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Server reset! -- Guerrund -- 8:18 PM, July 18
New KRA General! -- Elarra -- 9:23 PM, July 15
New Sage of Nagnang! -- Guerrund -- 8:54 PM, July 15
Server Reset - July 14, 2014 -- Loxie -- 9:46 PM, July 14

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Content ChangeLog

    Friday, July 18, 2014

Server reset!
Posted by: Guerrund -- 8:18 PM EST
* New itemshop items! Check out new weapons, fit bathing wear, and some particularly neat looking coat/head accessory outfits along with all your summer favorites

Minor updates for:
- Pegasus clan
- Covenant clan

    Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New KRA General!
Posted by: Elarra -- 9:23 PM EST
Tonight, I, Elarra, have stepped down as General of the KRA in favor of SonKnuck!

Congratulations and I know you'll do great!

Onward Azure Koguryo!

-*Elarra Satsuma
-*Keeper of Balance

New Sage of Nagnang!
Posted by: Guerrund -- 8:54 PM EST
Koohwen has stepped down as Sage of the Eternal order of Nagnang and has placed Pitseleh as the newest sage! Congratulations Sage Pitseleh and thank you, Koohwen, for your service to the eternal order.

Here we see Sage Pitseleh sporting the attractive staff of office and a lovely purple dress.

    Monday, July 14, 2014

Server Reset - July 14, 2014
Posted by: Loxie -- 9:46 PM EST
* Anniversary swords and merchant are gone for the year. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Minor updates and fixes for:
- Bear clan
- Spy subpath
- Carnage system

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