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   Archived News | November 2002

Past News

Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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December 2002

    Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Happy New Year
Posted by: Nagnag -- 11:26 PM EST

Happy New Year to all of you insomniac party-goers!

    Monday, December 30, 2002

Twas the Season...
Posted by: Nagnag -- 6:30 AM EST

It was the season... and now it has passed - and so quick! (like usual). And with the holiday's leave, goes the snow and the christmas avatars. But that doesn't stop the presents, gifts, or suprises we always have in store for you all! Be sure to check back for updates every so often :)

    Sunday, December 29, 2002

A sad but wonderful day..
Posted by: MistPrince -- 3:50 PM EST

Today a sad but wonderful event occured..the Shaman elder,LoO, has stepped down as elder. The wonderful news is that Shaman Alexisa is now stepping up as elder!

Congratulations Alexisa..

and LoO you did great and will be missed..

on that note...Congratulations to Ravenstar on guideship..

also! Congratulations to ColbyCC on our newest Judge!

    Wednesday, December 25, 2002

Merry Christmas!
Posted by: Corath -- 6:56 PM EST

I'd just like to wish everybody a very Merry Christmas! Another year is almost gone, and we're almost to 2003. Hard to believe, eh?

*Raises glass* Here's to another great year.

Posted by: Windis -- 10:39 AM EST

There are now four unofficial clans I know of in Buya and Koguryo. Below is some information....

Oceana-Oceana is currently well into it's stages of tribunal meetings. Oceana is lead by Primogeness Jayme. They reside in Koguryo.

Mogul-The Mogul clan of Buya is lead by Merchant Growl. They have an alliance with Kumiho and the Merchant guild and would like to announce they will soon hold a meeting with subpath elders.

Kumiho-The Kumiho clan of Koguryo was founded at the Koguryo clan confrence, hosted by Nelina and myself. However, we realized and learned what we wanted to; a clan confrence wouldn't work for the clan we wanted. Kumiho is lead by Runningmoon.

Lothlorien-The Lothlorien of Koguryo will announce more at a later date.

    Sunday, December 22, 2002

Event Walkthrough
Posted by: Marstead -- 11:14 PM EST

This walkthrough is curtesy of Graca, FatalBlade, and Reifou.

1) Start by clicking on InSu (the monk in Dae shore), and he'll ask for Wine
2) Say "Drink" with wine on you, and he will take it and comment on "wonderings"
3) ask about his "wonderings" (yes nexon misspelled) and InSu will tell you about ChiZaowy
4) Go to ChiZaowy and ask about his "Poems" he spouts off random ones until, but one is important. He says
"ChiZao the master magician,
I saw him once in a vision,
He made a very wise decision,
To turn this world into totems."

5)Ask him about "totems"
6)Ask InSu about "totems"
7)Go to a Shrine (Hyun moo for us) and ask about "totems"
8)Then ask about "Return"
9)And then ask about "Special occasion"
10)Her instructions will lead you to to say "celebration"
11)This now puts you at where we are today... Only now you have the knowledge that this is an event, With the hopes of bringing back the Totem animals to defeat ChiZao...

Ju Jak: Stocking
Baekho: Holly
Chung Ryong: Santa hat
Hyun moo: Santa suit

    Saturday, December 21, 2002

Koguryo Clan Confrence-Finished Product!
Posted by: Windis -- 1:15 PM EST

The Koguryo Clan Confrence ended with the birth of the Kumiho. The Kumiho, as you may not know, is the fox of ninetales. He is wise, but shadowed. He is revered, yet feared. The paradox of the Kumiho explains his clan of those who dwell in the shadows, with a silent wisdom and secrecy. Do not fear, the Kumiho teach others who deserve to become a member of this newly born clan.

The confrence discussed this theme of secrecy and wisdom strongly. The clan finds morality and peace with their veil of shade, and the Kumiho are family. We discussed our structure, and have come to the conclusion that we will be of equality. Each member has his or her duty, including the councilmen and the Primogeness even. None is more powerful, they simply have different duties. To protect the clan's foundation of policy, the Minister of Administration ensures all duties are carried out to the full efficiency and only under what is supposed to be done as included in the description. Each councilmen has members of the clan interested in his topic come to him about any subject, to ensure everyone gets to be a part.

The election of these important positions was interesting. Jayme helped with the election of Primogen, which ended with Eowyn becoming our first Primogen. She selected Runningmoon as her primarch. I, Windis, was chosen to be Minister of Administration, which left Nelina to one of our most important positions; the Head of Admissions! Congradulations to those elected, but I could never forget those who came despite their titles. They too helped build the clan, and are founding members: Shintao, FroSt, Remi, smoothwinds, and Mistichealer.

At some times, it was trying at this confrence. We did, however, come through with this beautiful clan. The Kumiho clan's name was voted by all those present, and was introduced by Primarch Runningmoon. The history of the clan is in it's symbol of the everchanging Kumiho, wonderful and unique, shaded and wise, revered and reviled.

Kumiho Administration Minister

Gift Scammers!
Posted by: Lauz -- 9:16 AM EST

As early as 1 hour after the reset, many cases of gift scamming has been reported. People are wrapping useless items and selling them. Either saying that there is a rare item, or having people believe that the 'Present' is its own item and something fantasic is in it.

Please do NOT pay for a 'Present' from another person. The only amount you should pay is the 250c to get your present wrapped.

Don't be fooled by a scammer. Dont pay them for presents.

**Aslo remember**
To unwrap a present you must 'use' it. Press 'u' and the letter that the present is in your inventory, or you can just click on it.

Posted by: Lauz -- 7:13 AM EST

Hiya Everyone.

This morning's reset brought us 3 things so far that we are aware of. There could be more that we dont know of yet.

-First thing is, the gods fixed invisible for rogues. You no longer do the 'Pick-up' emotion when you unsivisi.

-Presents are back! Thats right! 250c each to wrap a present at the messenger in Kamings.

-New event NPC!

Thats right, on Dae shore, there is an NPC named 'ChaZaowy'
So far what we know about him is...
*He is a Poet
*He calls ChiZao 'Master ChiZao'
*He has poems ready for ChiZao for when he sees him
*He thinks being killed by ChiZao first is an honor o.O

So far we dont any too much about what to do with the NPC. All we know of now is, you can click on him and he will tell you one of two different poems (Keep clicking on him to hear both), and the only 2 words he responds to so far are, 'ChiZao' and 'ChaZaowy'.

When we get more information on this, this will be updated ASAP.

    Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Posted by: Windis -- 9:44 PM EST

The kingdoms now have a librarian! Sailortaurus, the Master Musician of Kugnae has been instituted to serve as our librarian.

Furthermore, Genre has been chosen to serve as Buya's librarian. He should do well with keeping the books in order!

Well, both have been chosen by Nexus Atlas's own Librarian. Congradulations guys!

Concerning the Petition (Abuse Update)
Posted by: Marstead -- 1:39 PM EST

Update: DarkMaverick has contacted the onlinepetition admins concerning the recent signature abuse and they will be taken care of. Unless you want to be banned from using the site I suggest you all play nice. This is JUST A PETITION, it isn't going to make Nexus hunting any more boring that it already is, it'll just petition Nexon to make some change to make it less straining.

I'm assuming you should all know this since you're all educated people with the ability to at least put to use a mouse and a keyboard, but due to the posts of a few people, it seems that not everyone knows what a petition is. Do not sign the petition if you don't support the changes DM is asking for. That means, don't sign it and then in comments trash the petition. By signing it you are binding yourself to it and saying you agree with it whether or not you make a comment trashing it.

A petition is NOT a guestbook where you can sign it and leave positive or negative comments. If you sign a petition then you are legally binding yourself to everything said above it, so whether or not you post slandering comments you are still supporting the cause. In other words, if you don't like what the petition is asking for (and let me make this clear, it is NOT asking for easier hunting, i.e. room para or whatnot, it IS asking for a "more user-friendly" hunting style which Nexon would develop), then don't SIGN it and say you agree with it! If you want to fight it, do it on the Community Board.

By signing the petition to slander it you're only making yourself look like an idiot. Make your own counter petition and send that to Nexon if you want.

    Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Black Tuesday
Posted by: Lauz -- 5:43 PM EST

Finally! The cheating muses who have been getting paid by Ee San Stat players so they would get poetry wins for culture have been caught! Today, Poetry host Revels, posted this post on the poetry board.

Greetings, members of the community, Muses, and Revel patrons.

It is with a heavy heart that I come before you with an announcement today that is rather unbelievable.

Over the course of several months, several Muses, most of them having entered during the "quota" period, have been organizing into either one large group or several small groups with the intent of rigging the Revel, allowing their friends and customers to win with votes they sold as a collective. The approximate cost of a win was somewhere in the millions of coins; the promises went something along the lines of "we'll keep doing it until you win" with various prices dependant on the placement in the Revel won. Obviously, this was incredibly appealing to a number of aspiring Ee Sans, who sought them out and were more than willing to pay ridiculous amounts of money (or do the members other favors) to circumvent the system. We believe that Sunkei/SunEssence was the ringleader of the main group.

Fortunately, we were able to minimize the damage done by this group for two reasons: 1. Their voting patterns alerted us to an obvious conspiracy after as little as two weeks, and 2. In their zeal to recruit more Muses to more effectively rig the revel, they recruited several honest Muses who ran straight to us about it. We were able to immediately monitor and discount the votes we knew were bought based on what was being reported from our many moles that week.

Not every one of these Muses organized into the same group--that is certain--but they all conspired in clusters of between 2 and 4 to rig the Revel in favor of friends and customers.

Needless to say, all seven are being removed from the Muse path with a Discordant Note brand, and they and all of their characters are all banned for life from the Revel to Riches. PoetGeorge, who they helped to win for Ee San (which served as our initial evidence, actually) will hopefully lose what he has earned dishonestly. (It is out of my hands, and in the hands of the gods.) I urge the community to shun and destroy these scum for committing the ultimate dishonesty and attempting to deprive you all of a fair chance to win the Revel.

The seven are as follows:


This should serve as an example to ALL people, past and present, who have ever considered cheating in an event: Eventually, you will be caught, and you will lose what you have gained. Even if you get away with cheating in an event, the cost of such an action is something of far more worth -- your dignity, your honor, and your integrity.

These are the true scum of Nexus.

Spellcasters' Petition
Posted by: Marstead -- 1:06 PM EST

The following is from DarkMaverick. It's a petition to make a more appendage-friendly spellcasting system, at least for Mages and Poets. I know I signed it for a reason, I already have carpal tunnel -_-

I have created an online petition for players of NexusTK so that we may express our concern for needed improvements to the way Poets and Mages hunt due to the constant, repeative casting of spells. I know many of us feel that the constant casting of spells such as Paralyze and Scourge is destroying the hands of players of Poets and Mages.

Therefore, I have written a petition for people who feel that a change is needed to sign.

Please *read* the entire petition carefully. It is NOT to propose solutions to the problem. It is merely to let Nexon know we want a change/improvement and that there are possible changes/improvements that can be done. It is for letting them know our concerns on this issue.

Also, sign only with 1 character name. Multiple signatures by the same player will not be taken well by Nexon and they will feel we are trying to cheat to gain more signatures. Please let this be an accurate count.


The Deception of ChiZao and Niave Players
Posted by: TSWolf -- 12:09 AM EST

This is more of an editorial. Its very prone to being wrong.. But this is just what I think.

I personally think ChiZao is a deciever.. Someone who will act innocent and threaten when threatened. We all know he could anhiliate us if he wanted to. Hell, he made the very thread we used to kill things. But why isn't he? Simple. What stronger ally to have then the trust of the kingdoms people. We're like an army to do his deeds. Follow his wishes. Perhaps under the influence of someone such as Nagnag, he is trapped. If he rallies us to kill Nagnag, we will slaughter him in the name of ChiZao, freeing him, and turning the very monster we created on ourselves.

Be cautious about this alliance. I've seen subpaths such as the Monks pledging their support. The chongun elder walks up to him and hands medal of honors for those who speak kindly to him.. But are we forgetting the importance here?

His very students locked him up several times and went through a hell of a lot of trouble to ensure those seals stayed on.. Its kinda hard for me to buy this whole "misunderstood game". I dont think hes misunderstood. I think hes deceptive.

Those are my two cents on this guy.

    Monday, December 16, 2002

Hey Guys
Posted by: TSWolf -- 7:34 PM EST

Stuff is kinda busy around here. I work full time on one job, and have a second part time job. I sleep little and have been working on some other projects. I do plan to get myself back into the nexus cycle soon though.

One thing I'd like to announce coming, in light of the Trap Aethers in Carnage.. A few members of the staff and myself will be designing a Rogue/Warrior comparison and posting it on the main page news, as well as sending it to Nexon. Sometimes it takes a little stronger effort to show Rogues are really getting the short end of the stick.

    Friday, December 13, 2002

Charm Spell Information
Posted by: Marstead -- 6:34 PM EST

Contrary to popular belief, killing creatures using spells from the charms DOES grant you experience. I recently went into one of the crowded event rooms with 3 Kun MaBop KonKyos and used all three of them in a row. It killed everything in the room and my group of mages all got experience [about 130 million in two seconds!]

Pretty neat-o, I'll say.

It's best to use them now, I think, since Nexon does this kinda stuff alot during Christmas events and removes the items after they end. ^_^

ChiZao's Bribes
Posted by: Marstead -- 11:35 AM EST

ChiZao came late last night with the usual threats, but something is different. He made it into the Outer Tombs for once, so he is becoming stronger. Also, he has given his minions so-called "Bribes" and said we would find no use for them. Well, we showed him! ^^;

Here is a list of each of the Bribes and what they look like:


SkaDemon and many others have worked on learning more about these Runes, and it has been found that, when combined, they create "Charms" which cast spells. There are many Combinations, but a Charm has one of two graphics, either:


Here is an explanation, as posted by SkaDemon on the Community Board. The functions will be updated as we learn more about them.


When using ancient creation methods(Shift-I) "Charms" are made.

Here is my theoretical formula:

You must have 1 "Base" rune, 1 "binding" rune, and one "leading" rune.

ToolTa, PanOh, and KonKyo act as "Base" runes(They show up at the end of the charms made)

TunTunHan, MaBop, and SokGun act as "binding" runes(They show up in the middle of the charms made)

Kun, ChaGan and ChoonGan are "leading" runes.(They show up at the beginning of charms)

Utelizing this formula, you can end up with lots of different charms: (If there isn't anything next to a Charm we haven't tried it yet. Some of the ones that say "Nothing" are one's we're unsure of their purpose)

Kun TunTunHan ToolTa - Nothing
Kun TunTunHan KonKyo - Full Room Smite (takes nothing)
Kun TunTunHan PanOh -
Kun MaBop ToolTa- Buff Room attack
Kun MaBop Konkyo-BUFF room vita attack smite.
Kun MaBop PanOh
Kun SokGun ToolTa - Nothing
Kun SokGun KonKyo - Half vita attack spell whole room (slash?)
Kun SokGun PanOh - Nothing
ChaGan TunTunHan ToolTa - Nothing
ChaGan TunTunHan KonKyo - Zerk
ChaGan TunTunHan PanOh - ASV
ChaGan MaBop ToolTa -NOTHING
ChaGan MaBop Konkyo - Slash
ChaGan MaBop PanOh- ASV
ChaGan SokGun ToolTa- Ka like attack
ChaGan SokGun KonKyo - 1/2vita attack(Ka)
ChaGan SokGun PanOh - Sanctuary
ChoonGan TunTunHan ToolTa- SUPER BUFF ATTACK(400vita taken, 3k damage work it out(tester had 5.2k vita total) - 4 way attack
ChoonGan TunTunHan KonKyo - Zerk
ChoonGan TunTunHan PanOh
ChoonGan MaBop ToolTa - KA
ChoonGan MaBop KonKyo - Vita Attack
ChoonGan MaBop PanOh- Sanctuary
ChoonGan SokGun ToolTa - Nothing
ChoonGan SokGun KonKyo - Slash
ChoonGan SokGun PanOh - NOTHING

This changes the Runes into forms that can be "Used". When used they cast a spell resembling the same name of the charm. so like
"You Cast ChoonGan SokGun KonKyo"
UPDATE! LrdDragon did a slash style spell to what was in front of him by using his charm. Ooo... ;)

This is still a rough theory, as some are still being proven incorrect as we find out more about the runes that are rarer...

But at least it's a starting point.

    Tuesday, December 10, 2002

New Topsites, um Site!
Posted by: Corath -- 8:28 PM EST

There is finally a new Topsites page, where all you with Nexus pages can add your site to there and get some hit counts!

The site is hosted by, and is owned by Daes. You can link to it here, or go to

    Saturday, December 7, 2002

New Chongun Subpath Area
Posted by: Spift -- 8:00 PM EST

Just today the Chonguns recieved a new subpath area. I reccomend that you go and just take a look at it. There are a few bugs that are currently being worked out, but it should be working perfectly soon. The area is located at 59,6 Dae Shore, which is just east of Kugnae.

The main subpath area.

The top left corner of the subpath area.

The current entrance to the Chongun kitchen.

The Chongun kitchen.

Heavens ascent (currently bugged)

The kitchen is currently located over in the corner at 26,26. It will eventually be moved to one of the two unused towers at the top of Immortal's Gateway. This is the only NPC that purchases prepared food, so I feel it's necessary to point that out right now.

Heavens Ascent is also bugged right now. Once you enter the room, you can not exit without scrolling or gating out. The place looks very nice, so make sure to just take a second and check it out.

    Friday, December 6, 2002

A conversation with ChiZao/Eldridge.
Posted by: Windis -- 2:46 PM EST

Barter and two of his friends entered the tomb to find the following. VERY interesting, it could provide clues! Below it is a post by Eldridge.
This Morning, Dadoggy, LrdDragon, and I entered ChiZao's tomb. We ventured deep into the final room. We waited, and soon ChiZao showed up. Instead of fighting him, we decided to talk. I have Learned "MANY" things from him. We know the following:

-He was betrayed by his apprentices and sealed in the

-He will not come out until he has remastered his spellcrafts

-The more you fight or invoke him, the stronger he gets

-Whenever you call him "Mad" or "Crazy", He gets VERY VERY

-We knew he wanted to talk for when one of the Minions attacked
Dadoggy, He cast "terror" and burned the creature. A one hit

-He seems to be very very wise.

-He respects us because "we think we have power"

-He bears the blue dragon longsword, 2 iron circles, and a
Nagnang Robe

-He did not attack or harm us one bit.

-He mentioned something of "Gates"

I had my Cavern Torch with me for a large amount of this conversation as a sign of peace and representation of the guild.

Dear Citizens,

Recently Nagnag, who quickly found out why ChiZao was imprisoned in the tomb, has released ChiZao from his tomb. ChiZao has become a member of the undead, and a true threat to the citizens of the world. I feel confident that the eight gates will continue to hold him in the tomb area as they have for thousands of years already. ChiZao has proven that even after all this time he still posses some incredible power, and the ability to unleash it against all that come close. We must be careful not to do anything to help his powers grow any stronger.

Spirit Guide

Tomb Composite
Posted by: Marstead -- 12:55 PM EST

Here's a link to the overhead view of the Tomb, created by Khamael and requested by many people.

Tomb Composite

The Ranger Website!
Posted by: Windis -- 6:44 AM EST

This morning, I got an email from RougeRider. Our most wise elder, Spectrumboy, asked that this be posted. It is a website, containing much information about the Ranger subpath! Enjoy!
((URL included at bottom of post))

Greetings Kingdoms,

I am happy to report that a few Rangers have grouped together to produce another source of information about us! This resource is in reference to the Ranger Code, and what goes on in the Ranger path that we want the community to know. In this new resource, it has references from the Ranger Code, and stories about past events, FAQ answer such as :Will I be branded negatively if I sell a Trowel?: and it even includes the current guides of our path with their personal information!

What is this reference you ask? Why, of course its a databank of information - A Website -

The kind librarians of the kingdoms have agree'd that we could use another source for the community to learn about our path. I hope you will enjoy our website and use it to learn and gain information you once hoped to seek out and couldn't find in the Ranger Code.

Whats included in our website?(summary form)

Of course it includes stories from the lore, questing information for our Scouting Trips, How to join, our Skills, events that have previously occured, and even information about us!

Please use this resource to your advantage, and not to disadvantages, any questions/comments about the site, please notify RougeRider or Spectrumboy.

Website URL -

Please Give it some time to load, as it has various stories about our path and history.

`Ranger Elder -Spectrumboy
`Ranger Guide -RougeRider

    Thursday, December 5, 2002

Confrontation with ChiZao
Posted by: Marstead -- 9:39 PM EST

After having nearly been bested by Nagnag's trickery in the Inner Tomb, I decided to return to challenge ChiZao. I accused him of having power only within his summoned Bubbles (fish-like creatures, but with arms and legs), and he took my challenge immediately. He killed all of his Bubbles and proceeded to kill me, as well as Aesein and Aesear. As if it was not enough, he ressurected the both of us to prove to us his control over life and death.

ChiZao is a force to be reckoned with. Be wary, all of you.

From what I have seen, he is able to use a very powerful attack called "Wyrm strike" and also has the use of Summon Bubble, Terror, Lethal Strike, Whirlwind, Ressurect, Desperate attack, and probably more which we have yet to see.

He is not immortal. I spoke to him until he let slip that should we learn of his past he could be defeated "again". He has been defeated before, and if we learn more of what he was, we may be able to triumph again.







Latest Events
Posted by: Spift -- 7:42 PM EST

It seems as if Nexon really did have something planned. Just this afternoon we had a reset which fixed drain and evoke as well as cause some problems with the Buya server.

Also, it would seem as though the Nagnag event is being continued once again. Nagnag has freed ChiZao, the one who was inside the tomb, and they have both been doing kingdom-wide sages about killing anything and everything they find.

The event is constantly unfolding, so we'll keep you as updated as possible.

    Wednesday, December 4, 2002

The Passing of the Barbarian Torch
Posted by: Windis -- 4:02 PM EST

Today, elder LocoSam of the Barbarian subpath stepped down in favor of Wensly. LocoSam has served a great eldership, and will contiue to be as active as possible in the Barbarian circle. Congradulations to Wensly, your path had a great leader in Loco, and we can all hope you'll do as well!

-----LocoSam's post------
The time has come for this Sheep loving lunatic to pass on the Barbarian torch to the new Barbarian Elder, Wensly.

I have my various reasons for this, but nothing whatsoever to do with the path itself, I continue to call the Barbarian Circle my home, and the Barbarians my brethren... ((basically I have a whoping course load coming up next semester, and my laptop is having hard-drive trouble, so I could lose access to Nexus any moment; not a good position to be in as Elder with all the responsibilities)).

So I leave the leadership of the path in the hands of Wensly.

LocoSam the Sheep man

Happy Holidays
Posted by: Spift -- 12:56 PM EST

It may be a little early for some or a little late for others, but whatever holiday your religious group (or lackthereof) celebrates, I hope it is a good and safe one. As for Nexus, there hasn't been much to report on lately, so hopefully Nexon is preparing some awesome event for all of us that will just knock our socks off! Yeah..hopefully. Also, I'd like to say that Nagnag did a great job on the user avatars, don't you guys think? Anyway, take care and stay safe this holiday season.

    Tuesday, December 3, 2002

Nexus Players alike
Posted by: TSWolf -- 11:36 PM EST

The Holiday season is often looked as a joyous time for everyone.. Gifts and Presents and loved ones close by.. And sometimes, some of you feel left out..

Being one who has been there before, I urge you, if you need someone to talk to, to give me an IM one of these days.. Emotions, both good and bad, are magnified during the holiday seasons.. And Im no stranger to either side of them. Id be glad to lend an ear to anyone who needs it.

If Im not on AIM, which Im not alot lately because I've been very busy with one thing or another.. Feel free to email me as well.

Ive been through alot in the past few weeks and have overcome alot.. And I want to be able to help anyone else who needs it... Regardless of whether you consider yourself my enemy or my friend... or anything in between.

I keep everything silent.. Im a man of my word.

Sometimes we all need somewhere to turn to.

As for Nexus Atlas stuff... If one of these days I can find the "Hopefully" backed up Nexus Atlas web folder, Ill continue to finish Spells.

Me, Nexus, Icons...
Posted by: Windis -- 11:03 PM EST

Hello people, I am still alive, and despite me "quitting" I didn't quit^^. Nexus is running smoothly, and recently, people have taken note to elixer and carnage success, not in wins, but fun. Great job hosts-Now just encourage Mika to set up elixer leagues for subpaths<3

Anyway, Nexon must be holding out the big guns for our big event...Will we see more candy canes? Hehe, happy holidays, I hope you're enjoying.

Well, I couldn't post and not say anything about the icons...great job Nag, you always do a magnificent job with our icons.

Another note, Nexus Atlas news will continue to look more lively, and I personally apologize for my sloth-like response...I became a Ranger, been busy, not to mention TS's computer=/ Well, just thought I should let you guys know I'm here!

Eat, drink, but be wary...
Posted by: Marstead -- 10:57 PM EST

Everyone, try to have fun this holiday season.. but keep in mind that, for at least 90% of people, December is the most depressing month of the year. People become more sad and weak-willed than usual, and there are more suicides and drunk driving incidents at this time of year than any other.

Don't let the spirit of commercialism ruin the holidays for you... If you see someone drop something at the store, pick it up for them. If you know someone at school or work who you know no one really likes, talk to them. Be their friend. Take this season to learn to love people, no matter what they look like or what is in their past, and embrace them all.

"Keep on loving each other as brothers. Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it. Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering."

What may seem a small task to you, such as just talking to someone, may change someone else's life for the better.

Nexus news... yeah, I wish
Posted by: Corath -- 8:55 PM EST

Unfortunately, there isn't much of anything at all happening in Nexus right now...

It seems like people have given up hope on the current "event" we're in right now. Perhaps it's the fact that this "event" has been going on for the past 6 months without a hint of what we're getting into, or getting out of it?

-Shrugs- But that's just my opinion.

Anywho, happy holidays everyone, and for those who are in college and university like me... get ready for those exams!

It was an one-eyed one horned flying purple people eater!
Posted by: Beanbag -- 6:09 PM EST

well bless my soul, rock and roll... er..

Just thought I'd post an early happy holidays to everyone :p
that and put to use the kawaii news-staffer icons Nagnag worked on :P

we wear short shorts flying purple people eater...

Tis the Season!
Posted by: Nagnag -- 10:50 AM EST

'Tis the season - so I made the avatars jolly! Well - to follow tradition the news avatars (and even the ones in the contact page) have been transformed into Christmas Style! I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas this year!

By the way! Creative Nexus has a ".net" now! And it's easy to remember. so be sure to update your bookmarks! And as always, it is 100% Law 41 compliant! Happy Holidays - and get shopping!

    Monday, December 2, 2002

Hey Everyone
Posted by: TSWolf -- 10:20 AM EST

As you may have heard, last Sunday my computer fried. How exactly it happened, im still not sure. The power supply took the motherboard clear out.. I plan to take some shots with my webcam later if yer interested in seeing it.

Windows XP Prof didnt like that I got a new motherboard and caused (and is still causing) plenty of problems. Im on 98 SE now.. But I had to format.. and that means everything is gone.

All my projects, work, pictures, etc.. are gone... What I've backed up is unknown just yet and Ill have to go look at my older harddrives to see what exactly is left.

So what now? I'm going to take life day to day. Hour by hour. Where is the site going? Will I quit? and all questions of that sort should be left aside. I am just going to see how things turn out and work from there.

Thanks to everyone who gave me a warm welcome back. You guys were worth the hell I went through the past week ;).