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Minor Quest Locations

NexusAtlas: (Late) Halloween Event walkthrough -- LinuxKiddy -- 1:00 AM, October 23
Halloween Kruna?! -- IcePixy -- 4:13 PM, October 22
NexusTK team? Server reset- Halloween event. -- LinuxKiddy -- 9:33 AM, October 21

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    Sunday, October 23, 2016

NexusAtlas: (Late) Halloween Event walkthrough
Posted by: LinuxKiddy -- 1:00 AM EST
Happy Halloween~ Halloween Event walk through

Step 1:

Start off by making your way to south gate Kugnae
and head east to Haunted Den shown in the image bellow.

Step 2:

Inside will be two NPCs, simply say House to them.
You'll be given the choice of helping the Scholars or spirits. (Look below in later steps to determine which mark you'll desire.)

Step 3:

If you've chosen Scholar(if you choose spirits skip to step 4) you'll go to Kugnae haunted house to the room "Final Rest" you'll find the witch lord there.

Click on The witch lord and he'll tell you to find
three of each items

- Lifeless body
- Potion of binding
- Spare skin

Choosing yes you'll be taken to the battlefield where you will be able to defeat the ghouls and monsters around to collect the items.

Step 4:

If you've chosen spirit(if you choose scholar skip to step 5) you'll go to Buya haunted house to the room "Broken floor" you'll find the spirit lord there.

Click on The spirit lord and he'll tell you to find
three of each items

-Lifeless body
- Bottled Souls
- Pure Essence

Choosing yes you'll be taken to the battlefield where you will be able to defeat the ghouls and monsters around to collect the items.

Step 5 profit (kidding):

Go back to either the Spirit or witch lord (whichever option you've chosen) And hand in your items. After you've handed your items in you'll be instructed to return to the Haunted Den to receive your reward and legend mark!

Haunted Shield: 400,000
Level 0 requirement
(Many different colors depending on what Sheild dye you apply to it.)

    Saturday, October 22, 2016

Halloween Kruna?!
Posted by: IcePixy -- 4:13 PM EST

BOARD TITLE: Item Shop Announcements
FROM: CoverGirl DATE: 10/21
SUBJECT: Happy Halloween with a new item!

Halloween started. Few weeks ago, I already updated the Item Shop with the evil, devil, skull, blood, pumpkin, coffin, witch, ghost, skeleton, cat, bat.... all the items with scary names. One of them is 'Bloated Skelly'. Is the name scary enough? It is a new item and it is a bundle of 3 skeleton balooms. You can choose different colors. You don't have to hold them with your hands. But they are always floating behind you with a big scary smile and will follow you wherever you go. Isn't that scary? I hope this adds the joy of being scared to this Halloween.

Hmm...but scary items only? I love the angel costumes too. How about mix and match? :) What is your costume theme this year? I am going to add a few more items on the Item Shop for Halloween. Today I am posting first :) I don't know what I will have haha.. but I hope it helps you make your own costume.

I am always amazed at your sense of style. Every time after I update the Item Shop, I love to go out just to see you in new outfits. I am ready to go out to see your costumes. :)

Happy Halloween!

** CoverGirl

Usable Items (pass cursor over images for info)

Weapons (pass cursor over images for info)

Faces (pass the cursor over images for info)

Head (pass the cursor over images for info)

Mantles (pass the cursor over images for info)

Coats (pass the cursor over images for info)

Don't forget to try your luck with some of the amazing
packages that are out!

Dino suits, Octopus Costumes and More!

Happy Halloween Month, Nexus!

    Friday, October 21, 2016

NexusTK team? Server reset- Halloween event.
Posted by: LinuxKiddy -- 9:33 AM EST
A new post will be provided with the information on the Halloween event has it becomes solved.

Ringing/Bloodstone has been reverted back to the original way.

Todays server reset comes with another Patch!

Mir did not post the latest DreamWeaver post, NexusTK did. Did Mir lose his job
or is it a combined effort with more than one programmer now.

Only time will tell.

BOARD TITLE: Dream Weaver
FROM: NexusTK DATE: 10/21
SUBJECT: Server Reset - October 21th, 2016

- Halloween event

- Daily coin random box minor update, items are class specific now

- Old house rental refund available at the rental offices. (Players with large refund amount or extremely long rental period will be contacted individually)

- Some internal modification and tools built in.

NexusTK Team


New feature found in Client, Shift+F1 loads a website dedicated to helping other players.

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