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Past News | January 2007

Past News
Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

Note: In January 2006, NexusAtlas moved to a new server and a new ISP. In that process the software that manages our news archives dropped its links. We do not know exactly why that happened nor are we able to fix it without support from someone who knows the software. Therefore, we are calling news prior to March 2006 "Archived News" and it can be accessed by the link below.

If you want to see archived news, click here.

January 2007

    Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New items! Lost speaks!
Posted by: Nussan -- 12:43 PM EST


Today me and Xiji got a new item from opening the crates, a Small plate of substratum. We paid Nogh 50k, and he created into something, but not what we had expected. It turned out to be a Small ring of substratum! Then he offered to upgrade it for us, if we put our Hamgyong gem into it. So, for another 50k and a Hamgyong gem, he made us a Jeweled ring of Substratum!

Then, when we clicked Lost, the dragon, he spoke to us saying he could let us enchant the ring if we brought him 15 Floating essences and 10 Earthbound essences, which are dropped by the dragons and the snakes in the new cave east of Nogh's hut. This is what he said, when we brought him the items:

The ring turned into a Floating ring of Substratum!

As Lost said, it makes us lighter on our feet. We're able to walk across the chasm in the cave east of Nogh's hut, where you usually fall down into the rooms where you fight dragons and snakes. However, it seems like nothing is there, and there is no where to go yet. Just a dead end so far, we're hoping to find something soon.


    Monday, January 29, 2007

Server reset, Monday, January 29, 2007
Posted by: koinu -- 10:23 PM EST

The Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

Nogh who is your friend? Lost?
Chum what is that coming up out of your stairway!
((These are new permanent features to the game. Enjoy!))

Updates for Justice ~Posted on

With the release of the two new areas.. there's a new npc in the Home of ugh named lost. It seems there's magical items to be found that possesses magical aura allowing you to cross the pit. according to Mug, there's no way out of the pit except for gating and using a scroll. If you stay there long enough and lure an ogre, you'll notice they walk across the pit.. so there's some sort of way to cross the pit. current

The current items dropped so far in the pit is a dragon shard,floating essence, and earthbound essence.

The second area is in chums house, it seems low level characters can enter. there's a lot of new creatures to fight and items to get.

From killing the boss you can get a

Tuna Wizard eye
Durability 20000/20000

Hit +5
Damage +5

Tuna Wizard Wand
Durability 50,000
Damage S 5m20
L 10m30
Armor +3
Vita +250
Mana +750
Will +8

Any Class Leve 70 Req

From killing the Hamgyong Jellyfish:

Hamgyong Jelly tentacle
Any Class Level 70 Reg

casts corruption that deals 200-300 damage per second for 220 seconds.

Vitality +400

Any Class Level 70 Reg

Hamgyong Jelly Lump

-7 ac
Vitality +200
Mana +200
Any Class Level 70 Reg

    Sunday, January 28, 2007

A meeting to decide Bluestone's fate.
Posted by: Songa -- 7:04 PM EST

With BlueStone's recent offerings to "negotiate," it was decided by both Princess Lasahn and
Prince Kija to hold a meeting for the community as a whole on what to do about the situation.

Many citizens gathered, and shared great ideas. However, a proposal on what to do was not exactly
decided on. I suppose in the near future, we will see what happens.. But for now, things seem hushed.

Is BlueStone merely staying quiet, or did Princess Lasahn's attack on him really do damage??

    Friday, January 26, 2007

Thursday Server Reset
Posted by: Vini -- 3:22 AM EST

Around 10 hours ago, the nexus servers were reset again to bring more updated to the lands of the winds. As it was posted on Official website and Dream Weaver's board, here's the list of changes from yesterday's reset:

  • Chum seems happy, all those fish you have been giving him paid off and his hut was updated.

    Clan, Army & Ministry additions and fixes:
    Silla clan gets new merchants Busan (fishing) and Parched (Resurrect) however as soon as Busan comes Bluestone takes him away.
    Alizarin clan gets new merchant Ookami (Deposit/Withdraw) he took a bite out of Bluestones pants so Bluestone let him stay. Other merchants were moved to your new crafting hall but Bluestone took them away. (Ibby, Zooey, Valkryie and Otemba) Also, small update to Baxter.

    Subpath additions and fixes:
    Druids get small fix to their Druid guide map.

    Updates for Justice

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 5, Moon 7~

  •     Thursday, January 25, 2007

    BlueStone tries to negotiate
    Posted by: Vini -- 9:48 PM EST

    The captured clan craftsmen are not giving easy times to BlueStone and his pirates and thanks to that the true intentions of the one-eyed pirate are being shown more clear.

    The crew had stolen some metal and other things from the museum in order to craft a new sword containing a special sea shard given by the Sea Witch. The importance and power of this sea shard is still unknown but legends tells that some unique jewels of the oceans have enormous powers even to immortal hands. The intentions of BlueStone was to use the clans craftsmen to forge this new sword appereantly they'll all rebelled against him and destroyed the metal to work on it.

    Here's the post BlueStone has made on Chronicles of the Winds:

    All ye blunderin' landlubbers!


    I ain't never seen such lazy and incompetant craftsmen in all me years!
    Can't even forge simple metals right! I don't know why I e'er thought the lot of 'em could ever get it right!
    Rotten bunch o' filthy landlubbers ye all be! I'm tempted ta make tha whole lot o' ya walk tha plank,
    but I'll give just one more chance ta redeem yerselves.

    E'er since that Princess fell in love with me sword, I've
    needed ta get a new one. Lil' Buyan wench took me eye too, but
    I'll get 'er back yet! I kidnapped every one o' these wretched
    fools, ta have 'em put that gem that the Sea Witch gave me,
    into me new sword...but this here Sea shard can only be used along with a special metal,
    but all they did was destroy the metal I snatched from yer museum!
    All that hassle fer nothin'? Har har! Didn't sail all the way ter yer lands so we could
    leave empty handed again could we?

    Ne'er trust a land rat with somethin' that'd be so important.
    I've ne'er seen such lack o' skill. I was tempted ta feed tha lot o' em ta me pets.
    However, after BlackGut got through torturin' all o' 'em, we found out there's more o' that metal
    in yer lands. Apparently it was all used ta forge yer pretty lil' Clan swords.


    We'll be makin' ye a lil deal. All o' yer kidnapped workers live if ye give me mates and I yer clan swords.
    Thats tha only way ye'll be gettin' 'em back alive. Har har!

    - Captain BlueStone
    - Sailor of Ilbon

    Seems that now the clans have the change to restore their craftsmen alive, by giving BlueStone their clan sword. It's obvious that the lives of the workers are much more important than a piece of metal that such swords are, but will the primogens trust BlueStone in this exchange after all the mess this caused? This is what the community will be seeing next, in this tormented conflict between pirates and clans.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 5, Moon 7~

  •     Wednesday, January 24, 2007

    New Tiger Primogen
    Posted by: Vini -- 6:35 PM EST

    Just now, the Primogen of Tiger clan, FPickledog, has announced his retirement and has appointed HealinKisses as the new primogeness of the Tigers. Karuna HealinKisses, who has been primarch for quite a few months, now assumes the position as the 4th primogen of the youngest Kogurian clan.

    Congratulations Primogeness HealinKisses and special thanks to FPickledog for all he has done to Tiger and nexus overall.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 5, Moon 7~

    Hamyong New Area and Items
    Posted by: Vini -- 12:56 AM EST

    A new pathway has been found at north of Hamyong River (067 003)into a small area called Kikopu's Hut. There a yellow ogre only allow people wearing Fishing clubs or Slog clugs to enter the Supplies area because he thinks people carrying such clubs are actually ogres. This creature would sure help if he had some glasses but gladly people never heard of ogres wearing glasses so it is the opportunity for humans to explore inside.

    Once in Eastern Supply line there will be new colored ogres who don't hit hard and drop ambers and sometimes Crate of supplies. Such crates can also be traded in Western Supply line (001 010 to reach it) and at the northwest Sangin (002 006) can be found, a human that trades 1 amber for one crate of supply, but he only exchanges 50 per time.

    People can use these create supplies to open them and most of the time they will be empty. Sometimes they will have wool or ginko wood and on rare times they may have sub plates. These sub plates are really really rare, people might find themselves opening thousands of such crates until they find a sub plate create.

    At southeast of Eastern Supply Line (095 017) the Taskmaster Kumae can be found. If people tap him carrying him 50 crates he'll reward with minor quest experience. It is not confirmed if after a certain or a random ammount of times he takes 50 crates if he'll give a better reward.

    The sub plates can be traded along with 200k for new head items, hand items, armors and a new weapon:

    The Gossamer Substratum Membrane has same stats as male version but looks like this:

    These items are repairable and break on death.

    Special thanks to AzNCloudBoi for showing his items for such screenshots and also for lending his club for the exploration of these areas shown in above.

    A huge thank you to SickChicken for being the first to discover and share the information about the plates, as well as the next step to refining them!

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 5, Moon 7~

        Tuesday, January 23, 2007

    New Kruna Items!
    Posted by: Songa -- 5:20 PM EST

    The item shop has yet more pretty items for you to waste your Kruna on~!
    This time, it's pretty little head accessories! hurrah!

    Here is what mug wrote about them on the Item Shop Annoucements board:
    (along with some images~)

    Far from the west, comes the rarity of an extraordinary gem - the star sapphire. Here in a finely crafted circlet of special gold colors, this mystical jewel offers its wearer spiritual enlightenment and inner peace. Bring yourself one step closer to the divine with this small Western trinket.

    Country Of Origin: Far West
    Sapphire colors: Black, Fire, Gray and Blue

    The Mukuta is worn by both men and women of the nobility. The delicate beadwork, common in the Far West is incomparable to other headpieces of this quality. The Mukuta has tiny seed pearls and mosaic design. Larger pearls are draped to gracefully surround the face. Only the truly appreciative can wear this with poise.

    Origin: Far West
    Colors: Yellow, Red, Blue and Pink

    You are also able to not only smell like a rotting fish,
    but look like one too!!
    Scrollie was sneaking around Hamyong river and discovered large amounts of fish carcasses. He got the idea that if fish could breathe by drinking water, people might be able to as well so he crafted these for our use. Free Yellow Scroll included with purchase.

    *KRU denies any responsibility for causing people to hold their noses as you pass and the loss of your yellow scroll to Scrollie.*

    Place of Origin: Muses' Poetic Justice

    Ancient wisdom and beauty imbues this Golden Chaplet in each and every detail. This Golden Chaplet is a true treasure to be added to your own personal collection and worthy of royalty. Do not pass this golden opportunity to own one today!

    Country Of Origin: unknown

    Now it's time to buy what everyone else no doubt is, and be an individual! Er, wait..

        Monday, January 22, 2007

    BlueStone takes hostages
    Posted by: Songa -- 6:49 PM EST

    It appears as if BlueStone is feeling better, after a run in with Princess Lasahn and a daring escape
    from his capture. He somehow managed to break into a few Clan Halls, and capture some of their "workers."
    Though as far as I know, only about two Clans are missing any of their "workers" (also known as NPCs) thus far.
    Here is the letter he left upon the Whispering Winds:

    Ahoy festerin' land rats,

    Ye' had better learn ta keep yer doors locked, or else a filthy pirate the likes of which ye ne'er seen'll come
    by when ye leas' expect it. Af'er I was treated so terribly by yer dear royals, 'specially that precious li'l wench
    Lasahn, I thought we'd repay ya durin' the night!

    Hope ye' haven't any need for repairs anytime soon, eh? It was surprisin'ly easy te get all 'em outta yer halls,
    even without one of me eyes. I admit, Lasahn, ye got me good. Ye didn't kill me, though. Left a big ol' bloody
    hole in me face ye' did, almost as dark as me' soul! Wonder how well ye'll carve up, though...make ye' scream a lil, like he did.

    Couln't avenge poor Xiou's death like ye' had planned eh? Pity, ye' pretty li'l pig. An don' ferget that ye' took me
    sword too, this migh'nt 'ave happen'd if ye' had left that be.

    We took 'em, that we did...but ye' should rest the blame on yer Princes and Princess, I might not a gone to these lengths,
    and ye' might not have so many lives on the line. Doubt ye' ev'n care that they be gone. The biggest ruckus'll be that ye'
    lost yer convenient slaves, eh? Har har!

    Don' worry, yer workers are safe n'sound fer now. We ain't be done yet, just trust ol' BlueStone. Not nearly enough of
    ye dead fer my likin'. 'll let the waters run red bef're I take me' leave, but just ye' wait.

    -Captain BlueStone
    -Sailor of Ilbon

    There was also a reset earlier, with the following changes: (as posted on Dream Weaver)

    Seems Bluestone has taken been taking things from the clans halls!

    Ogres have been digging new pathways... wonder what lies in store!

    Clan, Army & Ministry additions and fixes:
    Alizarin clan receives new room Scholar Courtyard

    Subpath additions and fixes:
    Minor fix to the Rangers Moghi Bow you may now bank and drop this item.

    A new NPC by the name of Komgo can be found in Hamgyong Nam-Do, asking you to slay some Ogres for him.
    Many community members are already on this mission, so who knows what is to come!

    Thank you to Lokira for most of this information!

    Posted by: Songa -- 6:20 PM EST

    Greetings and Hello Nexus Atlas readers~!

    I am Songa, your master and lord.. and, well, apparently the newest reporter.
    Reporting the news is fun, because you find things that are new, and think,
    "Wow that's SO news worthy!" so you thus report the new news. Well, except of course
    if the new news is not actually new, but it's old and boring. Then you don't report it.

    Did I confuse you yet?

    Insanity aside, I hope to report many a news story.. whether exciting or not so much.
    Feel free to smack me for the former.


        Friday, January 19, 2007

    More ZoomTK
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 1:41 AM EST

    I've added full size maps for Buya, Kugnae, Wilderness and Woodlands. I'll do Nagnang soon but the Vale is in version 5.0 and it will need to be remapped. If you view Kugnae, I already know the Tree of Reflections isn't as large as current but changing the maps is very time consuming. Uploading the new ZoomTK maps took over 2 hours tonight. Enjoy!


        Thursday, January 18, 2007

    Bounty for Nykid's capture
    Posted by: Vini -- 5:28 PM EST

    Yesterday amid the confusions caused by pirates, General Nykid has escaped. After being charged with treason and declared a traitor to Koguryo for poisoning his own soldiers, he decided to avoid ultimate doom and fled Koguryo. The former General escaped during Bluestone's rescue by his pirates, using the confusion to disguise his escape.

    General Hatiki of Koguryo Royal Army and General Adragonsclaw of Nagnang Army have both placed bounties on his capture alive, totalling over 8 million coins. On the night of his escape, he used gateway one last time before having the rest of his magic drained from him. He is on foot and powerless, and was last seen heading towards Hausson. The people of Koguryo has been wondering what might have happened to their once noble and generous General and wonder if he might be trying to sail away with pirates. Keep on the lookout, an 8 million gold prize awaits.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 5, Moon 6~

    New Kugnae Mage Tutor!
    Posted by: Nussan -- 3:05 PM EST


    A new Tutor has been chosen to fill the Kugnae Mage Tutor position after
    SquallMage stepped down a while ago.
    Congratulations TheSavior on your new position! Keep an eye out on Community events board for classes if you're interested in attending!


        Wednesday, January 17, 2007

    Pirates Strike Buya & Bluestone Escapes
    Posted by: Vini -- 10:37 PM EST

    As Bluestone was captured on the run by King M'hul and his soldiers, the plans of the pirates to leave the seacoast of Koguryo were delayed. First Mate BlackGut posted that if Bluestone was released without a fight they would give back all the things they stole from the museum. The Royals agree that such pirates could not be trusted and Bluestone could not be let go away without paying for his crimes against the kingdoms. The tri-kingdom alliance decided they should not negotiate with the pirates and kept him in royal prison.

    Bluestone feels the anger of the community after being captured for destroying the museum.

    While Bluestone was being kept in Kugnae Oubliette, the decision taken by the royals was that his trial would be held in Buya. It started today 8:00 pm and went on well for the first 20 minutes, until the Buya room was striked by pirates of Bluestone's crew. BlackGut, Torus and Doggerel
    invaded the trial and helped Bluestone escape, but before that he was stabbed in the eye by the Princess Lasahn who lost control after hearing from the pirate captain how he killed her lover Xiou many yuris ago.

    The profile of the three pirates that have been spotted.

    Upon the escape they've walked through the tunnels until they reached the Buya Courtyard. The three pirates found a large number of people waiting for them there and a huge battle began to strike the pirates down. Several times they've been on the edge of death by the hands of the most powerful citizens but they managed to survive due Spirit's gifts perhaps.

    The three pirates are spotted in Buya Courtyard and it turns into a big fight.

    After the long battle, the pirates managed to escape from the courtyard and ran to their ships using disguise. Before they were gone from people's sights Torus announced it wouldn't be the last time the community would hear of them. More to come perhaps.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 5, Moon 6~

    Server reset today~
    Posted by: koinu -- 4:12 PM EST

    Server reset, Wednesday, January 17, 2007

    The Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

    The Tree of Reflection has grown again.

    Clan, Army & Ministry additions and fixes:
    Alizarin clan receives new merchant “Baxter” he will allow you to do Minor quest and resurrect you.
    Forsaken clan receives minor fix.
    Kurimja receives six new merchants (Kosuke: Smelt, Metal and buys slag; Osugi: Weave, Tailor and buys some gowns; Koetsu: Gem, Jeweling and buys some gems; Gonnosuke: Wood and buys some tools; Avarice who is your banker; Takuan: Scribe and Alchemy) and a new room “Sanctum of Artistry”.

    Subpath additions and fixes:
    Druids receive “Druid awards”

    News Found on

        Tuesday, January 16, 2007

    Pirate Sighting at Dae Shore
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 9:30 PM EST

    Princess Lasahn saged that pirates had been sighted at Shipwreck Shore and in the library. Perhaps she was drunk on adrenalin because there weren't any pirates in the Town Libraries. We quickly checked Shipwreck Shore in the Museum and other than a few guards, we found nothing. However there is a huge ship at Dae Shore. Take a look at what we did find:


    While running through the museum, there was a huge explosion with rocks raining down. Everyone wound up in Purgatory! When we made our way back to Dae Shore, the pirates were on the their ship preparing to leave. They were in such a disorganized rush that Bluestone was left behind and was caught by Mhul. The museum exhibits are now in ruins and the Caretaker is in shock! Princess Lasahn is demanding retribution!

    Hamgyong Nam-do Maps Updated
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 4:03 AM EST

    All of the new changes are available for your use. The two Level 91 caves have not changed since Version 5.0 and have not been updated.

    Hamgyong Nam-Do

        Monday, January 15, 2007

    Slogs heavy club
    Posted by: Conro -- 7:19 PM EST

    Sideline has made yet another discovery, this time in the form of a Sam san+ weapon.

    It's a bit odd that these clubs don't seem to follow the "Vortex Weapon Fashion" of Minor to Light to Regular(NO Modifier) to Heavy.

    So far it has gone...

    99 - None
    Il san - Slogs club
    Ee san - None
    Sam san - Slogs heavy club

    As others are found you'll be sure to see them here!

    - Conro

        Sunday, January 14, 2007

    Pay off!
    Posted by: Conro -- 3:15 AM EST

    Sideline and Moondragons made a new discovery!

    Slog, the boss creature deep with in the Hamgyong mines, has finally dropped something worth while -- Slogs club.

    The club glows blue like a Steelthorn, and is for any path of Il san rank or higher.

    A picture of Sideline wearing Slogs club

    The statistics are good for carnage goers of Il san rank, but are outmatched in hunting by the Heavy polearm.

    Good work on the drop, guys!

    - Conro

        Friday, January 12, 2007

    And the server resets again
    Posted by: Vini -- 4:03 PM EST

    A reset happened just now in the lands of nexus. Here is the list of changes as posted by GM Mug:

    Clan, Army & Ministry additions and fixes:
  • Forsaken clan receives new craft looms and Toadstool hopped to a new spot.
  • Silla clan receives new room "Silla Patio"
  • Destiny clan receives new council board
    (They announced this council board thing on last reset as well)

    Subpath additions and fixes:
  • Minor updates and map changes for Merchants
  • Minor updates and fixes for Druids

    Also there are some new Kruna Item shop goodies available, including new wings, mantles and Mantiyas!

    It also appears that yesterday another 50 extra Kruna have been added to accounts as the promised reward of the Winter Wonderland. The auto-renewal monthly 50 extra Kruna should be added on the 15th of January.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 5, Moon 4~

  • Hamgyong fishing club
    Posted by: Conro -- 1:47 AM EST

    A drop was found from Thur-Gan Ogre (glowing Ogre) in the dried up Hamgyong River area.

    Thur-Gan drops his club, the Hamgyong fishing club, an item which looks like a green Spike, with decent statistics for the level it's introduced for.

    A picture of Najun borrowing TaiPatrons Fishing club

    The statistics are decent for the level, but are outmatched by the Military fork. This weapon can be used with a shield.

        Thursday, January 11, 2007

    Treason in the KRA and the coming of a new General!
    Posted by: Sebelle -- 11:26 PM EST

    If you have been keeping track of recent events in the land both on the Chronicles of the Wind board and in both Kugnae and Nagnang, members of the KRA had been poisoned within the Legion of Nagnang's barracks! Tonight the person behind the plot unveiled himself, stating that it was done to incite a war between Nagnang and Kugnae and to protect the citizens from Blight! General Nykid confessed to these crimes, and will be placed on trial soon.

    In his place, Lt. General Hatiki will now lead the KRA! Congratulations, Hatiki and good luck in your new position.

    Brief down time
    Posted by: Conro -- 10:40 PM EST

    Brief downtime was experienced around 8:30 PM EST.

    At this time I was in the process of updating information with NexusAtlas. In the future, such downtime will not occur, because all information is current and will not be changing for quite some time.

    Thank you, everyone, who reported the downtime to our staff. It's your attention to NexusAtlas which makes the site as great as it is!

    As consolation, I will be hosting a small contest via NexusAtlas/NexusForums, in which the winner will receive a choice of any Kruna items up to 1000 Kruna! Details will be posted later on NexusForums!

    New Gamble Law
    Posted by: Vini -- 5:23 PM EST

    With the introduction of the new /roll command, much has been talked about gambles using this system and since the others were that 'ghetto gambles' were on their own risk, not much could be done about it. Not much until now.

    From January 10th, 2007 forward a new law is being enforced on nexus regulating the gambles done via /roll system. This does not work for pipe gambles or any other gambles done by throwing items. Anyway, these aren't necessary to be used anymore since the introduction of this new command. Sadly there's no way to turn such command view off yet.

    Gamble Law
    Script for getting Gamble Law proof

    Everyone in nexus should check the new Gamble law, wether a gambler or not. The laws are for everyone and everyone should have knowledge of them. Some other laws are gaining updates, such as the Share wisdom law. Would be wise to check it as well. Let's hope nexus keeps improving the laws for better, some other changes were already done for better, but will only be noticed within time.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 5, Moon 4~

        Tuesday, January 9, 2007

    Two Million Coin Giveaway Winner!
    Posted by: Conro -- 5:23 AM EST

    A huge congratulations to lWindSentryl and Mystica for winning NexusAtlas 2007's "Starting the Year off Right!".

    Each walks away with a check for One Million Coins, and the thanks from NexusAtlas for both participating in our contest, as well as an even bigger "Thank you" for helping the Community!

    lWindSentryl and Mystica, please contact me for your prizes!

    You can read lWindSentryl's entry by clicking here

    - Conro

        Monday, January 8, 2007

    New Item shop coats! Velutinous and Plumate coats.
    Posted by: Sebelle -- 7:04 PM EST

    Just added to the item shop are a large assortment of Velutinous (Female) and Plumate (Male) coats that are made in the style of the Snow garb! It comes in an assortment of colors, and you can also get a plain coat that can be dyed as well! Just as a forewarning, these coats are rather pricy and can set you back upwards of 995 Kruna! KRU has changed the coats so that they will now appear in the Coat slot, and as such can be worn OVER your normal clothing without taking away statistics! Woo!

    To take a look at these brand spanking new coats, check out the Item Shop - or click this link to take a quick look! I won't post the image directly due to the large amount of new additions ;)

    Velutinous and Plumate Coats

    After recieving the ticket, USE the ticket to recieve the coat! At this time a bug causes you to lose the ticket once you switch servers, so BE CAREFUL!

    Haengsa's Ogre Riddle
    Posted by: Conro -- 6:19 PM EST

    Haengsa is offering a new riddle for the Community to solve!

    The items are quite simple to find, and revolve around the additions to the the Hamgyong Nam Do Valley.

    Item One: Electra
    Item Two: Star-staff
    Item Three: Steelthorn
    Item Four: Titanium lance
    Items Five: (10) Repugnant fish (10) Malodorous fish

    Sacrifices: Electra, Steelthorn, Star-staff, Titanium lance, Repugnant fish(10), Malodorous fish(10).

    Rewards: 5 Pirate coins


    A huge thank you to Zilack, as well to DavidJM and BlueFountain for helping me confirm!

    Hamgyong gem fragment 2
    Posted by: Conro -- 6:13 PM EST

    As confirmed by GameMaster mug, the newly added areas are a permanent addition to Nexus, in an effort to add more quests to the game.

    As posted by mug on the Community board.

    this is not an event.
    this is permanent to game.

    i try to add some quest to game to make more fun.

    enjoy game time!

    If you can't get a Gem fragment just now, don't fret!

    We're testing whether or not you can pass Gems to friends to let them explore if you've finished. NexusAtlas will let you know our results!

    Haengsa and a Hamgyong river!
    Posted by: Nussan -- 3:13 PM EST


    Haengsa is back, this time he is located in Hamgyong Nam-Do. As we went looking for him, Taipatron located a new area right next to where Haengsa appeared. It is called Hamgyong river, and of course there are ogres there. Right now we've seen them drop various kinds of fish, Putrid, Repugnant and Malodorous so far. There's an NPC at the end of the area.

    More info will be posted as we find out. Good luck!


    January 8th Reset!
    Posted by: Sebelle -- 2:37 PM EST

    The Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

    Haengsa is back with a new quest!

    Clan, Army & Ministry additions and fixes:
    Tiger clan receives new room "Conclave park" with new merchant Wudchuk who lets you craft wood and scraps.
    Minor update for Alizarin clan
    Minor updates for Forsaken clan
    Destiny clan receives council board
    Silla clan’s merchant Taho-ri will now buy Weaving tools and Fine weaving tools
    Phoenix clan’s merchant Duty will now sell you an Axe

    Other minor updates for item shop.

    Taken from!

    Also, it seems there was a slight bug after the reset but as the Gods declared upon everyone signing in "All is ok in the world of Nexus"!

        Saturday, January 6, 2007

    Strange Happenings in the Muck and Slime
    Posted by: Conro -- 5:39 PM EST

    Nimaway has collected another shard of 'Hamgyong gem fragments', this time dropped by Zin-te. The item is the exact same as the previous.

    With the recent storms in the kingdoms, a cave once able to be walked upon now as a strange barrier protecting it.

    Another great deal of thanks to Nimaway, as well as TaiPatron for investigating these changes, as well as allowing me to try my own methods.

    As of yet, we haven't figured where new information will come from, but have a guess as to what to say to any Mundanes in the area.

    If you wish to try, try speaking either...

    "A magical barrier repels you"
    "Hamgyong gem fragments" any Mundane(NPC) you can find.

    If anything turns up, NexusAtlas will let you know! :)

    Bank Character Bug (Fixed) and Perhaps Another
    Posted by: Rachel -- 5:24 AM EST

    There seems to be a bug currently that prevents registered characters below level 50 to deposit a certain number of items. While their banks will continue to hold all the items currently deposited, if you withdraw them you may not be able to redeposit.

    Calhon, who posted about this on the community board, believes that it will allow you to deposit around 78 items, but no more. I personally don't want to test.. my bank character is filled up with 26 items as it is.

    He also said his character's gold was reset to 20,000 coins. Mine still had just over 80,000 though. If you keep a lot of money on a character below level 50, it may be best to switch the money just to be safe. I expect this bug will be fixed in just a few days, but restoring items and gold can often take much longer.

    The banking problem seems to be fixed. I tested again about 12 hours later and I and was able to deposit a yellow scroll with 80 items already in my bank.

    I've also been seeing several reports on the game boards, as well as NexusForums, about recent changes to the success rates in crafting. Since there's been no word from Kru, it's possible that this may also be a mistake, like when the Baekho's Cunning multipliers were downgraded after a reset.

        Friday, January 5, 2007

    Server reset, Friday, January 5, 2007
    Posted by: koinu -- 6:36 PM EST

    Post from

    The Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

    New players needed a better understanding of how the game works so we are now going to allow them to play till they reach the level 49 for free. Invite your friends to play with you and see the game!

    Clan, Army & Ministry additions and fixes:
    Minor fix for Elendhirin

    Subpath additions and fixes:
    Updates for Rangers
    Updates for Barbarians

    Other minor updates for Item shop.
    Other updates for players to see in time.

        Thursday, January 4, 2007

    Event Monster Page
    Posted by: AllyGator -- 9:32 PM EST

    You can always check the History pages to see all of the information about events but now you can look at just the monsters to refresh your memory. With one exception, the Winter Wonderland monsters dropped so MUCH stuff, I've only listed the floaters they dropped and put in a link to the map page. The event armors have been available for sometime.

    Event Monsters - Event Armor

    Hamgyong gem fragment
    Posted by: Conro -- 12:32 AM EST

    Nimaway, on one of her near daily trips to the Zin-te and Zang-ze lairs, found a new drop from Zang-ze.

    The Hamgyong gem fragment is a new item since the reset, and apparently has no use as of yet. It cannot be used or crafted.

    Community members are welcome to say 'Hamgyong gem fragment' to any and all NPCs you see. If you find a lead, contact a staff member to have your information credited.

    Best of luck!

    - Conro

        Wednesday, January 3, 2007

    ZoomTK: A Closer Look at Nexus
    Posted by: Nagnag -- 5:55 PM EST

    Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my great pleasure to announce our latest section of Nexus Atlas. We call it "ZoomTK"! ZoomTK allows users to now zoom in on special ZoomTK quality maps. With ZoomTK you can experience Nexus Atlas like never before! To introduce the ZoomTK feature we've chosen to use the latest Winter maps. Winter Kugnae, Buya, Nagnang, Mythic, and Winter Wonderland are now available in our ZoomTK area! Finding ZoomTK on NA is easy. Just click the Maps tab and it is at the top. The button looks like this:

    Discuss ZoomTK on Nexus Forums by clicking here!

    All feedback is welcome. In the future we hope to have many more maps be part of ZoomTK, as well as including cordinates on the different locations to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for!


    /roll command - a new addiction?
    Posted by: Nagnag -- 5:14 PM EST

    While strolling around the kingdoms today, many over heard kru sage: "kru! /random 50-500".

    When people started realizing it was a command they started using it, and now this leaked info is spreading the kingdoms like wildfire! If you type "/random" or "/roll" followed by two numbers it will "roll" the possibilities of the numbers between the two you've given.

    In example, if you type: "/roll 1-3" the possibilities will look like this:

    This is opening an entirely new revenue for gambling and fun all across the kingdom! The only down side is, many people are abusing it and shutting your shout (sage) off does not block it! Hopefully there will be a way to ignore those that do it... because it becomes rather absurd when abused.

    Snow storms are over
    Posted by: Vini -- 2:41 PM EST

    Just now the kingdoms experienced the first reset of the year and as the first news of the year here are announced the changes brought by it.

  • Snow storm effects are gone. The kingdoms and the mythic nexus are back to normal.

  • The event items are gone: Snow garbs, Santa items, snow balls, candy canes.

  • Winter wonderlands are no longer around. Now anyone who sleeps in the inns will have a normal sleep and dreams again.

    GM Mug also posted on Dream Weavers board about the reset changes:

    The snow has melted away and all the lands return to normal.

    Clan, Army & Ministry additions and fixes:
    Elendhirin clan receives new merchant Nolwe. She will help you with Alchemy and Scribing and sell items to you.
    Destiny clan receives new room "Courtyard of Fates" and new Merchant SaHweeJa.
    Phoenix clan receives updates to Merchant Duty

    Subpath additions and fixes:
    Changes to the sound of the Molghi bow for Rangers.

    Minor fixes for Carnage
    Minor fixes for Fox hunts

    Happy 2007 everyone!

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 5, Moon 1~