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CoverGirl posts on Item Shop Announcements board -- Vini -- 11:12 PM, April 29
New Patch causes trouble for some -- LinuxKiddy -- 12:06 PM, April 26

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    Friday, April 29, 2016

CoverGirl posts on Item Shop Announcements board
Posted by: Vini -- 11:12 PM EST
It seems that the new ItemShop manager CoverGirl has made a post today at Item Shop Announcements board. It seems after years of disuse they're finally going to use that board again to announce new releases. A duplicate of the post is available the Dream Weaver's board. Here's a copy of it:

Hello Kingdom !!

It is my honor to serve you and the Kingdom as a shop manager.
I enjoy my job very much, working with wonderful people here and I love trying on all these pretty dresses :)) You know what I am wearing right now? Wedding gown!! lol Who can wear a wedding gown at work?? I CAN!! I am very lucky ~~ Why am I trying this beautiful wedding gown...hmmm.. Maybe I will put this gown on the item shop? Yes, I will.

Spring is in the air~~ Did you find your love? I know there are always young ladies who are planning (or hoping) to be a beautiful bride soon!! Hey guys, for those ladies, you need a haircut and to dress up too to make the day perfect for your love.

I am wearing this shiny white wedding gown but my office is very messy right now :( with all the clothes that I tried on, wigs and bats...sigh... I can even hear the tigers roaring at the corner of my office. I am getting ready to display new items next week. We usually update once a month but I will try to update more often.

Oh.. and you were to busy hunting? Didn't have a chance to stop by the item shop? Check it out ASAP. Some of those cool items will be gone and you don't want to miss them.

If you have any concerns and suggestions, please nmail me.
(Thank you for those who sent me nmails and I am sorry I can't reply to all of them. BUT I am reading them all!)

Hope you enjoy this beautiful Spring in the Kingdom~

** CoverGirl

Please email any Nexus Atlas report if you find a picture of her wearing that new dress, preferable bmp screenshot, instead of jpg.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 79, Moon 8~

    Tuesday, April 26, 2016

New Patch causes trouble for some
Posted by: LinuxKiddy -- 12:06 PM EST
Mir has Updated Nexus again with a new patch!

- Snore sound on/off added
- All stat. real time update in status tab
- Bug fix for notification of item condition/durability upon death
- Bug fix for exp. loss notification upon death
- Minor updates for Sun Moon Clan and Oceana Clan

Warning! A lot of users are reporting this message with the patch

Unfortunately you'll have to re-download NexusTK.

NexusTK Download Link

Before you uninstall Please Copy your Map,
User and Screenshot folder to your desktop
or another location so it won't be deleted.

After re-installing NexusTK Put the folders back into
your NexusTK directory.

If you're running windows 8 or 10 Please install it to
My documents.

Also if you're running Windows 8 or 10 don't forget to
change the compatibility settings.

these settings Fix the mouse lag bug and administrator bug.

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