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Clickable Maps - All versions

The world of Nexus is huge. You can travel through the lands your entire life and never explore it all. Everything from new kingdoms, new lands, and even new areas designed for special purposes, like markets and subpath areas. Explore the world that so many nexus players are familiar with.

Click the map image to reach all of the places listed below.

Event maps

"Date added" refers to the date the map was added to Nexus Atlas. Click any title below to explore this vast kingdom.

Arctic | Buya | Dae Shore | Forest Crossroads | Hausson | Islets | Kugnae | Mythic
Nagnang | Northern Pass | Hamgyong Nam-do | Sanhae | Vale | Vortex | Wilderness | Woodlands

Clickable Maps Areas

Arctic Land: Ice and Ogres
Date Added - March 28, 2005

Version 5: The only creatures able to survive in the frozen wastes of Arctic Land are the Northern Ogres.

Arctic Land : The Cold North
Date Added - April 27, 2002

Version 3: Exactly what should you fear about the christmas trees and snowmen in the Northernmost part of the land? The people who once built them are now dead, sort of. They still live in their town... I think. It's rather hard to explain. I suggest staying away from it, but if you insist on being curious, go explore. Need I repeat what curiosity is notorious for?

Arctic Village: At Home in the Snow
Date Added - March 25, 2005

Version 5: The Arctic Village seems to be a fairly busy place because there are so many shops and a few hidden places to check out. It must be really cold because you seldom see anyone about.

Buya: No Longer a Rustic Town
Date Added - March 12, 2005

Version 5: Long ago Buya was virtually a small village compared to the capitol of Koguryo. Through the Yuri, Buya has grown up and has its own royal palace and a growing population.

Dae Shore : Coastal Plains
Date Added - August 22, 2005

Version 5: Dae Shore is one of the most lovely spots in all the kingdoms. No wonder that it is chosen to host fairs or that the peaceful Monks and Chongun have chosen this for their homes.

Forest Crossroads: Mantis Haven
Date Added - March 25, 2005

Version 5: Many Yuri ago, an infestation of Mantis moved in east of Buya. Many have tried to clear them out but they keep coming back. The only good thing about this is that they drop lots of ambers and a few other goodies.

Hausson : The Kugnian Stronghold
Date Added - April 30, 2002

Version 5: Hausson was introduced during a pirate event in late 4.0. It's purpose was to assist heroes onto the pirate island and to provide services along the way. Eventually hausson became a town where one could live and perform their daily tasks. It also became the first ever island town. Visit this peaceful island in the sun!

Islets: A Place of Beauty and Peril
Date Added - March 25, 2005

Version 5: Parts of the Islets are quite swampy while others are extremely beautiful. Two subpaths have made their public areas in the Islets; the Muse and the Shaman. The closer you get to the water and mud the more perilous it becomes for strange ogres freely roam the swamp.

Kugnae : Royal Capitol Koguryo
Date Added - August 22, 2005

Version 5: Kugnae is the royal capitol of Koguryo. Ministry activities are often held here and the royal family is quite friendly. Beyond the palace, Kugnae is a thriving city.

Kugnae : Capital of Koguryo
Date Added - March 23, 2002

Version 3: The First City of the Nexus and center of all life throughout 3.0, Kugnae, the capital of Koguryo, was a bustling city of heroes. From Ironheart's youngest apprentice, to the strongest of heroes, Kugnae has been home to many. In addition to extraordinary players, Kugnae has been invaded by the evil Sagu, Pirates, Nomads, Sonhi and Khan Forces, Beasts of the Void during the Shattering, and even Christmas Skeletons during the holidays! Come see the city as it looked when it was born.

Mythic: A Star
Date Added - December 31, 2005

Version 5: Mythic has been in the lands for as long as people can remember. Here is found all of the creatures of the stars and each of the mighty totems. Here is where heros are forged.

Nagnag's Armory
Date Added - March 28, 2006

Version 6: Maps to find your way to the best armor smiths in the kingdoms.

Nagnang: A Forsaken Land
Date Added - March 2, 2006

Version 6: Finally a map of this vast mysterious land.

Northern Pass: More than a Pass
Date Added - March 28, 2005

Version 5: At first glance, this pass seems to be pretty dull but if you take the time to explore you may be surprised to find all the places it leads to.

Hamgyong Nam-do : Ogre Caves
Date Added - August 22, 2005

Version 5: The ogres have long meant trouble for the citizens of Koguryo. They have raided Kugnae killing many people. As dangerous as their caves are, adventurers still travel there to seek the gemstones the ogres dig.

Northern Koguryo : Ogre Haven
Date Added - April 27, 2002

Version 3: Just north of the gates of the mighty Kugnae, lies a deep, dark cave full of dead bodies, and strong beasts. Some of those beast's leaders have weapons that many have only dreamed of holding. Are you brave enough to find out what they are yourself?

Sanhae : Crafting Town
Date Added - March 01, 2005

Version 5: Sanhae is a very small village that specializes in various types of crafts. There is a lively tailor shop as well as a busy forge for smelting ore. Gruff smith is the only known source of coal in the kingdoms.

Vale: Beauty and Danger for All
Date Added - April 9, 2006

Version 6: The Vale is famous for the legendary duels held here. It is a vast area that is seldom fully explored. Hopefully this will shed some light.

Vortex: Tribes
Date Added - November 17, 2005

Version 5: After the death of Chiazo, the Tribes who fought for him remained to make homes for themselves. Each of the 12 have their own caves. Only the hardiest of adventures may enter their realm and hope to survive. Many stout hearted souls regularly brave these areas because untold riches have been found here.

Wilderness: Room for All
Date Added - January 21, 2006

Version 6: For the first time, all of the areas are shown plus a few secret areas you may not have discovered on your own. The Wilderness holds tons of daily activity. It is not just a place to gather wood, wool or ore.

Woodlands: Hunting Grounds for Young Ones
Date Added - May 28, 2006

Version 6: The Woodlands is a bountiful area. It has mines, sheep fields and a place to gather wheat. It also has hunting areas from Level 11 to Level 61 making it an excellent place for young ones to train.