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Sun Moon Clan

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General Information: Sun Moon Clan
Version 5.0: Sun Moon Clan Garden
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North - Nothing | South - Poet Guild | East - Nothing | West - Donjun



Nearest Kingdom(s) - Kugnae
Existence - 1998
Number of Shops -
Number of Rooms - 1

Interesting Facts about Sun Moon Clan:
Lady Khaos - Oh. Hello there traveller, I am the Lady Khaos. I was the longest reigning Primogen of the Sun Moon Sect, serving from Yuri 35 to Hyul 16. The Sun Moon Sect was one of the three first clans in the Nexus and we built our first hall in Yuri 16. While today I may live among the stars, I still look upon and guard over my kinsmen in the Nexus. But enough of this, I must tell you the tale of Rokol and Igarashi, the founds of my family. This is the 'Legend of the Sun Moon Sect'.

You see, in the beginning there was darkness, and then the stars were created. The radiant light of the stars filled the darkness. Nestled among the stars was a land surrounded by magic and mystery. This land was called the Nexus. Watching over this mythical land was the Sun god, Rokol. He provided light to protect the Nexus from darkness. Beside him was his beautiful wife, the Moon goddess, Igarashi. With her power she provided the lands with life, protection and peace. Together, they cared and watched over the Nexus with love and devotion. But everything does not end with a happy ending?

From out of the darkness came a great evil. Krakis, the harbinger of death arrived to destroy all that is within his sight. Everything that is good and full of life. However, Rokol decided that it was his mission to destroy Krakis, so he told his wife and went forth after Krakis. Igarashi warned her husband of Krakis' powers but he knew what he had to do.

Rokol soon encountered Krakis but his evil was too strong, his first hit almost killed the Sun god! Krakis fired again but before Rokol could respond Igarashi jumped in front to protect her husband. The shot mortally wounded the beautiful Mood goddess. Rokol knew there was nothing he could do to help his dying wife. Finally when death was near, Igarashi said in her final words to him, that he must go forth and kill Krakis. But to do this he must go on a quest to find each of their eight children who each carried a key to bring back the light. She had hid each of their children around the world so that the darkness would never find them. Each child held a piece of the light of the moon and when all eight were brought together Igarashi would return from the great void of darkness that is death. Rokoi promised to so, and just then Igarashi took her last breath. From then on Rokol has looked down on the earth in search of his children so that his dear wife will return and darkness will be destroyed.

Genji, a dedicated follower of Rokol soon after joined the Sun god's followers to resist evil and fight the darkness that is Krakis. The Sun Moon Sect is a group of followers united under the Sun and Moon to protect the Nexus and follow Rokol. Since these united follwers joined under a single cause the leader of the clan has knighted special men and women who have pure hearts and follow this universal cause with a strong and powerful will. These heroes are given the title of 'Celestials' and lead the cause to empower the light, and banish darkness FOREVER!

After only a few yuris, Genjij left the Kingdom of the Winds and handed the Primogenship to me and when it was my time to go it was given to Muckish, who has devoted himself to leading the clan ever since that time.

Traveller, I hope my words have inspired you and forever may the Sun and Moon shine down upon you!

Monsters in Area :

Item Drop
Rabbit meat
Rare Drop:
Gold acorn
Rare Drop:
Rare Drop:
Rare Drop: