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   Past News | October 2005

Past News

Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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October 2005

    Monday, October 31, 2005

Concerning our Downtime
Posted by: TSWolf -- 2:19 PM EST

I thank every one of you for being patient in our downtime this past week. There were a few problems at the server farm causing not only Nexus Atlas and Nexus Forums to be down, but every site on the network too (Including my personal sites).. so you can be sure I was in constant contact with our provider concerning the situation and he was very timely with me, allowing for a reasonable return to the way things were.

As you can see, the backup was VERY good this time, well above problems we'd had in the past. I would like to thank every staff member of Nexus Atlas who took the time to inform members of the community and kept in contact with me without nagging me to death.

I would also like to thank who sent over a representative to see the situation that was going on over here. It was nice to see Nexus sites working together, despite the small but insatiable appetite of some people to "start problems" in the website community that has co-existed for some years now. We were back online before could release the story.

In short -- NA is Back. NF is Back. The worst is finally over, and everyone here should be working hard for you again. They knew the server was up before even I did. Our host has been extremely helpful during this time, and I once again recommend them ( as a fine webprovider for an excellent price. Even in the messy situation we had, things went very smooth and the backups were perfect.

Anyway, Happy Halloween everyone! Enjoy the forums and such again.

Oh and one last thing.. We're not closing anytime soon, so don't listen to anyone who says differently.

Trick or Treat and more!
Posted by: Nagnag -- 12:13 PM EST

First off, Happy Halloween! Second, we apologize for the site being down. Seems our servers that we were hosted on caught fire, ironic for halloween eh?
Anyhow, a lot has gone on in Nexus (click one to jump to it):
Trick or Treating
Wandering, Deadly Spirits and Jieut the Lost Spirit.

Trick or Treat!!
It's back! And tons of goodies are in store! So far there are many tricks, and many treats. A few popular tricks are getting your head changed, rabbits spawn all around you, cast mass vertigo on everyone in the room, get sent to vale and lose your return spell, all your yellow scrolls and gateway. And as far as treats go, you can get Archon Orange dye, Lin-Skrae grey dye, Grin Green dye, a watermelon, and morph into an endless amount of neat morphs! Just go to any tavern in Koguryo or Buya and say "Trick or Treat"

Spirits are EVERYWHERE!
So you may ask the question, what's with these spirits? Well the one on the left is a Deadly spirit and the one on the right is a Wandering spirit. They come in pairs.

This walkthrough was posted by Flamethrower and compiled by many others [names credited at bottom].


Around every kingdom are ghost wanderers and spirits. Alot of you have been asking me how to kill them or if there are any tricks. They can not attack you unless you attack them. The Silver one is the boss, and each and every silver has their own designated brown minion. If you cant find it, get the silver one on you and gate. They will both spawn on top of you. Before killing the silver one, you HAVE to slay the brown one. The best way to do it is bare handed, get it against a wall and keep swinging, because it will rotate up and down. If you use weapons, then it will regenerate usually. The ghosts drop orbs as seen below. They drop relatively quickly, probably at the same percent as you get wool, at least for me. Good luck, and keep killing.

What you need exactly

Spirit's sight (1)
Spirit's soul (3)
Spirit's blessing (3)
Endless curse (1)
Eternal Darkness (3)
Enchanted life (2)


1) After getting these six orbs head to south gate Koguryo. Go southward and then take a right to go to the cemetary.

2) Go to Jieut (An NPC located in the North-East corner of the cemetary that looks like this: ) and say 'Looking'. There will be a pop-up saying:

"You want to know what I am looking for? ... Well, I will tell you if you bring me the gifts of the dead."

3) After you say looking, and you have the required orbs (Shown at top), CLICK on Jiuet again, and she will take your orbs. For me, she took 1 Sight, 3 Soul, 3 Blessing, 1 Curse, 3 Darkness, 2 Enchanted life.

4) There will be a pop-up saying:

"These should work just fine? You still wish to know what I am searching for?"

(Click next)

"I am searching for my home, to the spiritual realm. This area is the gap between worlds."

(Click Next)

"Let them know I am here. I will reward you if you do what I ask."


5) Go to Vale, and go to the Abyss which is located at
(X : 115 Y : 111).

6) Say "Spiritual realm" you will get a pop up,

"Foolish mortal. Do you think you are ready to venture in the spiritual realm? Only the wise and gifted can venture here... or the dead"

7) Say "Jieut" and you will get a pop up,

"Jieut.. he is lost again.. He roams your realm with understanding of where he is.. He is lost.. Send him here at once.."

8) Go back to Jieut and say "It's the black hole in vale"

"Mm?Vale, yes! Thank you for your help, silly mortal? Here I have no use for this anymore"

He will then give you 1,000,000 experience, (3) Spirit's Gift (Unknown so far), and the legend mark:
Aided the lost spirit to spiritual realm

9) Don't know yet

Credit goes to:

Thanks to everyone who helped put this walkthrough together!
And to everyone, a Happy Halloween!

    Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Lost a non-BoD due to death?
Posted by: Conro -- 6:36 PM EST

Joomi is conducting a survey of the items lost during this client from non-player-kill death.

If you lost any non-break on death item through death, drop Joomi a letter with the subject 'Death bug', and explain what items you lost.

Although this hasn't been declared an offical bug from KRU Interactive, this survey can help decide that if this is a bug, why it's occuring.

As always, false claims will land you nothing but trouble, which can include punishment from the Kru Interactive team.

- Conro

EDIT: Please also include the location you were hunting, and how long you were hunting for as well in your NMail to Joomi!

    Sunday, October 23, 2005

Warning--Items and death
Posted by: LordDryn -- 10:44 AM EST


Whether an intentional feature of the new client or an associated bug, all sorts of items you wouldn't expect are dropping and even breaking on death.

For now it is highly recommended that you do not hunt with any item, regardless of BoD or durability, that you do not want to lose or cannot afford to replace.
Hopefully we will have some word from Kru soon as to whether this is intentional or not.

If you have lost items in this way (items that normally should not have broken), it might be wise to send a ticket in to Kru Interactive support; if this is a bug there is a very good chance that lost items can be restored.

    Thursday, October 20, 2005

New GM Jewelry items
Posted by: LordDryn -- 9:10 AM EST

Fresh from the workshop of Grandmaster Jeweler KOFighter come eight shiny new jewelry items. Below are the reported statistics of said items. We hope to have screenshots of the new items available as soon as possible.

Amber circlet
Armor -10
Might increase +1
Will increase +1
Grace increase +1
Regenerate +10
Protection +1
Any class Level 99 required

Dark circlet
(Bugged at the moment)

Yellow circlet
Armor -10
Might increase +1
Will increase +1
Grace increase +1
Regenerate +10
Protection +1
Any class Level 99 required

White circlet
Armor -10
Might increase +1
Will increase +1
Grace increase +1
Regenerate +10
Protection +1
Any class Level 99 required

Amber casque
Armor -11
Might increase +2
Will increase +2
Grace increase +2
Regenerate +20
Protection +2
Any class Level 99 required

Dark casque
Armor -11
Might increase +2
Will increase +2
Grace increase +2
Regenerate +20
Protection +2
Any class Level 99 required

Yellow casque
Armor -11
Might increase +2
Will increase +2
Grace increase +2
Regenerate +20
Protection +2
Any class Level 99 required

White casque
Armor -11
Might increase +2
Will increase +2
Grace increase +2
Regenerate +20
Protection +2
Any class Level 99 required

Many thanks go to KOFighter for the information and Noir for the heads up!

    Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Kru Update Notes / Official Release on Website
Posted by: Corath -- 7:43 PM EST


"We are pleased to announce the release of Nexus 6.5. The new client offers a higher resolution, allowing you to see more of the game than ever before. Beautiful new graphics and a host of new features make this the best Nexus yet!"

On its heels, we have reset notes:

"The Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

A bug causing some player's legend marks to not be displayed has been fixed.
Skeleton cave doors can now be entered properly.
Fox hunt horses made ridable.
Sage is no longer cut short.
The Barbarian scar legend mark will now prevent access to the Barbarian Circle.
Druids can now by dyed with Barbarian dye.
Alignment Sam san repair spells once again allow repairing of other players' items.
Cursed arrows and Flame arrows now prohibited from Elixir wars.
Woodcutting trees can no longer be made invulnerable by malicious users.

Note: We expect to be able to increase the speed of woodcutting once we are certain there are no major exploits with the new system. In the future, similar methods of resource collection will be added for the other gathering skills.

Minor Fixes:
Minor fixes for Lost Kingdom clan.
Minor fixes for Elendhirin clan.
Minor fixes for Dharma clan.
Minor fixes for Nagnang Ministry."

    Tuesday, October 11, 2005

NexusTK 6.5 released! DOWNLOAD NOW!
Posted by: Nagnag -- 7:53 AM EST

Download NexusTK 6.5 NOW!If you have the Beta client, simply run it and the auto-patcher will upgrade your Beta Client to the full client with just a 3MB DOWNLOAD!


Located at 168, 125 Koguryo, there is a Salon where you can get your haircut! The rogue hall now only changes your facial features, which the salon will change your hair style. Now, unfortunately you don't get to scroll through and pick what head you want however some claim this technique is more "realistic".

There are different "hair styles" you can choose from, one of the hair dyes you can choose from, and one with the hair cuts you can choose from. Also included on the images are codes for the CreataChar, which can be found here. This will help you customize your character to it's fullest potential!

For those who don't want to hunt down their desired hairstyle, click on this link for a chart of hairstyles and dyes.

6.5 ready to go!
Posted by: Cirran -- 7:07 AM EST

Early morning reset came this morning for "server maintenance". Upon trying to log back in I received a message for client download. The file is downloading as I speak. Stay tuned for any updated to nexus atlas as I'm sure there will be plenty coming.


K'urimja Primogen
Posted by: Cirran -- 2:05 AM EST

K'urimja Clan recently received a new primogen, Zaventh. Apparently this switch happened several days ago somewhat unnoticed. Much thanks to Lotus for letting us know on nexusforums.


    Friday, October 7, 2005

Kru Newsletter
Posted by: Flamethrower -- 8:14 PM EST

If you're subscribed to the Kru Newsletter via E-mail, then check out what is new to come. Taken directly from the E-mail:

We are pleased to announce the release of Nexus 6.5. The new client offers a higher resolution, allowing you to see more of the game than ever before. Beautiful new graphics and a host of new features make this the best Nexus yet!...

Here is a look at some of the new features of Nexus 6.5
-New group tab that displays the health percentage of your party members.
-3 new equipment slots that will get filled with a host of new items.
-Spell duration and Aether countdowns are displayed above the information messages. Know exactly when you can cast that spell again. Maximize the effectiveness of your Rage and Cunning!
-New hair and faces, and the ability to customize hair and face separately allow greater customization than ever before. Create your own unique look!
-New way to chop wood! Cut down a tree and watch it disappear from the map. Become a kind, considerate woodsman, or level whole forests in a blaze of lumberjack fury! But don’t be surprised if you upset a few brawny woodland creatures!

Here is a screenshot of the new woodcutting process:

-And here is a sneak peek at a brand new area that is in the works:

Kru Interactive, Inc. (DBA Nexon, Inc.) will not give out personal information to any third parties unless authorized. If you do not want to receive any additional news or notices from Kru Interactive, Nexus TK, Dark Ages, or Shattered Galaxy, simply reply to this e-mail with the UNSUBSCRIBE command and you will be taken off the list within 24-48 hours.
For billing questions, contact 866-204-9931.
For other inquiries, visit

Kru Interactive, Inc.
3350 Scott Blvd. #6403.
Santa Clara, CA. 95054.

For more screenshots on the upcoming 6.5 Client, check your email or subscribe to Kru's mail list.


    Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Changes in Nagnang Ministry
Posted by: Vini -- 5:04 AM EST

As posted by Minister Simbel of Nagnang, Lady Taku, an aide to Community & Pursuit has been promoted to Consul of Community & Pursuit which means she'll be the new head of such division in the Nagnang Ministry.

Congratulations Consul Taku and good luck on your new position. Special thanks to Minister Simbel for submitting this information.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Yuri 77, Moon 1~

    Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Two new Judges
Posted by: Vini -- 2:34 PM EST

This past weekend Head Judge tip has announced the promotion of 2 new full judges to their ranks. Judge Majestic and Judge TyMay were announced as finished with their training process and are ready to take cases on their own.

Congratulations to both of them and good luck on their new position.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Yuri 77, Moon 1~