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   Archived News | November 2004

Past News

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November 2004

    Monday, November 29, 2004

War Games!
Posted by: Conro -- 8:52 PM EST

~Prince Kija's Bloodlust Rental~
~Brought to you by The Nagnang Ministry~

Many have been preoccupied with causing strife as of late. Do as you will. We are content with the Status Quo. We will defend yours, as yours defends ours; in mutual self-interest. We will exchange ideas and developments in craft and knowledge. We will engage in commerce. We will not undo the peace that has been wrought by our respective diplomats. War strikes at our wallet, impedes our progress, and diminishes an even more valued resource: our people.

However, if seething nationalism still plays at your heart strings like Locosam upon a War Axe, I have something to sooth your ugly shades of nationalism, at least for a little while.

There will be four teams: Nagnang, Wilderness, Buya, and Kugnae. Come to represent your country in a war game. Internal tensions will perhaps be set aside for an hour or two.or perhaps not.perhaps even countries will be divided. To bear the color of a country, you must live there. There may be alliances. Let them fall where they might. I will not see to their arrangements personally, but what do I care if they happen? In the end, only one nation can prevail, however. So there will be alliances, perhaps, but they will be fleeting.

Will divisions fall along clan lines? Will they fall along national lines? Will subpath's align with countries or clans? Will long standing clan-army conflicts be overcome to represent national pride? Will factions be bought off to serve another land? Or will it be chaos, a bunch of blood spilled haphazardly with a winner determined at random? I guess we will have to wait to see.

((To be clear, all of those alliances or any other will be allowed, but you will bear the dye of your country. It will be up to you to figure out how to coordinate with your allies, if you chose to betray your countrymen))

Nagnang - Black
Wilderness - White
Kugnae - Blue
Buya - Red

When: Wednesday, 12/1/2004, 11pm est
Place: Buya Arena

This could prove to be VERY interesting. Which country will prevail?
Bloodlusts cost only 1000 coins, so take a stand for your country, and prove to everyone else who is the best (or the buffest, at least, heh!)

- Conro

    Sunday, November 28, 2004

Nagnang citizenship tribute changes
Posted by: Vini -- 6:09 PM EST

It seems that after the recent resets, the Nangen Ambassador who deals with who will move to Nagnang has passed front to Yoni & Honi of Koguryo and Buya.

Yoni and Honi always requested 20 gold coins tribute to make allow people to move to the cities they represent, but to try to get the numbers of Nagnang up, the Nangen Ambassador has given 75% discount to the interested neutral people.

To move to Nagnang now only costs 5 gold acorns, pretty cheap but considering that people can't start nexus being born in Nagnang, it's understandable.

Thanks to Growl for pointing this out.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Yuri 70, Moon 4~

    Saturday, November 27, 2004

Clan helms change
Posted by: HealingLight -- 6:17 PM EST

After this mornings reset the helm of the Nagnang is now Purple. This follows their defender that was also changed from Green to Purple.

Destiny Clan's helm is also available now for their members to be able to purchase.

Special thanks to Kacore,Kornguy,and Judo for this information.

*edited by Vini*

The New Warrior Tutor of Nagnang
Posted by: Vini -- 5:58 PM EST

A few days ago the new Nagnang Warrior Tutor was picked by Archon Charisse after the round of applications.

Finally announced, the new tutor is no one else but DarkMaverick who has already started holding classes in Nagnang Warrior's Hall.

Congratulations DarkMaverick and good work on your new position.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Yuri 70, Moon 4~

PHP back up
Posted by: HealingLight -- 1:22 PM EST

The PHP has been fixed. All parts of Nexus Atlas have been reopened. If you find any problems, please post on the forum's bug board or contact a staff member.

Please also notice that we are still looking for information on areas such as the Vortex. Please post on the information gathering board if you have any information.

    Friday, November 26, 2004

PHP Down
Posted by: TSWolf -- 11:58 PM EST

PHP is temporarily down. It will be resolved in the next few days. Couple things being adjusted on the server for some new stuff.

Also, feel free to click and check out Swirldot hosting. They've been hosting us for the entirity of our life and even a bit of the time during Nexus Network. They're a great host and have quite a few happy Nexus customers at the moment. So throw Steve a bone for helping you guys get yer Nexus news for the past couple of years and for some time to come. Just click on their super cool banner above... which DOES work at the moment.

Imperial Dragon Affiliation Ceremony
Posted by: LordAchoo -- 11:40 PM EST

The Imperial Dragon Dance put on by the Ministry of Buya was held today in the Buya Theatre to celebrate the tremendous patriotism and knowledge of select citizens of all three kingdoms, to be honored by Princess Lasahn, and the Buyan Ministry.

They were recognized as Affiliates of the Imperial Sovereign. The celebration included plays held by the Druids, Rangers and Merchants, a Best dressed couple contest, and a visit by the god Chung Ryong.

Imperial Dragon Affiliation Ceremony
Posted by: LordAchoo -- 11:40 PM EST

Those recognized as Affiliates tonight were : Atone, Windgrace, Genre, Jisong, Jujakjoe, Arkanis, Baltzen, Warik, Xbushkax, Dementia, Tamo, Tsumoro and Greensky.

xBushKax recieving Princess Lasahns blessing.

The winners for Best Dressed Couple contest were :
1st - Vano & Kyas
2nd - Devion & JadedSkies
3rd - DarkWolf & LunaStarling
4th - Protoss & "Squirrel Friend"

Vano and Kyas are announced 1st place in Best Dressed Couple Contest!

ScumBucket stealing a Fire blade from two drop-trading Merchants, perhaps it is better to use exchange

Thanks to all who participating in the creation of this event and to all those who participated in the plays that we all enjoyed. Congratulations to all those who were marked as an Affiliate of the Imperial Sovereign.

~Buyan Imperial Guard

    Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving!
Posted by: Nagnag -- 8:33 AM EST

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Elendhirin Primogen changes
Posted by: Vini -- 10:28 AM EST

After more than 7 months leading the Elendhirin, Primogen Daggda has stepped from his position in favor of a well known person to their clan.
The Founder of the clan, Lady Rhianwyn has assumed back in this morning her original position in Elendhirin.

Congratulations Primogeness Rhianwyn of Elendhirin and thank you Daddga for your hard work leading it through these months.

~Vini Normad'or~
-Yuri 70, Moon 3-

Thanks to Charity for confirming these news happened this morning

    Monday, November 22, 2004

Changes ahead
Posted by: Conro -- 8:04 PM EST

Hello everyone!

Changes are happening at NexusAtlas, and we need your input!
Project Delta, headed by Vini, is in full force, and a massive information overhaul, including clan, subpath, vortex information AND massive maps is in the works.
Our planned release is hopefully by the beginning of January, but with your input and help, we can release bits and pieces sooner than others.
It's all up to you! What do you wish to see completed first? Please visit the follow link on NexusForums to give your opinion!

Give your input here on NexusForums!

If you'd like to help with a specific section, send myself a private message on NexusForums, and if your help is needed in a specific section, you can help add to the Atlas!

Thanks for your participation and continued support for Nexus Atlas!

- Conro
Head of Nexus Atlas

Posted by: HealingLight -- 5:41 PM EST

My name is HealingLight, im one of the new additions to the Nexus Atlas staff. I will be trying to bring you all nexus news as fast as I can. If you have any questions or concerns just N-mail me or E-mail me. If you have any news to report I would like you to n-mail me. Well, until next time....

.:HealingLight Reoria MaderChris:.
.:Druid Of Water:.

    Sunday, November 21, 2004

New Chongun Avatar
Posted by: Vini -- 12:31 AM EST

Just now, the long lasting Elder of the Chongunate, Lady Masra has sadly stepped down from her position of Avatar in the path.

She'll be missed by many and hopefully will continuing giving her grace to all in community. Her sucessor is no one else but the expected Musadan SilentS.

Congratulations SilentS on your new position and thank you Masra for all your hard work.

~Vini Normad'or~
-Yuri 70, Moon 3-

    Saturday, November 20, 2004

Defender Ceremony Honours Twenty-Two
Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 10:50 PM EST

Honoured include esteemed elders, pathwalkers, and kindred.

The Royal Coliseum, resplendent with lustrous decorations and luminaries of the Three Kingdoms.

KUGNAE -- In a beautifully-deorated Royal Coliseum this evening, the royal court of Koguryo received a splendid array of notable citizens. The presentation area was filled with primogens and other clan representatives, subpath elders, a detail from the Koguryo Royal Army, and the Royal Ministry of Koguryo. On this night, citizens from all over the Samguk shared a moment with Prince-Regent M'hul to "revere those chosen few who have put their hearts, minds, bodies, and souls into protecting and serving this fine nation." His Highness bestowed the prestigious legend mark and blue dye upon twenty-two citizens of Koguryo who exemplify bravery, courage, and loyalty as they proudly took the pledge to defend their kingdom.

Elder Berig of the monks (left) and Lt. Col. Sorriso humbly accept the royal blessing.

Following introductory remarks by Dame Starrbrite, the Royal Minister of Koguryo, and the singing of the kingdom's national anthem by Sir Sailortaurus, Prince M'hul took centre stage to commence the parade of eminence by blessing Samurahi Berig, Elder of the Monks, who was honoured as "a fine elder." It was then that Elder Berig called out Karuna Sorriso, a lieutenant-colonel in the KRA and a member of the Royal Ministry, to be blessed.

HoChiMin of the Sun Moon Sect is honoured by Prince M'hul while his primogeness, Lady khaos, looks on.

Lady khaos, Primogeness of the Sun Moon Sect, noting that it was a "hard choice" to narrow down her selection, called forward Force HoChiMin and Mage SanSul to be blessed. SanSul, however, was not able to attend the ceremony, and will receive this honour at a later date.

"A fine leader in the kingdom," Elder Ilios, receives the royal blessing.

Elder Ilios of the Merchant Guild was also called forward to be blessed as "a fine leader in the kindgom" who well deserved this blessing. His Highness joked that he should charge the elder millions for this blessing. The elder called for his Head Scholar, Gypsy Notorious, a lieutenant in the KRA, to receive the royal blessing.

Primogen Mandad of Enigma stepped forward to announce the names of those who were to receive the blessing: Virtuoso Michaela, Enigma's fifth primogeness, and Spy Ecnor, the clan's bookkeeper as well as a carnage host and member of the Royal Ministry. Unfortunately, neither could be present tonight.

Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 10:50 PM EST

Sammasati Aranae of the Bear Clan receives a special blessing from Prince M'hul.

Next, Primogeness Aenea presented two worthy kindred who were to receive the blessing tonight: Sir Teragg, Knight of the Order of Koguryo, who could not attend the ceremony, and Sammasati Aranae.

Thugofsmeg and Charlamayn of the chongunate proudly pledge to defend their kingdom.

Lady Masra, Elder of the Chongunate, was invited to stand beside His Highness and announce the recipients of the royal blessing. The elder's bodyguard, Chongun thugofsmeg, and Kysh'itra Charlamayn of the Enigma Clan, who was filled with "shock and honour," took the pledge to defend Koguryo.

ZeroCold receives the prince's blessing, endorsed by his primarch, while fellow recipient Durant looks on.

Primarch SSVegito, representing Primogen Vini of the Oceana Clan, called out the names of the chosen members: Tracker Durant, Head of Events, and Sulsa-Do ZeroCold, Head Hunt Host, who was recently praised for his deeds of citizenship by the Royal Ministry of Koguryo.

Filled with pride, Prince M'hul, aided by Elder Sarina, bestows his blessing upon Col. Sorcress.

Prince M'hul called forward the "longest-serving and greatest elder," Lady Sarina of the Divine Order, to name her selected recipients: Diviner Raneta of the Oceana Clan, and Prophet Sorcress, a colonel in the KRA.

Primarchess Ayiana of Destiny is honoured by the prince, while fellow recipient Tums looks on.

Ambassador PoeticManiac of the Destiny Clan, representing Primogen Gabe, called out the names of the members who were to receive the blessing: Muse Ayiana, the primarchess of the clan, and Geomancer Tums. Elder Nydori of the geomancers was filled with mixed emotions, proud to see her brother of the earth receive the honour, but pained with a heavy heart to have him leave the fold, as it is considered a breach of neutrality, which the geomancers hold dear, to pledge to defend a kingdom.

Tiger Clan General Shinjou (left) and Primarch Yiro present themselves before Prince Mhul.

Primarch Yiro of the Tiger Clan, representing his primogen, FireTiger, came forward to announce the names of those who were chosen to earn the blessing: Swift Shinjou, General of the Tiger Clan, and Mog-Ur Yiro himself.

A stunned Smoothey is honoured by Prince Mhul and Dame Starrbrite.

Finally, Dame Starrbrite, the Royal Minister of Koguryo, took centre stage to announce the members of the ministry who would be blessed: Samaruhi bread of the Bear Clan, who could not attend the ceremony, and Force Smoothey, the second primogen of Destiny Clan.

On behalf of NexusAtlas, congratulations to those who took the Pledge to Defend Koguryo tonight.

    Monday, November 15, 2004

New Archons, Updated Contact list
Posted by: Rachel -- 1:02 PM EST

Marama announced that there are now three new archons: Neul, Carillon, and Ahalya!

Since Marama was promoted to Archon Primogen, Neul has taken the role of Justice Archon. Carillon will now be the Revels Archon, allowing Joomi to devote more time to the Buyan Organizations.

Ahalya will pick up the long vacant role of Dreams Archon. She says that it may take a while, but she will read EVERY dream. She will then take the best dreams and forward them to Nexon for review. Dreams fowarded to Nexon will be posted on the Dreams Board and mentioned here at NexusAtlas.

There is a new rules post on the dreams board. It would be wise to read it before posting your dreams.

In addition to the new support system, game bugs can also be sent to Ahalya. There is no prefered means of bug reporting, but Ahalya may be better suited for immediate help.

Ahalya was very nice and helpful.(Thank you so much! ^.^) Neither Neul or Carillon could be contacted yet. I hope to ask them each a few questions though.

Here is a list of all archons and their positions, as listed on the guide board:

Marama ~~~ ArchonPrimogen/story contest
Charisse ~~ Tutors/Community board
Xian ~~~~~ Carnages/Fox hunts
Pueulla ~~~ Clans, Armies, Royals Nagnang/Subpaths
Euclid ~~~~ Clans, Armies, Royals Kugnae
Joomi ~~~~ Clans, Armies, Royals Buya
Neul ~~~~~ Archon of Justice
Carillon ~~~ Archon of Revels
Ahalya ~~~ Archon of Dreams/Bugs

    Sunday, November 14, 2004

The Justice system discussion
Posted by: Vini -- 11:18 AM EST

For the past week, there has been much discussion in the community board about illegal IRL thinks being discussed and posted on the boards of nexus.

Many people have been claiming that the justice laws need to be revised, while others say they are just fine. What was not expected was to hear that Wony would voice his opinion on the matter on the community board as well. Here is his post on community board:
Posting on Justice System

From this we can conclude that the GMs do listen to the voice of the players, they do care about it, just sometimes do not agree with it and have reasons too. If someone is able to formulate arguments good enough to change their mind, they surely will.

Right now, the justice system will continue the same and working strong, so please follow it correctly for the good of everyone.

~Vini Normad'or~

    Saturday, November 13, 2004

Seven Citizens Praised at Ceremony
Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 6:33 PM EST

Praises sung by and for the Royal Ministry

The Royal Ministry of Koguryo receives the five citizens who had completed its quest.

KUGNAE -- In the Royal Coliseum of the Royal Palace tonight, an event was held by the Royal Ministry of Koguryo honouring and recognizing the successful completion of a quest undertaken by five citizens from the Three Kingdoms and beyond who care about their respective homelands and "believe in their ability to make a difference." Tonight's event was the second such ceremony to have been held. This quest required private introspection to find the solutions to the trials laid out by the Royal Ministry, with a focus on exploring the meaning and application of the concepts of peace and culture. Following an evaluation by the members of the ministry and an interview before Dame Starrbrite, the culmination of the quest came tonight, in a ceremony in which the fruits of their labour would be reaped.

Dame Starrbrite joyfully bestows her praise upon Warik, the first to be marked tonight, for his deeds of citizenship.

Those honoured tonight with the "Praised for Deeds of Citizenship" legend mark were Saboteur Cirran, Muse Gilley, Geomancer Tribolt, Tradesman Warik, and Sulsa-Do ZeroCold.

The Lord Master Musician of Koguryo, Sir Sailortaurus, Order of the Qin, presents a new commission in the Royal Coliseum.

Subsequent to this presentation, a new ode to the Royal Ministry was revealed by Sir Sailortaurus:

The heart of Koguryo, the nation's aid,
The gem that sparkles in the crown,
Will beat with strength, its gleam never fade,
And earn our nation great renown.

Our core is culture, and our pride is peace,
The pillars of society,
Exemplars all, virtues never cease:
Koguryo's Royal Ministry.

The pulse of life that flows through our veins,
In truth, the culture of this land,
Will echo through the years, for joy-filled love sustains
Our way; on this we take our stand.

Our hearts and voices swelling, filled with pride,
Resound in beauteous harmony,
Extend to you to follow in the stride
Of Koguryo's Royal Ministry.

In a touching moment, Dame Starrbrite expresses her adoration for the fine work exhibited by two of her councillors and bestows the mark upon them.

The presentation was concluded with recognizing the dedicated work of two members of the Royal Ministry: Samaruhi bread, and Mage Hatiki, Koguryo's Royal Ambassador.

Congratulations on behalf of NexusAtlas to the seven recipients of the Royal Ministry's legend mark.

    Thursday, November 11, 2004

Remembrance Day
Posted by: Corath -- 10:44 AM EST

Today is a day to remember. A day to remember those who protected our way of life by giving their own lives for us.

On the eleventh day of the eleventh month at the eleventh hour, World War One was officially over. Since that day, we remember those who have given their lives in the name of freedom from oppression and injustice.

Take time to remember today... whether you call today Remembrance Day, Veterans' Day, or if you just call today November 11th. Just please, remember what others have done for you.

    Wednesday, November 10, 2004

New Muse Elder
Posted by: Conro -- 10:15 PM EST

Strange works are abrew in the Nexus, with another shift in power. This time, SkaDemon has stepped down as Elder of the Muse Guild and handed control of the path of Poets to Aelis.

Congratulations, Aelis!

Lost Kingdom -- Found Primogen
Posted by: Conro -- 5:49 PM EST

Lost Kingdom Clan has recently switched primogens.
Neuro, Primogen for Nine Months, has shifted power to Council Member, Gnoff.

Congratulations, Gnoff!

    Monday, November 8, 2004

Fire of Passion - Event Update
Posted by: Vini -- 1:46 PM EST

After today's reset the ongoing event has finally moved forward.
Most of the Ogres are gone from the north and souths camps. Just a few ones remain to permit only those people who have done the previous part of the event to move forward on this.

For those who still need to do all this part of the event, please check the Nexus Atlas past news for details, for those who were stuck in Shrine of Fire blessing here's the walkthrough:

First remember to re-learn Ogrish, get an axe, the slave garb and the ogre permanent pass and head to the Temple.
There will be no more ogre in there, so once inside it people can get back to their normal clothing instead of the slave clothes.

The many Staves of Elements near the stairway are gone, but the directions to the shrines remain the same. Enter the first room of the Temple then follow these room directions:

Up Up Right Right Down Down Left Left

Up Left Up Up Left Left Down Left

Down Left Up Up Left Right Left Right

Up Right Down Right Right Down.

If you follow these directions of rooms correctly you should end up in the Shrine of Fire.
There there will be 6 statues and the Lord of Fire.

Click him and he'll say that the mortal appears before them as they knew he would but his passion burns too hot and needs to harness it.

Once the Lord of Fire finishes talking head out of it and go back to the Temple entrance. Now should go the inverse way:

Down Down Left Left Up Up Right Right

Down Right Down Down Right Right Up Right

Up Right Down Down Right Left Right Left

Down Left Up Left Left Up

This will lead to the Shrine of Ice which looks exactly like Fire Shrine but it's blue instead of golden.

Click on the Lord of Ice to have the passion cool down. Once the Lord finishes up talking leave the room and repeat the process to reach the Shrine of Fire again.

This process must be quick since the blessing of Ice Lord won't last too much and then will have to do all this part over again.

After meeting with the Lord of Fire for the second time he will give the Fire of Passion.

There's also a new legend mark to reward those who finish up to this part:

That's all we got for now, if anyone find out what we may do now that we got items of the 5 elements please inform any Nexus Atlas Staff members.

~Vini Normad'or~

Addition : Kugnae Tiger Clan Hall
Posted by: LordAchoo -- 9:29 AM EST

After today's reset the Tiger Clan hall was added to the Kugnae map, It is located at 0179, 0013 inside Kugnae. Enjoy your new clan hall.

Outside of the Tiger Clan Garden.

Inside the Tiger Clan Garden

LordAchoo bugging the Tiger Clan NPC.

Special thanks to Proof for pointing this information out to me.

~Buyan Imperial Guard

    Thursday, November 4, 2004

New Kugnae Poet Tutor
Posted by: Conro -- 5:20 PM EST

The Kugnae Poet Tutor has now been selected. Yheero will be filling this position.
Thank you to everyone who applied for this position. If you wish to apply for a Tutor position in the future, please watch the Community board for the 'Positions Vacant' notice. =)

Take care,

Congratulations, Yheero!

In other tutor news, the Nangen Warrior Tutor position is open. Consult Charisse's posts on the Community board for details.

- Conro

Vortex cast in darkness
Posted by: Conro -- 8:30 AM EST

The Vortex, an area created from the dark magics still at work deep under where ChiZao was burried alive, has strangely been robbed of all sun light.

Normally the sun would just be rising at this hour, but its rays are nowhere in sight.

Could this be part of the warning Kyushin gave about the Moon falling from the sky? ...and what of the warning of history repeating itself?

Scholars are working hard to decipher this warning from beyond the grave.

Thank you to Starma for informing me of this mysterious darkness.

    Monday, November 1, 2004

Nov 1st Event Extended
Posted by: TSWolf -- 8:11 PM EST

Not gonna post any wrapups or anything yet, but the event is gonna be extended a few days. It's been a HUGE day so far I'm just really worn out.

So expect to see more in the next day or so.