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   Past News | December 2005

Past News

Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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December 2005

    Friday, December 30, 2005

Nexus Patch!
Posted by: Rachel -- 11:36 PM EST

(From, thanks Nodren! ^.^)

Nexus Patch Coming!

Next week the Nexus servers will be patched. The patch will be available as an auto-patch or as a downloadable executable. This patch will address the following issues and more:

- Clan banks are working again
- Text color in the high-resolution client is now customizable
- Missing animations that caused a character's body to disappear when shooting a bow have been added
- Updated some armors to high-resolution graphics (see examples below: old - left; updated - right)
- Fixed bug that caused bodies in the low resolution client to show up black
- Toggling "effects" options will no longer reset lighting to full
- Background music is now fixed
- Bug causing some armors to display "Value: 0" when right-clicked while being worn is fixed
- Auto-walking with the mouse left-click is now a toggleable option (Shift+F12); it is off by default

Patches > Eve...nevermind! ^.^ ..nice axe? -.-

Pegasus Clan Enjoys New Areas
Posted by: AllyGator -- 10:38 PM EST

Karmilize and asvplz invited me to tour their new clan areas. They now have an amazing Coliseum ready for huge crowds of arena fans. We also ducked through a doorway to view their expansive cellar where all types of items and food will be created. All clan members are happy and were busy enjoying the new spaces.

(Pegasus Coliseum)

(Opes Cella)

December 30th Reset
Posted by: Flamethrower -- 6:48 PM EST

It has been a while since they've posted a new reset update. Here it is:

"As a small gift to the community, there will be an experience bonus to all experience earned on New Years Day!

The Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

- There is a new Clans and Subpaths board available below the Community board on the bulletin menu
- Those who helped out with the Santa Mhul event and were not compensated already will be able to receive a prize from any of the kingdom greeters
- 3 new carnage arenas replacing 3 older ones
- New carnage brand added for special tournament

Minor Fixes:
Minor fixes for Pegasus clan
Minor fixes for Forsaken clan
Minor fixes for Kugnae ministry
Minor fixes for Buyan ministry"


New Buyan Rogue Tutor
Posted by: Nagnag -- 1:18 PM EST

Congratulations to the new Buyan Rogue Tutor, SxyMail! I myself was runner up, however SxyMail will be a fine addition to the other great tutors of the land. If you see him pat him on the back and congratulate him :)

    Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A New Geomancer Elder
Posted by: Vini -- 11:23 PM EST

About two hours ago, the Geomancer elder Nydori has stepped down from her position within the subpath after being elder since Yuri 65. The new elder chosen was no one else but Lady Bylen who has been a Guide of the path for more than 2 years.

Elder Bylen first act was to restore Nydori's original character, Khyree (who was elder too) to the position of guide, so, those who wish to contact Nydori can do via her original name Khyree.

Congratulations Elder Bylen, good luck on leading the Geomancers and a special thanks to Nydori for all her hard work during these past years.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Yuri 78, Moon 12~

P.S. Thanks as well to Spherical for nmailing this information and to Kenzi for posting on Nexus Forums.

    Saturday, December 24, 2005

Nexus Atlas Exends its Warmest Wishes
Posted by: TSWolf -- 5:18 PM EST

I would like to take a moment to extend our warmest holiday wishes to all of the viewers of Nexus Atlas, from all of us here at Nexus Atlas. We appreciate the support you've given us through the years, and in return, we have much planned for you.

The last couple of weeks have been tough, and while we're still narrowing down our future hosts, the process is one of "when" and no longer "if" thanks to your support.

And a special holiday thank you to every staff member of this site. Everyone came together on one of the busiest Saturday nights of the season, had a productive meeting, and we've established that we can come together whenever necessary for the website. The staff we have at this site is truly among the best, and they do this out of their sheer love for the community of Nexus TK.

I will say something that I probably shouldn't, but the staff has a little gift coming soon. The Satan's little helpers in our workshops have been hard at work for something to give back to the community this year.

So stay tuned to NA through the next couple weeks. I assure you, you will not be disappointed.

Happy Holiday of Your Choice Everyone!

And the Entire Staff of Nexus Atlas

Christmas 2005 Photoreport
Posted by: AllyGator -- 6:35 AM EST

For those who weren't able to visit the Royal Santas, there is a new Photoreport. Click on "A Royal Christmas" to the right to view the latest happening.

    Friday, December 23, 2005

Santa Mhul CAME TO TOWN!
Posted by: Nagnag -- 7:54 PM EST

Well right now as I type this, Santa Mhul, Santa Lasahn and Santa Kija are giving away presents at the Koguryo Palace! You have to walk through 2 mazes, a snow one and a lava one, and then you'll end up in Mhul's workshop! Once there, one of the royal highnesses will give you a present! Grab it and gateway! (or yellow scroll). Please be polite and keep walking through the maze and don't try to get a present twice! They'll know if you're being naughty or nice!

Once you use the gift it will give you some options.

The only thing I noticed that does anything is the first and last option. Shaking the gift gives you an option to shake your gift at different levels, from gently to crazy. And the last option is that you can just open it, the rest seem like silly irrelevance but are good for fun entertainment.

No confirmation if "shaking" your gift "breaks" it, but I wouldn't recommend it! Happy Holidays!

Santa M'hul Coming this evening!
Posted by: Vini -- 3:20 PM EST

Tonight is the night that many people were waiting for in the Kingdom of Winds during this past month. It is the night of the Santa M'hul event on which there will be given away many good items around the community to every single person who joins the line of wait and behaves there.

In this 7th year of this annual celebration, the Royal Ministry of Koguryo will count the first time with the help of the The Imperial Ministry of Buya and The Ministry of Nagnang in the organization of the event. Such great event showing the three-kingdom alliance will have the presence of the first time ever of both Princess Lasahn and Prince Kija to assist the good old Prince M'hul on distributing the giveaway. By this, this year the players will be able to pick which Royal they want to receive the gift from, but don't try to exploit them, they will be very good organized they know who have been presented or not. Those trying to visit it more than once or try to cut the line will be removed from it.

Left side - Lasahn
Middle - M'hul
Right side - Kija

Any funny guy trying to disrupt this beautiful event will be jailed and be sure that many archons will be there watching. So don't risk ruining your Christmas and of the others behave well during today's event.

The Santa M'hul event will start tonight 9:00pm EST at Koguryo Palace, be sure to have empty slots in inventory and enjoy whatever the gift you receive. The Ministries of the 3 kingdoms and the Nexus Atlas all wish everyone Happy Holidays to each and everyone of you!

Special thanks to Minister Dame Starrbrite for once again providing us with information.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Yuri 78, Moon 11~

Beware of Scammers!
Posted by: Vini -- 1:40 AM EST

As posted on community board 998:

  • Dear Nexus Citizens,
    Please beware that there are a few people who are trying to take advantage of the Holidays gifts to feed up their greed and get a bit more of cash in their pockets. There are some people around selling wrapped gifts claiming that inside there are valuable items like surges and bloods but when they are opened it contains acorns and yellow scrolls.
    There are also people doing games of chance with wrapped gifts which also don't contain any good item worth the price payee to play.

    These types of actions are nothing more than a scam. To avoid being scammed do not buy wrapped gifts, do not play such games and beware of the scammers. The judges will be on alert to this time of action but the best one to stop this from happening to you is yourself.

    Don't let greedy people ruin your Christmas these gifts are supposed to be given for free.

    ~Vini Normad'or~

    Have happy holidays everyone, please take this advice serious and enjoy Nexus the best way possible in these holidays without scams.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Yuri 78, Moon 10~

  •     Thursday, December 22, 2005

    Double experience on New Year's Day!
    Posted by: Lalia -- 4:42 PM EST

    Thanks to basketboy for pointing this out in the forums!

    Zakai posted the following dream on the Community board:

    "I had an idea for Kru for our Christmas present...On christmas day...or maybe 2 days they choose..they could make the Experience Rate two times the normal...That would be a GREAT christmas present..and i don't think they've ever done it...

    What do you guys think?"

    Kru responded:

    "Sure that soends ok, but we'll do in on New Years day."

    This, of course, has precipitated a flurry of other requests on the Community board... which makes for some interesting reading. ;)

    Enjoy the double experience!

    NexusAtlas will be moving soon!
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 3:49 AM EST

    The staffers wanted to let everyone that we are working hard to move this site to another hosting service. Steve's been great and he's worked his tush off to help us out for a long, long time. We hate to move but it's time.

    The staff had a meeting last weekend. TSWulf has chosen a new host but we'll wait to release that information when it's confirmed.

    Several of the staffers are busy developing new content to be ready for the move. PLUS we have a very special surprise in the works. We're trying our hardest to have the content, the surprise and the move done by the end of the year. Because we're truly extremely busy adding content here plus spending time with our families for the holidays, we will not post further information about the move.

    There will be a very brief downtime of a couple of hours then you'll click to find us and see our surprise. No due date on this other than to say we are trying to do it by the end of the year.

    Happy Holidays and Merry festival of your choice - politically correct?

    AllyGator on behalf of NexusAtlas Staff

    Old News, but important ones
    Posted by: Vini -- 2:01 AM EST

    There have been a few important news that happened in the lands of the Kingdom of the Winds some days ago that did not gain a post here before but still they deserve attention and shall be posted here for future consulting although they are days old news now.

    On December 11th the long lasting Diviner Elder Sarina has sadly stepped down fro her position.Sarina has been elder since Yuri 28 Fall and her lead to the Diviner subpath during 50 yuris no stop will be missed by many as she has been the elder who stayed for the longest time in the job during the whole Nexus history.

    The sucessor chosen by her is Diviner Airess who has been a guide of the path for a long long time. Congratulations Elder Airess and thank you Elder Sarina for all the hard work during all these years.

    On December 14th the Lost Kingdom clan of Buya has suffered a great loss as their primogen, Gnoff has stepped down from his position of leading the clan. Gladly, for his replacement he has picked Arionchui who has beena member of the clan for a many yuris. Congratulations Primogeness Arionchui of Lost Kingdom and thanks Gnoff to all the hard work during this past 9 yuris.

    On December 5th, KOFighter has crafted two new items of Nexus, a Baekho Casque and a Chung Ryong Casque.Both of them have same stats and the same stats as the previously crafted and reported Ju Jak Casque.

    Special thanks to Jural for this information.

    On December 3rd the Buya Ministry, lead by Minister Guerrund has held a ceremony in their new room, the Imperial Promenade, to officialize the alliance between the 5 Buyan clans and the Buya Army. That special ceremony counted with the presence of many people and included the presence of Emperor Aino Senshi, Princess Lasahn and Prince M'hul of Koguryo as a guest.

    (Full Image)
    Princess Lasahn and Emperor Senshi surrounded by the Imperial Guards.

    The Primogens of Heavens, Phoenix, Lost Kingdom, Dharma, Elendhirin and the General of Buya all have signed in front of everyone the declaration of the alliance between the clans of the nation.

    Congratulations to the whole Buya Empire who gained a lot with this.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Yuri 78, Moon 10~

    New Ministry Mark
    Posted by: Vini -- 12:40 AM EST

    As of this past sunday, the Koguryo Royal Ministry was honored with a new and unique legend mark to help community identify who are the current members of their comittee. This is how the new mark looks like:

    Congratulations to all of the Kogurian Ministry members on your new recognition and keep up with the good that has been done all this time.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Yuri 78, Moon 10~

    Holiday Events!
    Posted by: Vini -- 12:17 AM EST

    The Koguryo Royal Ministry along with the Koguryo Army, the Bear Clan, the Sun Moon Sect, the Enigma Clan, Oceana Clan, Destiny Clan, the Shamans, the Diviners, the Muses, the Chonguns, the Geomancers and the Druids have been organizing through these past days a large number of events to celebrate the Holidays season this year.

    The events have been running from December 17th and will continue until December 23rd all with fun games and prizes. Here is a a listing of all the events being held during these holidays:

    December 17th
    7pm EST: Bear Christmas Races : Race 1 (solo) (Bear Clan)
    Christmas in Kugnae Trivia (Diviner)
    8pm EST: True/False Trivia - Host Vales (SunMoon)
    KRA Christmas Todaka Says (KRA)
    Druids ~Sacred Garden~ (Druid Subpath)
    9pm EST: Royal Relay Race - Host NeoKnight (Royal Ministry)
    Tape paper scissor - Host Ouroboro (Destiny)
    10pm EST: Gorgeous Goat Contest (Muse)
    Chongun Holiday Cookoff (Chongun)
    Royal Goh - Host NeoKnight (Royal Ministry)
    The Holiday Gift Story - Host Ouro's (R. Ministry)
    Treasure Hunt - Host Cooolboyman (Royal Minsitry)

    (Full Image)
    One of the Bear races games held in Victory's Square.
    December 18th
    5pm EST: Revels
    7pm EST: Bear Christmas Races : Race 2 (Teams) (Bear Clan)
    History Trivia - Host HyonAn (Royal Ministry)
    8pm EST: SunMoon Kingdom Trivia - Host Vales (SunMoon)
    9pm EST: Destiny's Goh Tournament -Host Timishu (Destiny)
    10pm EST: Musical Star's - Host Maya (SunMoon)
    Christmas Cabaret (Muse)

    (Full Image)
    The Christmas in Kugnae Trivia hosted by Diviners.
    December 19th
    7pm EST: Bear Christmas Races : Race 3 (Solo) (Bear Clan)
    Geo Jumbles - Host Nydori (Geomancers)
    Yule Ball (Oceana)
    8pm EST: Drunken monkey races - khaos (SunMoon)
    9pm EST: Xmas Trivia/Jumbles - Host Limbo (SunMoon)
    Drunken Run (Diviner)
    Under the Mistletoe" (kissing contest) (Oceana)
    10pm EST: Holiday Scrambles - Host HyonAn (Royal Ministry)
    Christmas Sori 1 (Shaman)
    Diviner Dodgeball (Diviner)
    Theatre Dramatique- A Tribute to Melpomene (Muse)

    (Full Image)
    The Gorgeous Goat Contest was hosted by GreenFairy.
    December 20th
    7pm EST: Enigma's Holiday Scrambles (Enigma)
    4x4 tic tac toe - Host DDarkstorm (SunMoon)
    8pm EST: Treasure Hunt-Host Gilley/Conan/Coool (Ministry)
    Mystery Gift" (clue based guessing game) (Oceana)
    9pm EST: Xmas Trivia/Jumbles - Host Limbo (SunMoon)
    10pm EST: Create a Tree/Floor art - Host HyonAn (Ministry)
    Christmas Sori 1 (Shaman)
    Musical Star's - Host Maya (SunMoon)
    Euterpe's Surprise (Muse)

    (Full Image)
    True/False Trivia hosted by Sun Moon clan
      December 21st
      7pm EST: Find Mhul's Elves! - Ayiana (Royal Ministry)
      8pm EST: Drunken monkey race - Host khaose (Sun Moon)
      Christmas Jumbles" (Christmas word jumbles) (Oceana)
      Druids ~Musical Horses~ (Druids)
      9pm EST: Enchanted Horse races - Limbo (Sun Moon)
      KRA Mistletoe Kissing Contest (KRA)
      10pm EST: Christmas Sori 1 (Shaman)
      All My Muses! (Muse)

      December 22nd
      7pm EST: Enigma's Stocking Stuffer Find (Enigma)
      Heavens Chirstmas Flirting (Heaven's Clan)
      8pm EST: Holiday Humour - Ayiana (Royal Ministry)
      Winter Wonderland Floor Art - Krestian (R. Ministry)
      9pm EST: Christmas Grave Robbers - Hatiki (Shaman)
      Enchanted Horse races - Limbo (Sun Moon)
      10pm EST: Maya Holiday Portrait Contest (Royal Ministry)
      Vote for your Favorite Goddess! (Muse)

      December 23rd
      9pm EST: SANTA M'HUL

    Hope that everyone is enjoying the events and having a great time during this Holiday season on Nexus. Happy Holidays everyone!

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Yuri 78, Moon 10~

    P.S. Special thanks to Starrbrite for sending in all these information and images!

        Wednesday, December 14, 2005

    Christmas is comming, and the peeps are getting fat
    Posted by: Conro -- 3:28 PM EST

    With the latest reset, common Rabbits and Deer have been dropping a bountiful amount of Santa suits, Santa caps, Holly, and Stockings.

    This has all come unannounced on neither the NexusTK website, nor the DreamWeaver or Whispering Winds boards.

    Gift wrapping can also be done in the Koguryan and Buyan messengers.
    Candy canes don't seem to be present as of yet, but given the tradition of past holiday events, we hope to see them soon!

        Tuesday, December 13, 2005

    More on WebHosting
    Posted by: Conro -- 9:28 PM EST

    A million "Thank you!!"s to everyone trying to help us find a new webhost!

    We have a few requirements we -need- to have in order to maintain NexusAtlas the way it is.

    We're looking for a plan or package which includes
    - 200 GB of Bandwidth a month
    - 3-5 Gigs of Space
    - 3 Domain names or more
    - MUST have CPanel

    If anyone knows any host which meets all these requirements, drop me an EMail, or contact me via AOL Instant Messenger (ConroConro). Your help will be much appriciated!

    - Conro

    New Web Host needed!
    Posted by: Conro -- 1:26 PM EST

    As with TS' previous statement, I would like to add my comments as well.

    NexusAtlas and NexusForums are being saved, and rehosted. We're in the process now of getting all our information backed up, so we can transfer everything smoothly to a new host.

    Any information of webhosts is appriciated. I'm willing to front cash myself to help keep NexusAtlas and NexusForums alive, for everyone to use.

    Any suggestions can be forwarded to my EMail, ConroConro.. at .. gmail . com (Again, to avoid Spiders ;P)

    We look forward to the move, and are hard at work on projects in the meantime!

    Important Nexus Atlas Annoucement...
    Posted by: TSWolf -- 1:16 PM EST

    Today I come to you with some rather upsetting news.

    As you know, Nexus Atlas, Nexus Forums, and my personal site, Realityshock, have been down for almost a week now. After various attempts to contact our host, I was unable to do so until today.

    Apparently yet another malfunction has occured at the operations center causing an expensive overhaul to the entire system.

    As of January 8th, 2005, all three websites will be taken offline permanently.

    After speaking with Conro, who is head of this website, we both decided that NA and NF are worth saving. At this time we're backing up all the internal components of NA and NF.

    A couple of things...

    First, we need to find an efficient webhost that will be able to host and handle ALL THREE websites. While they are not necessarily file heavy (Should be able to handle less than a gig of space between all three, but more would be nice for other things), but they are extremely bandwidth heavy.

    On top of that, they are 3 seperate domains and require certain PHP, CGI, and other requirements. I would also like to have the email system reimplemented and such.

    If anyone could offer these services up to us, PLEASE contact me VIA AIM as soon as concievably possible so we can organize something.

    Second, NF will be taken down and restarted from scratch. I know some members talked about purchasing a liscense and having a complete overhaul. Now, that will happen. We will be sure to backup any critical information on NF before it does.

    Third, we need your support during this time. My personal paypal account is (The Icon on the side currently doesnt work. Ill fix it later) We appreciate any support you give us, whether it be monitary, assisting us with anything, or simple the moral support needed.

    Its unfortunate things had to come to such an abrupt hault, but I am meeting with the entire staff in a few days to decide how we should do everything.

    I believe this also gives us a unique opportunity to decide whether or not we will do a COMPLETE overhaul of the entire site.

    But this will not be happening yet. We have one month to figure everything out.

    My personal email is whatadizaster .. AT .. (Periods put in to prevent spiders). If you have any information we could use in this time, feel free to contact me there as well.

    Thank you for your patience and support.

    Please bear with us during this time

        Friday, December 2, 2005

    Head Judge Tip's 50 yuris party
    Posted by: Vini -- 8:13 PM EST

    Last evening was a very special moment for Nexus. It was the celebration of the 50 yuris of Head Judge tip as a Judge in nexus, the longest person in service of all nexus history.

    Without much notice, the judges have been preparing for the last weeks a very special party which was secret to tip until he got there and saw all the guests in the Justice hall. Yes, this surprise party was held in an open-house of the Justice hall on which the citizens could walk around most of the rooms and visit the place where the staff of judges’ works daily.

    The party went on very well, was beautiful to watch and counted with the presence of many important people who went to show their admiration for tip's work all over this yuris. Many people were there present to show their admiration to tip and quite a few of them made speeches about how they saw and admired Tip.
    Full image
    Head Judge Tip on center sees that Judge Mukashi and Judge Vini shaved their heads in his honor

    The following people were the ones who honored tip with kind words and much respect for all the work he has done:
    Judge Ravenstar
    Judge Mukashi
    Judge Vini
    Prince M'hul of Koguryo
    Princess Lasahn of Buya
    Prince Kija of Nagnang
    Historian Qantao
    Ministers Dame Starrbrite of Koguryo
    Minister and former judge Guerrund of Buya
    Minister Liselle of Nagnang
    Elder Sarina of Diviners and tip’s wife
    Elder Widget of the Shamans
    Druid Head Guide Maejima
    Former Muses Elder Kiyone
    Former Judge Kaili
    Former Judge Narsisist
    Former Judge Colbycc
    Former Judge Warik

    And many more were present would surely love to have made a speech for him as well.

    Not only honored with a surprise party to celebrate his 50 yuris as Judge, Tip was also honored by the Shamans as “Favored by the Spirits”, honored by the Druids as “Protector of Nature” and proclaimed by Prince Kija as Defender of Nagnang. With this blessing of the ruler of the purple kingdom, Tip has turned to be the first person to ever Pledge to defend for the 3 Kingdoms.

    Honored by his own judges with such party, they though it was not enough to just give a party one day and that be enough to thank him for his tireless work as Head Judge all this time. The judges have asked for the help of Elder everclear of the merchants and gave Tip two engraved items so he can be remembered forever for his deeds:
    ** Lance of Justice ** and ** Defender of Justice **

    To close the special night of event, the judges help the justice games in their courts. The winners of the games go as the following:
  • Justice Trivia – 1st place = Janken (50k) and 2nd place = Dippie (25k)
  • Judge’s Word scrambles – Each word won was 5k
  • Tree of Justice – 1st place in both rounds Janken

    A big thanks to everyone who helped organize the event, everyone who came prestige tip in his 50 yuri’s party and of course, Tip for the wonderful job he has done during all these yuris. Head judge tip will be forever remembered as our Head Judge, congratulations once again tip!

    ~Vini Normad’or~
    ~Yuri 78, Moon 5~

  • New Head Judge
    Posted by: Flamethrower -- 7:23 PM EST

    Yesterday, tip's 50th anniversary as a judge was held within the court halls to celebrate his time of justice in our realm. Just recently, tip has given up his title of Head Judgeship, and has given it to our very own Vini.

    Here is tip's post:

    "Well I am sure this will surprise some of you and others it will be party
    time .

    I have been a Judge for 50Yuris, and feel it is time to move on, I would
    Like to thank everyone for allowing me to serve you as a community
    And I like to think some order was brought to the game.

    I will be turning over the Head Judgeship to Vini, I hope you all treat
    Him with the same respect many of you showed me.

    And for those of you who think they can now whisper or send me
    Some not so nice remarks, I will be keeping by powers of Judge for


    Congratulations Vini, may justice be served.