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Sever Reset October 29, 2014 -- Loxie -- 9:54 PM, October 29
Haunted House Event! -- Rachel -- 7:49 PM, October 28
Goodbye to all -- Akiudo -- 3:17 PM, October 28
Kingdom Arena League -- Loxie -- 10:49 PM, October 24

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Content ChangeLog

    Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sever Reset October 29, 2014
Posted by: Loxie -- 9:54 PM EST
* New Halloween themed itemshop items now available: check out new costumes and weapon skins (along with the trick or treat bag) available in the itemshop!

Minor updates for:
- Destiny clan
- Oceana clan
- Alizarin clan

    Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Haunted House Event!
Posted by: Rachel -- 7:49 PM EST
Shortly after a reset today, and a post from Stein, the entrance to the Abandoned House was found inside the Buya Haunted House (In the room "Condemned" at the coordinates 07/08)

Inside, you can find the bosses from last year's underworld event. The bosses return in new forms until you kill their sixth form.

Their AI is similar to Lost Mine leech bosses. They cast Hoche to prevent curses and they dispel if they're slept. Blind seems to work very well on them.

The Demented Crafter can drop a Broken Modulator (Confirmed by Rachel after a grueling 35 minutes!) I've also heard he can drop 10 cloth, 10 fine cloth, or a red potion. Loxie tells me that the boss can also drop a full Skill Modulator.

Beard doesn't respond to "Broken modulator" anymore, but it seems that TaikPae can fix them for us!

(I believe this means you need to send an n-mail to "TaikPae" rather than visit the NPC in Kinung)

Claw can drop a Claw mantle. (Confirmed by BagOfChips)

The Hollow Ghost (Spirit with a brown hat) can drop a "Scroll of mortality" but it might not have a purpose this time around.

Thank you to BagOfChips, Obduracy, Snack, and Loxie for information! Also thank you to Vini for posting useful information and images in the event last November!

Goodbye to all
Posted by: Akiudo -- 3:17 PM EST
Hi guys,

Firstly I've just stepped down and Koohwen has become the new primogen of Silla. Please congratulate him in this new position he now holds, due to previous experience I am very happy to leave Silla in his capable hands.

I am leaving the kingdoms as soon as my registration runs out and will not be returning until Oh san is released (which we all know is unlikely considering the amount of attention shown to the game by KRU). Ironically I will be leaving as soon as they host an event (yet again a recycled event but nevertheless one we can all appreciate as it brings the always in demand skill mods - happy hunting)

I've been complaining about the way this game is run for a long time now and no matter what is said I really don't see any changes and many a player will agree with me that there is barely anything different about this game from 3-4 years ago except we probably disconnect more frequently. With that I just unregged account by account (of which 6 I own) and now I have ridden my direct debits of all KRU activity.

I do genuinely hope that KRU finally wake up one day and see the error of their ways in the severe lack of content they are depriving you all of and make amends but for now I wish you all the best and hope you enjoy what you pride yourselves to do whilst you continue your gameplay on Nexus.

All the best,

- Akiudo

    Friday, October 24, 2014

Kingdom Arena League
Posted by: Loxie -- 10:49 PM EST
Dear Loxie,

Below is a letter I have been mailing all Primos and Elders regarding my event, please read it just to get a feel for what I'm trying to do. I've contacted you because you're the most active voice on Nexus Atlas, rather then any sort of monetary or mark contribution, my only request, if it is possible is for you to post on Nexus Atlas regarding the event so it gets some good publicity. Details can be found on Community Events.

Thank you

You are being contacted regarding a very unique opportunity. The KSG has proudly put together the first ever Kingdom Arena League
- Our goal with this league is to bring a brand new, never before seen event to the lands while providing a fun and exciting experience not only to participants, but to observers alike.
Through this event not only do we hope to spark a new, genuine affinity for the kingdoms but we also hope to start a movement that will get the kingdoms buzzing again and restore some wonder to lands in which excitement is a rare commodity.
We hope that this event will not only touch those who roam the kingdoms today but re-attract those that have departed for stranger lands.

The spirit of competition will thrive in our kingdoms, and with any organized sporting event we would like to offer you an opportunity at involvement with this new and innovative idea.
We humbly request that you assist us in promoting this event; encourage your walkers, clan mates, friends and family to participate - whether by creating a team or supporting our competitors through observation.

In promoting this event you may even have the opportunity to promote your clan or subpath by having your name engraved on one of our participating teams through Sponsorship. Should you have any interest in sponsorship please contact us and we will provide you with the names of team captains and you may negotiate however you see fit.

Last but not least - we implore you to provide additional incentives for community participation - whether it be donating money, items, or marks to the victor. Should you wish to make a donation please contact Destine - The KSG will assure your clan or subpath receive recognition for your generosity and it will be attached to all promotions for the event.

You and your organization can make a real difference in bringing this unique experience to fruition and giving back to the people of the community.

The Contribution does not need to be in coins, any mark you see fit is equally valuable.

Current Contributors -

KSG - 5m donation - Tournament Win Mark
Destine - 5m donation

On behalf of the KSG and Kingdom Arena League - Your time is greatly appreciated.


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