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Destiny Clan

Destiny stands in the garden with a wonderous tale about the founding of Destiny Clan.

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General Information: Destiny Clan
Version 5.0: Destiny Clan
Return to: Kugnae
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North - Tower Arena | South - Snake Cave | East - Nothing | West - Mage Guild



Nearest Kingdom(s) - Kugnae
Existence - 4.0
Number of Shops - 0
Number of Rooms - 1
NPC: - Destiny
Additional NPC: -

Interesting Facts about Destiny Clan:

Deep in a sheltered valley of green;
Dwelt our eldest, wise and unseen.

Omisan, friend of creature and tree;
Knower of all things, wild and free.

Master of paths, poet and mage;
Warrior and Rogue, this was our sage.

A temple of knowledge he buildt with his hands;
Secret removed from populous lands.

Aspirants would flock to learn from the Master;
To train as a killer or flawless spell caster.

And each day he gave them a foul, secret drink;
To ward off all ailments to help them think.

Never a day did they age with his potion;
And so to his lessons had utter devotion.

His secret was Lifewort, to no one let known;
For too quickly abuse of it could have grown.

As he gathered his herbs one cloudy day;
In the vast lonely hills not far from Cathay.

Omisan met his untimely demise;
A half-starving tiger took him by surprise.

His flesh was shred and torn from his bones;
And his students mourned him with piteous moans.

The seasons that passed, broght disease and age;
For none knew the secret for the brew of the sage.

Slowly they died but the seven, his best;
And none would be parted from all the rest.

They followed Migel, their new fearless guide;
From the valley in which they used to abide.

Into the wild, then Koguryo\'s bounds;
They fell into the city, exploring the grounds.

Migel and his six decided that day;
To rebuild a school like the one near Cathay.

They laid their plans, they thought and talked;
And settled upon 6 paths to be walked.

Magus, authorites of magical things;
Bards, historians, puller of heart-strings.

Tinkers, the restless, try anything twice;
Chonsa, the warriors with virtue, fight vice.

Tradesmith are richest and wisest in goods;
Foresters, master of deep secret woods.

Kabooki the Tinker, Glissando the Bard;
Together they laboured long and hard.

Speleo of the Chonsa stood careful as sentry;
LadyCia of Tradesman bartered with gentry.

Shadomagi the Forester harvested provisions;
Smoothey the Magus made real Migel\'s decisions.

Six schools of Destiny in Koguryo blue;
A family time nor tempest could ever undo.