST

Gamespy Reports :

Nexus: TK 5.32 - Prophet
Nexon announced that it recently released an update to its long running anime-flavored role-playing game, Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds, that adds a ton of enhancements including (but not limited to) an enhanced sound system, a faster mapping system for improved navigation through the game world, new items, new armor, new weapons and improved character image graphics offering more visual style choices for players. [back to headlines]

Event Completed!
Posted by: MistPrince -- 11:15 AM EST

To do this part of the quest you do not have to have the Mercenary camp or even the "Reinforced the Totem Pillars" one however you must have droped the trigram keys in their respective rooms (this part confirmed thanks to LocoSam). Special thanks to Boopymon for figuring out the ritual.

1) Go to the Hyun Moo shine (Wilderness 147,10) and click on Hyun Moo
2) Say Shinho bul to Hyun Moo
3) Go to the Library (Buyan or Kugnae) and say Shinho bul to Pond
4) Say Shinho bul to Dok the Smith (west gate Buya)
5) Say "Read" to Dok
6) Say "Friends" to Dok
7) Say "Pictures" to Dok
7) Go to Spring tarven and say "Dok"
8) Say "Shinho bul" to Spring
9) Go to the Golden Grove in the Wilderness (110,178) and walk around. You will eventually get a pop up and your own Shinho bul.
10) Go to Kugnae (31,29) and walk into the pond there to clean your Shinho bul.
11) Go to the Kugane mage guide and say "Shinho bul" and you will bless your Shinho bul. It will turn from red to blue.
12) Go to the Chung Ryong shine (Wilderness 211,97) and say "Shinho Bul".
13) Say "Ceremony of the Summoning" to the NPC at the Chung Ryong shrine. Your Shinho bul is now blue with a white spot (kinda like a flower growing out of it) in the middle.
14) Return to Hyun Moo (Wilderness 147,10) and say "Life power"
15) Say "Ritual" to Hyun moo
16) Go to Lovers Lake (Arctic Villiage 2,49) and walk into the center of the lake. This MUST be done in daylight! (Around 06-07 game time) You'll recieve the mark "Summoned the totems from the great void (Date)"
Confirmed:The time to get the mark is !06-07!
Info by:Sakeo,Protoss, Greensky and MistPrince, Airadine, lincon, GlitteryGyrl, Sidharthas, Boopymon

As always quest items such as your Shinho bul cannot be purchased. You must obtain them on your own or the quest won't work for you so please do not waste your money on these.

Here you see Shaman Elder Alexisa's Shinhobul bursting into light,as well as the message you receive in your text action box.

    Wednesday, February 5, 2003

Nexon makes the event easier
Posted by: Vini -- 9:05 PM EST

Unfairly to the ones who had collected the Translated Map pieces 1,3 and 4 and to the ones who had to do that boring quest to find the Mercenary Camp, Nexon made things easier again for the lazy ones and newborns.
You can now enter the Mercenary Camp from the Nagnang Villages passage (Nagnang Gathering 0017 0013)
Check it on the screenshot:

For those who spend a long time working for getting there, it sucks, why couldn't they easier the Dropping the 8 Tigram keys part? That part is boring and I rarely can find anyone to go there with...=/

~Vini Normad'or~

Event possibility - CONFIRMED
Posted by: Corath -- 5:45 PM EST

I found out something odd as I attempted to do the quest.

At first, I had thought that I could only do it if I had reinforced the totem pillars... but I'm doing the new quest now! And I have not reinforced the pillars.

I talked to LocoSam about this, and he was in the same situation as me - except he could not do this. We came to a theory.

I had dropped the trigram keys in the dead end rooms, and he had not. So we think that if you do this, you'll be able to do the new quest.

I have now confirmed this - if you can enter the inner tombs to where ChiZao's tomb is, you can do the new quest. You do NOT have to Reinforce the Pillars.

Event Update
Posted by: Spift -- 5:25 PM EST

As posted on the community board right now:

To do this part of the quest you do not have to have the Mercenary camp mark but you do need the "Reinforced the Totem Pillars" one.

1) Go to the Hyun Moo shine (Wilderness 147,10) and click on Hyun Moo
2) Say Shinho bul to Hyun Moo
3) Go to the Library (Buyan or Kugnae) and say Shinho bul to Pond
4) Say Shinho bul to Dok the Smith (west gate Buya)
5) Say "Read" to Dok
6) Say "Friends" to Dok
7) Say "Pictures" to Dok
7) Go to Spring tarven and say "Dok"
8) Say "Shinho bul" to Spring
9) Go to the Golden Grove in the Wilderness (110,178) and walk around. You will eventually get a pop up and your own Shinho bul.
10) Go to Kugnae (31,29) and walk into the pond there to clean your Shinho bul.
11) Go to the Kugane mage guide and say "Shinho bul" and you will bless your Shinho bul. It will turn from red to blue.
12) Go to the Chung Ryong shine (Wilderness 211,97) and say "Shinho Bul".
13) Say "Ceremony of the Summoning" to the NPC at the Chung Ryong shrine. Your Shinho bul is now blue with a white spot (kinda like a flower growing out of it) in the middle.

Info by:Sakeo,Protoss, Greensky and MistPrince, Airadine, lincon

As always quest items such as your Shinho bul cannot be purchased. You must obtain them on your own or the quest won't work for you so please do not waste your money on these.

    Tuesday, February 4, 2003

New Nexon Website
Posted by: Rachel -- 9:16 PM EST

The Nexus website has a new look to it!

It still seems to be under construction though. In the resolution that I have, the tabs at the top are overlapped, making me unable to read them. The power lists also seem to be down for now. There might be a few other problems, but I am sure nexon is working on it.

The best change that I see is the new event page. It says that it will list all of your favorite nexus events. Hopefully this will be updated frequently!

    Sunday, February 2, 2003

Upcoming projects!
Posted by: MistPrince -- 11:18 PM EST

Alright for all you youngins' or oldins'! O.O

I will be releasing the...Frost sabre quest!!and..
something else that I can't we'll call it a

Empress Induk arrives!
Posted by: Vini -- 10:22 PM EST

Last Saturday, at around 9pm EST, Empress Induk of Shilla arrived in Buya north gate was warmly welcome by a huge crowd that was waiting for her.

After a long while of walking among the citizens, Empress Induk finally arrived to the Buyan Throne Room escorted by Imperial Guard Gildenstar, Imperial Scribe Faerie, Imperial Arts Laureate Castaspella, BIA Field Commander MareKp and a few others.
In throne room Empress Induk took the time to answer a few questions of the citizens and from what we could understand her Majesty isn't going to open the Boarders to Nexus citizens yet (what a pity). So, to reach Shilla the only way is to get a Diplomatic passport. (That's in RP, he he)
Empress Induk also mentioned that her Majesty might visit Koguryo soon and that they are willing to help with ChiZao's problem.

After the short interview with Empress Induk, the Imperial Masquerade Ball Contest started:

After a long time of dancing and having fun Empress Induk announced the winners of the Contest, which had the best clothing, guess who won 1st place??
Check my and 2nd's place(Taijin) suits!

By the way can you find where is Historian Qantao on the Masquerade Ball's pic up there?

After a resting day, Empress Induk has taken her time to write a letter to our community thanking for the warming reception:
Dear Citizens of Buya, Koguryo, and NagNang.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the kind reception. I cannot express how touched I was at the attitudes you displayed, I was quite impressed. I found the Masquerade Ball to be very enjoyable. The costumes were exquisite, and the dancing divine! It was bizarre, I must admit, to see so many in the dressings of the dead. Upon further inspection, a warning was proclaimed. The spirits are restless, and strange activity takes place this very moment in the spirit realm. I am a ruler first and a warrior second, and I never learned how to properly communicate with the spirits. I will have to trust the advice of the Shaman on this matter.
On a more somber note, I am saddened at the current state of the totem gods. My heart goes out to Hyun Moo. While I am here, I wish to visit the Great Turtle in her temple. I have only heard rumors of the totems making an appearance, and to pay hommage to one in the flesh will be breathtaking at the least! I pray that a solution can be found on the current matters of ChiZao.

Blessed are the Citizens of Buya, Koguryo and NagNang!
The Great Hyun Moo has appeared - these lands are truly enchanted.

Guardian of Kaya
Empress of Shilla

I think we'll be hearing more from and about her Majesty soon, let's just wait and see.=)

~Vini Normad'or~

All the Buzz!
Posted by: Windis -- 10:04 PM EST

I bet you're wondering if there really are so many people workin' here at Nexus Atlas...I bet you wonder if any of them are dead...

This is what I can share with yah=-)

1. There are fifteen DEDICATED members working everyday. We are always watching, waiting for the Wind gods to appear...Waiting for ChiZao's response...Watching as Induk walks down the path the Buyan Palace. We are here for Nexus, and we'll always keep yah updated.

2. The clans and subpaths of Nexus will soon be available: we'll have more information then their websites! Hehe, these two sections will day!

3. News? Well...I'm 99. There, news enough=P Anyway, I am here to keep you updated on subpaths, clans, big events, communal events...anything really. Our reporters are working all the time for that big story!

4. The MIAs and leaving workers actually have projects to be released. If they have stuff to release, think about us who are working round the clock;-)

5. We're open for contacts. All the memjbers have an Email address attached to their names on the news posts...questions, comments...anything, contact us.

6. I shouldn't have used so many numbers. Don't forget anything above: We're here, we're listening, we're working, and we DO care!

Druid's Warning
Posted by: Vini -- 4:01 PM EST

Dear members of Community,
It has been noticed that a few people have been abusing the gift that Druids gave em and are selling out Brighids Wreaths.
DO NOT BUY BRIGHIDS WREATHS! Why? Simple: They are given them out for free in The Sacred Grove ((53/198 Wilderness))and they only LAST A FEW HOURS.

Thanks to LordDryn for the Warning!^^

~Vini Normad'or~

P.S. They are only available for this Sunday, February 2nd after this who knows when they'll be available again...

    Saturday, February 1, 2003

Census Closed
Posted by: Esterk -- 1:00 PM EST

Census is closing today. Thank you to all who applied. Will have results in about a week. Why a week? Why not? :]

More About ChiZao!
Posted by: Vini -- 2:15 AM EST

It has been a while since we last heard about ChiZao and as time passes, it gets harder and harder to find a way to stop him. His long rests make people forget about him; some even think he's gone... but, he's not.
ChiZao's danger is still around, anywhere and everywhere. Now, more powerful than ever... When he was imprisioned, he knew alot of magic, but after he had been released again, he learned the secret spells of the subpaths, all of them.

We already know that if ChiZao is killed, magic will vanish from our world, so there must be another way to stop him. I've contacted Qantao about any type of parchments that could help us stop ChiZao. She sent me one thing that could help us a bit. However, we still need to know how we would go about doing it.
I've studied it together with the Chongun's Elder, Taijin and after creating some uncertain strategies, we decided to share this letter with the whole community:


I have been looking for quite some time on some information on ChiZao. Unfortunately, not many records were kept from before King Yuri's reign. However, a short scroll I found containing a terribly old language mentioned the words "Chi Zao". I immediately took the scroll to someone who could read the language in my country, and have finally received a translation. However, I do apologize for the delay.

The scroll reads as follows, in common language:

"Master, he was to us. We treated him like our father.
He was the most powerful mage in the world. We were his students.
Master became disgruntled as life wore on. He became dangerous.
Master would do anything to destroy what he did not believe in.
We, the four, performed a terrible deed. We tricked master.
We tricked master into coming into a tomb, far below the mortal
We, the four, combined our power and banished him to that tomb.
We wept for days, as Master was our friend. He was like our father.
Using the twelve, we buried the tomb deep within the deepest
mountain range. The tomb that ChiZao, no longer Master, would stay
until the end of time.
ChiZao must never be released from the tomb. Should he escape, the
people will have great misfortune and despair.
ChiZao will attempt to trick the people. He will use the same method
we used to seal him in the tomb. Should he trick people, people will
become misled. ChiZao wants people to be misled. Distracted.


I may add this scroll to my history collection, the Drifting Winds. In the mean time, I would sincerely suggest that you be careful.

Be careful with this information. We are trusting you all to make good use of it. If you create any strategy that you believe that can stop ChiZao, you are free to foward them to myself or Taijin. If it's certain of accomplishing its goal, we'll foward it to the Royalties to decide if we'll use it or not.

Thanks for your time.

~Vini Normad'or~