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Kingdom Arena League -- Loxie -- 10:49 PM, October 24
Subpath Fair -- Loxie -- 6:52 PM, October 21
Resignation -- LordAchoo -- 10:55 PM, October 20

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Content ChangeLog

    Friday, October 24, 2014

Kingdom Arena League
Posted by: Loxie -- 10:49 PM EST
Dear Loxie,

Below is a letter I have been mailing all Primos and Elders regarding my event, please read it just to get a feel for what I'm trying to do. I've contacted you because you're the most active voice on Nexus Atlas, rather then any sort of monetary or mark contribution, my only request, if it is possible is for you to post on Nexus Atlas regarding the event so it gets some good publicity. Details can be found on Community Events.

Thank you

You are being contacted regarding a very unique opportunity. The KSG has proudly put together the first ever Kingdom Arena League
- Our goal with this league is to bring a brand new, never before seen event to the lands while providing a fun and exciting experience not only to participants, but to observers alike.
Through this event not only do we hope to spark a new, genuine affinity for the kingdoms but we also hope to start a movement that will get the kingdoms buzzing again and restore some wonder to lands in which excitement is a rare commodity.
We hope that this event will not only touch those who roam the kingdoms today but re-attract those that have departed for stranger lands.

The spirit of competition will thrive in our kingdoms, and with any organized sporting event we would like to offer you an opportunity at involvement with this new and innovative idea.
We humbly request that you assist us in promoting this event; encourage your walkers, clan mates, friends and family to participate - whether by creating a team or supporting our competitors through observation.

In promoting this event you may even have the opportunity to promote your clan or subpath by having your name engraved on one of our participating teams through Sponsorship. Should you have any interest in sponsorship please contact us and we will provide you with the names of team captains and you may negotiate however you see fit.

Last but not least - we implore you to provide additional incentives for community participation - whether it be donating money, items, or marks to the victor. Should you wish to make a donation please contact Destine - The KSG will assure your clan or subpath receive recognition for your generosity and it will be attached to all promotions for the event.

You and your organization can make a real difference in bringing this unique experience to fruition and giving back to the people of the community.

The Contribution does not need to be in coins, any mark you see fit is equally valuable.

Current Contributors -

KSG - 5m donation - Tournament Win Mark
Destine - 5m donation

On behalf of the KSG and Kingdom Arena League - Your time is greatly appreciated.


    Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Subpath Fair
Posted by: Loxie -- 6:52 PM EST
The subpath fair is in full swing! Meet with each path and if you find one you're interested, let them know!

Fair Schedule
During the subpath fair each hour is limited to one lesson, however, while some paths have scheduled a definite event for each hour, this isn't necessary. All paths are able to host games throughout the night - with the exception of when the fair closes and opens.

Friday, October 24th, 2014

7pm EST-
Opening Introductions/Ceremony

Ritual of Divination - Diviner is opening the festival with a ritual of Divination. (Diviner - 21,81)

8pm EST-
Introduction to Monk

A basic course on the core concepts and ideas,and beliefs of the Monk path. (Monk - 57,104)

9pm EST-
Introduction to the Chongunate

This will be an information, Q&A, and general,Crash course into the world of the Chongunate. (Chongun - 93,35)

10pm EST-
Introduction to Do

An introduction to the Do subpath which will go,over the following topics: History, Title, Explanations, Codes of Conduct, and Core Beliefs (Do - 57,35)

11pm EST-
Introduction to Shamanism

A lesson on the Principles of Shaman (Shaman - 92,81)

Saturday, October 25th, 2014
3pm EST-
Opening Introductions/Ceremony
(Druid - 21,101)

4pm EST-
Introduction to Druid

A lesson on the basics of what being Druid means. (Druid - 57,104)

5pm EST-
Merchants - What are they all about?

Identifying the different types of Merchants, their characteristics and beliefs (Merchant - 93,58)

6pm EST-
The Art of Muse

The basics of what a Muse is and what it means to be a Muse. (Muse - 92,014)

7pm EST-
Introduction to Geomancy

A basic class, introducing the core beliefs, traditions, and values of the Geomancer family. (Geomancer - 57,81)
Bridge of Flowers
Be the last one standing on a flower to win (Druid - 21,101)

8pm EST-
Analysis of Buddhism

A course describing the history of Buddhism and the ways it has been shaped by culture over time (Monk - 57,104)
Fortune Revealed
Diviners perform divinations for participants (Diviner - 21,81)

9pm EST-
Special presentation
(Spy - 21,58)

10pm EST-
Basics of Wilderness Survival

Spend time with the members of the Ranger path to discuss a Ranger's skillset - and how it lends itself to surviving in the harshest of conditions (Ranger - 57,58)
Weapon Dance
Participants dance around a series of weapons. Stand on the correct weapon or you're out! (Do - 57,35)

11pm EST-
History & Lore

A lesson on the Original Eight and Shaman lore (Shaman - 92,81)

12am EST-
Light Show

Ending the night with a Muse light show (Muse - 21,101)

Sunday, October 26th, 2014

4pm EST-
Do Performance

Do will do a demonstration of a weapon form. (Do - 57,35)

5pm EST-
Barbarian Class

Placeholder for Barbarian. (Barbarian - 21,35)

6pm EST-
The Art of Muse

The basics of what a Muse is and what it means to be a Muse. (Muse - 92,014)
Jan Ken Pon
The classic game of Rock, Paper, Scissors! (Monk - 57,104)

7pm EST-
To be a Monk

What does it mean to be a Monk? How do you become a Monk? A short lesson on core concepts will be followed by Q&A. Ask about our ideals, believes, and ways! (Monk - 57,104)
Royal Revels Roadshow
Royal Revels Reading travels to the Subpath fair. (Muse - 21,101)

8pm EST
Do Core Beliefs & Message to Seekers

Explanations of foundation concepts to a Do and advice to seekers and those interested in Do. (Do - 57,35)
As Grouchy As
Each contestant has five minutes to complain about the topic of their choice. (Diviner - 21,81)

9pm EST-
Divination Methods

A lesson on various divination methods and how to adapt or make your own. (Diviner - 21,81)

10pm EST
Scouting Trip/Closing Ceremony

Scouting trip and announcing the winners for costume contest, booth contest, and treasure hunt. (Ranger - 57,58)

Costume Contest

Dress up in a costume and visit the paths. Each path will take down names of their favorite trick-or-treaters. At the end of the festival, after the scouting trip, the trick-or-treaters return for the tallying of votes and announcing of the winners.

First Place: Free Extended Title (must be RP appropriate)
2 million gold
Ba Gua reading
Random Kruna Package

Second Place: Free Extended Title (must be RP appropriate)
One Free Engrave
1,010,000 gold
Qi Shard

Treasure Hunt

Each path has chosen a token. These are unique to the path and chosen by them to hand out during the event. Visit the paths to collect their token and have your name written down as checking in. Collect all and turn them in at the end of the fair to be entered to win the treasure hunt prizes.

Some paths give them out for stopping by and saying hello, some for asking, and some for winning or attending events. Keep an eye out for paths offering tokens and grab one while you can!

Barbarian - Unknown -21,35
Chongun - Unknown -93,35
Diviner - Fortune Cookie -57,35
Do - Foxblade -57,35
Druid - Voodoo doll -21,101
Geomancer - Geomancer Token 1 -57,81
Merchant - Unknown -93,58
Monk - Unknown -57,104
Muse - Tanso -92,014
Ranger - Unknown -57,58
Shaman - Angel's Tear -92,81
Spy - Unknown -21,58

First Place: Check for 100k
One Free Engrave
2 million gold
Ba Gua reading
Random Kruna Package

Second Place: 1,010,000 gold
Qi Shard

Path Booth decorating contest

During the fair you may notice subpaths decorating their booths. Stop by each path and see the display they've set up, and if you find one exceptionally impressive fill out the voting form and send it to 'Trustie'. Voting ends at 10pm EST on Sunday the 26th.

The path that receives first and second place will determine what they do with their prize - whether it goes into the path bank, to event hosts for the path, or to the person who decorated the event.

-------------------- Booth Vote ------------------------
First Place:
Second Place:

First Place: 2,250,000 gold
Non-bonded flower bouquet
Ba Gua reading
Random kruna package

Second Place: 1,010,000 gold
Qi Shard

    Monday, October 20, 2014

Posted by: LordAchoo -- 10:55 PM EST
Effective immediately, I resign from anything to do with NexusAtlas, NexusForums.

I wish everyone good luck.


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