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Past News | October 2003

Past News

Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

Our news software, Coranto, has a bug which makes it purge links to news articles more than two years old. What is left of programmers who volunteer their time to support this software do not know why this bug occurs. We manually index older news pages in our Archived News section.

October 2003

    Friday, October 31, 2003

New Carnage Weapons!
Posted by: Paranoid -- 12:14 PM EST

That's right, on this Halloween day 4 new weapons have been introduced to the kingdoms as Celestial carnage prizes.

(In order of picture)

Light Broadsword (Ilsan Rogue + only)
+10,000 mana
120 might required to hold.
(Thank you aDoom, shown in picture, for stats.)

Winter Scepter (Ilsan Poet+ only)
Armor0 hit0 dam0
+4,000 vita
+7,500 mana
120 might to wield
(Thanks to Andee, shown in picture, for stats.)

Wand of fire (Ilsan mage+ only- WEARABLE WITH A SHIELD)
Damage:S10m20 L:15m25
+15,000 mana
+5 AC
120 might to wield
(Thanks to Burlioz, shown in picture above, for stats.)

Dark Simitar (Ilsan warrior + only)
Damage:90m310 90m325
+7 AC
+10,000 vita
120 strength to wield
(Huge thanks to Teron, shown in picture, for stats and assisting me by finding other weapons and getting players together for screenshots.)

Weapons are non-enchantable, and repairable.

Here you can see Bearr with all of the frames of animation of the Wand of Fire.

- Rachel

Idris informed me today that these new weapons are Break-On-Death... as he found out, unfortunately. - Corath

Dreams & Game Update
Posted by: Nagnag -- 11:51 AM EST

Straight copy of the post made by Themis on the Dreams board today. Seems all the new game updates were our "dreams" come true!

Happy Halloween~! These are the changes from the recent reset. Almost everything was posted as a Dream on this board. Enjoy!

1. Carnage, Elixir and Fox hunt additions.

2. A bug with "Your Mining shovel broke" or "Your Mining pick broke" yet remained in inventory, was fixed.

3. Spot trap spell was fixed.

4. New graphics for several spells.

5. Axe can now be equipped.

6. Red Legend mark : "Banned from revels".

7. Palace Npcs - Broadcast event and Giveaways was fixed.

8. All Rogues that completed Nagnang Rogue dagger quest will receive the appropriate mark.

9. Nagnang Rogue guild Npc was fixed.

10. New feature "Protect event item" implemented with Hosting powers.

11. Several clans received their requests and additions.

12. There is now Justice board in Nagnang.

13. Nagnang Historian Npc has moved outside of Nagnang Palace.

14. Prince Kija can now bestow his blessing to devoted citizens.

15. Sam san Ju jak staff has been improved.

16. Peace Ministry was merged with Culture Ministry in Kugnae.

17. Players using abusive peasants, have been removed from game.

18. Verbal commands for Scribe and Alchemy.


So, they do read that dusty ol' Dream board after all eh?

Unstable Servers
Posted by: Rachel -- 8:18 AM EST


Well, I didn't mention the servers crashing at first.. but after the most recent house server crash, I noticed that a few, but not all of my spells were missing, including gateway. It's a pain without gateway when you live in a house. >.<(I haven't said Trick or treat on this character because I have grin dye and don't want to lose it)

Among other spells, I lost my level 5 sage. >.<

I'm going to e-mail Delphi about this and hopefully he can fix whatever went wrong. blink.gif

Updates and Changes
Posted by: Rachel -- 7:03 AM EST

A couple of changes were made at the latest reset. There may be more than these, so go explore. ^.^

The following spells have new graphics:
(I think these are all in the correct order, but I may be missing a few frames of the animation)

Darken veil (Kwi-Sin blind)

Lockup (Ohaeng paralyze)

Winters shadow (Ming-Ken blind)

Blind (Chaos/no alignment blind)

Static (All alignments)

The Nagnang army helmet is now green (Either spring or the former super-wasabi, they're very similar)

A justice NPC was added outside Nagnang's palace. The Nagnang greeter was moved to the palace.

Dochmur also posted that at least one of the Sam san hellfires had a slight graphic change. I'll try to get a picture of that up later.

Several people have mentioned that the item Axe can now be equiped. This may have something to do with the dreams we've seen of attacking trees for wood. I tried for a few minutes at golden grove, but no luck. ^.^

Thank you to StriGoi, Chikago, HuntingMage, Lethy, Yokaze, DiamondFlame, Zanzubar, and Gberts for their help! Please look for more changes. happy.gif

Trick or Treat!
Posted by: Rachel -- 5:26 AM EST

If you wish to take your chances.. say "Trick or treat" at the taverns and see what happens. There are many tricks and many treats, so try it several times.

If you recieve any new items, please tell us about it. ^.^

You can "play the game" every 30 minutes on every character. You do not have to be logged on during that time.

    Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Bug fixes and spell additions
Posted by: Rachel -- 10:47 PM EST

Faerie light adds 800 mana, not 100. - Kurrilin
Ohaeng Share Wisdom was spelt Share Wisom. - Yokaze
Grin swords were from third anniversary, not the fourth. - Jugji
Slush king added as ways to obtain Rusty shortsword. - Honbob
Nimble blade is 500k dura, not 100k. - Blubber
Cunning 4 reduces damage by 55%, not 45%. - Melalye
Cunning 5 reduces damage by 85%, not 60%. - Melalye
Kwi sin barrier is called Spirit barrier, not Spirit body. - Smee
Tiger slasher drops 5000 coins, previously listed as “????” – RagingSpirit, Malak, Rafa, Eunice, shinShadow and Firess
Divine snake drops 3000c, previously listed as “????” - Malak, Rafa, Eunice, shinShadow and Firess
Sheep Sheperd drops 4000 coins, not 5500. - Malak, Rafa, Eunice, shinShadow and Firess
Wind Gown adds 10 healing, not 40. - Witness, Baked, and Chel

All information for single spell traps and rogue self heal spells has been entered and they will be added soon.

    Monday, October 27, 2003

Immortals Warning
Posted by: Vini -- 11:40 AM EST

Last week, a few members of our community have been receiving letters from newbie chars impersonating to be Immortal chars, saying that the person who got the nmail was selected to be trained to be a new Archon. The person used some names such as Itsiwana, saying that would be the char played by the one chosen.

The one signed as Immortals recruiter, and mentioned to speak with Shajara after all the proceedments were done.
The letter wasn't very convincing but it did not ask for password at 1st, but a few reported if you kept answering the letters the "Recruiter" would come to ask it sometime.

Fortunally NO one has sent their passwords out as this was nothing more than a scam.
I can confirm that the ONLY person who will ever contact anyone about an archon position is Archon Primogen, Shajara.
Lady Shajara has said that this was already passed to Delphi, who will trace to find who did it and will deal with them.

This was not a merely scam, this was impersonating an Immortal char, which is a serious crimme, to be banned.

For the ones who get letters like this, don't fall for it.
For the ones who think of doing the same, have this in mind
you will get caught.

~Vini Normad'or~

Buya "Welcomes" the new "King"
Posted by: Vini -- 10:43 AM EST

Looks like the new "King" of the Buya Empire is having a "nice" welcome of the Imperial Army.
As of last night, Johaih, the King of Buya under Onyx had a a long battle within the Buya Army Training hall with the Buyan Soldiers and a few other citizens who came by to help.

Looks like he'll have a hard time to convince the Loyal soldiers of Imperial Army to serve him from now on, his legend is full of read marks and hey, what a surprise... most of them are from BIA soldiers:

Johaih's power is growing day by day and getting more followers also, what "King" Johaih forgot is that even defeating Princess Lasahn and sending her as refugee to Kugnae, is not enough to overtake Buya.
Buya is an Empire, ruled by Emperor Senshi, and I bet Johaih will have a hard time to find where the Emperor is staying.biggrin.gif

~Vini Normad’or~

    Sunday, October 26, 2003

Johaih's new title!
Posted by: Lalia -- 4:44 PM EST

As the new King of Buya, Johaih has a new title, "King of Buya under Onyx". This picture was taken earlier today as Johaih was fighting folks in the Chonsa Arena.

(Thanks to Aldaresha for the screenshot. wub.gif)

Letter from M'hul
Posted by: Lalia -- 3:49 PM EST

M'hul has posted the following letter to the Community board:

Greetings Citizens

I am sure you have all heard that Johaih has attacked the Kingdom of Buya And the Princess Lasahn was overwhelmed and has now taken refuge in Kugnae.

With this sneak attack upon Buya I am calling upon all Kugnae citizens To be on guard and I called upon the KRA, to prepare to defend the Kingdom I also request the Clans and Paths within the Kingdom to prepare And assist the KRA to defend the Kingdom.

I call upon

All Warriors and Rogues sharpen your weapons and fighting skills.

Poets stock up on your healing potions and skills

Mages prepare you magic to repel the invaders

Royal Ministers prepare the Palace for Battle

Clans to bring you militia to full power and training

Paths hone your skills for defense of Kingdom

Royal Diviner prepare vision for the defenders

Everyone prepare to defend King Yuri and the Kingdom

Citizens of Buya come join us and help prepare to defend
Koguryo and retake you land back and place the Princess Lasahn
Upon the throne were she belongs.

All hail King Yuri!
Long live Koguryo!

Thank you for your support,
Prince of Koguryo

"Entered Johaih's camp" legend mark, other happenings
Posted by: Lalia -- 11:56 AM EST

Here's the "Entered Johaih's camp" legend mark, as seen on Itsuwari's legend:

Meanwhile, a small group of folks have gathered in Nagnag at the entrance to a large cave. They feel that the cave is where Johaih's camp is located, so they are waiting for the doors to open. Whether that cave is actually Johaih's camp, remains to be seen. unsure.gif

Edited edit: Yogeshi tells me that someone (probably Portal) spoke to one of the Archons, and the Archon apparently said that the cave at coordinates 69,80 in Nagnag is in fact the entrance to Johaih's camp. How interesting! Consider this newsbit retracted; Portal has let me know otherwise. Archons have NOT confirmed whether the cave is Johaih's camp.

In other news, people have begun to wear white clothing to show support of the Princess.

    Saturday, October 25, 2003

[Status]: Buya has fallen to King Johaih.
Posted by: Conro -- 7:58 PM EST

The black wind howled with anger as footsteps echoed in the halls of the Grand Palace of Buya. Those footsteps turned to a loud clammor as thousands began to pour into the palace, after Johaih announced an upheaval of rule in the palace in a short poem.

Footsteps echo through the grand hall;
forever louder than before.
A day of destiny has come for a city;
a city of power and more.

The footsteps turn to cheers;
the cheers to cries of war.

An army of hundreds descends upon the city;
screaming, shouting, fighting any.
A princess, bewildered and confused,
orders the army to fight back the many.

The cries of war turn to bloodshed;
the bloodshed to massacre.

The princess flees, leaves all behind;
the army buckles and retreats.
Footsteps slowly fade away;
the revenge is complete.

I found myself, with many others, surrounding Lasahn, protecting her at all costs. I ran to the courtyard after my patrol to find PoetGeorge, Kopi and several other of Johaih's followers storming twords the palace. As I lifted my blade to slay PoetGeorge, he chanted a small hex, and at this point I lost conciousness.

From what I was told, Itsuwari and other followers of Johaih made a full assault on the throne room where Lasahn was being protected. I was one of the followers, though not in my own mind. PoetGeorge's hex caused me to lose my own mind and attack my fellow brothers, slaying many. Lashan was the ultimate target, but those protecting her had to fall first. After many were slain, I found myself laying beside Lasahn. Someone had taken out PoetGeorge, and thus my mind was free. The rest of the night I spent fighting for Buya.

Johaih's forces were finally pushed back into the Courtyard, including Johaih himself. After a long battle, his second hand, Itsuwari fell to my blade with the help of Whitelotus. Itsuwari falls to Conro and Whitelotus Johaih fell next, to the very power he released. It seems that he still cannot grasp the full power of the Onyx.Johaih falls to himself

Buya's forces ran thin and eventually many of the lands best soldiers fell. Johaih rose from the ashes, born anew, to take out hundreds. Lasahn finally fell to one of Johaih's followers, Yashi, and Johaih announced himself the king of Buya.
Johaih then thanked his most devout followers, PoetGeorge, Mukashi and Genre (who is still currently under the control of Spite) for their work in Buya, one small battle in the war to take the Nexus.

As it stands now, Johaih has ascended to the throne, and Lasahn has retreated to Kugnae. No one can match Johaih's power but he himself.

The Forsaken clan of Nagnang has still not yet announced a stand on this issue, further adding to the confusion and chaos of this matter, but they are not against the taking of Buya by force.

Johaih retreated back into the darkness from where he emmerged, possibly to plan further attacks on the kingdoms. What shall become of the Nexus? Will this star finally tarnish?

Join forces, Nexus, not just for Buya, but for the Nexus as a whole. The following battles will be tough, and many will perish, but we must pull together to rid this evil from our lands.

My mind still feels cloudy...

*A distance look is shown in his eyes*

Also, Johaih has gained a blade made of pure Onyx, only furthering his power.
Johaih's sword.gif
To add as well, Johaih and Itsuwari's legends both now read 'Entered Johaih's camp'((Didn't capture a screenshot, sorry! sad.gif)). This area is apparently one of Johaih's sources of power, and needs to be found. I call all citizens to do what they can to find this camp and destory it.

*Mind begins to vacate again...*

- Conro

    Friday, October 24, 2003

New Pawn, Deiure
Posted by: Conro -- 5:26 PM EST

A new Pawn has descended from the heavens to give guidance to the ground dwellers.

Greetings and Salutations,
My name is Deiure and I am the newest of Archons. I have been hired to monitor the community board and do some other small tasks. Feel free to N-mail me with any community board concerns. I will do my best to answer them, however I can not promise all will be answered. I look forward to reading all your posts.

Best wishes...

-Archon Deiure

I had a chance to sit down with Deiure and ask him a few questions. (Pictures of Dieure will be posted later!)

What have you been appointed to do for the Nexus?

I have been hired to monitor the community board. I will be handling innappropriate postings etc...

Will you be dealing with any justice matters?

I will be dealing with justice concerning the community board, along with other common justice matters.

What's the most exciting part of your job?
Recieving the opportunity to work among the community, and better the nexus for everyone.

If anyone has a question, how can they contact you?
Via N-mail.

Best wishes and luck to Deiure as he takes his steps into becomming a full fledged Archon!

- Conro

    Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Nagnang Army Open House
Posted by: MarekP -- 8:07 PM EST

(-):/\/agnang /-\rmy Presents:(-)

###############Community Open Barracks################

A Nangen Greetings citizens of all kingdoms and lands!

The Nagnang Army is holding it's first major public event this coming Sunday. We are going to open the doors to our barracks--open house if you like--for everyone to see! The Nagnang Army promises to give a good first impression (not to mention prizes and a good time!) to the entire community. We invite you to come, free of charge, and take a look at our barracks. Stay for a minute and enjoy the architecture, or stay for a while and enjoy one of the many fun activities we have planned for the day. Events include, but are not limited to: a Nagnang based trivia (with a nice prize of course), a large scale auction from our army's bank, and ((RP)) divination readings provided by the army's Diviners.

Nagnang officers and higher-ups will be present at the event to answer any questions you may have about the army, and whether or not the army life is for you.

-(-)- Here is the vital information on Nagnang's Open Barracks:-(-)-

@>When?: The doors open THIS coming ((Sunday 2 PM EST))
@>Where?: Inside the Nagnang Palace (( Nagnang 0083,0029 )) go
through the open door to your left
@>Why?: To have some fun, and to see the Nagnang Army barracks!

We will accept all who come as long as they are respectful to our nation and our Soldiers, we will not tolerate disruptive behavior--For we are an Army.

We look forward to seeing you there~!

~The /\/agnang /-\rmy and the /\/\ilitary /\/\inistry~


(*)General MarekP(*) (/\/\)Chief Minister ApeDragon
(Edited by MisterTe)


    Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Posted by: Rachel -- 5:14 PM EST

I found a new name on the immortals page.

Archon primogen: kru (Tradesman - Level 98) "Archon Primogen"

"Kru" has been online in the last 15 days but is unregistered. blink.gif

    Sunday, October 19, 2003

Eight citizens knighted at royal ceremony
Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 9:00 PM EST

Two Buyans inducted into the Order of Koguryo

KUGNAE -- In the Royal Coliseum in Kugnae this evening, eight eminent citizens, including two from Buya, were inducted as Knights of the Order of Koguryo.

Councilor Blooduster shows deference to Prince Mhul as he is dubbed a Knight of the Order of Koguryo.

Those honoured at the ceremony tonight included Spy Blooduster, Councilor of the Ministry of Peace, Force khaos, Primogeness of the SunMoon Sect, and Prodigy Lathander and Virtuoso SilverSasami of Buya.

An additional four were knighted in absentia: Prodigy SkaDemon, Elder of the Muse Guild, HwarangDo Charmie, Kysh'itra Raquil, Primogen-Emeritus of Bear Clan, and Diviner Rowann, General of the Koguryo Royal Army.

Sir Lathander of Buya, a freshly-minted Knight of the Order of Koguryo.

Tonight was also marked by Sidious officially announcing his retirement. Prince Mhul said that he would miss the former minister's "wise counsel." Despite the gravity of the situation, Prince Mhul was jovial, chuckling as he remarked that he could not have a minister who was "out of uniform." He then proceeded to bestow the royal blessing upon the new minister.

Minister KoyaSoto is officially honoured by Prince Mhul as retired Minister Sidious and Culture Minister Starrbrite look on.

On behalf of NexusAtlas news, I extend a hearty congratulatory note to Sir Blooduster, Sir Lathander, Dame khaos, Dame SilverSasami, and Minister KoyaSoto.

    Saturday, October 18, 2003

New Peace Minister Announced
Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 11:59 PM EST

Surprised sonbae succeeds Sidious

KUGNAE -- A surprise announcement by Elder Masra of the chongunate rang out this evening: "Congratulations to KoyaSoto, Royal Peace Minister!" Prior to this announcement, Sonbae KoyaSoto was invited to the office of the Ministry of Peace in the royal palace in Kugnae, where he was hurriedly presented with the minister's mantle and the keys to the office. Lord Sidious then reportedly took his leave from the office, leaving his successor in a mild state of confusion.

"While this appointment has come as something of a surprise," said the new minister, "I am deeply honoured that Lord Sidious felt I was best suited for this honorable position. I will strive to serve the people of Koguryo as best I can in this capacity. Again, I am extremely honored and proud to be the latest in a line of such honorable and illustrious ministers."

Lord Sidious is expected to formally announce his retirement at tomorrow's knighting ceremony.

Hacking Followup
Posted by: TSWolf -- 7:25 PM EST

I was pleased to see all the feedback I recieved concerning the hacking post.. It clearly showed how many diverse methods people use to keep themselves safe on the internet..

While some people were convinced that it was still possible to edit client side commands be able to do things client side, I can assure it is MOST CERTAINLY not.. Some of the methods explained to me were proposterous and really should be something you read up on before emailing this stuff to me..

Either way, your feedback was all documented and I will be posting all of the ideas I see in a formalized manner as soon as I can. I'm rather busy with IRL work and the new site lately so it may be a couple days =)

Polearms Banned from Carnages
Posted by: MarekP -- 5:23 PM EST

Pole arms and their higher versions (Heavy, Milt) have caused several problems to the teams in carnage events. It is possible to swing at an enemy and at the same time hit a teammate accidentally. Some cases have lead to teammate killing, which has caused further confusion, as most incidents did not occur on purpose.

There are several spells that may be classified in the same category of hitting multiple players at one time: Inferno, Bladestorm and Assault. Because these attacks are spells given players of a specific path, and have aethers after one use, they are not considered in the same category as the Pole arm weapon. Because pole arms can hit multiple times (by just swinging rapidly) and hit both team mates and enemies: All types and classes of Pole arms are banned from carnages.

-Carnage Staff

Hacking Information
Posted by: TSWolf -- 6:59 AM EST

This is something I've neglected to post in a while, but I figured I would because its early morning and it came to mind after a couple incidents through NexusForums the past few days.

If someone has a nexus hack or cheat program too good to be true, it is.. If someone is your super good friend for a day, month, or even year, giving them your password is still a bad idea..

Your name has a password on it so you can be the only one to access it.. With Nexon's policies on character sharing, this should hold even stronger.

100% <--- of the hackings that have occured to consumers of the Nexus to this day have because a computer they were putting the info in on was comprimised, or because their password was found.. Whether it was given, left in a mailbox, or trusted with a friend.

If you truly enjoy your character, you should enjoy it enough to know that trying to cheat with it, trying to enhance it other than conventional methods, or trying to share with it is going to get you NOTHING but trouble..

Even if you don't happen to stumble upon being hacked, nothing good comes from trying to advance your character in illegal ways.

Thundermare.. Probably would be in the top 5 mages at this time, was banned for character sharing. Shini, one of the VERY few people to beat Calmwind on the power charts, was banned for using macro programs.. I'd say, in my time, I've seen over 100 legends whose characters have been destroyed because of their own ignorance.

It's very simple to avoid a catastrophy from happening to your character. I've been with the game since beta, and the three times my character has been comprimised have been at my own stupidity.. People who have known my characters password one way or another.. If I had kept my password more concealed on my computer, I wouldn't even have to say I ever had that happened..

Noone is hacked.. To this day, if someone has been hacked, it's not been you.. If someone could hack Nexus, do you think they'd hack your 99 Rogue, or the top mage in the game?

Keeping yourself safe is easier than it sounds.. The most common methods I've seen in the recent weeks have been the following :

- Downloading "Macro" or character editing programs to enhance your characters ability.

The fact of this is, character information is stored SERVER side, which means even if you WANTED to edit it, you couldn't. And Macro programs are detectable by the Nexon software, so its digging your own grave. If you think for a moment people aren't seeing you, and reporting the incident (All keystrokes are logged in Nexus), you're risking the life of your character.

- "Trusting" individuals with passwords.

It's easy to be a jerk online.. It's easy to take advantage of people. You don't have to face them.. and in the end, you're left with the mess of everything you've worked hard to achieve.. all for someone you've never even met.

- Accessing Files from AIM/Email.

If an attachment is mailed to you and you weren't expecting it, its a good idea to not open it. If someone you don't know want's to "Direct Connect" with you on AIM and you have no idea what they're sending, then its a GREAT idea not to do that... I've seen DOZENS of cases where people thought Direct Connect was safe... The fact is, once you have the file on your computer, they can direct you to a website that can actually access the file on your harddrive if you're not careful..

I also saw one incident where a website promoted you to download a file, and if done, the website actually initiated the .exe file, and tracked your IP, which they in turn used to Trojan into you and watch until you logged into Nexus.

If you DO get comprimised, what should you do?

First, go to Command Prompt or dos and type in netstat.. Shut off ALL browsers, messangers and online programs and watch and see whose looking in at you. This information may still be a bit overwelming for the normal person though.

If you have a virus scanner, it should be updated with the latest definitions (Primarily the trojan/backdoor ones).

Using Housecall online virus protection is another, cost-free alternative. It's one I use when I fear there is a possibility of me being trojans..

Also, and this is very important, if you FEEL YOU ARE COMPRIMISED, DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT BY ANY MEANS log into ANY accounts or use any passwords. I myself, with the permission of the user on the other end, trojaned a friend of mine to see how they worked (The say goes, if you know how it works, you know how to prevent it.) The way most of these people get your passwords is through a keylogger. Basically what it does is LOGS the keys you type, and trasmits that data live back to the person who has comprimised your computer.. You're actually typing everything they need to know and being your own worst enemy...

If your connection, especially on dialup, seems slower than usual, its a good idea to scan.. If programs are running in CTRL-ALT-DEL that seem suspicous, its best to write down the file name, and look it up in a search engine.. Most likely you will find information on this file and what it does..

Now adays, alot of virii and trojans like to name themselves things like "scanhost.exe" which are ALSO the names of important windows files. This is yet another reason why its important to scan regularly, or when you feel something isn't right.

Don't get me wrong, you don't have to be paranoid.. Most people I know don't keep active scan on because having a virus scanner scan every file you run can BOG down even the fastest of systems... But doing a basic scan over every program file you download is something I encourage if you are worried.

You can prevent yourself from being hacked, its really not hard at all.. It all reflects on the decisions you make..the way you store/make your password.. who you trust and talk to.. and the programs you install on your computer.

Stay safe out there in the Winds.biggrin.gif

    Friday, October 17, 2003

Nexus Account Purge!
Posted by: Rachel -- 8:23 AM EST

Start spreading the word, there will be an account purge next month. Be sure to tell people that have quit that might not want their characters, items, and money deleted.

Also, if you're looking for a certian name, remember try looking for it next month! I'll post this again in a couple of weeks as a reminder. happy.gif

Below is the message posted at

Nexon Accounts purge on the 18th of November:

Hello everybody,

On Tuesday, the 18th of November, Nexon will be doing an account database purge. At this time we will be removing all inactive accounts from our database. Inactive accounts are any account that has not been active in the last 30 days leading up to the purge date.

This purge will free up any unused character names so that they will be available to other players to use in the future.

When an account is purged all characters on the account will be deleted from our servers, along with any items, abilities, stats and experience the character may have.

We will not be able to restore any account or character that has been purged! To avoid the loss of your character you must make sure your account is actively registered some time between now and then 18th of November.

If you plan on re-registering your character and account before the 18th we recommend that you do it in advance to avoid any possible complications or delays that may result in the loss of your characters.

    Thursday, October 16, 2003

Geo Elder Shift
Posted by: Vini -- 12:51 PM EST

This afternoon, our loved Elder of Geomancers, Lady Khyree has announced her departure from Nexus lands on community board. It's very sad to see such a nice person leaving and I'm sure she'll be missed by many.sad.gif
To replace her as Geomancer's elder, the previous elder was chosen to re-take her position and continue the great work they've been doing there.

Congratulations to Lady Leodaris on becoming Elder of Geomancers once again!biggrin.gif

~Vini Normad'or~

    Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Posted by: Breserk -- 7:18 PM EST

This is a farewell from me, as I'm leaving the Nexus Atlas website.
I have decided to take a long break from Nexus, as it is not exciting as it used to be. I may be back when additions will come, I may be back when I miss everyone.

One thing is for sure, though- I'll never forget Nexus.


    Tuesday, October 14, 2003

New Pheonix Clan Primogen
Posted by: MarekP -- 9:45 PM EST

Congratulations to Anamchara Vano on being Phoenix Clan’s new Primogen. I would like to give a big hand to Tinadragon for stepping down from her Primogenship. She was a great Primogen and I am sure some of us will never forget her. I am also sure that Vano will do a great job; so when you see him, please congratulate him on his promotion.

General MarekP

Nagnang Army Applications Open
Posted by: MarekP -- 5:30 PM EST

So, you wish to join the Army of Nagnang? You wish to pledge your allegiance to our land, our prince, and our General MarekP? This is not an easy task! First, you must be of the 50th insight or higher. Secondly, you will also need to have NO justice brandings within the past 5 yuris, and any justice branding farther then 5 yuris back MUST be cleared by the chongun path. This means no unspecified serious crimes folks! Also with this, you will need to include WHY you were jailed! Also, if you've been jailed -more- then twice, you will NOT be allowed in the Nagnang Army.

Still feel you are ready? You also must not have a Dishonorable Trader branding, a Dishonored the kingdoms branding, OR a dishonorable citizen mark. ANY negative branding given by the gods will also be forbidden. If you have other negative path brandings, make sure you explain why you have them; no more then 2 will be accepted.

Please note also that previous entanglements with the Nagnang army will not be acceptable, if you have done anything to any of our soldiers in the past, or have a past history that is disapproved of by General MarekP, you will not be permitted to apply to the Army.

If you feel you are ready to join the Nagnang army, and wish to join us in our defense of Nagnang and our protection of our Prince Kija, please cut and send the following application to Owari or Lauz:





Why you wish to join the Nagnang Army:

Do you have any jailings earlier then 5 yuris ago? Please explain them here:

Do you have any NEGATIVE subpath brandings? Explain here:

Please write a 1-paragraph essay on ONE of the following:
I. Loyalty; what is it, are you loyal?
II. Honor, what does it mean to be honorable?
III. What does it mean to be a soldier for nagnang?

Please allow ONE week for a response to your letter. This response will contain a task for you to complete before joining the Nagnang army. The task will not be hard, but it will show your loyalty to the Kingdom of Nagnang.

Good luck,
Owari Tao
Admin. Capt.

    Sunday, October 12, 2003

Instant Messenging Service Warning!
Posted by: Growl -- 10:48 PM EST

The NexusTK player Skys, also known as Baked and ThaProger is currently using an AIM Bot button that abuses a warn function against several members of the NexusForums community.

All members are encourged to turn off away messages, remove their aim names from NF and to disable everything from people not on thier buddy lists.

TSWolf has been hit 6 days in a row, being warned, without having an away message on, without replying, and without doing anything so it is serious.

Be safe! Thank you!

.: Growl
.: Head of News Posters
.: Nexus Atlas Administration

    Friday, October 10, 2003

Happy Thanksgiving!
Posted by: Corath -- 8:57 PM EST

So, most of you are wondering what's wrong with me saying this. Well, if you're Canadian, there's nothing wrong at all! This Monday, the 13th, is Thanksgiving here in Canada. So happy Thanksgiving all you Canadians!

Tutor application update
Posted by: Rachel -- 6:16 PM EST

In addition to Buyan tutors, Shonen is asking for applicants for Nagnang tutors. It doesn't say that you can't apply for both positions.. so I would go for it. happy.gif

This is Shonen's new post:

I am currently looking for the following:

Buya & Nagnang Rogue Tutor
Buya & Nagnang Mage Tutor

To apply for one of these positions, you must be living in, or be willing to move to the town you will be tutor of if you are accepted. You also must be a member of the path that you are applying for.

Applications will only be accepted until October 18th 12:00 am pst (if your letter is time marked 10/19, youve sent it too late) applications received late will be deleted.

Please send the following information to me:
#################Tutor Application####################

Postition You Are Applying For:

Positive Subpath Brandings:

Negative Subpath Brandings:

Jail Brandings/Last Justice Matter Brands (Explain if any):

SubPath (if any):

Yuri Born/Real life length of time played (Time played as this character/total length of time played on any character):

Level or Vita/Mana:

Average Time And Days On Nexus per week:

References: (Please check with people you will be using as references before you use them)

Comments: (Anything Important Please Put Here)

PS: If you are going to use another characters position ie: I was a shaman guide on another char Please tell me that characters name. The same applies to Ive been playing since beta on diff chars

Please expect a follow up letter after you send your application to me.

***Please place the job you are looking to obtain in your subject, for example: "Nagnang mage tutor application"

Keep in mind that if you have sent me an application in the last 3 days, you do not need to send me another.

Good luck!

Thank you,

Where is Rogue Dagger?
Posted by: Rachel -- 9:28 AM EST

This isn't new, so don't write me about that.. but I see people asking about this almost every day.

Dagger, the leader of Nagnang's rogue guild, is very mysterious.

Like this: ninja.gif

Sometimes he will vanish because he has to attend to other business. If he's out, just wait around for him and he should return in five or ten minutes.

Throwing stars - Update
Posted by: Rachel -- 1:37 AM EST

Iter made a post at NexusForums Throwing stars. A quick user page search proved that they do exist.. Apparently they were being sold.

Steve says that they are subpath items, guide ones at that.. The person with Throwing stars and Unification amulets wasn't in a subpath and certianly wasn't a guide. So there's probably a bad guide around. o.o


Posts on NexusForums say that Throwing stars should be availible at some time, so don't waste your money on them. Avid and ShadowDrake have sent me screenshots showing that they are equipable weapons that look the same as Steel daggers.

    Wednesday, October 8, 2003

Back Online
Posted by: TSWolf -- 4:47 PM EST

Last evening, about 75% of the site was down due to a corruption of a mySQL controller file in the Apache server run by Swirldot.. Nexus Atlas, Nexus Forums, and several other sites maintained by myself and other members were affected by this.

Most of this was kept silent because we were locked out of half of our control panels.. including the Nexus forums ones we used to handle abuse.. If it got out, we could've seen some serious abuse and our only alternative would've been to shut down the site until further notice... as well as delete the offenders..

But thankfully it was all solved, and every page is back online.. All forums are up, all pages are up and everything should be working again as normal. Thank you much for your patience and for staying on your best behavoir.. It is appreciated.

Sarina's letter to the shaman
Posted by: Ashimata -- 9:18 AM EST

As posted on COTW...

It seems your path has found fault in one of our diviner chronicles which is posted for roleplay reasons only, you sent me an old post relating to the Shaman path which at the time it was posted (The words of the diviner founding elder, Lady Silk) it was very accurate because of the onyx which had taken over your founding elder, (JaydePheonnix) the whole community was very much aware of this too. Now then the other post I will admit I had forgot to update it in our chronicles but at the time it was posted again (all roleplay) and very much true, we based the post on the reactions of Shaman to two of our past community Diviner Events, the Sisters of Fate and Afrit I'm sure you remember Afrit and perhaps the Sisters of Fate also. However your letter reminded me that our chronicles do need updated with so many changes over the Yuri's. I am contacting all subpaths for updates so we can revise all of the paths for roleplay reasons.

Another thing I would like to mention is the word "verses" This word does not always mean against as you so eloquently pointed out to me it also means "Contrast to" The same can be said about the word "manipulate" which can also be taken various ways, this word was used by Lady Silk and we have not changed the wording form her original post as you probably noted from the two posts you sent me, there has never been a problem in the past using the word manipulate. ((Remember everything posted is for diviner rp with the different paths)) We would welcome a description of your path so that we can as I said update our Chronicles.

I found your letter to me to be unjustified we base our roleplay on each circle as a whole we do this as I said for roleplay reasons when dealing with each subpath.


    Tuesday, October 7, 2003

Bambi =/ and other issues..
Posted by: TSWolf -- 10:35 PM EST

Id like to express my condolences to the family and friends of Bambi.. For those of you who played Nexus 3.0, you remeber the cheerful icon who always wielded a new, extinct weapon, and sometimes let us play around with them. It seems like only yesterday I ventured into Monkey cave, only to stumble onto Bambi and be the first mortal to hold a bow.. sad.gif

I ask that everyone say a prayer in their own way for her tonight.. She truly was a great person.

In other, much less important news, Some of our templates are down. Since I have not been breifed on the new template system, I will be speaking to Spift about it once he gets back from AFK, or tommorow, and I'll see that the sections get back up.

A Sad Farewell...
Posted by: Growl -- 10:24 PM EST

It is with great sadness that I must tell you all that the Great Archon
Bambi, (Vicki) passed away this morning at about 9AM PST. After
A long struggle with Cancer. Vicky was only in her early 40's and
Was married to the Head Constable in the game and real life.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to email me at



On behalf of Nexus Atlas staff, and all NexusTK in its entirety, I wish Bambi luck, along with her family. Farewell.. sad.gif

.: Growl
.: Head of News Posters
.: Nexus Atlas Administration

Empress' departure marked by steel, hope, and tears
Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 9:21 PM EST

Barbarian disruption moves the event to the Coliseum

Elder Janken takes centre stage to lead a presentation to Empress Jeewon.

KUGNAE -- A tearful farewell was bid to Empress Jeewon in the Royal Coliseum tonight. A barbarian assault on Prince Mhul on Dae Shore, the original location of the send-off, forced the event, intended to be a small ceremony, to move to the coliseum in Kugnae. However, the barbarian horde, led by Savage DaRkBrOoD and Berserker Zarcom, intended no ill against the empress, and extended an invitation for her to pay a visit to their cave in the wilderness on future occasions. In the display at the coliseum, members of the monk subpath, all clad in purple to celebrate Jeewon, bestowed flowers, small gifts, and blessings on the empress to vouchsafe her journey back to Kaya. An offer was extended to allow her to visit their garden in the future, as harmony between the kingdoms was prayed for. "Peace cannot be achieved through violence; it can only be attained through understanding," attested Karuna dee.

Empress Jeewon expresses her delight after receiving a Yuri's love flower from Prince Mhul.

Next, Prince Mhul officially pledged his support for Kaya, offering assistance whenever it may be needed. Empress Jeewon replied, welcoming open trade and transit between Koguryo and her nation. Issuing a message of peace, the empress urged the citizens of the kingdoms to "not believe that hate can overtake you."

The presence of the young, resolute empress will be missed in the kingdoms. She returns to her native Kaya to meet with her kugan and convey Koguryo's messages of alliance and peace. It is expected that news from Kaya will continue to reach the ears of Koguryo's royal court.

Posted by: Marstead -- 7:13 PM EST

Hey guys, just me, checkin' in..

I did a little dabbling in Nexus Exile, which was pretty cool, it's too bad it got shut down. Perusing the news archives it seems TK has been pretty busy lately, and I've had plenty of TKers message me asking me to come back. There has been a lot of change since I quit, but not anything for the better in the area that made me quit, if you catch my drift. Heheh.

Anyway, just wanted to post saying I'm still here, and do indeed hope to return to Nexus some day. Unti---, Oh, right! The reason I'm posting. Sorry, rambled there. Yeah, I was looking around for things to do while I was bored and tried typing in "" on Alexa (The net's traffic ranking site). I wasn't surprised to see that Nexon's website was in the top 100,000, but to find that the site for a specific game was on it was quite impressive. While Nexus Atlas is still quite a ways away (We're ranked at 1.2million or so right now, lower numbers are higher rankings), I still thought this'd be newsworthy.

If you want to check out the relative popularity of the game (or the rate of TK fans hitting refresh on the main page), check out this page. It's pretty cool to know that for about a month, more people were interested in Combs and Soup Bowls than popcorn chicken.

    Monday, October 6, 2003

Diviners slandering the Shaman?
Posted by: Ashimata -- 8:54 PM EST

As posted by the Shaman Elder Strigoi...

*you notice a blood stained letter pinned onto the board*

Tonight, I come bearing tragic news of betrayal, false hope, and
lies. The Spirit's, are beyond insulted, they are beyond reconciliation.
Their chosen people have been mocked and lied to, by people they
believed where friends.

Peace between circles. Between the Diviner and the Shaman circles.
Alexisa, our former Elder, had sat and spoken with Sarina and she left
feeling that the past was left in the past. time to move on and for us
to peacefully co-exist with each other.

I saw an opening to go and see the Empress at the Divination event
in the Tao Te Ching room yesterday. I grabbed my sister Izabella to
come attend with me. We stood and watched them exchange a variety
of pleasantries between them. The crowd gave way for the Divinations.

Again, my sister and I stood off to the side. Hoping that Sarina would
offer an introduction. She walked past and said hello and that was it.
I know if she were in my home, we would've extended the courtesy of
introduction to such a person as the Empress. We overlooked the
lack of manners, and proceeded to stand near the Koguryo Minister of
Culture, Starrbrite. Knowing she would surely introduce the Empress
to the Shaman Elder. She who is a diplomat and well versed in protocol
and manners. Again to our surprise, not a word. How strange.

I decided to kill some time and I purchased the Divine chronicle from
Sheng. I saw a title that interested me greatly. Diviners VS other
subpaths. Very odd choice of go against..

For all those who cared to read, it is written, the Diviner's lack of trust
and disrespect for the path I serve. They state we manipulate the
spirit's we serve! To manipulate is to cause one to do your bidding
in a devious manner, for one's own gain!! And these words have been
allowed to permeate the community!!

Shaman speak to the spirits, we are the link between this realm and
the spiritual realm. We do their bidding. Upon reading those words
I was filled with such anger. A thousand spirits felt my pain at such
slander. The humiliation, the false face Sarina wore to make us believe
a new era began after her meeting with Alexisa. For these crimes she
has been condemned. The spirits no longer will hear Sarina or those
who guide her path. Her blatant disregard and action's of deception
have seen to this.

The Spirit's -WILL NO LONGER- sit idle, while the Diviner's
continue to weave their webs of deceit. The Spirit's -WILL NO
LONGER- allow their chosen people to be insulted to their face while
they were under the pretense of friendship.

The Diviner's asked for war in their own devious ways...
*chuckles* Well, we Shaman -ALWAYS- arise to the occasion.

~she slams a dagger into the parchment to make sure the note is

Shaman Elder

    Sunday, October 5, 2003

Imperial Ceremony
Posted by: RougeRider -- 10:54 PM EST

Today the BIA reached out to citizens of all kingdoms, asking for an alliance to keep evil at bay. In helping to do so, they called upon the Monks for a prayer ceremony, the Do for a sword dance, and the Dharma dancers for some entertainment.

After the festivities, the following people were recognized as Buya Defenders.

Elder Keely
Elder Janken

Clans Recognition
Selkie of Heavens
NinaP of Dharma
TinaDragon of Phoenix
Katia of Lost Kingdom
Rhianwyn of Elendhirin
Lasahn commenting on BuyaNative's blessing.
The Monks giving a prayer to the kingdoms.

Dharma clan lightening up the atmosphere with some dances.

Im sure everyone who attended including the VIP guests want to thank the BIA for putting this great event together to recognize the hero's of our community.
Congratulations to all those who were blessed.

New Bear Primogen
Posted by: Vini -- 8:43 PM EST

Last Night the long lasting Primogeness of Bear clan, Lady Leafe has announced she will be leaving these lands shortly, which is very sad to hear. She was pleased to announce that Lady Sloan will be her sucessor and now new Primogeness of Bear clan.

Congratulations Primogeness Sloan!
And thanks to Leafe for all work she has done.

~Vini Normad'or~

Slow news week...
Posted by: Conro -- 7:45 PM EST

Hello everyone,

From this point forward, sages will no longer be made to announce the winners of the Revels each week. The winners' poems will now just be posted on the Poetry board.

Winners may contact me via nmail to arrange a time for the Poetry win mark to be awarded. Further details on thi can be found on the Poetry board. Should you have comments, suggestions or questions about the Revels, you may also contact me via nmail. =)

Take care,

Also, a Royal ceremony will be taken place tonight a 9 PM EST at the Buyan Palace to honor those who have defended Buya with their pride and lives.
More to come...

- Conro

    Saturday, October 4, 2003

Posted by: Nagnag -- 4:25 PM EST

blink.gif-abuses his posting rights- Har.. har.. har..

Creative Nexus has a new layout and two new tools that EVERYONE will enjoy. Including a "CreataChar" and offline profile and mail designer.
Creative Nexus

General of the Nagnang Army!
Posted by: Growl -- 9:22 AM EST

I would like to reach my hand out .. To congratulate the first General of the Nagnang Army. He happens to be one of my very own staff members, and I am proud to serve as a council member to him in the army.

excl.gif General MarekP! excl.gif

.: Growl
.: Head of News Posters
.: Nexus Atlas Administration

    Friday, October 3, 2003

Community Against Johaih
Posted by: Vini -- 6:18 PM EST

As of this afternoon a small group of people started passing through the gates of each Kingdom, spreading the words of love, care, friendship, life.
It’s a protest against people like Johaih and Itsuwari who are disturbing and corrupt these things considered so important. They call this activity an invasion, which is actually not, it’s mainly ideological since there’s no violence, just preach.

The Rubies went to all Kugnae, Buya, Nagnang gates, also marched through Mythic and ended up in Dae Shore.

I guess the Rubies will show the other side of the coin, towards Johaih invasions.

Down with Johaih!

~Vini Normad’or~

P.S. Special thanks to Phantaria for the Screenshots!