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Past News | December 2006

Past News
Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

Our news software, Coranto, has a bug which makes it purge links to news articles more than two years old. What is left of programmers who volunteer their time to support this software do not know why this bug occurs. We manually index older news pages in our Archived News section.

December 2006

    Sunday, December 31, 2006

Retrospect 2006
Posted by: Vini -- 3:52 PM EST

The year is almost over and many may have forgotten all what happened in nexus during this year of 2006. To remember the most important things that have happpened in the nexus lands during this year, here's a memorial list of all the news announced and things that happened and affected the nexus lands. Of course, there was much more that happened, much more reported and some things that didn't get noticed so much but were important as well. This is a list to remember how 2006 was a year of big changes in nexus and hopefully it will inspire players and Game masters to make 2007 an even better year for the nexus history.

1. Experience bonus in the first day of the year. 220% experience, meaning 120% extra per hunted creature.
2. Server reset with new patch 6.58 that introduced colored texts options and fixed some armor bugs.
3. The longest Minister in office, who worked for 3 years, Lady Starrbrite stepped down in favor of LunaStarling.
4. Another Patch: 6.59 that fixed some armor graphics, clan bank bugs, changed Dead graphic, fixed map tiles and improved carnages. Most important of this patch was a new feature that made harder for 3rd party programs to interfere in gameplay.
5. Alizarin clan was approved as the newest clan of nexus.
6. Nexus TK website was totally revamped and added screenshots submitted by players.
7. KRU content manager position was opened for even players to apply to work for the company.
8. The last event held interacting Immortals with mortals, Terror in vale when the mother whale hit the lands and killed many.

1. Another patch: Updated the city maps to new resolution, bunny graphics updated too, a new cave in east gate and Tree of reflections gone.
2. Innkeeper weapons event: Sear blade, Shock sword and Crystal staff introduced.
3. Kiyuu and Shoshun got engaged on valentine's.
4. Primogen for 3 years, Mandad stepped down in favor of Magnita. Sarina also assumed back her position of Elder of Diviners in place of temporary Elder Airess.
5. Balooms given out for Love fair. White balooms for male, red for females.

1. Coranto vanishes with the nexus atlas past news. Scares nexus but gladly all information before this month was restored to Archived news section.
2. Kyas steps down in Phoenix and passed to longes term Primarch, Guerrund. He had to step down from Minister of Buya to take the clan leadership. Sebelle was appointed minister.
3. Defenders were poisoned during Buya ceremony.
4. A bug on servers caused some to be down and were fixed after a while.
5. Kabocha returns to send messages to primogens warning about the missing trees. Elders had dreams about the situation as well.
6. Wearing clan helms turned visible in game.

1. All mythic bosses turned to look like soccer balls in April's fool.
2. Wony's panther appear in Rangers circle as the first new ridable animal available for players. It did not stay and still today horses are the only ridables.
3. Tutorial hall was introduced in Buya to assist Tutors with their multi-path classes.
4. Fights between Prince Mhul and Merchant elder everclear about the issue of merchants "ripping-off" people's money in negotiations. Ended up that Merchants no longer held the Price list and KRA started running it.
5. TheSavior decodes the message of Kabocha with help of Druids: "Great Evil is on its way".
6. All trees are gone from the lands, even Great tree. Ravens attack the kingdoms. Omem or birds without a home. Soon community would find out.
7. Colored bunny ears introduced for Easter and candies available for the event too.
8. Most powerful head item crafted. The Diadem with -15 AC. Still seems to be just one crafted for now.
9. The "Strange thing" is found linked to the missing trees. Four of them appear in the lands and are found to be called "Triiofa".
10. Mythic bosses AI changed to make them harder.
11. Tangun village is introduced in Koguryo as a village to help new players get to learn things.

1. A patch fixed Ghaled sword graphics, updated Big axe graphic added some new clan helm graphics and turned Mythic bosses close to how they were before.
2. HaggardWitch appears leading the 4 Triiofa and opens the new cave in east gate Kugnae. Many Triiofas were found imprisioned there.
3. A King Yuri ball announced, invitations opened but had to bribe the magistrate to get one. What a shame.
4. The sorcerer Yieta, responsable for the captive Triiofas was captured and held in Kugnae Oubliette, the royal jail. The enchantment keeping Triiofa locked wasn't broken.
5. King Yuri ball starts and new outfits are introduced to the lands by the Royal Seamstress. People speak of a Blight war and he stocking weapons. He shows normal. A Swordsman appears as well Fei, caring strange items.
6. The Witch Mupa has returned and Yieta escaped from the Royal prison. Mupa slays many in vale.
7. HaggardWitch helps restore the tree of reflections with items dropped from the evil trees created by Mupa and Yieta. Magic flutes are introduced as the first sub-accessories of nexus.
8. Haengsa appears in the lands to reward people with pirate coins for completing his monthly challenges.
9. Mupa's forest been torn down and the Tree of reflections revived. It is still growing back to it's normal size.
10. Rings and tribes were introduced to nexus and scared the stability of the clans. After months clans realized these new ones would be so problematic to them.

1. Yieta rebels against Mupa's leadership, but end up being defeated and turned into a tree near Mage guild.
2. Yongsang, the new shaman weapons were introduced.
3. New Druid, Monk and Muses dye added to the lands.
4. Offline demotions been added to remove inactive councils, guides, hosts, judges and tutors.
5. Tigram keyset item added. To form one put one of each key in creation system.
6. Army spears were added. Same stats just different colors.
7. Fox hunt prizes were introduced. A new mark of Kitsunegari Senshi was added as well but never been used.
8. King Yuri passes away. Ceremonial outfits: Songboks and Bamboos were given out for donating for a statue of the King and to be used in the funeral.
9. The funeral is held at Koguryo Palace. Prince Mhul conducts the ceremony along with the presence of Princess Lasahn and Prince Kija. Citizens are able to see King Yuri for one last time.
these new ones would be so problematic to them.

1. Anniversary swords delayed on the anniversay of nexus. Reason explained to as Prince Mhul didn't know where his father kept them hidden.
2. Dharani's place found in Nagnang. It was not known the usage of it back then.
3. The Coronation of King M'hul happens in Koguryo. MyHul assends as the new King of Koguryo. The golden statue of King Yuri is added to the new entrance of the royal garden, east of the palace.
4. Yuri 83 was converted into Hyul 1 and a new era of years counting was introduced to Nexus.
5. The weapon Kallal appears for the first time in the hands of Blight.
6. Mongols attacked the woodlands. Dharani's purpose was found and new items were introduced, including the only other options of sub-accessories: Black and Red gutuls.

1. Server reset fixes some maps, changes What time is it option to Hyuls and adds Rage versions to Chongun and Barbarian paths to help balance the huntings of Warrior paths. Nothing was done about Rogues until now.
2. Patch 6.63 addes new options of equipped items to nexus. Boots, necklace, coat, mantle, and facial x head accessories. Profile pictures fixed, sound options as well and new mail & parcel icons introduced.
3. Version 6.64 arrives just after fixing the graphics of some armors and updating old graphics to new version.
4. The Season sisters return talking about the wedding of Kiyuu and Shoshun.
5. New accesories items were introduced for usage: Bandannas, headbands, little red mantle, and blue necklace all for 5,000 coins each.
6. Another patch added. Version 6.65 restores the wind armors to how the were before 6.64 and shaving beards work again.

1. Another 2 new patches for nexus. 6.67 and 6.68 fixing minor bugs and adding others.
2. New Nexus atlas layout is released after many months of work.
3. Father Time Ichiji got angry to hear about the wedding of Shoshun and Kiyuu and sets challenges to see if the mortal is worthy to marry his daughter.
4. Version 6.69 is auto-patched to nexus fixing the past bugs, adding new options and graphics.
5. Blight throws the Vile of venom in woodlands waters, the ones he collected from Mongols.
6. Fairgrounds were opened for the Harvest fair and Blue lanterns added temporary as weapons to nexus.
7. Ichiji sets a large list of demands to Kiyuu, King Mhul donates all the 20 million coins requested. The rest was donated by citizens who wished to help.

1. Citizens race against Kiyuu in one of his trials riding some different available animals. like does, deers, panthers, turtles and armored horse, but they were not added to nexus permanently as of yet.
2. Free trial for players have been extended. Players can go up to level 20 without registering.
3. Novice "clan" introduced to help new people contact each other.
4. Halloween costumes were added to festives, trick or treat started earlier and lasted longer this year.
5. Voices from the spiritual realm reveal a lost village in Islets: The Yu Ryang village. Event that lasted a few days.
6. All archons were suddenly let go without much explanation. A brand new group of pawns were added and have recently finished their training.

1. Wisdom star returned to nexus bringing experience bonus for 4 days and brought hapiness to quite few players.
2. Kruna item shop was introduced to nexus with quite a few new accesory items available to be bought for real money.
3. Gelapod added in Wilderness for people to get rid of their kruna Item shop items that they no longer wish. Gelapod has a mark for those who fed him items but can only viewed by the player, not by others.
4. Woodlands been revamped into huntable places for players. The vile of venom dropped by Blight there served a purpose. Various new items were introduced and can be sold to Dharani's place.
5. Snowstorm strikes the kingdoms and turn all kingdoms snowy. The Christmas time arrived earlier as well.

1. Winter wonderlands appeared by sleeping in the inns. Brought events items that lasted the whole month. Winter wonderland minor quests allowed people get 9 minor quest experiences in one day.
2. Purge restorating was closed for now.
3. New Patch adding new options for players including the Santa dress for the first time in nexus.
3. Santa Mhul event was once again held and giving out items to many players.

The Nexus Atlas staff wishes everyone a happy new year and thanks everyone who made news come true in the year of 2006. May 2007 be even better!

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 5, Moon 1~

    Thursday, December 28, 2006

New leaderships in the kingdoms
Posted by: Vini -- 2:13 PM EST

In the past few days quite a few leadership changes have been happening in the lands of nexus, specially clan-wise. Yesterday the long lasting founder of the Pegasus clan, Kujek, has announced his step down and that gave end to the era of the last clan without even changing primogens. To replace Kujek, he chose Creature, who he hopes tha will do even a better job than he did.

The changes in Nagnang also happened in the army. In the 19th, Prince Kija also announced the election of the new General Adragonsclaw of Nagnang Army to replace the missing Chill. In Buya, Primogeness Rhianwyn of Elendhirin also took a temporary leave on 17th and passed the powers to Charity once again.

The Nexus atlas would like to congratulate Primogen Creature, Primogeness Charity and General Adragonsclaw in their new achievements and thank Kujek, Chill and Rhianwyn for the work they've done for the nexus lands in the past months.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 4, Moon 12~

    Wednesday, December 27, 2006

One Post, Several Topics!
Posted by: Rachel -- 10:11 AM EST

If you wish to win a million coins in Conro's contest, you will need a NexusForums account. Since registration is slightly more complicated than in the past, I put up this post to explain registration.

We noticed that there haven't been very many problems at NexusForums in the last year, so as either a belated Christmas gift or early New Year's Gift there are a few changes in the works.

Joining the Citizens group now takes only half as many posts as in the past. Several of you will notice a promotion with just one more post. There will also be a Nobles group that many of you already qualify for. The specifics may be changed and these groups don't offer too many benefits, but I think they're a nice addition and hope that you do too!

Please be aware that anyone who is posting just to be promoted to the next group will have their post counts reduced to zero. There are several new topics every single day that you can make meaningful posts on!

..even more NexusForums news!

If you would like a board for your Subpath, Clan, or Tribe.. I am taking applications once again. These are private boards that only you will have the password to access. To get your own board, please PM me on NexusForums with the following:

-Subpath/Clan/Tribe name
-A list of 25 members matched to their NexusForums account name.
-Names of up to 2 Guides/Council members who will assist the Elder/Primogen in moderating the board.
-A short description (about 2-3 sentences) about your group.
-A link to your group's official website.
(Optional) - Your AIM screenname for easier contact
(Optional) - A preferred password

Just one last small thing! Yesterday, I went for the first time to go see the KSG Rogue Tournament, which I'm told was the first one in about three months. I didn't see any posts detailing the results of all the matches, but I did catch the name of one winner!

    Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Two Million Coin Giveaway
Posted by: Conro -- 1:49 PM EST

As stated in the previous news item, NexusAtlas is hosting a 'Who I would give a Million coins' contest on NexusForums.

The rules are simple, select ONE person from NexusTK you wish to see start the New Year off right. The reasons can be anything. The entry voted best by the NexusAtlas staff will have TWO Million-Coin checks sent out: one to whom you wish blessings on, and one for yourself for your story!

Write away, right away!


    Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!
Posted by: Conro -- 12:05 AM EST

Merry Christmas from the Staff at NexusAtlas!

My apologies for the delay on the contests. Starting December 26th (Tuesday), I will have our contests posted on the main page as well as NexusAtlas!

For those of you looking for a head start, the first contest is a Two-Million coin give away.

It's simple! The New Year is a time for change. Some look back and can say they've done well, while others may look forward to rising from the ashes of the past.
Write a simple story about a friend or stranger in Nexus and why you think they'd deserve a 1,000,000 coin prize to help kick off their New Year. Perhaps they've made you smile, or maybe you want to help someone out of a rut but don't have the ability to do it yourself.

Each entry will be judged by the NexusAtlas staff, and a winner will be picked. The winning entry will have a 1,000,000 check sent to the player they wish to see have a kick-start to their New Year. The winner will also find a cool 1,000,000 check in their mailbox as well!

A NexusForums thread will be created on TUESDAY, but you are free to start your drafts now!

This specific contest will end on January 1st, 2007, so don't delay!

    Sunday, December 24, 2006

History of Christmas 2006 is available
Posted by: AllyGator -- 3:28 AM EST

We've completed all of the information and graphics for the current event including Santa M'hyul's Workshop. The snowy lands are beautiful and we all thank KRU for making this holiday especially memorable.

History Listing

We hope to release something new to Nexus Atlas soon. It's ZoomTK! If this project can be completed you will be able to zoom in on any of the larger maps up to the full in-game screen size. Several players have reviewed our test information and have suggested that we include the co-ordinates for the Wilderness and Woodlands. You're going to love this feature being completed by our behind-the-scenes guru, Nagnag.

    Friday, December 22, 2006

Santa Mhul Starting
Posted by: Vini -- 6:42 PM EST

Santa Mhul is starting in 20 minutes in Koguryo Palace. The lines to wait are long already those who don't want to miss the start of it should rush and wait there until it's open. Hope everyone have a great time today and will enjoy it there.

Once inside there will be there rooms for people to walk until they reach the workshop and will be able to choose from which Royal they will get their gift.

Merry Christmas everyone!

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 4, Moon 10~

edit by Nagnag: Here's a picture of the insane line inside the palace!

Newest Merchant Elder
Posted by: Sebelle -- 1:31 AM EST

The position of Elder in the Merchant path has changed hands once more. Congratulations, Elder Notorious! We here at Nexus Atlas wish you the best of luck in your new position!

Also, thank you to SilentS for posting about this in the Nexus Forums News report board!

    Thursday, December 21, 2006

New Patch!
Posted by: Rachel -- 5:08 PM EST

Mug's DreamWeaver post shares the details:

The Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

Wrap a gift for someone special.

Girls can now find a special santa dress.

Item shop updates:
Anyone who is unable to deposit an item shop item can now visit the nearest tailor. They will help correct your item name by un-engraving the wrong name. Free of charge. Please keep in mind this only works for item shop items.

We fixed errors that cause some players to crash.

Clan banks were fixed to remove any extra empty spaces.

Setup for Santa M'hul

Clan, Army, Ministry and Tutor additions and fixes:
Updates for Tutors
Minor fix for Nagnang Ministry

Subpath additions and fixes:
Minor change for Do
Minor change for Merchant
Minor change for Chongun
Minor change for Barbarian
Updates for Druid
Updates for Rangers

To wrap a gift, buy colored paper and a ribbon from the messenger for the price of 10 coins each and put the item that you want to wrap into your inventory slot "a".

Kru summoned an NPC at East Kugnae who will sell you colognes. Apparently there was a reset or crash at some point and the NPC is now gone, but we might see some similar ones tomorrow while waiting in line for Santa Mhul. (Thanks to JuJakMan for the update!)

Sorry for not getting the Santa Dress picture up a bit sooner, Kru's appearance slowed that down a bit. Here is the Santa dress that is now droping in the Winter Wonderland:

    Wednesday, December 20, 2006

New heavy scarves in the Item Shop!
Posted by: Sebelle -- 6:12 PM EST

As posted by Coolboyman on NexusForums news report board, three new scarves have been added to the Item Shop this evening! New heavy scarves in lilac, black and angora varieties. Enjoy, and be sure to bundle up for the cold! Thanks for the notice, Coolboyman!

    Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas is coming!
Posted by: Rachel -- 6:52 PM EST

Santa M'hul date change - There was a bit of confusion, but it seems that Santa M'hul will be arriving on Friday the 22nd. Thanks to koKura for reporting this. ^.^

Also, a few things might be out of place here and there for a moment, elves are messy workers! If you notice any problems, please post on the bug board located on NexusForums.

If you don't see all of the affects that winter has had on our website, clear out your temporary internet files and refresh! And remember to keep checking for more surprises! ^.^

    Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas in Koguryo
Posted by: Vini -- 10:01 AM EST

The days of joy and friendship have arrived once again in the nexus lands. Amidst snow and dreams there are those who can say that it is Christmas in Koguryo already. Today, the Koguryo Royal Ministry alongside with the Royal Army and the six Clans of the kingdom will start celebrating a whole week with events and a lot of fun for the community to enjoy.

Everyone is invited to join the festives that begins today, Monday, December 18th and goes through Friday, December 22nd. It is expected of course that community will remain with a good behavior at all times respecting the people who have taken their time to make these holidays more fun, bypassing that may result in such invitation being lifted.

Here's the locations of events given by each of the Kogurian clans and organizations:

Bear - Victory Square
Destiny - King MuHyul's Jeongwon 17/65
Enigma - Victory Square 60/68
Oceana - Victory Square
SunMoon - Victory Square 11/52
Tiger - Victory Square and Jeongwon - Various
Koguryo Army - Victory Square
Royal Ministry - Victory Square 48/54

Schedule of events and celebrations can be found in the community board posted by various people during the whole week. Just keep an eye there and find out when and where there will be an event. The doors to both areas of Victory Square and Jeongwon will open later today and can be entered through the eastern doors of the Koguryo Palace Courtyard. Anyone who also wish to hold events are free to use any booth that isn't previously taken as listed above.

On Saturday 23rd there is also a very expected event coming. Once again it is time for the Santa Mhul to present all people around the kingdoms with his gifts. More information about this specific and well expected event of Christmas in Koguryo will be posted on the day of its realization.

Merry Christmas everyone!

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 4, Moon 10~

Kugnae Mage Tutor applications are open!
Posted by: Nussan -- 9:59 AM EST

Yesterday, the position for Kugnae Mage Tutor was opened for applications. Be sure to send your application in before December 30:th if you are interested in this position! Here is a copy of the application form.

I am currently looking for the following:
Kugnae Mage Tutor

To apply for this position, you must be living in, or be willing to move to the town you will be tutor of if you are accepted. You must be a member of the path that you are applying for. You must have no jail or justice marks. Also you must have your character's legend listed on the Nexus webpage.

Applications will only be accepted until December 30th 12:00am PST. Late applications will be deleted. The subject of the letter should be the position you are trying to obtain (please include the city).

Please send the following information to TutorApp:

-- Tutor Application --

- Name:
- Postition You Are Applying For:
- Positive Subpath Brandings:
- Negative Subpath Brandings:
- Previous leadership experience if any (Positions held in Kingdom etc. Please include references):
- SubPath (if any):
- Yuri Born/Real life length of time played (Time played as this character/total length of time played on any character):
- Level or Vita/Mana:
- Average Time And Days On Nexus per week:
- References (You must list at least three references. Please check with people you will be using as references before you list them):
- List all of your Alt. Characters.
- Comments (Anything important Please Put Here):


NOTE: If you plan to use another character's position for any part of your answers (i.e. I was a judge on another character) you must list that character's name. The same applies to comments such as "I've been playing for 4 years on different characters".

All character names and pertinent information will be kept confidential.

Once your application has been received, you will receive a follow up letter notifying you of such. Should you have any questions, please contact Nussan.


You can also find the application form on Community board, posted by TutorApp.

    Saturday, December 16, 2006

Monthly Kruna added to Auto-renewal
Posted by: Vini -- 11:21 AM EST

Yesterday, all auto-renewal accounts were rewarded with their monthly Kruna as it was promised in the introduction of the system. This means that all auto-renewal accounts prior to December 15th received 50 extra Kruna. Those who wish to get monthly extra Kruna can still sign up for auto-renewal and get their monthly reward starting on January 15th. Also in January the extra Kruna given by Hyuil in Winter Wonderland will be activated. This probably means that the Winter Wonderlands will be around until next year beginning probably and so will be the new clothes, ballooms, snowballs and candy canes people are enjoying much as of now.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 4, Moon 9

    Friday, December 15, 2006

Purge Restoration Ending
Posted by: Sebelle -- 3:38 PM EST

As posted on the official KRU website, the restoration period for 2006 will be ending on December 17th, this upcoming Sunday!

Be sure to get your requests in before that date, if you were hoping to get a character restored!

    Thursday, December 14, 2006

Do you know where we have lots of information?
Posted by: AllyGator -- 3:27 AM EST

Some of our users don't realize that the old Nexus Network site was a forerunner of this site. The rights to that content were approved for use here on NexusAtlas. We've noticed there are many questions in our forums about things that can be easily found in our Nex-Files section. Because of our new layout some users may not have noticed where they can find that section. It is under the second page of the Library Tab to the left. Some of the information there is from Nexus Network and some is from later versions of the game. This is vital for newer players and a good refresher for veterans. Whether you are just learning or want a look at things you learned long ago, take a stroll through this section.


    Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Happy Holidays from NexusAtlas!
Posted by: Conro -- 9:59 PM EST

Happy Holidays!

With the busy rush about with finding the best gift for everyone on your own list, it's easy to forget about yourself. NexusAtlas wants to help you devote a little time to yourself and earn prizes in the mean time!

Throughout next week until Christmas, our staff will be hosting contests, both in game, and on NexusForums. Contest winners will be alloted a special amount of Kruna gifted items.

NexusAtlas is in the works of creating special contests as stated to allow players who may not be able to afford these items, or aren't old enough to purchase them on their own.

Happy Holidays from NexusAtlas, and good luck to all participants!

- Conro
and the NexusAtlas Team

Current Event Already on the Atlas
Posted by: AllyGator -- 12:42 AM EST

Keeping up our efforts to bring you the most up-to-date information, we have listed the current Winter Wonderland event for your use. The graphics shown when you use some of the items will be added soon.

Winter Wonderland

    Monday, December 11, 2006

Gelapod Legend Mark
Posted by: Nagnag -- 2:44 PM EST

Perhaps many of you have already noticed that you get a legend mark when you feed an item to the Gelapod (located in the sheep field in the Wilderness [128,120]) you receive a legend mark.

What a lot of people do not realize is that this legend mark is only viewable by you by pressing S to view yourself, and then it shows on your legend that way. When clicked, it does not show on you. Whether this is a bug or not is yet to be determined.

    Friday, December 8, 2006

Today's Server reset List of Changes
Posted by: Vini -- 5:17 PM EST

As posted on Nexus TK official website and on Dream Weavers board by GM Mug, here is the list of changes from today's server reset:

Seems most players are falling asleep in the inns... your dreams are taking you to a Winter Wonderland!
(Keep in mind all drops will be removed after this event is over, please do not buy or sell these items. Trade or give to someone who needs it and most of all have a wonderful time!)

Haengsa has left on vacation and will see you all again soon.

Minor fix to the woodlands, you will not get stuck inside the wall if you enter the old Mongol event area.

Item shop fixes:
Veils can now be deposited.
Correction to the Black heart headband, you are now able to deposit these.

Clan, Army & Ministry additions and fixes:
Enigma Clan receives new merchant named Ixat. He will let you travel to Nagnang and Buya. He will also allow you to summon a clan guest.
Buyan Army receives changes to 3 merchants. Alexisa will now buy back Boiled fish, Roast chicken and Grilled beef. Terinthanas will buy back Slag and Steel daggers and sell smelting agreements. Eldrikke will buy back Star gowns.
Alzarin clan receives new room called Sentinel Training Ground.
Kugnae Minister receives office and minor fixes
Buyan Minister receives office
Nagnang Minister receives office and new Ministry room

Subpath additions and fixes:
Updates for Shaman path
Updates for Druid

Enjoy the new event, for more information about this check the previous posts in Nexus Atlas news.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 4, Moon 6~

Winter Wonderland quests!
Posted by: Nussan -- 4:46 PM EST

The people in the lovely Winter Wonderland village have some quests for us! They ask for different items, dropped by the strange creatures. These are the items they request:

Turesu (138, 142)
Red snow dress

Shinbal (113, 116)
Santa's boots

Palkkehada (33, 189)
Santa suit

Nuni (95,17)
1 of each color snowball (blue, white, green, red)

Yongwha (140, 31)
Blue snow garb

Moja (34, 159)
Santa's hat

Kyoul (81, 141)
Holiday's holly

Satang (96, 177)
Supposedly 5 Red hot candy canes

Chuptta (51, 127)
Santa's mittens

You get a little experience from each of these NPCs when you complete their quest. The amount of experience is the same as you get from completing a minor quest, it depends on your level. As of now, we don't know if there's a reward for completing all the quests, or if this might lead to something else.


Winter Wonderland
Posted by: Vini -- 3:17 PM EST

With the recent reset a new area has been available to community. If you go to the beds in the inns you fall asleep and enter a dream land called. Winter Wonderlands. We're collecting more information about it as of now.

There are new creatures like in the screenshot, strange people, pandas and they drop candy canes.

Items available from dropping:
(Colored) Snow garb: (Colored) Snow dress: Santa suit:
Pend Floater: AckDang Floater: JoRang Floater: QwuDol Floater:
Santa hat: Santa mittens: Santa boots: Holiday holly: Holiday stocking:
Red hot candy cane: Pizzazz candy cane: Mistletoe candy cane: Power house candy cane:
Blue snow ball: White snow ball: Red snow ball: Green snow ball:

Also there are antlers and new scarfs available in item shop, the red nose is back again for people to enjoy Christmas time. And talking about Kruna items, be sure to talk with Hyuil at the entrance of the Winter Wonderland, he has a few good things to say:
Ah, you seemed to of entered this mysterious and fascinating world of dreaming. Please relax and enjoy your time here, there many fun things to do and plenty of things to see. Just by speaking with me you have earned yourself a holiday gift! We call it Kruna. You won't see this right away but you should be seeing this gift soon."
This means that by clicking Hyuil each person gets free Kruna for item shop. It's only once per account so those thing they could bring alter-egos to multiply the gift won't work.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 4, Moon 6~

P.s. Quote of the day: "Nexus: The Kingdom that snows on Summer!"

    Thursday, December 7, 2006

Nexus Atlas Updates for November 2006
Posted by: AllyGator -- 8:14 AM EST

1. Released 6.0 Kugnae maps.
2. Continued work on 6.0 Buya maps.
3. Hired 3 new staff members.
4. Intensive work to keep up with the revised woodlands including updating monsters information, maps and item information as soon as that information was discovered in the game.
6. Various minor updates to throughout Nexus Atlas.
7. Improved the quality of 1000s of individual image graphics.
8. Finally able to create new page banners as promised with our new layout released in September 2006.

While this only looks like a few items, it involved a massive amount of work. I'd like to thank the staff and the users for their help in continuing to make this the best fan site for The Kingdom of the Winds.

    Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Auto-renewal Extra Kruna
Posted by: Vini -- 5:33 AM EST

Quite a few people have been wondering what happened with the monthly free Kruna (Item shop money) that was promised to auto-renewal accounts. Many have been claiming it to be a false "promise" as it's December 6th today and none really got any additional Kruna besides the 150 intial given ones, so GM Mug cleared up the confusion in the community board:
All auto-renewal accounts will receive the extra Kruna on the 15th day of each month. He also mentioned that "other kruna must wait and see". Perhaps this means there might be other ways to gain Kruna soon.

This answer means two things at least, first that KRU didn't make false promises like many were claiming, they will be giving extra Kruna to auto-renewal accounts and second that people who still didn't change to auto-renewal have until the 15th of December to update their account status to auto-renewal. Not sure what else people are waiting for, rush and go change to auto-renewal, not many days left.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 4, Moon 6~

    Monday, December 4, 2006

Item Shop Update!
Posted by: koinu -- 8:10 PM EST

Today there was a reset and a few moments after Thin and Heavy scarves were released in the Item shop! You can now keep warm this holiday season~!

it looks like some people are purchasing already to keep warm~

    Saturday, December 2, 2006

New Top #1 in Power List
Posted by: Vini -- 7:00 AM EST

It was on the beginning of August 2003, that the legendary warrior Calmwind was passed in power by Shans. Calmwind had only been passed once before by ShinI, but by his banning, Calmwind continue his lead. Well, the lead of Shans lasted 3 good years but now with her recent decision and departure of nexus, much was speculated of who would be the new top: Chinchin or Winroute.

Clairvoyant winroute was Yuri 55, used to hunt about 8 hours per day when started. He still didn't pass the mark of 2mil vita / 2mil mana, so it might take a while to pass the rumored 2.5mil+/2.2mil+ stats of expired Shans.

The Nexus atlas would like to congratulate Winroute on his new achievement and hope that none of our staff ever gets hit by any of his Hellfires.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 4, Moon 5~