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Past News | January 2016

Past News
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January 2016

    Friday, January 29, 2016

A new published law: Player privacy protection
Posted by: Vini -- 9:25 PM EST

A few days ago a new law was published on the Law board which require players to pay attention to. It's Law 199 - Player Privacy Law. The enactment of this law has caused some confusion to players who got worried about the applications of it and how it would affect their day to day. Therefore, Nexus Atlas took some time to talk with Head Judge Teragg about clearing some questions of public interest, some which were posted on Community and Rambling Thoughts.

The new law goes as following:

It is illegal to reveal another players alt chars, or IRL (In Real Life) information about player, by name, or possible position, on any public media including but not limited to sage, world shout, boards, clan or path chat, without first obtaining permission from said player specifically allowing it, and retaining proof of said permission ie: ss, etc.

Doing so, without permission, will subject your character to punishment as deemed appropriate, dependant on degree of revelation. This can range from warning up to possible jailing and/or banishment.

Player privacy is a right, as outlined in TOS, and this law clarifies the TOS specific to alternate chars and IRL information, but does not override the TOS. This is a Role Playing Game, and the above information of another player has no role here, nor will be allowed to either embarrass or cause discomfort to anyone.

Adding "rumored" or similar will not excuse naming alts, or revealing IRL info. So to speak, the damage is still done.

As it is written the board, the restrictions set by this law aren't new. Mostly all of what is described there has always been forbidden, described as a breach of Terms of Service listed under prohibited conduct #1.

Therefore the law itself serves to clarify more about behavior that should not be be done which inflicts as a form of -player harassment-, which therefore cannot be blocked/prevented by F9 ignore list.

Intention to harass or harm the player is a decisive factor. If someone is convicted of serious violation to this law, he/she can be jailed for harassment. Further breaking the after warnings and jailing may even result in ban.

Here's a set of questions answered by Head Judge Teragg:

  • 1. "Can I report some for violating this law if I'm not the person who's information got disclosed?"
    No. Only the player affected by the law can report it to justice board. If the player doesn't report means he/she doesn't feel harmed by the revealing of information.
    As a common practice one shall try to warn the person violating their privacy that such attitude is not welcome before they actually pursue taking this to Justice board.
    Do not attempt to abuse this law (or any other law) to cause trouble to other people.

  • 2. "I have the defendant on F9, may I use screenshot of other people to prove the violation of privacy?"
    Yes. You can, as has always been policy in any breach of any law. Not only for the f9 restriction which sometimes doesn't allow person to see the violation, but for technical issues as well.

  • 3. "If a person signed a nexus public post with their real life name, does it automatically give everyone authorization to use that signed name as common knowledge"?
    Yes, but make sure you can prove the person did sign, and within a reasonable time frame, should player object..or..JUST ASK.

  • 4. "If someone publically discloses my social media, my phone number or any other private real life information, even if not mentioning it is me, would that still be illegal"?
    Yes. Plain and simple: IRL info has no place for public dissemination in an RPG.

  • 5. "Does this law apply to whispers"?
    Normally no, but depends. If someone decides to whisper dozens of people with same information it could be considered an attempt to hide an intention to harass player.

  • 6. "Does this law make the Blacklists by Clans and Subpaths illegal"?
    No. As long as such lists are maintained to protect other organizations with no intention of harassing the player and that the information there remains secured, there's no violation in it.

  • 7. "Someone was gambling with me and vanished after losing. Can I world shout his alts so everyone know he/she is a scammer"?
    No. You should report it to justice board and provide your evidence. If you want to warn the Merchant Guild about it, you can, as long as not disclosing the alts and you can prove, not simply accuse.

  • 8. "A player died in real life, is it illegal to reveal his name knowing that he/she isn't around to complain anymore"?
    Normally no. Once again depends on intent. If someone reveals such information as a way to confirm the death or pay homage to the person it's not considered illegal, but if the act is intended to harass the person (Example: look how loser he was/look how ugly he was in this picture) then yes, it can be considered a violation, and in effect, more serious. In this situation only, common decency is gonna have an active voice.

    If you feel there's any more questions that could help enlighten the community about the limits set by this law you may nmail it or share on community board.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 77, Moon 8~

  •     Sunday, January 17, 2016

    Phoenix's New Toys!
    Posted by: Bocanegra -- 9:17 PM EST
    The Phoenix Clan of Buya has four new toys at their disposal! They constructed 4 trebuchets to aid in the defense of the Manchurian border against any force that appears with hostile intent. Phoenix clan got contracts from the state of Manchuria and proceeded to build their own trebuchets.

    Currently, the trebuchets are being tested. As you can see, the two on the right are in the process of firing in the portrait, while the two on the left are being rearmed. They all have wheels at the base, making them maneuverable.

    Transporting the trebuchets through Kugnae will be a challenge. However, I was told that Prince ChaeRi of Nagnang offered to ensure the safe transfer of the projectiles once they reach Nagnang's borders.

    - Bocanegra -

    NOTE: Examining the items, it says they are called "Catapults." However, they are really trebuchets.

        Saturday, January 16, 2016

    Fallen Kindred in Phoenix ((NPCs))
    Posted by: Bocanegra -- 5:52 PM EST
    It is with our deepest sadness to report that four members of Phoenix clan of Buya lost their lives in the line of duty. Their names are as follows:

    Bo-Hee - Siege engineer
    Bong-Ju - Siege technician
    Da-Jeong - Caravaneer
    Jin-Yeop - Caravaneer

    A memorial service was held in the Phoenix clan hall to honor the four individuals above who passed away.

    (Queen Lasahn saying words about the tragedy)

    (A large number of people showed up to show their support for the funeral)

    (The four individuals who heroically lost their lives)

    When asked about the circumstances and incident which led to the tragedy, Primogen Guerrund offered these words:
    "It started with Hobart and his embargo on trade with Buya. Cutting off important supply lines, Buya was faced with starvation or making new supply lines for the people.

    Manchuria became a nation and Koohwen taking over this nation by decree. Manchuria requested defensive structures to be built and sent to them. Phoenix picked up two of the three contracts and began building trebuchets.

    On the second trip through Koguryo, the caravan was attacked. The only eye witnesses who survived said that they saw people wearing Kugnae Royal Army uniforms. They killed many Phoenix members, [whose names are listed above].

    The Imperial army has found that it could have been the Minister of Agriculture, Hobart. [He] unsuccessfully tried to drain the coffers of Buya and in a desperate attempt to succeed, attacked one of the Phoenix clan's unarmed caravans heading to Manchuria.

    This funeral is intended to honor those who have fallen."


    We at Nexus Atlas convey our respects for the fallen, and offer our condolences to Phoenix clan. It is through times like these where clan mates and the community need to come together to offer emotional help as much as possible.

    From the flames of tragedy and the ashes of despair, the Phoenix will one day rise again in its glorious majesty.



        Tuesday, January 5, 2016

    Nexus Matchmaking
    Posted by: Vini -- 2:16 AM EST
    It seems that the leader of Heaven's clan has decided to take an addition role in hopes to aid the community as a Nexus cupid!
    Asamushi has been annoucing through world shout and Rambling Thoughts that he will help single citizens to find their right love life match.

    Talk to Asamushi and tell him about yourself so he can hook you up with the right person--in Nexus.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 77, Moon 2~

        Monday, January 4, 2016

    Scroll of Immortality - take it, it's yours!
    Posted by: Vini -- 10:53 PM EST
    A storm (server reset) hit the kingdoms couple of hours ago with and, as was expected by most, nullified the effects of the Wisdom star's bonus exp. The holiday lodge is also gone, but the winter wonderlands creatures and their holiday’s drops are still around.
    The only real change this reset brought was a treat for Scribes. As of today, the Scroll of Immortality's casting percentage has been increased and shall fail less often, therefore making the item more useful again.

    This item casts "Harden Body" for 16 seconds.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 77, Moon 2~

        Sunday, January 3, 2016

    Story Contest & Poetry Revels are back
    Posted by: Vini -- 11:55 PM EST
    As promised by the archons, Poetry Revels and Story Contests have resumed their normal activities as of today. A new theme for each is available for culture lovers and people attempting second mark (Ee san).

    Good luck on your entries!

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 77, Moon 1~

        Saturday, January 2, 2016

    A New Minister of Buya
    Posted by: Vini -- 4:45 PM EST
    A change of leadership occurred this morning at Buya ministry, as Minister ZenRu has decided to step down from her position and appointed Sageri to succeed her.
    Sageri was previously Primarch of Heavens clan, but chose to step away from such position to dedicate to her new role at IMB (Imperial Ministry of Buya).

    "I am looking forward to this New Year as the Minister of Buya. I hope for a peaceful year that is full of fun events and activities for all citizens! Hail Buya! Shining Jewel of the East", announced the new Minister.

    Congratulations Minister Sageri and thank you ZenRu for your services to Buya and Nexus community overall.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 77, Moon 1~

        Friday, January 1, 2016

    Welcome 2016!
    Posted by: Vini -- 1:04 PM EST

    It looks like the new year already started with a little nice surprise for Nexus hunters:
    The Double Exp. bonus effect of Wisdom star was extended until jan. 4th,
    instead of just december 31st as it has been previously announced by GM Stein.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 77, Moon 1~