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Minor Quest Locations

Shipwrecked Crew - Event Walkthrough -- Vini -- 1:00 AM, November 24
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Prophecies and Picture of Possible Future Event?! -- IcePixy -- 2:29 PM, November 22
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    Friday, November 24, 2017

Shipwrecked Crew - Event Walkthrough
Posted by: Vini -- 1:00 AM EST
There's a new event at Nexus, started during Thanksgiving day. From what we could understand, the story involves a group of five privateers who were transporting goods on their ship from Paejkae kingdom to Han sailing the northern parts of the yellow sea. Their captain decided to stop at Shilla kingdom shores to buy Mooncake (yes the one we can buy at Changmu Town) and when they left Shilla saying west they seem to have been attacked by cyclopes throwing rocks at the sky. It's unclear how they've been throwing rocks into the sea, maybe they have some catapult system of sorts, but no one have seen these cyclopes yet, but its believed the live somewhere on the cliffs of Nagnang Coastline.

With the attacks of the Cyclopes the Privateers crew of "The Hanyang" have shipwrecked, and seems their captain refused to leave the ship and died. Now the four remaining crew members are asking for our help, which means multiple new quests. They are located at the shores of Nagnang, south of Nagnang farms. Along with Nagnang Shore, which we were able to visit since Halloween event, now there are three new areas. To west of Nagnang shore you can find Nagnang Coastline, to east you can find a continuation of Nagnang Shore and to east of long Nagnang Shore you can find Nagnang Secluded Beach.

Quest 1 -- Wood for a new boat:

On the main Nagnang shore you'll find Quartermaster Blanchet. She seems to think she is the new captain of the crew now and is asking for help to get wood to build a bigger boat. Her quest is mandatory before you can do the quests of the other 3 privateers. She asks for help with either:
  • Taun wood (10) -OR-
  • Ginko wood (30)

    After, donating the wood to her the other privateers will answer to you.

    Quest 2 -- Rotten Fish Revenge:

    At Nagnang Coastline you'll find Boatswain Mazin who says she wants revenge for the Cyclopes who shipwrecked them and stole all their fish stock. She says that since they like fish so much she will throw a bunch of rotten fish there in hopes to see the Cyclopes die of dysentery. She asks for our help to collect fish. She needs:
  • Putrid fish (50)
  • Repugnant fish (100)
  • Malodorous fish (100)

    These can all be obtained at Hamgyong River area. Once you give her all of the items she gives you Magical gills item, which according to her allows her to briefly breath underwater. It's either an item to be used in future event or presumed to help with Gogoon island's underwater cave.

    Quest 3 -- Pumpkin Pie recipe:

    At the Nagnang Secluded Beach you'll find the Sailing Master Primaud, who seems to be a bit of a drunkard. He firsts asks you to bring him the strangest drink you can find, or strongest bottle. Here is what he'll need:
  • Bottle of Rage (1)

    The bottle of rage can be bought inside the Barbarian Cave, you go west into a room called Min-Kahn`s Judgement and buy it for 200 coins from Min-Kahn.

    Next you say "Blanchet" and he tells you that the Quartermaster wants him to collect pumpkins and asks your help to grab them. Bring him the following:
  • Field pumpkin (20)

    Field pumpkin is obtainable by slaying Kangsee at the cemeteries and Gangshi at Turtle Shell Cave. Once you give him the twenty field pumpkins he'll reward you with a Pumpkin pie made with his mother's recipe. It fully restores vita and mana, but unlike Songpyeon it does only have 1 use.

    Main Quest -- Capture the Slate Turkey:

    The third and main quest is the one to capture the Slate turkey that are roaming around the shores of Nagnang. With the shipwreck it seems all the live animals they were carrying on the ship escaped and are roaming free on and making a mess on the beaches. First Mate Gousqueton, who also thinks he is the new captain is asking for help to collect the turkey, but informs that you'll need some special tools to capture them:
  • Catching net (1),
  • Animal cage (many)

    The catching net can be bought for 10,000 coins from Jinhye at Do's Spiritual Garden and Animal cages can bought for 2,000 coins each from Dokami at Master Kyun's Enclave at Merchant's subpath area. Also buy some acorns as you'll need them.

    -- How to catch Turkey --

    Equip your Catching net, throw (use) an acorn at the turkey and it will get distracted when they go to each it, hit the turkey a few times and you'll be able to capture it and put into the animal cages. Once you capture enough of them say "Caged turkey" to First Mate Gousqueton and he'll take all the caged turkey from your inventory. They do not stack, so you'll need a lot of free inventory space to carry many cages.

    Here are the rewards for the amount of turkey you capture:
  • 15 caged turkey captured -> Small karma boost + new legend mark
  • 50 caged turkey captured -> Grants you a Thanksgiving message
  • 200 caged turkey captured -> Grants 10 pirate coins + big karma boost
  • 500+ caged turkey captured -> Grants a second new legend mark "Legendary Turkey hunter"

    The legendary turkey hunter marks seems to show how many turkeys each person captured. So let the competition begin for who ends up capturing most!

    The Thanksgiving message seems to be the main prize of the event. It allows you to type the name of someone you're thankful for and that person will receive a parcel with a Thanksgiving token. The thanksgiving token grants 2 billion experience points to the person you chose to reward. This can only be obtained once, so choose wisely who you want to be thankful for. Sending them a nice nmail letter along with the token will also be helpful.

    Concerned with people who may try to profit by selling their thanksgiving message as a "service" for profit, Head GM Wony made a nice "warning" on community board, reminding that is not the purpose of the item. Here is a copy of his post:
    BOARD TITLE: Community
    FROM: NexusTK DATE: 11/23
    SUBJECT: Happy Thanksgiving

    One of the rewards from the new event is an item that you can give a generous amount of exp. to others. This was designed to express your/our gratitude and appreciation for the ones that we care and are thankful for. I would like to suggest that we don't use this opportunity for the gains or selves but for others.

    Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! I am, we are truly thankful for your love and support for Nexus, being here in Nexus, together, through thick and thin.

    Thank you.


    PS. Hope you like the new Wilderness look, or is it an old look? Someone spent quite a bit of time and effort for this. Thank you so much, you know who you are, and all the others behind what we see and enjoy. Thank you.

    As you can see, Wony was also kind enough to let us know that the Wilderness map has been revamped to look more like it should: a wilderness. Those who are old enough to remember, seems this new version of the wilderness is in fact inspired on the version we used to have back in Nexus 4.0. It looks amazing. We'll soon report how the new map looks, but for now go ahead and explore the new/old areas on your own.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 92, Moon 3~

  •     Thursday, November 23, 2017

    Thanksgiving Message!
    Posted by: Vini -- 11:50 PM EST

    On behalf of the Nexus Atlas staff I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you enjoy the holiday with your family and fun stuffing yourselves with all sorts of good food.

    Also a big special thank to Kru Inc. for bringing us another event while we're still enjoying the Halloween one. This year's Thanksgiving event is innovative and fun to do. Gotta catch all the turkey!

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 92, Moon 3~

    Shipwreck Crew!?
    Posted by: Stormin -- 12:09 AM EST
    Hello Nexus Atlas readers! We have just recieved word from the Whispering Winds board about a new adventure! See the post below:

    BOARD TITLE: Whispering Winds
    FROM: NexusTK DATE: 11/22
    SUBJECT: The Shipwrecked Crew

    The Hanyang has shipwrecked near Nagnang coast after being attacked by unidentified beasts. The crew is lost in a place they've never been before.

    Who will help these foreigners with their misfortune?

    See images/prophecies below from IcePixy and Sieo for more clues!

    Hyul 92, 3rd Moon, 9th Sun

        Wednesday, November 22, 2017

    Prophecies and Picture of Possible Future Event?!
    Posted by: IcePixy -- 2:29 PM EST
    Some folks may have noticed that the Frontpage image on Kru's website has changed!
    It now shows what appears to be a ship crew - does this mean we can expect to be
    invaded by Pirates in the near future?!

    A few Diviner's also received Augury Visions, many wonder if these two are connected
    in some way.

    See the images and visions below:

    Kru's front page picture:

    My Augury Vision:

    BOARD TITLE: Chronicles of the winds
    FROM: IcePixy DATE: 2/24
    SUBJECT: Augury Vision

    In the midst of a conversation with one of my Waterborn within Oceana's hall, I once more felt myself gripped by the stomach-churning sensation of a god-given vision. My eyes changed from their normal pink hue to a swirling purple as the vision descended upon me with a vengeance.


    I find myself standing in the midst of chaos, burning boulders crashed all around me and the shrieks of pain from those near me filled my ears. The smell of charred flesh reaches my nostrils, and I do my best not to gag.

    As I begin to run through the carnage, a massive mountain rises before me and what appear to be shimmering stars twinkle at me. Yet, as I watch the stars, they begin to blink and I realize that perhaps these are not stars at all watching the ruination below.

    I spin about on my heel, my head begins to swim as I struggle to complete the vision and I nearly run into a bearded man, his companions struggling to aid him in escaping from the looming vessel now before me. Water laps at my toes and the men shout at a distant figure still upon the sea-faring vessel now in the distance.

    A giant wave of salty water hits me from behind and I am swallowed back into reality.


    This vision came upon me so quickly, I barely had time to realize what was happening. I've jotted down as much as I can remember from the vision that I saw, I hope we can figure out what it means before it occurs!

    *;'Oracle of Mirrors';*
    *;'Sea Primogen';*

    Sieo's Augury Vision:

    BOARD TITLE: Chronicles of the winds
    FROM: Sieo DATE: 2/24
    SUBJECT: Augury Vision

    One of my students found me this morning apparently having wandered into the Diviner Circle in a trance. According to him, my eyes were white and I was singing the following two verses over and over again. He was kind enough to write them down for me and put me in a comfortable spot where I would not hurt myself or others.


    Onward into forever the endless oceans roam
    As the stones fall down from the sky.
    Observing from the highest cliffs below the loam
    A clan grows younger and wonders why.

    Within the ocean tumult, observed from afar,
    The raining earth has found an errant island.
    As the people of this island swim for our shore
    Their leader vows his feet shall never touch the sand.


    -Sieo Bijeon
    Diviner Guide

    Feel free to let us know what you think this may mean for our community!


    Hyul 92, 3rd Moon, 6th Sun

    Thanksgiving Kruna!
    Posted by: IcePixy -- 2:02 PM EST
    CoverGirl has been busy udpating the Kruna Shop with some fun Thanksgiving Kruna!
    While we thank her for her work this season, she does seem a bit sad about no longer
    receiving her favorite item ~ Flowers! Perhaps we can show her a bit of love this
    Thanksgiving by sending her some. *winks*

    Check out her post and the associated Kruna below:

    BOARD TITLE: Item Shop Announcements
    FROM: CoverGirl DATE: 11/20
    SUBJECT: New: Frilly Aprons

    Hello Kingdoms~

    Turkey time! Are you cooking? Do you need an apron? How about our new frilly aprons? You know..I love flowers! hmm....these days nobody sends me flowers anymore :( but still I was able to put some pretty flowers on our new aprons. We have 12 different colors. Choose your favorite one for Thanksgiving cooking this year for your family, friends... and all your loved ones.

    Let's cook!


    Usable Items: (pass the cursor over the image to check color names)

    Stuffed Turkey Package can give:

    Furhat Package
    Officer Package
    Prepatory Package
    Native Package
    Pilgrim Package

    **Thanks to everyone who whispered what they received**

    Head: (pass the cursor over the image to check color names)

    Coats: (pass the cursor over the image to check color names)

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving Dinner in an awesome new outfit!


    Hyul 92, 3rd Moon, 6th Sun

        Sunday, November 19, 2017

    The complete Changmu compilation
    Posted by: Vini -- 11:40 PM EST
    The stories of Changmu Town have many details and some unclear connections between the villagers and their stories that can be important to the investigation quest and may pass unnoticed by us if we don't pay enough attention to what they're saying. Therefore, as an effort to connect the pieces of the puzzle spread among hundreds of popups, we of Nexus Atlas have prepared a summary of the story of the event and each main part of the lore being told by the villagers of the new-found town. This not a walkthrough, this is a guide to the story, like we've done in the past to big events like the Ophelia saga, the pirate girl daughter of the undead captain. So, if you want to dig deeper into the storyline of the event, go ahead and enjoy your reading!

    -- The Changmu Town --

    Changmu is a secluded town hidden amidst a dark bamboo forest, which is part of Shilla kingdom, the first one that citizens of the Kingdoms of the Winds were able to visit and so far, seems to be the closest one to the three kingdoms. According to Jae Hui it has the largest and most popular cemetery in Shilla. People from all over Shilla kingdom go bury their family there.

    According to Mayor Lioga, Changmu Town was founded many decades ago by his grandfather. It first began as a small funerary service to people of Shilla. However, when their third King began the tradition of visiting his ancestors buried there, shortly after the yearly pilgrimage of common people started and then became a tradition for people of Shilla to go there and pay respect to the graves of their ancestors.

    Mayor Lioga mentions that with years it became the perfect place for the celebrations of Hangawi Festival due to the peculiar area they are located. Since the town is between mountains they don't get much sunlight. However, their unique moonlight view from the hills made it a very touristic place. According to Jae Hui it is the favorite location for tourists because of the amazing view of the moon. Mayor Lioga states that Changmu Town is Shilla's favorite touristic destination during the Hangawi Festival and according to him it is the town's main event of the year.

    -- The Villagers of Changmu --

    Jae Hui, Kwang and Ottong seem to be the caretakers of the Changmu Cemetery. Wyongzi seems to father to Kwang and Ottong and seems the three of them were the first ones attacked by Gangshi in the town. Wyongzi seems to have knowledge in arcane magic and divine magic, according to his son Kwang.

    Zhen seems to be the eldest person in town and one who has traveled a lot during his life time. He seems to have stumbled upon the Diary quest of Nagnang Woodlands in one of his travels.

    Fae Won, Jing Tai and Hwa Miri seem to be merchants of the town that make most of their money during the Hangawi Festival by selling their goods to tourists. Sentinel Eyngi seems to be the person in charge of town's security.

    Yemaro seems to be a carpenter and Seung a seamstress. They seem to be married and have at least two children. The youngest one is Xismo, the boy who is afraid of scary costumes and who hopes to have a farm full of animals some day when he grows up. However, there is a lot of controversy about their other son. According to Jae Hui the eldest son used to stay at the Moonlight Hills for hours during the night howling to the moon pretending he was a wolf, but one day he never returned. Jae Hui claims he can still hear the howling coming from the hills sometimes and claims this whole subject is a sort of a taboo in the town.

    -- The Changmu Town Council --

    The Town Council is formed by councilors and Mayor Lioga. It seems one of the councilors stole the burial records and gave it to the Necromancer and started the whole problem. The reason for someone to do that is uncertain each of them has a reason to be suspects. Miss Viola suspects Professor Mulberry; the Professor suspects Mrs. Reseda; Reseda suspects Colonel Noir; the Colonel suspects Elder Grey; the old lady suspects Mr. Taupe and the religious man suspects it was Miss Viola.

    -- The Hangawi Festival --

    The Hangawi Festival is a three-day holiday celebrated in Shilla Kingdom, when "swarms" of people go to Changmu Town to dance, eat and drink with their families and come to pay respect to the graves of their ancestors. It is a major harvest festival done during Fall filled with traditions.

    Some of these traditions are having a sort of riddles game to obtain a festival lantern and at some point, during the festival they have a traditional lantern walk. According to Seung they also hold an annual weaving contest called Gabae. Other traditions consist in drinking cassia wine, eating mooncake and according to Hwa Miri, a famous dish with colored rice cakes called songpyeon. Also, according to Jing Tai people from Shilla's Capital loved to purchase his unique clothing tinctures: charcoal and teal made from charcoal rocks and moss clumps obtained from inside Turtle shell cave.

    However, according to Mayor Lioga, the Hangawi Festival this year was disaster. Monsters started roaming around in Changmu Town and attacking people. Therefore, citizens from Shilla Kingdom's Capital were afraid to go to Changmu for the Festival that year. Not just that, but seems that King Gima of Shilla issued a quarantine and ordered his guards to block the main road to Changmu to protect the citizens of the Capital, isolating them and abandoning Changmu villagers to their own fate.

    -- The Kangsee/Gangshi --

    According to Zhen Gang'shi (Or Kangsee depending on pronunciation) means "stiff corpse", as their limbs are too stiff to move. They are reanimated corpses of buried people who become possessed by malicious spirits and who according to Ottong can consume a person's life energy very quickly if attacked by one. According to Kwang they absorb the Qi of living beings, sucking people out of their life force until the person becomes a Gangshi like them.

    They are afraid of their own reflection so using magic brozen mirrors imported from Han or Tao mirrors created with the help of Geomancers can weaken them substantially. Some other items they found to be useful to counter the Gangshi were Jujube seeds (daechu seeds), red mung beans (adzuki beans/geuru pat), vinegar, wolf's blood, and rice flour, which are all used as a thick ointment they use on their skin. According to Kwang they also attack mostly at night since they seem to be afraid of sunlight.

    According to Mayor Lioga and other sources at Changmu Town, these "hopping" corpses were raised from their graves using supernatural arts to bring forth an army of the dead, being an enchanted by a mysterious necromancer.

    The issue with corpses raising from the gave isn't only happening at Changmu Town. The necromancer seems to be raising corpses from Wilderness Graveyard, Buya Catacombs, Nagnang Burial Grounds and and one of the Koguryo's Crypts too. Therefore, the community of the Kingdoms of the Winds has joined forces with the villagers of Changmu to try to solve their common problem.

    According to Jae Hui the Mayor ordered the Turtle Shell cave located at Moonlight hills to be magically sealed by Wyongzi, since the cave is infested with more dangerous Gangshi, that don't have talisman on their face. Inside the cave there's also a Gangshi beast, which seems to be the body of cats taken by malicious spirits.

    -- Turtle Shell Cave --

    According to Jae Hui, the Turtle Shell Cave is called like that because looks like the drawings they saw about the legend of Hyeonmu, the dark warrior, who some claim to be a black tortoise entwined with snakes. Clearly, he means the Hyun Moo Totem, but since they never saw Hyun Moo they believe it's just a legend.

    -- Jangseung --

    The Jangseung (village guardian) is a totem pole usually made of wood. Jangseungs are traditionally placed at the edges of villages to mark for village boundaries and frighten away demons. They are also worshiped as villages tutelary deities.

    The ones in Changmu Town were carved by Yemaro, but Zhen the eldest person in the town used some of his magical skills to create two binding talismans that send people close to the ones at north and south boundaries of the town.

    -- The Necromancer --

    The identity of the necromancer is still a mystery to Nexus community, although many people mention him, we don't know his name or where he comes from. Zhen claims that the necromancer a person who he knew long ago and who has returned from death and is trying to raise an army of the dead. He also considers the possibility that the necromancer might be an evil spirit who possessed the embalmed corpse of his friend. This is an evidence that Zhen saw the Necromancer raising the corpses or perhaps Wyongzi did and told him. Seems the necromancer is using the burial records of the town as a way to know where to bring corpses back from.

    I wish we had finished this summary sooner, but it's a very big event and we were mostly trying to get all aspects of main quest and side-quests walk-through first and the map schemes too. If you were a brave survivor who read this whole post whisper me a high five.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 92, Moon 2~

        Saturday, November 18, 2017

    Halloween Event's Atlas
    Posted by: Vini -- 4:20 PM EST
    It took a while but we finally have complied all the 31 new maps of the event into schemes showing how they are connected. Consult them all with the links below:

  • Southern Nagnang area

  • Inside Nagnang Haunted House

  • The Gorge & Bridge to Shilla

  • Changmu Bamboo Forest area

  • Turtle Shell Cave Rooms

    Such map schemes may take a while to create, but they're the reason why we're called Nexus Atlas!

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 92, Moon 2~

  •     Thursday, November 16, 2017

    The Forsaken Clan New Primogeness!
    Posted by: IcePixy -- 8:26 PM EST
    Sieo of Forsaken clan has passed the torch of Primogenship to Wulfie!

    Sieo had this to say:

    Dear Community,

    "It has been my privilege to serve as the Primogeness of The Forsaken
    and as The Knight of Nagnang for the last number of months. In that time,
    I annoyed many but many more expressed a level of love and support that
    I will treasure for many years to come. I hope that the community shows
    the same love and support to Primogeness Wulfie and hope that her reign is
    a long and glorious one filled with wonderful moments and memories being
    created for all to enjoy.

    I will still be around if anybody has need of Diviner services or Forsaken Clan
    services but now is the appropriate time for me to retire from the politics of

    Long live The Forsaken!
    Long Live Nagnang!

    Sieo Bijeon"

    Primogen Wulfie unfortunately didn't have anything to say in regards to her
    newest position as Primogen of Forsaken, however she did grace us with a
    lovely picture!

    Nexus Atlas wishes Prophet Sieo and Primogen Wulfie the best of luck on both of
    their newest journies!


    Hyul 92, 1st Moon, 19th Sun

        Monday, November 13, 2017

    Event "Easter Eggs"
    Posted by: Vini -- 8:46 PM EST
    While the event has a lot of stories told by the multiple NPCs, some of them hide some very interesting "easter eggs". No, I don't mean chocolate eggs during Halloween, but instead "easter eggs" as intentional inside joke or a hidden messages in their speeches.

  • The first one that was found is the last popup by Sentinel Eyngi. "It's dangerous to go alone! Take this", which is a famous quote from first game of Zelda series.

  • The main one, however is a reference to the popular board game Clue. Six suspects with names referencing colors and including a professor and a Colonel. They even accuse each other using places and objects of the game.

  • The other one was found by Washington, who noticed that Zhen closes his popup speech with "fear cuts deeper than swords", which is a line of the Songs of Ice and Fire series.

    Could you find another one? Let us know!

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 91, Moon 12~

  •     Sunday, November 12, 2017

    Silver Talisman Side-Quest
    Posted by: Vini -- 11:35 PM EST
    Event Part 9: The Truth of Silver Talisman

    It seems the mystery of the Silver talisman has finally been uncovered. It works as combined form of yellow scroll and kindred talisman, just like the Qui-Hyang and the Li key. The secret to create one lies with the founder of the Diviners: Silk.

    To find her go to Diviner area at Kugnae 126,168 then enter the door at northwest of Tao te Ching room into Tai Chi room and from there walk towards northeast of the g'oh board into a hidden room called Hsien Courtyard. There you'll find Silk.

    If you ask her about "Silver talisman" she will reply with:

    To obtain a Silver talisman you'll need to bring her the following items:
  • Silver tree branch - (1)(woodcutting ginko trees)
  • Yellow scroll - (100)(any tavern)
  • Kindred talisman - (50)(any clan hall)
  • Cemetery talisman - (12)(Changmu cemetery)
  • Graveyard talisman - (12) (Wilderness cemetery; 2,153)
  • Crypt talisman - (12) (Kugnae cemetery; southern koguryo 022,11; crypt 003,019)
  • Burial talisman - (12) (Nagnang cemetery; 140,04)
  • Catacomb talisman - (12) (Buya cemetery; islets 22,68)

    Here is how using it looks like:

    This part of the quest was discovered by ManlyGuy. According to him what made him discover that the secret of the Silver talisman lied with the Diviners were the following hints: Kwang, the guy next to cemetery entrance says that with the help of my father's (Wyongzi) knowledge in arcane magic and divine magic we could seal the most dangerous Gangshi inside the cave. Also, Yemaro kept saying that he wanted to find the truth about making silver talismans, then changed to "I always wondered about the truth about making silver talismans". The reason why "truth" is a keyword clue in this quest is due to Diviner subpath's philosophy. They believe that truth is the key and knowledge and truth lead to enlightenment. Well, this time knowledge and truth led us to the Silver talisman!

    Other than that, it looks more obvious now that we know the answer, but Diviners' dye is silver.
    A special thanks to Frenya for nmailing me with information of this discovery and to Supreme for giving most of his graveyard talismans, that he had been collecting for hours, so ManlyGuy could get his well-deserved Silver talisman.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 91, Moon 12~

  •     Saturday, November 11, 2017

    Useful Event Items: Mooncake, Cassia wine and Songpyeon
    Posted by: Vini -- 10:55 PM EST
    While the event occurs after the period of Hangawi Festival in Shilla, it is interesting to notice that some traditional items of the festival are available for us to try out and some of them are very useful. He are three of them, which have interesting descriptions given out by the villagers of Changmu Town: mooncake, cassia wine and songpyeon.

    The Mooncake is a tender pastry biscuit filled red bean and lotus seed paste. People of Shilla believe that eating it every year ensures longevity.

    Mooncake can be bought from Fae Won costs 10,000 coins it heals 20% of vita and casts longevity spell, which makes character immune to poison, scourge etc. for 20 seconds.

    The Cassia wine is made from sweet osmanthus flowers and the taste is a bit like peach with a bit of cinnamon. The families that visit Changmu Town drink it celebrating as 'reunion wine', except for children. They also believe it helps with longevity as it cures various diseases and rejuvenates the mind and body.

    Cassia wine can be bought from Fae Won costs 10,000 coins it heals 20% of mana and casts clear mind spell, which dispels all negative spells on you.

    Songpyeon is a rice cake colored with pine tree nuts, which gives this exotic colored look and taste. They're made from brown rice with black beans, mung beans, honey, pine nut, chestnut, walnut, daechu seeds, sesame seeds and cinnamon. According to Hwa Miri they are made to celebrate experience gained in a year's harvest.

    Songpyeon can be made with Hwa Miri's quest and restores 100% vita without being consumed. You can eat it again after a period. However, Hwa Miri alerts that those who make one should eat it before the end before winter arrives, or else it might get rotten and you'll lose it. This means this item might not be a permanent addition.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 91, Moon 12~

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