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Archived News | January 2004

Past News
Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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January 2004

    Saturday, January 31, 2004

Kogurian Assistant Ambassador
Posted by: Vini -- 2:40 AM EST

After Princess Lasahn's announce of the new Assistant Ambassador of Buya, it's the turn of Prince Mhul to announce the newest member of the Council of Kingdom Relations: Baekho Solarian.

Lady Solarian will be taking the position of Assistant Ambassador of Koguryo to work along with Ambassador Tamo on representing the Kingdom of King Yuri.

Congratulations Lady Solarian, and congratulations to the Council on this fine new addition=).

~Vini Normad'or~

    Friday, January 30, 2004

About the New stuff coming up : Warning
Posted by: Vini -- 3:28 PM EST

Much have been talked about since the new Dreamweaver Kru posted about his work on the large addition to Nexus, which will bring new items and new monsters. Unfortunally, itís taking much more time than they expected and speculations have started being spread around.

Thereís many assumptions, rumors and speculations about this matter going around. About this matter I can say one thing: Do not expect anything besides new items and monsters as Kru said. With monsters we can probably presume weíll have new hunting caves, with items we can presume weíll have new quests but do not expect them as it wasnít promised or even mentioned by Nexon.

The additions that are coming up are really confidential, just a very few know about it and I believe no one really knows when theyíll all be released yet, but they are working on it.

With that, many people are trying to make profit of the situation and there are being spread nmails about a Patch containing the new informations about it. Do Not fall for it.
Getting information ahead of nexon isnít allowed neither possible, so offers like this are obviously hacking scams:

Need to know more about what's going to happen to NexusTK soon?

New Weapon?
New Kingdom?
New Faces?
New Dyes?

Yes! It's about tne New Patch coming soon!
I've gathered some info about the New Patch at

http://www.(I removed the link so no one curious will click on it)

Read the readme.txt! :)

Hope you guys Enjoy and lets pray for the new patch to release soon!

The character that sent me this was named Aelle. Do not trust it.

Iíll repeat: Do not fall for this type of offer.
Remember that Archons are constantly posting about Keeping your Character safe for a reason, they care about you, but cannot help you if you get hacked.

Also, nothing was mentioned by Nexon about a new client or patch coming up, so donít wait for one, as it probably wonít come.

~Vini Normadíor~

    Thursday, January 29, 2004

Posted by: Rachel -- 12:17 PM EST

Through some means of lucky cutting and pasting, I brought back the bows page. It can be found here: Thanks to everyone that reported this problem.

Talk about a slow news week. o.o Anyhow, please look for NexusAtlas errors and post them on the bug board. I'll try to get around to a fix soon.

    Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Posted by: Conro -- 8:31 PM EST

As posted on Community by Head Judge Tip...

Cussing law:

"Similarly using acronyms will be considered cursing if it is clear to the judge/archon that you were intentionally trying to curse. If you are not trying to say something illegal then simply type it out to avoid any confusion. If you want to say "Summer Time Fun Umbrellas" then type it out. Do not use acronyms or you will be jailed for cursing."

Ok seems we are now having a few who feel they must report each and every violation of the above Law, this law was made because some of the players were using acronyms to say some pretty nasty Things, containing the f word, and many others. So now some seem to feel that the common expression Using the A word needs to be reported.

Now Justice has no way of exempting one from the other, I will ask that common expression with The A word not be used by anyone, thus depriving the few who want to take advantage of this law To post and attempt to have the players in the game jailed.

So if we all try an be careful we have nothing to worry about.

Head Judge tip

This is in light of recent 'justice attacks' by people who will say something to the effect of 'what usually comes after "rofl"', and when you say it in full, it's considered a curse, and thus they report you.
If you wish to say something, it's just best to say it in full, or 'Say Macro' it if you wish to say it fast...

Beware... a lot of children out there...

- Conro

    Sunday, January 25, 2004

Assistant Ambassador of Buya
Posted by: Vini -- 11:11 PM EST

Princess Lasahn has made an announcement last night on Community board and Chronicles of the Winds about the assistant-ambassador of Buya.

The Imperial Highness mentioned that for now the Council of Kingdom Relations will be resumed in 3 Ambassadors and 3 Assistant-Ambassadors (one of each country - Koguryo, Buya, Nagnang).

The Assistant-Ambassador is no one else but Druidess Jesuil, from Elendhirin clan.

The Princess also mentioned that in future there will be more changes to join the council when it's fully established.

For those seeking it, just have a bit your patience, this chance will come, for Lady Jesuil a big congratulations and good luck in your new position!=)

~Vini Normad'or~

Revels readings commence!
Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 5:50 PM EST

Ministry hosts poetry readings

KUGNAE -- The Revels to Riches have resumed their regular readings. This afternoon, at the Kugnae Theatre, near the royal palace, the Royal Ministry held the first in a regular series of poetry reading events. This was the first Ministry-sponsored Revels reading since the Muses assumed the responsibility just over three decades ago. Holding the Revels readings every Sunday indeed harkens back to the age of the Lazy Sundays poetry, a tradition dating back to before the Great Shift, as well as the then-Ministry of Culture-hosted Revels presentations in the Poets' Guild. The primary difference between the Ministry of Culture's original way of hosting revels and the current method is that the judging is still done by a group of citizens selected randomly by Archon Charisse, as opposed to a fixed panel of judges. The announcement and posting of winners is still made by Charisse at its regular time.

In addition to entrants of this week's Revels having the opportunity to recite their work, select members of the Royal Ministry were given the opportunity to recite samples of their own work.

Next week, PoeticTruth will host the Revels in Buya. Details will be found on the Community Events board.

    Friday, January 23, 2004

Koguryo Spy Guild Elder
Posted by: Vini -- 12:19 PM EST

After more than 2 yuris leading the Koguryo Spy Guild, in his second Eldership; last night was when the elder SpyVsSpy stepped down from the position of leading the Espionage Guild.

The new Elder, is no one else but a Spy loved by many, who has been Guide since Yuri 27th:
Sir Hobart!

Congratulations Elder Hobart on your ascension and good luck on the many tasks that will come your way from now on=)

~Vini Normadíor~

Quick news change. Eldership of the Spy has now been passed to Arkanis. Congratulations!

- Conro

    Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Teams with the same head
Posted by: MarekP -- 7:43 PM EST

Greeting Community,

Due to the abundance of requests in regard to "clone" teams (an entire team with the same head) as of January 21, 2004 they will no longer be allowed.


Head Fox Hunt Host

In addition, Fox hunt hosts now (finally) have a function to announce people to read the Fox hunt board for new details/times etc. ( - Conro)

New Monk Elder
Posted by: Conro -- 10:27 AM EST

Last night, after years of service, Janken has stepped down as Elder of the Monk path in favor of Sinchan.

On behalf of NexusAtlas, we'd like to thank Janken for his service, and we'd also would like to wish Sinchan the best of luck in her new position.
(Thank you to Snow for this information!)

- Conro

    Tuesday, January 20, 2004

The Beef Strikes Tiger
Posted by: TSWolf -- 10:21 PM EST

With such small groups of 4 players, and up to as little as 7 maximum, the Nexus lacked one very big thing that other games seem to do all too often. Raid parties. While the Nexus still has a long way to do, TBS, or Team Beef Strike, may be a step in the right direction.

Led by such colorful figures as DarkTurtle, Jukanim, Valdessi, and Tempestraine, TBS is basically a group of a dozen or so players who hunt Tiger 2. They've been doing this for about a week now, and have noticed a relatively relaxed, yet fluid, fun atmosphere that yields some decent experience. In fact, in my time of pelt pilfering, I've seen a couple of them max experience.

Several tries in the past of certain things, including entire mage groups in Ox 2 and Rabbit 3, showed a few days or a few hours of interest. The Beef strike, while oddly named for its choice of cave, seems to not only be a hit, but one that may last. Some of the leaders have talked of a clan, perhaps with a strong devotion to hunting together. Lately, TBS has also dyed each other the same "Sea" color to ... show their colors so to speak.

So if you have a moment, and you're Tiger 2, stop on in and say hi to TBS, pick up a little of their Pelt mess, and maybe they'll need someone because they're a person short. All are usually invited, and in fact, others are encouraged to try this in other caves. If we see a larger insurgance of such things, we will report on them as well.

Its good to see groups such as this forming in the nexus. A sense of unity, despite the lack of authority. All players aiming for a common goal, and having a fun time doing it. Despite the prerequisite of Tiger 2, and a slight balance of casters and fighters to keep everyone alive, there are no other regulations set by these individuals, showing that even the most basic Tiger 2 fighter or caster can be an asset to the group.

Fight on TBS!

Few updates
Posted by: Conro -- 7:45 PM EST

Few things picked up on in recent weeks...

- Kwi-Sin Dagger's Remedy is FINALLY available to Rogues who do not live in Nagnang. The bug was finnally fixed. (Apparently only Kwi-Rogues who lived in Nagnang could learn the spell).

- Enemies stacked on each other no longer all take damage. Only the enemy on top will take damage.

If there's any other things we've missed, please drop me an NMail, or post in the forums thread (link located on top of page)

- Conro

!!Buyan Ambassador!!
Posted by: MarekP -- 12:00 AM EST

~|From the Imperial Sovereignty of Buya|~

Dear Citizens,

After much observation and thought, a difficult decision was made in regards of the position for the Ambassador of Buya.

To those who have shown interest in this new developing Council of Kingdom Relations, thank you.

After a long pause in the decision procress, I am pleased to announce the Kingdom of Buya's Ambassador:
~-- Lord Jentar --~

Lord Jentar will be representing the Kingdom of Buya as part of the developing Council of Kingdom relations, composed of the Kingdoms of Nagnang, Koguryo, and Buya.

Hail Buya,
Shining Jewel of the East!

~Princess Lasahn~
~Head of State of Buya~

    Sunday, January 18, 2004

Sam hopefuls could scream
Posted by: Conro -- 11:02 PM EST

Sam san hopefuls, get ready to smile...!

As posted on the Fox hunt board by Head Fox hunt host TabithaRose... there are new fox hunt times!

Sunday-- 12pm EST
Monday-- 6am EST NEW
Tuesday-- ---
Wednesday-- 9pm EST
Thursday-- 1am EST (Friday morning)
Friday-- Midnight EST (Saturday)NEW
Saturday-- 8pm EST

With the addition of the Friday and now Monday Fox hunts, you will have up to five chances a week to participate in the fox hunts!

Good luck to all those who participate!

Thank you to Ventush for giving me this information :)

- Conro

Revels readings return!
Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 9:09 PM EST

Public readings to be held in all kingdoms

KUGNAE -- In a statement issued today, Archon Charisse declared that readings of the works entered in the weekly Revels poetry competition would return. Taking a page from history, the readings will be hosted by the Royal Ministry of Koguryo, a return to the traditions of decades ago. Archon Charisse's statement is as follows:

"Beginning this week (Sunday 25th January), the Koguryo Ministry of Culture will be hosting Revels Readings. These Readings will be open to all of the community who wish to attend to gather together and share their poetry.

Winners of each week's Revels will not be announced at the Readings, but it is instead a chance for those who enjoy poetry to listen to others and also share their own work.

This is to be a weekly event, and we invite you all to attend and enjoy yourselves."

As opposed to holding the readings in one venue, the location and host will change on a weekly basis. The preliminary schedule for these reading events is as follows:
January 25: Koguryo, in the Royal Theatre in Kugnae, hosted by Minister Starrbrite
February 1: Buya, hosted by PoeticTruth
February 8: Wilderness, hosted by Sailortaurus
February 15: Nagnang, hosted by Kiana

All readings are slated to commence at 5:00 p.m., EST, unless otherwise noted. All attendees are advised to verify the location of each reading on an individual basis. Although no prizes for the winning poems will be awarded during the readings, all attendees will be entered into a random draw for door prizes.

If you have any questions about these upcoming events, please contact either Archon Charisse or Minister Starrbrite.

    Saturday, January 17, 2004

"I've been Hacked!"
Posted by: TSWolf -- 10:20 PM EST

Recently, an insurgance of hacking programs and modifications to the client have seem to sprung up. I've recieved email, and plenty of NexusForum posts of concern about this and their potential dangers. Normally, every few months I write something up on hacking, but I figure this will be more of a moving speech.

I'm sure few a day has gone by where the players of Nexus have not seen someone going "I was hacked, please help me!". And sometimes you walk away, scoffing, or you toss them a few coins.. In the end, the truth still remains.. The safety of your account is in your own hands.

Everytime I write these posts, I get threatened for days by people who say they're going to hack me. The 3 times I was "hacked" on this game were by friends of mine I knew closely in real life, and my own niave ways of handling my password on my computer and in their trust.. In the result, I lost everything I owned.

It's not a wonder that people in high places, with lots of riches that they've had for years, are not hacked. Lots of people don't like some elders, or primogens, or even archons.. But its funny how some of them are just never hacked.. Why is this?

Basically because they don't trust anyone with their password.... Some can say "Well I was hacked and didn't trust anyone!"... Here are the most common examples of being hacked..

Note... Below I use the word hacked in the nexus sense. In all reality, if someone really HACKED you on Nexus, why in Gods name wouldnt they just hack an Archon or someone like Calmwind then, and waste their time on someone like you? Think about that before you run around screaming you're an exception.

- Attempting to cheat the system by using hack programs..
Whether you're trying to use a speed program, a packet editor, or a woodcutter, theres a 90% chance that thing has a trojan or keylogger built into it. Not only does this put your Nexus characters at risk, but virtually everything you do online is logged. This could mean Credit Cards and much much more. We're talking REAL criminal activity here folks. Your best bet is to play fair and don't cheat.. because in the end, you will be the one who feels cheated.. If you're one of the lucky 10% who finds a working program, you can rest assured, Nexon knows you use it and will be getting back to you on that issue. And I'm sure you won't like what they have to say either.

- Attempting to cheat by disobeying the law...
Character sharing is the number one reason I've watched so many people fall from grace on Nexus. They trust their friend with their password.. Or their character for 5 minutes... And all is lost. All it takes is about 2 1/2 minutes to ruin a character. From forgetting spells, tossing all items, getting yourself jailed, divorcing you, and much much more.... The "hacker" will simply destroy you.. And more times than not, they play Nexus and will know the absolute worst ways to ruin your character.

- Using your password in other sources...
This is one commonly overlooked by just about everyone. Using your password in other sources may mean using your password in insecure sources. The only foolproof way to keep your passwords in Nexus safe is to make them unique. We had one occurance in the past with the old Nexus Network board where the passwords were not secure and sadly, 30 people fell to the hacking when our Forum Crew decided to get themselves banished for robbing characters. I saw the wake, I know its possible.. And even despite the fact we have 128 bit security on the Forums now, I still demand that people use a unique password to be safe. Heck, I use a different password for all my characters.. Even if its something slightly different, but enough to fool the person aiming to destroy you, that's all the better.

Trust is the number one way to lose everything on Nexus. This is not to say you shouldn't trust anyone... but do so in a wise manner. I am a fitting example in many senses to what trusting people in certain areas can do to you.

PLEASE do not attempt to cheat or modify the program. I'm sure there are people out there screaming it can be done. Well, if it can, it's tracked.. You're not gonna get away with a full room hellfire for too long on a level 50 mage.

Also remember, "Scripting"... or attempting to steal other peoples passwords by using Trojan Horse or Keylogging programs is against real life terrorism laws.. If you do not believe me, you are more than welcome to contact a law firm in your area on this issue. You can be sued by people for use of these programs if they can track them back to you.. and believe me, THEY can... Use of proxies still leaves your IP with the proxy hosters. And they've helped law enforcement enough times to know that keeping logs is a must.

Cheating in Nexus won't get ya far.. Being too trusting won't get ya far.. Being vigilant will. Every occurance where I have lost everything was from people who I would have sworn on my life that they would never hurt me. But in the end, I look back at some of the other times... And If I had been more trusting.. There is so much more I could have lost.

So how do you stay safe?

- Don't download or accept and files that you don't 100% know about and trust.

- Stay away from websites you are not familiar with concerning Nexus. If they ask you to download/install something, ALWAYS HIT NO OR CANCEL and LEAVE them IMMEDIATELY.

- Your password is your character. If you give out your password, its effectively giving away your character. Just like dropping an item. Once its out in the open, it's up for grabs.

- Use unique passwords for your Nexus characters. Do not have them the same as anything else you run offline. And if possible, use different passwords for every character.

- Changing passwords regularly doesn't hurt either. It prevents any duplication in the passwords you have in other areas. I like to change mine every 3 weeks or so... Both on nexus and on these websites.

- You are not hacked. You will not be hacked. You haven't been hacked. If you are "hacked", its by something thats on your computer, or by someone you trusted. If the Nexon servers are hacked, you can be sure you'll know about it... Anyone who remembers the last instance of this, we all recieved letters in email about the problem, which was resolved with a team of lawyers and Nexon hiring a new security team to double secure their servers.

So you've been hacked... It happens.. What can you do?
Inform Nexon of the hacking to make sure they don't ban you for character sharing. Don't ask for any items back, or anything.. They're gone. Then, as you rebuild, follow the steps above and you will remain safe.

As always, I welcome feedback on this issue. These issues usually raise alot of interest.. And I look forward to the NexusForum topics that usually arise off of this, and plan to comment on them.. I will probably quote the emails I get on those threads as well..

Stay safe through this new year.


    Thursday, January 15, 2004

Royal Ambassador of Peace Selected
Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 10:20 PM EST

Royal councillor succeeds KoyaSoto

KUGNAE -- An announcement came from the royal palace today that Musadan SilentS, a chongun regent and retired elder of the Ssaurabi, would become the next Royal Ambassador of Peace. This position in the Royal Court of Koguryo was originally established as a result of the merging of the Ministry of Peace with the Ministry of Culture, and was last held by former Minister KoyaSoto. This post, however, is not the same as the Ambassador of Koguryo as part of the Council of Kingdom Relations, which belongs to the recently-appointed Colonel Tamo. Ambassador SilentS' duties will include running peace-related events and forging and the maintenance of alliances between Koguryo and the other kingdoms and organizations.

I extend my congratulations and best wishes to SilentS, on behalf of NexusAtlas.

New Pawn
Posted by: Vini -- 7:50 PM EST

Some may have noticed the most recent addition to the Immortalís list, which has been there for a few days and also in the Guide board posted by Cerulean for a few weeks. Iím talking about the Newest Pawn(archon in training) of our lands: Euclid.

I would like all to give a warm welcome to Euclid into our lands and wish him good luck with finishing his training to become an Archon of Nexus and be spammed by us all=)

Iíll post a picture of him when itís possible.

~Vini Normadíor~

    Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Ambassador of Kugnae!
Posted by: RougeRider -- 10:24 PM EST

Mhul posted on the Community board today, that Colonel Tamo of the Koguryo Royal Army is the new Ambassador of Kugnae. As you can tell from the letter, two other ambassador's will be picked in the near future for Nagnang, and Buya. Whoever that maybe, congratulations to you and to the first Ambassador, Tamo.

There is a difference!
Posted by: RougeRider -- 8:07 PM EST

Having been asked many times if there is a difference between the Nagnang Army dye (pastel green) or Sam San dye (Bright Neon Green) I have concluded that yes there is. MarekP, StryderX, and I got together to take a screenshot of both of them standing side by side. Here is what it turned out to be.

So you see, there is a difference between the two, but not "quite" a lot. The Nagnang Army dye is obtainable by earning the "Defender of Nagnang" legend mark, and the Sam San dye is obtained by earning the proper stats for Sam San.

Claim Your Status - Nexus Forums Contest!
Posted by: Eriana -- 5:48 PM EST

We are having a contest on Nexus Forums, the prizes are pretty sweet and definately worth checking out! Find all the info by clicking HERE.

Direct link to the entry thread can be found HERE.

    Monday, January 12, 2004

New Oceana Primarch!
Posted by: Josh -- 8:42 PM EST

Xing-Yi Velstar has been placed as Primarch of the Oceana clan.

Everyone congratulate Velstar on
her promotion and wish her luck.

Culture Fair on the horizon!
Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 3:08 PM EST

A message from the Royal Ministry of Koguryo

Everyone is invited to this landmark event!
Sunday January 18, 5:30 p.m., EST

Please enter Dae shore and click on the NPC, and he will help you find your way to the fair.

Find out everything you ever wanted to know about each clan, subpath, NPC subpath, army, and ministry!

Enjoy games and fun as well as learning!

Below is a list of representatives from the clans, subpaths, NPC subpaths, armies and ministries who will be attending:

Bear - Sloan
Dharma - NinaP
Elendhirin - Rhianwyn
Enigma - Mandad
Heavens - Bingo
Lost Kingdom - Yari
Oceana - Vini
Phoenix - Vano
SunMoon - khaos
The Forsaken - Azelle
Choson - MotsuSasou
Destiny - Migel

General of Buya - Chronno
General of Koguryo - Rowann
General of Nagnang - MarekP
Royal Ministry of Koguryo - Starrbrite
Buyan Ministry - Castaspella

Barbarian - Crumble
Do - keely
Chongun - Masra
Cryong - Sparkyd

Spy - spyVSspy
Ranger - TinaDragon
Merchant - Ilios
Baekho - lizrdtounge
Shadow - Blooduster & Strawbryrain

Diviner - Sarina
Geomancer - Leodaris
Shaman - Izabella
Ju jak - Sahaya

Druid - Shyloh
Monk - Janken
Muse - SkaDemon
Hyun moo - Luara

This will be another wonderful event hosted by the Royal Ministry of Koguryo!

    Sunday, January 11, 2004

Kugnae Merchant Booths Bugged!
Posted by: RougeRider -- 3:30 PM EST

Notorious has informed me that the first left, and first right merchant booths at the Kugnae Market, are bugged. The bugs either:

A) Kick you out of the booth
B) Locks you in the booth

If at all possible, do not use these two booths as this bug is a variation bug, and it appears only once in a while. Do not take the risk of losing your items or your money! From what Notorious has said, this bug has appeared numerious times, and the discovery of the bug was a few weeks ago.

Greetings All
Posted by: Josh -- 5:56 AM EST

Hey all, I am now the newest member of NA staff as "News Reporter." If you have any news you think may be relevant for NA you can send it to me by N-Mail: ImJoshman or by E-Mail "" As busy as my work schedule is i'll do as much work for you as I can, I am available mostly in the evenings.

Also I have a side project going:

Don't expect much there, my focus is now Nexus Atlas.


    Saturday, January 10, 2004

New NexusForums Administrator
Posted by: TSWolf -- 4:04 PM EST

I'd like everyone to take a moment to congratulate Ashimata on a job well done over at NexusForums. As of today, he has become one of the few proud administrators of the boards.

This comes as the first part in a large NF/NA mergeing. While NexusForums may seem like it is a secondary part of NexusAtlas already, plans are in the works to intertwine them in an even more dramatic manner. We're hoping this will not only increase the hits to NexusForums and create more active members, but also make the site a much more well informed place.

So once again, give Ashi yer congrats today!

    Friday, January 9, 2004

Want a link to your Nexus page?
Posted by: TSWolf -- 11:40 PM EST

LOTS of people have been asking to have their site added to the fast growing list of buttons on the right (soon to be left) side bar of Nexus Atlas. Want yer site to be there?

First - Your site has to be Law 41 compliant..

Subpath, Clan (Official or Unofficial), Organization, Event, Information, Map, Independant Art (Portrait), and other sites ARE allowed..

Please mail the following information to ..

Name of the Site :
Link to the site :
Nexus Name of the Owner of the Site :
Email of the Owner of the Site :

Your site will be checked for Law 41 consistancy regularly. We do not allow people to break this if they are on our front page.

Your button size MUST be 88x31 pixels.. It can be a gif, jpg, animated, and even flash (SOMETIMES).. INCLUDE THIS when emailing.. I dont want to have to run to 50000 sites to do this.

Entries will be added as I recieve them and check them out.

Please do not nmail, email, or contact any other NA Staff member concerning this..

BIA Ceremony and Buyan Ministry!
Posted by: RougeRider -- 8:52 PM EST

Greetings citizens! Princess Lasahn on behalf of the BIA invited all citizens of all kingdoms, and the wilderness to come and enjoy a night of fun at the BIA ceremony. The night started out quite rough when the Nangen Army and the Forsaken had a brush in at the gates of Buya. This was quickly settled, and we all headed into the palace to enjoy the night. Prince Kija of the Nagnang Army greeted as many people as he could and worked his way around the VIP section.

Prince Kija also showed up, with some Nagnang medals of accomplishment.

Handing off the speech to Castaspella, we were introduced to Aceostar, who addressed everyone by thanking the citizens for pulling through in the threat of Johaih. Castaspella then noticed the BIA for the great work they have done in the fighting for peace and prosperity in Buya.

A sad day for Castaspella has also come, she will be resigning from the BIA at a later day. A notice from her will also come at a later date for the reasons why. Lasahn was even moved by this status of a resignation. The BIA will dearly miss their beloved Castaspella.

Princess Lasahn moved the ceremonies on, with the "Defenders of Buya." The status of Defender of Buya is not just for being in the army. It is for having dedication, reliability, diligence, as well as unquestionable integrity. Those recognized at the ceremony were:

Major Valarion
Advisor Tomicus
Sergent DonnaBoo
Judge Tip
Commander Zitchta

Even DarkTurtle the Barbarian was moved by the accomplishments that the defenders had made!

Lady Mikalyn (Kugnae Royal Court Diviner) also was noted to oversee the actions and divininations that the Buyan Kingdom had to offer. Lady Mikalyn also offered her services to read the fates of the new Defenders of Buya.

Princess Lasahn came with a shocking new announcement, that Castaspella, will now be the first ever... Minister of Buya! On behalf of Nexus Atlas I wish you the best of luck in your new position! In response to this, Blueskies will be the new "Arts Laureate" of the BIA. Castaspella stated that the Buyan Ministry will be up and running in no time, and keep your eyes and ears peeled to the boards for quests and applications whenever that may be.

The final agenda for the day was the Imperial Banquet!

    Wednesday, January 7, 2004

New clan realizes its Destiny
Posted by: Sailortaurus -- 8:52 PM EST

Twelfth official clan formally established

Members of the Destiny Clan receive some last-minute encouragement from Prince-Regent M'hul prior to tonight's Tribunal meeting.

KUGNAE -- In tonight's Tribunal meeting, it was voted that the Destiny Clan would become modern Koguryo's fifth clan, behind Sun Moon, Bear, Enigma, and Oceana, and the twelfth clan in the history of the Three Kingdoms. During the probational period of growth, Destiny's ranks swelled, surpassing the hundred-member minimum. The clan reached a total of one hundred sixty-five members, including Primogen Migel and Primarch Smoothey.

"I am honored to lead a great new family," said Primogen Migel, brimming with pride. "We have learned to help each other and to work as a family." The clan is now charged with the task of collecting the tribute points required to fund the construction of a clan hall. "I feel very proud of all of my members' hard work."

"We are very proud and excited to be the newest offical clan of Koguryo," stated Primarch Smoothey. "It took literally thousands of hours work and tens of thousands of n-mails. We have a great family, and we are all very excited and overwhelmed."

"We have waited many months, but I feel that we have grown together," said Bard Sensei Kino. "I will treasure the time I have spent with Destiny."

Destiny Clan was founded as, essentially, a school of learning, allowing applicants to choose from one of six schools or "destinies," including the bard, the forester, the tradesmith, the chonsa, the magus, and the tinker. Within each destiny lies a detailed path of progression.

On behalf of NexusAtlas, I extend a hearty congratulatory note to Destiny Clan on the completion of their period of probation and becoming recognized as an official clan of Koguryo!

System Maintainence
Posted by: TSWolf -- 5:05 PM EST

Tonight I will be running some tests and changes over the server end of Nexus Forums and Nexus Atlas. You may see short downtimes, 500 errors, or PHP errors for a short time. Please be patient. Thanks.

- Mantainence should be now complete.

Amazing Response to a Holiday's end!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 4:37 AM EST

Every staff member who was on responded immediately after the reset warning, and was ready to go in case of the big update. I'm mighty proud to say that when it does happen, we'll be ready for it.

The new report board is up... And all the holiday fixings on Nexus are gone, as well as the Snow and Holiday logo on NA..

Our new logo plays fun on the chaos caused by new events and the like. The new logo displays a screenshot from the Wind Quest where the entire nexus was stuck for hours unable to think of the phrase to use in order to get the Sonhi armor. The phrase ended up being "pick up armor", which was NOT one said by NPCs and had the entire Nexus stumped for quite a while.

No sleep make Conro....
Posted by: Conro -- 4:16 AM EST

Update!? Yea!blink.gif

A reset occured at exactly 5:10 AM EST today. With it came the following.

- Johaih event has been removed, Onyx arrows still exist, leading me to believe perhaps they are linked to further events?
- Christmas event has ended. All Christmas items (Santa suit, Santa cap, Stocking, Holly, Candy cane, Ribbon, Gift, Brown paper, Green paper) have been removed.

- Conro

The Report Board
Posted by: TSWolf -- 4:08 AM EST

The update report board can be found here -

Its on the top of the forums so its easily accessible. Be sure to read any pinned topics as they will contain information we desperately need.

This board is to be used for info requested on the large upcoming Nexon updates... Feel free to upload images.. PLEASE try to gather all data..

For example, weapons all stats.
Monsters, pic facing down and pic facing -->, drop, FULL ungrouped exp, cave found in..
New cave coords and area they're in
stats to get into new caves.
new quests and who/how they can do them.. try to include level requirements and karma if possible.

If you see something, and yer sure it's new, post it there.. If it's a Nexus Atlas bug or update or a minor weapon update or something on Nexus, put on the regular Nexus Atlas report board.

Here's the community's chance to work together and get this info up lightning fast for everyone.

    Monday, January 5, 2004

In light of whats to come...
Posted by: TSWolf -- 9:23 PM EST

With Nexon's largest update in a very long time coming our way, you'll notice a relative lack of updates here. We're basically preparing for what is to come. These are possible rumors and assumptions, but in the past we've been right about alot of things, especially when we compare things to Baram. While we get little to none of what they get, theres little hints here or there about whats gonna come here.

The things I can say... The update is big... The update is going to keep us VERY VERY busy here and quickly outdate what we have.. And you bet yer ass it's worth the wait. Whenever it comes out, I assure you, you will be pleased. From the sounds of things, this update is supposed to be as big as, if not bigger than the 3.0 to 4.0 conversion.

Keep your eyes on NexusAtlas during the entire conversion, as we will have the most accurate information up as soon as we can. We all have stockpiles of caffinated beverages ready to go for this update. We'll be working around the clock here, and we appreciate your patience.

For the new update, We will be setting up a new forum to upload shots, send info, and everything else... So people can see all the new stuff immediately by posts of other players, but also mainly so we can gather all the information possible on a broader scale and complete it faster. I'd rather it not take 3 years like Mythic Nexus did.

Anyway, brace for impact, because this ones gonna be huge. But do not worry, you're not alone. NA will be by your side through the whole thing.. If you see something new, be sure to report it to the Forum.. It will be set up in a few days to begin.

    Saturday, January 3, 2004

A year of news
Posted by: Conro -- 12:49 PM EST

Heh, if any of you were trying to contact me since the 29th, I'd like to appologize for not announcing I was going to be out of town.

Now for the news...

- Mentor aethers reduced to 3 seconds (Thanks Jeru)

I'd like to offer a warm welcome to Bingo, who has taken place as Primogen of Heaven's clan, following Selkie. Below is a statement she wished to share.

Greetings from Heavens Clan,
Today was a sad day for us as Selkie stepped down from Primogeness. She has poured her heart and soul into the clan since she came to us. She has been on council in one position or another for the past 4 years and is taking a well deserved break. At this time, I really dont know what to say. It has been my pleasure to serve Heavens Clan throughout its long history and I will continue to do so with great pride in the many people that make up the family of Heavens Clan. There is no way I can fill Selkie's shoes (she has big feet but dont tell her i said that!) but I will do my best. We have a great council so I dont foresee any difficulties beyond the norm.
A new day dawns on us here in Heavens, may it be a bright one.


Also, if you wish to submit news stories to me, PLEASE NMail me the information first before you EMail me screenshots or anything. The reason for this is because my EMail doesn't give me much space a month, and I only check my EMail once every two days, which means I can miss your story and not post for quite a while. I read my NMail several times a day, so please send all news (if you wish to send to me) to my NMailbiggrin.gif

Thanks for your contributions to NexusAtlas, and I wish all of you the best in this new year!

- Conro

    Friday, January 2, 2004

Happy New Year!
Posted by: TSWolf -- 7:28 PM EST

As posted by Chuji on the community board, we haven't wished anyone a happy new year yet, so allow me to take this time to wish everyone in Nexus and their families and friends a happy and safe new year.

Basically, we've been very busy on some new projects for you over here at NexusAtlas. We meaning, yes, I have once again decided I will join the working force of NexusAtlas because of my recent activity on Nexus... So you can expect some more of those insanely huge bug fixes and updates from me very soon.

Best of luck in 2004.. We hope to be able to serve you throughout the year.