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Past News | October 2017

Past News
Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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October 2017

    Monday, October 30, 2017

New Nagnang Area Found!
Posted by: Stormin -- 10:59 PM EST
Hello! I would like to introduce myself. I am Stormin your newest reporter for Nexus Atlas! I am currently the Primarch of Oceana and will be helping cover news and updates to the database, so if you see something wrong with items/weapons/etc., please let me know.

On to the real news!

Nagnang got a new haunted house of its own as well as multiple other areas!

Entrance to the new area can be found south of west gate Nagnang at the coordinates (011,154).

Upon entering this new area you will find yourself within Nagnang's Farms.

Continuing south you will reach the newest shores to the land of the dead. Nagnang Shore's has a dock and two boats which may lead to future maps.

Heading back north to Nagnang Farms and heading west from there you will reach Nagnang's Haunted House! (001,022)

Once inside the haunted house you see a grand table and realize you are in the Haunted Grand Hall. This room leads to multiple other rooms: Haunted Sewers(026,024), Haunted Kitchen(024,002) and Haunted Corridor(003,005).

The Haunted Sewers(026,024).

Also within the Haunted Grand Hall is the entrance to the Haunted Kitchen(024,002).

The Haunted Kitchen also leads to the Haunted corridor (020,005).

From there you venture further into the haunted house and find yourself within the Haunted Bedrooms (010,004).

We're excited to see what KRU has in store for us with these recent additions to Nagnang's kingdom!

Hope you all enjoyed seeing the new area!

Hyul 91, 9th Moon, 5th Sun

Trick or Treat!
Posted by: Vini -- 3:19 AM EST
Few hours ago the servers of Nexus were reset to introduce Trick or Treat event. Once again the kingdoms are seeing the spooky creatures spawning in every city and Mythic Nexus. The Yowling Spook, Flushed Spook, Spongy Spook, Squishy Spook, Crook Spook, Coy Spook, Moaning Spook and other spooky ghosts are back! Here's how they look like:

They drop a good variety random of costumes. Such costumes are usually used for yearly Trick or Treat. To do it say "Trick or Treat" at any of the kingdom inns and get random results. However this year they seem to have another purpose too. Here is the combination of costumes they drop:

People can get a new legend mark "Proven adoration for (animal)" if they collect and donate 20 full costumes (coat + mask) of an animal.

  • To prove adoration for pandas or pigs go to Kugnae Inns.

  • To prove adoration for cats or monkeys go to Buya Inns.

  • To prove adoration for dogs or frogs go to Nagnang Inns.

  • To prove adoration for bunny or sheep go to Wilderness Village.

  • It grants karma too, but it can only be done once, so choose your favorite animal. Special thanks to AzNCloudBoi for being the first to find out people needed to collect 20 costume sets for this mini-quest.

    Here's a copy of Wony's post on Dream Weaver's board:

    BOARD TITLE: Dream Weaver
    FROM: GM Wony DATE: 10/28
    SUBJECT: Trick or Treat 10/29

    This isn't the event I mentioned in the comm. Sorry we are still working on it :( Since Halloween is so close, and people are wanting Trick or Treat, we decided to release it first. Will release the other one as soon as we can. Oh, and there is a cute mini quest.

    Thank you!!

    Some people also found a new area in Nagnang. Go to Nagnang southwest (coords 010,155) and you'll reach a new area called Nagnang Farms. If you go south from the Farms you'll reach a big new area called Nagnang Shore, but if you go west from Farms you'll find the long lost Nagnang Haunted House which contains 5 rooms: Grand hall, Kitchen, Corridor, Bedrooms and Sewers.

    More information to be added soon.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 91, Moon 8~

        Sunday, October 29, 2017

    K'urimja has a Chidoja Change!
    Posted by: IcePixy -- 11:21 PM EST
    Quite recently Chidoja Hira stepped down as Primogen of K'urimja clan ~
    As his successor IceDFire has accepted the role of Chidoja and had this to
    say about his most recent promotion:

    "I hope to reinvigorate the clan and bring back the Role-play elements that
    made K'urimja the great clan it was many hyul ago!"

    IceDFire has been council for a little over a year now, but has been in the
    clan since the very beginning, starting out in Shadow back in Yuri 42 until
    he used his very own home in Onyang, Nagnang in Yuri 50 as the base of
    operations while the clan was in the process of becoming official!

    Nexus Atlas wishes Chidoja IceDFire the best of luck in his endeavors for K'urimja
    and thanks Hira for all that he has done for the clan previously!


    Hyul 91, 8th Moon, 29th Sun

    GM Update and Visions of Terror, Turtles, Oh My?!
    Posted by: IcePixy -- 4:11 AM EST
    Earlier today GM Wony posted upon the Community board in regards to the event
    that we have all been expecting! Shortly after a few Diviners were blessed with
    Augury Visions. Could the two be related? Some people think so! See below for the
    details of his post as well as the visions themselves!!

    Wony's Post:
    BOARD TITLE: Community
    FROM: GM Wony DATE: 10/28
    SUBJECT: This week's update

    Dear community.

    We were planning to release a major event this Friday, last night. It's an entirely new event with a new story, characters, maps, items and prize. We hope and think you will like this one a lot. We've been working frantically on this but unfortunately we couldn't meet the schedule last night. We will release it as soon as we finish in a couple of days hopefully along with our regular Halloween event.

    I understand that some people are not happy that you do not hear from me often, and I apologize. But it doesn't mean I am not here or we are not working. This time of year is a busy time, and a couple of recent problems cost us significant time and attention on our side to make things worse.

    Speaking to my beloved community is not a simple chore on my side. What I say gets circulated, quoted, and used out of context unintentionally, and many times intentionally, and is followed by more questions (which is legitimate of course) which means time. I would love to engage in all that, but when you are constantly chased by endless tasks and issues, it can make a person rather be buried in something than talking about it. This is not an excuse for lack of communication by any means. Just giving you a glimpse of things from this side.

    Thank you so much for your understanding and patience. Please give us a little more time to finish this, and I will try to be more communicative afterwards.



    Augury Visions:
    BOARD TITLE: Chronicles of the Winds
    FROM: IcePixy DATE:
    8/19SUBJECT: Augury Vision
    I was sitting in Oceana hall, finishing a few pieces of correspondance when I felt the tug, it started as a small feeling in the pit of my stomach and grew to a stomach-clenching churning. Ah, I recognized that feeling well as my normally pink eyes turned to the glazed purple they always do as a vision descended over me.


    An abandoned building is shown to me, it's windows cracked and uncared for and eery shrill screams echoed from within.

    With my heart in my throat I refused to blink the vision away and continued to watch as the scene became a shore, the water rising higher and higher until the sand was nearly hidden with the froth of the tide. As I stare at the creeping waters, I see the Moon reflected in them, and turn my gaze upwards. I am surprised to see the Sun still in the sky, unmoving, as if frozen, as the Moon continues it's rise to take it's own place in the sky as well.

    I continued to stare unblinkingly as the vision twisted again, this time showing me a massive old, decayed turtle carapace. It's shell nothing but the remnants of the great turtle that must have called it home at one time. Before my very eyes, the shell began to restore itself, the cracks filling in and within the shell: the body of a glorious turtle draws breath once more. I gasp as the turtle is returned to its once magnificent state but still refuse to blink.

    I must finish this, my breath begins to wheeze in my chest as I labor to stay within the vision, I feel as though my lungs are to be torn from my chest, my heart thuds a quick staccato beat, much too quickly to be safe. As I feel myself begin to spiral out of control and my vision turns dark... a sudden burst of light blinds me taking away all of the panic and burning the darkness away to reveal a well-lit path before me.

    As I breath deeply and freely once more and aim to take a step upon the path to see where it might lead, the vision fades away leaving me trembling yet exhilirated in my precious hall once more.


    Something is coming, my friends. And it will be coming soon, I will spend some time pondering my vision. In the meantime, feel free to make of the vision what you would ~ Only time will tell what is truly in store for us.

    Hyul 91, 8th Moon, 19th Sun, at 5pm.

    Oracle of Mirrors
    Sea Primogen

    BOARD TITLE: Chronicles of the Winds
    FROM: Sieo DATE:
    8/19 SUBJECT: Augury Vision
    I was in the halls of The Forsaken taking care of the

    paperwork and chatting with Guerrund when a vision came over

    me. I was going to keep it to myself but given the

    similarities between IcePixy's vision and mine, I felt it

    important to share mine as well.


    Upon a hill, a derelect house sits echoing the screams of
    terror wailed out by the last residents. The glass broken
    and the roof torn, my attention turns to the beach beside.

    Or what is left of the beach...if the waters ever recede,
    the loam still would not dry. The ocean overflows the
    shores and drowns the flakes of rocks that create the
    sands. Somber and quiet, the waves make no noise as they
    reach ever further towards the house. The moon shines
    brighter upon the waters, almost as if encouraging them
    with the blessings of the sun.

    From out of the water is thrown an empty turtle shell that
    lands at my feet. I do not touch the ocean's gift as I
    have a distinct feeling it is not meant for me. As I watch,
    a large turtle missing its shellslowly climbs out of the
    water and ambles towards me and the shell. It looked at me,
    nodded, crawled into the shell, then ambled back into the

    Darker and darker grew the moon as the stars began going out
    one by one and then groups at a time until blackness was all
    that could be seen as the waves silently crashed around me
    and the waters rose to my feet. Amidst the blackness, a
    single pinpoint of light appeared far away on the horizon.
    I began sloughing through the water and eventually swimming,
    my dresses and accessories weighing me down but I know that
    I must reach that light...


    The Divine Order would like to speak with anyone else having

    similar visions so that we may record and compare them to gain

    a better idea of what is to come.

    -Sieo Bijeon
    Diviner Guide
    Primogeness of The Forsaken
    The Knight of Nagnang

    We thank GM Wony for taking the time to address all of this and are excited to
    see what is coming with this brand new event!


    Hyul 91, 8th Moon, 22nd Sun

    Halloween Kruna Update!
    Posted by: IcePixy -- 3:49 AM EST
    CoverGirl has surprised us with releasing a slew of various items in the Kruna Item Shop ~ Along with a brand new item!

    See below for details:

    BOARD TITLE: Item Shop Announcements
    FROM: CoverGirl DATE: 10/27
    SUBJECT: Happy Halloween 2

    Boo ~~~

    The Item Shop is updated for those who need last minute costume ideas. I hope everybody can find something to enjoy this Halloween.

    -NEW: Ornate Naray
    Ornate Naray was very popular when they came out first and we added some more colors. 'Fire Ornate Naray' is perfect for my Halloween costume BUT but ... better to share :)

    -MUST HAVE : Kangsee Hood
    I heard it will be cool to wear this hood for this year's Halloween. I don't know why...hmm...people here are working like crazy.. Anyway choose yours today. We have 9 colors for your taste.

    Happy Halloween!


    Head: (pass the cursor over the image to check color names)

    Mantle: (pass the cursor over the image to check color names)

    I hope to see everyone decked out in their finest costumes this Halloween!!


    Hyul 91, 8th Moon, 22nd Sun

        Wednesday, October 25, 2017

    Tensions are Rising Part 2!
    Posted by: Choji -- 10:38 AM EST
    The whole dispute about Kinung gained a new chapter couple days ago as Kinung officials finally decided to address the situation. Mayor Teikari and three councilors of Kinung (Mihi, JooChan and Omyer) posted their replies to allegations written by Thameus and Guerrund on the Chronicles of the Winds.
  • 1st reply, written by JooChan:
    BOARD TITLE: Chronicles of the Winds
    FROM: JooChan DATE: 10/22
    SUBJECT: Regarding the Gossip about Kinung

    To whom it may concern,
    As the eldest person in Kinung, I'm very disturbed with the recent unsanctioned military activities in our town.
    After the attacks on Yu Ryang village, the nearby kingdoms who assisted us in the construction of Kinung have agreed with non-interference in our politics. As a sign of good faith, during our first years of Kinung, we accepted some citizens of those kingdoms to serve as an aid in a multicultural Council to help with main matters of our town. Although we had the help of some wonderful people during that time and we will be forever in debt with them, a few malicious ones were abusing such responsibility for their own personal gain. It reached a point where the leaders of Tae and Yon families decided it was best for us to end that, and continue with the Kinung Council formed only by our own townspeople.
    Since then, we've been living peacefully in our town, open to receive with warm hearts travelers who come to visit us from time to time. Even Mupa's Ice Dungeon can't chill the fires from our hearts. However, this has recently changed. It is very worrisome to hear that after being attacked by ogres, while some groups have shown genuine intentions to help, others have using our misfortune in their own radical schemes. We of Kinung are very happy with Mayor Teikari and we'll continue being a town not tied to any kingdom. This shall not change unless their plan is to turn the Forest of Elders into a big graveyard.

  • 2nd reply, written by Mihi:
    BOARD TITLE: Chronicles of the Winds
    FROM: Mihi DATE: 10/22
    SUBJECT: Reply to Guerrund about Kinung
    Greetings Guerrund,
    My name is Mihi and I'm not afraid to say your name. I don't know where you had the idea that Mayor Teikari has been absent. He is in Kinung Town Hall working and serving our people as he has always been since he took office.
    I'm not quite sure who you're calling a witch. If you're referring to me, you've never been more wrong. I'm not the one dabbling with dark magic, you are. The only witch we know that has haunted Kinung is Mupa and her minions. Aren't you a member of the cult who adores her? Well, your dear friend Humma surely was. Perhaps that's why he murdered my husband Cheyn, while he was mayor of Kinung. Maybe memory problems have affected your judgment, but as far as I recall you're not welcome here in Kinung and you have no say in who is our mayor or not. You claim your Queen Lasahn uses poison to get rid of people, but from what I heard you were the one who betrayed your own kingdom and summoned monsters from beyond death to attack Buya. What makes you think you have any right to meddle in Kinung affairs?
    We of Kinung are very happy with Mayor Teikari. So please go find another island to ignite, since that seems to be your hobby.

  • 3rd reply, written by Mayor Teikari:
    BOARD TITLE: Chronicles of the Winds
    FROM: Teikari DATE: 10/22
    SUBJECT: Kinung Political Affairs
    I'm very surprised to read some unfounded accusations written on this board. Even though we of Kinung are very thankful to those who came to our aid and helped rescue the boys kidnapped by some ogres weeks ago, I'm a bit disgusted to read some vile rumors being spread out by people with ill intentions.
     First, I'm not absent from my Mayor duties. I've never been. I work daily at Kinung Town Hall from Kinung Council's office and, our townspeople, who know me well enough, are quite aware that I have never forsaken my obligations. Reading this board on daily basis is not one of them. However, after reading the recent posts regarding my position, I can certainly say I'm worried for my life. Two people who have been involved with our town's activities now decided they want to meddle in our politics.
     According to Mihi, one of them is a close friend of the man who murdered Mayor Cheyn and is a person who can burn places down to get his needs. The second one, who signed as General of Nagnang has sent me a few letters many weeks ago, trying to get me to meet him and his King. I wasn't entirely sure what a General would want to do with me. At first, I thought he was also going to offer aid from his soldiers in the protection of the town, but I started finding it fishy when I heard he doesn't lead soldiers, but instead a Royal Guard. Either way, I accepted meeting with him and Nagnang King, but since then nothing else came from it. No more letters from him or anyone representing Nagnang King. Now, I hear that his intentions were never to offer protection like others did after the ogre attacks. Instead, Nagnang General seems to be planning an invasion and a forced takeover of Kinung and from what he claims, it's sanctioned by his King.
     Kinung is a small town and we do not plan to be part of any kingdom, but if that should happen someday, would be our own decision, not by force. Upon the threats of invasion, our town council discussed our position regarding that matter and we came up with the decision that members of Nagnang Guard are no longer welcome in Kinung. If they insist with this invasion we may all be coerced to withdraw from here and move somewhere else safer.
      Mayor Teikari

  • 4th reply, written by Omyer:
    BOARD TITLE: Chronicles of the Winds
    FROM: Omyer DATE: 10/22
    SUBJECT: Kinung's state of alert
    Just like Mihi and JooChan, I'm a Councilor of Kinung and express my full support to Mayor Teikari. I offer not just my support, but I have also have expressed to him some of my reservations about him meeting with the General of Nagnang.
    With my expertise in linguistics and semiotics, I have analyzed some scrolls and obtained details to believe that the claimed General's attempt was not to discuss politics. Instead his reasons to want to meet with our Mayor could be to assassinate him and throw Kinung in crisis. I advised the Mayor to be extra cautious in such contacts. I will be wary of them too.

    After Buya's bi-weekly clan tribunal, Queen Lasahn also entered the dispute directing her message to King ChaeRi. It seems the situation of Kinung has aroused to a new level of diplomatic dispute today.
    BOARD TITLE: Chronicles of the Winds
    FROM: Lasahn DATE: 10/22
    SUBJECT: In Response on Kinung

        King ChaeRi,
         The current actions by General Thameus towards the
        citizens of Kinung are alarming. His actions serve to
        cause political strife and uprising. It is not within
        the authority of Nagnang to deem what towns need
        'liberating' or political interference. If anything is
        necessary to be sent anywhere it is aid, not hostile
         Buya harshly denounces the current actions taken by
        Nagnang against the island of Kinung. We offer our aid
        and support to its citizens and to Mayor Teikari. If
        accepted, Buya will make sure peace is kept against any
        forces looking to harm Kinung at this time.
         ChaeRi, I strongly urge you to reconsider your stance
        on this issue and have your General withdraw your Royal
        Guard from the town. There is no need for aggressive
        action to be called. I have no desire for bad blood to
        surface between Nagnang and Buya. Let me remind you that
        Buya was there to quickly lend aid when Princess Sutsang
        was kidnapped by the ogres.
        ~ Queen Lasahn ~
        ~ Head of State of Buya ~

    Many serious accusations are being shared by all parties. Tensions keep rising as each day this situation gets deeper. Sage Wildhair of Nagnang said she had not heard anything from King ChaeRi regarding Kinung. The King didn't make any official statement on the matter also.
    To read the whole set of posts related to this conflict, click here. They being at post 1985 of the Chronicles of the Winds board.

  •     Tuesday, October 24, 2017

    Tiger Clan Primogen Change!
    Posted by: IcePixy -- 6:58 PM EST
    Our very own Linuxkiddy stepped down late last night as Tiger Clan's Primogen.
    A long-standing Merchant guide he has been a pillar of stability in our community.

    He had this to say about the leadership change:

    "I have been a part of Tiger for many Hyul and worked my way up from being an
    active member to Tiger council and then to Tiger Primogen since 2011. I have
    belief that ShadowLands can achieve what I could not in Tiger and that they will do
    their best to achieve the best for the lands!"

    Shadowlands stated, "I may not have been in Tiger very long but I do have
    Tiger Clan's best interests at heart. I have done my best to help not only the clan
    but other's in the kingdoms by helping gather items, gain insight and even offering
    advice when asked, though they don't always like the advice I give since I'm a very
    blunt person! I will do my best to live up to Linuxkiddy's expectations and make
    Tiger Clan grow!"

    We thank Linuxkiddy for his hardwork and wish Shadowlands the very best as her time as
    Primogen of Tiger Clan begins!


    Hyul 91, 7th Moon, 18th Sun

        Monday, October 23, 2017

    Tensions are Rising!
    Posted by: Choji -- 2:30 PM EST
    After the orges' attack at Kinung, two groups of people have
    volunteered to provide protection to the town as they don't
    have an army to defend themselves.

    First was the Chongunate who offered aid right after the
    attacks, but most perceptible one was the Nagnang Royal
    Guard, which didn't seem to have obtained authorization from
    Mayor Teikari to do so, but have been making huge efforts
    to make their presence in the island known to all.

    As the intentions of both military groups differ,
    the tension between them arises. Nagnang Guard claims
    they will remove Mayor Teikari from his position
    and reinstate a new Council to the town, making it
    a territory of Nagnang.
    The Chongunate on the other hand has ensured they
    will maintain their position of protecting
    Kinung's townspeople freedom of choice and, so
    far, It seems at least Kinung Council doesn't
    approve such merging.

    Both the Nagnang General and the Chongun Elder
    have already stated they will not back down
    from their positions. While diplomatic venues
    are still being attempted, it's getting closer
    to a point where armed conflict may arise.

    While watching this whole situation;
    Barbarians are buying new stocks of popcorn.

        Saturday, October 21, 2017

    New Koguryo Defenders
    Posted by: Vini -- 11:52 PM EST
    KUGNAE -- New defenders of Koguryo have pledge before the King today to devote to protect the kingdom. As tradition follows, each clan had the opportunity to nominate outstanding citizens for a chance to be recognized by King M'hul with the kingdom's national dye and status of Koguryo Defender. The Royal Army and Royal Ministry also nominated their own candidate to receive the honor. The ceremony was once again organized by Koguryo Ministry and held at Royal Coliseum inside Kugnae Palace.

    In the ceremony of Hyul 91, the following citizens have pledged to defend Koguryo:

    Bear Clan
  • Prodigy BotenAnna
  • Kysh'itra Urzael

    SunMoon Sect
  • Assassin Quav
  • Guardian Meara

    Enigma Clan
  • Champion ToXa
  • Guardian Valandil

  • Samurang Konce
  • Gypsy Choji
  • Oceana
  • Clairvoyant IcePixy
  • Saboteur Stormin
  • Cunning HulkLeg

    Destiny Clan
  • Swift Kalique
  • Sa San (M) WaveUser

    Tiger clan
    (None presented)

    Royal Ministry
  • Spy Mirfors

  • Nexus Atlas congratulates all new Koguryo Defenders! Also a special thanks to Amatus for the screenshots.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 91, Moon 6~

        Tuesday, October 17, 2017

    Koguryo Defender Ceremony
    Posted by: Loxie -- 11:32 PM EST
    Join Koguryo in honoring our newest defenders! We will gather in the Royal Coliseum to accept their oaths to protect King and Koguryo.


    Saturday, October 21st, 2017
    Royal Coliseum

    7:00pm EST - Balcony doors will be opened.
    Seating begins.

    7:45pm EST - Guards escort King Mhul and royal family to
    their places

    8:00pm EST - Defender Ceremony begins.

        Thursday, October 12, 2017

    Halloween Kruna Released!
    Posted by: IcePixy -- 10:22 AM EST
    Hello Luvlies! Told y'all I'd be back *winks*.

    CoverGirl was kind enough to release the Halloween kruna this year EARLY,
    with plenty of time to put our amazing costumes together before Halloween

    BOARD TITLE: Item Shop Announcements
    FROM: CoverGirl DATE: 10/9
    SUBJECT: Happy Halloween

    Hello Kingdom,

    What is your costume for Halloween this year? Can you create some eerie costumes from the updated Item Shop? I am always amazed at your sense of style. Show me yours, I will show you mine :)

    See you around in the Kingdoms!


    Usable Items: (pass the cursor over the image to see Item Details)

    Weapons: (pass the cursor over the image to see Item Details)

    Head: (pass the cursor over the image to see Item Details)

    Mantles: (pass the cursor over the image to see Item Details)

    Coats: (pass the cursor over the image to see Item Details)

    I've put together a small list of what is available in the packages this year,
    take a look below and let me know if you find anything not currently
    included ~ all help is very much appreciated!

    Witch's Cauldron

    Royal Ghost Package
    Fox Package
    Aristocrat Package
    Panda Robe Package
    Octopus Package
    Mummy Wrap Package
    Haunted Skirt
    Haunting Girls (mantle)
    Skull Girl Companion (mantle)
    Snake Mount
    Bat Mount

    Gift Pumpkin

    Dragon Package (Purple, Green, Black)
    Blue/Blood Ogre/ss Package
    Kitten/Cat Package
    Mask Package
    Skeleton Package
    Slimey/Bizarre Package
    Evil Package
    Skull Package
    Care Package

    Coffin Box

    Magicians Cape/Hat
    Count Suit

    Gift Pumpkin Treat

    Haunted Package
    Evil Mantle Package
    X-Ray Skeleton Package
    Care Package
    Fairy Wings Package

    Hyul 91, 4th Moon, 10th Sun

        Monday, October 9, 2017

    Having Issues Logging In? Bug?! 10/9
    Posted by: Choji -- 5:09 AM EST
    If you're having issues logging In; I was told by a few people that If you go to Account Manager on then you Log In and ask for a New Password for your characters
    that they will send you a new password but last person told me It took about 15 minutes so yet again please be patient.

    I'm always updating this post with some better news for the community, but this should work for everyone.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Please be patient.

    KRU has addressed the issue on community board:
    BOARD TITLE: Community
    FROM: NexusTK DATE: 10/9
    SUBJECT: Log in issues

    We had a DB(login) server (partial) malfunction this morning. We believe the issue is corrected now, but closely watching it.

    If you have requested (a) soul reset(s), and still are not able to log in, it is possible that the DB server at the time was not able to process the request properly. If this is your case, please request a soul reset one more time.

    If you are able to login, with or without a reset, you are fine. We do not suspect that any of the players have lost any player info, but if it's the case, please send in a ticket.

    We apologize for this trouble.

    NexusTK Team

    PS. We experienced gmail sometimes takes significantly longer time to be delivered.

        Wednesday, October 4, 2017

    New Primogen of Silla Clan
    Posted by: Vini -- 10:51 PM EST
    Moments ago, Silla clan announced a primogen shift during the biweekly Nagnang Clan Tribunal. After a little over 4 Hyuls ((7 months)) Primogen Arkanis has decided to step down from his position and appointed Toxick to be the new leader of the clan. Toxick is in his second passage on the clan, his first time as member of Silla was years ago, but had a period away when left to serve Covenant Clan council and later joined the Horde tribe. Toxick is also one of the newest Muse Guides, ascending about a month ago.

    During his last Clan Tribunal as Primogen, Arkanis was awarded a Nagnang Medal of Bravery for his act of heroism jumping into Pirate Mine's crevasse after Princess Sutsang had been pushed by Cazell. "I stepped down because I think Toxick will do a great job. I think that the clan will continue to grow under his leadership and that things have began to slow under mine. I think that he'll be able to keep the momentum going. We are a team in a relay race. I'm just passing the baton onto the next runner", said Arkanis.

    Nexus Atlas congratulates Primogen Toxick on his new position and congratulates Arkanis on his well deserved medal.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 91, Moon 2~

    Logging Campground maps
    Posted by: Vini -- 5:30 PM EST
    While we a very long delay, we finally complied the chart of Ogre's Logging Campground maps. The campground has 10 areas and the Commanders only spawn on the following rooms: Ogre campground, Logging Trading River, Campground Graves and Campground Cages. The Deep Forest clearing is packed with ogres and is currently the most dangerous area to hunt at.

    On another note, Nexus Atlas will be announcing its new Map Specialist later today.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 91, Moon 2~

        Tuesday, October 3, 2017

    Advanced users page Search - broken, but still active
    Posted by: Vini -- 11:41 PM EST
    On April 20th 2016 the advanced search of Users List stopped working, leaving many people orphan of this very useful feature. However the advanced search feature is still there and while there main link from Users Page doesn't lead anywhere, there's an old link that still works a bit.

    Here is how you can access it:

    The page isn't working fully, since all updates stopped on April 20th, 2016. This means any items, marks, updates the users page got after that date will not show. However, it's better than nothing. A Special thanks to Rehkan for pointing this out and sharing it with Nexus Atlas readers.

    Now if we could find ways to fix this and other bugs that came in the last year would be great:
    - Rabbit invasions not giving bow & arrow anymore
    - Clans and Subpaths not being able to offline demote council and guides anymore
    - Old Immortal characters suddenly showing up on users lists for carnage hosts, tutors and judges.

    What else does community miss? Did we forget any other broken feature that needs fix? Let us know!

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 91, Moon 2~