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Snatched from RT -- Loxie -- 5:02 AM, September 18
Woah, woah, woah! -- Loxie -- 2:18 AM, September 18
Goddess...Lasahn? -- Loxie -- 2:13 AM, September 18
Help Hana! -- Loxie -- 9:22 PM, September 17
Server Reset September 17th, 2014 -- Loxie -- 6:10 PM, September 17

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Content ChangeLog

    Thursday, September 18, 2014

Snatched from RT
Posted by: Loxie -- 5:02 AM EST
Lead posted this on the Rambling Thoughts board. It makes sense, but where do the two wells come in?


it seems like these are hints to solve the diary quest... the more crab you hand in, the more clues you get for solving that quest

most of them are hinting at the number of items and possible combinations...

8 leads you to 5...
There are 8 items you can make from the diary quest:
Polished Stone: Wings of Fury:
Plate of metal: Lightly Stiched Shell:
Focused fire amber: Tortured Human soul:
Heavy Champion rune: Snake Skin Mesh:

but somehow we combine these into 5 I'm guessing

Well good luck to those who invested in it a while ago, they are about to get rich(er)

Woah, woah, woah!
Posted by: Loxie -- 2:18 AM EST
"Goddess" Lasahn killed Guerrund? What is this insanity? He is one head shorter as a result of "hearsay and disobedience". I bet Kinung is happy!

I received more information on this:

All Primogen at Tribunal were asked to sage their support of the Goddess Lasahn. Guerrund, always disobedient, refused, and so the Queen ordered him executed. He was dragged onto the palace steps by the Buyan Army and slain by Goddess Lasahn. A man named Metatron challenged the Queens Godhood to her face and was named a Heretic.

So after Guerrund died, the Army Chased Metatron for a bit but he escaped.


The palace was attacked by a strange man who seemed to be asking for help as if he couldn't control his actions. He kept exploding into piles of monstrous spirits. Soldiers fought him and his spirits off, and he eventually managed to share that his master wanted the Generals head for his part in the death of Guerrund, and that his master was the man all in red(someone suggested that that sounded like Crewelye a shaman). A Giant spirit ripped out of him and swung massive swords knocking the general to the ground and denting his armor(and breaking a few ribs) The spirit moved into the palace where he summoned a legion of these things, and when he tried to take Reon's head, the general, exhausted and sliced up from continual battle, got in a lucky swing dispersing the creature, but not banishing it from our world.

The general was lead by soldiers to the barracks to bandage his wounds, remove his dented armor and recover.


A soldier was attacked in the palace, about a half hour later, while clearing out the last of the abominations. Engell of the Phoenix clan, held a soldier at sword point, and the general, knowing he was needed, limped out of bed but proved too injured to fight. The men, all from Phoenix, former employees of Guerrund, tortured and beat the already injured general, as soldiers attempted to stop them. They stabbed Reon in the gut before departing, and Reon fell unconscious. After tense healing magic that didn't seem to be fully effective, the general was moved to the barracks for more in depth medicines, and rest. He has been unconscious since.

General Reon is expected to make a full recovery in time.


Meanwhile, while the general is in bed recovering, the Buyan Minister Biondeu has been busy rounding up support for his group of rebels against Lasahn. The only ones suspected of joining at the moment are the Phoenix clan, but who knows how many clans and individuals will decide to join up. Biondeu scoured every area of the palace except the barracks for the Queen, but could not find her. No word on what he was planning to do if he DID find her. Many meetings are being planned and held throughout the kingdom to figure out how to respond to the Quee...Goddess's most recent 'Commandment".

Posted by: Loxie -- 2:13 AM EST
All of SanSin's licking Lasahn between the toes has now paid off! She has declared herself a Goddess. Thank the Dreamweavers for sane Kings like my Mhuly. -Smooches her Mhul drawing.- So here is what she had to say:

~| A Message from the Divine Sovereign of Buya |~

People of Buya,

For too long, heresy has run rampant and blasphemers have been casually tolerated. Until recently, no one recognized me as a Goddess. This has changed. All must now realize their mistake, all must see my holy nature. Therefore, sacrilege will no longer be accepted.

Henceforth, Buyans must worship me above all others. The worship of lesser deities and impostors will cease immediately on penalty of exile or death. This includes those upstart totem beasts who call themselves Gods and the nine Muse charlatans. The Goddess Lasahn is to be the only deity recognized in Buya.

~The Goddess~
~Shining Jewel of the World~

    Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Help Hana!
Posted by: Loxie -- 9:22 PM EST
Uh oh. It seems like someone couldn't keep her lover in the kingdoms! Hana's man fled to the ocean and they're afraid he won't come back.

Fortunately for them, you're here to help! Once you speak to Soon she'll tell you a long, drawn out story where you agree to save the day. (Warning, if you don't agree you'll probably have to wait a few hours. I have know clue if that's true, though. Didn't feel the need to try it.)

So you agree to help out (I mean the poor girl just sits there crying, what else would you do?) and she continues on.

And on. (Again, we agree to help.)

And on!

Just make sure you're full, otherwise your offer will be rejected and she will make you speak with her all. Over. Again.

So once you've agreed she gives you a nifty little torch to use for cooking some crabs before they eat the campfires. Why do the crabs hate Hana? No clue.

If you don't catch the crab in time, it'll eat the fire and the fire goes away. No spells, no other weapons, nothin'. You have to kill it with your handy dandy torch and sometimes they just don't die.

And once you do kill them you get the claws, which Soon will take from you.

Alright, so when you have 25 claws and turn them in, you get to go back and assure Soon you have them. Click on the "I'm Back!" Option.

And more talking.

At this point you receive minor quest experience and a torch weapon skin of your very own! GO YOU. On a side note, people are telling me she gives clues to the Diary Quest. Here is what was found so far.

Some hints so far are:
From Teto-
Eight will lead you to five.
Two wells are all you need.

From Reon-
Catastrophic hurricanes should not be taken lightly.

MegaBuster -
Count the Plate carefully

I received:
Pinacle of cowardice

Server Reset September 17th, 2014
Posted by: Loxie -- 6:10 PM EST
* Soon and Hana are distressed: Hana's lover is missing, see if you can help out! Hana has been setting up fires on Dae shore

Minor updates for:
- Geomancer subpath

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