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Past News | November 2015

Past News
Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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November 2015

    Monday, November 30, 2015

New Silla clan Primogen
Posted by: Vini -- 2:31 PM EST
Last saturday Silla clan of Nagnang had a change of leadership. Neigno has stepped down and Living, former elder of Merchants guild, has taken over as Silla's new Primogen.

Congratulations Primogen Living and thanks Neigno for your services to Nexus community.

~Vini Normad'or~

    Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving - capture the fowl
Posted by: Vini -- 5:17 AM EST
Yesterday there was a server reset to reintroduce thanksgiving event this year. Check out what changed since this reset according to GM Stein's post on Dream Weaver board:
* The event is winding down, so enjoy it while it's still around! The Undead Pirates event will probably run through next week.

* November itemshop items are live in the shop, so check them out and see what's on sale!

* Capture the Fowl event is back for Thanksgiving (and you can keep on counting where you left off last time), go see Kiril in the Islets to see how to get started.

Vini Normad'or

    Saturday, November 14, 2015

Interview with Lucretius - full transcript
Posted by: Vini -- 6:01 PM EST
Yesterday evening, around 9pm EST we had our second planned interview, now with the old hermit, Lucretius Laframbois. Once again a very special thanks to all who sent ideas for questions through nmail, but also this time many people were patiently whispering me with question ideas during the interview and helped a lot us obtain more information and answers to our yearnings.

As it could be very difficult to fit too many people together at the Ship's treasury room, Mr. Laframbois was kind enough to leave the ship for a moment to talk to us at Dae shore and participate in this interview with Nexus Atlas.

Here you can see the whole transcript of the interview:

Lucretius: Looks like there's a big group gathered, good to see, good to see.
Lucretius: Ahoy Vini.

Vini: Thanks for agreeing to this interview. We appreciate it a lot.

Lucretius: Oh yes, thank you for bringing attention to the matter.

Lucretius: I want to say thank you to the community, I have a good stock of the potion now and its all thanks to people like yourself.

Vini: That's very good to hear. We do want to help her (Ophelia).

Vini: And I understand that your time outside of the ship is short so, I'll try to get straight to the point with our questions which were suggested by people from our community.

Lucretius: Sure, go ahead.

Vini: First question is about Ophelia's mother.
Vini: You loved Ophelia's mother, right? Who is she? What is her name and how did you two meet?

Lucretius: Jump right into the personal stuff, I see.

Lucretius: Her name was Teevae, and how we've met... well that that's between two young people from sometime ago.

Lucretius: What we are dealing with here is of urgent matter, getting too deep into the past won't solve it. Right now there's two objectives at hand and that's to fight off these pirates and to help poor little girl who's stuck in the middle of it all.

Vini: Indeed.
Vini: Is there anything else we can do now to help Ophelia? We've collected thousands of artifacts. Should we just wait for Noxhil to find something or should we dig deeper?

Lucretius: The artifacts in question, these are no simple relics. Noxhil is our best best to have it solved, if at all.
Lucretius: He's got some tricks up his sleeve, I am sure. He's just so cautious, until he is fairly sure he does not like to discuss things. I suspect though that once there's a lead then he will call upon everyone once again and a new adventure begins.

Lucretius: The most eminent threat now are the pirates at shore. Until community gets rid of them it will be too dangerous to entertain further action as it may involve travel.

Vini: Very well. We'll keep supplying him (Noxhil) with artifacts in hopes he finds something and while then contain the threat of the undead pirates...

Lucretius: That's a good idea. I've been on that boat now for sometime and I hear things.

Vini: But there aren't just pirates on the ship.

Lucretius: Exactly. That's what I want to warn everyone about.

Vini: What do you know of these Taal'yeein who seem to be at Captain's antechamber?

Lucretius: The others, they ave very dangerous. Their minds are twisted.

Vini: They speak of a Dark Priest, they also say that we are here at the wrong time.

Lucretius: Dark Priest? Hmmmm, maybe it's those ghastly idols that they stick around everywhere. Truly the entire ship is filled with them.

Vini: Do you know anything about their insignia, their language or the keys they carry?

Lucretius: From what I saw, they each have a set: an insignia that neve leaves their sight, a key that they keep in a small portable chest and a piece of dark jewel.

Vini: Like a Black amber?
[At this point I showed him a black amber]

Lucretius: Maybe, I couldn't see it up close. Whenever one of those dropped in, I would dunk, for obvious reasons.
[Lucretius seemed to be confusing on the ship the black ambers with cannonballs]

Vini: Why do you think they carry such items?

Lucretius: My guess is as good as yours, but if I had something that either gave me power, or hope, or faith.. I'd carry it with me as well.

Vini: I agree.

Lucretius: Something tells me that it's no coincidence they are around.

Vini: Why do you think that?

Lucretius: From what I've seen in the many years I walk on this earth, is that whenever there's 1, there's bound to be 10 and whenever there's 10 there's bound to be 100. So as "timid" as they (Taal'yeein) may seem now, I bet we haven't seen nothing yet of what they are truly capable of and what that could mean to our lands.

Vini: So there's a lot of Taal'yeein hiding in our community that we don't know of.

Lucretius: If you think I know all there's to be or to come, then you flatter me!

Vini: What about Taeniuru? You've met her before, haven't you? Who is she?
Vini: Do you know what she would want with Ophelia's soul or have any leads where she may have taken it?

Lucretius: I've met Taeniuru, just like some of you have as well, no?

Vini: Indeed we have. but is that all you know of her? Nothing more than we do?

Lucretius: Obviously that woman cannot be trusted. What she will do with Ophelia's soul... if it is what I think it is, then she will use it to gain immortality and once that is done, then Ophelia will be lost forever.

Lucretius: It is important to stop her from doing so. Remember, this could be any of you up there now. Everyone's soul is "useful" to them.

Vini: Ummm. So is the Taal'yeein furthermore objective to gain immortality, then?

Lucretius: Well, what else would they want then, I suppose they could try to overtake our lands while they're at it too. If you think about it.

Vini: It makes sense.
Vini: Now, we met one of these Taal'yeein a while ago, he came to Koguryo and pretended to be friendly. One of our friends here, ShuZu met with him not long ago and showed him this fragment of old map and the guy by the name of Taiisrhaa claimed it is of a far away island where time stands still and that Taal'yeein are not welcome there. He also said that a small ship could not take us there. Have you ever heard of such island? Do you know of any way we could get there?
[At this point I showed him the fragment of old map]

[Lucretius looked to the left]
Lucretius: I think we might be in their way, there looks like a fun game going on, perhaps we should move a little downward?
[We then all walked south]

Lucretius: Much better, and I appreciate a bit of grass under my feet. Now back to your question.

Lucretius: Let's see, you are asking me about the old map.

Vini: Yes, this one.

Lucretius: I would say that I too have been curious about this map, but I haven't been able to decipher bits and pieces that came my way. It is interesting however that you mention the island that stands still. It was once a popular "destination of sorts".

Vini: That time stands still, I mean. Time doesn't pass there.

Lucretius: Oh yes, that's what I meant. I am getting a little tired. A lot of talking for a little old me.

Lucretius: You know, I tried once, in my youth, to find this island. It's called "Island of Alihoru".

Lucretius: A peculiar place. It is said that one who reaches it and is approved by the Guardians shall ascend spiritually and physically.

Lucretius: So of course everyone wanted to find it. But then the tales got lost in the folds of time I suppose. Good old times.

Vini: Do you know in which direction it could be? Like east of Hausson, north of Kinung or south by Gogoon?

Lucretius: If I knew, I would be wiser and stronger. You're asking me what I do not know.
[Sounded like a place to become Oh san, perhaps]

Vini: Would you know of anyone who has more information of this island?

Lucretius: I guess the fabled Guardians.
Lucretius: Perhaps we could, with time, learn more about it, now that it's back mentioned again.

Lucretius: I am worried, Ophelia is there all alone.

Vini: Have you heave anything about Tul Pae and Mananana having some sort of relationship? Tul Pae seems to be in love with her at least.

Lucretius: Tul Pae is a shady fella, I have no doubt he's in love with Mananana, she's the yin to his yang.

Lucretius: Mananana on the other hand...I don't know if she'd be interested in Tul Pae. She has very high standards.

Vini: What would Mananana be interested at? Some say she wants treasures from the ship.

Lucretius: You've met her, right? Intimidating from the front door and until out of her kingdom.

Lucretius: I heard she was studying how to paint the shields, but who knows if she's mastered that trade yet. She's a very resourceful woman.
[Seems like Mananana could help change the color of the black Pirate shield being dropped at the ship]

Vini: Could she help us find Ophelia's soul?

Lucretius: Mananana? Unless there's something in it for her, then I doubt it. But then again, perhaps she'll surprise us all someday.

Vini: She wants to buy an island. We can help her find THE island.

Lucretius: Haha. I bet she does! Mananana could surely use some extra wisdom.

Vini: What about the shocked girl on top deck of the ship that goes by the name of Sally? Do you know her? Like, can she be helped at all?

Lucretius: I've heard her screams, oh yes, that Sally. Day and night, she never sleeps it seems.
Lucretius: I suspect it would take a miracle.

Vini: She seems to be in panic of Taal'yeein.

Lucretius: It seemed that something horribly wrong has happened to her. Either she saw something so terrible that her mind could not take and she is in a permanent state of shock, or perhaps her mind has been tampered with.
Lucretius: It just feels so unnatural, haunting. I couldn't spend much time looking at her though, I was afraid she'd start screaming that she sees me and I have my mission.

Vini: Do you know what she may have seen that could be so shocking?

Lucretius: I can only suspect that perhaps she is one of the unfortunate ones that lost their soul. I truly hope that's not the case though.

Vini: As we do.

Lucretius: She does seem to be out of place on that ship, I am surprised she's alive really, even if just, but I guess what can we call strange after seeing a ship full of undead pirates. Perhaps she could stay behind with us, she doesn't seem to be of ill intent.

Vini: What about you? How did you end up at that Thick Forest beyond the ethereal passages? Do you intent to return?
[This makes reference to the event of Hyul 59 where the Old Hermit had a hut hidden in the secret passage discovered under Buya Haunted House]

Lucretius: Oh, that's rather embarrassing. I like to travel, find new places. It's a bit of a hobby of mine, but as I gotten older and no longer as light on foot as I used to, I figured settling somewhere far off is not a bad idea, and there were so few others around there, if it wasn't for Claw I could say I've not been bothered for years. I miss my small hut, perhaps once this is all over I will return there.
[Claw was the figure who stole Taek Pae's items and triggered the whole Secret under Buya Haunted House event, first in this series]

Vini: But didn't you have to die to reach that?

Lucretius: Oh, I have my ways. What you see as "end" is just the "beginning".

Vini: A dragon breath, heh?

Lucretius: You are a very smart man!

Lucretius: Was that one of them just now? I thought I saw a snake pass by.
[At this point Lucretius thought he may have seen a Taal'yeein or did he see a morphed shaman. It's unsure, but the distracted reporter was so focused on his interview notes that didn't notice the suspicious movement around them]

Vini: Also, when we first met at your hut at the Thick Forest you once told us that when you were younger you took things for granted. Why did you have such feeling?

Lucretius: Because.. I let the woman I love get away. Amongst other things.
[At this point he leaned in a little]

Lucretius: I've said it before and I'll say it again. It's important to study and learn from the world that's around us. The more we know, the more we understand and discover.

Vini: I completely agree.
Vini: How did you lose Teevae to that pirate captain?

Lucretius: Perhaps that's one story that's best remained untold.

Vini: I understand. It's a personal matter. Excuse me.

Lucretius: I understand, you are puzzled with what's going on, so no worries.

Vini: So about the ship, you've been there a while now. Have you been able to enter their supply rooms? We found a very strange chest there.

Lucretius: I've seen most of the rooms, yes.

Vini: Do you know anything about that chest?

Lucretius: Hmm, which chest? There's so many, let me think a moment.
Lucretius: Was it red or the garish brown?

Vini: It's a dark chest that is filled with bone dust, we can't figure out how to open it.

Lucretius: You can't figure out how to open it? How do you know there's bone dust then? Sound to me like you did open it.

Vini: We can only lift the lid to open but an inch. And once we open bone dust come flying at us and then it clamp shuts.

Lucretius: I believe I know the chest you are talking about, indeed. Very precious cargo, bone dust is worth its weight in gold.

Vini: Could there be anything else there more than bone dust?

Lucretius: I did not see any other treasure in that chest. There are treasures all around, but that chest hosts bone dust only.

Vini: And what value can we get with bone dust?

Lucretius: Whatever it is that your neighbor will pay for it!

Vini: So far the only person we know have usage for bone dust is you. You use it as ingredient for Ophelia's potion, right?

Lucretius: That's why I know that it is a very useful item. Have you tried using it?

Vini: I did. Not much happened. Perhaps I'm using it wrong or missing an ingredient.

Lucretius: Well then, best to bring all of it to me.

Vini: Do you know of any usage we could have to black ambers?

Lucretius: It's a mysterious amber, perhaps someday our gemcutters can figure out how to cut them well.

Lucretius: Well, I have to rush you, but I worry for little Ophelia. So if you don't mind I would rather make my way back.

Vini: Alright. I thank you for your time to answer our questions. You've been very helpful. I do hope we eliminate Pirate's threat soon so we can concentrate on finding Ophelia's soul before it's too late.

Lucretius: Thank you Vini and thank you community for all your support. And yes, we will be in touch and I hope that if we need your help again you will be there. All of you!

Vini: We'll keep supplying you with ingredients for the potion while then. Take care!
Vini: Thank you everyone for your help.

It seems the interview with Lucretius was even longer than the one with Noxhil, while we couldn't imagine that being possible. Still, the answers given by Lucretius allowed us to have much more conclusions and plan our directions. If you read both interviews it means you're very well aware of what's happening in the ship story line now and therefore your help with be very much welcome when Noxhil announces the results of his studies and allows us to unveil the next steps of our common quest to save Ophelia.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 75, Moon 12~

    Friday, November 13, 2015

Server reset - Halloween is over
Posted by: Vini -- 8:32 PM EST
Servers were reset 30 minutes ago and the Spooky creatures are now gone from the kingdoms. With them all the Halloween costumes and therefore the option to trick of treat.
The Undead Pirate ship continues docked near Dae Shore.

Since there was no post on Dream weavers board about this reset it is not known if anything new was added.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 75, Moon 12~

Lucretius is being interviewed tonight
Posted by: Vini -- 2:15 PM EST
Tonight we'll have the second scheduled interview, now with Lucretius Laframbois.
Very few people submitted questions for him, and we do appreciate the efforts of all who did, but... we need more!

Following up the interview with Noxhil yesterday, ShuZu went to the Ship motivated by the tip given by Noxhil "If you ask him (Lucretius) why he cares, perhaps he will tell you" and he did find out the reason why Lucretius worries about Ophelia.

Ophelia's mother is a woman Lucretius Laframbois once loved! Seems Lucretius is closer to Ophelia and Undead Captain than we thought! Something to explore tonight. Noxhil did say that Lucretius knows more about Ophelia’s history and also said that Lucretius probably met Taeniuru before and might know more of her intentions, or perhaps even whereabouts!

So we're looking forward for this interview to come and hopefully with your help (yes YOU reading this) we'll uncover more of the story between these characters. Send me through nmail your question suggestions now!

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 75, Moon 12~

    Thursday, November 12, 2015

Interview with Noxhil - full transcript
Posted by: Vini -- 11:44 PM EST
After almost a week since we announced our interviews with Noxhil and Lucretius, our staff concluded that we gave enough time for people to submit their questions to be sent to them. We've had some very good questions brought up, but unfortunately not many people stopped to come up and submit questions of their own. Here's a list of all who helped out with questions for Noxhil: Zarsheiy, ShuZu, cakecakecake, Sieo and special thanks to ZenRu who helped me with some gaps of the transcript.

The first interview was held today at 9pm est at Dae Shore where Noxhil has been staying since the arrival of the Undead Pirates.

As I announced through world shout that it was starting many people came to witness it and most tried to help out with suggestions.

Here is the complete transcript of the interview and at the bottom there are some conclusions we could make from what Noxhil said:

Vini: Noxhil, first I would like to thank you for agreeing to have this interview for Nexus Atlas readers.

Noxhil: Yes, of course old friend.

Vini: So, Noxhil, have you found out anything from your studies of the artifacts we've collected for you?

Noxhil: Indeed, I am most thankful for the artifacts brought. Each is a story of its own, mysterious and yet right there on the palm of my hand. Definitely old civilization.

Vini: Interesting. Perhaps you could help us understand each of them, then.

Noxhil: These idols in particular here, looks like they are carved from a stone that does not permit any light - even now here. There's no shine bouncing off of it... Now, I attempted several experiences with a looking glass, but still no light resonates within. It's darker than night.

Vini: Such as a Black amber?

Noxhil: Indeed, that's what I was thinking. The amber is not polished, but it bares similar property. So most likely these idols are carved from the black amber, or at least from a very similar stone.

SumoPea: Darkstone?

[At this point Noxhil turned his head to the left to answer SumoPea's question]
Noxhil: I don't think its darkstone, no... at least not from the view of it.

Vini: Interesting. And what do you think these idols stand for? Some people believe they're the image of the Dark Priest that the Taal'yeein seem to worship.

Noxhil: Idols are objects of workship...They are carried by those that believe in them and also by those that want to bring others to do their bidding.

Noxhil: The cracked rune is of particular interest.

Vini: Oh. Yes, it looks like there's more to it. Does it have any magical properties?

Noxhil: I believe they do (have magical properties), but as with all items of such caliber the magic they hold will only come to those with great experience.

Noxhil: These seem to be a waste product of some experiment gone horribly wrong.

Vini: Such as trapping souls?

Noxhil: Trapping souls...The sick, twisted fate of the pour chap that this could happen upon, but that's not out of question.
[Noxhil sniffed a little then]

Noxhil: It's particularly odd that these objects are found on this old ship with its crew of the undead.

Vini: Why so?

Noxhil: These pirates have no shame!

Vini: Do you think the runes and idols could hold the key to figure out the whereabouts of
Taeniru and Ophelia's soul? Perhaps someone with crafting experience, such as Mananana, could help us?

Noxhil: Mananana's extent of involvement is only to a point of where it suits her own needs. If there's nothing to gain from it, then she won't spend her time on it. Sadly so, she is a pretty smart woman, a master gemcutter.

Vini: Yes, which is why I figured she (Mananana) could understand more about the idol, due to its similarity with the black ambers.

Noxhil: What strikes me odd and why I keep on asking for more of these artifacts is that it just doesn't make sense for a bunch of raudy, wild pirates, albeit undead to be in possession of these items.

Vini: Perhaps such items aren't from the pirates.

Noxhil: And perhaps somewhere in the folds of time gone by something happened to this crew that made them end up in a state they are in. And that could be a direct result of these, now half broken artifacts.

Noxhil: I've heard from the adventures that the ship carries more than just the undead.

Vini: We have a theory that the Undead souls were stolen by the Taal'yeein and that they've been fighting each other and we merely stumbled upon their fight.

Noxhil: Exactly! Those Taal'yeein... from what I've heard sometime ago and at that time I believed it was more gossip than the truth. Is that there are creatures that walk amongst us and we may not even be aware of. It could be the person you see on the street every day, your clannie or even your best friend. But they are not who they appear to be. Creatures that gained wisdom through some wondrous means that gives them the ability to shapeshift into a human.

Vini: Are Taal'yeein shape-shifters?

Noxhil: That's what I believe to be true.

Vini: So it is safe to say that Taeniuru is also a Taal'yeein, correct?

Noxhil: I'm not sure, perhaps Lucretius will be the better man to ask that. He's old, but very agile, he's able to get around places. I believe he met her past the haunted house (undeground of Buya HH).

Vini: What about the fragments of the old map? Were you able to figure out anything from them?

Noxhil: It appears that these fragments are but small specks of one large area, so until majority is collected, it is hard to decipher the specifics. It does look like there's a good amount of water involved. So perhaps it's some coastal country, or an island.

Vini: Taiisrhaa, who is a Taal'yeein living in our lands, claimed it is a far away island, where time stands still.

Noxhil: Time stands still, you say?

Vini: Yes, that's what he said. And he claimed that his kind isn't welcome there.

Noxhil: In my time of youth I've heard about a place like that, hmmm. An old myth.

Noxhil: Oh, this reminds me of my younger days! I even attempted to find it once back in the day! But after years upon years, at least a week for sure worth of travels I can safely put a rest to all queries - no such place exists [Noxhil looked sideways while saying this as if he was hiding something]

Vini: Perhaps you just didn't search enough.

Noxhil: I couldn't find it. Perhaps, so is the folly of youth though, always so self-assured.
[He tried to contain a giggle while saying that]

Noxhil: I am glad to see so many of you helping out to rid our lands of these pirates. Once they are no longer a threat we can concentrate our forces on helping Ophelia.

Vini: What about the insignias we've been giving you. They have inscriptions written in a foreign tongue. Are you able to understand it?

Noxhil: No, that's not a language that is known in these lands, however from studying the patterns of symbols I believe this language has an unique structure to it. It is different from ours as there's no "connecting" words that we are so fond of, such as 'and and' or 'and as', every word is specific and winding.

Noxhil: One item that I believe is the simplest one of all to decipher is the tiara.

Vini: Oh, tell us more about the tiara then.

Noxhil: There's nothing magical in it. I believe wherever they got it from, it was just as tiara as everywhere else - a symbol of status.

Vini: It has a regal symbol on them. Could it be that Old Captain was King of Pirates before death? If so, is Ophelia a Princess?

Noxhil: Remember, these are pirates, they gather treasures from all over the world.
I don't think Kings become pirates...but one never knows!
[While thinking, Noxhil scratched his head a bit]

Vini: So the tiaras may just be from other royals, which Taal'yeein have been targeting.

Noxhil: Could be, yes.
Noxhil: I do not sense anything magical about them.
Noxhil: Tiaras come from rich households.

Vini: We know that one of those shape-shifting witches tried to steal the soul and image of Princess Serena of Bulkkoch kingdom, the underwater one. And we also suspect one of them has been trying to steal the soul of Koguryo's Queen, Yun, or her unborn baby. But why would Taeniuru target Ophelia. What makes her special?

Noxhil: Serena's fate is a sad one, but little Ophelia is in big trouble. If we won't help her..who will?

Noxhil: We all gathered here, some young, some old, some rich and some poor...

Vini: Yes, we're all concerned about helping Ophelia, but to do that we've been trying to understand why Taeniuru wanted her soul.

Noxhil: We all have one thing in common. We all have our immortal souls. When we pass on, our soul will take flight and eventually we are reborn.

Noxhil: I don't think Ophelia is a Princess. I've met her in the caves beneath the (Buya) haunted house, she seemed a simple girl.

Noxhil: But she did earn to find her dad and it seemed was willing to do anything to return to him, such strong desire made her "weak".

Vini: We would all love to have the opportunity to meet with family members who passed away. And on Ophelia’s case, most of us helped the little girl without even telling her the risks of binding her soul to the anchor.

Noxhil: Lucretius, I believe knows more about Ophelia’s history. He cares very deeply for her. Not that we all don’t, but his devotion is a special one.

Vini: That’s very good to know. Then perhaps he can help us uncover more of her story.

Noxhil: If you ask him why he cares, perhaps he will tell you.

Noxhil: Well, this was a pleasant break! I should get back to my studies now, thank you for talking with me. I am glad to see you all fight for our lands and fight for Ophelia. She needs your help more than ever. You’re all are a good bunch!

Vini: A last question if we may.

Noxhil: Sure.

Vini: We talked about the cracked rune, the old map, the insignia, the idol and the tiara. But what about the drop of healing salve?

[Noxhil then whispered me - All what is transcribed in green is all what has been talked in whispers]
Noxhil: Oh my! I do not want those Taal'yeein being aware of what I found out. Perhaps this I shouldn’t talk about while some of them could be listening.

Vini: Very well, I understand. But would it be OK if I write about what you told me for Nexus Atlas?

Noxhil: Umm… I guess. As long as these people don’t read your paper.

[Respecting his wishes, I then announced to others that the rest of interview would have to be conducted in whispers, but it would be fully transcripted here to Nexus Atlas]
Vini: Noxhil is afraid to say it outloud because he doesn't want any Taal'yeein to hear what he found about healing salves, so what he tells me I`ll post on Nexus Atlas.

Vini: So…many of us tasted these drops of healing salve, which the Taal'yeein carry and I can tell you they taste like some nasty stuff!

Noxhil: I don't advice people to drink these... And after tasting it I doubt many will want to anyway!

Vini: Do you think this can have a hidden effect that isn`t supposed to heal, but in fact enchant someone? I ask this because Taiishraa has been giving these to Queen Yun for months.

Noxhil: So far I do not believe that drinking a small amount of it will have any direct harm, however little bit at a time builds up fast, so anyone who drinks this on regular basis should be on guard.

Vini: You’re an alchemist correct? Is it safe to say that that the same skills learned to creation potions can also create poison?

Noxhil: Potion-making and poison-making are two ends of one stick. A Potion is an "easy" medium for enchanting and manipulating others, the liquid state of suspended herbs allows them to remain fresh and vital and their effect strong and on-point. This potion here is no simple healing salve, for it does not refresh mind nor body.

Vini: So what could you find from examining such salve then?

Noxhil: This potion recalls faint notes of verbena and wolf's bane. There is also a peculiar moldy consistency that I just can't get out of my nostrils. I tried a small sip to see if there's any obvious psychic effect associated with drinking it and there was none that I noticed besides strong sleepiness. However, general lack of sleep placed me in a constant longing for a good nap already, so I am not fully sure if that was potion or just my general state of being.

Vini: It seems Taiisrhaa gave aromatic pendants to two members of the community. It resembles the drop of healing salve almost exactly. Could this be a mind control aromatic formula?

Noxhil: Being well-versed in potion making I did find several key notes that normally are added with means to conceal an herb of a more insidious nature. For example, this potion is rather strong on lavender and lemon; these will overwhelm most other scents. They are not usually put together due to their conflicting resonance, so to find them together in one flask makes me wonder just how bad they wanted to conceal true ingredients.

Vini: Could these flasks of insidious potion be ingredients of the false "healing salve"?

Noxhil: It could, but I cannot say for certain yet. I will resume my studies over the many artifacts people have been bringing to me and if I can reach any conclusions, perhaps, we can talk again.

Vini: Alright! We will keep looking for answers too and will inform you if we find anything on our end too. Thank you very much for such interview.

Noxhil: It was a pleasure!

So, braver reader who managed to go through the whole transcript of the interview, what conclusions did you get? What clues could you find from this long talk. Share your thoughts on the Community board with #Noxhil on the subject.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 75, Moon 12~

    Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Conversation with Taiishraa
Posted by: ShuZu -- 9:10 PM EST
While Taiishraa visited the ship last night I had attempted to question him on the Fragment of old map that some of the pirates carry as well as the Taal'yeein insignia which is carried by both the Taal'yeein and Matey the crocodile. He was not interested in discussing anything about either of those items but I was determined to get an answer out of him.

After Taiishraa fled the ship I was able to track him down sitting outside of the Wilderness Village. After approaching him again he seemed more comfortable with the conversation and told me that the Taal'yeein insignia was actually a family crest, like a tattoo we have. Thankfully he agreed to take a further look at the map as well.

He believed the map to be showing a dangerous and far away island where "time stands still", one where the Taal'yeein are not welcome, where the residents did not get along with his kind. It had been many years since he had seen it, and would not know where to set sail to reach it from these parts; he did say however, that no small vessel would provide a safe journey to this island.

He then told me that he is here to protect his new family, doing whatever it takes to make sure that they do not suffer the same fate as Ophelia. He said he was aware that it's possible that someone's body can have another soul control it, but he was not well versed in removing it completely. He thought that perhaps, something on this island that could be the key.

Shortly after that his fiancée SkoGul showed up and his attention was placed elsewhere. That was the end of our conversation but before I left I noticed something around SkoGul's hand. A small bracelet that looked exactly like the drop of healing salve's that the Taal'yeein carry with them.

After further investigation these are some sort of aromatic pendant that he has given as a gift to not only SkoGul but Ellanor as well. I suspect that they are some sort of protection for his loved ones in the kingdoms.

Shu Zu Tsumi

    Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Taiisrhaa spotted on the Ship
Posted by: Vini -- 11:27 PM EST
Earlier this evening, Taiishraa was seen at the Undead Pirates' ship today by Eggio, TheLush, Timishu, ShuZu, Djrtykow, Obduracy and Crixus. Eggio was kind enough to disclose the highlights of their conversation which revealed some important information.

When the group found Taiisrhaa at the ship, they questioned what was he doing there and Taiisrhaa alleged he was only there to do some recon work, seeing what kind of people are on the ship and that he didn’t know Ophelia. While during the conversation He mentioned in a strange way that seems that such pirates are in need of being killed or sent back to the spirit realm.

He also claimed that he wanted to make sure no one is going to be harmed by those pirates as he does not want his new fiancée and her family to be harmed. As it has been found that he is now engaged to SkoGul, he could be only be meaning the Barbarians by this sentence. Eggio then provoked him by talking bad of SkoGul and warning Taiisrhaa to not let her fool him. The conjurer shaman responded with a very polemical counter-provocation:

The only people who have fooled me so far are the ones who think that being in a castle makes you a good ruler”, said Taiisrhaa. Eggio then made a joke claiming someone else was a "horrible king" and Taiisrhaa responded with"I wouldn't know, I only know of the one who is trapped by his own army". Seems like Taiisrhaa is finally showing he has a beef with King M'hul. This shows how two-faced Taiisrhaa is, as not long ago he was briefly serving King M'hul as Royal Shaman of Koguryo.

At some point during the conversation Taiisrhaa revealed that he was there for his family, Djrtykow then asked why are the Taal'yeein on the ship as they're not undead nor pirates. Taiisrhaa claimed he didn't know why they were there and that they were probably confused, so he needs to gather information to help them. Taiisrhaa then said "I don't think they realize they are helping the wrong people".

Eggio asked why Taiisrhaa has a Taal'yeein insignia and then Taiisrhaa revealed and confirmed what we've been suspecting for many months:
"Because I am Taal'yeein" said Taiisrhaa, after denying that Taal'yeein are pirates. Then Taiisrhaa reiterated that the pirates must be defeated and that they're lost souls and must be put to rest.

At the end of the questioning, Taiisrhaa confirmed he can read the Taal'yeein language and therefore is the best source to figure out what is written in the insignia so far, but he refused to help with it and left the ship. With such conversation being disclosed, now there's proof that Taiisrhaa is indeed one of the Taal'yeein to whom we've been fighting against at the pirate ship.
And by fighting those Taal'yeein people have been able to hear three important revelations:

“Your death is my salvation”
“You are in the wrong place at the wrong time”
“Step into the shadows, bow before the dark priest”

Such conversations reveal a lot of the mysteries involving Taiishraa and the Taal'yeein, but there’s still a lot to find out:
  • Is Taeniuru a Taal'yeein too? That's a key proof we still need to obtain to figure out this whole plot haunting the kingdoms for many Hyuls.
  • Who is this Dark Priest they bow to? Is it the person on the tarnished idol or could it be Taiisrhaa?

    Taal'yeein vs. Pirates Theories
  • Considering all evidences collected so far, the latest theory is that the Taal'yeein are shape-shifters witches/warlocks who steal people souls as a form to keep themselves alive or secured from a greater evil. The "they are coming for YOUR SOUL" that poor Sally warns is exactly pointing to the Taal'yeein.

    In fact, it seems that it was the Taal'yeein who stole the souls of these pirates and made them become soulless in first place. Now that the Undead Captain is onto finding Taeniuru's location or Taal'yeein base through the map, the Taal'yeein had to strike back and invaded the Captain's Antechamber, hence why they say "You are in the wrong place at the wrong time", as such fight was supposed to be between Taal'yeein and the Undead Pirates.

    Therefore, the Undead Pirates could all be past victims of the Taal'yeein and not truly evil. The Taal'yeein should be the ones we fight against or else we may all become the next series of undead.
  • A different theory is that the Taal'yeein seeking salvation could actually mean they're looking for freedom, therefore they could have been enslaved and could be fighting for their own freedom. In such notice, their claimed Dark Priest to whom they bow to could be their slavemaster and even the one keeping the undead Pirates alive.

  • There are many questions still to be uncovered. The investigation must continue before it Ophelia's fate is settled forever.

    ~Vini Normad’or~
    ~Hyul 75, Moon 12~

  •     Monday, November 9, 2015

    New leaderships in Nagnang
    Posted by: Vini -- 11:40 PM EST
    Nagnang government has been busy as Prince ChaeRi appointed both a new General and a new Minister this past week. Since the step down of Bocanegra, there has been a pending appointment for the new leader of Nagnang Army, and a week ago it has been announced that Arkanis is now the new nangen General.

    On the other office of the sovereignty palace, Ambassador Sieo has been appointed the new Minister of Nagnang as Reikai had to step down to assume a new role. The announcing Sieo as minister might have shocked some people a bit due to her history of controversial decisions, but she seems to have good intentions with his new role: "I look forward to serving Nagnang and her people and bringing out the best in our community", said Sieo.

    Now as former nangen minister, Reikai is now the new Elder of Shamans, assuming the position previously held by Ellanor.

    Elder Reikai was kind enough to give an exclusive interview for Nexus Atlas and revealed a bit of her plans for the subpath's future:
    "Shaman has suffered greatly in the past, which is still evident in too many ways. Trust has been broken over and over again, but this is something that only time and a change in habits can heal. My main goal as Elder is to regain that trust and sense of family, and to remind the community of the strength and wisdom of not only the Shaman family but the Spirits whom we serve", said Reikai.

    Nexus Atlas Congratulates Nagnang General Arkanis, Nagnang Minister Sieo and Shaman Elder Reikai on their new positions.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 75, Moon 11~

        Friday, November 6, 2015

    Interviewing Noxhil and Lucretius Lafrombois
    Posted by: Vini -- 8:10 PM EST
    Breaking news Nexus Atlas just arranged to have an exclusive interview with two of the main event characters: Noxhil and Lucretius and the best part is: you'll have the opportunity to come up with questions too. But in order to do the best questions, let's revise a bit about their participation in the story line.

    Short summary:
    Noxhil is a long time known alchemist who lives at the Islets. He has helped Nexus community in many occasions before. Noxhil's participation in the saga began when he went to the secret link between realms hidden beneath the Buya Haunted House. He was meaning to visit his old friend Lucretius Laframbois, but the old hermit got himself hidden so far away that Noxhil was pretty much ready to give up his search.

    Then he began to help Ophelia meet with her father and we all know what happened. So now Noxhil is researching the artifacts to find out clues about what happened to Ophelia's soul.

    Not much is known from Lucretius Lafrombois before the Ophelia saga began. What we know is that according to him, when he was younger he took things for granted. But it did not drain his desire to learn, so, having all the time in the world to he began to question the surroundings and examine seemingly unless things.

    So perhaps this interview with Noxhil and Lucretius will give us the answers we've been looking for, perhaps not. It all depends if we can do the right questions. Therefore Nexus Atlas is asking for your help on writing relevant questions to help uncover the truth about Ophelia's fate. If you have interest in helping please send me through nmail a list of questions which you would like us to ask them. We'll choose the best questions and most revelant ones to help us figure out the next steps.
    ((Please don't come up with questions of "what do we do next in the event quest?" as all questions have to be roleplaying questions. They'll not give us answers about voice commands or who to talk to if we don't make the right questions which leads to it))

    You can send me as many questions as you want by nmail, the best ones will be filtered and asked to them along ones we have in mind already. Credits to each smartest questions will be recognized and hopefully answered so we can find out more clues about Ophelia's fate.

    Be sure to help as the life of an innocent person is on our hands.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 75, Moon 10~

        Thursday, November 5, 2015

    Event story - Ophelia's lost soul
    Posted by: Vini -- 12:24 AM EST
    Now everyone knows that Taeniuru is a shape-shifting witch and tricked us all, including the Undead Captain, to obtain the anchor of binding linked to Ophelia's soul and she now stole it. Lucretius Lafrombois, the old hermit, found Ophelia's soulless body laying down on the Undead Pirates' ship inside the Captain's treasury.

    Ophelia is now on the brink of death and the only reason why she hasn't turned into one of those half-decomposed zombie pirates is because of a little concoction Mr. Lafrombois is using. The potion sustains Ophelia's body so her soul has a viable sheel to return to. He claims that Ophelia must drink a drop of the potion every day or everything will be lost. Community has been helping Lucretius gain more ingredients he will be able to keep her alive a little longer.

    The Old hermit then suggests that there may be some clues about where Ophelia's soul was taken to and tells us to bring anything interesting (the artifacts) we find to Noxhil to research it. Therefore our main quest which is to save Ophelia's soul from Taeniuru is still upon us.

    Investigating the clues

    It's time to put your detective hat and help find out where Taeniuru is hiding the anchor bonded to Ophelia's soul and find out what the heck the witch wants to do with it.
    This is not a quest for a new fancy armor you keep dreaming that someone will finally post a walk-through here at Nexus Atlas (points to Diary quest), this is about a person's life being in danger, the clock is ticking and every moment might be Ophelia's last breath and all who assisted the Undead Captain in Hyul 73 have the duty to fix this terrible fate.

  • Clue 1 - Sally
    A mysterious shocked girl roams around the Top Deck of the Undead Pirates' ship, despite the dangerous scurvy spiders, alerting all about extreme dangers still to come. Here is a list of things she was saging all over the first days, but since people thought she was just annoying, she now just says this to all those who care to go listen to her:
    "Beware! BEWARE!!!"
    "The end is nigh."
    "What you see is what you get, so if you don't see it, then...too bad."
    "We are all just pawns in someone else's game."
    "They are coming! They are coming for YOUR SOUL."
    "Run! Runnn."

    While the menace of Undead pirates already arrived, Sally speak of an upcoming threat which seems to worry her much more than just a crew of undead pirates. As she claims "they" are coming for our soul and Taeniuru already captured the anchor bonded to Ophelia's soul we can presume that the shape-shifting witches are now coming to obtain the soul of the rest of the community and now, since most knowingly created a decorated anchor, using the powers of the anchor of binding given to Ophelia, them everyone is in danger.

  • Clue 2 - Fragment of old map
    At some point if you stay at the Moldy Kitchen long enough you'll hear Tul Pae saying "The Captain is a misunderstood fella". What also is interesting is that Lucretius Lafrombois mentioned that the Old Captain still cared for his daughter in his own strange demented way. and kept her body treasured in the treasury room.

    This leads to the theory that the Undead Captain is keeping Ophelia safe in his ship while he searched for the evil which who tricked him out of his daughter's soul. And this is where the map comes handy. The Captain held an old map which if slain, he drops a fragment of it.

    Since the writing is too faded to decipher any specifics most people are just giving the map to Noxhil to investigate. But, if the Captain was following the witch's tracks using such map and arrived close to Dae Shore, then does this mean that Taeniuru is nearby Dae shore?

  • Clue 3 - Taal'yeein items
    As it is known, the insignia has an inscription adorned in metal. Until now, this offers us no insight as it is written in a foreign tongue. It's time to find someone around the Kingdom of Winds who could figure out the meaning of this foreign symbol.

    Could the insignia's message be the secret to open the magically-sealed note? What about the Taal'yeein key?

    So far no use has been found for Taal'yeein key, but IF Taeniuru is a Taal'yeein, perhaps the key could lead us to find exactly where she is hiding at.

  • Clue 4 - Royal heritage
    As it is known, the Undead Captain also drops a tarnished regal tiara which makes us wonder if it's a royal heirloom from a time long passed.

    Could the Undead Captain be a king? If this is true, then the pirate girl is in fact a Princess and this would explain further the interest of Taeniuru in her soul. Since the witch trapped at Bulkkoch tried to steal Serena's soul and since Taeniuru stole Ophelia (a possible princess soul), we can start to see a pattern going on. These shape-shifting witches, which seem to be related to Taal'yeein, are targeting royal heirs. And who else has been very interested in an unborn royal heir?

    Oh, that's right... Taiisrhaa carries a Taal'yeein insignia and been very "interested" in the fate of Queen Yun's baby.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 75, Moon 10~

  •     Wednesday, November 4, 2015

    Event story - Understading Ophelia's saga
    Posted by: Vini -- 11:14 PM EST
    This is the final chapter of Ophelia's saga. A tragedy story that the community began to tag along in Hyul 59 ((Nov. 2013)) and now we see the actions of what we caused by helping the Undead Captain in Hyul 73 ((Aug. 2015)). Here is what officially posted on Whispering Winds board about the current happenings:

    It looks like Ophelia's dream of reuniting with her dad was shattered once again, this time by no other than her dad himself...A chance to enter the world of the living proved to be a successful bargaining ploy for calculating Taeniuru, and the Undead Captain surrendered the Anchor of Binding along with Ophelia's very soul.

    With this newly gained mortality, the Undead Captain and his crew are back to their pirating ways and currently are invading our very own Dae Shore. Every well-bodied man and woman is called upon to fend off the attackers. Head to Dae Shore and lend a hand!

    Amongst the chaos and confusion one question remains...what exactly did Taeniuru want with the soul of a simple little girl?

  • Taeniuru's deceit
    So the suspicious over Taeniuru being a shape-shifter were correct. For those who don't remember her, she was a mysterious woman who was standing next to the Undead Captain at "River Of Stones" during last event. She was the one who told people about the anchor of binding and told about the legend of love story between a lowly fisherman and Princess Serena of Bulkkoch, the underwater kingdom.

    Taeniuru pretended she thought it was adorable for the Captain's daughter to be looking for him and with a false friendly face she tricked us. She revealed that she had some magical means to help Ophelia reunite with her father. She told us about the Anchor of Binding, an item with magical properties of binding a person to its core; wherever the anchor travels the person bound to it may go with help of a summoning ritual.

    Taeniuru then claimed this was the key to help Ophelia, but now we realized this was all part of her plan to steal Ophelia's soul and this all happened because all forgot to hear a very important warning!

  • Serena's warning

    During our travels to Bulkkoch, the underwater kingdom, we found out about the fate of Princess Serena, who was tricked by a shape-shifting witch who wanted her soul and used the anchor's excuse and Serena's love for the fisherman to obtain what she wanted. When we first met Serena, the first thing she warned was "Oh dear, you should stay away from that anchor. It won't lead to any good".
    She then revealed that she had been fooled and the magic involved in this anchor was very "pricey" and dangerous. This because to get the anchor to work you have to bind your soul to it and if it falls to wrong hands your fate is sealed. And that is exactly what happened! Ophelia's anchor fell in wrong hands, and all those who retrieved the anchor of binding during last event made a promise to take care of Ophelia and not let this happen.

    Serena did warn all of us to "keep the anchor away from the shape-shifting witch. If she or her kind gets their hands on this anchor, then both the underwater and above-water kingdoms would be in danger. DO NOT let that happen".

    While many people promised to take care of Ophelia, no one did! And that's mostly because most didn't even pay attention to about who Ophelia is and the risks she were taking.

  • Ophelia's plea
    Ophelia, a young a pirate girl, is the protagonist of this saga which revolves around her wishes to meet with her father, a pirate captain who died in a sinking shipwreck (the death of her mother was still not explained in the story, but it's confirmed the mother is dead too).

    Her father, who we know as the Undead Captain was trapped between the realms of living and the dead and when we found him he couldn't remember her. But, with a song he used to sing for her in her youth and a flash dust's fist bump trick that people used to create a sparkle of light we managed to get him to ring a bell.

    During the first part of story, community helped her deliver a message to him which led to the next series of events.

    Then on second part, Ophelia received a letter from her dad saying he wanted to see her and that he was now sailing the underworld River of Stones, but every attempt she made to reach her father has failed. While then her father couldn't leave the underworld river in the state he was in, but the mysterious Taeniuru had answers.

    To help Ophelia people ventured to Bulkkoch kingdom an retrieved an anchor of binding which was supposed to bring her to her father. The problem is that people only told Ophelia the good effects of the Anchor, but without explaining the terrible dangers involving it so she could decide. Then without hesitation we brought her binded anchor to her father and did not stay to witness the summoning ritual. People decided to just leave the Ophelia's fate to Taeniuru to decide about helping do the "summoning ritual".

    Now we know how bad it is to leave the fate of an innocent person of a magical person we barely know about...

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 75, Moon 9~

  •     Tuesday, November 3, 2015

    Walkthrough of the Event Quests
    Posted by: Vini -- 12:30 AM EST

    Now that you know well how to get around the Pirate Ship is time to learn the walk-through of the main quest and side-quests.

    Main quests

  • Assisting Lucretius Laframbois

    1. Go to Dae shore near the small ship to the Pirate vessel and talk to Noxhil there. Choose the option of "Pirates invade!". If you don't do this talking to Old Hermit and Ophelia will be pointless.

    2. (Optional) If you want to be able to reach the Old Hermit (Lucretius Laframbois) while as a ghost, in case you're doing the quest solo, you have the option of ressurecting inside the Captain's treasury. For that you'll need to talk to Mother Shaman next to Noxhil. She'll give you the option to create a Dragon breath potion. If you do not need to go as a ghost just skip to next part, but if you want this helpful item you'll need to bring her the following items:

  • Chestnut (6) - found at farming area south of Kugnae Palace
  • Moon paper (1) - bought from Kugnae northwestern shop for 5000 coins
  • Sun powder (1) - bought from Kugnae arena shop for 800 coins
  • dry spider leg (1) - dropped by Scurvy Spider at top deck
    Once you give her the items she'll make you a Dragon breath.

    The Dragon breath can be used at the purple dragon tiles inside Captain's treasury to cast self-rebirth and heaven's dew. Be careful when to use it, Mother shaman can only make you 1 dragon's breath per day so use it only when you truly need.

    3. (Optional) Now it's time to get yourself a Scroll of Mortality to assist Ophelia. If you already have one from the Secret of Buya Haunted House event in Hyul 59 then you can skip this part, if not, head to Moldy Kitchen and talk to Tul Pae. Choose the option Absolutely, yes! and he'll sell you a Slice of Woodberry pie.

    Take the pie to the Bored Rock at Special Storage Unit and say Woodberry. When he offers you 17 coins for it say "No, only for a scroll of mortality and it will give you a Scroll of Mortality.

    4. Now that you have obtained the scroll, grab the following items:
  • Stardrop (3) - Dropped by Arctic Ogres
  • Amenthyst (1) - Dropped by foxes and woodlands dogs
  • Bone dust (2) - Dropped by Undead pirates
  • Moon wine (1) - Bought from Kugnae southeast shop
  • Scroll of Mortality (1) - which you just obtained or had from previous events

    5. Time to grab Go to Captain's treasury room to meet with Old Hermit (Lucretius Laframbois) and Ophelia. She unfortunately can't talk, but Lucretius is keeping her alive and the items you brought him will help. After you give the items to the Old hermit he'll give you Captain's key and you'll be granted the legend mark of Assisted Lucretius Laframbois.

    6. Head to the treasurers at north part of the treasury. You'll get the option to choose between the following items:
    Tattered Ilbon outfitTattered Ilbon suitFancy Ilbon outfitFancy Ilbon suitIlbon outfitIlbon knifePirate shield

  • Gathering Artifacts
    1. Go to Dae Shore and talk to Noxhil. Choose to talk to him about "artifact collection". He says that hopefully in one of these artifacts there will be a hint about Ophelia's soul's whereabouts. He asks if you want to donate artifacts to his research.

    2. To gather artifacts go hunt at Captain's antechamber or Captain's private room and slay one of the bosses, Taal'yeein, Matey or the Undead Captain. There are 6 known items that can be traded with Noxhil.

    Cracked RuneDrop of healing salveFragment of old mapTaal'yeein insigniaTarnished idolTarnished tiara

    3. Once you obtain artifacts, go back to talk to Noxhil. Accept that he takes the artifacts and you'll obtain the legend mark.

    He analyses such artifacts but for now didn't reach any conclusions. You may re-do this process as many time as you want, there's no known effect brought by bringing over 100 artifacts to him. People have taken over 500 artifacts to him and nothing changed.

    Side quests:

  • Getting Looted treasure
    1. Go to lower deck and slay the Bilge Rats until you obtain Gnawed key.
    2. Take the key to Safe room on west upper deck and cross the wooden fence towars the silver safe. Open the safe and you'll get looted treasure.

    3. Use the looted treasure to obtain either 10 pirate coins or a skill modulator, which increases crafting results for 1 week.

  • Destroyed Kalla to TaekPae smith
    1. Go to Captain's antechamber and fight off the Taal'yeein there. Slay they to obtain Kallal swords, but if in case you obtain any destroyed ones they have some use.

    2. Go visit TaekPae in the backroom of Kinung's Little shop (082,070). He is located in the room called Kilns. If you want to talk to him about Pirates he responds about that.

    3. Click him ant choose "Spare parts". He will offer 4,000 coins for your destroyed kallal. Say "No, sorry". He'll then offer 5,000 coins for it. You then accept it because that's the maximum he'll offer.

    It is not known if this will lead to any other uncovered event part or new quests in the future.

  • Usage of event items

    Motherload - Using it may give you a Wondrous stein or a large amount of pirate coins (10 or more)
    Wondrous stein - Using it will cast Heafty blow spell.
    Empty bowl - Use to morph to hungry spirit form.
    Treatise on bad poetry - use it to morph into Fidgety demon form.
    Insidious potion - Use it to cast Insidious affliction
    Drop of healing salve - Using it will make you say " Yikes! This is some nasty stuff"
    Fragment of old map - using it will open a popup with the following message:
    You examine the parchment and by the looks of it, it could be a map. However the writing is too faded to decipher any specifics.

    Taal'yeein insignia - using it will open a popup with the following message:
    The gilded inscription offers no insight as it is written in a foreign tongue.

    Tarnished tiara - using it will open a popup with the following message:
    The tiara may lack in sparkle, but the regal shape and intricate design makes you wonder if it's a royal heirloom from a time long passed.

    Pending discoveries:

  • Supply room Chest
    While the majority of things related to this event quests, drops and new items have been uncovered there are still a few mysteries to figure out. The main one is related to the Pirate chest at the Supply room.

    It is known that it has some clocked timing to work, as most of the time it says to come back later, but it did work randomly to take a peek and get a bone dust. To open it it didn't require any item and after doing so, went back to original message. What is the secret to this chest?

  • Useless items?
    So far people have been really intrigued by the lack of usage of some new items brought by this event, like the Taal'yeein key, the magically-sealed note, and the black amber. Could they have any hidden usage not found yet? Some people believe the answer might be hidden in creation system others that they might find an uncovered NPC voice command to it.

    Let's keep searching!

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 75, Moon 9~

  •     Monday, November 2, 2015

    Getting around the Pirate Ship
    Posted by: Vini -- 8:25 PM EST
    To find the Undead Pirate Ship the quickest way is to travel to Hausson on world map, then go south from Kafa's tavern instead east and into the boats.

    This will make you arrive at northeast Dae Shore. Once you find the small ship you need to approach it from either sides to enter the Pirate Ship. Go either to 074,016 or 073,021 coordinates to enter the event area.

    Be careful it will send you to different ship difficulties depending on your your level or San mark.

    Once inside you'll receive a new legend mark that you fought off the undead pirates:

    The Undead Pirate's ship is a vessel with 4 decks and 17 inner rooms. Check here the map of the ship and how each rooms are connected:

  • Where to find the NPCs inside the ship:

    She walks around the Top Deck
    Located on Top Deck at Moldy Kitchen
    Old Hermit and Ophelia
    Located on Middle Deck at Captain's Treasury
    Bored Rock
    Located on Upper Deck at Special Storage Unit

  • Where to find the chests inside the ship:

    Pirate Chest
    Located on Middle Deck at Supply room
    Pirate Treasure
    Located on Middle Deck at Captain's Treasury
    Pirate Safe
    Located on Upper Deck behind the gates at Safe room

  • Get to know the enemies you'll encounter:
    Undead crew
    Scurvy Spider

    Dry spider leg
    Undead Deckhand

    Treatise on bad poetry
    Bone dust
    Undead Pirate

    Bone dust
    Flying Monkey

    Magically-sealed note
    Ash Pirate

    Black amber
    Spare Parts

    Bone dust
    Black pirate shield:

    Bilge Rat

    Gnawed key

    Undead Bosses

    Destroyed or (level) kallal

    Taal'yeein key
    Taal'yeein insignia
    Drop of healing salve

    Insidious potion
    Undead Captain

    (level) Custlass skully
    Fragment of old map
    Wondrous stein
    Tarnished idol

    Tarnished tiara
    Taal'yeein key
    Taal'yeein insignia
    White amber (3)

  • The stats of the new dropped weapons::

    Rusty Cutlass Skully
    Durability 100.000
    Damage S 90m130
    L 90m130

    Armor 0
    Hit +10
    Damage +1

    Vitality +1250
    Mana +1250

    Might +5
    Will increase +5
    Grace +4
    Regen +1
    Protection +1

    Any class Level 45 req

    Cutlass Skully
    Durability 100.000
    Damage S 150m250
    L 150m250

    Armor -2
    Hit +10
    Damage +1

    Vitality +2.500
    Mana +2.500

    Might +6
    Will increase +6
    Grace +5
    Regen +2
    Protection +2

    Any class level 85 req

    Il san Cutlass Skully
    Durability 100.000
    Damage S 200m320
    L 200m320

    Armor -3
    Hit +10
    Damage +1

    Vitality +5.000
    Mana +5.000

    Might +7
    Will increase +7
    Grace +6
    Regen +3
    Protection +3

    Any class Il san req

    Ee san Cutlass Skully
    Durability 100.000
    Damage S 290m420
    L 290m420

    Armor -4
    Hit +10
    Damage +1

    Vitality +10.000
    Mana +10.000

    Might +8
    Will increase +8
    Grace +7
    Regen +4
    Protection +4

    Any class Ee san req

    Sam san Cutlass Skully
    Durability 100.000
    Damage S 320m510
    L 320m510

    Armor -5
    Hit +10
    Damage +1

    Vitality +15.000
    Mana +15.000

    Might +9
    Will increase +9
    Grace +8
    Regen +5
    Protection +5

    Any class Sam san req

    Sa san Cutlass Skully
    Durability 100.000
    Damage S 400m600
    L 400m600

    Armor -6
    Hit +10
    Damage +1

    Vitality +20.000
    Mana +20.000

    Might +10
    Will increase +10
    Grace +9
    Regen +6
    Protection +6

    Any class Sa san req

    These overpowered weapons all come with a special casting spell called "Plague of the seven seas" which is a joint venom and scourge that lasts 200 seconds. There's one problem with them, they break on death.

    Besides the destroyed Kallal, sometimes the Taal'yeein drops leveled full durability version of the mongol sword. As you can find on weapons section they are: Crafted (level 50), Chisled (level 75), Pounded (level 99), Hammered (Il san), Forged (Ee san) and Militant kallal (Sam san).

    If anyone has the Sa san version of it please submit to us.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 75, Moon 9~

  • The attack of the Undead Pirates
    Posted by: Vini -- 7:21 PM EST

    It looks like the shores of Koguryo have been invaded once again by pirates, this time not by Xiou's crew (former Bluestone's crew), but by undead pirates!

    This undead sea crew is lead by the Undead Pirate who has been freed from underworld to meet his daughter Ophelia, but seems he forgot what he was doing.

    As this event is huge and with lots of steps to do, we'll divide the event information into three parts:
    1. Getting around the pirate ship
    2. The quest walkthrough
    3. The detailed story of the event

    Such information will be posted in parts and will be updated often which additional information provided by the community.

    Time to face the undead pirates!

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 75, Moon 9~

        Sunday, November 1, 2015

    Pirates are here!
    Posted by: LinuxKiddy -- 1:48 PM EST
    Thank you for having an event for Halloween even if its a little late =)

    I'll be posting a walk through on NA, If the community would like to help Whisper/N-mail me.

    Some time ago the Roayl Prophets foretold that the kingdoms would be disturbed on a day right around All Hallow's Eve. Some thought it would come earlier, some thought later, but seemingly right on schedule, pirates have arrived on Dae Shore! To those who thought the invasion would occur earlier, the Prophets explained that while the pirates technically entered the waters around our kingdoms a day or two ago, the ships didn't hit land until today (of course!). Head over to Dae Shore and check Whispering Winds for more information.

    ((Sorry the event is a tiny bit late! I was hoping to have it out on Friday , but here it is. Thanks for your patience and I hope you enjoy it! I've thrown an experience boost in for event maps to help make hunting in the new caves worthwhile.))