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Past News | October 2010

Past News
Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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October 2010

    Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Trick or Treating and the "Panda King"
Posted by: Vini -- 9:19 PM EST
Today is All-Hallows-Even ("evening"), but besides the ghouls roaming the lands, there's not much to be scared of tonight. It is actually time to celebrate and celebrate is what Koguryo kingdom did very well last Friday. The Royal Ministry, Royal Army and the koguryian clans had a joint event for treat or treating in each of their halls. The rule was simple: come wearing a costume and have fun.

Citizens of all over Nexus visited Bear clan, Destiny, Enigma, Oceana, Sun Moon Sect and Tiger clan halls to get most different prizes: from empty crates (tricks) to plates of substratum and other treats. The most unusual moment of the event happened inside Koguryo Army Barracks and was when King M'hul got a panda costume to wear while Historian Qantao tried out a pink piglet costume. "Hail the Panda King"? Guess not! But it was a very funny moment worth of a register.

Happy Halloween everyone!

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 35, Moon 9~

    Saturday, October 30, 2010

Server reset 10/29
Posted by: LeAnnder -- 3:06 PM EST
* Small reset to put in a few bug fixes

All accounts on auto-renewal received their 100 monthly Kruna last night.
We will also patch Nexus next week to fix the item tiles.

Remember to have a safe and fun Halloween tomorrow, everyone!

    Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Changes on the Supreme Court: A new Head Judge arises
Posted by: Vini -- 9:22 PM EST
It was announced few moments ago by Archon Habaek that nexus has a new Head Judge. The chosen one is a well known figure: DavidJM. David has had successful leadership in the past. Not long ago, he was Primogen of Oceana and has helped in various other things over the past years.

Head Judge DavidJM is the sixth leader of justice since it began being overviewed by mortals. He took the position left by Head Judge Logorin who decided to step down when he realized he would not have the necessary time to dedicate to the position as much as it requires. Logorin will remain a judge and a great asset to help DJM in his new duties.

Nexus Atlas congratulates Head Judge DavidJM on achieving his new position and thanks Logorin for the beautiful work he devoted to Nexus justice and the Kingdom of Winds overall.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 34, Moon 8~

Army vigilance to prevent another strike at Royals
Posted by: Vini -- 1:54 AM EST
Due the recent break in of Hawkmori into Koguryo Army barracks, General ThiefSouls has ordered to double the defenses in the kingdoms. Since then, soldiers have been having drills and patrols daily to defend the borders and King from a possible attack from Wiyae or Hawkmori. The post by Prince Regent ChaeRi sharing the information given by King SuroKim of Kaya also helped create a stronger sense that the security within the capital should be enhanced.

Captain Sedraxis informed also that KRA soldiers escorted King M’hul recently to a visit to the Museum to meet with Do founder Oblivion. According to Sedraxis, during the friendly meeting Mhul and Oblivion they talked about ideas on expanding the Museum someday.

~Vini Normad’or~
~Hyul 35, Moon 8~

    Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Kruna/Exchangeable Items Overview
Posted by: Metro -- 2:26 AM EST
Here is a list of the items that are circulating around the kingdoms - obtainable from the Item Shop; however, some of these items are still exchangeable: all the new packages are. This means you can OPEN the package, and exchange the contents inside of them. Here is a picture of the items that we have compiled. If you would like to know what package needed to get some of the certain items, here's some of the basics:

  • Faerie wings come from the new "Trick or Treat bag" with the package name being "Random Faerie wings package"
  • The dragon package (green coat & hat) is from the Gift Pumpkin.
  • Things like the Axe head, and Sword head are also from the "Trick or Treat bag".
  • The Snow White, Prince Charming, and Bavarian packages come from the new "Trick or Treat bag" as well, and are random. The package is called "Fairytale Package", and you get one of those 3 upon opening.

    Again, the ones from the new "Trick or Treat bag", can be opened and exchanged.

    These are permanent, and will not go away after the Halloween period is over. These do increase in value, so you might want to stock up! If you have any questions about any of these new items, you can contact me in-game, my name is Metro like shown. A special thanks to oncelovedII for helping gather the items shown in the image.

    Happy Halloween everyone!

  •     Saturday, October 23, 2010

    King SuroKim shares his information about Wiyae
    Posted by: Vini -- 10:01 PM EST
    In effort to find more information about Wiyae's reasons to return and his possible connection to Assassin Hawkmori, Prince Regent ChaeRi has sought help from an old ally from when he was still imprisoned in Kaya, King SuroKim himself. The information shared by King of Kaya is quite revealing about Wiyae's past, but his motives and his goals are not known yet.

    The two most important things we learned from SuroKim's letter are: Wiyae's arrest was placed in Shilla and Hawkmori might not be the only infiltrated assassin.

    Here's a copy of ChaeRi's announcement posted on Chronicles of the Winds board:
    Citizens of Nagnang,

    In an effort to gather more information on Wiyae and Hawkmori, I, Prince Regent ChaeRi, have reached out to a friend and ally, King SuroKim of Kaya. He has graciously forwarded his intelligence to Nagnang.

    Below is an excerpt from his report available for public knowledge.

    Wiyae is a dangerous conjurer who wanders the kingdoms finding students to join his cause. So far he has tutored three apprentices and hired hundreds of mercenaries. One of his known students was Yieta, who masqueraded as an ambassador from my kingdom, and even went so far as to profess to being our Minister of Culture. [...] here in Kaya she is viewed as enemy of state.

    Wiyae was once arrested in Shilla for plotting a scheme with a group of assassins he hired that killed thousands. This assassin's group moves its headquarters from time to time, so their leader has never been found. I know nothing about this man called Hawkmori, but I presume he might be part of such assassin's group.

    Nagnang will be mobilizing to appropriately deal with these enemies of state, and asks that other nations do so as well for the sake of the commonwealth. Common citizens are urged not to approach Wiyae alone for their own safety.

    Injustice will not be tolerated, criminals will not be permitted to roam freely within the borders of this Kingdom, and Nagnang will not be divided.

    All members of the Ascendant Regiment of Nagnang are hereby placed on standby and are to await further orders. Colonels may begin recruiting within their own Clans as they so choose. Colonels are additionally asked to send a report of any new regiment members directly to me, Prince Regent ChaeRi, as well as General Damyan of the Ascendant Regiment.

    For Justice,

    For Nagnang.

    - Prince Regent ChaeRi
    Last Son of the House of Sukaya

    While still on the hunt for Wiyae's head, some citizens noticed that the door to his house was opened and when entered they were surprised. The how was empty and abandoned. It looks like either Wiyae forgot to renew his rent or he moved to another location. Might be good idea to check other Villages for open locations as well.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 35, Moon 7~

        Friday, October 22, 2010

    New Merchant Elder
    Posted by: Metro -- 8:45 PM EST
    A few moments ago, it was announced that the new Elder of the Merchants is Living. The previous Elder was Beilek, who held his position since March 14th, 2009. I am told that his position was not concrete, it was on and off. Living was voted by popular vote in the Merchant Guild's members, as Beilek retired. Living is very excited to get his reign as Elder of the Merchant Guild started. We here at NexusAtlas, wish Living the best, and we thank Beilek for his long time of service.

    Good luck, Living!

    Living posing next to a statue in Kubera Shine.

    -Metro Myoshi

    New Phoenix Primogen
    Posted by: Metro -- 6:18 PM EST
    Recently, Dinca stepped down from his position as Primogen of Phoenix. He gave his position to one of their Primarches, who has been in Phoenix for quite a while, and is also a Buyan Defender. This man is Shikari Downer. He is excited to get started as the Primogen. He has a lot of plans, including a new hall design. He wants the public to know that he will work to his full extent to get Phoenix active.

    Dinca was Primogen for 3 Hyuls, and we all appreciate his service. Downer hopes he will be Primogen for long to come. Good luck on your new position Downer, we wish you the best!

    Downer showing off his Halloween spirit!

    Nexus Halloween Season
    Posted by: Vini -- 3:10 AM EST

    It's Halloween season in Nexus again. The yards are dark with the smell of light rain, the sprits are singing and chanting your name. It's time to dress funny and laugh at each other. It's time to trick or treat again!

    To trick or treat you first need a complete costume (head and coat of same kind) and to get one you need to send away one of the spooky spooks. There are dozens of them:
    Yowling Spook, Flushed Spook, Spongy Spook, Squishy Spook, Crook Spook, Coy Spook, Moaning Spook and more. Here's how they look like:

    Once you grab a full costume head to one of the inns or to wilderness village and say trick or treat while wearing the costume. The results of trick or treat are random and quite funny. There's no report of new tricks/treats found yet, just regular ones from last halloween season.

    KRU also released Halloween kruna sets and new items this year. Here's all what's available to purchase that is spooky themed:

    Besides these you can get unique items from trick or treat bag. Our new reporter Metro is working on a list of such new items.

    Here's also changed since today's reset, according to Stein's post on Dream Weavers board:
  • Justice department received new warning system / map rename
  • Chongun subpath on Chongun Kitchen map
  • Corrected several typos
  • Event is now in its testing phase
  • We're aware of some item tiles being off and will fix this with the next client patch

    Happy Halloween everyone!

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 35, Moon 6~

  • Hello there!
    Posted by: Metro -- 2:16 AM EST
    Hi, I'm Metro, a new reporter here at NexusAtlas~ You may have seen me before. I'm that peaceful Monk you see walking around sometimes. I'm glad to be a reporter here, and I will be working to the best of my ability to report news. If you have seen something that I haven't, you can always mail me and I will get on it! If you have any questions, or comments, you can email me at I check that daily. If that doesn't work, you can drop me a letter in game. Lastly, if you'd wish to contact me over MSN, you can do that as well. My MSN address is, so feel free to add me on that. If you want to talk about anything (even something unrelating to the news), then feel free to add me. I am on that whenever I am online, so that might be the best option.

    As first news, I inform that recently RebelMagic stepped down from her position as the Riches Head Host. This comes after her serving many hyuls as the head, and doing a great job at it. The position was then appointed to Valkie. Valkie gladly accepted, and now starts his reign. This comes after many woes with the department, having many late openings, and problems within.

    Again, I'm super excited to have this opportunity to work with a great site like NA, and I hope to stay a member of the team for a long time to come!

    -Metro Myoshi

        Sunday, October 17, 2010

    New Ranger Elder
    Posted by: Caera -- 2:58 AM EST
    It's a little late, but congratulations to Salacia, the new Ranger elder. She took over from Michike, whose good cheer and pebbles will surely be missed. Good luck to Salacia, and thank you Michike for your service.

    - Caera

        Saturday, October 16, 2010

    Dangerous negotiations involving the Onyx
    Posted by: Vini -- 8:17 PM EST
    NAGNANG -- The long peace between kingdoms and organizations is about to be over as a series of dangerous negotiations are happening behind-the-scenes and much mystery still surrounds the sudden appearance of Wiyae and Hawkmori at the nangen village of East Kunsan. According to Akidoshi, a koguryian Ranger who has been tracking Wiyae for the past weeks, Wiyae has been spotted returning to his hideout by a young poet hiding in the corner of his room. Wiyae took no inquiry as to why the poet was spying on him, and immediately dropped a large hellfire on him. The poet escaped, his life thread pulled back by one of the nangen shamans.

    Immediately after his feet touched the ground, he began to alert citizens of the Kingdom that queen’s murderer had returned to his residence. The community took haste to approach Wiyae's house. Some were there to put the dog to sleep. Others sought apprenticeship. Some just wanted answers. Stranger still, a rag-tag group with an odd aura approached Wiyae and tried raising his interest in a possible Onyx connection.

    Citizens question Wiyae’s motives to be there while MontBlank tries to negotiate the Onyx with him.

    Wiyae, who seemed wholly uninterested in everything except bringing his home invaders to the spirit world, also remained firm in that he had all rights to take residence in Nagnang. After spending much of the evening toying with the citizens, sending them west to search for a "strange man" and denying any connection to Hawkmori, Wiyae finally let a disheartening secret loose. Hawkmori was headed to the Nagnang Palace to assassinate Prince ChaeRi.

    Unknowing if it was just another of Wiyae's games, some citizens stayed at Wiyae's residence to try preventing him from escaping. Other's rushed to the Nagnang Palace. Hawkmori was heard in the Nagnang kingdom, "Too easy" his voice came across the winds. ChaeRi was found shortly after in his palace. Hawkmori had attempted his assassination; however ChaeRi was able to defend himself. Hawkmori returned to hiding.

    The Prince Regent ChaeRi sent a few of his trusted followers to attempt to rouse Wiyae from his home and come to face ChaeRi in the palace. ChaeRi himself was much too weak to make the journey to the Kunsan settlement. As members of the community attempted to tend to ChaeRi's wounds as well as serve as temporary bodyguards for the last of the nangen royal blood, Wiyae was simultaneously being pressured into the powers of the Onyx.

    It was not long after that one man, later found to be known as Hobart, showed at Wiyae's residence to have a meeting. It appeared the meeting was planned, however due to the congestion of citizens still in Wiyae's yard, Hobart was unable to enter Wiyae's house without the infiltration of citizens.

    Wiyae had once again to use brutal force and attacked those who stood in their way. After the path was cleared they had a secret meeting to discuss the whereabouts of the Onyx in Hobart’s possession. According to Hobart, he is the only man who knows the current location of the magical stone. Although the attempts on negotiating a price and trying to pull information of his plans, Hobart did not have much luck in figuring out Wiyae plans as he did not seem much interested in getting the Onyx. “If you want to give me an onyx stone, fine, but I really need no help”. Hobart offered his help to Wiyae’s cause even without knowing much about it was. Wiyae said he would tell him nothing unless he knew he could trust him and said the onyx could be used only as a token to prove his loyalty. As Hobart did not accept it, the negotiations failed and the rogue was shown the way out peacefully.

    Hobart tries to negotiate the Onyx with Wiyae, but the evil wizard seemed uninterested.
    Wiyae returned to the confines of his home. Hawkmori remained in hiding. ChaeRi had retired to the depths of the Nagnang Palace, but not before first sending a letter of aid to both King Mhul and Princess Lasahn. “I will have Wiyae’s head along with Hawkmori’s and display them on pikes outside the palace when this is done” announced ChaeRi.

    With many questions unanswered, this whole secret plot happening in the shadows of Nagnang government still raises many inquiries: What was Hawkmori and Wiyae's intent in returning to Nagnang? Why was Wiyae flaunting the expired Queen Filia's tiara on his head? Why would anyone want to connect a known murderer with a powerful Onyx connection? And who will be making the next move?

    Special thanks to Akidoshi for sharing information and evidences ((screenshots)) of this event and also to Hobart for sharing evidences of such secret meeting.

    ~Vini Normad’or~
    ~Hyul 35, Moon 5~

        Tuesday, October 12, 2010

    Nexus Atlas is not changing its name...
    Posted by: Vini -- 10:52 AM EST
    ... but now you can! KRU has opened a new service for Nexus TK and Dark Ages offering the service of changing a Character name for the cost of 1 unused coupon code of (Kruna $29.85/3300Kruna) per character.

    Those who are interested should send a support ticket if asking if the wished name is available for picking. Players should not purchase the coupon code prior to contacting Kru Support at risk of not being allowed to pick the wished new name.

    Hopefully this will help increase the roleplay between players and reduce the number of childish names that were made years ago and players regret. I'll be sure to let my good friend SSVegito about this new option!

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 35, Moon 4~

        Thursday, October 7, 2010

    Nexus 6.85
    Posted by: Vini -- 9:50 PM EST
    Nexus Client was patched today to version 6.85. The patch mostly was to add new graphical assets and fix some bugs. Here are the bugs fixed according to Stein's post on Dream Weavers board:
  • Fixed a bug where people could avoid the delay when casting mounts and keep walking
  • Fixed a bug where people could auto-swing indefinitely without holding down the mouse button
  • Fixed a bug that caused some dialogs (large clan banks) to display incorrectly

    The patch also served as a reset and brought changes to the following:
    * Tutors
    * Alizarin clan
    * Chongun - The map bug on heaven's ascent was fixed
    * Fixed display graphics of YulZe robe/gown on Carnage server
    * Barbarian map bug
    * Shaman - Aethers on guide spell
    * Muse - Inertia, in the chapel, got NPC options and lighting.
    * Sun Moon Clan
    * Lost Kingdom Clan - Buy back for Large yellow rings

    Some members of Nexus community have also reported to have problems logging in after this patch. Here's some help on how to proceed with it:

    The patcher will start automatically when you try to open the Nexus client. Don't open any programs while the patcher is running. Once the patch is installed you'll notice somethings might be different: If you are running Windows 7 or Vista you'll now have to run NexusTK as administrator. To do this right click the Nexus TK shortcut on your desktop and choose the option "properties". Then in the shortcut tab choose the option "advanced". It will popup a new window called Advanced Properties, then choose the option "run as administrator". Make sure you click Ok and apply then.
    Try to open nexus, if it doesn't work you may have to restart windows for the change to make effect.

    Please contact Nexus Atlas reporters if you know what the changes in each subpath/clans were so we may update this post. Special thanks to Sparkyd and Loxie for sharing their knowledge on changes.

    ~Vini Normad’or~
    ~Hyul 35, Moon 2~

  • New Elendhirin Primogen
    Posted by: Caera -- 12:33 AM EST
    After nine Hyuls as primogen, TygraStarr of Elendhirin stepped down today. She promoted Gold Primarch WiteLightnin in her stead. Thank you to TygraStarr for her service, and best of luck to WiteLightnin as she leads Elendhirin into the future!

    - Caera

        Wednesday, October 6, 2010

    Royal Assassin invades the Army Barracks
    Posted by: Vini -- 11:56 PM EST
    KUGNAE – Shortly after the Koguryo clan tribunal was over this evening, Hawkmori invaded Koguryo Army barracks to deliver a message to King Muhyul. The assassin supposedly came to reply in person to the post by M'hul on the Chronicles of the Winds and claimed a spy let him in. Hawkmori said he uses blades and not poison, so according to his own testimony, Hawkmori could not have been the one who poisoned ChaeRi last night.

    When Koguryo soldiers started surrounding Hawkmori to imprison him, he dodged their defensive formation, threatened Mhul and then left barracks. "If we wanted you dead, you would be dead already", said Hawkmori. By saying "we", the assassin bluntly admitted he isn't working alone. "You have made far too many enemies", warned King Mhul.

    The assassin mocks Mhul about blindly trusting his soldiers, afterall, Hawkmori was infiltrated in Legion of Nagnang when he murdered Kija.

    Koguryian soldiers and citizens were chasing him around the palace, but it was hard to find him due the fact that the assassin was invisible most of the time. Before leaving Koguryo, Hawkmori warned Mhul to not get involved. "This is much bigger than you can imagine", he said. After running invisible in Koguryo Palace awhile and mocking M'hul via sage, he ran north to the stables. Some scouts followed him to a hut at Arctic Village and saw him entering it and leaving it few times. Yet, when they tried to get in, they were blocked by nightmarish visions of their own death.

    Hawkmori was followed to the Arctic Village hut at 045, 036.

    According to General ThiefOfSouls of KRA, Hawkmori behaved like if he wanted to show Mhul that he could get him anytime and tried to confidence in his soldiers by claiming Mhul would be betrayed by one of his own. It's not the first time this has been done. First Mupa tried to falsely claim Vales was working with her. Then, false evidences reached ChaeRi's office claiming that ThiefOfSouls was plotting to kill the fellow General of Nagnang.

    Private First Class Alysssssa took notes ((screenshots)) of some of the things said while he was in the barracks: “I’m surprised you rely much on your soldiers. Are you sure you can trust all of them not to be here to get you?” teased, the murderer. “Yes. Your words mean nothing to me”, replied Mhul. “Kija trusted his soldiers as well”, finished the rogue.

    Could this only a mind trick strategy or is there really someone infiltrated in Koguryo Government?

    Here's a copy of MuHyul's post on COTW board:
    To the murderer Hawkmori:

    O what folly, that we have allowed you to roam free for so long!

    You most vile, trecherous and foolish of villains who dared to take the life of my ally and friend! You cannot hope to walk free much longer.

    Your latest attempt has woken us from the slumber of complacency.. rest assured, murderer, that I will have you hunted like an animal and skewered as one if you are found. Or perhaps we ought to send you to Nagnang, your punishment will be far worse there.

    Drink your own poisons next time, you coward.

    The kindness of Koguryo is great, but its patience limited, and its wrath horrifying.

    Hide well, Hawkmori.

    King of Koguryo

    Special thanks to DavidJM, ThiefOfSouls and Alysssssa for sharing information and submitting images.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 35, Moon 2~

        Sunday, October 3, 2010

    New Viper Primogen
    Posted by: Caera -- 2:03 AM EST
    Arthias served as primogen of Viper since soon after they became a tribe, leading them through the Nagnang tribunal process and building their first clan hall. He stepped down recently, appointing Hitoshura to lead the clan. Thank you to Arthias for his service to Viper, and best of luck to Hitoshura as he leads the clan into the future.

    - Caera

        Saturday, October 2, 2010

    Prince ChaeRi addresses community
    Posted by: Vini -- 9:16 PM EST
    ChaeRi acknowledges the urgency on finding information about the reason on why Wiyae and Hawkmori were both seen in Kunsan in past days. The Prince Regent of Nagnang also asked the help of Koguryians, Buyans and wilderness dwellers to join efforts on capturing both most wanted enemies of nangen state. Here's a copy of his public statement made on Chronicles of the Winds:

    Citizens of the Kingdoms,
    The recent appearance of Wiyae, coupled with the resurfacing of the assassin Hawkmori, has set Nagnang on high-alert. Intelligence reports, courtesy of the Rangers and of Major General YeNaeWi, suggest that Hawkmori and Wiyae are working together to plunge Nagnang into chaos by seeking the power of the Onyx. With the aid of the citizens of the Tri-kingdoms, I can assure that their efforts will fail.

    Nagnang calls to the leaders and citizens of the Tri-kingdoms. The threat of the Onyx has compounded with the appearance of Wiyae and Hawkmori, and all efforts must be made to stop these individuals in their pursuit of chaos and absolute destruction.

    I, Prince Regent ChaeRi, wish to prevail upon the leaders of the Kingdoms of the North. Though we have had our differences in the past, there will be no better time to set them aside in order to face a greater threat with a combined force that cannot be matched. The united strength of the people will prevail.

    I call as well to the people of the Wilderness. Your people have proven themselves time and time again as strong and steadfast individuals. The warpath that will be torn if this threat remains unchecked will assuredly wreak havoc upon all lands equally and without regard. This common enemy must be dealt with, and cannot be well handled without your knowledge and strength.

    All citizens should be alert at this time. If any citizen has any further information regarding either Wiyae or Hawkmori, I ask you to bring it light.

    For Nagnang.

    For the Kingdoms.

    - Prince Regent ChaeRi
    Last son of the House of Sukaya

    If you happen to see any of these be sure to call help to capture them. Wiyae has murdered few people who entered his house as a "guest".

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 35, Moon 1~