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Archived News | October 2002

Past News

Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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October 2002

    Thursday, October 31, 2002

All Hallows Eve Happenings
Posted by: Khamael -- 8:39 PM EST

Well, I have been watching the updates from work and I promise our readers, as soon as I get home, I will get cracking on the last few Mountain Range maps, the pumpkin graphics from this year and hopefully a conclusion to the Nagnag event. I have Friday off so you can expect a sleepless night from me in an attempt to bring some closure to this whole Nagnag issue. Keep checking back for updates folks, after all, it is the weekend!

New Pumpkins
Posted by: Marstead -- 6:18 PM EST

This year, Trick or Treating is giving out some new morph pumpkins.

Oneub pumpkin
Giveni pumpkin
Flame whisp pumpkin
Masked hunter pumpkin
Fists pumpkin
Old witch pumpkin
Dorogom pumpkin
Dread pumpkin
Unseen pumpkin
Thorn pumpkin
Woods savage pumpkin

Send the names in to bug reports if any of these names are incorrect.

Personal Issue - Personal Rant
Posted by: TSWolf -- 5:57 PM EST

If you don't like personal issues or personal rants, then please skip this section. I try to keep these off news, but what has occured today was a *severe* injustice.

No, this is not concerning the new plagerized Nexus website. That will be delt with by my host. I've contacted them and they said they would take care of it.

Today I was removed from the Merchant Subpath for something I said on news. Dead, a Guide of the merchant subpath, assumed I was referring to him when I posted about a merchant guide suffering from an attack.. When I heard this, I tried to speak with them on the Merchant board and solve this quietly. I also took some time away from Nexus to let things cool down. When they didn't, I came to the conclusion that a retraction would be best placed on the news. I informed many members of the path I was doing so and to relay the word. In result of a LEGITAT WARNING OF NEXUS CHEATING being posted on this website, I have been removed from the Subpath.

I am not posting this as a disregard for Merchants. I intend to setup something *outside* of Nexus Atlas that has plenty of the screenshots/whispers of many people and their own hypocrises. I may even send it to my old buddy Genji, whom I dressed up for on Halloween. I am posting this as a notice to members of the community the sheer scrutiny we are given as reporters.

This is made to discourage the vast number of applications that we recieve. Fighting for free information in the Nexus is one that is looked down upon, mistranlated, and attacked from all angles. That has NEVER stopped us and this will NOT stop ANY of us.

If you wish to see my rant site, I will be posting it on NexusForums in the next few days. It will be Law 41 compliant, showing only the screenshots of Whisper Conversations, Board posts, and other information concerning my removal.

Thank you for your time.


Event Update
Posted by: Marstead -- 3:54 PM EST

Thanks to Audi for this information:

When in any of the dead-end rooms, walk around until you get the message "The ground feels warm under your feet".

More to come.

Trick or Treat
Posted by: Windis -- 2:03 PM EST

The mundane inn keepers have once again decided to play the game of trick or treat! Ask one of the inn keepers, and they'll surely surpise you with a trick, or perhaps even a treat!

Final Set of Event Maps Coming Soon!
Posted by: Khamael -- 11:42 AM EST

Well, I have been working hard to try and get this event completely covered visually, and I am almost done. I have to finish the last 4 Mountain Range maps and, once that is done, I will post them in consolidated format in the same way I posted the Tomb Maps. For now, here is a preview of the first Mountain Range map...

    Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Complete Tomb Map
Posted by: Khamael -- 11:44 PM EST

Well, I finally completed the map of the Tombs for you folks. It is huge and because of this I am not going to put the graphic directly on the news section. I will instead provide you a link here ---> Complete Valley Tomb Map
(You may have to maximize the window to view the complete map because the new versions of Internet Explorer will shrink large graphics to fit them on one page)

Beanbag has done us all a favor as well. He has gone through each dead end room and counted the number of statues in each. If you start at the very top dead end room and go clockwise, the number of statues are as follows: 8, 11, 10, 10, 9, 8, 9, 9

We have tried every wall, every crevace, every nook and crannie and have found no other passages, rooms or falls. We have mined in every dead end room, every intermediate room and have walked around shouting words to ourselves mindlessly and have not, as of yet, found anything to help us find Nagnag or give us clues as to what happened to him. If you find something, feel free to Email me or other staff members and let us know what you have found. We will give you appropriate credits when we post it on the Atlas News. Hopefully, more to come...

NexusAtlas Chat!
Posted by: Corath -- 7:57 PM EST

Lately, I've noticed that there's been a definate lack of people in the NexusAtlas chatroom. So, I decided to plug it! ^^;

To join us, do one of these simple steps: a) click the Chat button on the left sidebar, or b) get mIRC and join us.

For those using mIRC, type /server and then /join #NexusAtlas

    Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Retraction on an Issue
Posted by: TSWolf -- 9:06 PM EST

This happened a few days ago with the post on Genji's trojans. I am NOT retracting my statement on those programs being illegal and potentially malicious.. I am retracting this statement :

"I watched a merchant guide in his own studitiy (and he didn't admit he downloaded the programs) suffer from this. One case of this being hacked includes your character dropping all their items and then your computer being immediatly reset."

From this, a whole offspring of assumptions and other stuff began to fly out of everywhere. In result, many people got falsely accused, a few people got hurt, and a lot of crap went down. Some of this is what is forcing me to take a break.

My sole purpose of saying a "Merchant Guide" was to prove that ANYONE could be hacked. Ive seen it happen to a Druid Guide, a Sun Moon Council, a Top 100 player, and hundreds of other folks .. It can happen to anyone. That was my intention. Anyone could be stupid if they aren't too careful. I myself have suffered from downloading malicious programs. We all have our stupid moments.

I hope this clears up things.. And that people continue to avoid using these cheat programs. In the end, you will be the only one who is cheated.. Even if its "just trying it out".

    Monday, October 28, 2002

Virus/Trojan Warning
Posted by: Marstead -- 6:02 AM EST

Someone (or someones) has been using my name, along with others on NexNet, to send trojans around to try to grab your PW. If you receive ANY e-mail from anyone that was on NexNet or Nexus Atlas Staff, especially if it has an attachment, delete it immediately or contact one of us if you are not sure. Myself, AnglerFish, and many others will never send a file attachment unless we warn you in advance over Nexus mail/whisper or Instant Message. Be careful, do not open unknown files!

    Sunday, October 27, 2002

Elendhirin Clan Hall
Posted by: Khamael -- 8:13 PM EST

Earlier in the weekend I posted the entry area to the new clan hall located in Buya. Today I bring you the inside. There are no rooms yet and only one NPC, however, in time I am sure, if they meet their tribute goals, they will be well on their way to a fully functional clan hall.

Spelunking in the Tombs
Posted by: Khamael -- 3:32 AM EST

Tonight, we took a group of 6 people and headed into the tombs to see if there was anything else to be found. Apparently Delphi has said the tombs are complete, we are simply missing something. There is also rumor of a secret passage (a wall you can walk through yet it looks normal) somewhere in the tombs. The problem with this is, some of the rooms are so packed with creatures, it is impossible to check thoroughly without the aid of a LARGE group. Our group of six adventurers (Myself, JerzeyKat, Dracimor, Strawbryrain, Bylen and Onimusha; RichDragon, Audi, Newhook and others were added into the group later) headed immediatly west from the first room. I took the liberty of letting Bylen and JerzeyKat deal with mage duties long enough to let me map out the four rooms we entered. I have provided a typed map of the entire tomb area known to date which was provided by Kafe, and I have given you the results of my screenshots (very, VERY scaled down). When you look at my maps, I am sure it is hard to tell but take note of the last room. There are statues, large straight green tree-stumps that look like cactus plants and it seemed as if these rooms had less enemies than any of the previous. This is all for now folks, I will post more as it is available.

[X]= Starting Room (Flag in middle of room)
[0]= Regular Room
[+]= Dead End Room (Tree stumps & Statues)
The yellow highlighted areas are the areas explored in the composite maps below.
The green highlighted room is a room with a curious wall on the right side. It is made up entirely of single blocks and forms an "s" pattern. Remember the event where we had to make a bomb with the instructions from the drunk ogre? Perhaps this requires something similar. Perhaps it leads lower into the tombs. More to come...
Original Map by Kafe/Edited for Clarity by Khamael

(The entry room is the one on the right)

    Saturday, October 26, 2002

Time to Take a Break
Posted by: TSWolf -- 9:47 PM EST

I've come to a point where I'm getting frustrated again. My real life has taken some real tolls on me lately and stupid stuff is just building up inside me. I have 2 jobs and another website project I wanna work on. Not to mention some in game problems I've been having. Lemme try and say this outright and dispell all assumptions :

- Im not quitting.. At least not now.
- I'm taking some time away from Nexus to let stuff cool down and to let myself become less stressed.
- I should be back unless I finally snap my nexus streak.

Nexus Atlas will continue to be maintained by me. I will update it as I have planned.. I will come on Nexus during events to check out stuff, but I won't be as regular as I usually am on Nexus.

Everyone needs a break. This is mine. I'm sure you understand. I can be contacted VIA AIM, Email, and several other sources for the time being. And occasionally I'll stop in Nexus and say hi and see whats up... I will still be subscribing and maybe soon enough I'll be a full blown addict again.. But for now.. its time to let stuff cool down.


Edmonton Area Gathering - TODAY
Posted by: Corath -- 10:47 AM EST

Yeah, it's a bit late to post this, but right now I'm at NAIT, in the Computer Commons, and if anybody else is coming, that'd be cool.

Since I probably won't have any other way to talk to people apart from e-mail, the best way would be just to come here. Unfortunately, the only picture that I have of me is on an "infamous" site, so yeah. I'm wearing a blue hoodie and greyish cargo pants... so if you come here and see me, just say "Hey, Corath?" And I'll be all like "Hey" and stuff.

So yeah, if you're from the Edmonton area and want to come, it's at NAIT in the new hp centre, second floor, in the computer commons. Right now the computer that I'm at is in the west corner, so if you're coming in the next short while, I'll be here! ^^;

If you're planning on coming in the day sometime, e-mail me (go to the contact page). I'll also be in the chatroom as much as I can.

Barbarian Cave Stuff
Posted by: Corath -- 9:38 AM EST

Well, I was bored yesterday, so I decided to go to the Barbarian Cave. When I got there, I saw about 5 Barbarians trying to kill a Spirit dragon. From what I found out afterwards was that now they have a pen in the middle of the cave, with the ability to summon in mythic bosses that give no exp or drop. Not until MOUNTIE came in did some progress get made ^^;

Anywho, if you're bored, head to the Barbarian cave and kick some mythic boss butt!

Spell Section Delayed
Posted by: TSWolf -- 9:27 AM EST

The Spell Section has been delayed until after the Halloween event concludes. I feel it is necessary for the staff to concentrate on this and don't want to release anything prematurely. I have also stopped production on it because I have been working on a second large scale web project (Not associated with any games) and have been quite busy with that.

So enjoy the event! Spells will be coming right after it.

Bird's Eye View of the Mercenary Camp
Posted by: Khamael -- 2:40 AM EST

For those of you who have not been able to reach the Mercenary Camp for one reason or another, I have gone through the slow, eye-destroying process of putting together a quick map of the area. The tan tent in the upper-right area with the door open is the Captain's Tent and the rock-cave in the center of the area is the tomb itself.

    Friday, October 25, 2002

Map Translation Screenshots
Posted by: Khamael -- 10:10 PM EST

For those of you who have not yet seen the translation in full, here it is...

Further Barbarian Brew Information and More
Posted by: Khamael -- 8:43 PM EST

I figured I would add onto Corath's post with the following:

When you drink the brew, your controls are completely jumbled for about 30 seconds. Any directional arrow can cause movement in any direction. Basically, you stumble all over yourself with no control over your motor functions where walking is concerned. Gotta love the Barbarians...

The Brew itself, Status Window Messages and Effects:

I also saw a new Geomancer Helm today while noodling around the Kingdoms. Here's a screenshot for you readers interested in new items in the community.
Geomancer Elemental Orbs:

Seems even more subpaths got items during the recent resets. The Ranger path has recieved the Hooded cloak and the Fabled Trowel . I will update this as more items are discovered.

Barbarian Brews
Posted by: Corath -- 4:44 PM EST

From Barbarian Elder LocoSam:

"Barbarians have long been known for their love of food and drink. Rather than visiting the local taverns for their beverages, they decided to create their own concauctions. With these more potent drinks, even the hardend livered Barbarians feel the affects after a few sips. The Barbarian brew is so strong, the drinker finds himself unable to control his balance, much less his sense of direction. He or she will stumble into just about anything after drinking the Barbarian brew.

The Barbarian brew may now be found at the Barbarian caves ((4, 154 Wilderness, with a whole new design)) for 1,000c from Genghis Khan ((the NPC)). Feel free to buy as much or as little as you like, and enjoy the warm affects of a strong drink! Be warned, do not fall for anyone's attempt to sell these to you for more... some people attempt to take advantages of new things like this, it is not the intentions of the Barbarians to see anyone fall to a vicious scam.

LocoSam the Sheep man"

First off, I'd like to thank LocoSam for bringing this to my attention. Secondly, the Barbarian Brew is a lot of fun! ^^;

News From Eldridge
Posted by: Khamael -- 4:12 PM EST

Nexus Newsletter - October

Hi Nexus players,

Congratulations to the Elendhirin clan. After a lot of hard work and dedication they have finally made it as Nexus's newest official clan!

They make their home in the kingdom of Buya. Make sure to stop by to welcome and congratulate them.

A strange illness has also taken over some of the strongest creatures in Nexus. The mightiest of the Mythic creatures have weakened, and lost a lot of their power. Citizens from all over have taken advantage of this strange occurrence and have taken to fighting with them. I fear that this may be a sign of some sorts, the power they once held has to have gone somewhere.

Another strange occurrence that has taken place is the appearance of several strange and deformed creatures through the land. Nobody knows where they came from, and it may be the start of an invasion. They are getting stronger, and have increased in number. We will need to watch what happens with these strangers. I fear they may be connected to what Nagnag has been doing.

Speaking of Nagnag we just recently got a new clue! The Hermit sent a letter stating that his Ancient Leviathan friend was able to read the map pieces, and has been hard at work trying to help players unlock the mystery behind them. This may be the clue we were waiting for, and the key to catching up with Nagnag and finding out what he is up to.

There are a lot of strange things going on, and we hope you join in the adventure as we continue to solve the mystery of what Nagnag is up to, and to stop his evil plans.

- Eldridge
- Spirit Guide

Enemies in the Tomb
Posted by: Khamael -- 3:27 PM EST

For those of you unable to reach the Tomb, here are the Enemies crawling around inside.

Woods Savage

Public Release of my Nexus Doll Maker - BETA 1
Posted by: Nagnag -- 12:39 AM EST

That's right! I haven't told the staff about this yet either - so it's a suprise for them as well. But for my first project, I'm working on a Nexus Doll Maker. I have one that is in it's first BETA form, and I am releasing it for the public to view! HOWEVER it is very graphically intense... not nearly as many graphics as there will be once it is completed... but it's for people with either patience, or a cable modem :P Click the image to enter.

I want your feedback!

Quest Tips
Posted by: Marstead -- 12:34 AM EST

Here are some tips for getting to the Mountain Range if you appear to be having problems:

1) Make sure you have either 3 Translated map pieces or one Translated map purchased from someone. Make sure you've talked to Dae-Whan and the Hermit.

2) To be safe, put your 3 map pieces at the top of your inventory (a, b, c). If you have a Translated map, set it to 'a'.

3) Remain where you are for thirty seconds or more on each step, and walk around a bit. We think there's one trigger point at each, but since there are no popups or text messages, there is no way to tell.

4) Ride a horse. It works fine on horseback and goes much quicker.

5) Only go in the double-door Inns. This means Pepper in Buya and Walsuk in Kugnae.

Some rumors dispelled:

1) You do not have to worship Ju jak.

2) You do not have to go to the Mage's Guild. Ever.

    Thursday, October 24, 2002

Notes for Event
Posted by: Corath -- 11:51 PM EST

Once you get to the Mercenary camp, and get the legend mark, you can get back there easily. Just go back into the tree, then gate. You're in the camp!

As for experience in the caves, it seems us level 4's get shafted again. Around 500-600k exp each. I haven't seen any drops either. The monsters in the Tomb are new graphics (w00t), and there are little leech thingys... which are very abundant...

When you go through the Mountains, just keep at it. It's a long trek, but once you get there, you're set. When I made my way there, I layed out yellow scrolls for people to follow... so if you're in a good mood, do the same.

That's all for now!

Addem to Event Walk through
Posted by: Beanbag -- 11:35 PM EST

What the Copy-Paste Guides even in nexus doesn't state is you need a Map -_-
Translated Map or the original 3 piece.
so don't be like me, who didn't get this done til the 7th try..
(first 6 times walking thru without a map not knowing if the triggers were working or not -.-;;;;)
since my first 6 long walks was without a map because the guides just simply didn't say, you need to have a map >_<
and at moment, unless you did quest with the 3 piece, you won't get a legend mark, which they'll probably fix sooner or later.

on a different note,
anyone seen my (Lovebane) Wind robes/Sun robes? :P
gave em away and forgot who I gave em to. ^^;

Full Walkthrough (So Far)
Posted by: Lauz -- 10:59 PM EST

1)Start by walking in then out of HH in Buya
2)Go one of the Inns & rest until status message ("Your wounds heal faster in the inn." or similar) comes.
3)Walk to Buya Chapel & walk in then out. Stay around for 10 seconds.
4)Go South over the bridge then exit Buya.
5)Walk in between Weaver & Gemcutter in the Wilderness.
6)Go south then East over a little bridge to the alter & drop Rabbit meat on the alter (there are already lots there).
7)Walk through Sheep field to JJ Temple. Talk to the lady (click on her). You don't need to worship or change your totem.
8)Walk to Kugnae & walk south then west to the HH (walk in & out). Stay around for 10 seconds.
9)Walk south to the closest Shaman.
10)South again & repair at Smith (you don't need the money to repair. Simply say, "repair all").
11)Go to one of the Inns & rest until status message comes (same as last time)
12)Go South then east to the Chapel (walk in & out). Stay around for 10 seconds again.
13)Exit Kugnae through south gate.
14)Got East to cemetary & enter then exit every crypt.
15)Go South to Nagnang.
16Walk to from North gate all the way east, and go south.
17)Walk till you see some steps, and walk straight ahead, and turn left.
18)Walk up those stairs, and you will see a tree.
19)Walk to the left or right side, to be transported inside.

Once you are in the Mountain range there are quite a few rooms you have to travel through.
Soon you'll come into the Mercenary Camp.

Once you are in the camp, go to 57,10. Speak with the capitan.
Say Doomed.
Say Dig.
You will get the legend mark and it will enable you to enter the cave located at 39,33.

The monsters are pretty buff, so be careful.

Here is the Legend mark you get.

and here is a little taste of what the inside tombs look like.

There (hopefully) is more to this event that we have not found out about yet. Once we do find out, it will be posted here.

Big thanks to AnglerFish and PhantomSnipa for information.

Legend Mark!
Posted by: Lauz -- 8:42 PM EST

Once you complete the walkthrough below you will get a legend mark that says

"Found the Nagnag mercenary camp (Yuri 53, Fall)"

Also, Please remember. When doing the walkthrough it is best to wait 10 Seconds on each step to make sure you get credit for doing it.

Event Walkthrough
Posted by: Marstead -- 8:24 PM EST

The following was posted on the Community board by various people. It has been edited many times:

1)Start by walking in then out of HH in Buya
2)Go to the Inns & rest until status message comes
3)Walk to Buya Chapel & walk in then out
4)Go South over the bridge then exit Buya
5)Walk in between Weaver & Gemcutter
6)Go south then East over a little bridge to the alter & drop Rabbit meat
7)Walk through Sheep field to JJ Temple & worship (even if it changes your Totem)
8)Walk to Kugnae & walk south then west to the HH (walk in & out)
9)Walk south to the shaman (Dusk I think)
10)South again & repair at Smith
11)Go to the Inns & rest until status message comes
12)Go South then east to the Chapel (walk in & out)
13)Exit Kugnae through south gate
14)Got East to cemetary & enter then exit every crypt
15)Go South to Nagnang
16Walk to from North gate all the way east, and go south.
17)Walk till you see some steps, and walk straight ahead, and turn left.
18)Walk upthose stairs, and you will see a tree.
19)Walk to the left or right side, to be transported inside.

Event thanks
Posted by: Corath -- 9:03 AM EST

I'd just like to say a quick thanks to those who helped out with translating the event maps last night. This is only from midnight EST and before... when I was there too.

So thanks to SkaDemon, Audi, Marstead, Laren, Lauz, and whoever else I forgot to mention. Without these people, we couldn't have gotten so far so quick.

The Fan Hermit Has A Few Words To Say
Posted by: Khamael -- 7:36 AM EST

The Hermit returned with the reset and had a few choice words to say that might be helpful if we can figure out what is older than the oldest Leviathan. The Leviathan has a few words for you when you ask him about the Map Translations, but nothing that will aid us in going further.

I think our old friend Noxhil says it best:

New Clan Hall in Buya and More!
Posted by: Khamael -- 6:20 AM EST

Today, at 06:45AM CST, Nexus was reset and brought us many new things in many subpaths including new spells. It also brought us a new official clan hall to the Buya Kingdom. Here is a peek at the outer entry area to the Elendhirin Clan Hall. Go see for yourself at 0032,0046 Buya. More to come as they are released!

The Maps
Posted by: Khamael -- 1:02 AM EST

For those of you who were not able to begin this quest/event, here are the Translated Map Pieces number 1, 3 and 4 as they appear in Nexus after the Leviathan, Dae-Whan, translates them.

    Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Map Code (Translated) [COMPLETE]
Posted by: Marstead -- 6:42 PM EST

SkaDemon's program came through. Here is the translated text. Thanks to Audi for the correct text and SkaDemon for writing the program. Thanks to Pala for coming through with about 8 sentences worth, woo! Also thanks to Laren and everyone else who sat in chat for hours ^^;

Here is the text, translated in full.

Begin your journey from the small home of the mage in the second city. Here is where his journey started, and so shall yours, now a haven for the undead and the victims of his magic. Look at what has happened here and the evil fate, which met the people who fell into the grasp of his power. Before you can continue go to the twin taverns to the southeast and rest the night. Think long and hard about the journey you are going to undertake and if you should continue. Once the morning comes if you are still willing to continue on the journey you should head east to where love is forged, and be blessed for your journey by the priestess. From here head south, over the stream, and out the city to the free man's land. Pass through the village of the farmers to the southeast. Here you may wish to collect supplies as a long journey lays ahead of you. Once prepared continue southeast to stop at the altar. Be sure to place the flesh of a rabbit here to appease the spirits to protect you on your journey. Now journey south past the great plains, and into the deep forest of the south. Once you are in the woodman's forest seek out the temple of the mighty Ju Jak. A donation or sacrifice to this totem can only help, as you will need all the support from the totems for what you may face ahead. Now continue to the east, to the first great city and gain permission to enter there. Travel south into the great city, over the mighty river toward the home of the king. Before reaching the palace turn to the east down the path and head towards the mage home in this city. One must be familiar with the home of the dead ones before they can enter his final home. Now to the south where you shall find the home of a young shaman with great powers. Know this place well for if you fall in this journey it is she alone who may be able to help you. Head towards the center of the city, there seek out the blacksmith, this may be your last time to repair your equipment before you face the evil. Then visit the inn and rest for the night. The journey is half over in distance, but only beginning in trouble. In the morning you shall rise and head to the south of the city. Before leaving walk past the row of flowers to the house of love, and remember our loved ones that you may never see again. Collect yourself, and leave the city to the south. To the east you will find the cemetary of the ancients, visit the dead here who fell in battle against the mighty mage. Remember the destruction and death caused by him and how your actions may cause grave damage to the world. If you are still willing to journey on leave the cemetery and continue south. Travel for a way to the south till you find your way to the village of the warring tribes. Keep to the north of the valley to evade becoming entangled in the tribe's battles, and head to the east. You will come to a mountain, and you will need to climb to the top of that mountain. There you shall find a golden oak, and the marker to the last part of the path. From here you will see the golden oak on a distant mountain, continue to follow the oaks and you will enter the valley of the tomb.


More updates to come!

Map Piece Event Thus Far
Posted by: TSWolf -- 5:45 PM EST

1) Travel to the Grey Leviathan in the Leviathan Fields.
2) Say "Translate Map Piece" until all of your map pieces become "Translated Map Piece (#)"
You should have done this to map pieces 1,3 and 4.

We're stuck as of now. I'm going out but Im sure the staff will keep you updated.

    Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Edmonton Area Nexus Gathering!
Posted by: Corath -- 9:50 PM EST

As I posted before, I'm trying to get a Nexus Gathering going. Unfortunately, I haven't had much success in getting people... so I'll need to conscript everyone's help. If you happen to know people who live in Edmonton, Alberta, or the area, tell them to come here and check out the details!

I asked Shajara and Tip about posting on community, or community events... and unfortunately I couldn't. So I'll need to rely on word of mouth.

If you, or anybody else would like to meet THIS SATURDAY, at NAIT's open house, I need you to e-mail me, n-mail me, or contact me through NexusForums ASAP.

The reason why I chose Saturday was for a few reasons. First, it's in a public place (so for all you with paranoid parents, they need not worry). Secondly, if anybody's looking for a college, you can check out NAIT while you're here! NAIT is semi-central in the city, and is easy to get to by public transit, or whatever. Thirdly, at the open house, there's going to be a big LAN party type thing. The signups are over, but there's going to be lots of other computers for people to use to play other games, or we could just get onto Nexus from there too. Even though that would kind of defeat the purpose... anywho.

If you plan on coming, or know of anybody coming, please contact me ASAP. Or, if you know of a way that I can announce this within Nexus without being arrested, contact me. Thanks!

Nexus Network Info.
Posted by: Marstead -- 5:42 PM EST

The complaints about the information loss due to NexNet's shutdown have been growing, so Adam did a little work and organized and index of the old information. THANK YOU, ADAM!

All information copyright of the post-TSWolf staff has been removed (i.e. Games Guide, Newbie Guide, etc.) but all of the other information is there for your use.

This will remain up as long as Gamespy wants to keep it up. Feel free to look there until Nexus Atlas is fully updated. It will go out of date very quickly, and will be useless once the NA Database is complete.

This will be my final post on the issue of NexNet... I've spammed the news here with it, and you should know my position on it by now. Enjoy the info!

Genjiworks "Macro Programs"
Posted by: TSWolf -- 10:22 AM EST

It's recently come to my attention that Genjiworks has been releasing some Macro Programs. I wish to issue a statement on this, and information concerning them that Genji, himself, may not know.

Despite the fact these programs are illegal to begin with, and are a serious offense if caught in Nexus, the creator of this program has made them so they are not directly trojans. BUT.. If the person activates something.. or enables something a certain way.. the program itself can and WILL do nasty things to you. I watched a merchant guide in his own studitiy (and he didn't admit he downloaded the programs) suffer from this. One case of this being hacked includes your character dropping all their items and then your computer being immediatly reset. Regardless of whether "Genji and Steve" say its undetectable.. These programs are ILLEGAL and Nexus and you risk more than just yer nexus information but yer entire computers well being with these.

I will be talking with Steve and Genji about this later and proving to them they're only setting up half of Nexus for a severe attack. Don't be an idiot and download this stuff. It's most certainly not safe AT ALL. And even if you get away without being attacked, you're still cheating the game and will be caught.. Nexon has installed ways (just recently) of detecting these programs when they wish to.. And I guarentee they're looking out now.

It's Bug Smashing Time!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 5:30 AM EST

Morning everyone.. Here are our bug fixes and additions for this morning.


- Poet Sun Robes/Gown are -32 AC (AqentP)

Legend Marks

- Clarification on "initiate of the spy guild" mark. (PiKaChuborg)
- Added Shaman Legend Mark "Ascended through the Medicine Wheel".

Quest Details

- Dog Linguist "Only need to say commands 1 time" confirmed. (dementia)
- Geomancer Orb Quest is Level 50, not 10.
- Minor Quest, simply say "Quest" to cancel a quest. (dadoggy)


- Sam San Nimble Blade stats Added. (ShInI)

Known Bugs

- I need to find out exactly which step in poet sun is the vow of silence.. If you can provide more info, please mail.
- If anyone has the 'Scouted with Rangers' Legend mark, please send.

    Sunday, October 20, 2002

Sam San Hyun Moo Name
Posted by: Corath -- 9:57 PM EST

Valandil has recently become Sam san, and we now know the Sam San Hyun Moo name!


IRC Latency
Posted by: Steve -- 1:55 PM EST

Sorry about the heavy IRC latency earlier this afternoon. My servers network (specifically, the time warner line, savvis line, and the verio line) "crashed" and caused extreme latency throughout the network. Everything has been resolved except for time warner.


Market Troubles
Posted by: Windis -- 11:54 AM EST

Hello everyone=-) There are some problems with the markets in both kingdoms. It seems that when you try to exit by any kind of way, you are disconnected and it gives you a "Your account is already playingg" message when you try to reconnect. You must then wait a few minutes, and you will reconnect. The markets are also unstable, there is no way for Merchants to remove troublemakers, and there are often server crashes. Please be safe, and stay away from the markets!

Spell Section Production Coming Smoothly
Posted by: TSWolf -- 4:29 AM EST

We've been working heavily on the upcoming spell section. Since every other source we had was *severely* outdated, theres a lot of gathering work to do. But all in all its coming along quite nicely and I hope to see it by next weekend at LATEST. I'm quite pleased with the sheer extensiveness of it, and I'm sure you will too. This is probably the section I look forward to the most out of any. So keep yer eyes on Nexus Atlas this week!

    Saturday, October 19, 2002

Clans In Kugnae
Posted by: Windis -- 6:31 PM EST

Hello Everyone=-) As you may know, there are only three official clans of Kugnae. Buya now has four, and soon the Elendhirin will also become official. It seems that Jayme realized the importance of a new clan in Kugnae, to help bring people together. I too have seen the need for a new clan, and a clan that not only reaches out to members, but to all in every kingdom, and outside the kingdoms. The Illumination. Read on if you are interested, and make sure to check this post often for updates on these clans, and others.
To those who seek the light,

Long ago, rising over the sea around it, stood a mountain. Atop the mountain, the sky was below. It was here that The Illumination was born. The man who climbed the mountain was like all others, never had he seen light. Not this kind. Beyond the sea was where he was from, a land of darkness...not in that the sun did not rise, but the peoples' hearts were of evil and greed. What did he see? It is said that on this mountain was a place of peace. He could see above him, and it was another world, of peace, opposite of his own. The man stayed in this world, until he was approached by another man, who lived in the grand place. The man said to him of his old world. You see, both came from the same world. The man who lived in the world of light told the other to not stay, rather to take what he saw and bring it back to the darkness. He gave him a stone, which he said contained the light for the coming of a new age. The Illumination had been born.

Thieves stold the stone, as soon as he had returned. The man only wrote of the stone, and it would be long before it's affect would ever mean anything. It was at the time of elder Esme of the Merchant guild that they found the stone. They read of the writings, but the stone seemed no such power. An eager trader named Windis sought to sell it, to no avail. It seemed useless, until she found the first book about it. I am Windis, and I sought to use the stone. You see, the book told that the light in the stone was not physical, nor would it ever be useful unless it was wanted to be so. The Illumination of the stone could only be met if one thing would come of it-the will of its followers. I ask you to become followers of this power, the power of light and goodness.
The Illumination is a clan of these followers of light. They know and understand that the light of the world is not the stone, rather their hearts. To join, please contact Windis through the mail system provided by the messangers in these lands. Note that we have set our pledge to the kingdom of Kugnae. Contents should include:
Your Name~
Your Path and Insight~
Your Deeds of the Past, Good and Bad~
Your Pledge~
Your Likes and Dislikes~
Your Traits~
Thank you for your care.


Ranger Area!
Posted by: Windis -- 5:34 PM EST

Today, SpectrumBoy announced that the Ranger's area was opened! Located in the wilderness, next to the weaving and gemming areas in the wilderness, in the humble hut that looked like no more then a plain abandoned home. Here are some pictures of the areas.
This is the Ranger area entrance, found immediatly after entering the building next to the weaving area.

In the middle of the Trapper's Paradise is a circle of stones, much like the ones used by the subpaths of Nexus during ceremonies.

This is a very nice area, I found it to be a peaceful place. It is hidden in the forests, can you find it?

This is a small area entered at the top of the Trapper's Paradise. It is a player kill area.

In this small part of Trapper's Paradise is a wooded area. Their squirrel npc is witin this forest...can you see him?

I hope you enjoy the new area!(Thanks to SpectrumBoy for his kind cooperation during the project!)

No ghosts or goblins, but most assuredly new arrivals...
Posted by: Khamael -- 10:06 AM EST

After a comparativly long reset this morning around NOON EST the citizens awoke to find several new invaderesque personalities walking the land. They are relativly weak, give no experience when they die and drop no known items thus far. They are listed as follows :

Oneub | Flame Whisp | Giveni Rogue | Masked Hunter | Fists | Old Witch
(The Old Witch's hair not black as you see in this image. It is currently a white color in game)
Rumors are starting to come in from the Vale. The monsters spawning there are said to have the ability to poison you.
Be careful out there!

Next on the list is a small change in Nagnang. For those of you familiar with Nagnang, there was a secret area up in the far North-East where you could walk in a small secret path to get up to the top of the highest point in Nagnang where a Large tree sits. It has been the favorite place of solace for some time for many of us, but now there are huge white steps leading the way and ruining what privacy some of us had. Many people are not pleased by this...

From the north-east corner......and up to the tree...
As always, more to come...

New Halloween Event!
Posted by: Corath -- 9:48 AM EST

Today at around 8:45 am PST, there was an reset, and here's what turned up...

Thanks to Calimir and Seltzer for helping me get picture 3 and 4, respectively.

No drops or experience yet. We'll have to wait on that.

There's more monsters out there... Something new! Yay! ^^;

Absense Apology
Posted by: TSWolf -- 2:11 AM EST

Besides Bug Updates, I haven't been as "TS Active" as I usually am. I apologize for this as I've been in the process of switching jobs and dealing with some of the fun "sickness" stuff going around. I'm feeling a little better tonight so I think I'll work on something for you guys now.

I appreciate yer patience, even when you have no other place to turn to at the immediate moment. I assure you our staff is giving it their all.


    Friday, October 18, 2002

NA Downtime
Posted by: Corath -- 6:55 PM EST

This afternoon, NA had a bit of downtime. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Thursday, October 17, 2002

Creative Nexus
Posted by: Nagnag -- 1:02 AM EST

Creative Nexus will be released SOONER than expected. Expect something (even if its just a small project) in the next month. Forget the whole "Coming soon, Spring 2003" crap.. I'm gettin' this ball rollin'! Also - remember - "Creative Nexus" is NOT in compitition with Nexus Atlas™ or any other Nexus website. It will be a joint website with Nexus Atlas, never against. Also, I NEED IDEAS!! :P What do you want to see on "Creative Nexus"? Got a celebrity you might want to see in nexus character form? Got a movie you might want a nexus parody of? Do you have ANY OTHER ideas? Do you do nexus art?
Email me! --- for now, I have the official "enter picture" uploaded. Check it out!

Bug Fixes For Today
Posted by: TSWolf -- 12:10 AM EST

Sorry if I forgot any.. Accidentally clicked X on my work file for Bugs.. Ill list the ones I remember.

- Fire Orb has 100 Mana (Via Aim)

Legend marks
Added :
- Honorary Chongun, (Finally)
- Dishonorable Citizen (Maki) (Is Dishonored the Kingdoms extinct now?)
- Married For Items, (Maki)
- Obstructor of Inner Peace (Monk Enemy Brand)
- Ranger Tracking (Thanks for being Persistant PikaChuBorg.. I was confusing it with Trapping)

- Market Disruptor Info Tuned. (LadyLike)

- Haunted House Basement is level 49 (KintoII)
- Unregged Peasant Info Fixed (Dasha)

- Enchanted Nimble Blade Stats fixed (Zef). Please review all nimble blades to ensure they have right stats. Nexon changed them several times and we couldn't keep up.

    Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Shaman Items
Posted by: Lauz -- 5:29 PM EST

Recently, Shaman items have been floating around the kingdom. Day after day we see people with shaman items. Either they are walking around wearing them, or standing in the middle of Mythic Nexus dropping the items and standing on them to show off. We recently found out how these items have left the Shaman circle. However, that information we wish to be kept within the path.

I would like to thank Moutone, Guan, starman, Crip, Mastaturtle, Gildenstar, and many others for returning our items. You are all very kind.

If anybody happens to get their hands on our items, we ask that you please find a Shaman and return it.

Thank you.

Additions - Bug Fixes Today
Posted by: TSWolf -- 4:18 AM EST

Sorry it hasn't been too active on the news lately. By the lack of anything on Nexus, we, well, just don't have much to post about. This post is primarily additions to current things, more than bug fixes, so you will enjoy this! People in the paranthesis are who we thank for the fix. Please, before reporting a bug, be sure to read the replies I have put on the bug board. They include some important information on Known Bugs/Known NOT bugs that people think are bugs.

Note : This will be updated all day as things are added.


- Green Cloak AC is 0 (PiKaChuBorg)
- War Plate Mail/Dress updated to reflect correct Dura. (Herald)
- Crown of Glory should be a head item, not a hand item too. (Hadez)

Please check our warrior armor to ensure it's right. With the 10x dura change, we updated a lot that may not have to have been

Legend Marks

- Let the Round 2 Begin! Plenty of new marks in the Subpath legend section, and some missing ones have finally been added.


- Emotions in Keys updated to reflect a-p instead of a-m. (Halucin)
- Spells A-Z option added to Keys (Halucin).
- Shift - I ( Creation System ) Added to Keys.
- Few context errors fixed in Keys.
- Minor confusing context in Sage first paragraph reworded. (Halucin).


- Jolt Trident damage recorrected (I thought 150 was wrong.. but it was right). (Kyto)
- Surges (Surge, Enchanted, Il, Ee, Sam) all updated to 35 strength to wield instead of 40. (Mug)
- Bow/Fan type error. (Barter)

    Monday, October 14, 2002

Happy Thanksgiving!
Posted by: Corath -- 12:25 PM EST

To all you Canadians out there (w00t), Happy Thanksgiving! For you Americans wondering what the hell kind of herb pipes I'm smoking, it's true... we have Thanksgiving a month earlier than you guys. I dunno why, but whatever. Gives us a Holiday where we don't have to go to school/work in October! I'm not complaining! ^^;

Happy Turkey Day to everyone.

    Sunday, October 13, 2002

Demon Dagger
Posted by: Windis -- 5:06 PM EST

Today, at the Ranger auction, Dead purchased a Demon Dagger, of which there are only two. According to Angelica, who owns the other, there will not be another crafted for many years.


Demon Dagger
Durability: 25000 / 25000
Armor: 0 Hit: 2 Dam: 3
Mana increase: -300
Might increase -5
Grace increase: 5
Protection: 2
Peasent Level 50

And below is the graphic, which is very nice!

Creative Nexus - Coming Soon
Posted by: Nagnag -- 3:06 AM EST

I am coming out with a website that will be jointed with Nexus Atlas called "Creative Nexus". I will be creating many things such as animated gifs, custom animated gifs, Nexus parody movies, online animated gif generator, etc etc! It will be at if you'd like to bookmark it. I usually update it behind the scenes. Hopefully I can put it online fully functional by January 2003.

    Saturday, October 12, 2002

Merchant Subpath Fair Awards!
Posted by: Windis -- 11:58 PM EST

On behalf of the Merchant Guild of Kugnae, We would like to recognize exceptionall individuals who made a difference. This evening, the Merchant guild took votes on recipients of the following three awards.:

Luck's Blade -- To an outstanding gambler. Very trustworthy. Not a nuisance for gambles.

Recipient: JJangV

Marketkeeper -- Given to a person who is seen within the markets all the time. Very Trustworthy. Helps with prices and reports thefts/scams.

Recipient FouLou

Kubera's Guidance -- Given to a citizen who participates in treasure hunting. Has sufficient knowledge in the phases and the types. Told a treasure hunting story.

Recipient: DrAgOnMaStA

Thanks to all who made this Subpath fair a great success, and Congratulations to these gentlemen who were recognized this evening.

Master Treasure Hunter

Expect more soon!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 5:28 AM EST

With the recent release of armor, production is still in full force. You can expect to see another *large* section of our website go up within this week (Before next weekend! Maybe even this weekend!). I did several template tests on the new section last night, which went exceptionally well, setting me ahead of schedule for this section. But, sorry, if I told ya what it was you wouldn't be surprised! And that's half the fun of it.

Also a little reminder.. Even though armor and weapons are up, we have more minisections in them slated for release real soon. What exactly? Well, I guess you'll see won't ya.

For now go enjoy the hard working that the entire staff put into making the armor section, and I promise you more of the best as soon as humanly possible.

    Friday, October 11, 2002

It's Armor Time!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 10:38 PM EST

Armor section released.

Before I get into the new features, lemme list the credits. I fell second in work load on this one. Lauz did quite a bit.

Lauz - Rogue/Mage/Poet Armor databasing as well as Bracelets and several other bug inputs. Great job hun ^^.

Marstead - Warrior armor and extensive tedious bug testing. As usual, a hard working individual.

Khamael - Started his first work with the database on doing Warrior Tiger armor. I think hes got the hang of it now!

Thanks also to the many testers in the staff and chatroom. Chatroom members go to see the section fully complete 2 hours early! Yet another incentive to stop on by more often!
What's new? Besides the new look..

- Stats for Gi Ring, the one zibong ring that never dropped.
- Star, Moon, Sun Tiger Mail Stats added. Yes Im serious, go check em out!
- Geomancer Orb stats online.
- All Sam San Shield stats in the Shield database!
- Robes of Yin and Yang given their proper name, Aether Robes of Yin and Yang.
- Many bug fixes and new info. Go check it out!!!!!!!

IRC Downtime
Posted by: Steve -- 5:28 PM EST

Hello. Today the server went down sometime after 2PM EST. I'm not sure of the cause yet. I brought the server up about 30 minutes ago. I was having some trouble getting nickserv/chanserv/etc. to connect but they are now connected. No harm was done to registered nicks or registered channels.

IRC Problems This Afternoon
Posted by: Corath -- 2:23 PM EST

This afternoon, there were some IRC problems, starting at around 2:20 MST. Everything's all good now, so c'mon in and chat!

    Thursday, October 10, 2002

Interview with Audi
Posted by: MistPrince -- 10:42 PM EST

I had a chance to meet up with Ex-Elder Audi in the N/A chatroom and I asked him a few questions,here is the interview...

Audi: Greetings, sir.

MistPrince: Hello Audi..

MistPrince: So tell me,what led you to the decision of stepping down of eldership?

Audi: I exhausted my reasons for staying, that's all.

MistPrince: Alright,and why did you chose Koyasoto as the new Elder?

Audi: Obviously, Koya was intelligent, understanding, and had experience leading the path during my absences.

MistPrince: What do you expect to come from the Chongun path,with the new elder?

Audi: What I've always expected, the best.

MistPrince: Are you going to continue as a guide in the Chongun path?

Audi: Yes, I will remain a guide as long as I am able.

MistPrince: What do you think of the Community's outlook on the new eldership?

Audi: I haven't seen much of a reaction, and personally, I could care less. ;)

MistPrince: Has the whole situation with the Royals and KRA General ended?

Audi: Of course not, the Chonguns will continue to fight for the rights of the citizens.My descending will not end that.

MistPrince:Alright Farewell Audi..


Nexus Recent Resets..
Posted by: MistPrince -- 9:29 PM EST

It seems the recent Reset's were due to Delphi messin with something,not sure totally but I guess you could classify them as "crashes"...Just for those who are alittle confused!


    Wednesday, October 9, 2002

New Chongun Elder
Posted by: MistPrince -- 9:01 PM EST

It seems Audi has "Passed the sword" to KoyaSoto...

Welcome KoyaSoto to Eldership of the Chonguns,may great things come to the Chongun path!


New Lost Kingdom Primogen!
Posted by: Corath -- 3:57 PM EST

Congratulations from all of NexusAtlas to LadyFallon - the new Primogeness of the Lost Kingdom. We all wish you the best of luck and success in your new position.

Non-Nexus News: Possibility for meeting of Nexus players! (Edmonton Area, Canada)
Posted by: Corath -- 10:50 AM EST

As many people know, I'm from Edmonton, Alberta. In a few weeks, the college I go to, NAIT, is having a huge LAN party in the new wing of the campus called ElimiNAIT. (For direct details on the party, and how you can sign up, go to the ElimiNAIT webpage.) So, if you live in the Edmonton area, and are free on the 26th of October (Saturday, starts at 11 am), come on down! There are only 40 places in the tournament, but there are over 40 more stations available for gaming as well.

Plus, for all those who have protective parents, it's at a college with LOTS of other people around... so don't worry! If you have any other questions, contact me in Nexus or in NF. When something more solid is planned in the way of meeting people, I'll let everyone know.

Bug Fixes/Additions for this Morning
Posted by: TSWolf -- 3:09 AM EST

Things are getting back to normal after the weekend problem over at NF. Look for some exciting additions soon.

Names in () are those of who helped extinguish the bug.

- Sage Aethers are cut more than 1/2 in some circumstances in Event/Carnage areas. (Gull)
- Cave Requirements updated to change around a big Arctic Ogre mess. Where the hell did I get Frost Ogres from? (Herald)

- Wooden Blade Buggies Squashed. (FireTiger)

    Tuesday, October 8, 2002

NexusForms / Database Blip
Posted by: TSWolf -- 9:19 PM EST

At around 11:00 PM EST, NexusForums went down as well as our viewable databases. This occured because we had a complete system password change done by Telefragged as part of a security procedure following the attack on NexusForums the other day. Since we didn't know where the attack initially came from, I had everything submitted for change as soon as possible. Telefragged did just that, with a few moments notice, this evening. So I was unable to get it up without some people getting an error message.

Alls working fine and dandy now though. So enjoy.

Concerning Applications
Posted by: TSWolf -- 6:28 PM EST

I've been receiving tons of applications. I must say, Im flattered to see how many people want to work with us. It seems like we're becoming quite the website, even in our young state.

Unfortunately, I am not writing this post to open applications. In fact, quite the contrary. I am asking that people refrain from sending applications for the time being. We have, as of right now, 15 staff members, and several old NexNet staff members still pending. This is far more than enough for an ambitious group.

We want to provide information the fastest, and best way possible. Sometimes though, if theres little info, and too many people, we have conflicts over the same information, or just people doing nothing. Im confident with the staff we have now and I understand you all want to help.

I encourage you to help! Fully! We could not shape the site without your help. These 15 people on our staff are representatives chosen to speak your voice as well as relay the events and occurances of Nexus. Lots of times, people whose names appear on news never ever worked for us, but they care about having the bugs fixed, and receive due credit for doing so.

It's not that you aren't good enough. Some of you have credentials that far surpass anything I'm capable of, or will be for that matter. You just have to understand that the people who post are given a posting manner to do work. When you have too many people, you get problems like NexNet had in the past. I want to avoid that. All of these people I've known for years. Some have waited far longer than that to become a member of the staff. What I can say is this... If you continue to show support for the site above and beyond what a normal Nexus player does, and expect no staff position (You will always receive credit for everything you do), chances are you may be someone we call on if we're ever short handed.

Thank you, once again, for all yer wonderful applications. I am *not* deleteing them, but storing them away for a later use, if i ever need assistance. Right now, Bug fixing, participating in the chat room, emailing me information, helping out the staff members, being an activ rolemodel of a nexus player, or anythnig of the sort is how you can be noticed by us~! It's not just me who choses the staff. In fact, most of the time, its our other staff members who bring names to me!

Thank you once again for devoting your time to helping the Nexus community. It is, and always will be appreciated.

How to stay Safe From Klez.
Posted by: Esterk -- 5:26 PM EST

The same dumbarse is trying to hack into pc's using Klez, don't let this '1337 h4><0r' make you feel like a lower intelligence! Outsmart this crap faced gumshoe fool!

1.) Dont open any Emails that are more then 90k from people you dot know (Klez averges around 100K)

2.) Dont open any mails AT ALL with any subject reguarding Klez or anything else that might look like Junkmail.

3.) After you open any infected email, hit the STOP button after all the text displays. This will stop the browser from reading anything

4.)Be alert that the person sending Klez can mask emails. They can even make it look like it comes from TSWulf or Delhi!

5.) If you use Outlook Express or a 3rd party Email Program, DISABLE the Auto download feature!

The most common one right now is going around saying that the person has a cure for Klez, but he has 5 lines of text, and the email is 100+kb. DO NOT OPEN ANY EMAILS and FOLLOW THESE SAFE GUIDELINES. Have a nice day, and remember, say "No!" to 1337.

Nexus-Wide Virus Warning
Posted by: Khamael -- 2:21 AM EST

As many already know, I was infected by the Klez Virus this weekend and have spend 3 days recovering from it. I am guessing it came embedded in Email somehow, because I do not accept files from unknown sources. Yesterday, I attempted to log onto my Nexus account to find that someone was already on it. The details are in the Nexus Forums if you are interested. I am posting this little news item to remind everyone to update their virus programs, scan their computers and go to to download and use the Klez virus removal tool just in case you are infected and do not know it. This Virus has the capability to carry Trojans with it and can be used as a carrier for back door programs that allow hackers to read keystrokes and access your computer remotely. They can get Nexus passwords, Bank account passwords and anything else you may have stored on your computer. Change your passwords at least monthly, change your Nexus passwords as often as possible and if you need to, call Nexon and have them send you a new Patron ID password. Protect yourselves or your Nexus livelihood could be at risk, not to mention your real life security...


    Monday, October 7, 2002

NexNet Info vs. NexAtlas Info
Posted by: Marstead -- 11:39 PM EST

Important: If you need the information on Nexus Network and cannot find it on the tutor boards, you can still access the sidebar and all of the information using a subdirectory. Click here for the Monsters Page entrance and access to the sidebar. I will leave this up until Nexus Atlas is fully updated, after it is I will have it removed. Now that I've established this...

Seeing as I have been getting a lot of mails and whispers concerning this issue (many very profane and very angry), I thought I would publicly address this rather than continue to reply to everyone individually.

I am aware that the information on Nexus Network was very helpful to all of you, and I apologize for my having to shut it down (the hacking of Nexus Forums indicates that it is good that I shut it down when I did). Please be patient though, as Nexus Atlas will have ALL of the information that was ever on Nexus Network within at the very most two months. I know alot of you that were patient in the long months it took to get all the info back up on NexNet, and you should be patient now. The reason it will take that long is because we are now working from scratch, totally updating everything we add, and working to eliminate all bugs. All of the information that will be up will be more up-to-date and user-friendly than NexNet's was.

Also, I have had a lot of newer players give me the complaint that NA will not be able to match the number of posts that NN gave.. Let me dispel this right away. When NN was still run by TS, if anything new happened in Nexus (Ever), it was not only up within 30 seconds of announcements, it was up in installments. This means that if the GM saged about a reset for an event, the reset information would go up, immediately followed by the first step of the event, the second, information on places we got stuck, and so on. This last year on NexNet, information has been slow to go up and was often incorrect and unverified. NA will return to the posting style NN had for three years, and I promise that we will bring you the news AS it happens, not days later. Concerning the issue of Event Walkthroughs, myself and TSWolf will continue to post copies of them on the Community Board.

I apologize for the temporary inconvenience, but I assure you that with the combined efforts of staff we can get everything up quickly. I thank you all for your patience.

Ox3-Dragon3 Changes
Posted by: Marstead -- 11:33 PM EST

The vitality and/or AC|experience in Ox3, Pig3, Snake3, Sheep3, Tiger3, and Dragon3 have all been dropped dramatically. According to groups hunting Sheep3, it is now possible to get 600 million experience in one rage (meaning Rages 1-6 and back to 1).

Long-term players have been begging Nexon for this fix for years, and it has finally come. Good for them :)

Another Staff Member!?
Posted by: Spift -- 9:02 PM EST

I'm the newest, and most likely last, staff member to be joining for awhile. It's a pleasure to be here and I hope I can bring you all lots of quality news as well as help on some of the finer points of the website.

If you'd like to talk to me, just drop by the chat room or send me an e-mail. Take care.


Hello Everyone
Posted by: MistPrince -- 8:38 PM EST

Hello Everyone,I am MistPrince a new recruit to the Nexus Atlas staff...I hope to serve the rest of the staff as well as the community as best as I can, bringing you all up to date news!!!

Thats all for now!


    Sunday, October 6, 2002

Stats Added
Posted by: TSWolf -- 5:16 PM EST

Full Sam San Chung Ryong Scale Stats have been added to our weapon section!

If you have Sam San Nimble, Ju Jak staff, or Life lance stats, please send them our way as soon as possible!


More Sam San information!
Posted by: Windis -- 3:31 PM EST

Congradulations, Starman, on Sam San! Starman is the first Sam San Chung Ryong...he posted the stats on the Chung Ryong scale, as well as their title:

Sam San Chung Ryong=Barrage

Sam San Chung ryong scale
dura 15000000
S: 100m420
L: 120m440
30K vita
2500 mana

Got my eyes on stupid '1337 h4Xorz'
Posted by: Esterk -- 1:02 PM EST

Last night the forums got attacked. We're not sure who, but we can tell why. the person didn't like Atlas, and didn't like us. However i'll say they wern't very smart because they forgot -I- was a team member and did'nt do jack to my account. Since im still here, Im declaring it my job as a forum admin to filter through posts for hack threats. Everyone who makes hack threats or attemps on staffers, the forum, the site, and even game characters will have thier IPs logged permently in my little .txt of crap and will be monitered by me. NOTE: I said people who make threats. You should'nt make threats in the first place, it violates the user agreement. So just dont make stupid threats and I wont get all cold war on your butt.

NexusForums Back Online : Our Statement
Posted by: TSWolf -- 1:46 AM EST

NexusForums is back online. Here is my statement on the issue.

I apologize to all who lost info. We will try to restore it as best as possible. You just need to reregister and continue where you left off. Post counts shouldnt be that important in this issue. If they are, we will work out some way of grabbing your info.

We know the attack was initiated through Marstead's account. We also know Marstead's account had the same password as the Nexus Network staff service. We will not be putting up any names, because it's not prosperous for anyone. NexNet made a final lash at us and it was painful. We lost over 270 members last night because someone got angry at me... Which is pitiful.

Now we can move forth. We've stopped looking into who did the problem. In fact, we pretty much know who did what and will be taking care of it. But I urge everyone to move forth from this day. Know that the person who did this did not, at anytime, have information that could prove to be harmful to anyone. They simply went in, deleted things, took away permission from things, and went to cause trouble and chaos. Your passwords were never in jeopardy. They are hardcoded beyond anyone's reach.

We will keep a steady eye on the boards for the coming days. We have all the information we need on the people who caused this and we will be forwarding it to their ISP.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Once again, we apologize for any inconvience, and will be more than happy to help you anyway we can.

More Info can be found here ->

    Saturday, October 5, 2002

Nexus Forums : Breach Information
Posted by: TSWolf -- 10:45 PM EST

For details on how it got breached, read below. It was not hacked.

I'd first like to say, all your information is encrypted beyond rational decryption. There is no way for anyone to get your passwords on our boards. Please reread that twice before panicing.

Steve responded as fast as possible to save as many accounts as we possibly could. Unfortunately, only about half were saved. All forums were saved. Many of our technical stuff on the inside looked like a wrench had been thrown in it. In other words, whoever was in was being sloppy and left a lot of tracks. So we will find out who initated this, and be contacting Telefragged, their internet service provider and taken further action. If we find out this was in fact an attack that was sent from NexNet.. I will be contacting Nexon as well. This was an attack on Nexus players as well as our webserver.

When NexusForums reopens, we will notify you. If your account has been deleted.. Feel free to contact me or Lauz in the chatroom, or VIA EMAIL. Do not spam us with Private Messages on NF.. We will FIX your account back to the way it was.. We lost about 300 members in their deleteing spree.

All topics are safe. We will fix this and move on... But we WILL find out who did this. I promise you that.

And this is why I closed NexNet...
Posted by: Marstead -- 10:39 PM EST

It appears that a disgruntled staffmember of Nexus Network with access to Staff Passwords has used one to get on an admin. account in Nexus Forums to wreak havoc. We have some top suspects, but we are not going to divulge anything until we are 100% positive we know who it was.

This is the kind of spite I was faced with that brought me to the conclusion that shutting down the only way to keep the hatred from hurting you guys... It would have trickled down from just me and Adam to the other staffmembers who still cared, and then the rage would eventually have consumed the site. It seems some people still want to make some kind of 'statement'...

We will keep you updated, as soon as this issue is resolved we will go back to work on getting the Armor and Spells sections up.

Thank you for your patience.

Nexus Froums
Posted by: Lauz -- 9:54 PM EST

Unfortunately, Nexus Forums is currently down. We are not aware of what the situation is but we are pretty sure that one of our admins were hacked or something to that effect. We are working on it as we speak, things will be fixed as soon as possible. Bare with us.

Please dont worry about your passwords on the forums. They are safe and coded very carefully so it is impossible for someone to crack it.

IRC Stats
Posted by: Steve -- 7:57 AM EST

For all of the NexusAtlas chatters we now have IRCStats.

They can be access here:

Perhaps we can have a link on the left menu for them in the future.

Bug Fixes/Additions for this Morning
Posted by: TSWolf -- 1:05 AM EST

Names in () are those of who helped extinguish the bug.

- Chat room bugged link fixed (Herald)

Legend Marks
Please Note : Round 2 Legend Marks will be added to our lists shortly.

- Inner Knowledge is now under Diviners, like it should be. Thanks for your persistance! (Maki)
- Spy section, "assisted" and "exploitation" are now spelled correctly. (Maki)
- Keeper of balance was moved to Geos, but reference to Diviners wasn't changed. It now is. (Maki)
- Touched by the Spirits was given a more detailed description. (FireTiger)
- "Completing" spelling errors fixed throughout. (FireTiger)

- Several Spelling Errors fixed in *all* of the pages. Thanks for your extensive look on this section.(FireTiger,Maki,PikaChuBorg)

- More Fun spelling errors. Thanks for the lookout. (FireTiger)
- Life Lance and Ju Jak Staff are now up as they should be. (AnoDogTk)
- Nimble blade and Chung scale moved to Quest Swords.

A past archon dug up some info for me... You'll enjoy this.
- Added ** Zibong's Staff ** to Extinct Weapons. Check out the stats on that thing! Jesus christ!
- Added stats to Dragonclaw, Goblin's Club, Silver moon axe, and Trident. All extinct weapons!

    Friday, October 4, 2002

Java IRC Client!
Posted by: Steve -- 9:22 PM EST

Hello Everyone! Today I have setup a Java IRC Applet for those without the knowledge or the time to setup mIRC to still be able to chat with us :)

It is located here:

For future reference you can also click "Chatroom" under "Interact" on the main menu.

Once at the page simply press "Connect Now!" and you'll be able to chat with us.

-Steve (BloodRage)

Hidey ho good neighbour, and congrats!
Posted by: Corath -- 9:17 PM EST

Yep, I'm here now. I've always wanted to be a news reporter and stuff, so now I can do it. I'll try to update this as often as news happens!

Also, I'm still on as a NexusForums moderator, so that hasn't changed. Um... yeah!

Also, congrats to Atalanta on Sam san!

Catch em as they fall - More NexNet Info
Posted by: TSWolf -- 9:04 PM EST

As the Nexus Network comes to a close, some of the reporters have decided to come work for us.

Please welcome Corath and AnglerFish to our staff!

More to come.

And to give people a fair, fighting chance, and to enable full functionality of our site, We are once again enabling right click!

Nexus Network Rights
Posted by: TSWolf -- 7:33 PM EST

The entire Nexus Network rights, as of this evening, have been given over to Marstead to do with as he pleases. All copyrights, layouts, information (Non Nexon owned), wording, etc, is now his.

This means Marstead can do whatever he wants with it. He can throw it in the garbage.. He can give it to my worst enemy.

I'm tired of the endless warring.. So I decided that he will be the best decision. My influence has no power over the Nexus Network name anymore.. It is now a part of my past.

To clarify this even further - One year ago Marstead was given permission to extend the work I had created simply because I didn't want to do it anymore. It was still under ownership by me, under laws slated for nonprofit organizations... He now OWNS it.. Means everything everyone has ever done to help craft it is now in his possession.

There is no exceptions to this.. If whomever obtains the rights wishes, they do not have to give me credit. They do not have to link to my site.. They can turn Nexus Network into an Anti-TSWolf site.

I feel this belongs on news because its an important issue that has existed for the past year.

Thank you for your time.

Bread on Death!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 1:19 AM EST

Don't mind the subject. Just a little spelling error that Marstead did while he was inputing data tonight. Told him I would make it haunt him.

Anyway... This post is to announce the launch of our Weapons section. The link can be found on the menu to your left.. Enjoy all 212 wonders of Nexus.

There's more suprises going to be added to the Weapon section soon, so stay tuned.

Thanks to Librarian, Windis, and Lauz to their ongoing testing of the layout.

Thanks to Marstead for helping enter in Information at the last minute, and to do some tedium that I didn't get around to.

Thanks to Steve for his GREAT job on the Database, and helping me fight through what seemed like a Remake of StarShip Troopers. So many bugs..

I don't want this post to detract away from ShinI's huge accomplishment. I want to extend my congratulations to him as well. Way to go. Takes some extreme effort to topple Calmwind.

And Nexus History is Made...
Posted by: Marstead -- 12:05 AM EST

Congratulations to ShinI on being the first person in the history of Nexus to pass CalmWind in strength. Way to go!

    Thursday, October 3, 2002

Round 2 Legend marks
Posted by: TSWolf -- 1:14 AM EST

Round 2 has brought a lot of Subpaths new legend marks. I spoke with my elder (Esme) and she advised me to wait till testing is complete to release them.

I appreciate you all sending me then, and im archiving them, but I won't be releasing them till I get the okay from all the paths =).

Hello hello.
Posted by: Nagnag -- 12:11 AM EST

I am just posting to say hello to the community! Well well well, you all will have to expect a lot of hard work from me! I'll be the one you'll see pushin' the broom around... heh, just joking. I am going to be doing the graphics of the site. Also! Expect a few suprises from me, I've got some great stuff in store for ya'll. Got a question? Email me!

    Wednesday, October 2, 2002

Hello/Gambler's Digest Special Issue!
Posted by: Windis -- 10:53 PM EST

Hello everyone! Like TS said, I've been testing for a while now. It's been a pleasure testing, and I'll continue to do so. Also, like he said, I'm bringing some new things to Nexus Atlas. One such thing is the Gambler's Digest, a weekly newsletter post on Nexus Atlas and sent to subscribers with news and information as well as fun for gamblers. Here is the special issue, written by myself!

I almost forgot!, if you need to get ahold of me, I'm Windis on Nexus, for email, and SecretNexus is my aim name.

The Gambler's Digest: Special Edition
Sponsored by Nexus Atlas((

------------Table of Contents-----------

I. Introduction
II. News and Events
III. Tips and Facts
IV. Top Ten Gamblers
V. Gambling Guide
VI. Games
VII. Contests
VIII. Special Offers
IX. Subscribers
X. From our Sponsor
XI. Advertisements
XII. Active Gamblers
XIII. Conclusion

I. Thanks for reading! This is the first writings of Gambler's Digest, a weekly newsletter that offers great gambling information and updates.

II. This week, Ilios has prohibited two non Merchants gambling against eachother. Please do not approach a Merchant to gamble for you and a friend.

III. This week, I'll tell you some tips about karma. Many people believe gambling is affected by karma, but it's not. Gambling is based on pure luck of random generated code.

IV. Well, ehe...not sure who I'd put here this week. I cam off pretty well, but I bet there are many people out there! This first special edition will not include a top ten list. Next week!

V. For all you new and intersted people! This week's reminders are about gambling safety. Remember, only Merchants can gamble, and only under 250k. If a Merchant takes your money, ask them first, then contact a guide or another Merchant.

VI. This week, the game is more of an asociative factor. If you can't decide on something, instead of going to the diviners, perhaps try your luck. It never fails to trust. Gamble with a Merchant for 1k, and see who wins!

VII. This week, I have a small contest. Send in a gambler's tale. The best story will be included in the first issue of the Gambler's Digest. There may be a prize!

VIII. No special offers this week. Next week we will have special offers I hope.

IX. There are no people currently subscribed to Gambler's Digest. Next week's issue will be available at Nexus atlas or if you have a mail subscription(free, contact Windis)

X. Nexus Atlas is going good! With the growth of many new sections, you're encouraged to visit and read the Digest every week! ((

XI. This week, Windis is advertising she is gambling! Also, Nexus Atlas opened new sections. ((

XII. Only one, myself, Windis!

XIII. Thanks for reading. Next week's issue will be full of interesting features that may have been unavailable this week.

To contact Windis - Mail

~Windis, Head writer and editor
~TSWulf and the Nexus Atlas team, sponsors
~The Merchant guild, your gamblin' buddies

Welcome New Staff Member - Windis!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 10:44 PM EST

Windis has shown extraordinary dedication to the N/A project since before it was released to the public. Shes been the only active tester who wasn't a full fledged Staff member. This was only a matter of time, and what better time than now.

She has some great plans in store for everyone! So give her a congrats and enjoy her as another great addition to the Nexus Atlas team!

In celebration of her addition, we also introduce the flexible logo! Our logo is going to be another active part of our news. When an event occurs, when a new staff member comes, or someone makes an extraordinary affect on the community, their icon will be up on our logo! So again, Congrats Windy!

Weapons completes testing!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 9:01 PM EST

The weapons format completed testing about 30 minutes ago and we tested it on a mass scale. Here are the new things you can expect -

Color Coded Weapon Stats!
Animated Weapons thanks to Nagnag!
No more popup info, info is all out on pages now!
Fast load times, even under stress!
Accurate, Up to date information.

I want to release the entire section at once.. Most of it is in the database. Just a little more to add to it. Then we'll be releasing the new stuff to the public. I wanted to do this before spells because I feel this will be more benefitical. Both are in serious production right now though, so they should be both be out as soon as possible.

Thanks to Librarian, Windis, Steve, and Lauz for their extensive testing and work this evening.

Screwin' the Schedule
Posted by: TSWolf -- 12:53 AM EST

Up at 3 am again looking for a way to fix this problem that Im having with calling the weapon info. Steve and I will be working with it nonstop tommorow to try and get the weapon section up for this week. Im sure its something stupid and simple and we'll slap our heads for it, just like we did with the Spell section.

Speaking of which.. That's looking good. Tommorow I'm gonna spend the entirity of my free time entering in database info for it. So it'll be done soon =).

Java client gonna be going up asap to get our chatroom with more than 4 people in it at one time.

Thanks to everyone who helped me with legend marks the past couple of days! Got a bunch of em, still alot to go. But no worries! We can find em all eventually.

Next week I'll be putting up a new reporter or two. I want to explain this to people who are interested in joining Nexus Atlas. Applications aren't where its at. Helping the site is. I look for people who help us out and don't expect to be a member here. This is how everyone great started. Applications gave us useless people who ended up quitting/getting fired/doing it for the name. It felt like I was forced to pick one... I've seen some great raw material in the past with NexNet and I feel I still have that ability. So how can you work for us? Help the community by sending us info. We'll put your name up on the site with the info. Help us fix bugs. So on so forth. Nexus Atlas isn't World fame.. It's work. Alot of it. It's not like it was when NexNet was around. Nexus Atlas was built so that everyone could help me out, in more than just posting.

I'll throw something up today for you folks. Something I didnt plan on doing but will do anyway cause you guys simply rock ^^.

    Tuesday, October 1, 2002

New Sam Spells - Plus Contraversy
Posted by: TSWolf -- 10:09 AM EST

Recently on the Com board, all of the spells for every path have been released. The two newest ones, Warrior and poet are :


Luster return :Repairs all your equip, needa do more testing 12000 sec ather. Takes 80k mana. Cost to get 10 fine metal 10 fine cloth 150k

Lifes end: Little stronger than ww 38 sec ather takes 2/3 vita. Cost to get 600k Blood spike

Spirit salvation: heals 1.2k cost of 1k mana non targetable heal. Cost to get 50k 5 m. gin

(Thanks to Mountie)


Blessing of Life - 40k heal
10 mt gin 100k

Ming-Ken Master - sam san cow

Soul Guard - -6 ac lasts 38 seconds (upgraded bolster)
10 purple rings 100k

Hearts Breaking - +9 ac lasts 18 seconds (upgraded dishearten)
dart poison 200k

(Thanks to LadySatin)

From their personal studies they see that the spells have virtually no variety from the Rogue's Ka, and don't make hunting any better in any of the other caves. From what we see, whether it be Fox hunts, or spells, or requirements, Sam San is quickly becmoing a joke to many in the kingdom. In fact, a boycott has begun to uprise that stops people in the middle of the quest from going any further. They claim that all this work is simply not worth the benefit in the end.

Nexon has yet to comment on the situation.

When they do, we'll keep ya posted.